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tv   CCTV News  PBS  February 4, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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long ruling will . the expect syria to meet the deadline for approval of obama that the chemical weapons the harder it gets ousted president mark abbott will stay with the un's in iraq
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the opposition considerable talent. a collective whole as the election commission brought it all with regularity the real impetus for mike's it was all but been on before arriving in tokyo on wednesday two days before the winter games begin it's going to someplace else to ctv news i ned lamont by jane always stories coming up for you in the next thirty minutes but first the trial of egypt's former president mohammed more c is scheduled to resume in the capital cairo opera was a jungle on saturday. woolsey was being represented by a team of defence lawyers for the first time. and it costs the court to a june the trial. they said more c cannot be tried in a criminal court. given his status as a former president. despite a heavy security presence outside
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court. and you will see protest is trying to attack his defense team. using the lawyers of betraying their country. corsi who was deposed by the ministry la sierra is facing four separate criminal cases seven days trial was on the charge of inciting the killing of protest is near the presidential palace in twenty twelve. we can get the very nicest illness would join via up correspondent and a little early in the egyptian capital cairo are welcome at osaka where on again off to the germans from my law center the table can you tell us about events that during these costs down while on the leaders of the muslim brotherhood who are basically a round fourteen. others included in this trial wouldn't come and see all have them arrive at the police academy were the port is being held at the same time the lawyers the civil rights for sport to play with them and trained and it seems that because of
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some attacks the cup and why people here who say they are out and supporting the fence himself at the fiji for their imposing on my palm read more see that they have attacked to the defense team for the muslim brotherhood it seems that they have entered from a different day than the huge wall of mud from them which is basically just behind me. i bought for me it was still don't know if the trial at stores that are not that once again becoz of the live broadcast cancellation arm as we can always get limited information once there's a recession a from the top of but today it should be a procedural one thing for which i'm after the prosecution showed evidence on set today i'm showing the court that there were members of the walls of other brides the presidential palace over a year ago. i'm sucking protesters holding out and come to the was his publicist at that time when he was president of the biggest show them on the pink protesters
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to moving in and is similar to a military march and even destroying potential. four of them what appeared to be peaceful protest against morse yet been signed up so today the court to fight to get a team of experts from egypt to make your tv on to which they will give or take oath at the court and they will intertwine whether the figures are genuine or not and when exactly they have been filmed. so it's basically a procedure of knitting and i'm obviously has not arrived yet there have been some reports that because of what the conditions in the comments don't care where that is present as two hundred km north by rope on the golf day some are expecting because this procedure me that he might go into here at home today whether reid also not shy at all. is it likely that there will be any protests that night. well add the salt on the walls of motherhood have declared that they should have been forgiven and
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inhumane way the day. hand. i know it. down on the stove they ought to just this morning. they have sent a statement today saying that they're planning massive rallies on the bench with every on their regular protests should continue on the basis of the day there might be some progress over the tamil than in new mortgages or any other protest at the police academy when the trial was being held despite that to secure two forces are still thinking some un security measures that they have twenty thousand un troops protecting the police academy at ten forty four groups of running all the interest as advocates hope the economy on the streets leaving um or passing given by the economy has been hardly walk down to only those who have um i'd have to receive up to the back approval from the court to enter are
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allowed to be present here and the beauty of coarse salt despite that there aren't any protests here today but still i'm security forces are taking extreme measures just to make sure that if the muslim brother decided to change their plans they would be ready. what bad omen effects of age to be up by telcos folded as noel morally in the car. now let's take you to russia russian state news agencies according to russian deputy foreign minister cannot be kept in office saying that syria plans to send the line ship it off toxic agents out of the country this month and the removal process is likely for completion by the first of march. some alterations to this poses serious stockpile of chemical weapons on two months behind schedule russia continues to defend the place called the removal program saying a june deadline could still be nest meanwhile the united nations says nasa of kid love
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the deputy to international syria mediate a black top but he is stepping down the announcement follows the first round of talks between the syrian government and the rebel opposition in geneva which ended on friday with non tangible results when people a say in moscow's i postpone a dowdy a bone to choke and die welcome to you diarrhea. that wafts of the story is far is that these that changing events are concerned because russia has said that done this deadline of june coup and in fact still remains why is russia. so incompetent despite the whole process being two months behind schedule well there is no secret that the elimination of the chemical weapons still on my cereal is one of the preconditions set to avoid seeking a military dimension into the searing crises. awhile ago so it is
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pdf for moscow and of course the mosque was also realizes that the moon and he says this has to be changed. and of course wash up of bees working closely with the eye searing machine to make sure that it makes all necessary steps to progress in that spruce s and of course it's all stupid piece of baking in the national athletes and oversee the transfer of the chemical weapons still odd to be eliminate it. um and um as the director of the russian foreign ministry said it bought it for security and hang you up me and said on friday to view the facts. and there is delay in is possibly could the particle because by the lack of security on the ground and being the political instability in the country. he explained the fact that the delay could be out of over two months that you've mentioned a coup because by now the risk that they are still risks that i
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think that the attacks on the opponent with us but only one voice that on to sporting his chemical weapons hazardous material for me this i swear they stopped to read the ports of syria with it to be uploaded onto a cargo ships now we know she said that the today show told only two shipments have been on the eighteenth january and um last one that i was attacked on the twenty seventh of january of the transport cargo though not that i spoke on book one was attacked on then she sat so this shows clearly that there are these can then swung to moscow's he's taking time to ensure that there were the security on the transcript moved on to the ports of syria and to avoid any possible dangers situations in. also loves to be on the fact that they see syria just don't need so significant doubt technical assistance on this issue i've spent days of being halted by the un sanctions to introduce against syria and
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that the parties' down. that could help syria with technical equipment it cannot supply its due to the east of the census in cheek used up by the national community on so he said that could be the reason why iam now back to the sound shipments and to the terms for a full chemical weapons and intensive control he's being too late the area the us tour with the story of the syrian all positioned lead on a job or is visiting a mosque to the talks with the russian foreign minister said enough rope to die. briefly before when to sell imo can you tell us about the making. we know that they will be discussing the mosque and on saturday she's one of them of course these the formation of the featuring government option to show government in syria. i e the opposition sees that officialdom ask as much as i could not be part of the government one loss to
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nonsense that the kids know it. the condition also of rule of law shows signs of backing up the two states in this new interim government is out of the question under the pouring today will be discussing quasi such humanitarian crisis and the mashup is to deliver humanitarian aid to honor the iam to the war struck areas of syria on and on connecticut's you against the b side to that syria of this sign for the opposition's here in eugene a receipt to sign a written guarantees to allow some of that maintaining a two bd live eight umno another point of course instead political solution of the crisis and both of. we know that from the statement of love. the coveted honor of today he said a visit to the foreign minister for defence on the run to the other centers of the cia national trust partially both components that of the two sites so we'll be attending the second round of the geneva to talks to confirm that they will be up
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to see painting in moscow said it to the shore that damascus will of the state in the stokes and make all efforts to peacefully resolve this crisis. what daria many thanks and they to postpone the start of what the true pure reporting to us from moscow. you're watching cctv non news would come into providing more stories the financial crime. fan yours . the check up on
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what's happening in thailand on to the election on sunday and thailand's opposition democrat party plans to challenge. some guys disputed ballots in the constitutional court as the election commission crimes possible campaigning irregularities the democrat party said it will file to complaints with the cold. the first or doubts the election directly claiming the election itself violated the constitution. in a separate petition the opposition will file for the dissolution of the induction was full of typos the four announcing the state of emergency the opposition says the announcement means the election could not be held under normal circumstances. the election commission is due to meet on wednesday to discuss complaints regarding the poll
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and these include the idea to reduce the candidates in twenty oh eight electoral districts and the lids to be usable farsi by the government during the election. this is also a big concern via the leader of the opposition democrat party has said he will submit a petition to the constitutional court challenging the validity of the election. the suit which are to walk through refused to contest the poll and didn't budge said the whole process had been plagued by problems and put an awfully to the establishment of a parliament. nonetheless the caretaker government has maintained that a voter turnout of forty five point eight percent represents a qualified success. cctv stunning turn has more from bangkok. she counted on to sunday's election results held the twenty nine sometime this election was never about who would win. rather
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whether the election. what happened that old the destruction and interference by the anti government protest is successful the blokes more than twelve million people in costume at that. protest is still camped outside onrnment l on the outskirts of the thai capital. and it's here that preparing for the eco challenge to the election after election commission is sometimes others said the disruptions will render the results irrelevant nonetheless the government's competence that qualified to meet the challenge to me to the entirety of the year. i'm a lawyer. and i cannot see on the ground the uk tend to be notified. the elections in the middle to settle the chaos in the past three months. anti government protests is still burn the city it will seem intent on continuing their harassment of the governments
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elected. so here they are the minutes of finishing on two of the dead. the ride the total. for this industry and time. three months a street protests have whooped and is looking to unseat the government may have to look elsewhere. the greatest threat is likely to come from here. the constitutional court. the opposition democrats already filed the motion the election should be nullified and court rulings in recent years that they've become in the paper that's a some legal experts brings into question the integrity of the judiciary. who would be going against the lesser of the ball and the democratic choice of the maturity date and what it was daylight and
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a half. our whole constitution day. they may not get out. and that he's not too long. there has been some progress since the birds the protest has decided to consolidate their ratty sites in the center and compton clothes down to this teaches victory monument once again crammed with commuter traffic road and tents and waving flags. twenty four hours of this month with action. it's unclear to him the victory gives timmy chang is cctv nine car so smile and say are you crying now or the foreign minister of the and of cuz our says president victorian new coverage is ready to discuss political changes with opposition leaders and the soul comes as the president returned to work on monday on for a brief period of sick leave and will make is prepared to discuss constitutional changes that would weaken his powers. you leave don't discuss. some
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changes in the form and when the station. prison greens confirm that he is really use those tools. late. chin uniform. it means freedom from the presidential republic. the opponents are imprisoned. demonstrations have continued in ukraine since november when yan yu chi which backed away from pleasant ties with the european union. agreeing instead to a month from russia. anti government protests is that since cold for yanukovich his resignation and early elections. while the president has shown no signs of accepting the zoom on this. a self with a number of other concessions. he approved the repeal of the controversial anti protest walk and signed off on an amnesty bill for protests since last tuesday ukraine's prime minister and cabinet also resigned been if it was all the political said
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oh my. the protests are continuing in ukraine with many of them finding kids main square of the made on the bonding of the embattled president to give the power of cctv is me have updated is in kiev and this is her latest report the key anti government protests in kiev have been peaceful. over the past week on sunday fifty thousand people showed up at the city's independence square known as the maid on the crowd cheered for the three main opposition leaders who took the stage following their meetings with european and us officials in meetings in hopes for international mediation in negotiations. one thing is clear the protests are not over the barricades are still guarded twenty four seven and preparations for further potential clashes continue the makeshift hospital of them made on. it's been equipped with a defibrillator patient monitor system and all sorts of different medicine that could be used during first aid treatment it's been open since the protests first began the doctors here say it will stay open until the end
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islam is built to protect and improve mental catwalk we are here to help people if they bring a sick patient on the other side of the barricades we will treat him no different from the others. he finished place to rest because we are afraid of injured protesters get a regular hospitals they might get a rest day on the other side of the made on different measures are taken a group of protesters between the ages of eighteen and seventeen prepare for battle twice a day with their shields in their hands and helmets on their heads. the train these firecrackers to get accustomed to the sound of explosions hoping to be fearless against the police i only have free time while there is no action. while there is a so called ceasefire negotiations. we are using this time for training. we have no way back in an interview on monday the commander of the maid on stage talks with police have started to take place the discussion surrounding how and when in exchange would happen if protesters decide to m make excelled at government buildings in return for the release of jailed protesters. meanwhile
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president viktor yanukovich has returned from six week ahead of the new parliament session to take place on tuesday. members of parliament are expected to debate the recently passed amnesty law and constitutional reform. uconn by the beach. cctv kiev ukraine. tori sporting focus is to have to be well and truly home the win through and fix the twenty fourth payment for the big porch we lie it is expected to reach question about today before concluding its journey at the opening ceremony in sochi on monday the flame a riot that he and make all the capital city of abigail republic of russia. this will reach in sochi on wednesday the torch relay started last october. exactly two hundred and thirteen guys before the start of the winter games playing would settle for moscow has traveled for twenty nine hundred towns and villages across all like the three regions of russia
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the route was designed so the whole residents would be within an hour of the relay at some stage of the event by the time the olympic torch reaches such a big bullet traveled more than sixty five thousand kilometers along with real existence in which the olympics history the interview with cctv be president of the russian olympic committee expressed confidence either the upcoming games. patel was the final preparations were complete. one protester still got to look around. we're ready to call the constructions are complete. the sochi olympics are different from previous games held in europe. then using stadiums used in europe or existing ones. so she had to build everything from zero and we had to complete all construction in just six years. this is the new ten years has also never been this short forty minute drive separate schools goal from downtown vineyards which is um president. i'm very glad the president eugene kane will attend the opening ceremony of the sochi olympic games. president clinton was
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also present in the opening ceremony of the beijing olympic games. i think reflects the partnership meat or trust and respect between china and russia. all week finally in the ancient city of milan show two hundred kilometers east of beijing local residents the beans celebrating the lunar new year with a unique dance performance report any home has more on that the time. it was. lot one the album. is
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know. new one will whittle. i am. the good news week so they share in this week to the soul. many of them started. what about the asian games in arkansas. but it didn't watch the dawn mass that had been head of the announcement of intimidation. the dt is


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