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tv   RT News  PBS  January 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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current cinema also on the macd lines dunno. a story to eighteen the news this hour. ukraine's president invites service with outspoken opponents to lead the government agrees to alter the constitution producing his own palace the bid to quell a wave of unrest sweeping the nation the this is two police officers did not buy brought this in ukraine's capital of being released but what led to the torch and as fears of mounting of radical protest is the rating the concessions all the authorities the good life. he actually hit
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the nazis. the melodies the south samoan people are killed in street clashes with security forces across egypt while a powerful explosion has reported outside a police building in the city's sewage on the third anniversary of the two thousand and eleven revolution the new. he built it into what was to get to hear more spirit which it at midnight and ten pm in ukraine where the country's president vicki avoca beach has pledged to change the constitution an effort to end anti government street rods this get to mourn the surprise development from auntie speed auto but in the kiev while pete and this does appear to be a huge breakthrough doesn't it tell us more about what you now so this is all caught from the latest round of talks between the government in
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ukraine and the opposition leader's now president take the other coaches that he will make changes to the constitution you will see ukraine revert back to you a pall of entry presidential republican party is the column and will have their bubble power than a day house done and that they have to fold these these changes being made soap. also he's offered the job of prime minister to sydney he gets a new used one of the opposition leaders and the leader of far beyond opposition group rolls are hearing that the vitali klitschko that could well be set to come his death his seat then our whole cycle yell from the strokes the opposition on the police have come to an agreement to clear the streets here in kiev. now that might be easier said than done. it's unlikely that some of the more extreme groups say at the mall will be willing to come off the arcades that they've they've built in being pelting police with that molotov cocktails and i
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drove to not still going on right now just goes to my right is that this still clashes in fine is raging between the police and riot is that we have also re hearing. they supply of present chemical which is said that the will be an amnesty to anybody that being detained about honesty is dependent on the bed of rights is leaving government buildings that they occupy here in kiev as well as in other cities around the country. i'm paid to tell us about this story concerning those two police officers who were taken hostage and then released what about double what you know about so that saga bliss old salsa on friday evening with three police officers were attacked just need to add ayam that the king of the independence square know that they were attacked in and taken captive one of these was released on friday evening he was rushed straight to hospital for treatment cost upwards of the other two remains. and if
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they die as hostages. they've been released on the south today and said hey they've also been taken to hospital and said that they would beat me and told chased by the captain is now head. they added the authority ca the interior ministry has said that any threats of violence from riots this will be next week holds that they flaunt events and eight and the threats of violence against the police offices it the jury knew. still it's a tense standoff in some parts of the kiev in the capital here. but there is skepticism about this new deal with regards to the type of honesty we are seeing still going on whether those extremist groups will and will listen to them it seems very unlikely we'll listen to calls for them to to voluntarily leave the streets now. i was talking to a few people and just down here on independence square a short time ago and they were saying they really weren't sure that this would happen that people would decide he said the extreme games would leave
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the basics of the city streets because they know what they were people are invested in some cases in this violence as a dad. there there is art groups that just won't listen to the opposition and the new opposition called steve to move away from the arcades and go home now with regards to this news about safe and have had about the means to be put forward by pres and get it over to try and bring some kind of pc at my colleague alexa got a jet skis over with the head the violence has been the strongest here in kiev gauging the reaction to that news then. here at the barricades in front of the government supporting kiev which has been pretty much a frontline for the last week when i get to see any sort of reaction to the news that president obama should call for prime minister's job to one of the opposition leader's this it's not but the contents at the moment tied tie as i'm not being done that no attacks coming both from the police and from those writing at the scene but still it said the tension which he discovered a simmering last night we saw on friday night that despite
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the two of which was announced today by the opposition for three days still some tensions erupted here there have been some attacks on the police and from the protest this title but it's still the night was pretty much filled with heart and said silly as i've said we'll wait to play any kind of reaction to the biggest question is whether the possible appointment of his yet to visit comes as prime minister can actually drink and saw how big is happening here we have seen already that the opposition leaders had been booed by the so called right wing sec to support his drug testing it for the last week so it is a complete without. what the opposition out doesn't what it's as easy anymore irrelevant to the people protesting against the government's idea. so auntie speech on about reporting that i should say i make to your dish of ski i'm reporting that not with fear into the protest has indeed died in a hospital in kiev off to three days in intensive care at bringing the death toll from the swedes rise to three. now this is a map of central kiev
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the power to the protest movement is of the book on independence square right handedness my dad. as for the opposition has covered the tent out of the fiercest clashes broke out a week earlier at warner said earlier this week on this very long street. he and other rustic to professor bernard from the skis from the paris based national institute of the eastern civilization and he's skeptical about the deal between your position in the government thinks it will come up against resistance from the more radical elements in the protest movement. more radical than women who are new to you is a tool to make attention more and more into it the owl and granted there is a compromise going on in the ironman months. in the same time i noticed that the extremists a new movement when it agreed to go back lol. it's durian
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problem and we've been included in the old western you also because their old soul and their babies on their soul dance dance that included steve want to i don't get to me the greenback ukraine's police did come in for criticism for xcel to the foresight that the coal sold the armrest security units of infancy of this standoff with the demonstrators will discuss this. ah they'd be having this situation before so i go to a talk among the tall thin field. he's from sunday's sheriff's department. notice it with wood but it gets us over the footage from wednesday's clashes that in kiev no way we can see the road to their acting violently towards the police from your experience how should those offices react to that sort of circumstances. hello well for one of the media is all on her show more restraint than i think he can expect in most places united states the use
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of all the details of the throwing rocks and bottles for the straight he would close. with all the things that are the worst nine students. let's listen to some of the comments from the police officers who claim they were tortured by protests is this the seven missing. why am i don't even bother what i mean that i'm typing we should be listening to that she will face off is a saying in a way to comment on it. the committee week on a one as per the sources as saying on the beach this weekend. it was a loser in my head and found my arms and legs with moss and tape and taped to my knees is well be you know there are more mature. yes we're attacked by a group of men wearing youngsters they surrounded the screen of the cop series ends up early take everything from us our wallets our stove along with everything. moment ago and it would have done nothing to them if only just coming out of a cafe after
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the news and put them up around it. it can do it for their awesome place of decision taken by ross is picking up and summer and been kidnapped. could that sort of situation can be avoided at all what you'd do well with that sort of situation. although personally i wouldn't shop the statements of operation it is true. i would expect from corroborating evidence of one of the things among them all. especially nowadays is that they can win by losing the entire situation which they are seen as victims. regards hamas violence being used the water yet again. the moral high ground. ie i would not accept a statement without stumbling across the region. there's something there. we will prosecute. right when we were all placed in jail for that now i was talking to a metropolitan police officers saying they agree that the blessing is the policeman
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to be individually. a presence in that situation that they must stick together now as a as a professional yourself what you make of the tactics not the way the ukrainian police but would he be without him and and equipment never having the way they were dealing with a little. sure understand the question. well what about the tactics ecu day in ukraine compared to pass to see the tactics used by police forces around the world is at the same sort of approach. now on. well one thing is there a lot for her collection reading. i would prefer to have some type of non lethal capability for standoff. population control cos your injuring more than about fifty meters the standoff distance between her her authority in law the more you can reduce the interest without having to use force. it's very
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difficult to accept some type of non lethal option the interruption. most of the places around the world the united states will along with the employee options to try again that standoff is it's not often that i seldom use. she quicker and more talking a lot of stories and poems and she was and so forth. sure an identity of the weaponry and again these protests is a minute to go when equipped only with helmets and he mentioned shields catapults and and ethical balm said that there is every table. this is normally face and street protests and that is a professional would know how which it was a force to deal with that. well for smaller studio belongs only to lethal situation in the united states. you can very quickly the shop. with lethal force the whole match. now could very easily. we were. felicia auction on. the problem is that it is all know what to
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do for you. and some greater sophistication the interruption in the options of either one but if it does not give a psychological pressure is going through and offices mind that does it surprise you we have seen offices the team rosters. it was that we have seen offices became russia's most precious psychological pressures on these people on that and does it surprise you that you see them resorting to that of a tactic. ah well at all lawless perspective i can tell you that it's gonna be the killing of frustration while one of the play was an incident commander the new euro four and the fact is that. and why some kind of option b shy violence dualistic of all. the sad
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state of affairs with either a peacekeeper in the military are with you on course for this societal problems resulted. last year. it was all the best you can hope for as you can to preserve life and am ready to come to a conclusion to politics said crystal genocide you very much indeed the squad to go to tons of refuting it made no brain connection but we had a very well said gilbert aka mama for the most under the sheriff's department and the space thank you very much welcome home in london of a dozen regions of the country angry molds of the season in many cases occupied local government forces. the city the beach there is one of the latest to fall victim to anti government on while hundreds of justice told them that an administration building and they were met by dr kelly's disciple be unable to drive them away. the love of the film it is determined to get the ball that much ukraine has declared that it no don't get recognized as ukraine's state brought about the national parliament the west of the country's seen the west of the mayhem will one in the south and east to pull for the government is high literally spitting the country. inhofe lots of artists in international relations lecturer at moscow state university says
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the more liberal position he does have no control over the situation. is this a genuine offer on the part of the article which you or is he calculated that it gets in your lives will turn this off for now. there's more than just the opinion of the opposition leaders to take into account here because there is also a sucker. opposition leader whole it's on a bulk of the neo leader of the scope of the party. i don't think at this point that the opposition leader's these liberal opposition leaders have shown that they actually have control of the situation for all the protesters the tally klitschko being sprayed by a fire extinguisher the other day when he attempted to calm down the crowds during the attempt to attack the police lines was a clear indication of this. steve nash from unfair mosque and more news just ahead theme of
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this break the day. zz you to teach me. these studies you know patients. when the evil that is here the festival. they have pity on us. you know the students goal. they should. the noon of humhe h to b in your life to d i the future. so what would it want it. conditions conditions conditions. to me
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the host state. this lets the letter. it is in use it's the os notice but he's more of them and it works or was it the right decision l gups. the author of the eye. been killed in street clashes across egypt through o sit today is the most supporters of the ousted president hundred ml see faced off against egypt's security forces on the third anniversary of the two thousand and eleven revolution. thesuk g to isrse the crowds and this comes a day off to the country was ruled by a series of one. beltran is in color and for us. another car bomb causing some ways it sounds it can be stooping this time in the tcc of series this is the sake of sussex nation has taken place in the days we have four home loss in higher friday. and
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this morning its uses but cannot act as a medical costs and in the east since the off tyres that this comes across on the vestry at the time you're thirty five into the city. we toasted to less than a part of the house the one who protest groups that have taken the streets across the country and its pc and also as a finance security forces is that like any anti government groups to stop that. in the streets but today is the support is that the president. that was sealed with that sexy activists have become trusted wh's going on in the square with the support is all the armed forces chief gen out that the icc has come out in droves today the whole thing. it is apparenthey say they wanted to keep residents to crack the reason haunting on the adhesive is creeps like him is that they claim that these at home plus listings here is a very divided it into it's becoming increasingly statistics this radio that exacerbates his body's own thoughts on this
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site that takes places yesterday. her latest reports to rezone from the two thousand and eleven of the nation. egypt was supposed to be celebrating instead the bulldogs will hire a taunting police offices. as the country descends into chaos. gypsies and dangers the split in two days he pocketed a tree and they see support ousted muslim brotherhood president's mohamad most crowded people die of aids at the sight of the bumper lost its grip tape and that the sun to heat its main police headquarters in cairo and the people see it like many in government spending in this above the heads and say this advent attacks on the state's ontario cities and is president of the mossy creek and announcing there is likely to be a hard to crack down on the use of its great the brotherhood. they are to blame for this to terrorists want to break the country in half some are free to leave their homes but most are more determined than ever to go to the streets against the brotherhood for the revolution anniversary the military installed government accuses
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the brotherhood of being behind a rising insurgency and a spike in terror attacks the media has observed the scheme announced by the brotherhood of the masons approach the one to disable the country's political roadmap and the state of the referendum on the constitution. the muslim brotherhood is just a tool our enemies the foreign element that controls the stools all egyptian people know about this hundreds of brotherhood supporters are in jail and a city under attack from the power hungry ministry this month the majority of the population that creates a new constitution that broadened the army's how is it seals the medicaid budget cuts. use the armed forces the right to print defensemen this is our choice of indians in which the courts we are walking together go out the crackdown the start of pre teen. always will be the new digicam in color from green estimates and a key phrase in an elected government to re use of the uprising which sold the country unites against a dictatorship. egypt is now increasingly defined its
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rather than celebrating the new democracy and much needed change. egyptians best eating themselves ahead of more violence. though to you the auntie kyra. searing deal with officials in the main political rivals until the second meeting of the geneva to conference talks in switzerland when we get to buy you an invoice to breaking the diplomat says both sides of agree to negotiate the terms of and that it cease fire and the creation of humanitarian corridor was in the war's end your position is being taught to focus that olds on the resignation of president assad which is being rejected by suing officials. us his allies also calling for regime change but most of which helped propel the summit says foreign meddling is unacceptable and easier to settle theseelate ton geneva has more on the latest tool it was the main achievements of saturday's talks saying the geneva is that sin in the forties and the opposition were sitting in the same room facing each other and negotiating your
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spouse on one on cereal on the bridge he knew was there as well mediating the peace talks but given the fact that the just earlier on friday the rebels said they were not listed down the same table with the authorities having them talking in this format is already quite a diplomatic achievements love everything he was of the key mediator off these negotiations has been conducting quite careful on this for a sensitive diplomatic tactic of taking the full process slowly step by step lessons of the two sides have now agreed to start discussing the prisoners and kidnappings on sunday possibly even allowing humanitarian aid into syria that also talks about so will collide cease fires but no agreements have been reached to the islam of what the main problem that we've witnessed here. during these few days. does that say even though the authorities on the rubble say that they see only a political solution to this whole problem. based
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on the geneva wanted freeman said the way he understands these agreements is completely different a complete and not on the same piece of the rebels say they want to talk about forming a transitional government without president os on it while the saudis seem to be ready to talk about almost anything except for the present us as cute in fact they say the only way he puts them down. and that's it the sooner people he said so in nationwide elections but the real life instead. after three years off was still ongoing violence and bloodshed. even having them in the same room facing each other is already quite some progress and the wall right now. it's not perhaps the least off the diplomatic process which matters when we read in the direction in which all this is going. but not on top story opposition leader that i think that it has addressed protested saying the opposition doesn't know what to expect current proposals from the government this is the latest news now they want anti protest goals
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to be abolished and presidential elections held this year he says they will continue to get to the south of ukraine the initial decision to change the constitution giving up the palace in an effort to open a new mass anti government riots. often you'll still have one of the opposition the good of the depths of the eco been harvested. i'm the opposition figure folks attend a live issue. it all the kids could could become deputy prime minister in a cave which is no simple this time the streets and to govern ross is on the condition that they need to find regional administration buildings. up to several rounds of talks the government emil position of finding agreed to clear the streets of kiev. this is camped out in the center the capitol police want you to leave. still no reaction from the crowd sinking into this announcement. the study of pictures from the city and alfie is that the extremist nationalist elements of the opposition will not be convinced by
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these latest events the eye more news when just often enough to nominate some good news of today to the breakthroughs of torah get ready for technology update the mayo and a couple minutes to watch a movie and album coming out next. it's getting on the ground was paced action returns he will be back together again. so often the eye. room. another whistle blowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some sort of dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new war of luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important are the zombies on their couches. the university of north carolina athletes
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are mentally unfit for college. even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe be based on screen process done by the university. ikea implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean it when usa today many college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports apparel out that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything. maybe it isn't so sad that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. i am. low. it is
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little. it is. little. it
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does. chu you you will what will. do. the uh the eye. eye sullivan very welcoming speech to the gym the old sea dog the one to break into the wind. these are all tell stories. so what. several people killed in clashes in the distance of riley's well the good professor in the country of cronies the syrian government and opposition to the two kidneys to have a great dance about whether they kept begging for one gram. and it was full


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