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tv   RT News  PBS  January 22, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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the eye. one clashes and all central kiev has been praying and please let down by hurricanes and chase brine to the forwards and on to govern such as three people dying prices fuelled divine connection with the atlantic coast team to take the petition to push lot of attention. and also how the essays here is a government and opposition to sit face to face with a focus to listen to some of the complex. gustavo who don't anticipate this piece
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so this wasn't supposed to be part is very different views of the church. the he's mike metzger your chance to eat lunch with me. joining us several people have died as anti government protests in the ukrainian come to some guy into a fourth consecutive day with a whole new level of bond is a nice have toned down by hurricane bill in central kiev and chased down ryan says. and the retaliation protests as has been equally as forceful all season this year's heskey is that for us right now and enjoying the snow line from kiev. i say to get you told is that kiev looks like a war zone. what's happening on the streets that are right now. no it definitely is
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still a war zone who did not get one of the locomotives and women at the very gates trying to alert the police dogs would not let the buyer the outcome i wanted to go the right name but the side oftentimes mold around the area. it's the hardest when going on behind me although you. he was seen some pictures of them. and you down. what a ride. behind police lines all. we got
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information. the matter up the next few hours into the bullies in a tent another. worst of all i bought this winter which is something we want to know he will when he's not the reporting. georgia capitol. or given to me the police meanwhile the man told the barricades which you may try to set up on the due date. they don't know what i'm going with this but my own eyes what was happening in the warsaw to me and the number twenty. ryan has not filed this report we use the euro. so this is yet another attend by the police to push the protesters the governmental quarter they've just started moving as we can see that coming themselves with heels the broadcast of the riot about running back but they still crawling. look at the police. it is very violent yet we see that last month ending exploded. from time to time. although the police are not resorting
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to any kind of special means so far seventy when you flash bangs or money though mommy goes to bars with its feet over here. they've been wanting basic info i was for several hours before attempting another another goal at the protesters. we also had written to prime minister of ukraine would that not all those raw instinct in the central kiev are considered to be terrorists and will start from the assembled the rest of the meantime the bank if the bunnies line quoted saying that. they will use less if needed and this indicates that we can see right now from our best at that point the leads are now in full and healthy weight the king of the broadcast of the stairs when i wind up sand and the deprived of that the kids into bed to take. i wanted but leeds much
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the tso concert abounding dirt fields. to give a proper psychological effects but the progress of my most head but now we can see that no protest the remaining at the scene of the riots which have been. seal the bottle the plot for the exhilarating that's it. the protesters had been pushed off from the governmental quarter the police lines against you that one believes one b of the police line that now securing the perimeter. no major violence into a casino the major but until the police in front that would signal by men from the police at all. we can see the crowd for the police are not advancing to the independent flat which is literally a two hundred meters away from here they are not announcing that bad just basically what to do and thus securing this got me a bit too big of a metal quarter to push the righteous from the scene. and what they're doing they're just getting in here now so that quickly added that not intending to disperse the big protest the protest at the independence square the one which had existed for
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several months already. that would never sign that the plaque at the police again that the protests of the writers are back are back as we can see in them can also see another wounded person being carried. it is getting violent again all day this time it's going to have doubts. the violence is coming from the protesters on the ride is not from the police the police is merely protecting themselves we can see a molotov cocktail there on the ground as well the gun molotov cocktails are great on drugs are being told that the police. so this is what this looks like yet another. yep another retreat by the police. the protesters are tossing again the writers are bringing desires the bedeviled are inevitable but the police like big dogs on several occasions already they're charging the charging again at the police as we can see
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when talks all the time. as she stared at his place to retreat to the market with grenades which the kids bought it at all but you're right there's up to get infuriated by the grace that several of the hope that i have been killed or died for some reason reminds me of what was good at. it was not to look like or what. it's the middle of all it's delivered all the billboards almost too hot to be able to thus what it's going to ever more styles. today is a major blow to the streets to heavy rain and all positions although thousands take to the streets is nothing more for looks quite certain that we are following all the developments get the government for the ball from oliver practice with this and write about this man
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the next election is extremely unstable that from tn fact. in the meantime it's a good chance the lines of thank you very much indies will be tokens his mates of scrolls and our correspondents piece on the back is inky of right now less lethal than the band's as downfall of that let's get a sitter from him he set wasting people's numbers thus letting me whine she was going on what you are right now. well as data prices didn't see the afternoon will we see the number of people hero my town square. row three four times that number that was this morning. we are seeing right now that is another number of people money and building in reinforcing wire cage just off to mind right now some of these people do all that in the sand of the same people that santa was driven off by rick casey at the dean of the stadium the body by the right place that had something a lot of people carrying a homemade weapons so great she looks. that's a
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very rudimentary and supply for a tilt at leopard creek being carried around all sixteen people were breaking up road signs breaking the anti pagan slavs with how this note today can go together so that they could be so pleased to see people stop filing of mediation. if you will but that's also for the sox also seem to make it as barricades that is the story that time they now have a baby we are expecting to see similar type of violence that was all like to know that he had me at my son's go at some point in the kidney in the afternoon had. though. well those people as they told me that some of the appropriate for all that needed now but i was of all the clowns. when the policeman didn't see to it that. waiting for that we were able to get to capture that moment on film but not now. we seen as a series of explosions will completely subsided. the squares you can
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sing it with other people are gonna be writing this with the subject of the cover of a committal to the left. and yes it's huge crowds of people with their body tries to get away from those dark ages. i am weak and i took the intense moving in with our saintly cementing in the diary diarrhea. the above question but very fulfilling to them. hopefully with good they could be fined well we are pleased the man who has everybody all of the barricade their money away for what it was almost like a tailwind not to get inside joke with them. with out the inside of it to get all the way of what's going on this is that. the police had decided that they are the getting rid of them and clearing out everything that was at the bottom fifth indeed the position of such a stunned off that katrina wright says. i'm deeply saddened. or simply citing that this baby was trying to to put an end to the cincy going to clear people our resorts huge wave of people queued shoot with the people
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fleeing from those dark ages as police tried to to discuss those all about. all of the use of the bodies. i am up to was a new place and no hissing eight. somebody is on the floor right then repeatedly basing the person basically stuff. oakley is not always the explosions india that we wanted to come inside to the hotel which is near funny yet whether these advocates would say so than the notes it to get away from from what was going on. lamb they're off somewhere and it demonstrates that some people used to be envied is the fleece is not completely cleared all of that area the way i am the sole hopping very very quickly it all happened in the space of just a few minutes we had a few loud explosions i believe they were banned at but they would know its crazy with fudge and grenades. emma and then charged by the police which is completely clean of
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buffalo area before it demonstrates is simply sitting in istanbul for the last. the last few days but all the pics to see in that sense except to continue for a while he and sam will be trying to get a count that as soon as it is safe for us to do so to see what's going on at home and takes with him since. yes it is exhausting demonstrates is trying to insult or treat that they were just expelled from buy by the right place we are glad that the boulevard will just lay there i will see to it that states is the rice is getting ready it for what seems like it's going to be another night of violence of the city still climbing ropes uses of the nation against the police have had the building of arcadia divide the square. i think was that full so the whole file it touches us this day progresses. god sees the son of a line from kiev. he said he can't sing deed will be talking to you again shortly and right now and not
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chilling fine financial comment a separate rica aunty as several people dead many more injured and even kidnapped house on rice is ready to go here. whoa i mean this was like a dreadful crisis obviously the rioters have been in sick to all the time the center of ukraine for some time the bean in kiev. they've been trying to push forward their agenda by any possible means including force and tragically when you get into the sorts of situations where the accelerated like this it's incredibly difficult to flip them easily. i come from alsace region in northern ireland on st the sort of diamonds that you can hop from the sorts of incidents that terrible tragic problem is that people who wanted to have recently expressed that democratic complaints against the government had not seen their protests effectively build on in flames because of course no violent extremist changes problem actively desecrated their message of we left with a situation
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where they're trying to hold ukraine to run some yesterday one of the opposition needs is the tonic h khan said the president it was an out of position to cancel anything which could dance iran says it he said upon to be named. the us orgies and willingness to toe. i think the situation here is very much want work in kiev we certainly see a large number of protesters but do they really reflect the viewpoints of the entirety of ukraine well i don't think that's the chaos in fact i think this is somewhat similar to tie down to work effectively you're seeing an insurgent group think who are trying to force themselves upon the government to take over the side of the democratic process. i'm like a normal with him the truth is the current president has the article which is democratically elected. we don't see many people's poll saying on the abacus opposing the president on the streets of kiev that one fact. well
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you know this is one of these great things were ultimately if you're a reasonable decent lol abiding citizen dog is going to really want to be there to stay assault with a group of militants thoughts on what we've ended up with sofie is the most common denominator this situation is that reasonable people than normal poachers if you pray and have decided to go but their business and ultimately we have this tragic situation where the ultra is effectively a thuggish elements the stigma of links to every extremist politics in many cases they meet some of them are national socialist or fascist some of them probably have some sort of pocketing towards communism. certainly there know the sort of normal average everyday people who really can be reasoned with and therefore tragically losing the situation with the police have had to intervene. i also see many national is among those involved in clashes on day an instrument of the mission all the nominees and unbiased
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well i think the situation that you're seeing now is that essentially everybody has got a grievance against the current ruling government has essentially decided if they're on the extremes that the best ideas to get together and suddenly get up these sorts of people insisted all societies the truth is that normally would give up a reasonable with the fuel you can manage to keep everything going from day to day. all occasions all these sorts of fringes where there has been in philly and unfortunately by interventions from the european union and the united states of america which i think the pulley on reasonable in the domestic politics if you pray and you will see them trying to write up on the deeds of those people are rather extreme some of them have very very upbeat news indeed. of course they're demonstrating it to the violence that their proper getting all the innocent people of tf and ukraine at this moment. talk about the matches and i can't be easy and so as to not seem
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that. take a one in choosing who to support today. well if you know the problem you don't hear is that ultimately lead to a large number of stock effectively cold war dinosaurs in the us he seemed to be over roll influencing the foreign policy there the truth is the warsaw pact is long since over there is a reasonable understanding reason why russia would be interested in the future of ukraine. given that nearly twenty percent of the population of ukraine are ethnically russian on the other from the european union is ultimately upset because they are upholding the dire trade deal with the start of this whole process and ultimately they were plagued by mr downer told that she created a much much better deal. he ultimately got the fifteen billion dollars which the ukrainian economy needed a bath has actually say if the ukrainian economy in many ways it's a form instead of it being overrun by to see western european imports which was going to be the key is how the european union hot that day. the type of chick at the alma had some guests came to stage it and actually
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they said that at current prices said in a tea at dundalk not overwhelming but it seems like the housing finance in the past few days that many cars few months combined and ten crowns and it can be found to be controlled. i think ultimately that roads will be controlled because essentially while they are many in number room for all they are not numerous what we are not seeing here is millions upon millions of people demonstrating remember what happened lately so effectively the solidarity movement in poland was the multi million person or to my station with the role of political support the fall of the cardinal multi millions of reasonable people who wanted to get my calls the horrible gracing the fabric collector to tell here is a very large number of people because the population of ukraine is commensurate be a very large country but he is not a huge majority movement demanding change. it is ultimately a very well organized
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terrorists rubble. they will be defeated in one way or she performed in the near term the difficulty is are they going to tragically end up being martyred for their colds which some of them a walk today. that's the real tragedy because every day this fiasco our resolve is another day when ukraine could be getting along with economic reform and improving the bodies of the economy for its citizens acts and eighty f and show and it's a commonsense approach a cafe down that mr thatcher can't thank you very much anti fence line. he allows the team on its own processing key intending to around twenty to nineteen with a week and the third day of clashes left of the seventy police wounded on that number has since doubled. most suffered head injuries standings and has poisoning and the one else in the eu chance to find unbiased by saying it was provided by the ukrainian
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authorities. the exams and not reason and threatening to nationalist as ukraine's government has shown a lot of patients with price has said that would have been just passed in the war in any european or american seats the authorities issued a stroll in any patients in this matter there is absolutely no conceivable way that this sort the situation would have been allowed to happen in any other european states the morning will remain united states the authority to come down and hits the moment that the government that the greatest into this matter it stood the test is. he reads this blog heel position in the north and that the stupid ticket was great this is the one who waits for this whole process is one from beginning to be well
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positioned to pursue the truth he predicts will reduce incident on. insisting that owns the things we do on the way they want to be done now that he's not the way to cheap home loans or to negotiate. the uic has our redeemer highest functions of some european officials innings for the financing kiev. that's in the schools in the evening and knocks him i didn't resist seeing the statue or nations like china center for most this a few nasty explains why he believes the decision is hypocritical. what we're hearing from the united states and from the european union is of course the most cynical five percent. after the last two years of the boot. it's refreshing to be occupied wall street the united states. in the anti a new liberal posterity the thoughts that have been instituted around the european union to run literally tens of millions of protesters of the screen of them. call it against violence in the ukraine where the majority of the inside it has been for weeks that
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have suffered injuries from olive crop fails fire bombs like stabbings. love that is what morning stars. we did shots from that revolution is constructed and unlike don and bows and arrows in the minimum frequency high level of the blue lights from the protesters that is where the real dial size in these protests come to this. and a star and all almond said the ukrainian opposition won't survive a national democracy. they want to marginalize and really didn't get a conviction his part to the region to support us. see you need it and normal constitutional revolution one of the opposition television station says the headline referring to the resolution states. so for instance that our tickets co has spoken with a forked tongue. with the toolkit which will come into the gear he talks about the need for peaceful protests need for fresh elections. he then says to support the chemical which
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is like church or school if you say the president of ukraine is like duffy what you say he'll say he's a dictator who should be lynched. duffy was in two thousand and four. so that they felt that in fact the extreme right that thinks it's extreme nationalist and a man of steel. or actually the sense of being a political purpose. hopefully i will leave all great leaders when they speak to the western media that is to say they want to overthrow the existing stakes. they don't trust elections because they feared he would say when elections was sufficiently people to support the honor code which is his incredible book survive and come back again as he teamed up to the use of the order for promotion of the infighting amongst the leaders of an they need and to make a ton just a couple of days ago i've slept like they may know how it all but international peace to extremists are in conflict on to weigh and john's he's a very special coverage of the talks. haneef
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rivers and seas of syria's government and opposition off the day in the same room and talking for the finest science is this october three and a local place in this private sign of optimism the warning signs. opening statements exposed a real clash of the lot that hyping to achieve a sale of the west and honesty were no position is that even the scientists chas up residence on staying and not with ncp stewart insists it's the only top ago they were ready to discuss was the setting up of a transitional government with an unbecoming he's an act of the syrian foreign minister responded by saying that the only b c when people can decide to run the president the government insists the fines against terrorism is a shame that the conference must focus on restoring them poker is not
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easy but this can all praise and a swiss town of long traveling in a lake it works for us and he explains and then he wants to undo the knots and added an agenda and that the shameful. even though the mean. agreements for this conference was to be up for it to be held without any preconditions. first of the syrian opposition had taken part for saying that they're gonna push for president assad that to step down and now a us actor of stage on here he said that the syrian president has no future in his country. i once again despite the fact that washington and moscow they've been organizing this conference we both agreed that on no preconditions was sort of. the main condition for this full of events to be held to a kurd from the russian foreign minister city level. also i in his opening statement said earlier today. and he's been saying that he hopes all outside winners to keep themselves from the sporting of the course of this conference and from making
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any predictions on its outcome of the monkey munoz said to the general was saying that he walks both sides of the conflicts both the authorities and the opposition will finally allow humanitarian aid to get inside. so clearly there are still sticking points here when it would seem that the conference amongst all the other sticking point is that iran is not taking forty was supposed to but the opposition. it was a complaint against that. and while this position was supported by washington which ended up asking the united nations to dance a lot to run syndication and according to a city allow broth. this is not a catastrophe that said tehran is not taking part but it is the key to the flower in that region is definitely with a lot of influence on the situation in syria. and while not having it participating in the conference with the fully not help. uniting the muslim community in the fight against terror which is also one of the key issues on the table here for more i'm
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joined by a german journalist cutting through the contents of thinking to much for joining me. so you are based in syria. they're not talking about terrorism being one of the key for us and that is being agreed by all sides the present during this conference. the how of how real is that threats to just do it yourself up to toss more about that. and it's definitely to the stuffs inside syria and i'm based in damascus but that travel around ten knots. as much as possible day stay. you can see in a stand on a daily basis cry and grenades by explosions inside the city you never know. that way a grenade my still no way can he say you land in a few posts and civilians. pass on hit by the acidic than its closely you can feel it like it had been kidnapped in the deccan name and you never know who's doing it. that disappearing and friends of
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mine have been kidnapped that they disappeared. so yes you can feel the threat of terror on the ground very much. up next to our report about the tilt as they seem to have not pulled and lacking with colchester. new name the interim agreement with the brand is now in effect what are its prospects israel and its congressional one specifically designed to kill the deal. and if for some miraculous reason all sides agreed to keep to the agreement what to expect next judges long tradition of
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baking with cuts and it's based on their homepage firstly because we just illustrations for books they read several of the books people stir in coloring them and then just for reasons of practicality. instead of in green. the move to putting color on was the same kinds of arts that they used to put their minds once we expect to on this long tradition. what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations kirsty was what does he like your chicken who lived in it and it was absolutely. separated off from the west. sweetie. no was all works. studies in dispute with western style
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theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix the other lu lu will the fans. the new year nearly three years of conflict in syria has led to more than one hundred thousand people dead and forced one point five million from the flames but with might end in sight. some thirty countries sending representatives to switzerland to peace to us in the latest sign of them was brutality three prominent international war crimes. x but say they have received a large cache of which crossed looking into the alleged killing of eleven thousand detainees by syrian authorities the plate as


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