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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 25, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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shea. the talks between the syrian government and opposition are postponed reno was to reports a scheduled meeting was canceled because the opposition does not want not on brahimi the u n special representative in the representative of the league of arab states to stay in the negotiations before it was announced that the first meeting will be held in one room later. each delegation would've gotten different rooms. it is known that the parties have different opinions about the future of syria for example the opposition wants president bush are assigned
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to resign and give way to a transitional government the new government will have full power in its own army meanwhile the official representative of damascus says that the president will not resign. it is still unknown if the process of negotiations continue the ukrainian regions are protesting the news reports the protesters seized governmental buildings envelope to the seed in opal enrolled in the prime minister nikola as ata says that the rights of local situation in the country remained stable. yesterday the opposition leaders in the present because you know call which reached a compromise over the protesters became unmanageable your mind on the producer didn't intend to continue protests ahead of the ukrainian government who was participating in the davos economic forum worst opposition leaders to condemn the actions of the radicals. he also said that a peaceful protest turned into an open struggle for power don't or i call a protest a coup attempt. we won our eu partners to explain how they would react and extremists tried to occupy the resonance of the prime minister or
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president in two parts comics and offers multi national companies operating in the mining sector to build service companies for the enterprises in the country. this is stated by the president of salt and not survive the president holds meetings on the sidelines of this was for him. sultan is a much discussed but the president of the mart incorporated the canadian manufacture of aircraft in rail transport to start operation in kazakhstan thank you so much for receiving us it is a great honor to me which you personally. it is a fundamental for us to enter a new country having long term goals of our company is the family business in long term goals were always sent a force as wells for the host country has recovered and i consider that their prospects for our country and are manufactured in crafts and trains. because the president had a meeting with the president of switzerland where topics was relations were discussed this openness of mind stress that presently switzerland is one of the major trading partners in europe such major companies as our group writer and glencore had already developed their business has expanded market in any governmental commission on trade and economic cooperation also functions in kazakhstan the assault in
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the semis discuss issues of large deposits of context and with the president of the french company total the president of total ensure that the consortium members will take all measures to eliminate the causes of production delays and cost of an oilfield also produce a patient total in the production sharing agreement the moment of human capital investment projects were discussed at the meeting were preferred over the main issues that the transnational companies which operate on a mineral resources should put efforts to build service companies for their own enterprises. this is precisely this sector of cousins and optimization of the press this because the president held a meeting on politics with the president of the european commission jose manuel barroso the sultan awesome i've talked about the volume of trade with the eu which reach out to fifty million dollars. now negotiations on an agreement on expanding partnership and cooperation with europe are taking place the sultan as a biased noted that the signing of this document should be celebrated this milestone sure that the european countries are interested in economic ties in kazakhstan the president
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also raise the issues the bbc creamy sheen to the european union and call to support the country an early completion of negotiations on the session to the world trade organization negotiations on subsidizing the agriculture sector on the way and they are scheduled to be finished in the first half of the year afterwards registration of technical documents on the session to the wto will begin. that is why the president of salt in the semis of the meeting with the director general of the wto report as middle according to a bar two is a video only issues on harmonization of the obligations between kazakhstan and russia on import customs duties in connection with the dissipation in the customs union left the court needed to delete your secretary will officially support asked for early completion of negotiations on the session in the wto should revert to the middle. expert spoke about direct deliveries of cars that i got caught trains through products to moscow markets and business forum coming around to renew was present in the export opportunities of the country the form has signed a memorandum of cooperation between cars our own national voting and most are reaching toward company moscow
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partners who share their expertise in agribusiness the businessman will visit warehouses and agricultural wholesale markets. in which much of it i think we have great prospects. we are ready to supply flour pasta to the moscow market. sebastian said. dairy products are generally in great demand meat or vegetables the product quality is very good at bats and ghosts of our actions and would you pay for their work will pay much attention to the commodity of moscow mayor's office has its own logistics companies in warehouses there ready to help us to sell products in the market. in the present success. the was launched in austin on city not up on initiative of the city chamber of oscar news and there's offers of austin a college student who meet with famous cuz it's been a businessman you have a chance to hear personal stories of the osbourne was as close to ask questions. knitting stitching show. i'm sure that everything depends on a person himself if he wants to achieve something he would she has definitely been the main factors to have a design dollars in debt
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the joint project is a monster with technological resource center on the one of the college's large business enterprises of the country expressed intention to produce a baby in the project the president talked about the development of a dual technical and vocational education in his address also he noted that is necessary to provide young people with a guaranteed vocation education the association of builders of context and will provide socially responsible businesses with facilities which will include the women students would train the present operational technologies actively day wore on their enterprises and accordingly the qualification level students will be increased his biggest challenge may be active the state of the old building which is over one hundred years old is to be decided by the people in the government the collective leather for the building's restoration was sent to the mayor of the region by an initiative group that deal was signed by thousands of indifferent citizens which are concerned by the former almost completed my name in the question rises demolish the building are restoring a special commission was formed
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to solve this issue will be rationing easy seats to be the work on this issue of the building one full independent experts such as in their wrappers historians and architects. we hope that we join with the people will come to united opinion to make the right decision. on the fate of the store pulling yourself up. joe and i had a sale of the many cities has been in this building was a hotel before the revolution afterwards it was a house of labor which combines the children's hospital in a hostel for theater artist the bidding was found in an emergency condition in his two years passed since it has been removed from the list among humans. even with the beast in secret in the number grew up in the uk was this hotel with a great wrestler. i think i can walk on when i possibly live for some time to live one of the captains of the workers are you'll be very good sweet together with the authorities will find a common way out of the situation we will together decide the fate of these historical monument these were standing. texans figure skaters skin is tanned and clubs on top and then leave chile good performance at the fork on the figure skating championship which can lead others athletes from
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asia africa america and go see ana in taipei dentist and incomes of grafton gully of bullfighting free skating it's a program on monday destiny to programs in toronto canada under the supervision of the famous coach lori nichol who worked with top athletes as programs are great especially his free program to the music of shostakovich. dennis is a talented singer skinner he can convey the idea to the audience. among the poems remind the dentist and has a silver medalist of the wood chip to chip was all rock and gilliam said that the vancouver than picks in the world cup two thousand tend to change his approach to figure skating. nothing in the same time obama has also worked with nikolai most of the train to moscow he made a good program to disarm. once upon a time in america movie with his morning nap. and i'm supposed to humanize that i needed to extend figure skating coaches believed in a figure skater switch of their best at the sochi olympics for the latest news is that
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three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said and the electronic appliances in digital work and seals rooftop to thirty to thirty five percent in you the study group will continue on through the gift itself. fourteen and beyond as projected. according to the experts to avoid purchasing power of the population as was the development of consumer lending will be major players in bringing huge contributions to the mark another trip of two thousand thirty dollars an increase in sales of smartphones and tablet computers for the first time over the last several years sales of these products has exceeded sales he said. laptops and desktop computers. there were ten o seven. since market is falling for global trends unlike other markets and consumers buying all the latest gadgets with great enthusiasm. we can see that the poor cousin to our head
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of the time as the switch from using a traditional pc using the tablet pc much faster than many countries of the market for photographs and cameras is also shrinking very rapidly. because nowadays people tend to use more mobile phones for taking pictures. but i've been here for the next photo. it was was over did it before according to preliminary estimates of the idc research company go for a worldwide pc shipments in two thousand thirteen fell ten percent to three hundred and fourteen units because people tend to prefer smartphones and tablet computers because of the sheer convenience. in october to december pc shipments reached eighty two point two million which is five point six percent lower than the number of shipments in the same period the previous year. the number has been showing increased for the seventh consecutive quarter the hardest or literature or the polo the leader in terms of technology and market when they are soft but we also see a steady trend that chinese companies are beginning to comprehend big chunk of market and this trend will for sure remain like this in
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the future. i miss the way it will lead a clean his teeth as he it is up in such awe of the nation of the world can improve with the good stuff for any cricketer the critics of the good the beach. for two one two thousand thirty china's lenovo group ltd me he disappeared already. over the us. hewlett packard co in terms of global shipments of winning seventeen point one percent of the market compared to each piece of sixteen point six percent del took third place in pc shipments with a market share of wealth percent. going through hard times i would be the facts has sharply reduced their supplies in two thousand thirteen. by nineteen point six percent to twenty eight point five percent respectively the somewhat trend is visible in all comforts them as well. scary much to update you all. the shares market is different from russian n c a s markets as the larger ships to combine mobile phones the point does extend prefer the premium phone that is why the market capacity has exceeded that of the traditionally the tv sets
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in other markets the shares of tv sets and mobile phones are almost neck and neck well i played a solo activities. these were sort of flexible pricing policies are concerned to stimulate sales offering both exclusive in low end models with other important factors competition trying to win back market share so many factors contribute to cost efficient modern technologies which make the process less costly all the stuff them. despite the smaller number plates that in the adjacent markets that is quite tough competition in context and in some places it's even tougher than the dollars that is why companies continue to actively balls. they all have aggressive claims and no one is satisfied with the current position they have right now like to see all the marketplace such as household appliance retailing in mobile phones have the computers and others are achieving significant results but with varied success. but wait if they'll let us provide the mold in it another segment that also
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retained in the market is white goods which include refrigerators washing machines gas stove and vacuum cleaners. refrigerators and washing machines have to put the words he was shifted to the total for whites and whites is about seventy to seventy five percent the rest of the shares occupied by a gas stove conducted the list above and friends of european and asian be the factor is the key leading position in the context anyway concert also russian appliances are currently selling their products in the housing market. in addition kitchen appliances such as when the beat writers group processes in what the cougars are popular on to consumers
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the eye. the jean georges course and always colombian reason i react when the time when the fourth stage shows go on the last among teen show the best among his teammates make yall on the team to finish in forty ninth in the okanagan was fifty two to finish the sins of the molly show the seventy fourth result in the general classification score pony has the best time among us than our team members. he's in the twenty sixth place. he's just eight minutes later than two of them and the leader of the classification. this is a jew championship started in austin our young athletes are competing and nine we categories the tournament is a qualifying round to cause intense championship in recent years the popularity of judo increased settle judo
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clubs operate in austin are a member of the style club showed good results. the john oxley john deere co is via a dalit woman boss out what the best among men. momo there. now most of msg and call seth was up by a rush of the best results among women the competition will reveal the members of the national team which will take part in the national team pitching in march and are now. you know what championships two thousand sixteen will be held in austin. today we are training our sportsmen. we hope that today's winners will show great results in the future. i think a great success will come in future today we're opening a lot of training costs here in austin awesome host a fourth open wrestling tournament genius at the age of fifteen to seventeen years old arrived in austin on the nine regions of the extent to which it is teams also played the event is organized under the president's address on patriotic education and dedicated to the twenty fifth anniversary of the withdrawal of soviet troops from afghanistan. it doubled its
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infancy to get each of these athletes are featured defenders of the motherland there are those people who implement the strategy two thousand fifty. these competitions will show how much our cause acute is ready to defend the motherland plants. wishing you and teach we're in. this is a story it was a time. what amazing things to a show to the well we still used today. every new exco was once too. so to the future. for students address the issues. new solution. expo twenty seventy
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in the future. see ya let's go most are. twenty seventy it was. often. it's sad. mm
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mm mm. it is. lulu. i don't
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know woo. you do. rudy. are you that. and i just do that she leaked this is a fairytale place and one can tell. first is a magic place there are winds its way what strikes. there's a mermaid sitting. slavic elegy mermaids were originally presented in the forms of wonderous earth and space. i am. there are spirits unique in the valley all year round i do right. it's one of the five major tributaries flowing it's yell it out into
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the main river of skin itch it is nice. some linguistics associate need to lean over him she be. which means blowing outside for more. it should be noted that willis wrote here in abundance it is go another version to leak is a courteous worth of tickets. and indeed this is a cool place of it and sometimes impenetrable thickets of caring words interestingly the russian word should be done which means bush has turkey origins i do. all glass the math and physics on this river is
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called chin length. still need to clean the beach and turkey. it is noteworthy that these parts of the few delhi are often ravaged by strong winds which are commonly called cheat. mm mm. you can see the name of searching the river as many versions of each one of them look like some specific environmental condition characteristic of the area. with merging with the leaders to the river across the place noted for its perch and make sure he's still should be a trap. india also known as she gets out or while always treat it scientifically called him twenty minutes. you see she did translates from cars the kids the tracks of wild red lips. harsh winter
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weather the fruits may remain on gdp of branches until spring you're all winter while all this are the most successful and beloved them for pheasants. the other inhabitants of his own should detract. i choose. when city ballet representatives or muslim community which includes more than five hundred species of plants all this species of sea beaches for a bit stronger to write the scientific names are listed first of all the up as yet another game each in poplar. it is truly a relic of the savannah
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the tree itself chooses the place to grow it does not take root. by means of artificial plant in to round up usually grows along months and be killed some forms for ropes. ancient times this tree was regarded as sacred among call socks was considered a great sin to chop it. due. i like to run those registered in the red book of endangered species of kazakhstan. i have. a representative of the red bull white tailed eagle nest or with the tops of march to run treats. the bill still the best. just like the one on the street to two meters in diameter. white tailed eagles forced every couple has returned to their nest many years in the world
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the us. we're all walks and has agreed to meet the trunk tickets is no war the bacteria that are free to use nets which are made of substances secret i walked themselves. scientists have noted that sickly tears sometimes seek out and do what's best and keep them of stealing their bodies from the seats. the race. one has only to delve into the bog a month it could scare off while the board aye aye aye aye aye aye. i am. it was
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just more of rivers lakes and dams and rich coastal vegetation has long been inhabited by north american aborigines must threats. what scraps lodging places suitable for housing and only on those moms that do not try out somewhere or freeze down to the autumn and winter asked rep missed its usual culmination of a hole in a launch. dried stalks and read him up from the bottom of a calling to them the material for the construction mess i watch as she put in a regular cold sometimes reaches one hundred fifty centimeters above the water level the stress often do not want muscle group of watches in one neighborhood. this camp this is were large mosque that family will spend winter
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i am. all you all. he's basically it's called sushi sealed inside track on some places. adults often fall experience. see switching lights become shorter and sunny days get longer. ice will melt. their diets. and i
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the eye. . the i mean the eye. and in you. nm. i
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know. to him. and i know lennon. hehehehe. ch. more programs three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. if you knew you who
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