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tv   RT News  PBS  January 23, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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chu and will mourn when will the will of . a justice that it was to trace around the local government buildings is rotting spreads from the capital. meanwhile in kiev of grief for his fishing rod isn't security forces as nice as the governor shows it is willing to make concessions to the opposition in the course from the eu to hold an early election. for service of syria's opposition says it would insist on offense resignation and could drop out of the geneva to
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talk to any moment international peace conference continues in switzerland. those worries edward said was reportedly got into asked russia for personal protection after receiving death threats of top stories this hour the am oh well. don't get into much more studious the decay in moscow which tended dollars and ten pm the ukraine where rusty has spread to the west of the country would protest to see jean and breaking into administration buildings and in the capital kiev the whole position and the government and are expected to announce the results of that old aunties. the dollar that is that. every scene is sad and groups of demonstrates is in riots is there in the across ukraine and trying to and i
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do keep my meal and demonstrate outside old government buildings now in the city's old and new fold flat into the world and we have seen beat the dana and the local ministry shipbuilding steve o'keefe nights like demonstrates is known as snoopy online in a double and twitter accounts of thousands of people in the vault also seated on the local news here is whether the scenes but man it's not just those two cities day in the west of ukraine worlds a hearing at the oaks and government offices being besieged old babies the scenes of demonstrations that have certainly be under arrest in ukraine not limited to to the comfort zone here in kiev that we are hearing from the government side that they are all ready to come sit there and repealing or at least and toning down new mixed use new tools that were brought in to tackle the violence day here in kiev
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and also that from the prime minister that this does not offer you said this and that he was. he was ready to resign and his whole cabinet resign if the parliament here in ukraine decided they went up to the job now that that's one of these things to be up to discussion of a special session all that of the ukrainian parliament to be held next week that was announced. like my president to the article which had also up for discussion. then at that session palmer will be possibility all holding them of holding elections bolted in seeing their reaction to what's going on here in kiev rome at farther afield from abroad. the european union and has been particularly vocal on thursday we had from having to miss the boat also the president of the european union he had eight he held a phone conversation a phone call with the day with ukrainian president viktor yanukovich in which he said he was deeply concerned that you're in a conversation with chemical which assured him that they would no be no
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state of emergency calls in ukraine and they was no concert the moment it to unfold the ministry said in its extra type of security services on the streets now at the polls and the only european leaders to to talk about ukraine. i think the fed the head of the european parliament mom jokes that ms said that he'd his opinion the house to be elections in ukraine. i immediately knew was going full of ukrainian government to colin selections that the european union applying and pressure the dead making their voices heard above over the subject of war continues to beat them at the moment it started off the train and riots is on the right place and a lot of talks going on between the various sites here in ukraine. the speaker of the old radical groups again the main tomb in the country this but only those anti government protests. ross has appeared to be one on how online team has been taking a closer look at the gear that they'd be using the opposition fighters can be seen with helmets and
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shields and carry a wider range of weans even built a catapult to hold ropes of the most distance is no set the jar and sling on top of that they have numerous take a normal lethal firearms when he can get a leak specifics on the rocks equipment right now but auntie don't comb all despite all this western governments have been placing the blame solely on the authorities. the new mcadams is from the role of police achieve the peace and prosperity says the comments and or helping the situation the reason why the protesters a fast worker to be called have become more radicalized is because they've been encouraged to follow along by eu and american politicians who have been on the ground in the middle of the protests encouraging them and that simply unprecedented. this unprecedented interference india in a sovereign nation and its all blamed on the new protest lot to this protest was virtually identical to any lawyer would see here in the united states for example
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you not allowed on here in dc are not allowed to wear a mask in a protest in washington d c were not allowed to erect the tent well you saw what happened to the occupier protest violently of torn down. well you're not allowed to have foreign funding of your political organization here in the us. it's illegal and poland one of the most arrogant of the country's interfering in ukraine up condemning this unlawful if you live alone politician in poland. you can go to jail for two years so there's an enormous amount of hypocrisy involved here. will fall right grades for the choral the protests in ukraine and that make it clear that they can all think of peaceful resistance. nash's factions are insisting that the government would only listen to the language of force united states meanwhile has reiterated its threat to impose sanctions on us get more than from auntie lisa capital in washington d c said the changes that stand
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out we see of them if she's ready to talk to me about those things i will say sure she didn't really see getting any appointments in my seat to the imperial guards right there were like now now the fact is that i think of the city be much change in stance from the us is that despite the fact that the pretty dublin has the pits to make some sort of concession. well that's right i'm not much of a change in tone from a white house which has again threaten sanctions against ukraine. thus their escalates the white house spokesman jay carney has strongly condemned the finding that have erupted in kiev urging all sides of the country to move towards a peaceful resolution now. like me and ling an earlier statement made by the national security council spokesperson corny to blame ukraine's government. for those tensions with the lesson. that is increasing tension in ukraine is a direct consequence of the government failing to acknowledge the legitimate grievances of its people instead it is moved to weaken the foundations of ukraine's democracy by
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criminalizing peaceful protest and stripping civil society and political opponents of key democratic protections under the law carney also said that the us wasn't in a position to the president of ukraine to step down but he gets the washington wants ukraine to repeal partial to anti protest laws that had sparked the latest clash as now while sanctions are being considered by the white house no decision on that just yet the u s imports has revoked the visas of several ukrainian officials for allegedly linked to violence in kiev earlier violence not only is round the present obama himself staying silent on to recent developments whether the new west isn't alone in pointing the finger of blame on the ukrainian government when it comes to the recent violence the finnish foreign minister said on the antrim has blocked that the government bears this possibility if it continues to be called deny basic rights of its citizens despite the provocations of some of protesters in the crown offices on the block was the key issues we also heard from the eu budget commissioner who said
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that all sanctions were being discussed. the body will go beyond simply condemning the violence. one possible option going to the bank accounts of certain all parks among the ruling party in print. from a washington d c to get thank you very much and the basic adult that while the tactics used by ukraine please have come under severe criticism. we asked the former british police officer with experience of crowd control i know is that methods. they stop becoming violent the kids all made me had no option into the act sometimes new aedt. that situation does get out of control like that. well they do this to me and say he's useful piece quickly went away can be demonstrated from one point one. are there the second part means to do
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so it's safe here. saturday we all respected. so i think when you get back to the pond and the substance the eighteen eighty one as it's not surprising that we are. i mean it's not for you i mean deep. these need to get into it. well in advance how about when our beloved and i know he needs to cease ms armitage eight minutes timothy him face to face with the names of people many of you are actually staying on course and on. fortress before and what's happening in kiev with peter oliver in the midst of all the trouble enter into these are live pictures from a night time given him a nice run about temples and neither can see a police barricade there and then facing a small group of protest this out but we do know their pledge of a protest is around their spots and secure the moment i was
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still waiting to see what the outcome of these talks up and actress of course is impressive as the seeds of them and giving get more details on that i'm older and a live stream of various scenes from the city loyalty don't comb with minute by minute updates. stir in all positions to go attending the geneva to peace talks to set his dedication would insist on a sense of resignation. wilson warned it may not count of the negotiations but anytime you in entrance area have been trying to bring the country's warring rivals together the face to face told its coastline of the aunties europe is enough he's in this with y'all what more do you know about what's happening then the result of these talks were nearing a peak at the opposition that there are actually out of milk very keen on to carry a with the school so they couldn't be promo close in opposition says that it's not lead to sit down at the same
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table top crow with. soon the forties of appeal are nevertheless o'grady to continue the negotiations using your special envoy on sale at the breaking as the mediator so i basically killed the meeting separately with the rebels and focused enough sorties and passing on information from one to another thus making this salad i love possible. and frankly this a format so was widely talked about before it's not coming as a surprise because while. after all these years of violence and so mushroom usual accusations. even having the menacing building is already quite an achievement but of course the general ward up for the international community is finally to get them that was the same negotiations stable but of course it is very brief time in a positive signal coming from the rubble suspect they also say that the new political solution is possible and there is going to take a long time and this is only the first step and
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they've also said that they are now deciding whether or not. bill stayed here in geneva. entirely the same group which to court in the opening day of the conference back in montreal. oh i'm sorry for parts of the group will leave and they also say that said amy i back out of the talks anymore so but to this is really not the first time that we're queuing conditions or possibly mixed signals from all of the rebels and so on like soon the forties who confirmed that the unity for this conference a long time ago of the rebels were constantly changing their minds even a twenty four hours prior to the start off slow the opening day of the conference in montreal when it was quite eventful day. and this the talks are still set to continue on friday. and for more about how the opening date was held with over of fourteen nations present day and about a thousand journalists. here's
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this report. it is. i'm sorry too if you choose to let go of you is that you are living in new york. i didn't see it yet. i have the bride. to view. the city and there soon he and his forearm the first day of the conference was expected to be spent listening to formal statements instead he was the scene of bitter exchanges as the syrian opposition pressed on with its calls for president assad to step down. as it is the problem and said that i don't see the promo distribution without the lord helps the dough. a change of power and apostasy something washington is pushing for as well be my shower outside will not be part of that transition government. but according to the un secretary general. this is neither up to washington or any other outside where's the sign thus he answered and said
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she had to hide what he was possibly due to their country the time to get into the system into town the stock repeating your country while the mosque this is willing to discuss anything from plummeting terror tool partial ceasefire anything that is except a saas resignation. it seems the parties have a different understanding of the poles up the talks. indeed the only agree on the one thing that a political solution is the only way. no one should doubt. no one's trying to colossus over. that this is the beginning of a tough and complicated process. more than forty countries and organizations. and all suggests together how this must end. that has to have an inclusive syria. this goes to the store stephens where indeed emotional when there was mutual accusations see what's most important is that all parties involved direct talks to start soon and yes
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the bewildered that the first round of negotiations mediated by the undead their bleak special envoy on syria is expected to last one week after nearly three years of extreme violence. it isn't a surprise two sides of the same coffin on getting along very well frankly just getting them in the same building may already be considered a diplomatic breakthrough not to mention that the talks which are scheduled to continue on friday. the more pissed off apart the month so this was owen's. despite the need to boston as he did not say that but syria's government and opposition forces have signaled their willingness to discuss ceasefire as prisoner swaps and the delivery of humanitarian aid and say they hope is in breaking the candle co rests with the international media to his lips. there must understand that neither one of them is able to relate this to a debate began anew that a victory over the other hand the battlefield so they need to reach some sort of
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accommodation for one of the opposition cannot be said that the said cathy up for the baby. this is the future syria at the city and the government come up so the blonde everybody into a sort of knew that the basket of those. so each one of them must reach out some ugly and that they will all come at the big cat. this is going to take a great deal of time a great deal of attention. i'm a great deal of goodwill on part of those who are advocating both sides. well to stay in touch with events at the peace talks is auntie brings you can get coverage from geneva to. this was going to bring you a maliki government and that somewhere there is business and political leaders address the world economic forum in tampa among them a rose from the rubble of a priest pledged cooperation with the ravens and the rest of the wealth of details on that story coming up plus some of the break the eye. to noon. i
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think is a very good example here because i didn't really hear is the day the restaurant and democracy that by now i would argue has degenerated into a system where money and power. and that much more than they get kenyan of my joints that the authors of the united states would constantly say that they were not find cnn's democracy the thought democracy was horrible. i wondered how freakishly huge belly laugh. we designed the institutions do as they put it on its route to the majority of anticipation is yes. thus the sea
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the interesting picture the importers twitter the animal. the move on the ad. be getting an increasing number of threats and is expected to open with or just until protect him. it was over his whereabouts here in russia are kept secret report not as details of the predicted hunt for the former nsa contract despite this temporary residency in the science fair to assume that nsa whistleblower edwards noted follows what's reported about him throughout the world. how clever or if the recent death threats from the descriptive one was published in the us media that is causing the thirty year old to request extra security and protection from russian law
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enforcement the website was the quoted an anonymous us intelligence officer describing how he would have assassinated snow in it he will have the chance. another unnamed pentagon official has been quoted saying he would have simply love to quote one of only in its millions had fourteen not restricted from killing an american concerns the warriors says the former contractor is constantly accompanied by private guards but that may no longer be enough to ensure his security the review. sabina. we clearly understand is that there was a serious danger for the life and health of edwards noted and nsa intelligence officer says that it's easy to imagine a situation where he walks around moscow. for example after doing his groceries and he accidentally bumps into someone but then he suddenly feels wrong goalscorer and dies in the shower. in his situation he has to think about his security. statins attorneys
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stresses that according to russian law. i'd doubt right carries criminal liability he also said the former contractors refugee status makes him fully entitled to ask the police for help. in the meantime a new poll by pew research shows that while americans are still divided over the benefits of snowdon is an essay two weeks when it comes to just dump americans ages eighteen to twenty nine years old. the majority believe that snowed in for weeks. serve the public's interest. reporting from your green up or not. our team even though the what else in the uk government can set the snow to be almost an enemy. some people he's a hero worthy of being on that students across the university of melbourne it's going to be the director of making them representative on the university's governing body. caught up with one of those spearheading the day that means only shows at what's known as because we know that he is a hero. hey
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is a brave man who raced a lot of things to lead us the people known peaks end of this media surveillance and intuition into our private lives and we just want to show him back. we appreciate what he's done it this am. a clear message sent out to dulles were monitoring us that we will not stand for this and that we cannot this and we did not accept this kind of criminality that would be more symbolic than anything because he will be able to actually physically come to class go and watch as the representative fine and for pierce me ten bucks and his justice will be to hold the title of bed rest of the university of glasgow we've had an overwhelmingly positive response. of course will do everything we can to make sure that this actually happened. iran says is ready to engage the neighboring countries and other world powers president on his pledge came with the world economic forum in campus but he's too good to me is that be taking sides on stage to
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the president of the country has some great eye make up the davos economic far and that is it's incredibly tight a full him the day that the six month internship with a stop to mistakes made at how life has taken effect being so weak and the message from you and games of rummy is a ten full days and i may say. i take the kids in the audience seat on two hundred and fifty eight at people that this because some of the mix is the final of the npt and that's a little fuzzy. stacey speaking to the right to compete on a hard time. that and ronnie and i need to have come to see it sad that it said he's basically the taping up the country to intensity and back said he's well a the likes of any takes alex south as does take some of my fall if the rain out that day he was too greedy drum up support for the wine industry that has been reading suffering at seeking alpha th the causes they sign says please turn out
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the parts date at an age difference i intend that the deal the house and stopped now he's got great expectations for me to comment. let's listen to the man himself iran's economy has the potential to be among the world's top ten in the next three decades that's our long term goal which were planning to achieve for social economic as well as domestic and foreign policy. my government is pursuing ideals and the economic development democracy and the improvement iran's foreign relations and that's impossible without our international engagement. not concede a baton has one of the big ace is not a fake id spotting gases as in the wild that is a feasible goal for the country now. everyday she says that to each other on down the west are now warming up as they see signs has been costly in a daze i mean bass is of keen to get involved as well. jill the business owner for more oil tycoon mikhail clinical skis been quoted in the release by russia's supreme court. from there
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that had been due to walk free in may but will now do so and to nurture those puppies in eagerness to this report. i don't like to live is waiting for the official papers from the supreme court to be delivered to the prison where he has been serving out his sentence by the supreme court has found that accommodated if it is eligible for early release and could go free at any moment. the court also ruled that to be at the time that serendipity has spent in prison in two thousand for in two thousand five before he was actually set rules for the first in this case i was actually illegal and that that was at the store to pick three foot putt to halve it and you pulled the collar back on top of all of this the supreme court has actually upheld the earlier ruling which stipulated that the courts keep a eye and seventeen billion to both got about five hundred million dollars as reimbursement for the taxes that he hasn't paid if this is exactly what the cost he said he does not intend to do because he says
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stipulates that he is innocent. all facts and that is also precisely the reason why to the problem on the scene the former oil tycoon coming back to russia anytime soon because the charges its seventeen billion will both child was living the life he said he is not going to come back to russia and will indeed get state and private in berlin or switzerland where he went to after not being released at the end of december on presidential pardon i rmb recently facebook was ablaze with lights and chairs about the twenty fourteen no pants subway ride. this is the yearly event that is grown in popularity and spread with pianist native york to cities across the globe according to fox news is that you thousands of people ride the subway in their underwear as if it were normal day which organizers say is the prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in places. i guess
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this is kind of funny i mean hey i like whacking us think about the effort of propaganda takes to thousands of people the world over to simultaneously do something and with all that effort in all those thousands of participants all you do is walk around thatcher pants on this idea most of the korea by some people in a pre deck and lifestyle because the community to stop organizing people for the goal of spreading joy a lot of us can't afford puttin on the table in the future could you guys please try some hapless photo needing more pencils recycling more maybe best of all an artist of all pencils job creating whacking this is fine born you have the power of thousands of trials to us volunteers please use it responsibly and productively that's just my opinion room you knew you knew living
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with them . almost every culture has a traditional bread and that's no different for the native americans are here today and bought the cafe at the national museum of the american indian to find out. it is very simple it's about for the whole thing. there is flour salt sugar as well. mix lightly. never did that whole deal. what does that starbucks to get about a breakthrough. so we don't get it over mix. so once i got it comes together. though it's not like a normal red dye which is basically the whole flock together. it's not
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about a block up to six lb of flour onto our porch. rip off small pieces. well done you're just gonna have a flat and a devil dog and cat three and a cut like this what that is what you've got friday doesn't fall off but delgado. just keep the lights and lots of it just goes right into the three degree water. to help ralph crt. i think it is now. i doubt it was the second. if we're right on to play in the great thing is that once you can do so which of her really worthwhile to parties or softness of the crime rate is the official state bred of south dakota since two thousand won you can find fry bread over the mirror the two courtyards in mexico a brave the second stop of the cast and of course the puppets are about suffered over the all basically saying that the very recently. join me again next time for another edition of this nation has a bright sunny bank are. it's
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friday. he knew you were when will i will the eye. i knew the means to unite the sea the naked eye. he has one international pressure grows on you things politicians to find a peaceful resolution to spend lots of other ranks. ty told iran's president of the welsh he's ready to negotiate a deal on its new ones this year. and justin peters carefully cultivated squeaky clean image takes


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