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will will will will will . slabs japanese provenance touching the la based beach and led economic forum and double. as discussed on seat up and double suite sit down with former british prime minister attended glad to talk about health issues before. bush in full a political solution chinese
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foreign minister won the cause for concern says that the opening of the tv the two piece on trips. with millions in china preparing to head home for the spring festival and sun to rise in the recent outbreak of the city and country. welcome to cctv new slide from aging and adult japanese prime minister shinzo lob a spot to control the state would this be jack doubles that critics say it contradicts his real actions during the keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the wide economic forum. ah they said japan had swum out of never again to wage war and to steal hopes to do this in a peaceful wild but of his remarks come off that his own party the other dp do need to dodge cars from its guards lines. acquiring a country it is still waging wars that online is widely regarded as an indication of our base politics and
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diplomatic songs the japanese prime minister was this adds. that's military expansion by asian countries should be restrained. however on the list of pointed to all these continued efforts to revise japan's pacifist constitution in order to activate its right to collective self defense addressing his recent visit to to the yasukuni shrine a base that he made the visit only outfit deciding not to allow japan to get involved in a new war. meanwhile at ten a m press conference in davos the prime minister compared to current tensions between japan and china to divide great between britain and germany on the eve of def was will want those two countries was to have close economic relations but twisty of going into war. the gangs to each other. last month on cue to lob a speech at the davos forum. chinese foreign ministry spokesman tim gunn has urged japan to face up to history use it on
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he does and that rather than talking about relations between britain and germany before the first world war two parishes face up to what he has done in the past which can be remembered is japan's aggression. the suffering brought his neighbors including china during the war. only when japan really faces is history. will there be a future for ties between japan and other nations in asia and people in asia and the world can be free from concern. for more insight into shingle on a controversial speech at the davos that stole two. mr graham town he's an associate professor at peking university's school of international studies a think about much fun talking to us miss that way. so what's your integration of scenes of a speech. well i did a good way she thought they were called to pick his heartbeat. we don't think that's great the japanese government under his leadership the state is
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taking the number the measure of the home of the repayment of the poster print of the ministry for sure in the region of low of two up the advice of the peace of the constitution of japan for that japan can play a more hopeful. prior to the left liberal calling the load and if you're caught up in a controversial issue of may in japan but also for the neighboring country and audio for them not think that for the current tenant of the relationship in no position to look at me compare to that of the great britain and germany before the fed to pay for the first will want to cook that the plane. what better to pay one hundred years ago. great britain and germany but he chose followers welcome teaching of full load going on and today we devote to your woes. in that way. so i think that's basically what japan to what she thought they argue it. last thing you
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thought that if it was with the reality. both of the world and the regional situation today. oh well mr oakley ashes of the loss of key is to be softening his town on some particular issues that doubles as the son of a potential easing of tensions with the japan's neighbors. well i know the interim up at the final keeping penchant for hitting you with the cancellations that. if they were up because i'd be happy. it teaches them may end up ruining many other countries for the film with intention. just a parallel here with that. they are both korea and china. because actually the current senate bill if it seems to have the flavor of enforced by jude law that the rip off the rim of the issues of
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territorial dispute and introduced the use of that in japan both korea and china and naturally he has showed no sign of any of the pole positions of posting only get to them he it seems to be disheartening. whomever can keep up. for a unit of the bhopal a bit of fun and eventful opening matches. in keeping with both korea and china into a story on a historically issue. so i do not see it as the falling of opiates. attempt to leave the intention to leave the duration. thank you very much indeed sneeze the same time associate professor from peking university. japan's former promina said to me she will re ga ma has slammed the current prime minister shinzo ave for his visits to yasukuni shrine laurie um i made the remarks at a meeting of the japan china friendship association who has had in tokyo on wednesday more than two hundred representatives from china and japan could cause in the event including the board is president
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the curry cheek on sale and chinese ambassador to japan to kneel by maradona pointed out that bubba's triumph as it was intentional as he knew that a betty oxen would trigger a political crisis former prime minister as those ave has increased the tensions between china and japan. he called on the page to reflect on his behavior. meanwhile were a dominant it's that small economic pressure should be at its two ave to force him to refrain from making of the tree. decisions regarding issues of history and current radio says that ave aims to diplomatically and set to join the fun visiting other countries. so if you love a's japan's prime minister he shouldn't have visited the yasukuni shrine considering the china japan relations. this is also the voice of the japanese people build who wish to resume friendly relations with china. i hope ave would make more efforts to achieve that. this is what he's supposed to do in the new
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year meanwhile chinese diplomats continued to express outrage of the japanese prime minister shinzo operates visit to the yasukuni shrine the chinese ambassador to me i'm not a gung done is the latest to come down to visit in an article published by the nikkei newspaper is that japan's invasion brought to dissolve stead to haitian people including the ahma because on japan to milan from gemini and is sincerely apologize rather than challenge the consensus judgment of the second world war. the idea that it's ridiculous that set up a command to puppets of his visits to yasukuni shrine which confines forcing cause a war criminals was to make a known will catch is that if the japanese government continues to walk on the wrong pot. it would not only had its relations with the international community but also cool was damaged itself. he called on japan to face up to history on ike's to retain the trust of its nine cents. this month a
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multitude of global leaders will meet in davos switzerland. cctv but the overall economic forum as executives tried to find the answers to the issues that affect us all. yes the coverage front of us early on cctv. he mocks the second day of the wet economic forum and doubtless let business and political leaders from olympic gold the gathering to discuss what lies ahead for the open economy from armstrong that's cross live to a crisp on the jackpots and has been falling the fun factor as the hijack with copics dominating thursday's discussions. the number of sessions today but really it's not safe the big world leaders to come out and staple crop britain's prime minister david cameron speaking shortly. but the one that everybody is waiting for is of course he runs president this honor upon a right to be speaking at a session called huron in
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the world. he's expected to talk a lot about syria especially in the bike that the peaceful civil side be going on here in switzerland as well as the broader middle east peace process. but he is also expected to use this moment to try and build better relations with the west particularly the united states something he's already indicated he would like to date. and in many ways that's already happening with the successful implementation of the first phrase of nuclear deal with the iran was seeing the us listing some of the sanctions against the country. elliott this way. does he know that follows onto another thing they'll be trying to address investment in iraq now that the sanctions are being eased back allowing investment back in the palace called the chief of the world economic forum will be the only other person on the podium with president ron hardy. he has said that iran will lead to prove itself before the investors were ten that would have to be what president mahoney is setting out to do that today here at the forum. this will be
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the first place in iran once again trying to step out onto the international stage and really engage with the community once again jacqui know that a number of so far on this i have featured chinatown us more about it so what does about troy in total there are eight sessions on china throughout this forum. most of them have a calming the mind that is sustainable growth looking at different areas of clauses being a rapid urban isolation in china. so due to some of the sessions are looking at different levels of urbanization with that the best economic growth will sustainable environments will be in large cities medium size cities where forty have a consensus to that medium size cities is the way to go forward but also in talks on a restructuring and state enterprise industry. a lot of discussion on welfare. and as many delegates you seem to think that that needs to be based on the welfare system so that there is i said to
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the safety net so that the savings the people putting away for the future for their parents. the bingo and the consumption that he got that domestic economy a little bit mall. but houses and boldness i sessions i was the fact that they are a record number of chinese delegates here at the forum this year. there are no politicians all from the business community the investment community arts but to a number of them yesterday. it would have to be said that amongst all of delegates here is where the most enthusiasm is one of the sessions is cold out the bricks is their mid life crisis. i was saying in the case of china. note that all the good of many of them often. but what they thought should be out of pasta place of reforms with different ideas all of them but us but to feel very optimistic about the of the next few years ahead. thank you very much indeed are crisp on the jet boston and doubles. former british prime minister attended black has been a frequent guest at the davos forum. it's easy to cough is in nineteen ninety seven. we
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sat down with the west needed to get his expectations for dc as the facts. for tony blair this year's world economic forum isn't just about the world economy it'll be interesting here is to get a sense of where the world economy's getting it on to the west of the times in europe. now we are starting to look forward to better times. the streets of the american economy the chinese economy ought to be the top topics here. i then of course all throughout the week you call meetings around the middle east iran syria talks with iran on uk programme that. that and say you have a mix your acting ingredients of the economic and security topics. i met and beyond give for mixture of reasons. p after stepping away from the prime minister's office blair was appointed by the un special envoy for mideast affairs is calling on the international community to seek a peaceful solution to this era crisis and push for peace and stability in the middle east
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the cause. there is always the fierce opposition to president assad for reasons that very clear. this will somehow lead to anxiety concern about elements of the opposition extremism and so on. true it up we gotta do that. in this sector. well let's go live to davos moment in time is now in a new president has some honey is now delivering a speech at the wet economic forum and sweets result on the session called a romp in the wilds let's go live to the forum and check the latest it's an audience so the coc decoded it is our last three dioceses cast a spell moments to write as many things i have learned from islam in handy. this month. but i know who to pass the weekend was based on this that i decided
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to take part in our presidential election. so last weekend and then attend national regional and local level. moderation and competence. prominent characteristic of the iranians and the secret to their seats. that's the rub is that each dvd the grace of color the great king cole appear on all tickets for this approach it and now they are right in the demanding its implementation and relaxation in these include seen a key iranian to close choice has been a locum in the region and the international arena as well. it will have to first outcomes of which have been witnessed since my government of prudence and hope came into office. this ladies and gents on the events and developments of the past six years and the global economy has shown that no one can devote all he is ready. maybe no country to install fix problems on its own loss this
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regard. no president has some real money undressing to weds we can all make a full run now from all on the peace conference on syria which was sad taken play is set in the sweet city of montreal that said krause live talk responded reaches the stage he's been falling the above site as they reach at the stokes sell off answering the second day so what's on the agenda especially on the heated exchanges on wednesday. it was a rocky start to them but at least no one is actually you will now set of the tool say they're still here. what we have today are a series of clues golden these teens that being in the july th. by the united nations syrian peace talks to mediate said. like the freaky me that he is in talks about the talks tomorrow. many explain that let me put it into context. such was the bitterness of the stops
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yesterday that we don't even know now. with that the two sides to syrian bag government representatives and the opposition representatives will meet in the same room. they've got to sit down with mr brahimi and decide that whether there will have talks about what they going to talk about and whether they will sit down in the room all to see each other. and as i say. and despite the bitterness yesterday as they are still here they are still soaking that old sour on track. on the squad will foam they'll say we get to find now. well we cheered when at the summit dead to the max have lasted for the web economic forum in davos so how long would the negotiations las that this time. the rights and yesterday was the big grand ceremonial will want to say which said the us secretary of state said john kerry led
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to kohl's. fold the replacement of the syrian president said a bus outside um that was headed by the syrian opposition and rejected rampage. by the representatives of the syrian government. hold on. some like cacti in is the five minutes too long the gone off to join just about man. in that house not far from here. in switzerland that there will be dying on the rest of us will be getting on a train and heading over to the swiss capital geneva where we'll settle in for a few days. all told it's by officials getting these two sides together. while estimates from russian mission it is that the tolls would go on to seven to ten days then they'll be a break and then they'll resume again the reality is that the eu
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warning gulf between the two sides is such that he's told to go on for months and months. thank you very much and deeds of crisp on the reach of the stick in montreal. still lead the eye geneva to peace conference chinese foreign minister while he was among the fastest because santa gathering here well come along to the polls and said china would continue to push for progress john ely has the story. on the opening day of the geneva to conference on wednesday. chinese foreign minister while he said the only game of the peace talks should be to seek a political solution to the serum problem. coupons we had to. china has played an active role in bringing us to where we are today the second conference in geneva on the syrian issue who believes a political solution to the problem is the only way out. for the first day of talks revealed deep divisions with the warring parties still
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pointing fingers at each other a long he stressed that any negotiation would have to move forward one step at a time but it was important to first and a common direction to go own sit in our view tt he sck suld an ngoing process no matter how many difficulties there may be or how many setbacks we might encounter in china were relentlessly pushed for the process to move forward into a mutually acceptable solution is found. and there have been signs of progress it would. after a day a discussion the international committee has established some important consensus on resolving the syrian problem first military means are not the way out. second direct talks between the two sides should be launched as soon as possible. third the international community should provide humanitarian aid to syria and its neighboring countries. when asked about what could be expected out of the talks well he said simply bring the opposing groups to the negotiating table and
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beginning the dialogues were achievements in themselves john yoo a cctv. buthere are a lot of things going on in switzerland right now not let's go back two doubles and taken a dive to make him president assemble on the stage at what they can all make for him. their security and tranquility to make life more intuitive what's more distinguished artistic. obama needs to do that before i know my country's government. i am fully aware of how important the validity of behavior in policy making has uncovered many applicant in pass defense. the domestic or international arena. this is critical for its heavy debt while regional cooperation priority for us in
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the foreign policy. and why should i say to each and relations with neighboring country. for a moment before you turn to real entry the industrial and economic relations with all of our neighbors such as turkey iraq russia pakistan and afghanistan is he pushing both the costings. this region as well as central asia and begins looking natural and political cooperation if we have also had a history. i can only trade ties with european states. the implementation of the geneva agreement and subsequent that the coupons relations with eope all the books are attached to home when he freely between uconn and the united states it also improved and they didn't last long. the first time the politicians from both countries have negotiated to exchange views
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on how to make decisions to resolve differences in relation to the nuclear issue for him. this is a major development to sell you on islamic revolution the only revolution and the foundation of the fall and broke up with the result of more than a century of freedom. your new nation the young republic is growing and flourishing therefore it is necessary that the ruling bodies in the united states except in on historical realities. not only in words but in actions as well. i come from a regime of the world which unfortunately is written in defense ofnsecurity and violence. even though my country is experiencing a new chapter of security and hope thanks to its national solidarity as well as with the kids democracy and despite external pressures we can all be indifferent to the pain and suffering of our fellow brethren in the region violence and terrorism is a
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fire in human society in which doctors they will engulf those we like it in the us that's goo for the good fortune that it is true that extremism and violence against the rank and file from the army of the company and the unemployed. i pity that the fundamental approach to fighting terrorism should commence with the benefit only two courtroom improving the image on creation is the cause. three suicide or hopeless business with hope for the future. in the chair and you lose faith in god to serve humankind tins instead of destroying it. so that's a suitable venue. with the governance of this baltic leaders in their distance from their peoples and how they manage their economies and societies by relying on foreign and yet the people who insist that the people
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so ago. we don't see themselves as part of this management in revolt against their own direction. wanted to ke advantage of this situation to recruit good price too they're on hd because i believe that the security of the world is intertwined with the security of the mideast the security of this region cannot be achieved by disregarding its people. but jealousy rainy and preston has some honey addressing the wide economic forum in this way is the result town of doubles its was very fast time for conveying indeed been quite a long time honolulu bring you more details of his speech in upcoming up news update stunning to china now seven edition no human cases of the age seven and nine av and it has been reported in china the bruins and telephone number of infections the country two four th just yet. among the new case is announced on wednesday free will report it in the southern province of guangdong three in the eastern province of gia jump but the other came from the east china still so
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province so far this he had to jump robins has reported a thirty two cases of human infection. the highlight is in the country neighboring fujian province has reported seven local and dome and don'ts of promises that each of three cases. meanwhile sean high municipality has confounded two but three factions this yet with hong kong reporting one case. as millions of chinese provide retiring to their hometowns for the spring festival the challenge of containing the latest aged seven and the length of the epidemic have come sharply into focus polo reports how the authorities are deeply concerned and the serene at the ganache whit about twenty new cases reported in the first two weeks of twenty fourteen the chinese have a long tradition of eating fresh ingredients especially adam pointed and fees and family really need. that's
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occurring during the peak season for both the sales and consumption as a spring festival is just around the conner here in the market in downtown eighteen with the sales seems to be much affected and seven at the data. health authorities see football like some suggestions. check. the at a brisk run by the massive numbers of people gathering together in confined spaces it's best to put on your face masks may yet get it in these cases. i received a virus is more prevalent during the winter and spring seasons and crowded buses trains and planes trains favorable circumstances had a virus to spread. baghdatis a fierce no reason to panic ensued and nine barron's has not shown spiel to guy ratio really strange that human to human tnsmission china's health authority on the stand in line carryases of pneumonia from unknown cases and claims that they're also accessing the risk of an epidemic situation the national health and family planning commission
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has strengthened quinn nation with the ministry of agriculture the state administration for industry and commerce and a ton of food and travel is changing from the intro to each seven and eighteen flu. the how the authority said the current pieces were scattered and no mutation of the virus had been identified so far they could affect health. on a cctv eighteen that's it for this news update on pending in beijing bye bye. i do lol judges long tradition of baking with cuts and it's based on their homepage. the first with
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sketches illustrations for books. they reserve role of the books. people stir in coloring them and then just for reasons of practicality instead you can read the rules to putting color on was the same kinds of hearts that they use to put their minds once we expect to on this long tradition. what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations book. kirsty was quite different. he and my church deacon who lived it to him it was absolutely separated off from the west sweetie. no salt works and studies in dispute with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix. and you. the us
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all kinds. tom said welcome to after ted. the highest trade surplus in the nation's history and economic growth outlook oh four percent for the coming year. the outlook for the korean economy appears bright. in twenty fourteen however there are looming


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