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help or support relationship that an understanding that it's the song. new evening when will you eye. the a foreign minister while he meets us at the state don't carry in eighteen two besties i had the dprk wrap up told santa boarded the need to come and gone i hadn't expected resumption of fun avoiding continues into
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reality let's watch shows sequence of breaking it up lol. geneva peace. a global conference to combat the illegal wildlife trade wrapped up in love with the one that needs to tackle traffic. all about welcome to cctv new law like for teaching until we start to weave us at that rate changes sensitive stage own carries visit to china president eugene being on the foreign minister while he held separate meetings with kyrie in beijing on friday. both sides expressed confidence in implementing a new model for relations between china and the us in the year of twenty fourteen. for who you are hopeful signs can expand cooperation in various fields paul flynn results differences and disputes have fully implemented a new mobile relations between china and the united states before the final confrontation utah respect and the two are beneficial
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cooperation. in a meeting with president you are in store for her. though. he did all of us. we know that foreign born the year the car progress and invited them over there. there are differences but it is. and by the way. we were off one year retold president eugene beats meeting with u s president brock a bomb not a loss to sum up what he said that the decision to do to a new form of great power nations provides direction for the moment and development of sino us ties. he said the two sides will cooperate with each of the two implemented consensus between the two leaders on a house or the foes of going on to cut inside with the thirty fifth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties. kerry
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arrived in beijing on friday morning. china is the second night of his six day asian tour. on john kerry's visit to china. let's cross live to our political nian page eight i go home now. we know that you've been following this is a very nicely tell us more about john kerry's agenda in china. john kerry is expected to hold a press conference at about five thirty pm but engine trains ran into one and john kerry is lower than expected. after a meeting with long john kerry will hold talks with the military and state county and see if there might be a press conference will be late while john kerry was bitching in sino us joint venture if you're in business and from what we've noticed my adventure to adopt advanced clean energy
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technology. as i've mentioned here let me change and the ag which are high on terry's agenda or stuff it holds great potential for cooperation between the two largest greenhouse meters in the world. i mentioned in the meeting that a john kerry a chinese foreign minister while he is longer than expected so what about the issues with the disgust towards unexpected since the sun and the spices. after more than two hours meeting with john kerry when mr long said that the books john kerry's visit to china. you could start relations between the two countries this year especially. there's only one brand ambassador position in the neck of the scrapbook by mudslides. here at sleeping in a bomb on the opportunities to each other at various agents such as the ship pacific cooperation summit in st and exceed twenty some evidence that the two countries are also expected to hold it seeks to seek it. i love. i
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babbled constitution on people to people exchange always exchanged the kids bikes off the cherry officials oh eight ft x three carries. it is definitely be making preparations and discuss the agenda for gary's at the exact specs you think about much of an old temple now in aj. taiwan's mainland affairs chief awhile he she has completed his four day trip to the chinese mainland on his last job on friday he visited a school set up for the children of taiwan businessmen in shanghai to communicate with the students disabilities one of three across the mainland and is fully funded and managed by organizations in taiwan to school country has around twelve hundred students played she said the aim of this goes on to how taiwan businessmen in the mail and stayed together with death on the east so when these pieces to intimate and have weights quakes contributions to close to wait wait they say of acid rich folk wall street
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communication and cooperation they also the most important place for regional economic integration which both the mainland and taiwan to participate in. still in that cross strait ties coming down on the return man in china is expected to lead a delegation from taiwan to visit chinese mainland next week. then john is also the cabin of a foundation on cross strait peaceful development the spokeswoman for the taiwan affairs office of the state council said an inch i would visit the jihadi imitation of the mainland side from monday to thursday she added that does chinese mainland well comes at a wedding coverage people on two sides of the taiwan strait to this exchange is in constant communication increase neutral on the spending as well as make joint efforts to push forward the development of cross strait ties. turning to the korean peninsula now south korea and the dprk has agreed to have family reunions as checking it at a press conference following high level talks the south
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korean chief delegates that family members will meet from the twentieth to twenty fifth of fabric. south korea dprk have a three hour meeting at the border village of common john on friday meeting came just in two days off to the first round of talks which fail to reach any agreements. the dprk who was demanding and today in an email that read rails between south korea and the united states. so refused a request is saying he cannot blink humanitarian issue of may unions to another tree issue south korea with sand and abbas team to the dprk on set today to the path for the re union of families separated by the korean war. it would be the first such activity in more than three yes. if only so much through the use of every day expresses some are times when retirees a common form stands at the reunion often separate families and the us all scream nature trails are completely separate teachers can all be
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eating. in thailand's two people have been in the top if i crack ethics they did to me a break in buying coke as police started to be taken on the sides in this and take the place crackdown comes off to demonstrate is launched a three month push to unseat prime minister election a lot police launched in the air the prime minister's office and tore down barricades set up by protesters and destroyed some time. it's the coleman house has been cut is the scenes to some eyes protest as company a buy so far there was no immediate sign of resistance but one could pass any downsides to unknown to give out the areas and a control for sale on the friday several anti government demonstrations was a celebrated the good is that the holiday as a monk of the job i have been friends with buddhist monks at a major in two sections take control and the cap toes protest is on to monday
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the prime minister resigned to make way for women only elected people's accounts and to institute anti corruption reforms. many people in indian easy i have been in fact kill eight is awesome and can do to auntie densely populated java island and erupted on friday spewing ash and a gravel on the nearby towns and cities. two people have been killed when their houses collapsed the countries of the panel monitoring agency urged to two hundred thousand people living in the weaving ten kilometers of the crate said to the fab homes rooms from two months and can be had one hundred and thirty kilometers away and so we got to the country's second largest city month period is one of some one hundred and thirty active for ten days in indymedia the country is spreading to the county can drop comes out of quicks because of its location. a was cold and rain of fire the last major eruption that month tooth was in nineteen
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ninety five. to heal and help us to show for you not to see eg valerie moc has called for an urgent resolution to be placed before the security council to help alleviate the suffering of millions of people inside syria. she said some nine million people in the country are in desperate need of humanitarian relief up to three guests of civil war. the lads come as the common and five security council members are at tulips on how to move foliage meanwhile the second round of peace talks in geneva but due to wrap up after another five days of negotiations for more on that let's the cross live to our respondents. we chatted at stake in geneva hello week shed with power expects from the final day of the geneva talks any hope of success. i didn't eat a diet i turned on the wee they begin again at the roundabout eleventh se this is the final day. after that said the eu and mediate said that he
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needs. it will fly two and ye olde for toll said the un headquarters than a briefing with the security council. and the un general secretary ban ki moon. such was his concern that the dough and chill pasted these goals. absolutely no rebounds made more so with that even to agree on a gender upon which the tool to be buddies. betty called in the americans and the russians. that is set to top these supporting id that time the russians and poles supporting the syrian government and that the syrian president backs outside. the americans said very firmly in the camp of the opposition national coalition. so they got so windy jem and the us under secretary of state. and get maddie got to offer the russian deputy prime minister around the table to
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see if they could actually bring some pressure to bed break the ice move that also lives. but unfortunately very little headway was made the disagreements between the americans and the russians married on the ground here. and a few games of the manga does this report. i filed that it makes clear. the daily killing in syria according to the observant rethink human rights is higher now than it was before the peace talks in geneva but on the way. many of the fatalities in st from shrapnel. the barrel homes dropped from helicopters this is on the bearish side social media video of an edge barrel bomb attacks in the rebel held damascus suburb of diarrhea. around a table in geneva the united states and russia pledged help for the stalled peace talks between the syrian government and opposition
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meaning the piece predecessor remains in chinese. with the un mediator told now acknowledges fame yet he is a possibility. sir your daughter is putting out onto the fence. of coz fall of the united nations is concerned we were sent to me and want to. once home and to me. it is a possibility to move forward the two i wasn't told between the russians and the us ended on a positive id of any minute the trace this remains the only did the magic in that. and there we had a savvy told to remain in place. but the optimism here in geneva in very short supply. and on. we judge we know russia has submitted an age often resolution on syria to the un security council
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can damning acts of violence is syria of having unbiased humanitarian and accents would have been the response in in geneva. will the significance is the best of the wedding of batteries in the shade is the word i'm biased because what's a day last month the russian foreign minister has done by tabling that resolution is to come to an eighty s out of an arab and western resolution which said there should be sanctioned and crashes on those who obstruct humanitarian cardinals becomes as you were mentioning and act as valerie aimless the chief to an agency needs an official at the un has said the situation is absolutely desperate. but here in new york the un as here in geneva. we have this bedrock of a wat to do about the syrian government said tuesday that the president
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bashar al assad. it seems that neither side can find a way around the obstacle although the president saying come and see his new role that on the one hand to those who do the night the russians that the west is simply using humanitarian aid as a scene and did the wedge to folsom out. the russians is a longstanding ally that long. that said we have a blockage in new york and have a been a huge hit as well. in geneva. think about much of correspondence which at the stake in geneva. tawny too long to now a global conference to come back in the eco wildlife trade has concluded in the british cop show. it's the first time highs of government and foreign ministers from the ground while and have come together to define and agree ongoing commitments for tackling illicit wild life trafficking. marshall has the story. high level political commitments to take
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urgent action to tackle the legal wife my tray. paint that furry me she'd hit by britain's royal family prince callous and i wish the school term. they are at the forefront of this groundbreaking conference of mobile heads of state and government. graced with them is featured in one of the two new cd was released at the conference. the illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth over ten be the u s dollars a year and it's drastically reduced in many black black populations around the well. chinese part of the global effort and passionate dedication to the comforters same idea to move things i'm always home and to what sophie the chinese government has called on not tackled the vehicle wide eyed strikes the time as being involved in operation called rock has destroyed six homes of illegal ivory troublesome
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lost among all these demonstrate china's determination and creepy in persuading the not to watch every call box in china and the ports deal with delegates have reached a consensus that long enforcement alone cannot protect the wildlife from the demand of me needs of consumers. he fled to safety scandals. we need to address the key month. marshall cctv london. still in the uk the country is bracing itself for even more severe storms just the days up to hurricane force winds but said the man in parts of southwest england tens of thousands of homes will with out how and there are sixteen severe flood warnings were in areas with love which is already caused damage and disruption british prime minister david cameron has vowed to conduct a review into how his country from haskell future floods but that is little consolation for that steel box lingo fled towards this
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not the theory reports. in summary. one of the many areas where it is now impossible to tell what the river and is noteworthy the teens partake in full swing is in the west bringing forward of the two hundred and fifty z is of course unprecedented flooding little pops of that and his body plant trees from the maidens were among those who traveled to help rescue the trapped into the team's thousands of people have now been evacuated. trying to find out the storms of putting that in the lake. the point of thoughts running through the grameen coming through the storm drains and pushing up there with us forty minutes i'd just come to love to throw. we just begun but it isn't about an hour into the kids to ride in some areas there is telling me mom when residents can access that houses the only way to get in and out the base as st is via boats and residents have had to be evacuated at and the people that on he died doing what makes had to get supply but as you can see
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the sobriety is the duty to rear back pack and via the salt and light is he anyway. the signs can be accessed. despite more than two thousand and two personnel being deployed to help mom. it seems some are yet to receive any help from the opal reef he's going to do a few months. the same problem. you can see. it was seas to four year old wants and has lived in agony his entire life that has never seen such said the study closing in on his house doesn't know how much will that his family with this type of snow this weekend. it comes in the house of the electorate guys. that's when we come. repeat on sale now in a week. the gal is why when we had gone to with another. the storm heading across the atlantic to
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the line to teach them. nice to read only seen a storm many thousands more likely to have to abandon their homes. this area is becoming increasingly difficult to live in. that's the theory cctv at them sorry. setting to the sochi winter olympics now joe home on china's fast of a olympic speedskating get mad on thursday beating away in the women's one thousand mead says the ten row long toes in the women's five hundred needs is an assault rifle more on facts. let's cross live to the reports of people bayliss i am paid staff as it was a good day for china in the week. two don't match those of us ever in speedskating tell us more about the sightseeing at actions that. yes you're absolutely correct first ever in long track speedskating that goes to john hung in the one thousand meters. she was a little bit of an outsider she did when art make that a silver medal last month that a world championship event. but she's just thought of as an outsider she stated the seventh in the hearings into the donut break time one
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minute fourteen point zero two seconds and i was able to hold on she actually ended up winning by almost seven tenths of this technique is quite a large margin and it is the first ever in long track speedskating for china it's as good of the day when she lived the gmo in the women's five hundred meter short track. in fact it was quite the race was in it yes you did get older you out of the fugue i saw the race but it was kind of an add on to say she was lucky but the three other skaters built right in front of her she was able to stand up and go a couple rounds and she ends up finishing in first. this is also the third consecutive medal for china in the event before that one mom one in twenty ten in vancouver than two dozen six in torrance of the general gets a gold in that event what kelly expects from ca area a set of facts said she went on and pics. what will stay on the ice but will go to figure skating in
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the men's long program patrick chan is in second he's the reigning world champion he's never won an olympic medal. so he'll be looking to get that right now japan's use or offline you is your leader and also on the mountains in alpine skiing. it will be the men's super combined table a kid he is the favorite buddy miller of america both americans actually will be the favorites in that one much of what's at the cafe as in such a deal would see cctv you stay with us. is
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steve the only. day was lunch and faster though in china and hong kong wine lovers and families to venture out to get that to the catchment and displays on the fifteen day of the fast and in a month of the new etf armament and i went to hong kong's victoria hopper and filed this report i do. i
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don't like to ice his deputy a fourteen month every nineteen years. valentine's day overlaps with the chinese in tenth. the fourteenth of february this year industry that attention to a sushi date which traditionally has come out to meet their beloved ones. to this cnn that are tougher. the theme of the adolescents may just kill me and ended up the company may receive. add chopped salad plan the lancers combined with east and west just to send a message of joy and love the lady just in from different countries but the joke is here with those in the extended lessons later he also said that knoweth god a while. i felt
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the difference to our aid with chinese. the entrance braving the potential of time reading thing. no matter its last four days. it's all a mom out the lunch hour he's the mastermind behind the bench. she's nineteen and has been ten years. these two nations even added to our understanding of god. a film called on the block itself that cheap clothes into the hands. also you home institutional culture. love is still only about two minutes or so we should for happy endings. every relationship with dad the key. he shared his idea of love girlfriends and it carried you in the mountains for valentine's day. he says that led to the awaiting the chinese lady. south korean or japanese. tyler
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made the difference. but the message of love. it's always the same we're getting there is shia. emily. somehow life. i am nothing. it seems that no utility in the nastiest yesterday found a great team duty to kill birds. sudan cctv on trial that's it for this news update on cctv news of hunting in vj on for now. ch they are. i eye. i was. how
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how. chill chill some munchies. she's not into me the tension could be. in the nation's job to time automotive students work on it. from the local branch out to be around employment training. you change the channel can be agreed to a deepak. a recipient of a tv show educational printing project. one day. a project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially low income families the country's growing industry. it's ok to cheat the court's conclusion the curricula upgraded i'm trying to teach. the mission between companies and educational schools are encouraged. students can be placed into the becoming full time employees. here in
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the company we provide an opportunity for students to practice with the new school in a new working environment dinner and the scenery in the bb do some practice at school. here they do it in real work and practice with dinner. munch new students at the castel school. employment placement of graduation. i don't know who he's shown continuing skills. like how when you turn. i mumbled i bought the hat that makes it look good when posting italian leather. to help me in finding that the claimant all about obama and the team meeting government has commissioned to develop into a catch though education. we
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should pull out of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. they will not scratch it. he and meaning moving moving moving the oil in the asia continues. what's next. will its future look much like its pass. lol i'm like wool or washington dc and this is the view. the eight three euro cents and will let the catering notice the airbus wanting spread across a number of countries in the middle east protesters took to the streets demanding social economic and political


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