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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 22, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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new new you see you when you use. when you will . the well they're welcome to the zionist there's a january twenty ten thousand comanche and still camp representatives of the syrian government and the opposition had sat down to find a plain tee and a civil war. delegates from around the world join them for peace johnson the swiss town of montana. but the participants soon found themselves arguing over the future of seeing peasant dish dollar assets the steelers chill back to
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the poets. bill no way tcm peace conference has old canes back to hotel and takes geneva. you instinctively general ban ki moon was finally able to invite representatives of gas every scene and its opponents to sit out the same table and school. the presence of heel raises a whole. i read this and that however you could even be. you'll see it in counties with the support and ate all the best you can make a new beginning. getting dates from about forty countries on changing the meeting was to be a nice tidy us and russia are boxed in with two countries' goals on different so there you inside with the open system and has explicitly team and it's back to the side stepped down. rush hour outside will not be part of that transition government. there is no way no way possible in
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the imagination the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could re gain the legitimacy to govern as the revolution is facing the terrorism of assets and the terrorists that he has allowed to come into syria we must claim that the land of syria. while not as bad if it weren't able to resume reads like pretending that she is at facing terrorism not too sad has a strong night in new rochelle is that the russian foreign minister said the aid of rome says it will soon be as seventy must be respected to give him a syrian foreign minister when eaten one am just trying to heal position as terrorists and resisted demands full size departure the scenery and independent states held all that is necessary to defend itself as it deems
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appropriate and that's without listening to all the crying said the statements that and the positions that happening announced that buying many such are killer syrian decisions. warning signs cost is huge just off of one on one meeting on friday. cos nobody here is committed to peace agreement is likely to come soon. it all. the most that might be hope for is the sort of cease fire. so without seeing right there in eighteen weeks to millions of people inside syria. we need it. so a bid to end its beirut more trolls six and on the phrase has made life miserable for millions and syrians. some have fled the country others are displaced refinance their suffering physically and psychologically any steelers junior tomatoes spoke about the crisis. but the representatives of the united nations refugee agency in socal. my darling one of our head stands nearly
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three decades helping people become free zones. he says the humanitarian crisis in syriac is one of the worst he's ever experienced the half of the moment something that kuku point four million races in the fifties and the numbers going up and if they continue to grow up. this is called as they're doing now. me at the end of this year have more than four million refugees in a compass in the region which has up to the dramatic and overwhelming on top of that. the un and see our estimates the war has displaced more than six million syrians inside the country in the new virus as one of the coldest winters in many years isn't in their lives even more difficult humanitarian agencies are racing to provide relief to those living in tents and sub standard housing. people take so so so inclined to send
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more goals and different types of food shelter so that there are able to go through this dramatic. we need to vulnerable people. his most effective especially children myers says that even if they can provide too many coastal parts and i will send chills it's not enough the children the who have seen their parents being killed the cuisine of things which children should have seen some of these children have still to speak because the they have not been able to cope with this situation so they need our support and indeed the very special support. he came on the situation of traumatized children who have possessed a little step parents who have no education we want to provide them with education reform to provide them with the dk to support it. our
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hope that negotiations in st are and what at least see the behest of these ideas to allocate grapes to reach those in need. absolutely essential that the organization's the unhcr has access to the displaced persons within the cia to the suffering tremendous steve it's very difficult for of organizations to meet at wimbledon in stations because of the conflict to reach all of these people. the land and sea carol and i humanitarian agencies are calling for more donations to fund their growing workloads. linda virus as a band aid will be meeting for years to come even if the warring factions strike up a retail deal during their peace talks genius not on nhk world. ted can. political and business
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leaders have gathered in countless switzerland to attend the world economic forum discussing a variety of issues including the crisis in syria and iran's nuclear program and that leaders from nearly thirty countries and more than fifteen hundred business people i've taken time to discussing voluntarily in emerging economies and youth unemployment. two major problems that are facing the global economy. iran's president has our own tiny and will give a speech later on thursday he will be followed by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu a critic of iran. jeans a law that has become and the first japanese prime minister to give a keynote speech at the forum he stressed his commitment to reducing the corporate tax rate to many japanese companies more competitive internationally. he stressed the importance of the new rule of law and transparency of military budgets. they started the speech by talking about his economic policies to town. economy. it just about to break free from
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chronic deflation. this spring. radius. being courteous. higher wages. long overdue. no need to upgrade to a close eye on them office of chasing cars also made steady improvement. i'd say he wants and slide and drill bits can be strong enough to break through the solid were uncontested and says he promised military and would be me and he said his administration's team regulation package was a nice set in motion. he countered that the role of women in japan he said the female labor force is the most underutilized resource. he vowed that i'd twenty twenty he'll make sure when and i keep by thirty percent of leading positions in the end of his speech at the address security in asia. he noted that on occasion. indonesian photo. trusts. i'm bored or
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not. when the fullest. i'm awesome. i was like being conclusion. to make an appeal to as yet. on the wild. we masks. ned is undetermined restraint. ms creates constant invasion which could otherwise go unchecked abbott said the foundation for prosperity comes down to the freedom of movement for people and cats. he said will should be laid down to for my actions based on the international law of the sea. iht political commentator month and then i see him as more of my data had to say and when it meets reminisce the shoes are there has been busy before the start of the ordinary diet session. but he still went ahead with plans and
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hopes for. it would have to personally rewarding to school since his last political and business leaders attending the meeting he chose to be the first japanese prime minister to make a keynote speech on the blocks. all the fried over of a length over his script ppt to the integration for his coffee and sweets forum. mr asked the japanese economy is heading toward recovery. he said the government is taking measures to reduce the corporate tax rate. and that it has devised for ing investment in japan the prime minister pointed out that japan has pledged never to wage war again. i do stress that includes seeking to national corporation. his principal of twenty calls
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however hopes the improved relations with china and south korea. i knew we needed to be understanding and approval for japan's pouring and security policies from other countries. the two countries strongly opal is obviously sees two guests can use your income. this friday mornings to pass water. those remembered the good deed is convicted of war crimes after wanted one too. mr vaile has had these is hard to be. he's already the cd got me to east and africa and is planning to visit the meeting this week the paintings to the continued use of kids coming to the policy. a colleague in informing the wall japan's post. do you
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want. well this is a curious about how those policies will play mt and helping ministers make progress on an international trade deal that japan has been negotiating for months. i instead chances now from the distance as i sit as is this straight you're expected to come up that the boss what happened it's not an official meeting of all the members about the delegates to the japanese and american delegates were at the davos are expected to meet on the sidelines. now japanese economic revitalization minister after nominee says he hopes meetings this weekend with the u s trade representatives of both the men ten in the trans pacific partnership free trade talks. for too long tpg negotiations may fall apart in the next ministerial meeting yields lukewarm results. cooperation between japan and the us will be very important to conclude the negotiations. japan's agriculture and trade ministers will meet with us
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trade representative michael from then on saturday. on the sidelines of the world economic forum. the money says the meeting will be very important to making the next ministerial level trade talks a success. us markets ended another game next to the dow jones industrial average ended down a quarter of a percent to close at sixteen thousand three hundred and seventy three. but the nasdaq enjoy of four tenths of a percent to close at four thousand two hundred forty three eight sec lead them to see how to adjust odds are reacting we go to an email about the standing by at the tokyo stock exchange for me the morning. what can you tell us a good morning to ideas indeed earnings results on us especially from the likes of idm are still weighing on overall sentiment investors really looking at some profit forecasts and the capital expenditure forecast and for some of many of those are just coming off a little bit short of hands so much negativity in
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the markets but some of the building levels here and to give a positive open actually nikkei up by almost half a percent than fifteen thousand eight hundred ninety seven topics also rising. now the meek actually did that tickles in the polls on wednesday. even after dipping to touch the floor to back japan policy meeting which didn't leave our rates and calls the un change. however market so perhaps want to see little bit further action which may actually come according to analysts said before that the consumption tax hike in april. and also at a news conference following the policy meeting of bank of japan the governor of heidi who rolled up. i actually expressed his confidence that that japan's economy which we stand that's a consumption tax hike. so a lot of focus that following the bank of japan done eating and done so far positively linked to the markets i've ever made after the boj meeting that was holding a move higher against the dollar and those levels i will be closely watched him sharon any further words from doj
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officials and politicians here. get deathly of course and bess is really concerned and done they of course need reassurance from the central bankers as well as government officials here in japan that's our growth plans will not be de railed up by the consumption tax hike is in april so a lot of people looking for. further up the reassurances that from government officials at also an eye on us and eurozone economies as well as as japan's exports. i garner a lot of business from logos to be at the colonies as well as looking at some other cars he doubles right now the dollar yen hundred and four point six c to sixty seven at the euro yen hundred and forty one point seventy to seventy five novels can keep track of earnings reports out of japan especially as economic data out of the us this week is fairy lights alfonso earnings will be a key focus and just very quickly what i had also bought a microsoft is gonna be coming out with earnings later thursday in the us and
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of course so will try to keep track of related shares here to the buildup of that and of course following bill's morning's results as well but for now a pretty positive start for the make and the puppets by becky. right but methinks allow for that update let me know a guy from the tokyo stock exchange major japanese expressly operators of art to overhaul worn out grows over the next fifteen years. the plan is estimated to cost nearly thirty billion dollars. three major companies oversee expressways in eastern central and western japan their combined stretch covers about nine thousand km forty percent of the roads are more than thirty years old. the operators plan to rebuild the bridges in disrepair that such a total distance of two hundred forty km the costs will be around seventeen billion dollars major repairs would also be needed for some other bridges and tunnels. a total distance of one thousand eight hundred seventy km. the company's
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estimate this work to cost about twelve billion dollars the church. the ministry plans to finance the project with user tolls. as a result ministry officials want to delay a plan to make expressways furry until at least two thousand sixty five that would be fifteen years later and special and that's all for now in business. i'll leave you with a check on the markets the eye. it is
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we see this as a melon seeds of the chinese leaders are making use of offshore tax havens to hide that while the points as more than a dozen family members at managing the assets in companies that they can be a big audience as the league's financial documents show the brother in law a chinese peasant she's in pain is among those with holdings in the british invasion islands then gently is a developer and invest it. klein says he owns a fifty percent stake in real estate company based in the fashion island. thus as a swiss based financial institution help the son of former premier wen jiabao said at his own concerts consulting firm when land was in power. it says that they can swing the firm's name so tracy the assets would be difficult. the guiding estimates that one to four trillion dollars in country's assets have left china since two thousand high ranking government officials are not obligated to disclose those
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assets. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson questioned the accuracy of the report you would have been done. the articles logic is not convincing. should we detect an ulterior motive behind this. she really i mean i know is on the internet's and cannot be accessed in mainland china ukrainians have been protesting for months in a conflict over whether their country will move closer to your head. all rush at the scene the first doubts during the demonstrations to protest is what counts at third who was injured on sunday died in hospital. note that says i count down to stay in the capital riyadh riot police moved in to break out the demonstration the protesters responded by throwing fire bombs and two of them were shot and killed in november them elitist council a trade deal with the european union in favor of closer ties with russia that said demonstrators and riot police into the streets last week on an approved
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utah's against protesting that survived another round of demonstrations over the weekend. at least seventy people were hurt. protesters calling for the immediate resignation of the time crime is seen on channel one guy showing no signs of backing down. thus despite the declaration of the sixty day state of emergency in and around bangkok security forces now have a wide ranging powers including license to break up demonstrations and detain suspects without charge but wednesdays are demonstrations continue at seventeen interceptions in bangkok. and there's been a noticeable change since the state of emergency key men with the subway network and above ground trains operating as normal. protesters also held a demonstration in front of police headquarters. there is no apparent change in stance taken by police and military compared with the previous day. the ongoing security operation is being led by the police while the thai military is remaining neutral
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and mei ching developments since they last week it had the bomb attacks by beating demonstrators one person has been killed and more than sixty injured. also on wednesday the government held a press conference to explain that it declared a state of emergency to head off growing fears over the security situation. he is. no plan whatsoever about banning protests is listed on this it is true. do you. we don't know if he's been planning on limitations on freedom of movement. meanwhile business leaders are calling for the state as an urgency to be listed. a veto on saturday the video mall. to see the investment of goodies the intentions highlight more than eight years division in thai society. i'm insane black and her brother
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the south and south takes time and instant access to a lot. still the strong supporting the likes of northern and north eastern thailand. the anti tax inside this was the town that even middle class has a point several japanese baseball players have pulled on the pinstripes at the new year a tank he said the team at st peter pico that each sheila suzuki. now the team has signed another stock exchange. nasa he'll come back. the anti science having kids has set a new contract is concluded with one hundred and fifty five million dollars. it's pretty funny so it has been playing in northeastern japan with the god golden eagles the signs in under the new system that allows japanese leaders who are not free agents to negotiate contracts with me to the ups renovation of the land and people in many areas in the philippines and dealing with the aftermath of the heavy rain and cynthia funny. i'm sure he has the latest. the mining
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caffeine in everyone's hands residents in southern half of the philippines are very busy cleaning up from acts of the year for months. i can go to video coming out from the dead doll. people in the southern philippines had to deal with tarantula rains over the past week. most of the areas received over a meter of rain. syria plus having golf the town of monte in mindanao. the star personnel were busy rescuing locals who were forced to flee to their rooftops. over nine hundred thousand people were displaced by the flooding on tuesday the total cost of damage was estimated to be near the eight point one million us dollars. unfortunately am a sahm with a bit of rain will be continuing nothing compared to that too well what we had before. i mean it's gonna be clearing out into friday's service can it be because means i can give you that any additional rainfall could trigger for the flooding and landslides here cos it means that now the bigger picture we have a high pressure system as
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dominant across eastern half of china on the korean peninsula and even into japan in the western front in japan actually some bit of snow fall in the sleepy to continue for the morning hour isn't that temperatures are very chilly across the northern half of this country with a minus and thirty one degrees that has been observed this morning in hokkaido bought skinny and a warning that trend into then next few days speak a lick of these and that isn't a saturday this weekend so far i like the see the positive business even thinking double digits on your friday till the sixteen degrees that some people like temperatures when do we see that area blossoms in full bloom. neither united states entering the temperatures will be dropping dramatically into next week so let's enjoy mail in their wild weekend. now across america as punch and the new year had to stay home across the eastern half of this country. it made us very busy but the system is in now pulling into the canadian maritime sits intensifying as it does so and the combination of the snow
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up to thirty centimeters of us concept of thirty countries grow up or sit in the unlikely to cause the movies of the bt due to blizzard. blizzard warnings and head east on fines fees and lightly press to contain the mary times the system will likely linger for a little while longer as it pushes off shore that behind it. we have a windchill valley is on such as chicago mind this at twelve under when two factors will be about mine is thirty one degrees in these kind of temperatures you can easily get frostbite and hypothermia in a matter of minutes to leak highly advise you not to step outside the strike to see in the door as we have the wind chill warnings in place. now cars a year at the sutherland pictured here the sentiment or a new nation will likely see another round of the heavy rain at times as well as thunderstorms and us accompanied with that. it's another low pressure system moving in towards the east atlantic system is also pulling in the speaking with and very windy conditions and
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across the eastern half of europe remaking and very free shady conditions teeth that biking colder here in warsaw berlin as well as kiev and in moscow on the sensor range but the flip side of the country the event is for making if it means in this pan leaving our prayer extended artist. i wound
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the eye. it is. it was the car. the row. sixth
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that's all for this edition of nice i think the match of nice i think the match the us
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