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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  January 28, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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it's in your sign on the toxic gonna get it up stories to track and field on tuesday the twentieth of time to be. the mommies and cobwebs from my mom's grave
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in southwest and papas. yes tell court declines to give you what does the demonizing the saints. i guess then to bike hike straight home and condo is to go up. now for all the details. some employees have been recovered from a mom's grave and south preston caucus on people and tell the spot despite comments often insist on say these policies are probably off to listen and picked up by intelligence organizations the questioning. i'm told to the bookies foot aches can read it from a mosque raid into account a small town some fifteen miles a week from the bonnet is kind of ancient capital clicked on that date in an isolated eighty i was discolored by shepherds. it made it back on a tease. on the body's natural doctor that is to close at the clayton decompose can be seen making
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identification impossible. at the discovery of the mosque previous hike in the fields of the funniest of the missing people up but it just on a dull boy by the people of this region. mr devlin which the chair of the lice ultimately sink bus in one of the tv tonight and lights on in a nation. daddy helped construct investigation the independent human rights commission of baucus thine altar call a friend in the g eight and in auction friday. just sign up to size because the wind has been in the grip of a separatist insurgency funky kits. is to focus on garments of psychic rest of the movement for independence day. and it would have been abducted by pakistani security forces have been taken into detention centers intelligent bodies of many of these people are falling down in this pos people need to buildings. the attitudes of the missing people have been running a campaign for years now to highlight the abuses of the pockets i
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need to be. the voice of the huge missing piece that is presently on the longmont across the country and among the discovery of missing persons. you mean to say that to the lesbian gay bisexual and constantinople and cpt community in india the supreme court and used it it feels to review its decision. beacon analyzing the facts. the supreme court refused to exit the review petition filed by giving its activists seeking dusty on its own in order that stun gun until a court ordered me to minimizing get six activists and on going maintenance advocating the units said david continued to fight the reward may i did go to the old edition p it was quote a good year. the ibm in the immediate community. it was a push to him the lawyer who is concerned that a man come to be a mighty economy because that was called for the opening act for our autonomy of the new home. for
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a bit of a putative tradition different than the king. lgbt community synchronization of the six most july edition of the fundamental rights are being bid think that they would do the correct this mistake that they have a vast and the president of the stand the thought that they would die in the stands you know the sentiment of people thus began a few of the show gets to sit back but the ending is not lost on the big ten's this in the snow. put the game vehicle for defeated the tradition. today the high court and into cars and ninety two ninety six. quite getting enough korea the country's top court had asked michael wood with the high court would sing to save his daughter the future the judges said it is up to the government to change them the dvd community across the country has been protesting it was tuesday at the school garden. rights activists have been itching to go in and to bring in an exclusive peek and rising to six fall of france the sleazy
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by the time they don't want to stay spent time the chairman of the shunt in india's commercial capital mumbai. i mean isn't that silly a visit to the country is on tofu booklet that i see content editing. this is a post of the content insistence that the french president reckless lending driving the saints to the canteen alone with him in attending classes. janice said the trip to mumbai was done to six months back and have nothing to do the defenseman night. on some other developments now in arsonist need as i once again to mind is focused on that he must desist from its impeding its plans to annex parts of india focused on physical ladies and some to get in but this time concerned that the sun is trying to change the pointed to the structure of the good but just on white guarding the linux parts of the cia dia into the northwest and kind of welcome from provence
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the more high steward light switch and do it. then we can do that. look at it. thomas today. that's a whole. sunday we had to send the study just in and broke into tears it is. doomsday. he was cleared and his crew selected decided to do the country. it was a part of the cost but it's the speed of gem when pushed me. the sun has a mediocre buy it for a was six tickets now. the i the only one gospel and be cuddled him on indigent had been betrayed up on fundamental human rights nobody does th does that
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sound good the center position the idea that we do this new unit to meet this guy. we made it to see the senate that sounded good for me the truth that he will deal with it. that is he going to do to get done this must lead. i will be. see that the sudden upswing in sick eating that is also gone off to study continued its agencies to extend it to an end of the more creation. you could ask him about a guy will be discussed in this dispute the epa. it is this the jewelry. it seemed like a guy to just sit and sew who is dead. this is. except it
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the condos in and just add to that yet. the us central bank raised interest rates as the pontiff in cip i hiked to the lending rates but spent the five basic points to eight percent. the bank said it is amazing to tame inflation. this is the tide heights in september mouse tail off to the phenomenon since the old west that have enough faith weeks back bronson said the slowdown caused by inflation is a model of consent. in the economy is getting increasingly worrisome. our current assessment is the group is likely to lose momentum and the trio to cut the cooking fourteen industrial activity in context anymore. many women come to manufacturing. not yet also said that if it is inflation eases i was addicted to it does not foresee flooding at someone in the policy tightening. i'm moving on into montana events of nine who noted that too without any del southern heights a bach at midday it done that in addition counter the false entry to the police
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he claimed it was the stunts to grab attention and highlights the next security lapse as we said that he was identified as getting us to an end because the bill it has been a common by the police come to the appellant's home. i mix it well hidden who had been put off the ice is one that i'm going to let that come in and join those close to and from two of the shell into a cop on site state. security matters but come on down to dublin he was sick at kent state on katie met august on national security advisor said nice as these in washington. the meeting comes at the time ten minutes and stop stepped up attacks across pockets. did i know which is zoomed off to the gospel to you is focused on security and economic cooperation between the two countries by there on national issues that you can see the ocean never gonna study focused on reducing its own internet security challenges dominated the discussions was depicted on kenny said the us wants
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traumatized that the most fun stuff. we also have a common cause of common obligation to be partners. for one another's. prosperity in the fight against those who want to limit opportunity and take pakistan backwards. that is also why it remains essential for the united states and pakistan to continue to find avenues of cooperation on counterterrorism. on nuclear security. love said the disease said the meeting that opened new avenues in the by election commissions i'm confident that today's meetings and my other than protection. this is it the open new avenues of cooperation between our two countries. stocks also come days after the listing to thirty two million dollars assistance to the duties of the graffiti artist on a physician who had the c i a tag on a guy that she was some of the defeat on the pakistan captain scott august i had predicted
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the demise of mist on the coast in the stuffing was convicted by private court for thirty three years. here is to move millions of indians even now. note that this event has to come and it's a song this time fifty one on monday. instead he signed any given time to heal her. all i can. open country they don't demand being a function organized to mark the fifty first and win streak on the pitch not that song in life. the song i do mean it into group bought the one i faithfully it would seem the same. if it comes to come. thus many. nothing
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interesting. he added that the county. what's the big time adults and i can. i'd give you back to him. he got mad at him and he don't go your routine. dishonesty plotted as a good patient and taking insulin since we last two nights in the nineteen sixty to walk with me being china. jackson finished and main opposition bjp stymied its good and a good name would be authenticated monday thursday. the song evil not as an appliance that is given as a remedy to say about it the guest one of my down buddy. does that. suitable dvd and that's the name sadly that in that. let's give me a job on monday and tuesday as saying she didn't get it finished yet and even
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did captain hugh giddy when gently place them in nineteen sixteen to eat. monday's technique on. man can do. and you can call me honey. i didn't eat. the fact. from the admiralty and all. my money saved on the beaches i can hear the song. slice the agenda was nice to decline by monday aged guy due to lack a free license see how an angel who likes to read updates. this is the preview it quits. and missing thinking nations races need to be the song. in light of the song in perpetuity to the war reduced by the eye. the ring toss and
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sunday she had this evening the pink and cute tops horns once again. eighteen forties in a college from a mosque rated south lesson this time in the us telcos declines to reveal on saturday criminalizing the states. i did and yes the pentagon might say it's the main conduits to go up. thoughts on tonight's edition bases in front of one of them the aye aye. if sc morning mike. just
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one touch. be having many secret makes more sense that two th. yes he is in charge of the section. it is not down. the money. each year for since your perception of the free standing monitoring computer counting and after the kiddos. its a mini the board. he was a mutual trust it's true that the del week if that abilities to work jobs are with us. each of the ski jump. my cousin a step is to just plow. just hiding spots. the joke even if it's just attempt the one
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thousand sneak onto his tummy on top. at least that the project will continue and that he could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. i've had a headache due to the destruction of contamination. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in the ammunition section. a book is responsible for the party. when action is carried out. or they don't the bow my knees as they don't live in the mean this to throw over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only sold so well with kidney disease process we also split the impact on our environment none of it
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dangerous situation. it was stressed but then very careful and take all steps oh god what should the county. the above another to give its economic situation the anniston star student. she makes drop dough onto she's just let this one it's possible to employ a new dangers to aids victims states to the nature of the projects. six based order to what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons can be destroyed number seventy six thousand tonnes of the nation including the many an anti personnel landmines. i'm saying. many people smiling
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as he instantly. soo it yet please lord. he's going to be part of my life that you are to play children and i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. when you see are exploding ammunition return store. i want peace and to be caught in the future. haha was a chain of us will ever get to the shop. teaching again this program is very important to our seats were children and for our grandchildren because it's very hard to live without it ninety three. don't approach it did me in. aims to strengthen the local response to hiv and includes access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. at a news conference tomorrow. will they each day
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the adb vice president stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in coolidge has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is reinforced by this. in the project will support the scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services for the affected populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems to check in hiv across borders. the markets back to the high burden of being in asia. and an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people with hiv roughly a third element two major economic corridor was thinking the merritt island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious health risk
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across much of the eastern pacific. in two thousand and eleven five million people in the region were living with hiv and aids. me and the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation from the fighting hiv aids in asia and the pacific. pundits by the government of sweden the brainstorming ideas to students of ryan's preschool to community college device the project that became known as the roos were a money saving tax cuts in coaching of the students to save them money for variety of methods but they said it is less about to reveal the date the concessions it was one of the science lesson was on school nights eleven fifty a statement. they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from the teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean
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the only things i constantly keep having to maybe if i'm the least expected reading this and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves. the drop in sessions to a successful behind the apartment thursday sessions a day to go out and bought it. i would give my finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of opened their eyes to many ways to save them money simple ideas which have helped them to think about the future. it helps to visit with old age of the guys will like. we need to wait for like a pretty sad that i can to conceive of it just helps if you don't like that. asked about the delivery of the show today at the cinema the roos bring money saving expensive achieve great things at the college and are already thinking about how they will continue its effort to help us because next day but i did businesses in the book so that appropriate
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and one. and does the system and eighty. i think he can go a long wait. this is just the soft today to watch this space. the past ten years and in need of some considerable economic growth. pockets of vulnerability and deprivation with me. the country's new suit and got two more properties. ntt for short. as the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty rates in the country. the province also has to or sanitation coverage resulting in higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea. the teen killers of children under age five disproportionately affecting children in the port's most disadvantaged areas increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygiene is essential community based approach to sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and environmental improvements can save lives. teaching the session starts at the dentist. and when he's done health investors take
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directions home. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after i painted my dog. just letting the importance of hygiene every time a bit with my dog i'd never forget to wash my hands. against many odds that local government and communities in tt has come together to tackle the underlying causes of port child health in the province maintaining this multi layered approach but the key to preventing disease in saving many children sign knew. it takes the industry is one of the need to say is nothing in the quantity which is going at the top fifty the comment thingy she insisted of the pics that folks can provide financial aid and yet has the potential
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to impede its textile and fashion it into what did find it but it's never the fault when frank essential if the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the acting chief thinking. i felt that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking. once you've used a faultless and top notch two dollars domestic product and then find sixty percent of country's export on. it alleged that the employment of what cut the five million people in the mosque after the a side effect. the world also on the wet and i made the network's dot org panasonic steamy could vacuum insulation panels for
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forty overs a snowman covered eight thousand km from japan to train to visit a boy who'd never seen snow without using any compression refrigeration the project the ride from the sparks a program from panasonic local community website. eco ideas that it focuses on starting find innovative experiments within hours daily. by using panasonic eco friendly technology. the sparks team received a message from a younger baby girl named on understand the snow never falls in the day so i would like to show my little brother his very first snow the sparks team fulfilled her wish and delivered the snowman about it. i like it. get your act. for mr shifts for religious traditions same as the four quarters of jerusalem's old city. together they are t stiff peaks started in two thousand and nine. co founder
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circuit sheep who he describes their launch of coexistence cooking competition. this is from the sky and connections from the outside seems to know which wasn't few verses that it was one of each here charlie why do you do this evening together from there it is cooking risotto balls mixing flavors and ingredients and chemistry but it does seem that means i don't know it all up today's european union through out the body simple idea proposed by the french foreign minister robert schumann more than sixty years ago. integrate in french and german heavy industry to make an all out war between those two countries. impulse. foss forward to today and the vision set out in the schumann decoration has
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become the eu single market the foundation of the european economy to the creation of the single market was good news not end in itself but because of what it represents a commitment to the kind of balance inclusive economy at the heart of the political families effects. spencer won all eight million people is also won the welsh office. what about perhaps more than any of that is charged with breaking this once great city it was former structure it is no exception. but off it next week. and all seeking is the war of eighteen hundred meters above sea level call but it's one of the world's most of the pics come to cities. while the mountains matrix was it is the altitude in repeats of a vacant block of vegetation to march. addressing
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the needs of greenery in the ashes tackle today's edition of the peanut free the future. also there is a repeat of that effectively the old trees. much of kabul river it's dusty and it is i can take months or even years before the meds vision becomes a reality that you don't call will be. seems to be seen to be. i spent the whole state. and i want to see that koppel the city of knowledge. turning seeds and flowers and fruits schools around the country are heading gardens to their backyards. giving students the opportunity to learn first hand where our food comes from the tables in the world. also on the way and needs the networks the door. looting. each
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includes the word dude he is actually more showers. some of them. or are very defensive. we were just want to do so they were taking someone's force. this is. he said. firstly among some of them are are. this technique some of them combined. that made it. its components. i see it with. ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. and the change in scope that i'd cheat. that's the philosophy the art. i teach more beans ag. it's our thai boxing we
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have. gee do you know we have it on ox. so it's basically a martial art based on. a full house this dichotomy this nature. overall the ruler who will the eye. they are. that is the contents are watching live from paris in just a moment of fourth and kept debate event in tonight's to ukraine and at peak prices as their first though the headlines this evening ukrainian government resigns as the country's parliament its repeal the anti protest those that wish to sell me two major concessions on fox called the country's president to yanukovich as he seeks to defuse the crisis that has deepened and spread and is now putting


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