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tv   RT News  PBS  January 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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research makes the network new and new . the it rated single point of rest with multiple agencies to official buildings in the delta region this despite the president's pledge to read but controversial anti protest or that the reshuffle the government. yet police arrested all the gang believed to be bubbling pot of croats in the capital we did to the radical elements in the midst of the kale seeking to escalate the situation. this area as warring factions agree for
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the plus sign to hold face to face the whims of the separate meetings with the united nations media to the chippy fifty peace conference. in the car i will fork over goes off bringing the day's death toll to at least eight with thousands more and get ahead of the anniversary of the two thousand and eleven uprising i suzuki to natural birth mostly it's good to hear and watch it which gives them that night in tempe and in ukraine where protests all reaching for the west of the country and in several central provinces. despite the government's call for further concessions to comb the unrest which has been in a can of each pledging to free those detained during riots in the capital kiev earlier this week nab's of my pictures coming to kl on
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the auntie at the moment that we can i get more to offer multi speed on about him is in kiev where tensions clearly on holi but it is peaceful compared to what was in front of a puffer the country tell us what's happening in those regions of amanda peet. well all was seeing now is violent unrest in around whole foods the region's in ukraine thirteen in total we've seen that demonstrates is gathering outside of government buildings and didn't notice the team reaches those buildings are either currently under siege all have now being asked if i need to buy by dr says that we've seen vicious tunnels between riot police in riot is due out friday we started on thursday evening in many of these regions mostly in the west of the country but also the spreading to central regions of ukraine as well as what's going on here in kiev. now many officials say in those regions of the head caved in under the pressure on and resigned from that place many that officials have resigned from the proposed sitting there and in the face of mounting
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pressure from the admirable position demonstrates is that some of the lamb. some of worst seemed so fun to see the university of tennessee in which there was the right has tried to take government buildings on thursday evening of a fork that it's a standoff with riot police throughout friday and they are now in control all the government's headquarters is the local government headquarters did not succeed also been on the front costs and an assist in the west to see a similar thing that i am and ride to the melting controllable be the main government buildings there this is sprayed us a tour of the west of the country idyll say now reaching into the central regions of ukraine. so that was happening now in kiev the authority is this a male whittington told they're offering some concessions that one is that plan now will we have seen is something of a tentative peace f hours or so just over the last twenty four hours
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and in the ukrainian capital and the oboe at the main flash points in the city is being between writers and rightly so to be a deacon on the stadium which is bizarre to me to service my neck right now and the tire fire stopping the stuff that we've seen it had this will the flame is a separate fee rises from riot police also as i was making my way. it's a tool to you. we sold bonds appearing on them like that just the title may be re echelons of the barricades that bringing out books after books off the books of molotov cocktails as well that sucks that of rolex that is not supposed to be ruled from ed the paving stones of the city of kiev so would be good to see what happens and as the standoff continues said the right has helped build quite an elaborate system of fire kate's head up the street bed to try and protect themselves and from picton to protect themselves many potential movement by d the place we haven't seen it it's just not going to happen any time seeing the guest of reinforcing in the oven going on there will be up that from
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the government to get a new trading ahead of the chemical which the president said that she would be looking to change and make changes to the lowest of the protein of the sixteenth of january and he didn't say that he would leave you feeling those holes but we could expect to see that they maybe had softened in some way these fools who wrote in to try and tackle the head of the demonstrations here i am also re hearing that the opposition on the government agree that anybody is being detained by police has so far in this cold which will be with the grunts it's a thought though that we are going to see is a special session of parliament take place in next week in june and such and president of the corbett said that he would be looking to reshuffle his government and its personnel around to that to tackle the ad that deal with the situation that states going on here that we did also talking about the violence that we've seen put a finger towards the foreign influences he is saying that the dead the next head of importance is behind some of the most serious
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cases of violence that we've seen many have followed up by say that he would do everything as i would to try and stop violence in the country and city would use every legal means available to them but we are seeing though is continuing violence in some cases the escalating violence in the west ukraine. instead of spreading intake central region cia as well in the upright now that the contents of the piece does seem to be continuing eleven times over the rights of the hall holding themselves then she revealed that barricades as he stayed right now. the defense for much deeper that live update from central kiev read up more for me throughout the night that saw these peas over that one of the us but to the fore with eu foreign policy chief javier solano who was involved in mediating a deal to end the crisis in ukraine ten years ago. he insisted the growing pressure from the eu is in no way aggravation the situation but i don't see that the european union the cpc inflaming the situation. i don't think so ugly that not to. he knows he's not in a
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tight don't know it sucks to what has happened in the second minute. we also understand that to the eu in some ways it has been charged in effect a change of government as saying that she'll be a snap election immediately. in other words copper piping and a cat that is detrimental to heat up like the position. i don't see any body know the top of the european union said to have to change that christians had to take place these two i can't say that i keep them sane at the same thing that the government has said that it was a goal that tape would be if the team know they don't get to that topic in the coming days the mvp of the shots above the government is at the same it's so tough in agreement that the government of the system that is. kristin deal with this but the heels of the top. meanwhile the us take the stage on kerry had some more strollers for the ukrainian cup and he was speaking at the davos world economic forum in switzerland and auntie lisa kavanagh has moral of the american reaction. the secretary of
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state did call for an answer to that of violence that but that it is an interesting re worded statement actually take a listen. like you're in europe. we are working with our partners to press the government of ukraine to forgo violence to address the concerns of peaceful protesters to foster dialogue promote the freedom of assembly and expression. and i literally just receive messages before walking in the air of the efforts of our diplomats on the ground working with present the article to try to achieve calm and help move in this direction than the next days we will stand with the people of ukraine and snow are in fact more strongly worded a reaction here in washington on capitol hill we saw a joint statement from a bipartisan group of senators led by john mccain also pinning the blame directly on the government of ukraine now in that statement they have expressed what they called regret that some protesters have resorted to violent measures but said that i may quote
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the responsibility for the growing political crisis lie squarely with a government quote heavy handed tactics and undemocratic actions i was the joint statement from lawmakers here now the white house this week again threatened sanctions it does seem that washington is hoping not to actually resort to taking that step quite yet really waiting to see what steps the government of the present it in the hope it will take part but it's not all empty threats we did see earlier this week the us announcing that it had revoked the visas of several top ukrainian officials who were allegedly implicated in the quarter and police violence against protesters. i'm not the latest round of violence but churches that took place in november and december meanwhile as germany france and several other european countries also said on friday they had summoned the ukrainian ambassador and their respective capitals this was to protest kiev response to the unrest which activists in which party activists say if these fine people have died. ukrainian police claim that the rest of them only getting involved in the west all the relaxing there in kiev and police also say they seized two assault rifles for pistols and
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hundreds of rounds of ammunition. of course you can't have evidence for the gathering supplied almost to the protest is not even the tss he has more on the extremist ambitions overshadowing ukraine yet most by violence. morton called tails pitched battles between protesters and police a capital city spiraling out of control. and it made it all. it's the radicals and extremists was spearheading his vitamins. and as a teacher in a keen student of gold in the corners calmly told from his hospital bed twenty four hours before the violence erupted. he was beaten and stabbed by a unidentified man. he was the second attack on the fuel in as many days we oust local jewish community to comment on them not to but they refused healing retribution from far right groups. no was watching on from abroad are also deeply disturbed by recent developments. what
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that don't fit the look worse we worried about using ukraine at the moment. as if there is anti semitic violence. there will be no mercy for anyone. neither women nor children. with or fascist images clearly on display the concern is that even the nationalist leaders are no longer in control of theirupporters and the evidence of support for ukrainian wartime leaders who led death squads against the is apparent on the streets of kiev. right beside the stage of its independence to at the height of the protests there is a big one i met with stiff on the data on at the nineteen forties insurgent leader in ukraine but despite this loss of control the sea surrounding his role in history in many countries. this was hard to surprise anyone in the days get it. but that the other scene of the protests decide what seems to be a future molotov cocktails was he a peculiar graffiti on the wall and old attic room which is unlikely to have any double meanings in european countries because back in the nineteen forties it was used by some of the nazis two
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divisions. now the delta wing activists have become the core of the protests some analysts say this brings relief teacher for the country. such a cheapo think most of bills rising do not take orders from our legal opposition forces that be are radical nationalists football fans revolutionary romantic sis and inadequate people. it's a mixed mom radical nationalists are the only ones with knowledge and skill when it comes to mass riots in the know how to handle themselves. it's not only unsafe for the but also for the feast day yet. here is ascii art scene reported from kyiv ukraine. greens leader has said he's ready for further talks with the opposition likud had to alter ego called to find out more about my government also like providing minute by minute updates on the situation. reporting on the improvise weaponry being used by st mps against police officers. eye. the media
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noted nations mediator for the syrian peace talks as government and opposition delegations have agreed to hold direct negotiations in the same room. isn't this kiddo is holding the government said in geneva it began. frankly to seem like their negotiations were turning into a complete disaster until your special envoy on sale at the break he became a candidate and said that he did manage to get people to sue the police and the opposition presence here in geneva to get in the same room and talk of azkaban basket happened on saturday and to me he didn't really provide lots of details about the walk so that didn't talk about he said that to even the ways that he managed to talk them into it on his diplomatic secrets which is not ready to share with a journalist but he did say that right now the most important thing is for both sides of this conflict to understand what a cute boy in
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geneva and what the stalks are all about because the negotiations were suppose to start at eleven am. this friday. and while the gospel sit down at the same people informally greet each other with mr burke at present there as well but since the opposition said they were not ready to sit down at seeing people with the upper forties. formally the talks never started soul trapped inside a duet special on what was meeting separately both with the authorities and with the opposition of the representatives have been coming out to journalists and accusing each other basically all sabotaging the middle seat senate became clear to us that the polls say the only way out of this crisis is to enable teachers piece of meat in a speech at the geneva water the opposition says that the woman talked about having attended a transitional government in syria without president us out there. while the authorities are saying that there are ready to talk about cease fires the rated talk about joint anti terror efforts and when it comes to the present house as a future
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political future that has to be decided by a nationwide election to clean up with anyone willing. taking part in the people seated decided that the talks now are going to list thoughts are really off on saturday. we don't really know what exactly they're going to be talking about but really getting in and put them in the same room is already quite a diplomatic success. what despite the difference is the governmental position earlier agreed to discuss a liquor license posted to receive humanitarian aid and the prisoner swaps with a slight nod to a mobile coffee the syrian political activist i'm up to say though to make it into the same room it is such a positive note isn't it that you think anything productive will come out of that meeting tomorrow. when i think. it was decided that it processes. and i think the people you could go on to any exchange for a frank
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exchange of ideas. and yes people will come. in the morning when you achieve anything. substantial weekend i didn't see the opposition representatives to speak in mentioning any reason to it representatives of the whole cumin and spectrum of this new positions there are a few touches. how does he not only for themselves. psalm ninety eight. this is questionable they were being used in with him coming out today. same old . i think this has entailed not representative of the entire opposition so actually if an agreement isn't a double necessary mean ol' factions will support its own sake don't make it entirely a waste of time
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these women now i'm home i'm so pissed because these people are sticking to each other for the first time in history you may have to be the opposition are you representatives of governments that since i am on tuesday. they can exchange a few ideas were people on the landing on him right people. what about maine based on legal opposition wants a shot out of what's to put in a transitional government and the dublin man says a sad state in coming. when you win of the kitty cat ever that at all. whew because because the hole. you see the whole group that holds up production to be the opposition he said. ginny owens says we need to buy it candidates. that car has to be yet the bca says you can utilize has reacted by the specified. the studio listening to weaken the community to be due to why he insists
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the genealogist and says that transitional government believes that the powers that could be flown from current government. officials had before. now the opposition insists that means that businesses should go. it doesn't say. he said that the poem to the conclusion when opening the door on us hi jacking his hands the geelong line to communicate to the offender had been taken. even the score goals. all science is he just finally i'm up to run. i can take. conspicuous by its absence that because it could well have attended a school for the un at the last minute withdrew the invitation what i have made any difference if iran was there. i think we have the gene is present on christmas is in a state by state each one to lean on one cd and then lucky me i knew the issue should be. the who
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understanding the support he has the understanding. who knew specific states and regions to send money and i'm really into trains and carriages the school. you have and continue the action nothing's happened. so that i believe june is to sit down and i was getting into the scene. what kind of interests here. and he's been too long. he and tuesday the issue the euro if any usual. or it makes the city achieved through it but the issue. however i think this is no different. to see them in time and on line has
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changed to the states. you know that she's not interested the whole time they want to try to get concessions before thinking a lot of us. thank you very much. rachel joined us on the book of life there are no secret that no perspectives on this what is camille whale for eventual break this is all teams. the two language news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here on up to the report and we'll talk. he liked the interview. intriguing story. are you today. all the garbage. for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the new
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the egyptian capital killing one person that comes as those ultra series of deadly gone shook the city beating five people dead and injured dozens more toned their reports now from congress the first and it is that these bombings killed four people outside a security building in the north of the capital to shut the windows. meters away from me the good thing. this latest bombings had to call the police convoy. five days in a minute what's to come forward. these holdings are dramatically within existing cities to pay the tip of the past few months. on the other acts to follow yes the former president made mostly of the muslim brotherhood. some i watched it. i'm on all sides of a free people being killed in clashes around the country the classes again. i've
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become complacent the week was seeing. supporters of mr mostly supporters of the government coughing often with concrete else is involved as well. exchanging take out small homes i'm really on the eve of egypt for the revolution on the third anniversary which is taking place tomorrow. a very uncertain feeling on a postcard. islamic extremist group to submit to the caring of the attack on the police building as antony me from the institute of islamic political force in london says the muslim brotherhood is not responsible for any all of the explosions. what i am sure about one hundred percent is is that it was the mother who has nothing to do with this. we have a blog on that course. their best assets at the moment is to continue the peaceful protests and that is no way an eye on the face of the pq kennedy's old days without going back to democracy without going back to the people and that the people decide for the ballot box when they want the series to moan is also behind an escalation inside the wall and on a web portal
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pro government group of cereal packets targeted cnn's twitter and facebook accounts what sort of confusion he has was able to coalesce since facebook facing the end of recessions mike and with size was two a disease epidemic uses an apparently gets you will cure it. note to bill coley can read about the study which critics when the social network the collapse. much has been spent to get soft cheese transport up to speed for the winter don't think it's going to have recovered a week's problem well but there's actually a simple way for visitors to commute between the cost of the bible say expect. the fourteen of the three of them comically have that baby is either going to be very unique. not only has a good thing he said in a subtropical environment it's also because some of the third time in our history create it into a black
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leather coat the pasta. all this and am in one second that and that meant that even for the fact that appears to have fun while it stadium to the max. but our easy is this well there's a fine that it was. the beehive state piano to take a walk from the city have been trying to read the address that in the rain jessica will now let's see how five gonna take that to get on this site to the next with you anytime going to be limping the postal trucks to whittle to find the angel tiny stadiums will also be next to the opening and closing ceremony stayed in the states. also because the class and the main international pro costing and price and ten. now the beauty of this design is that it should take you more than five minutes each week and then he's right. so where were we by its context and how long does it take to get from one thing lead to the next and other headaches
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write six to eight minutes walking. and we've now made it through to get to be. ah but he had left the stadium the database intended to me to the ends of the hills no wonder they need to fill the other. while the symbol of the games is nearing its final destination the event the claims incredible journey the center of the north pole and into space right now the torch is torn cities in southern russia begins his incredible voyage and auntie cocoa. here yet. the new and regular games. as soon as i saw tons of kids. i'm not in an omelet. my fire the vet eleven of the business
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partner of the formal will likely become khodorkovsky has been released from a penal colony in russia's north west is now hitting mosque a result he was taunted and the release by russia's supreme court that it could be due to go free and may even a job to discuss his jail term to the ten the whole thing is he has already said that two former oil tycoon who can think of embezzlement and money building would cost. he was released from prison in december following a presidential pardon the court upheld the previous winning by just listening to register to run for eight hundred million dollars in damages. but every subdivision eleven twenties into the hall for the finale telling larry king rules of veteran us politician in the future of congress and white house. we're way off the break in the future. room i knew. i am
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the whistleblowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new war of luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important are the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe the base of screen process done by the university. i t implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean it when usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours of sports apparel out that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly
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learn anything. maybe it isn't so sad that this goes on and it is reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. i rmb my name is again in the us and russia moscow advocated all that has it that the most prominent independent and well known russian newspaper in the west on. weeks. we just get famous by it. the stark responded that what i can see me in the acting was good and the boss so to say that killed my organization is his paper. it implies force commander and the one in my country to know what the thrusters. when you stay forever. not a lot of people asking. the open casket at
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the question of my soul so many young people and what do you use paper. campbell said the money of course when did they use in the cold to go up hot spots in their actions aah. indeed they say that the wii. it doesn't matter we live in your chest as he doesn't update the ol' still just seemed to know but is it that because they felt that its right place to where tool but i placed two. she did it offers a journalist and a bit curious. in a baby's soul given my and gangland odd to be curious. add two to be curious to ask nations set up to try to understand what's going on. don't be a god and allow anybody to manipulate your mind's eye. we are open country you all and people
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during incubation. so you see chances and that i don't let anybody tool. so if your destiny for you. you knew knew long you. eye. welcome to the cw. because yes it is alleged to be with us. this was coming up. breakthrough at the sydney peace talks in geneva. mediators as the two great sides of the conflict will sit down together in the second row this weekend the egyptian capital dropped by for explorations time keeping


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