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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 31, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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ukraine's army urges the president to take measures to ease the under wraps but with eugenics a on and it definitely is. many wonder what's next for the country. syrian peace talks are set to wrap in geneva was little or no progress. un mediator frustrated with lack of agreement for humanitarian access. american amanda knox is once again found guilty of murdering her roommates that i in court to reinstate the convictions against her and her former boyfriend
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thanks for joining us now from springtime molly home first ukraine where the country's army is calling on the president to take urgent steps to calm the ongoing political crisis the country faces its deepest turmoil since its orange revolution and in the latest twist present the chemical which announced on thursday that he was taking an indefinite six sec lead on the move has the many ukrainians wondering just what's next for their country a old or hiding. that's the debate raging in ukraine after esteem and i'm the president when scientists said they did an echo beach was taking indefinite sick leave due to an acute respiratory illness and high fever. many of the opposition believed it so only by the government to buy time. i remember from oro city to view photo of his bat sign that said the ghosts the always here for. some so
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that users have to make. and folklore decision. they go to hospital. huddling in freezing temperatures inside them and in protest is remained camped out in central kiev. the st island and spill which provides amnesty to rest the protesters should be conditional on still waiting for the president to sign off on me peeling controversial in thai protest lies the flights will continue with the protesters demands of milk peanuts and everyone of them was fulfilled which was the resignation of the governments of the former prime minister. many of the protesters are calling for ye nicole beach to step down. the other hand the ukrainian interior minister has appealed for calm. very good mostly. but i'm addressing those who value human life that are hungry to know how it was to calm down on either side of the barricade. we citizens of the members of a single
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nation. what would be much further. as the ukrainian government finds itself locked in a standoff with protesters. the us administration warned that in many impose sanctions. he and his sister therefore is to quell the demonstration is to be. meanwhile opposition activists who banished for eight days says he was abducted and tortured before being left to die in the cold to meet roadblock time is being cheated in the hospital after being found on the outskirts of the capital kiev pool party this year was found to have been cut off all the time is a member of ultimatum it's a car. a group of car owners have taken part in protests against president speaking and affection. a syrian peace talks are wrapping up in geneva this friday the two warring factions walking away from the negotiating table with few results of the key sticking points remain the role of bashar al assad and the nature of a potential political transition. both
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science that sticking to their positions. the un mediator expressing the frustration that no agreement was reached when a convoy to enter the besieged city of homes. we had to do this for months. his outlook is in negotiations. i don't expect that to achieve anything substantive. his left arm he is speaking ill of my mess. i'm joined by a huge national affairs editor douglas herman identities these talks the wrapping up and there's not much to show for them nothing a concrete sign sticking to their position in the first round of talks at least they are suppose to reconvene at some point perhaps that after weeks time. but you know trying to find positive moments in his first round is he's a little bit like proverbial week squeezing blood from a stone as they say and then that diplomats have been pulling out all stops to try to find the positive pr at least they got the two sides finally after three years of civil war and conflict to sit down around the same table. even at times to make eye contact
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at least they all stood up yesterday and paid a moment of silence in tribute to the over hunted thirty thousand people estimated to have lost their lives as this conflict has dragged on. like i said lowest common denominator stuff but you're absolutely correct in saying that these two sides leave this first ground as entrenched as ever in their positions. no significant breakthroughs to speak out and very little concrete progress at all whether we're talking about ending the violence itself giant asked whether like you said trying to get humanitarian aid convoys through what even ensuring safe passage for men women and children were besieged in the cities especially the older the old town of the homes which is one of many cities. right now which find themselves besieged on and obviously the political transition process and that whole element the future of pressure that president bush are some stuff that was never in any way shape or form even
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broached because why. it sends us not opposed to the agenda which are signed up by focusing his heart focus on what i do receive calls terrorism terrorists now the regime terrorists are all rebel fighters. the west says yes there are some terrorists present done in syria as fighters but not all rebel fighters or terrorists and they do have to switch date they make distinctions there but it was a hard focus on terrorism. he made the diplomat here at the chief envoy has been trying to be the mediator brokering the staffers talks he says that he is hopeful that the more structured discussion in the next round that is very much diplomatic speak for yall to get somewhere in the second round of the one thing coming out of bed this first rounds up some observers they were somewhat surprised by the skin of positions that are appearing more put together more composed. if you will then have been expected considering how a splinter group really is and has been a lot of commentary on both from people who've been at the talks and taking part of the journalists who've been you know watching both parties say closely there is this impression
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going in that the opposition coalition with the really much the fractious was the really much divided once the site that could get their act together and that they were basically can be a big basket case when he came to a negotiation to be stopped and they ended up recruited presenting what was a pretty united from sticking to their key talking points. yes insisting that they needed to they wanted to put that transitional government issue in the g tube and regional geneva geneva communique front and center stop to that insisted saying it's useless to and about trying to talk to violence on the ground unless we talk about political transition by which they understand a transition without a shot inside the syrian regime of from the very outset of the foreign minister had bad that muscular exchange that that is heated exchange with as you insert a general ban ki moon insisting that yet more time to speak and tell the guy to shut up but he was a very heated exchange they've been reports of even the russians the staunchest allies of the syrian regime today even the supporters of the syrian delegation there were slightly embarrassed or at least taking the cake and
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put off a little bit by the approach of the state delegation for a lot of requests they would use to the delegates the series the kids being out of their out of scenery and being subjected to all these journalists questions about issues that if you raise them in syria on you might not might not be treated to well afterwards. so was a very interesting juxtaposition between these two sides and the expectations of the prophecy of course and not what such comment for this next round which is scheduled to take place on the tenth of february at least that's the date that's been given. there are two national there's better things. meanwhile in other developments washington has accused damascus of dragging its heels and giving up its chemical arms. according to the state department just four percent of syria's deadliest chemical agents have been shipped out of the country for destruction on site had agreed to give up their chemical weapons people wait in fact in the u
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s airstrike. to the uk retailers us all killed nuclear reprocessing plant has been partially closed this due to elevated levels of radioactivity will promote our alarm has been triggered the north of the site in each building is being checked this friday there were no risks the report of the two of the general wharf workforce and this is according to britain's the sun killed the plant itself but of course. the new ones as it comes into the ministry. was sick but now it's another role that music and free from british prime minister david cameron is hosting a french president francois le mon. the two leaders are expected to cover issues including energy defense and science with european union reform is also on the table. the british expected to push for a more flexible eu. that's unlikely to be backed by the launch was the first anglo french summit says on selection in two thousand ha. authorities in panama at least thirty to thirty five that north koreans detained since july
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the arrested after and their cargo of cuban arms was found on their included two soviet era made it twenty one the aircraft's last three havoc with the greed to pay just over six hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fines for the release needing three north koreans face trial. not to twelve years in prison. and the leader of the major mexican drug cartel has been arrested within us care at gonzales known as the men cheat so is believed to be the second in command. that awful taste the new generation cartel. besides john have you seen their eye is suspected of ordering the execution of people who refuse to work with him as well as kind of theft and sale of fuel in the region mauritania has taken over the revolving chair of the african union decision that comes as member states are meeting in ethiopia for two day summit. the regional agenda of meeting has been swept aside as to focus on the security situation in south sudan and the central african republic the two foot
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youthful face it if we need to make a major financial and logistical effort. we have enough lament that we do not have the equipment in dubbo in central africa other of the many routes it's called samantha round. we really need a major financial and logistical effort to cut scene we already have six thousand men and the europeans will spend five hundred men. it's enough. we just look at it just to go on financial means for the troops arrive. guilty of an innocent and now a lot of guilty again in italian court has reinstated the murder convictions against american amanda knox and her former boyfriend of nothing else on the cheap though. but they've been sentenced to twenty eight and twenty five years in jail respectively. this after they were found guilty of killing a british student back in two thousand seven doc says she's frightened and saddened by the verdict is the third time this case has been trying to not back on us soil raises the chances of the link the extradition battle. mark thompson has
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more. i hate it. leading the offense. last turn of the guilty verdicts. it still looks the end of the route from london notes and roughly at the summit study. that and have long smoldering found guilty of stunning persisted in spirit touched to death in the upper reach of flats in november two thousand and seven the court of appeal in florence upholds the two thousand and nine conviction for reals thirty thousand eleven acquittal. there is evidence in this case we get to feel this mandate and bringing in front of the coolidge. when ready to go back and forth missouri's it takes to get silver fl son as he killed. another mom greedy today is already serving a sixteen year sentence for the mother. he has repeatedly given contradicting statements regarding break his guilt and loss of knox and celeste site the initial trial on heat content been killed in a six game gone awry. but
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prosecutors have no need to wait for max and suffocation instead the re trial hinged on the re examination of dna evidence. celeste is listening. that's evidence was contaminated. while knox's defense team contest kubrick you used a kitchen knife which was used as the mother weapon. on a team and get it the supreme court sentence was very clear the details over controversial elements of the case. it is sad is it three d today was convicted because he cooperates with the killing. and it was necessary to determine the responsibility of the other two defendants blog add it to be must now decide whether or not to seek the extradition of knots in the living of students and see us. i would switch gears a bit and talk sports me mac in the football championship or superbowl sunday is upon us that the seattle seahawks taking on the denver broncos that this sunday. many fans watching the ads is as enjoyable if not more so than
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watching the game itself viewed by more than one hundred million people advertisers are willing to shell out the big box paying as much as four million dollars for just thirty seconds of airtime the michael ways the most watched show on us television is growing in africa racing's big guns like the code at general motors and budweiser but doesn't make sense to sell and four million dollars for thirty seconds well. you have a specific message workers are traditionally super bowl advertiser think it does make sense. another year. you can send a message to the average consumer buy my products were ever made warrior sending a message to your stockholders with the word healthy financially to make a marketing played a spade. american brands aren't the only ones trying to capture some of the record viewership. israel's awesome soda maker soda stream and
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the present century car marque tagged you are have also secured its faults beauty retailer to advertise during the superbowl the swedish clothing giant teaching them the company is breaking new ground by introducing an interactive e commerce as the first of its kind. the psalms and stalking him. you while you watch it again when you see the commercial and a bit collection will up here around the court martial. you can see it. then you can click on it and if done in the high fees the wall but not for a new bead scene takes them off on the continued shopping during the introduction or marketing costs companies spend roughly ten million dollars to advertise during the superbowl. in america over one hundred million pairs of eyes will be watching on sunday and for many viewers the commercials get as much attention again i know what. let sit for most women it's been just itching to austin kept. i
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knew welcome to the program i'm on call someone bring me the show today from the world economic forum on the way the rocks here and doubles this meeting brings together business leaders politicians officials and economists to debate the states all the well beforehand. this was billed as a post crisis meeting this most blessed be the time when we all got together to talk about long term issues that no longer fearing an imminent financial collapse or a breakup of the eurozone. that said talk more about that now with my guests today the highly respected economist of them pose and he's the president of the pizza stone is achieved when special economics and also when it's said that between two thousand minus two thousand twelve. he was a member of the bank of england's much a policy committee just too just to sort out those details said. let me and ask about double sista has this been a post crisis meeting in
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your view. i think it has and therefore it's been interesting to see which governments distinguish themselves so you think about the japanese prime minister coming through and making a very strong statement for future for japan. the reunion we are coming through and making a strong pitch for review to last in economic terms. you had a background hum of a tree. us trade or business michael feldman was one of the most popular book people here which is actually a good sign that people want to talk trade with the us again. so he was a post crisis dallas. but in your attachment to talk about the long term issues and admittedly the people you're not actually is good at dealing with lockyer bishops now from our perspective it seemed like a tree as it sinks me seeing things are not as bad as the geese to be the thing that all great aunt i think that's a fair characterization i think it's cheekily true part of the corporate so part of what
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happens the world economic forum is you have a lot of multi national companies from all over the war. and they are still sitting on lots of catch almost universal. and not yet really investing in a little timid not yet knowing what to do with all the catch there's also within the financial sector particularly in europe since they still have to consolidate and build their capital base ahead of upcoming tax to your right cheek in the corporate side to respect and a defense that governments were actually pretty forceful. you say then that this year's meeting has changed. you will view all what the potential risks are in the global economy. i don't worry you know it's it is a key for tv tropes that whatever circumstances that the poster into the wrong sixty bucks for men. and i'm sort of begin at the moment with the consensus that. it seemed really global rates can see. recent argentina which ari become element at the ten weeks can ski race in
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india are for sale the concert was a political groups in thailand turkey and so on but nobody seems he's focusing on its spinnaker it's the kind of things that sent markets move in cycles together. we all be missing but the good news is you look at us. china uk japan. a lot of the big economies look pretty subtle. two don't sound too pessimistic but when it comes to the global outlook. no i'm actually not and dom i'm actually more optimistic probably even than the consensus here because i'm a little more worried about europe. the bank stress tests and some a lot less worried about china in the near term comes from. and i think that the emerging markets which of course the term everybody uses here a more differentiated so what use to be called the bricks minus china on all the spare ribs that russia india brazil south africa not doing so great but a whole range of other countries. vietnam poland
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she lay dead are seemingly within striking distance to allow no bears down on the emerging markets and the emerging markets except i mean i really do think i really do think there is three years china has its own case i think the green dp a bit of a slowdown in china and my colleagues begins to believe. maybe a bit of a slowdown in china in twenty fourteen but it's mostly good slowdown in china get on sustainable growth path cut corruption. the speculation real estate. then there's russia india brazil south africa which i think are doing just the classic ring of they spent a little too much for luke to lose money ahead of elections and brody too long they are now to pay for it. and then there's this vast world of emerging markets and obviously their places like egypt where people are very concerned that there are so many places along with the buzz here in my experience was was reminding people that stops there in africa in many places make huge strides in recent years. latin america isn't just argentina. things
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like that. i was told to the formal central banker in due twenty thirteen was seen as a year when central banks around the world. later that week they called the fed will result in the us states a cat song that printing money kept on churning out money into the us economy and also a he was said to the marriott argued the president of the european central bank ecb single handedly saved the eurozone. do you think that's twenty fourteen will also be a new brand that the central banks will play as big a role. i think they will accept united states the united states the transition from her dainty tea yelling it's not any real change. it's perfectly good. i think it's more that the recovery of us is proof that he did more resilient than we thought that even though last year we have the paper started. we had the next us fiscal policy the us private economy going i was asked about to yell and say she had a safe pair
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of pants. she's enormous and had breakfast with us. richie twenty central banker this morning. this year he was saying how prospective candidates are obsolete. its central banks and other parts of the well so i think they said it's not the same thing wrong with that. let's do it now but you look at china where the people's bank is playing a huge role in deciding how quickly to liberalize markets how to shut down so that banks. how much speculation or is in real estate looking to pay and work of nick wrote in his team have really done great things to get cheap and out of fifteen years of deflation without crashing the bond market and that is taking real single minded effort you look at europe the euro area specifically in the cbi think it's probably the most controversial the central bank's rate. on one hand they have taken this huge responsibility for the tests of all to take a picture of scope of the two are quality
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repeat. and it's finally up to them. the fate of europe's long term if they do a bad exam and don't tell the truth everyone will lose face if they do good exam. they have to be tough but hope that there's no future it's around thirty four. the most of us are actually quite confident that the ecb tried to retake at the same time on the monetary side. the cd is actually in my opinion and a few others. elise mind missing its mandate coined the maastricht treaty its post to worry about price stability beating inflation your two percent. toss to be attached to money grow on both those criteria. it's very clear that inflation is too little money. love you stated inflation. i think that i feared inflation but not switch for its own sake gone bad. but the patients assigned to the economy. use you generally don't get stained inflation on the market economy in a functioning market um and so
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will be half year deflation may lead me be that because some wages go up because the euro is not going to the roof that we don't get literal be cliche but it's not them a card. the imf said in a deflation is a signal europe still has severe problems so severe lack of credit by one. the station basically means folding prices them from a consumer expected that doesn't sound too bad but for the general economy for the corny as a holy it is pre bout that we've seen it before me but to just to clarify issues that inflation is well not just computers go down and prices universities go up to his surprise first up inflation is everything is falling at the same time. on average and that's very bad for people to take no credit because the amount they took out before it now gets harder and harder to pay off it's also very bad for planning
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because consumers to see falling prices to a whole pack which produces false more. and so businesses of travel planning. it's also can be hard for a wager or because he can put pressure to overcome their wages even when the rest of the world outside that inflation though is going up to six. it's overtime just to to the european central bank could. are you calling on the european central bank then to do more and to do more heavy lifting so to speak to to revive that the eurozone economy. in my opinion yes i appreciate you putting it that way i think they haven't done the heavy lifting for a couple years even though the situation in europe has not been the earlier he has not been anywhere near good enough millions of people unemployed huge lack of credit for small medium business or outside europe. i did it no investment corporate bastards even a strategic northern europe even if it's a remake should
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be fixing this and the key and lock drug use leadership that this forum. buy in summer twenty eleven due to a tokyo empty the promise that it is a panic in our markets last year. but the distant that minimum that was worth doing. but there's so much more a need for central bank with its bank of england the bank of japan. the swiss national bank were served when doing the same circumstance. i want to pick up on the unemployment points a lot of people in the eurozone and also outside the eurozone for the pats are asking when unemployment will stop coming down in the day that these yours and what skills you want to. i think were seen as many people noted. in the bottoming out for. the peak of unemployment can one think of it that way in spain specifically spain has continued to surprise people. and that sort of it's ironic because. he was
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the most productive economy of the southern europe before going into the crisis. and so it makes sense it would felt that passes. at least to serve christ sets. but you look around the rest of europe. you look around portugal. you are in ireland you are usually greeks. i'm in now france and it's very hard to see unemployment coming down in any of those countries linear couple of weeks or so from a from your perspective they will still take a few years before unemployment starts coming down in a significant number i hope not a few more years and partly depends in the cbd and apparently depends on whether the so called structural reforms really change things i think another piece of it is that. you don't want to wait a few years because young people are out of work which had been out of work for a while it's very hard to get back get people to want to hire them the skills aren't ready so waiting a few more years to become self filling in our
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care. to compose one after that think very much indeed for taking the time speakers thank you. without regard to wrap up that this program from the world economic forum and the last thing she as well for what seemed to stay with us here at islington and mm mm mm. when will we is this. it is. you pay to
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st kitts was a weekday because breakingoints. so muco play. the stock. while. good
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news. and. china to publish has dropped to minus forty degrees. traffic is restricted lessons in schools are canceled. the fight took place in one of the private homes of the city because of peter malfunction killing all members of the family the sleeping parents and their seventeen fifteen year old daughter's burned alive the monument machine the husband wife in their younger daughter slept in a separate room. the elder daughter was found dead in another room


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