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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 23, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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good news. chad border guards will receive additional funding to strengthen the borders in the southern regions of the country. this was announced at a meeting of the military council on wednesday. this decision is related to the termination of nato military mission in afghanistan. it is expected that the alliance troops will leave the country this year according to experts such a measure will provoke drug trafficking situation. mom when you use on getting the points and two assists we expect to receive additional funding taken into account the situation. these
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funds will be mainly used in the southern region for strengthening border outpost and for the development of rapid reaction force special units are preparing for this claim. some of those days this one we could go to the police meanwhile more than a thousand tons of smuggled goods were seized on the border last year. in addition attempts of drug trafficking were fourteen was free from the violators were detained and some extent but the new jumbo and salt causes ten regions. but joe's approve the past draft law on the part of innovative technologies development of new technologies in kazakhstan is associated with your innovation clusters such as minimize university and a lot of technical part operating in el monte the latter one has shown good results. the weather since two thousand and eleven the number of protests and its increased. currently one hundred and fifty two companies work your projects for forty six million cd will be implemented. currently over one thousand highly skilled jobs have been created since two thousand ten more than three million tinggi were collected to
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the treasury the winner. in addition cost of developing information technologies telecommunications as well as manufactured energy saving equipment and electronics the speaker noted the integration of science education in industry will be the primary focus. some banana mocha beyond that the money q the president outlined the creation of knowledge based economy as one of the priorities in his address to the nation. today it is necessary to combined efforts of science manufacturing business in innovations to create the basis for new industrial plants. this bill is another tool of state support for the moment of new technologies in our country at the new show in unison and the sawdust been adjusted biggio on the initiative how would your last sunday the deputies also approved a bill on internal affairs authorities in the second reading the document prohibits a policeman to use weapons without warning. we remind that this proposal creates certain risk for citizens and causes many debates among people members
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submitted a bill on state support for small and medium businesses to the government has been supported by the party leader as i've been a wash of at a briefing in office sent a communication service. according to him legislation in our country is focused mainly on small businesses the actual production begins with a medium sized businesses the deputy prove it by citing information of the statistics agency uncovers the ship employed in medium size businesses is twenty seven percent in the final production to sixty four percent. this means that medium sized businesses complete three times less people than the small businesses to produce twice as much as i put a wash of also said that the party members said the deputy inquiry on the introduction of the mechanism of bankruptcy rehabilitation for small and medium businesses according to him. this will allow providing support for those who cannot repay loans and loss of property. mullet business small business is among trade in services manufactured goods is possible if the medium businesses whether it is taxed our former students
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the cost of any production line will be two to three million euros or more unfortunately we do not have any norms of supporting the new business. everything is about small business therefore medium business is the base for goods manufacturer awful. come on the salt in the zone buyers paid special attention to a high quality education system in his annual address to the nation according to the president. it is necessary to create the unique educational system of high quality that successfully operate in many developed countries. they will face many challenges to implement the nation's first of all is necessary to star with improving the quality of national education. his plan to provide one hundred percent of the children aged from three to six years old preschool education. modern training programs and methods as well as qualified personnel are very important for the setting the president of the country said that secondary schools need to improve the quality of education to the level of nuts about intellectual schools school attendees must know screaming which is kazakh russian and english graduate some master critical
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thinking skills and the panda research and in depth analysis. this means. most schools need educated literate people said our state will be able to develop further domestic educational institutions create conditions for children to receive quality education they're a lot of different study groups. in fact shouldn't have no free time and all of them are engaged in their education and sports residents of up to be are witnessing at noble snow falls and heavy frost is one of the monthly normal precipitation time already fallen in the region. snow covered them in some places reached fifty centimeters there's not been such an abnormally snowy weather in the region for the last few years there is so much snow that people have problems with removing it from the streets. the kitchen only to see the tip of a new one it's the quintessential in the streets there about thirty three streets in the auction yard to distract the total length of which is seventy kilometers which means we cannot claim all of them in one day. now the two trucks or removing snow from the outskirts of the city aims to improve. in december
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and january all the roads to the city were repeatedly close because of the snow drifts. the situation still remains tense fifteen people outside medical help. since the beginning of the year a few days ago the body of a fifty year old man was found in our district who allegedly died from hypothermia our improvement in the weather is not expected in the estates yet the folders you will not advance the snow blizzard and increase of eastwood wins in two twelve to twenty meters per second are expected in january twenty fourth and twenty fifth. we also expect an increase in temperature but the temperature is expected to fall again punch in your twenty six but there will be no snow is that's going on and on board the bus up the form of normal snow has fallen in the city since the beginning of the month rose services are working in emergency mode only fifty thousand tons of snow had been removed which is three times more than the motrin move over all winner months of last year when the forecast not encouraging march is also expected to be snowing. another cousin book of records and a lot of
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famous guinness book for the records has been released its collective achievements of context and citizens interesting dramatic events and facts. the first of its ten book of records was published almost fifteen years ago phd in economics on the cause of vehicles is the author and editor in chief of the book. according to him the book is being in newly updated can now return to a solid volume the book was published in concert and russian languages. featuring one thousand six hundred and fifty six packs and one thousand six hundred and forty four illustrations. he covers the period of two thousand and two thousand thirteen years they are the riots of the principal pity to miss the facts were selected according to the principle of uniqueness in on this basis we went to study the historical features of economic court or in social development of the republic of kazakhstan us into identify so called heroes discovers and inventors in various fields and the ruling of the book insistence that section is history education health and geography. for example one the one about the hottest place because it's the best of the top or the corn is one that is hunting the peak the most part we situated in
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the grove are named after a bomb in el moxie. of course the book is full of amazing people. many of them were awarded certificates box of becoming continuing collapse five twenty two battles without a single defeat. i was in this cut costs to donate blood. nine hundred and seventy one times this week was the five hundred and twenty meters more than half a tonne. the word's largest in the opposition's to consist of twenty five dentist is mentioned in the book of records as well one more dynasty features forty watch makers. in this the plan. joseph t pain. my grandfather and dad studied in china. he was a famous watchmaker he was even mentioned them in books he has ten children and all of them watch makers and the first daughter of the watchmaker eta. the cdc dig deep to sissy candy yet piano man. gosh need me at the bar known as the woman acted as in crude to result in re enter the book her body magnet eyes is metal things she's able to hold four irons to more than ten minutes she set this new record for the spectators are about tying the nozzle of surprises with her barbie was offered indian classical dance pop out of the um she studied is
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art in india. the longest performance in classical dance last forty or forty five minutes united states it is also a piercing and can record i spied a open space to complete the deal graph or jemaah illegal time to look into the book as a man who doesn't feel the and i played in addition he is a director of the mass national dance called come ashore got this dance was performed by more than fifteen thousand people. the addition amounts to one thousand copies. it consist of six hundred and fifty pages filled with very interesting information ah stop was looking for young artists a local professional studio would teach little children acquire ballet acting in ancient arts turn from the age of six to sixteen will be enrolled to the studio. according to organizers. it is very important than a child has got both talent and desire for arts. young artists will be involved in staging operas and concerts at the austin upfront costs and organizes when the korean their own children's symphony orchestra
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i suggest we would then be taken to court in how we are trying to find talented children playing the violin for clarinet in the future these children will be an orchestra. they will work for us to opera. thus we are preparing young professionals will issue a pity that the intention was to meet you the chairman's choreograph the ensemble carnival from austin i will read and international and national contest to three grand prize wins at the first international qantas festival moscow time out in the russian capital kabul was the first presented in three age categories. the ensemble received the highest score from the jury in each category. the young dancers actively promoted the cause of national choreography then called true context. the jury noted that the professionalism and the choice of music. his performances in costumes the ensemble which has recently celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary includes seven hundred dancers. no you didn't screw in the whole of cis has such a number of dancers. this is the fifty first contest for the ensemble carnival was the first place for the grand prix. the dancers won gold at
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many international dance contests. should i be a good one. the jury was very pleased and surprised because the choreography is something new for many of them. each of our performances turned out to be successful. now we're planning to go to the end of the saddam who want to prove that we have the best will in the uk the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. and according to statistics the ship is still quoted products in the total gross production in the country is currently standing at forty four percent the expo including industry covers only ten percent of domestic demand hole but experts strongly believe that domestic production should satisfy the least thirty percent of domestic demand to ensure economic security in the country are the other hand construction of new plants started in two thousand thirteen to combat
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the issue here. the good example was a plate for production of textile products was built in el monte and assist the program business for about twenty twenty. bill process for tuesday the thirty one td. i made a post over the phone is dead dead. when will the smiths enjoy view was to start production of one fabric for work in military clothing because there were no such factors the situation at that time. they blended fabrics are produced by loose russia and china. we decided to start on production facility. today we produce five thousand meters of fabric for gay as a kid that did it again. is it a must own it. folks in them that look from the payback period is about three years the production rational capacity of the factory is too many meters of fabric for your currently the main customers are the national company has extensive really show it as was the ministry of defence in law to force the agencies of the country in the future the company plans to carry out production of fabrics for school
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uniforms and expand an already thriving domestic robot suit states the tickets via indeed it does enable it and we buy synthetic george instead lebowski where bella rose in cotton yarn from soft comfort and textile companies the company pays close attention to the chemical components because we have to use so called green chemicals which comply with european environmental standards. it's a combined income. they don't go according to experts of the best buckeyes he got a portal substantial tax breaks in custom preferences are provided to textile companies today particularly in its plan to establish the number of work was industries capable of processing up to one hundred thousand of them broke on for years in office the area. it is supposed that a majority in the street in the free economy area for many factors that of terry knitted goods uniforms great fabrics in home textiles with you if you are going to waste fuel than that the icl. as of today more than seven enterprises have the bill
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when factory produces textile fabrics including home textiles. the other one manufactures carpets and lincoln's there are also companies that produce caught more than fifteen textile enterprises will be constructed on the side towards the future. oh it. he allah will kill them in the cup i hate that the upgrade would get the blue bottle. on this project implementation implies an increase of textile share in the gross domestic product of the country. this was the creation of high tech industries featuring the competitiveness of domestic product the price and quality. in addition the conditions for attracting investments business lending in competitive growth are being created. the country also plans to expand the production line of leather and wool. well most of the idf. she spoke like a good look at the top half of what it you now but that she would wish the local association propose the creepy will cost in the school unable to process will. currently this textile material is being processed only fourteen percent. this
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is our wealth and property if we crave more processing plant to process all thirty to thirty five thousand tonnes of wool that we produce. of course this immediately forgiven and peters for the emergence of new types of fabrics that are in demand in the fashion market. the builder at the front of the best that they be able to be that guy i thought it would invest in the mood to you the president. the size of the new address to the nation's development of small and medium sized businesses to become the main driving huge demand of the store and social modernization of tenth in the twenty first century according to statistics over eight hundred thousand of small and medium sized businesses are in operation in the country imported two point four million catholics and citizens. the volume of production in the sector has grown by one point six times over four years. it is an eight point three seventeen the developer of the private sector will be one of the priority task for
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the next few years. its. to the right eye i knew. going.
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i know. i know. etsy morning
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mike. just one touch. be having many secret makes more sense that knits. yes he is in charge of the section. it is not down. the money. each year for which this year perception that a free standing monitoring computer counting and after the kiddos it's a kidney. the board. he was a mutual trust it's true that the doe week it's good to know she's new to our jobs are with us. each of the ski jump. my cousin h the prestigious twelve. just
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hiding spots. the joke even if it's just attempt the one thousand sneak onto his tummy on top. at least that the project will continue and that it could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. what a headache due to the destruction of the imagination. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny i mean its destruction the book is responsible for the body. when action is carried out. or they don't the bow my knees as they don't live in the mean. so i went to the east to check
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the characteristics of tnt and only sold so well with kidney disease process. we also study the impact on our environment none of it dangerous situation. newitt stressed but then very careful and take all steps oh god what's a book on tape the above another to give its economic situation the animation stars sixty she makes drop dough onto she's just let this one it's possible to employ a new teachers this week and this states to the nature of the projects. six based order to what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons can be destroyed number seventy six thousand tonnes of the nation including the many an anti
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personnel landmines. i'm saying. many people smiling in this country. soo it yet please lord. if you give me the day. it was a part of my life that you are to play children and i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. when you see are exploding ammunition which are in store. i want peace and to be caught in the future. haha was a chain of us will ever get to the shop. the dam. this program is very important to our seats were children and for our adventure to because it's very hard to live without it. ninety three
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the dollar project in me and aims to strengthen the local response to hiv and includes access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. the news conference tomorrow. will they each day. the adb vice president stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in coolidge has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is reinforced by mr. in the project will support the scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services tokyo that the populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems to check in hiv across borders. the markets back to the high burden of being in asia. at an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people with hiv roughly a third element. two
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major economic corridor was thinking the merritt island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious health risk across much of the eastern pacific in two thousand and eleven five million people in the region were living with hiv and aids. me and the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation from the fighting hiv aids in asia and the pacific. pundits by the government of sweden brainstorming ideas to students of ryan's preschool to community college to fund the project that became known as the roos were a money saving tax cuts in coaching of the students to save them money through a store on etsy of methods that can reset it is less about to reveal the date the concessions it was one of the science lesson was on school nights eleven
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fifty a statement. they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from the teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean the only things i constantly keep having to meet the offending the sink after reading this and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves the drop in sessions to a successful behind. with the island's coast a session say to the plot and friday i took it like finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of open their eyes to many ways to save them money. simple ideas which have helped them to think about the future. it helps to visit with old age of the guys will like. we need to see the way for like a set of light and fast paced interface us policy in the world that just opened the door. like they asked about the delivery of the show today at the cinema the roos bring money saving expensive achieve great
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things at the college and are already thinking about how they will continue its effort to help us because next to a record ninety eight businesses in the book so that appropriate and one. and does the system and creative i think he can go a long wait. this is just the soft today to watch this space the past ten years and in need of some considerable economic growth. pockets of vulnerability and deprivation with me. the country's new suit and got two more properties and teaching for short has the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty rates in the country the province also has two for sanitation coverage is up to higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea. the teen killers of children under age five. disproportionately affecting children in the port's most disadvantaged areas. increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygiene is essential community based approach to sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and
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environmental improvements can save lives. teaching the sessions start at the dentist. and when he's done help investors take directions home. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after taking my dog. just letting the importance of hygiene every time a bit with my dog i'd never forget to wash my hands. against many odds that local government and communities in tt has come together to tackle the underlying causes of court child health in the province. maintaining this multi layered approach but the key to preventing disease in saving many children sign. knew. it takes the industry is one of the need to say it is up in
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good nick cohen easy. we didn't win at the top fifty the comment thingy she gets to dedicate the box can provide financial aid. india has the potential to impede its textile and apparel shoes and the wood to it. it's never the fault when frank essential if the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the acting chief thinking. i felt that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking. once you've used a faultless end up not shooting practice to combat an endpoint sixty percent of country's export on. it alleged that the employment of what cut the five million people in the mosque after that they can lead to six. in the world also on the wet and i made the network's dot org. my
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name is maria was ready. and then our streets. the kids from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years i'm asking you to see the team on tuesday to the store. my guides. i couldn't imagine be done then i can think. it's all of its npt to the music. give me some jewelry nineteen twenty the communication something i just thought that the pain and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area i just get out of my system i for sure if the tournaments in an in demand. two on and on. and yes he may as well. here are the navigation or teaching sen constable on cuisine
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modern language. you know he's east northeast of their own beat. notice this. he said. and it cost you like it that he had bit like is the right field to hold a variety of costumes. oh and can then goes to women who would be today. well some of them has the torch and some of them have the opportunity to pursue the dream. well some of them now. four dishes than i can use it. my goal to bow to the young shaman are the same time he said. they just continue the hard work and be brave and i made this face right before graham said it just to show up on the war god father was to have it. the teapot and food authority behind him said
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the us. the useful to the downtrodden leaders in progress and the like i did everything right you're stuck with kids got basketball


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