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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 27, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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him. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process. you will will will will . the step toward democracy in tunis after decades of dictatorship and two years of arguments lawmakers finally adopt one of the most progressive constitution three or four ukraine threatens to impose a state of emergency if protesters don't need justice late sunday night. this is anti government protests spread across the country
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its success in the history center but the duo daft punk who take the test match on the summer. the journey to steer and spent at first the raw unprecedented scenes and the tunisian parliamentary chamber this weekend. assembly deputies had been dancing and singing after they approved a historic new constitution charter has been widely praised for its inclusiveness in shining freedom of belief in equality between the sexes not so much fun the last steps toward establishing a full democracy. three years the country's uprising really nice affairs editor douglas herbert has more now on the new tunisian constitution. the media to syria egypt it always the story of disaster and catastrophe of calamity about to happen. this is one of the reader try and straighten out to me just pull up a hat trick in the mail that they basically what they've done is a consensual constitution drawn up by an elected assembly elected and that's a
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key words here that brought together islam its secularist leftist liberals all coming together they didn't always agree but they managed to reconcile language in a single document which manage and here's the bounty is that fine balance that no one else in the region is seen to be able to to be taken. they have had in one document that in recognition of the sort of islamic slash our identity they nod their head to that said is that heritage and identity card but also the not too maternity good governance human rights reconciling the two is something we did not see any egypt egypt also raided three constitution. three constitution did three years and in each case it's been a constitution drawn up and dominated by whichever group out to be in power and above and more seedy as long as he was a constitution that can really a big input from the other half of society under the military which topple the islamic state in early july. it's been a constitution drawn up with no debate no input from the islamist opposition their unilateral just
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the opposite in tunisia to really isn't what you think no matter how it's gonna turn out in practice will they be able to make good on all these pledges. it's quite phenomenal that they were able to lock my keys and a constitution that in shrines democratic freedoms alongside the civil society and separation of powers. it was her turn to me why i need it to the interim president has announced early presidential elections speaking on each of the tv at the moscow city did well all the presidential vote before parliamentary polls changing political roadmap lay down after the army overthrew muhammad or c last summer. many analysts say the long expected change could pave the way for the swift election of our meat seafood general abdel fatah and succeed. ukraine where the country's two month long political crisis is showing no signs of abating the protests are spreading throughout the country activists besieged government buildings and riot police in several cities including
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the pro russian east the government has threatened to impose a state of emergency if protesters don't mean the justice ministry. they occupy late sunday night. few sebastian coe that in kiev. i know why it still would actually many people in the kitchen door key and relaxed that will you live with the wrong impression because of it that that would take a storm that made the trip to the lake and the team and that the mad at him that all the weekend show you the defeat of the cake cool the typical currently the leader of the opposition show at night and tried to be thinking that it will take years to achieve the coveted tickets each year. the violin than that. the content. it was cute and actually they did but you know you are. i went and i would apply to the beach. the kid to kid me to go and have come at them and in the new treaty a shriek think i'll keep
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the collection will be to everyone anyone from the mentoring he contended that had no clue on the streets leading to the beach to get it over to quicken for the barricade and had him together. he didn't deny it. so for now i'm applying to. i'll leave the maneuvers that you know that we need to get up for the heater to heat the air that oakland and the patch trip between the people reading the thing to the american key tool. if we dig into consideration the development of the situation to be seen which is getting more and more trouble. the completion like the kid again. there are fourteen pounds. jason thompson was finally the first sign of progress sunday at the syrian peace conference. cocaine in the form of the syrian government saying women and children could relieve the besieged city at home and immediately checked and he has that story the limo progress in geneva has an agreement is reached to announce some civilians to
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leave the besieged city of homes. awkwardly. tomorrow remember to do and were driven through the center of the outcome of that sometime the old city in. i hope that rest of the civilians were driven to the storm comes looks like the plucky need the company says mediate to acknowledge that the deal fell short of the scope to send humanitarian aid convoy will be nice to the street keeping expectations low choosing to focus on small steps to generate momentum what am saying is that you know be careful and gone gone gone before you can wall. and i'm just learning tool. let's all try and i'm too early to speak on the timeline. no timeline is tomorrow now. one of the oppositions goals is the release of political prisoners it says that being
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held by the regime. and on the list yes we have some with the lists of tens of thousands of detainees including thousands of women and children. for its part the opposition agreed to a government request to provide a list of detainees held by county reaching places the city stages of told to just surprise you to the big issues the opposition want to hammer out this coming week name the transfer of political transition in the future role of president bashar al assad. i mean some people have been killed as the iraqi government intensified air strikes on the rebel held city of kunduz at the beaches and tribal leaders in cbc the fear more assaults from the army that's right it's al qaeda linked militants and a three week standoff has given thousands three car bombs. after two
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failed for more info. in another car bomb in it and the shotgun aft three day. to get to the very latest on any of the new store is recovering free downfalls that you can always look at our website. france twenty four dot com they are the latest entertainment news like this and big story that's france's biggest success in the history of the grammy awards french electro duo daft punk one day for the samsung the summer get lucky. last night. dad and its additional robot uniforms the friends group won both best album and best record of the year to tnt has the story these. that usually reveling in the city go into the blog awards including best album really random access memory stick different altitudes at the one sitting grammys. i'm annoyed that also sold thirty three couples some of the same marriage during the ceremony though punk song like the paul williams written tributes from the discount d james. i just got a message from the robots in what they wanted me to say is that. as elegant as classy as
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the granny has ever been is the moment. when we saw those wonderful marriages. also outspoken supporters of gay marriage people know that michael moore and ryan who was picked up four awards including best new artist and best rap album for their wrinkled the hardest meanwhile a seventeen year old new zealand and again at the moment a boyfriend who became the youngest grammy award winning and winning some of the youth the recount in toilets. they'll know the old one was tickled to know me at seventy one year old woman the one that's what's on the cut me some slack the human opponent drummer dave grohl. way to rome the pope like to meet up with the duty of the supply key member of the pixels are due to robots announcing surprise own state re union sir paul mccartney with a little help from his friends ringo starr the performance was a beautiful feeling the pain played together since two thousand and two new trek revealing nothing but
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the whole thing to be the best. he cut them and cares what your thoughts. i kept going. the road i did a lot the media. it's a. ohh what's not. welcome back to recap the second cost of the program. alaska is home to a large russian speaking
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community. the rights of russian speakers of the most or least since independence most of that arrived off to the country was annexed to the soviet union in nineteen fourteen. nas will see an estimated three hundred thousand of them still have so called known citizen status meaning they call votes or holds government jobs. isaac's that will go in progress. this report. his reader's mind during the national flag that teaches keeps his hand down as he pronounces that house his parents came here in the sixties from russia when he was just a baby. coming up the air was still cost of the ussr. it even up to fifty five he is in the country he's not been granted next ninety and without question paid lackeys technique e statements. so this is my pa score. then you can see here either i think attendance plus work. which means i am an alien in my own conscience
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use the reading or sleeping can you say it with my honest and strong mitigating its independence in nineteen nine two on the head of marvel's is exactly the same position. so everyone will see to some fuses star and won a pair of recently to be used for some people of all peoples and to others. when he gained independence in front of citizenship today's living in the country before it was annexed by the save the union and their descendants. as for the immigrants who arrived often nineteen fourteen contest on in specification of anthea. he became non citizens. a special status within the legislation the condition known as almost three hundred thousand people in very few of them apply in a tri sanctioned being gone. aunt susan and you are and who is no present cromwell crush. and that's an important the true cortisone
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keith. most of the team to another obstacle is the mandatory tests and three analysts estimate it holds for slicing the national anthem and completing a multiple choice question that on the country's constitution and its history. where's the game. i'm not an option after second life. jason and latvia after second i think as agreed it was at thanking the gods. oh yes this is where the trouble arises to some russian speak as to what occupation can be problematic as some still believe that is the decent to the ussr was voluntary. others like the teddy cheese to put that notion of history to one side in order to cause the testing new mobile phone call i need to acquire nationality for professional reasons why korea became naturalized citizens of certain privileges. it's easy for them to buy property. and it
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can also welcome the sector mobile with. if you do naturalization means the ruling to vote and to be liked it. in nineteen ninety nine deals with the cost was technically state test. he applied and then tries a cent today he's the man or freak out. he's parties' considered true russian anti spam but ninety five percent of his elections are aplenty in origin. we managed to clean with no success. gimmicks leisurely was a moment political force. because of the support employee of goals so let the lessons and russian speaking with students. a a one third of the population has mentioned as the mother tongue the canadian demand is a staunch defender of penang bridge in two thousand and twelve he pushed for a referendum to the tomb of the russian ship began his second official atm the proposal rejected by and alone in hrc on lesbians
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listen to some local bourse was a lot so it's a brush and nine we should have some sort of state school wasn't about to be new and it's blocking us in this country is not to fall in either chipotle was to address the status is considered was to stop this updated my current portuguese responses from customers were completed. and the act and that is bilingual cause frames with language is our presents. like the school who is in us to the teachings of the russian speaking schools don't realize what kind of response but it's even half that and they have to provide quality teaching in the match in line with our field trips like that runs all these kids back to prevent them into great aunt audrey and saucy and smart opinion that the schools need to be subject to strict rules bolsters you know it's uncalled also a time. he is is not an opinion shared among the mine anti russian speaking community. any key text images anelka is also invited to speak in russian about the issue. there is a
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single official language at ten am which is just a means of communication between the constant reference when it comes to language he sat and soaked me want to enjoy is the same diets and eight the correct answer and enjoyed viewing excited bozeman beaches and a infection in her neck to neck is an insane cause the new republic's the former ussr valid the six hundred thousand russian speakers in the air and both of them unarmed citizens the challenge now is to integrate its community into a society that still locked on fifty years of soviet rule lulu. ry guy as european capital of culture for two thousand fourteen. the city will host more than two hundred events. one of
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the highlights of the program is the opening of these brand new and optionally for me billy has been called the costume of lights due to its unique design will visit the place with the man who strongly supported the project team boss caught monies. he was the first prime minister of latvia after the country declared independence in nineteen ninety one. the postcode money's nice images to see this is since it's very ambitious projects for ego and laughed he said. this is ambitious and very big but that two reasons for it really wanted to show host significant is called to make them true of racine. which is moving drinks own identity but the second is to bring people also can lead to death cool to have a possibility you forms and from the school to get camille what's going on on the east of more than a few you. for example. the ipo
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will become to be able to present a few new hymnal be teaching two thousand sixteen yes in general always this will take place over the stove will take place the last climb to the ferry itself over the top ten inches but even a pretty big high. the biggest in the west end of the four piece of black people the cultural infrastructure. so we going to court to hear about each meal and clean it won't sell see how refuse to celebrate the opening song about cebu she was possibility of fall all like it always has to come does is building to enjoy the process of knowledge. this is a great view of riga eve of the monies on january eighteen. local residents created the human chain hospital books and by hand that sweet deal driver in the city center and these new building because the hiatus in bali. this is somehow connected with the feelings of color method of people but then i remembered be the peak
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human chain but implausible to chat with a suited to this torments and the communities to hold the whole world i was on tv tonight. yes it's that time and did it was the decisive action is not justified due to political parties and movements of no no it's was absolutely the hole. that nation has taken part in the months in nineteen eighty nine when baltic peoples join hands to dim own freedom and all the legacy what the soviets machine of course is the last presidents of the russian speaking community here in lafayette. a number of them remain statements is it because they don't want to integrate or is it the last yet that doesn't want to integrate them. i do believe that two things first. for young people for zoe's school well worn off the defenders there is no question. mostly of them are citizens. for old people say yours truly of that in jericho but i think that different. it was so
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cute. sometimes they have a better looking you think of some connections whose iraq she has any other republics they have some fiesta is also practical basis. you've got it on citizen you have the tops of the possibility to move bolts please his opening season with salt anything you can go to russia. and you go to you. if you're enlightened citizens in its citizen it is also easy to move to go to russia would recover and atkinson so you don't agree with some of the russian speakers say that they are in a way being victimized because of the evils of the soviet union the asa would occur. if you go cool but it is to go business. you will see what the old rules of the company's of the businesses than that lucy is eighteen percent the russians who are the owners of the business so confidence is low. does this pose a threat to the latvian state this kind of numbers
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you get the members not. and we are democratic. was that he isn't might be personally i don't have. the other option was that i should submit it. it is though the state of emotions from the ip addresses from russia the europeans. misty the same as me. if you love somebody of them openly cuckoo collette said bill bailey was the south hall the petition the u seventeen and blue. will will come back here that hewitt was inside because as grumpy which ridiculed the difference. if you have a couple of pretty and all practically the leader of the democracy that will free them so cole sings of political freedoms freedom of movement freedom of speech. if you don't iron the main singers also could open the connection the movies alone exploring a few tips for those viewers who will be visits and we get to ski at the last ten
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capsule boasts the largest collection of art nouveau buildings that will build ball century ago initially influenced by finland germany and austria. local architects developers sia lived in a row let's watch report. jillian scolding of commons with aunt ann holmes forceful face is when you least expect them to be on either styles a striking feature in the streets of riga. at the end of the nineteenth century industrial that the nation. silva says he's medieval times it's just too late to make way for the architects inspired by the german and belgian club weeks. he was to be a match and is a landscape of the team canceled monday in front of us. this is a project of very famous because architect. many fail isn't enough to serve mostly topix to do with the nature as you can see half of roll tubes sphinx is guiding the building yet. this means our flats today. but for the beginning of the twentieth century
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actually in this building was first private maternity hospital. yet some of its architectural heritage crumble. often in independence in nineteen ninety. restoring historical buildings was not told that the agenda. it was any in nineteen ninety seven when the next day recognized its cultural value that we can start expressing up some of its hidden gems the very old building about men that the momentum of the infield that toppled the gate gulfstream lasts. this very young adult times and when you are you getting older scenes from daily ninth tenth century miss the faces on every facades tell me react stories. many of them inspired to find its intentions. these buildings very often these are very sophisticated from the outside of what this style was very much involved in terror. this building was once architect makes sense for methane. now it's a nice
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day and he said. even the smallest details on authentic. taking a period of history when sophistication was only a few nights the quality and design of the planet sent to the consideration for them to me. designed to facilitate the night. this evidence that eating them and send to the bulls side note tuesday at their own. also central heating. as well the women became more active in life and along the line was much easier. with four hundred and seventy five pages of its town center displaying features of the new fashion week is architectural heritage will be showcased to great effect. this is east and as european capital of culture. utah scored once to seize the mantle. let's be
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reminded that there is more to riga been stuck bart's and cbs. absolutely it is more along comes the two years old the building. a nice thoughts was as a gym and see it enough to be getting independence and became a national law. it was in a built in to begin its nineties. also my government made a decision and that i am seventy five. the russian troops inside the politically not so stable. in the kentucky fall i will be open back. okla i was very varied grace the safeguards that to me being the maid's job which was absolutely necessary. and for me personally and globally flamenco are the people who loves classical contradicts its like that . i was told
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that what you want to finish with boutique only you were prime minister at the heart of the crisis in two thousand and eight. what is your feeling is that lights in the tunnel to see in snow with it. nobody near future i do believe said that aren't so begin. and we cabbed to four percent gross of gdp which is no biggest in europe. how the vote. is the percentage of girls who still need to call each other though. the savage you'll both a level which now we have some seed on sixty five percent of this mobile phones and become better road which we have to go but the second sydney cup but kept cool cool cool sink and a long distance from my understanding is that the eurozone and the common currency. his absence to unnecessary necessary cool compared to the max. in the global war because you have because there was a
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common currency is much stronger in a globalized world to compete with the gaza region said companies in the world and its body necessity to have some cool old europeans with vietnam the summit in riyadh fronts we are that he'll be a german u boats cause monies thank you very much for talking to us sick too but mostly it all the best thing people watching this edition of europe now i was in latvia joined me again next month they travel to another european country. i live. ll from there. and. june. it is
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all in. i go. it is. is this the story each day. excludes any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at a party happening here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me
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thanks to a doting and that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks chun series started today elias disney nations the un european headquarters in geneva as a part of the peace conference. ginny with two to searing delegations will hold a joint meeting with the un and the arab league special envoy to syria. lucky me i thought times reports today before the planned bilateral negotiations between the syrian government and opposition had been postponed indefinitely because the opposition refused to meet the talks continued all day


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