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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 30, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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them. i have the responsibility for terrorism and extremism is tough and from now on these crimes will be there for two series or high crime wto imprisonment up to twelve years and more than twelve years respectively. such rules appeared in the new criminal code which was approved by the members of the chill is in the first reading the deputy general prosecutor of context and present a bill to ban peace it will. lots of . so stall
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keepers. you know the chronicle provides twenty seven other crime components and we increased prison terms for seven of them with introduce longer prison terms for steering epic strife will be possible only in the case that no one was killed as a result of the attack and secondly if the offender repents and moves away from radical religious police media but it seems that all the new version of the bill includes nine additional criminal offenses for committing crimes of small and modern gravy these that are not related to the death of a person can now be only find the document provides a greater responsibility for disseminating information of offensive or defamatory nature to computer systems responsibility of persons driving under the influence of alcohol also tightened rules for reconciliation of the parties had been removed from the draft now have enjoyed driver hits a person with a scar he will be punished and lose his driver's licence for a longer period. the national chamber of october knew was presented a draft national export strategy to increase the rate of context and exports by one and a half times the us by two thousand twenty is planned to increase exports
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of cars and goods by fifty million dollars. this requires increased commodity diversification of export this means the share of non resource exports should be increased by the example of developing european countries according to the developers of the project isn't going to explain doctor knew was what criteria the export of goods should meet its limits is that they get the wood used to keep a food was the communes of the national export strategy will be one of the major important documents that should help our domestic business the task is not dislike october newest but the show them how they should prepare the goods for export. he knew what to do. over the world through the desert bloom with you today context and is ranked forty second among lower export is the bomb of exports in two thousand toll exceeded eighty six billion dollars the country is a world leader in the export of uranium flower and zinc today the strategy was discussed by entrepreneur skin representatives of the government and national companies that are dismayed to find the main objectives of the strategy which is expected to be adopted this may. the gm global
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international project was present in the moscow international business school representatives of the expert community and politicians academics and business men not only supported the global initiative of the sultan to survive but also expressed their intention to dissipate in the international dialogue platform as the president of the racial economic local scientists association without guidance aka emphasized to global means to recover growth rates and develop a coherent plan to combat the crisis for all un member states in this regard is expected to approve the world in a crisis plan at the second one antichrist conference is scheduled for may two thousand fourteen anasta is a muslim by one nobody present as a bicycle is about to global. i fully agree with the president that the global crisis is not over yet he has just begun so everyone should participate in work together to ensure that we find a solution to this crisis is economic reform has already reached another level of the moment scientists in economics from different countries all come to austin to produce a big
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inning. i used to think he means i can use when such international projects were launched. i think it is necessary to fully support them if it is possible. no wonder they see the world has boundless opportunities so i think we need to use his name is moses the best was saved badgers of the president of the extent to the nation was discussed in german ambassador of context and to generate a lot on the job of presenting to stockton into the leading representatives of the german expat community chairman experts estimate the chances of context and to add to the top thirty most developed countries as high if it maintains the current rate of annual economic growth increase in gdp per capita for three in investment in education. this causes them to buy. stan has good basic conditions for the implementation of strategy two thousand fifty such as minerals political stability in the high level there see which should be developed and improved. that done i was surprised by the fact that much attention is paid in a country to the development of small and medium businesses which to be the main engine of the economy in the example of germany confirms this but i
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was particularly impressed with this piece is about the need to develop renewable energy sources and hosting the international exhibition two thousand seventeen will give a strong appeal is to it extensively has all the chances to add to the top thirty countries of the world or intents of the bow of tourism infrastructure is expected in kazakhstan in the future taken into account the wonderful natural attractions such as the mountains of bhakti or the caspian sea in the west of gaza to address the president was also discussed in moscow during the discussion the russian experts and politicians said that russia's to take as a base is the example of the long term strategic planning in context. as it would be run in with the typical week to give him a couple of depression is no such document which we unite over strategic positions strategies or global certain ministries but we don't have such a long term strategies as your strategic goals fifty the strategic management is viewed as a key document to get to attend a peace that the show with kenya. a waste i recycle and clear opening his own god. this production capacity allows processing
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two point five tons of cars for years to find a particle will be used in manufacturing brother from a park called the cars and german joint venture is environmentally friendly. it is the key with the police unable to do it you will pull the prospects of additional support to europe the main market is southern context of the city's ocean can't do without the hospital monday besides we went for austin because of the expo two thousand seventeen dedicated to green technologies and energy saving technologies will be held in a speech to the chemical was the only common factor in watch a separate production line of crumb rubber and sub so irrigation tubes. whoever is the innovation product which strengthens asphalt pavement and minimize the cost of irrigation water. the factors capacity allows to produce up to four millimeters apart for years. the bed the most important thing is that the plan hopes to solve the problem with recycling tires there a lot of times in the country. now they will be recycled according to these innovation and technology as well as the plan is unique
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because it helped protect the environment before thousands of tons of old tires were dumped in landfills are in the ground or simply burned cars in europe it will damage to the firemen another recycled product will be use for its intended purpose. more than ten cars including a passenger bus collided on all my tb skip i would snow and ice caused a major car accident. labonte region in addition the collision of several cause occurred fifty meters away from the first accident scene in total about fifteen cars were damaged the accident caused the great traffic jam the traffic on the section of the road has been restored the oath of office the up to the pit of if elected she will blow that thing got there were no victims in these two accidents hundred and thirty crashes occurred in the beginning of two thousand fourteen in oman sea region that killed more than thirty people and injured one hundred needy people. this is typical. did she live if i destroy the holding of the regional library for the blind and visually impaired come undone that the firefighters tried to put up the fire from over four hours forty people and ten vehicles were involved in
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operation. it took years to collect the laboratory for the visually impaired. it included the so called talking e books books with braille special informational centers totalling two thousand units the building recently underwent a major overhaul. experts are fighting out the cause of the fire. texas which a mold that has which are known to yell at me as if we lost a lot of waste material the blind also use computers with boys programs the fire destroyed a mature is for the blind is the pity of course when you restore hope can you stomach illness the mountain bikes. sportsmen are leaving to sochi for sportsman of the national team represent probable region to a game that is still ski will perform in the youngest and most extreme i live a disciplined ski acrobatics is kind of priest i was presented twenty years ago during the olympics in french overthrow. according to latest pre olympic starts to give its top ski enter the world rankings of the best sportsman he trains the show complex elements of the sport in sochi on the small number of people can deal with the guts. known
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as a union that has and is useful knew i wanted to show you the first model but i don't even remember key as many medals he won first place in many competitions or when will it get a new thing which you know there was no getting around you but this has been spent the whole country will be watching us the whole team would try to win medals. we ask you to support us who try to do our best. that way but did that in a class again. stunning stuff. today will perform on february seventeen in sochi he'll compete with athletes from china usa russia and melrose. a science fiction action film of the right to buy unocal not about hunting the ngos has been released because it's them. this is a joint project of the concert fil energy production. the cream to me a screening of the film was held in el monte. the film's director and producer as well as the leading actors came to present the film to its first viewers. the action takes place in the near future the characters have to stand against ingenious invention ghost which affects the mind of people changing
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the mentality shooting took place in austin on a monday in los angeles international film stars among some day cruise down the bloke in question act in the key that is the art of encaustic actor's son john mundy of us just about the walk and camille him nicholas starred in the film the new law isn't it good. i was very lucky with the crew we had a great concert american team there such a wonderful actors i'm really proud of being able to work with such factors. i would say the actors are in no way inferior to all the way doctors will not fall and winter. this film shows a lot of action packed scenes and starts over most of the actors perform stunts themselves as kyrgyzstan to undergo six months training in park or in martial arts the moma. because our core team contests before the court. i practice it even in my downtime was very cool i liked him and believable to
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me and is continuing into the woods. the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. and toys nowadays prefer to hire local specialist rather than facts. recruiters consider the string to be a positive thing for the local workforce moreover they also predict that the total number of foreign ministers to slowly decrease courses near future as it's dying and yet so important that the scottish christian. it's a really cause a stink itself tightly special assistant ministers professionals second show in high level of competency in the profession. in addition they are the kind of people who understand and know the local people in the business custom henceforth it is more of an easier transition for them to occupy a leading position in to the compass my condition as upset as it stands previously recruiters have been repeated be discussing about the issue of weeks in
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quality and coverage. given those seeking comment read across the board that at that tender to have the higher incomes than the local expert of savoy educational and experience level. episodes from my post of principal and the soap was quite warm. this is good news for company has there been programs initiated by the presence in the government which has been bringing in a person's positive results and these days progress. tailor made to transfer practical and technical know how important was to extend the working force us to keep getting a visit to regional comedy has recently been experiencing a brand new revival in because of this two days many companies are opening offices in princes in the countryside in this regard the tour companies are forecasting a baby rabbit upswing in the growth of internal migration. i started and i was testing process of office and i mean. at present region are facing the lack of professional managers one in this regard because the labor market is witnessing more and more migration. in short
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scenes that experts from major cities of the country are moving to other cities causing them to build a guy like that. it's a nice thing is i want the school in the end of the shadows into vietnam and india but that doesn't stop moving from one part of your country to another has always been a common hours. because of the search for a better life with just a good job the broad trend of families moving from oman to two awesome forward will continue to rise this year. god set the tone and the chalice did and for that he was not seen as an spd his gums bleeding from his home on the west and the migration of people associate with the relocation so many companies from home much to austin i say this to continue to grow. earlier in the beginning of the city the harley could agree to move to austin on the now more people consider to be a good city for the future has in the oven because they get along. the total growth of the city's economy has accounted for seven percent in hospital over the past years. experts believe the cost of a has enough capabilities for further economic growth eased to nine
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percent. thus according to the president's address to the nation's gdp per capita show pro or have times like two thousand fifty increasing from thirteen thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars per year. this figure will reach thirty thousand dollars in cost enough by two thousand seventeen it's a trade deficit amounted to a record high to begin exceeding one hundred and twelve billion us dollars. a corresponding announcement was made by the japanese government on monday the total foreign imports of the country increased by fifteen per cent while exports grew by nine point five percent compared to the previous year. exports to asia from japan grew by sixteen percent in december as compared to november when the group stood at nineteen percent. deliveries of japanese goods to china increased by thirty four point five percent. export growth rate of us see the point from thirteen percent to twenty one percent this figure increased to nineteen point five percent to twenty three percent for
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the eu countries. the red eye
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i knew. and. these. use the he you from you. bruce
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do they. you do. on the island of phuket. being a guy like me to slim parents twenty or thirty miles wide the course of our little off course to no formal. three hotels and homes all for tourists. then when you go inside the attitude among times on this leg of the jungle. so you see children. plaintiffs. between thirty to fifty thousand dollars of that. i was there i found three months ago soon as you can pass on the plane. my eyes most of the street to see home when you don't think it's you know this is what. i was so happy to see in the home team almost none on my way to my hotel. so i go back to shop doesn't have to know what i
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mean i only see couples often they built the capital to know all those houses like that. it was the best trade of me she loves to somebody in thailand as if it's this very challenging every day john daly or on the steps it up. there are more sundays than happy days. because you go out for a new found really really. some times humans you don't understand why without trying. and we all know some people get fired just yesterday we find on the day was me when we say we saved a shot to pieces. it's just for doctors. he won the battle already. we have built a church home on the street. they go out and catch the ball from race to develop from the streets. we have a clinic in an hour and or silver. we received it today. everything i was there for ten days and everyday you
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see. please help me in all four people saying they saw dr for five miles away. we take the risk of it all. we also have our home teaching lessons i mean we go out to schools. went to the right to do a little sanding arsenal into all sorts of course you would need to understand that coming as the topping in each other's fantasies the death of black thing is it's awfully could be your best it's a really tough on me for me another day as a reward for warming because of many usages are almost nine months later when is the fastest door stops in thailand on or your dog my dog. they are really really tough not mean they can sort by a really bad thing it's time that they've been super happy and i think some people said how we given a chance to contest the election the room was about to give in to contest the humans because you get to the shelter you open you know those grounds we have twenty dogs around
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but when you know. because of a gazelle. i'm so happy to see you they just want to be that. it is fair warning when you get there and as the dogs i'm doing. what to do it since it's just really good when it's put a stop about three more movies. street what are you in the inning chilling portrait fourth street. sadly the reception staff that was new and expanded h projects going they never ask a book. look at it. sharing strategies
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which can procure a couple shoot straight at you you cannot make out what we want to for expanded to other. and all deceit is that it's time to decrease it and its concepts and also to have the energy produced as close to the client as possible. on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs. the stench of ice smaller energy sources in horror and yes the report said up to your interview here. it got scorched by forty nine after his chopsticks. not only in the back of the opinions they don't say well the top ten years. some folks may need that second among high stakes to pay for mine and it just happens to indicate can sometimes take nine to ten months. the bbb to speed up
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the payments. small changes to housing as well. having an add on monday. the very beginning when the defense take the next tee. no think it's on the leather seat that he got interested to see them outside to get back to church or school. the most astute fight to the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish be a good week for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting at the unit searched the patient x ray brooks pharmacy board but isn't this a therapy practitioners of the seventies teaches that the eighteen thousand patients some patients such as button called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received but a very big difference in taste. that made a batch of cookie. it
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was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to console system that says come all this is what is going like that but a strange stuff the korea strait the big legal costs of capable phones it isn't just hope that they have to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just next door to the hospice nurse the korean protection accorded to fight back in two thousand and ten jointly funded by but the koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured and well kept coming and that tricks like to compute overpass and decrepit. he tends not to smear him. soon i know it took over. what goes on. it is. bill hall. in order to
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get it over. the body the char us ait study life expectancy has increased from forty to sixty two. and is there del freak when she was in nelson schools textures be held on to the top of the stylists on the entry and knew what to order whispers top of their institutions the focus on improving education and healthcare stochastic or a boss but some textbook which helped the country which works towards the future. they seem to get things done that last for three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible and it looks like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals a portrait next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates. so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will
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appear in the upcoming winter season the bird that sings every year to all who looted from the front is that not since the fall accidents in which they still aren't as we read about but that's the case with a statement. we could all be devoted to the seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment. a technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans. utilities hospital i've been getting from what they think that would be into it that way. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to the slaying of any antibodies in it tested using
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the body's chemical retired from playing the influenza virus that if they do. oh and i'm tired. even though the effect is perfect. but will the vaccine be affected against the notorious deviants flu swine flu director kylie. little did they the wife norma and from our region. we selected the couple said that when he said oh so but it's quite the philippines give the fe they hope to read the official council would you say a kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in this play with them and for all we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get it in there for the study would think you read this if you know something. and when should it any response. they have been a pain. david looked into it between work and how we would be fine. it was even a success with them. that's all that's left to plant some
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seeds tools and kids out that it can open it the addition of a tooth. you're expecting still that's not my husband and children in my region of south east will retain the cia. it's five. it's not enough cars to fit the dutch cheese to melt the children and the costs. thank you she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn soy and a reach a nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition and to teach the children santana. i mean it's sad to see an influx of non irish children when they usually have a few cases. already becoming a martini has launched an agency national plan any decisions quickly happens to be enforced in each response. and make sure the needed supplies are in place. the challenge remains
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preaching to a remote and often isolated areas discussed that stops the pumpkin and pecan tree the doctor tomorrow. next he'll put the best or a bbq people are desperate for someone to show the typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health and sports. this is interesting it is a region that is to publicize because of security all of that makes coffee which is very difficult to access it off with a package of services that respond to their circumstances and that always treated you continue to invest in agriculture health nutrition stats. it is part of a joint initiative by police during a visit to the guinness said the parents of a child. the government and at what he thinks he owns the last three years. it is successfully lead to some it might just need to come. a
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package on the tokyo touches down and bought coffee from africa achieved overnight found that it was in france smart cars manufactured in europe. i spotted cruising the streets of ancient and ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology. all neighbors in this interconnected world that it's facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread so panic prices from one country to the next saving the world. no one's immune. on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health the challenges remain. there is hope. international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policy to create the opportunity for sharks education and investment in future. shanley of the ancient each contributing to help with the ball. in
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the world. also on the wet and meets the network's da door. on show. beat beat beat been. it was the knights of the mid autumn festival. as usual the matriarch of the cullen family that the children and women of the family in worshipping them in the court go. quick own unique way ahead of the family was


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