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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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sixteen. it's part of the country the eye. new new new new new. i live the you've begun to read around the world from a part of the year. the good the anti government protests us secretary of state joe
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perry. the victim. with all the second round. so we are on the ground. what did you do that without it the eye the police. we are eight kids. last july having used the whip. a quad are very happy to admit yes climate would not abate in with the stuff they told cctv news the spring festival is a very important occasion for chinese on this particular value chinese new year present you jin ping has been visiting b q didn't go boss land in north china's inner mongolia or thomas region. he met with local society also celebrated the win to knock down festival. that's a major mongolian holiday present she wished the local huntsman good fortune in the year of
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the force and often holiday greetings to chinese in the country and throughout the world. loneliness has yet to hear them in any media is an additional ninety cents about it. yes sir the festival for all the nice people around the low limits. don't want to send my new year greetings to chinese journal of law at the roots the scene from the truth. and compact roots in hong kong and macao special and a menace to the time comes off as well as thai along at a ball. all overseas shy of the community living in different countries everything is going to the buttonhole. check this out now. look at cuba. have a lot the dow up to it. so
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about. i wish you good health the family reunion. but the emotion that meanie what's your art. the india the falls we will go into our home looking spirit to be on top. serve with them about things. what's even better all around china will continue to let them get over with one cup. i love fall into china's continued prosperity and development and the new he thought i would stuns people of all ethnic groups. that said and that got me all. the an old with a knife which was that new year's eve hundreds of millions of people welcomed in the chinese new year by tuning into the cctv spring
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festival gala. that's the most watched television event in the world. in this year's gala included but traditional and modern performances. bringing together of chinese and overseas stars john united has more details the eye to eye. the due to the euro ports. well what's in the spring festival gala. as you roll the deal included singing dancing mini dramas as well as the traditional crawl stroke dialogues martial arts and opera performances. and raleigh and younger viewers self trim tops darlington hall was invited to take part in this year's celebrations the senate chinese pop songs both korean and mentoring harlem is from taiwan. also
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adding to the international flavor this year was renowned french actress so famous so the former bond girl to the cctv state for the first time to perform the famous and some of your rose that a chinese artist you want i do i am. all causing a silly jen and actor to resume the fight against the walls together. the song. well looks like now. see there's
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lots to tell me chills also going to get. he says. she says. susie distant europe imports. the animal found its way into many of the performance. with more than seven hundred million units each year. yellow i have been intended part of chinese new year celebrations since it was first broadcast in nineteen eighty three this year well known comedy film director phone cell phone was appointed the general director of the gala was the first time someone outside of cctv was chosen to lead the program john a cctv the celebrations are continuing on to appear in china about the round the world immigrants from china. this brought the law and danced to malaysia generations ago. since then it has evolved into its own distinct and heidi acrobatic
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performance as malaysia's chinese celebrate the lunar new year. lion dance troupes in the country are in high demand as a festive form of entertainment for both locals and visitors. ryan also reports from kuala lumpur noo noo it's as much a feature of chinese new year celebrations in malaysia as mandarin oranges and the color grey. this style of lion dance in region eight in southern china. the way most chinese history stands history. it's become part of malaysia's national culture and loved by people of all races. it's also a big drawing card for businesses that this time of year. in this hot and humid climate people wrong and all balls for their shopping and entertainment. at other times of the major celebrations such as the muslim festival of the christmas and above all chinese new year
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the mall's try to outdo one another in terms of their lavish decorations and entertainment. top of that list a line dance performances. over the decades been making the mayans movements and even facial expressions has taken on increasing importance as displays of balance and acrobatic skill. the aid of babylon in the middle you have to see if you're compatible with your partner your buddies can work together they intended to stop you from inside there's no way you can do well. at this time of year the performances the popular troops come thick and fast does. and our house as i think he is not much content in my teens anything it means anything the chap from the one that i should change his two cousins all ethnic indian percussion section showing the line dances crossover appeal. it's also a hit with tourists. even those
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who've seen performances elsewhere. i got as big as riley won the best line dances that are being very professional very acrobatic and it was good the kids had a great time the crowd foreman says and with one final acrobatic flourish. dr nelson cctv political fitzroy spectacular or i intend to watch the spectacle in london as well which is being gearing up for the chinese new year the city's celebrations will be the biggest outside asia correspondent john reports from the british capital a fast boats are issues in london's chinatown. a range of specially about is applied to mark the arrival of baby applesauce. it is expected to attract hundreds of thousands people to celebrate the most
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important tiny specks pull off yet. when we then proceed to each and every year would have the dimensions and ornaments in chinatown two weeks before chinese new year which the successful atmosphere and the cuban it's not a foreign land without a break from the chronicles of the spring. so off a fifth most recognizable faces the out of their work life on the hong kong without a high school and then to celebrate chinese new we are during the next two weeks tennant i will see that performances including chinese classical music as well as traditional drumming and dancing. my dogs will also snake who visit as stopping by and restaurants will be on the block for the coming year. in tennis and everything is as saying the chinese new year then really exciting and i'm particularly excited because i took both cities is an eye opening. chinese new year comes on friday. the main celebrations will be held on sunday separate sections to
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begin with the new year's parade that are the lucky mom because when people in london's west end of the key stage two of the second london scope out the square where the variety performances will be announced they would come every year and had the place is packed with thousands of people are here. i'm done. we are here to help promote the traditional chinese cultural marshall ups and to celebrate the chinese new year chinese new year. these attacks not mock and then hire will also turn bike and go to mark the arrival of the chinese new year. osmond the mail or stalls inside london will be the best place in the world celebrate the gale force. don cctv london. we're going to focus on events in ukraine now where the president viktor yanukovich says his government is making every effort towards all the crisis in his country. then you cut it said in a statement posted online that a few opposition
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leaders continue to inflame the situation for their own benefit by calling for more protests. he said the opposition was making irresponsible statements thinking about it some popularity ratings over the lives of the people the court on or ukrainians to restore peace to the country. meanwhile us secretary of state john kerry will meet key ukrainian opposition figures on friday the elliott telephone and six members of the opposition pricing them full speaking out against violence the protests began in november are off to yanukovich dropped a landmark trade pacts with the european union. the anti government demonstrations across the country since then have led to a series of government concessions. we can get the very latest on the situation in kiev from knob cross bothered me how but they did it too joins us live from the capital welcome to have its own president jenny have been
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shown is still making headlines of course with a different reason perhaps now is going on sick leave. any word on how long he will be away and how long this that might affect the current situation there. and when we just receive reports from the edge of the lines are present in college. he said that president chemical that you might come back to work on monday february thirty so we don't know for sure they haven't made it of course he's on sick leave so of course it still depends on how better at worst you'll get it back and that is right now we know february thirties the expected date of return on february stores on tuesday of the parliament is to hold a session. so basically had some time not to consider what is happening in the last couple of days and he hasn't already signed the amnesty bill yet so um you know untill monday we still have time for him to see and decide whether or not he will make this guy assignment on the ep is amnesty bill on monday so he has some time until that is basically slowing down the process
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right now but he has already stated that it is up to the opposition to take action so he has added given the ball to the other court right now and one the opposition says its tonal seven five with the government's off of what exactly does the opposition want him one of the charts is that the two sides will eventually agree on a solution to this crisis whether another country. it is very difficult question because right now when you take a look at the opposition's position there are over. worse off than where they were before the practice began. they were discussing about the eu the us initiation agreement with the eu. that's not happening. they want their resignation of president that is obviously not happening they are discussing the amnesty bill but that is because they already have too much and people in jail from their own process to sell them much worse in that sense and even then the repeal of some of them to practice last year saying that that wasn't supposed to happen in
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the first place so at the present even hasn't signed those yet either. so basically the opposition is not happy at all. they have a couple of days until the parliament is getting back together so it is important to see what will happen in the upcoming days and how they react. however last night because one of the main leader of the activists was found after he was tortured. that is fueled up a lot of the protesters they are very angry all. a lot of the opposition leaders went in to visit him in the hospital. so um people are quite angry hear the opposition were tennessee will happen soon and went for a ten minute that thing home and government their wedding of africa within the prison waiting in hospital so no mumbai about that but how bout a bit. reporting to us from here. the first round of peaceful songs syria is nearing an end without anything really achieved a top five sides are still in their entrenched positions with talks in geneva set to end on friday cited a few hours from now. the much expected agreement on an aid
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convoy to be besieged city of homes has not materialize. up to weaken told that the united nations headquarters in geneva the opposing sides in serious civil war was still stock on the question of how to proceed. besides to prefer a stepford on wednesday by agreeing to use the twenty twelve del commenced as a basis for discussion. but late on thursday day quickly shifted back to their disputes. friday's closing session is expected to be done to ease ceremonial which government and opposition delegates expected to meet again on every the tenth diplomats say that a top priority is to keep the toll price is going in the hope that hardline positions can be modified by the timeiberatey distorting thousands of residential buildings in a campaign that appeared to punish people sympathetic to
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the rebels been continuing in the continuing conflict the industrial sector of the nation is suffering domestic damage across one that i might even in damascus has more on the consequences of destruction. this is a typical pudding. please do choose to be. it is hard to believe that this was once one of the biggest cave room of affection companies and the middle east the last two thousand for his part creek falls is stored and rebels moved in on bay area. that is the case of accused of serious long just to let go the terrorists destroyed this factory like most of the infrastructure of the country. they stole the small machines and hurt the ones they can dismantle like many of the locals factors the machines were stolen and sold the turkish business. this factor is famous for having the highest salaries supporting over two thousand families. and now nothing. the cables company is one of many destroyed
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businesses all contributed to the staggering two point two billion euro store so paul says sustained by the certain industrial sector. according to official figures but in two thousand and two the malaysian indian award and the two point two billion dollars number was released back into time or by the ministry of industry. now the estimates go up to four billion with hundreds of factories in establishments going out of business. and then to rome to look a little more than two hundred and fifty thousand workers pulls the troops because of the funding. paulson serious industrious what appeared to be rural area as it bakes it is like the mosque us home some go to the same rural areas that have become the phone call is before between the ceremony pole position. it's a nose to nose juvenile they are. the sound of the damage is inflicted with syria and also because of the warm water reversible in many cases it's not just the buildings of the machines of opal bikes for kids the picture in damascus may be listening to mrs and lepak
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but when we remove that the warden largest city. that was once home to over five million residents what they call a couple of the country then we would realize that the picture is a crimp on just cheer and lip oh four and damascus. for the whole country. how abraham to cdp panama has ordered the release of the thirty two tremendous role in dprk ship seized last july a full carrying cuban weapons. crew has denied having any knowledge of the legal kata the panamanian all parties say evidence shows the captain and two other members have been given instructions about what to do if the illegal shipment was detected. those three remain in detention animal fights arms trafficking charges. if convicted and of a court to face a maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison the chong chong gunship was heading from cuba to the dprk when it was stopped in
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the panama canal on july the fifty cuban fighter jets and the style pots was found beneath sacks of sugar. many cars that touch on a whole new year's eve there were quite sounds around if you call them right for some people work was deafening as the fireworks to signaled the arrival of the lunar new year was a very important cause all these tradition the misty and many people chose not to set off fireworks duties the coalition. about one hour after midnight that he and two point five reached four hundred and fifty one micrograms per cubic meter tonight j and that means weather conditions reached a level all kinds of that is still the number is lower compared to the six hundred micrograms. during the same period last year. whether its good side of policing is not going to disappear quickly to die. cost is another cold front to help disperse
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the small. us businesses are cashing in on chinese new year festivities high end retired as the bin tailoring them not having to celebrate the year of the ports of call is on the korea cuba explains how chinese consumer is in the us by changing the way high end department stores view the holiday. mr tiller lorenzo they live on works on a dime is an emerald encrusted coral forced bracelet for jewelers david lat. it will take six months to create and retail for roughly two hundred thousand dollars while the course bracelets are nothing new they were first made in nineteen sixty five will help the senate who has written a book on david webb says insists in them has increased right now because this is the year the horrors we have in production reinforce bracelets because we are meeting the demand was just gearing up for its tiny stands at the same time other high end retailers are trying to attract more of them by
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creating special items for the chinese holiday. well low and has a four cd collection including a course bracelet tiffany is offering a gold for a snack less goatee and a man's also jumped on and then i get it on thursday and christie's juried art new york says there are many reasons. retailers are eager to taste the year awards julie's have something that they can design beautiful pieces designed beautiful watches and also help in the celebration also paid homage and respect to a very important client base of its client base. david webb hopes to grow in march its highest in chinese. our delegation don't have much to discuss health issues as the late designer had a love affair with china he starts getting an interest in chinese culture and chinese artifacts before nixon goes to china now every two months ago and seems to have its eye on china. this unheard of goodman storefront in york is
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an answer that and there are many high end department stores and on means of the year awards. here is that time is gone financial might to its consumers. isn't the thing to new heights during any other cctv meal well here in china of the mercury dropped to funnel and that wasn't on the freezing temperatures however if i own to sell millions of people celebrating the chinese new year. cities across china welcomed them with performances by wooden puppets temple fairs and other ceremonies said before we got a bit psycho cat some of those different celebrations which took place around the country. i do
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isn't it. it's there the eye
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troll two dollars and one until two d afghanistan has seen big changes in tournament infrastructure education. but the strong and consistent growth in the information communication technology sector more than anything else of positive future for afghanistan despite these challenges the technical section of the most and has attracted over one point eight for the news dollars in private investment in housing debate in the midst of data can be done to comply with which he spoke the kent state. one of them is to steal in emissions is the minister of information and technology a small but when a system in afghanistan. when the money on. but it was easy. winds nick is what the diesel him
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was. yet what i wanted to jump on as he stood for the nation. feed your soul of course. the hint of gold luster that it was established. one weak link in the top spot on the boys this one doesn't need to know what to blog lately. getting to go to the speed of light well it was listed for the good of what. the it's not like it the agency in major afghan don't use a thousand dollars the approval of intuition class of having five continuous awesome each of them will bind the truck operators to support expansion of coal by money they hope to save the minutemen have a significant impact on the left both afghans and would be the start of the people in the jeep in a year in afghanistan. oh well money is become a top priority of u s aid in afghanistan but the web as well around the world. um the focus is really on financial inclusion. here in afghanistan only less than nine percent of afghans have bank accounts. over sixty percent of mobile phones to leverage of the use of mobile phones and provides people
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financial services. another important to qvc which has been yet in afghanistan could itself into an asset to the communication company that the sum of is the high speed what's in the store has a three g and the sauce has become the first company to to do this to depart technology for customers in afghanistan the people who are miracle concluded that the defendants admit that that they were very excited to be closed which took them to the moon the full video finding was that gold coast and will talk to you if only the bidding. we commend them and this is an encouraging message from allah to customers as with is even one of dustin customers hollywood is gigi services committee on the bed evident get to city kabul but telecommunication companies with the help of new stuff information and technology have promised to expand its a disservice to all the pro was soft aniston. the mist is also responsible for debatable but the machines now see the bubble of an a but in a number of locations on the cd it the devil's own
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uses these are the top of get credit. but that the reason why vampires and get caught on with us that he may have to do so but what did he loves the sake of the sword the social revolt led to admit that i get with that yet to say that the funds on the list like it but at what is up above that of a limo but what with the bubbles of age yet they sell that idea was to think about that the sauce packets of all the fun. it was coming to the bosom that is looking to get them all into that abyss of it to be fooled by the ministry also has plans to increase surveillance cameras in kabul to the fight against crime and the cd along with the views of his father. she didn't need people with money. she will whine to them whatever you choose. the plot was well spoken. the teenaged the disciples went to slp and i promise to keep the whole
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point loss to the donut shop of the church was built on six eight months or be putting them at the chateau in caldwell afghanistan. in the six season. steve. you
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knew lulu will be when when when when when. the but christ is in syria heads to the negotiating table as the parties seek an end to the vial. hello i'm like walter washington dc and visited me. yesterday in the swiss city of montrose this week the first time representatives from syrian president dr al assad government andos


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