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round of next year. of course paul krugman. yours are with all seven games. what a witch. to all. since. i ate it in sec one and all. after wrapping up his toys to africa and latin america trust among joel drive in los angeles only tries to stop all good bye to taiwan he was greeted at the airport by taiwan's representative to washington cp told an american is chewing taiwan term and i
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remembered but conte says and it was rumored that scene will be assigned as the supervisor over it all means us election campaign in the year and specialist policy lacks is the interaction between mocking team became the center of media's attention. the minute televised in los angeles and it had to stop and the fact that i won from home do as he was greeted at the airport but i was her descent into washington team can tell an american institute i went and then made money for heights president lying joanne team was whispered to each other is doing a ten minute short to medium flame. it was romantic scene may be appointed to a new position including as the director general of national security the oral advice can hear with the plumbing done spiced ham and to supervise the party's election campaigns during the year and specimen is the time the elections. it was speculated that time and station may make official announcement soon after
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the lunar new year the interaction between nineteen therefore it became the center of media attention after stepping off the plane i went directly to the hotel where he had a dinner would be in the four hundred overseas compatriots on three hits through the new year greetings. as a mom wished it were and prosperity and happiness in the arrest of toys. by january twenty eight local time. as in the mile with this in several places in los angeles including the chinese consolidated benevolent association and the ancestral home in my family. the legislature has extended toll free hours on the freeways during the chinese new year holiday from seven to ten dollars per day. however the national freely year old believes this may worsen southbound traffic congestion particularly on the evening of the twenty ninth in the morning of the thirty us the legislature has extended the number of toll free hours on national freeway to the tiny steel hard hit by
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three hours from nine pm until seven am the next morning. however the national free with the us has displayed at two reports and southbound traffic congestion stricter brampton total therefore be needed to maintain traffic flow between nine pm and eleven pm on the twenty nine to six pm and seven am on the thirty s and the morning of the first northbound traffic congestion well as expected after nine pm on the second and third. while motorists that don't have the tags and keep it off like convenience stores will in theory be assessed an additional five and tea dye process can see the legislature passed a resolution that far eastern electronic toll collection company will have to absorb all passes and peace during the holiday period. therefore those that pay their tolls at convenience stores or at ptc outlets became january caribbean and febuary forth while not actually have to pay the additional processing be. the tight electronic toll collection system will face his biggest challenge so far
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during the upcoming lunar new year holiday when millions of vehicles who will take to the free weights. in an effort to prevent terrorists from acquiring the ministry of transportation to come the cases has appointed a task force to monitor the system starting on new years each time the vehicle passes through the e taking away the system registers defense there and also take a photo of the license plate about ten percent of the vehicles that will be traveling on the nation's freeways during the upcoming lunar new year holiday to not eat eggs beating the system can only identify cars i'd taken photos. as millions of vehicles would take to the feelings during this time he take electronic toll collection system of the first big test the ministry of transportation and communications has appointed a task force to part with overseeing the system during this time. the members to monitor the system to ensure that his act really identifying get close. that data transmission speed cannot fall down during
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traffic congestion and the coulter be deducted correctly. nineteen the case in person first three steps first the puddle and vehicle is taking. next the photos from three three software applications to identify the car. find me a cuban insurance identification is accurate. far eastern toe collection company has said it has increased the number of employees tried to bite into my life and place in case the problems by thirty percent. on the last deal to legislature's extraordinary session lawmakers to reach a consensus on cross party negotiation and follow it caused an amendment to the act governing food sanitation. the ministry of health and welfare said that the ministry will race punishment for food safety violators to safeguard the quality of food in taiwan following a five hour cruise party negotiation million opposition parties finally reached a consensus on the proposed amendment to the act governing food
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sanitation including gifted at it as a mentor a veggie station and labeling of genetically modified ingredients. and lately of manufacture is a regionally and climbing down propose to postpone the review of the amendments added to concerns that a proposed amendment to create trade barriers between taiwan and foreign companies in the end the kmt caucus agreed that the amendment. b while the democratic progressive party caucus that the day when not fully satisfied with the negotiated federation said the act was acceptable to them says six edition of resolutions proposed by the dpp were included in the amendment. the highlights of the amendment to the act included a stiffer punishment for food safety violators their party random inspections protection of informants and the establishment of the food safety trust fund the ministry of health and welfare said human race punishment for food safety violators to safeguard the quality of food in taiwan
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the ministry of economic affairs also broke on the amendment of the act saying that it was a great step forward for taiwan to meet international food safety standards in the wake of a series of food safety scandals. customers are turning to food made with natural ingredients. but the one sheltered workshop or to support handmade the cost of putting and pastries made by disable walkers out the bunting in the workshop is in the process of moving to a lot to space due to the do not. milk is being heated as he competes a ball of aids. sugar is added to the milk and egg mixture and pour it into cups. his type the cbd from the sleepers satisfied celtic workshop provides disabled individuals with dots and tells them the consent of the chief men wearing masks can hear next the workers prepare and pack the products themselves and take pride in their work. two breads and pastries the workshop also pieces can
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meet again. the workers receive wages and benefits in accordance with labor laws and the workshop frequently and it goes to its safety and hygiene inspections by the department of health over the past year. taiwan has suffered through a series of three safety scandals. as the workshop uses all natural ingredients self revenues have risen steadily since the bike shop opened two years ago. due to increasing demand for tapas in the process of moving train like your states. once that has relocated. you'll be able to hire more workers prosecutors have discovered that detainees seen international group the phone manufacturer am told kate to be in the last years of cold drink of cooking oil scandal has failed to pay to one to four p eight million dollars worth of taxes over the last seven years ago when the tsunamis added to the penalty of one of sixteen million dollars for failure to pay taxes the total amount owed to the government exceeds four hundred million
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and two dollars the company has set meal out in accordance with all warranties and move on. last year for the manufacture decent national group was found to be selling until three day cooking oils prosecutors discovered during the course and their investigation that when consumers purchasing will it take the olive oil from god sometimes he puts the fact the company. it can reveal that down to producers to produce counterfeit certificates. this led to the company declaring left on his tax returns the nation have. dc with cars had failed to pay two hundred and forty million nt dollars worth of taxes over the last seven years. the company has also been issued a penalty of one hundred and sixty million mt dollars for its failure to pay its taxes so the total now put to the gun from a piece four hundred million empty calories the team has said it is going to pay for taxis and a fine to resolve the issue as quickly as possible he now is the dreamer to prosecutors for calling company chairperson wayne told her to the lunar new year to further
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question him on his role in the scandal. the lunar new year is just around the corner and people in them they touch a book union county have started making lanterns for the upcoming lantern festival. several large porcelain tears were made to celebrate the year of the forks. with just a few days before the arrest of course the gains. people either in k town chanting the name county are busy preparing to land him a break to celebrate the upcoming lantern festival. however this for immediate on forest land area so cute. they cannot be placed on the car i think only be prayers for workers in that great the kids pegasus made by the co students were also joined the land to graze the school is that once symbolized the students' performance will be even next year in addition to the tiny city at the end lanterns the lantern parade will feature several spring has made its claws because when they counted the same as when
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he recounts the intel core and a counter attack at a local rancher great and festival has been held annually for the past fourteen years and is getting bigger and bigger every year this year with the participation of john hopoate courtroom to see him the festival is expected to be a fun filled one during chinese new year people had to wealth called what our thoughts and goals to get lucky money in the hopes of attracting more aware something to read chinese new year this year the management come eat eat up the dosage on the temple will be hosting a seven nation bloc's our money in red emblem giveaway on the first day of the new year those that can aid in finance are funded to the nation bloc will win a bramble open content one hundred dollars in iraqi money the picking up the divination clocks eighteen thirty priests that the adf tony temple in the hopes of winning some tp for money. if she is able to get it by the end
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the destination blocks that evil people think the red envelope containing one hundred and two guys cannot compete for money the management committee and tony temple priestly announced it will distribute three hundred bed and looked on the first tee of the new lunar year. apart from our tp for money. temple officials to be handing out one thousand miracle cards and then turn key rings the artist song to meeting his new comic that we're all sort of angst at the temple during the holiday sales of laundry to get some sort over the last seven days. as many would like to start the new year with a new well in the pasta there were no watch the seals on its own. i was online island's sole residence in their own accounts can be friends and family on the main islands for assistance. reasons are the first masri still solid opened in ideals. what can i residents had tied the score can i live no longer have to seek assistance from family and friends on the main island when the one to play the lottery. this is because
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island's first lottery sales outlet opened in january twenty eight. like immediately formed outside the shop as president ought to try their luck. one became a human hair when you scratch off lottery ticket could be free to attend. the woman in charge of itself out with the symbol called visually impaired president. she said that opening not only keep her in employment opportunity but awful at work i limited it to try their luck before the lunar new year. according to taiwan lottery regulations a lottery sales outlet on an outlying islands for quite a monthly turnover of at least one two thousand nt tolerance however as the population of orchid island is only three thousand. that and i may be difficult to attain the proprietor of the state's leading tories can help to make a difference
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the moment. success. it was nice to see. paul. say. it's sad. i might decide i want mel and ten. the last city council meeting new tub is sitting near to bum basted that the two troubling anti dollar to my project launched by the then ruling democratic progressive party ten years ago. to criticize the program foot ignoring the development of traditional industry and service industry while merely focusing on high tech industries to also criticized this year's lunar new year holiday period is too short
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showing that the government failed to adopt social changes due to bureaucracy set the reach of the key on the last city council meeting have a say in their effort to look serious relaxed attitude trillion and ski down a gemini project launched ten years ago. by the then ruling democratic progressive party. to look back at the past year and criticize the central government for misuse of resources by focusing too much on high tech industries while ignoring the needs of traditional and services industries. instead the flawed project we started to a sharp decline in employment opportunities and that the high south korea and china in economic competition to say that even the upcoming lunar new year holidays. sure the facts of taiwan's on supply government plane adds that even chinese authorities knew they should give people some time off because holiday is a necessary factor in stimulating the economy
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the second team players cannot pay workers more i become a mention at least offer some kind of compensation by giving them a few more days off. in response to choose criticism directed me to row of personnel administration said that based on the current regulation on holidays i had no authority increasing to new year holidays the national department tells us that even though the two trillion anti dalit gemini project was launched in the attack it go. many pointed to comment i'd take sector. the central government had provided innovation projects to assist tradition or industries the government did not favor any particular industry the ministry of economic affairs also responded that the government has made several adjustments on relevant policies. great efforts have been made to transform taiwan's traditional industries the democratic progressive party's headquarters is crusted with the party's coastal city french poet and two dollars obligation to
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rejoin the party. thus the son of former president as a b and tentatively to roll from the tdp to run for gotham city councilor three years ago as an independent candidates with you later tried to rejoin the party his application was rejected become the center of the coastal city parental walsh and hang out a press conference on the twenty eighth and last of the policy for disrespecting its local chapters. in response the party spokesperson said all decisions were made in accordance with the paci character. it's hard to buy a loss and tender was not a special case. shani and twisty two weeks absence the commissioner of the eyes of police cars and city grants to run for city councilor blast at the ppp over its rejection of changing tones application to rejoin the party. for too long. article nine of the ppp scheme at two fourteen sq its
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local chapters economy. one further made the claim that ten brands for gosford city councilor three years ago the invocation of the branch and therefor did not withdraw from the party and has the right to rejoin the party the dpp expose members that was not from the party too bad in an election and expel members can apply to be toeing the party after a period of five years the party however maintains that engage in fact withdraw from the party along with ten others to run in elections in twenty ten ten is subject to credit regulations like everyone else and can apply to the two nd of ppp in june twenty fifteen like everyone else. in response canceled his plans to run for elected leader in twenty sixteen will not change. according to the centers for disease control one hundred twenty five thousand residents assault emergency or outpatient services last week fordham fool is the case as an increase of sixty percent compared to the same period one year ago. meanwhile the number of complicated
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influence of cases has sky rocketed more than five slowed. thus the cbc has courted needed to forty four hospitals to offer special influence all patients services during the upcoming lunar new year holiday according to centers for disease control statistics one hundred and twenty five thousand residents on emergency or outpatient service this blog and two nd to last week an increase of sixty percent compared to the theme period one year ago meanwhile the number of complicated and too once the case has skyrocketed more than five fold to reach one hundred and fourteen including a three and two in each one and one cases caused by the influenza a virus and others caused by the influenza b virus the simultaneous appearance of the three types of influenza cases the result of an epidemic. the elderly device to take special care has been the ones that could be two millenia. which is the sixty percent mortality rate among the elderly those aged five and under and seventy five the number to receive free flu and new
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money and vaccinations the cdc estimates that the number of patients seeking medical care will peak at nine thousand five hundred and two brief first is cordelia with forty four hospitals to offer special into and out patient services during the holiday period every year for the past eighteen years a steamed bun sandwich shop owner serving now in ibiza while my area was all for lunar new year's feast for the homeless and the only employee. this year and think what is expected to last for four days from january twenty nine. if every first with the under thirty tables of food being served every morning and off snow but the sponsor of many generous enterprises. it's expected that there will be more than a thousand tables making this the largest piece of such high and mail has ever hosted. this is already the nineteenth new year and cry. that's how i seem to find sam makes me carry my
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pace going. and when and for those for whom this can be of great human in the years since nineteen eighty seven this year the bankable beginning of january twenty nine. the night before the lunar new year soon. but hundred and thirty tables of food being served twice a day it's expected and i will post more than a thousand tables this year. they convinced him i just knew your feast he has ever heard states. no way to accommodate the high intensity on plates he then tore the heart of the business side parking lots over a period of forty days. in addition to the theory that include plants include bean compare the two thousand the kamloops contain two hundred and two guys champion shelley taylor and richard thompson printed prices will also be given out healy hundred people with suspected ties to new year holidays to break their hands on experience. cook over a period of four days from january twenty nine
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the average price high contrast beast will be offered in the morning and afternoon. no welcomed home as the a nice place to enjoy fine meals during new year holidays. free agent baseball there till says he has assigned to keep other elephants. his five year contract this one. thirty two point four million dollars making him the fourth highest paid player in the chinese professional baseball league even though he get every team previously pledged his future to the front of our friends left outfielder joe says he was still excited during the formal signing of the new contract. joe is the nine year veteran of the chinese professional baseball league and it can't be afraid. his new contract is worth thirty two point four million and two dollars over five years. his monthly salary will be four hundred and fifty thousand mt dollars during the first year of the contract and overall monthly average for the five pension and fifty thousand nt dollars. in this way chill has become the fourth highest
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paid player in the key pbl alongside twenty oh nine ten homeland. only post once it came to me and the beach and receive higher salaries the brother elephants are currently in contract negotiations with three other players. picture the new team second run traffic several hop and third round tie with a clean way to team president and some homes had everything country negotiations are still on it because the player's agent requested too much money and a soulful pockets to three years together. nevertheless he said he would work hard to find these players. i was
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the hoops. now on dvd. south well my now let's find out what's on the tube and talented. after. i want an open hand pushing up rates in europe the ports peace to the kids walk. i am they are
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it was. i was. it does
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little. it is. little. it is
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ch the accc the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. i think. some sort of. i don't don't. maybe the students. i've been told the bottle. both of them. he
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has done in time we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the equity in the end of two stomach was going on yes that's the main figures in the fall. so be it tomorrow. after bowling ball it's just disgusting go to the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series bt this morsel of the cia identity can be. statistics. you know
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you know the too much the us now on dvd. low blow eleventh hour rescue of wealthy investors and high heeled brought threatened to drive more money into the nation's six million dollars. no baking industry undermining regulators effort to deter the risk taking. the industrial and commercial bank of


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