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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 24, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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see you next. i am bloodshed on the streets of cairo the egyptian capital skip right to be a deadly blasts this friday. tension is high on the eve of the third anniversary of the country's revolution face to face talks between syria and delegations will not be held this friday expectations are low for the geneva to peace conference as both sides showed no signs of compromise protesters in sch yet expand their barricades is popped
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and ukraine's political deadlock come up empty. love is the headline so close to cut thanks for joining us first to our developing story out of high run three blasts had struck the egyptian capital this friday. first a car bomb which it near police headquarters in the morning hours killing at least four people of the second and third the blasts also reportedly targeted police forces form on this. it's cost data from spain cats captain steeply is standing by for us and that the capital and catherine that tell us what's the latest of what we know these three blasts that content that can be sad because now this morning the blast happened at around six thirty am local time was this huge plastic at the head or across the capital and added this appears to have being a yes to act calm detonate it. according to the ministry of interior. a bomb detonated in a contest
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the kp and a sign that it may have been a suicide attack that still investigating the possibility now lah according to the ministry of health at least find people and were killed and more than seventy were injured in this set. it's six thirty am. now last night witnesses at the scene said that to after the blast at gunmen opened fire on the building before the day after the second blast took place around nine am this was in a different part of cairo. it was me at the police station in an area called the leak and this appears to have the new ie a hand grenade thrown at an a line of essential security forces by and spent it with me at this police station now i'm going to a security official that one cuz he was killed and more than ten people were injured in that attack. now that that a tactic that these two places in mit's that began near a police station. it seems again that some kind of
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heavenly defines was drowned in the direction opposite to the station know what we're hearing from that security officials that is that no one was injured in that attack eyewitnesses to do however have said that at the ghent down and fiat was hired after that last. now you can say at this point no one has claimed responsibility. yet for any of these attacks but yesterday a cyanide based islamist group and the act and on saturday to knock this and they issued this statement as saying that i'm going to target and the police and that so we're now waiting for a statement from them to see titanic playing responsibility to these attacks up to now they haven't. catherine tomorrow marks the third year since the beginning of the gypsy revolution please security has been stepped up what's expected but in the country is is really very tense look at books is a great sense of full backing of the green eyes. i know what to expect
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tomorrow as well as being the anniversary of the year of revolution that ousted costly move back from thailand in twenty eleven it's all said national police that in the opening teaser ready on that high and that is the high security and that that putting a massive security plan in place and identity daunting key installations key government buildings police stations prisons and back to the square which is just behind where i'm sitting back in sweat at the main celebrations. amen to be taking place this thing called all existing and buy them instead of the interior himself on it became a mother expecting to happen that is people who support the on the income support. the army chief general packet back to cck then expected to rally that to celebrate the release day and the yen fell to the intensity of the revolution. i found that that day i islamist circles is that the ousted president most see as well as some secular activists that can be tickled me up saying that they want people to take to
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the streets in protest at the minute she backed government. so what we're anticipating is that if these two sides come into contact and maybe some kind of classes some kind of finance as we can see me in the past so old to get at a very tense day is expected tomorrow and these bomb blasts here in cairo at it this morning had done nothing to do as a base fee is cast and thank you for that update catherine stapling there in cairo. now face to face talks between syria is warring factions will not take place this friday. the opposition says it refuses to sit down and his regime of representatives until endorses the genie about one that communicates all that called for tenders its role in governing body to be established. expectations for the geneva to peace conference are low with neither side showing signs of budging will the un mediator last job but he will now meet with a regime that delegates first this friday followed by meetings with that
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the opposition of representatives this afternoon at roughly four pm local time their energy needs and of course. the new one that as those talks go on. so just what to do assyrians actually think of these to international efforts to end the fighting. our reporters that some say experience here in paris to find out whether they had any cause for optimism tracy and to read the riot in paris less than two weeks again. he's a doctor and what does the man became ill positioned hospitals as well as aid camps for refugees outside syria. now he's living in a friend's apartment in the trees in some books. if syria. having been told to gain regime jails. though we have allies and friends to help with the staff and his grand dames who have pitched
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all in all it's the new one i see it doesn't speak french and doesn't get any official because he was forced to leave his wife and ten month old. behind that i see abt me the peace talks failed to address the issues of water and syrians. i feel some points. that's the view thousands of young people and the thousands of people and windshields. the millions of home is. we seemed to be above politics. a vile human being. the immediate repeal of the means of syrian displaced to make it to frogs there about four thousand registered with the cheese here this cafe is an unofficial visit to paris series unity. the majority right. the revolution began in the reclusive regime shower and such. behold
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the tool to miss. it's a natural extrovert. meet the team conference. we're talking in the air. we remember when obama warned russia on its side in two thousand and twelve. since then the sun has broken obama straight lines many times it's just words of now. i don't have to wait for nationwide holding syria again jason isn't that the syrian peace train perhaps understandable in three years the civil war has cost of the one that bells and lights it's been snowing million people forty percent of the nation the finishing touches are being put on to ease his new constitution the country's national assembly has approved the final articles on the landmark legislation the assembly is set to vote on the new charter saturday and full approval is expected the new bill had been delayed by political deadlock. isn't this an opposition parties arguing over the role of islam one of the most secular arab countries but comes three years of ttc as uprising against former president ben ali inspired a
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wave of air and bolts. talks between ukrainian president and opposition leaders have ended in failure. opposition head to tully klitschko said that as a chemical which yielded nothing in the second round of talks. klitschko voiced concerns that the deadlock with the two more bloodshed. at least three protesters were killed on wednesday in the capital kiev. the opposition is trying to wring concessions from yanukovich that would end to months of street protests against his will the frosting had to go to crack it met with some of the demonstrators overnight if the results if i cut the rope between the ages of the opposition political parties to present a candidate with a brand new but it is going up and institutes distance but up and defend its quest for perfect this time it took me to carry on the struggle that if it up with many new barricades if they had to go to make it all in
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the president's promise this protocol provides a toast to him in court on tuesday to comment. i don't believe isn't it. like sit in on to the video to our publicist need is to just five. this morning. the tories will confess that i too am at the moment. i love comedy young and old people with dry ice cold war criminal protest is also digging of troubles since the use of a potential future battles with the police robot is a strange atmosphere at the forty eight era several hundred people is set to work picking up the barricades that soul such a great deal of apprehension about what the thirteenth reaction will be. oliver kahn reporting there from the shia president ross wrote on his head a holy rendezvous he met with pope francis at the vatican a short while ago french catholics are expecting the pope to defend traditional values criticized abortion anti gay marriage that was made illegal in france last year. the visit comes as the president faces attention span the country over his private life
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chile's reports. it's also known has been in rome before but not into that again. for just a half an hour to the french president is expected to discuss with old friends as international diplomacy issues mainly helped end the war in syria and also various topics they disagree on gay marriage first. hundreds of thousands of french mainly catholics demonstrated against it last year. the parliament passed a belt for the polk says lawmakers should overturn its on abortion to the pool disagrees with them so don't this week the french national assembly. she's too long making it easier to abort a mistake according to the pontiff. he co wrote it's terrible to think of all those unborn children. if you know when you'll never see the light of day but i don't mind being busy and hoops. or don't visit to the vatican comes at a difficult time after revelations of his alleged affair with actress
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judy gay gay. the french president hopes the meeting will help them move that catholic voters many of them were shocked by his liberal policies. before long visit more than one hundred and ten thousand of them signed a letter asking to friends as to raise their concerns but the french leader yet putting words into actions analysts warn making south sudan said a new ceasefire a reality on the ground is far from guaranteed a case to determine the rebels signed a deal in neighboring ethiopia and some people now are skeptical of political leaders' ability to rein in their forces. some ten thousand people are feared to have died in weeks of fighting. millions have been forced from their homes henry brown has more pending move and for many weeks of comics and the depleted africa's newest nation the government and rebels reached a pact to end the violence within twenty four hours. when he was a great end to the lego boat
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for the best in people and country. i stand before you here. in this country. for present information provided by individual polar region the hero or a new commitment commitment to these two every month the purdue will put in place of clarification in monitoring mechanism to trieste and allow unrestricted access to what is. saddam's government also agreed to free eleven detainees. but the government's chief negotiator between skepticism over the ripples of the dt to hide their operations. what the word . condemned to whether that be one of the sisters posted. we're still going on. the capacity of the blue the nippy for an edible product from the apple isle. because you've been to those that face. that no society would certainly improve. twenty between troops loyal to president
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solve the clear and the spike in the police present its act or on cd in december. mine is quickly taking on an athlete i mentioned up to ten thousand people live only two more companies you'd have to teach at times. thailand's upcoming a snap elections cannot be postponed. this according to the country's constitutional court bullpen is taking watching a lot said government had claimed authorio those who hold. it is planned for february second opposition protesters have tried to disrupt the vote the main opposition party says it will boycott it the court's ruling says that both the government and the election commission which wants the vote postponed must agree on a date. and finally add trouble russia is underway in china on this for the lunar new year hundreds and hundreds of millions of chinese are making the trip home to see families for the holiday. stretching of railways roads and airwaves
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to their limits for about three point six billion trips are expected to be made air and rail during this trip it's an annual event that tests the limits of transportation in the country that's all we have time for tuesday to discuss think apple have more headlines coming up shortly. so they're welcome to our coverage of the world economic forum on the markets colson in the vaults of this forum brings together more than fifteen hundred business leaders from around the world but there are only seven co chairs and one a member of this exclusive group this year is the chief executive of the french and that accompany the time to stop the march ry and i have such a welcoming here and here in the studio welcome to the program. when marcus though. what does it mean to be a co chair and doubles does not mean that you want
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to connect to the ten other team executives definitely more tricky. and so will be presumed. when informed that sociable and though it's true that goes. mean that i have to pick specific role. during those four weeks. but remember you. but emotional bob wanted to share the sandwiches during what to do so. we're all missing has been even a wharf and i'll do a cat. one of the headline is here this event this year is the iranian president awesome on me. he's delivered a speech that was and is considered turning it into western powers. he was also seemed to be rolling out the right call but if you will for western oil companies to come back into her on when the sanctions old ropes. you as a major oil company in the world are you buying the possibility or you can get iran at the moment
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will come in. the remedy is part two. mostly for its majestic orders and distortion due to the oval reserve board has to do with said they would like to do with all of which has been spilt blood embargo additionally while the re opening of the year. with the business world. that's what you need to prove differently poultry industry but also boring. it's a total cash. additional money in the country. so we aren't willing to swim as the model isn't it. tomorrow is not just couldn't move would be jammed. so in the middle inducing in iraq he said that they're waiting on you wouldn't. when your pubic almost healed it's called the lost object. so you know when. hope it will certainly be looking for school clothes are. it is more interesting yes what else. amendment one
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she called you to run as a belief system. we will call to them as part of this is an email with the president jaime here in doubles. she judgmental. or must. so he came to a solution which is the old and she knew and were ordered as for all. so he came to the most. what was his potential new forty c in english. look he said himself but it is also determined to score right. way to student work. to make it. said tim condon it could be presented to the world. and so well and all. so we are twitching first. she would still be sold or so remaining legal going to contribute. when the country. so you need a permanent deal. prominent
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nuclear deal between western powers on the wrong before you even stop thinking about is that it is not the case to case. except that in the blog for a new listings. the two person cells in the fall which is still sending a signal the national museum the illusion that you are willing to move. the police superintendent. the little one moving the wheel hips. in a single job article in the case. so we'll just all of which you an address companies see if any updates is that the case he does are you optimistic about there being a team. i definitely did him no. sure some will do wish to mix things going while the yellow of course the discussions toward below was going on make your site. i want to talk about another issue you know you were close to saying here and doubles that europe should we. it should be
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reclassified as an emerging country. its stocks a few headlines. what's he thinking what you mean what comes to guys who requested for it the legends mean that europe is an emerging country. so that it wasn't like we were more trouble getting one. she europe to re emerge. to install an emerging to what awaits when knows what he is an emerging country to call so that china is emerging country. to be an emotional problem. looking to get to her. this ensured that we may call center has emerged. my aim is to choose. we need the euro can be read in the minors europe needs to reinvent itself. what does that mean practically between me and the two wheeled to washington know what we have. how we can improve it. a single sentence things. we should reinvent old mobile. we singles what
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we can produce could be competitive. total gold. no country is emerging which will be caught reading it was us all what we'll be in use while giving the same whistle was greeted with the old course. gorgeous too. between porsche has to be competitive so we'll go into all your problems. who is ideal for you. for the vehicle. ward churchill dual form. to find a solution where the candle concrete results built ships so then we can accept love articles. it's all so clever it will be offering customers the cartoons will be competing. boise the emerging countries that has a new mobile speaking of going into new areas is an ongoing sale of dance
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revolution in the lawsuit states. the audit states seem to be recovering. but all costs to the new york partly because of the fact that the good that there is shale gas in the states and the united states in all reticent about bringing natural gas up from deep on to the ground. though it seemed to be steady but since it has been a higher level of its scale. it is you're missing out on the show that submission whoa. watching him in between with us. it's kind of cheap into the eu is the major reason the leader google's to grow. it's cheaper. what's coming home and yes the bledisloe. all those issues i guess the dorsal for more. but he's bringing in customers companies being intensive and what to do isn't it a privilege. kareem cooper that image. betty is what it is
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making today. the two streets more hopeful. first revealed in the gold market because of domestic market and potentially which is all risk in europe. in color which will be exported to europe that is why. it's a real clincher. we will be three swedes new one. provincial us position in the sticks. basic simple. the komodo market reports. the multiple tickets sold. that is out of options to them. can we do the same in europe will win the euro install industries. europe is different. we are. maybe all this things. and all the ministry or a milk chocolate. there are a result looking forward to good use but it's part of what you mean reducing duplication across the uk to locals. she
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and yes the room. she is going to be never. this was of us. it is hopeful but unfortunately it's open country boy and acceptable to use a good thing is when europe. he said its pre digital days ago. the other day we will consider the issue doesn't go far we'll be told about in europe one by one. what you want to do. we are going to church. always kills you. are you. i just watched youtube to talk about the points you colts in two. for new ballparks into shale gas exploration licences in the uk how big of a popsicle to tout its business in the future will shale gas be don't you. one reason we don't even know what are the size of the reserves in the uk is reporting that we're going first. who would be called an explorer. from the forest trees. stuart will
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be for a week or so keen some sixteen lay them on to compose and sixteen we'd all know what is the size of the reserve. which means a wooden board will present its own sofa. production for the trees. there's something you don't. the temple that we can do little. goals should as he can wait. count them we would see above. you almost everywhere present. nobody took the saints have gotten a clean way there are local son's apartment consents bunch of guess what she say to those environmentalists who say that tracking and shale gas is just too risky well of him. mobile when what we refer to the boat to rescue unit to risk washington d c were taking risk. but when we have to start making a big portion will at least local opinion makers. that's the deal while we work so we'll bring
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that book might be the impact on the environment one percent of all. that is just too risky. hawkins said the mission is. the recent years. the risk here. what do we sing and it's all as risky this is going in us. don't bluff. we share with us into good. and they are good you're good in writing and economy are starting to get a bit difficult to guess or school will cost. granted you have any more crazy. most people agreed saying that the eternal doom. well all i see it differently. there is in europe. a real sensitivity on the wire. countries of sport who knew spanish. like us. so inclined. try them given the gentry the wall for all. the cd will proceed
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to vote against. we respect i still believe that pour in the new expert. bill called the two are clean. most consumers should yes that is a simple tool. it was a simple goal. here is old ut system just to prove that he can't do it this way. they shall cast up to the test. we have run on time. i know they are very busy not here in davos thank you very much to stop the march before speaking to set aside saying too much without rules can prop up its program selection in him. mom and i was looking. does. it is
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the thing. we've rtc one you pay to st kitts was a great day. because breaking the old one. so much the eagles to play. stocks
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while. good news. cheering government and opposition sat down at the new cushy the cable for the first time over three years of the bloody conflict. there were some problems team before the beginning of the meeting in damascus delegation was dissatisfied with the format of the conference as there were no representatives of the on the un with two towns invitation after the opposition threatened to abandon negotiations serious permanent representative to the un bhatia and john farley said that the absence of beyonce representatives


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