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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 17, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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i know the stories out of existence our bomb attack towards us or if its border with israel kills three koreans mom wanted to fit an interest the only real leftists like eric he suffered he has been sentenced to twelve years in prison for conspiring to topple the government side north korea trip the mission of north korea's human rights issues its final report into the back there's any legal grounds forty international community interventions and
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redeemed human rights violations. the stores of more than just one tiny. if every seventeen here in korea like from seoul. i need to pay them some limping so much for joining us. we begin with the results of a closely watched core case leftist lawmakers he stopped he has been sentenced to twelve years in prison for conspiring to topple the government with the pro north korean crew. it's the first time a sitting member of parliament has been convicted of such a charge requires a lot has more on the landmark ruling in the country. the birdie is in that's just not make her use the heat of the unified progressive party has been sentenced to twelve years in prison and will be stepped up holding office for ten years
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after its release from prison the ruling handed down by the school and district courts that he violated the national security law and is guilty of beating up and dance and pro north korean group called the revolution a reorganization or are all which was planning to blow up the infrastructure and south korea in the event of an inter korean won the lawmaker was also found guilty of plotting to bomb threat from the government the court said it found pro north korea documents in each session and that he had previously some north korean the three songs off of which are prohibited under the south's national security law. other members of the u p p hoover and trial and similar charges was sentenced to four to seven years in jail. monday's decision follows an intensive investigation that included statements made by a whistleblower from the revolution every organization. the court's fdr had been planning the rebellion since march and that included an armed revolt
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in the capital's holy bull siblings kennedy party and the main opposition democratic party said they supported the verdict what the u p p has criticized it saying that did yesterday gave in to pressure from the government. he is likely to appeal the case continues to deny the accusations against him. speculation on surrounds home monday's verdict might affect another decision currently pending at the constitutional court that being the question of whether the unified progressive party should be dissolved. so on. i mean this just a few months ago until the june local elections independent lawmaker actress who was putting the final touches on the lawn for the new party next month and has a name now the new political vision party which matches his campaign to chart a new course for politics in korea. julian beale has more on its next move independent lawmaker and char siew has taken another step toward launching his new party next
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month. on monday the party finally got a name that matches and vision of shaking up korean politics. it will be called a new political vision party. the name was adopted at a meeting on monday at picking the museum and by every household with a lawmaker outlined his vision for the party with some three hundred supporters in attendance. you are towards the ikea political unity to participation and he was delivered to people not my knees. you would for politics and work in the interests of everyone. at any supporters also established a central steering committee double function a good decision making body ahead of the party's launch next month the committee will be chaired by and a former independent presidential candidate who and to the national assembly in the april by elections. u dun have the chairman of the party's preparatory committee said the party will be the cornerstone of new politics in korea. the new
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political system party will embrace the ideologies of rational conservatives and introspective progresses. we urge people to join us in paving the road to clean clinics in korea in the coming months and then is a small work a ways to boost party membership nationwide ahead of the local elections in june the new political fisher party plans to field candidates for key races in the local elections scheduled for june which will likely spark a three way race with the rulings henry party and the main opposition democratic party. it snowed again. i knew us. in other news that bomb attack on a tourist bus near egypt's border with israel has killed four people including three koreans the dashing government is investigating the incidents in korea's foreign ministry dispatched a delegation to the side of the attack this monday morning. some he has this report. at least four people including me curvy and st on saturday after an explosion
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ripped through a tourist bus near a border crossing between egypt and israel south korea's foreign ministry confirmed that a korean tourists to korean tour guide and he did to the bus driver were killed in explosion. paris berlin gave an anti treaty at a nearby hospital. fifteen survivors have crossed the border into israel. accompanied by a south korean embassy staff member. the bus was carrying thirty five people who are waiting to cross the border to israel after spending a night at sinai. when an armed men suspected to be in his twenties. you love on at the bus. the korean tourist group was reportedly on the twelve eight of diamonds that included stops in turkey egypt and israel the existing government has declared the anti attack and is investigating the case these rally news paper in times of israel reported monday that al qaeda linked islamic group has taken responsibility for
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the bombing on his twitter account from nc to continue attacks and he gets a common origin and military. once the popular tourist destination sinai as being bought by several attacks since the army ousted president mohamed was last july. korea's foreign ministry dispatched a delegation to egypt on monday morning and a blood chilling officials and the korean embassies in each of the trial at the sight of the attack. the ministry also set up a taskforce and held an emergency meeting shortly after the incident was reported to come up with qatar masters. the ministry has issued a special travel writing for it you can practically banker min's from visiting the gym and has passed koreans traveling and exploring neighboring countries israel jordan turkey and saudi arabia to return as soon as possible on sunday at the ends. after a multi national inquiry a un investigative committee issued its report on the dire
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human rights situation in north korea are legends you has more on how the high profile team says the violations deserve a criminal investigation what do you. very warm and to be happening in the car. maybe a bit when people call it a combined with the top. after you're on the station the united nations has concluded that durham and systematic widespread and great violations of human rights in north korea. we did he tell the port police mandate the un commission of inquiry on human rights in north korea had plenty of chances as quote crimes against humanity. we spend most of them were based on policies and decisions made by the north korean regime in an epic maintain a grip on power. the crimes are spread over nine area its violation of freedom of expression
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ideology and religion discrimination based on origin of racism the right to me that meant violations of the right to do. at least two issues regarding the right to life. arbitrary detention torture in violation substantiated to prison camps and abductions of foreigners the three hundred seventy two page report emphasized the need to hold government institutions including north korea state security department and even the supreme leader himself responsible for the crimes and called for fundamental changes within the pantry twenty s human rights conditions in particular the un commission sent the international community has a responsibility to protect north koreans by applying the so called responsibility to protect status to the common estate the report and urged the international community and the human transfer to human rights violations in north korea to the un security council which could keep the weight for criminal prosecution of the north
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korean preaching at an international court. it also called for stronger and continued un efforts to enhance each human rights situation in the north such as setting up an organization that can be in charge of follow up measures to the investigation. the un commission of inquiry is expected to report its results and general meeting of the un commission on human rights on march seventeen and adopted resolution on north korean human rights. later that night. or tissue attributes. we have only three days to go until the start of cross border family re union small final preparations are well underway at the venue up in the north. seoul's unification ministry says it has no plans to provide aid to pyongyang in connection with the events iconic and reports some trees unification ministry said monday that government has no immediate plans to provide theater fertilizer aid to north korea in connection with an upcoming round of
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reunions for families separated since the korean war. unification ministry spokesperson from the villa made the statement monday three days before the first three games for the families in more than three years. and it was from. currently the government is not considering rice and fertilizer aid for north korea in connection with the family reunions. ken did not rule out the possibility of a south sending a nap but said that will depend on the state of india korean relations in the coming months. meanwhile a fifteen member delegation from south korea comprising unification minister officials and members of the red cross arrived at the reading in bed and a gun in the north over the weekend just fine tune the details before the reunion start on thursday for the organizers the weather is the main concern. although snow plows or vermouth most of two meters of snow that's not the reason site last week the ministry said it began snowing again and on and on monday. we should every hand side is accessible
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the education ministry has deployed fifteen heavy duty snow removal vehicles to the site. millions of koreans were separated by the korean war more than six decades ago and some seventy thousand south koreans are waiting to see their loved ones. eighty three of them will have an opportunity to reunite with relatives living in orem on the first round of the sixth a vengeance. on the second round eighty eight north koreans love re unite with family members from the south every unions are symbolic steps toward ending the korean relations as this is the first such events and offers every year. the north has all but run a family reunion last september just days before the event was scheduled to begin cunningham. i means the nation's top off this president not to inhale has ordered her government to ensure the nation's broadcasting industry is not monopolized by and large enterprises. speaking during a status report by the ministry of science ict in future planning and
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the korea coming cases commission on monday the president pointed out that small and midsize companies are losing your share of the broadcasting market because conglomerate said it start in the industry increasing the number of tv channels the home has expressed a concern to set the trend could be detrimental to broadcasting content and increase for writing the president urged officials to come up with ballads policies after broadcasting incoming cases services sector as a great influence on the economy and people's daily lives. curry is cultural ministry has selected this year's brands that best represent the korean wave to us to use and to promote the country's image and the growing international demand for all things korean. two months of this but they are. he's
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launching the scheme is not easy and free and run as an underworld hit us series in chains and afghans and student alike in learning korean english you all in order to meet the rising demand in the midst of politics sports and tourism announced he would expand its support for overseas demand once and for the institutes the ministry said he would please the total number of keen to secure its about the whirl wind of the lovely team one hundred and eighty prentice aitken added seventeen. named after the founding of their kind in the educational institutes were first launched by the government in two thousand five. in addition curry and clutter all centers will get a funding boost to be content with inward foreign locations over the next forty years meanwhile the hanging these he added. a national museum devoted to the korean alphabet and a little bit in humans and center all still get stepped on. if you use the euro. there is a great demand internationally to learn korean waiting lists for foreigners who want to learn korean and cultural
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centers or teens mental institute is usually the three months in some cases it was so popular that some people have to wait five months to keep the bills the ministry also plans to promote the traditional korean folk song idea that the major festival dedicated to that effect of air. he then became part of unesco's intend to look like torture test in two thousand twelve korean martial art is and that the area for guests with an mma. when you're the one to one point in time of the province will be holding its grand opening ceremony on a poetry for it. with its best facilities dedicated to the education training and the state of the popular sport that write that down for hungry at that into one bill is expected to build a foundation for the coming and leaving two dozen fourteen as the country's current invest in its quest to affix at home and abroad. see why ibm years
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we're especially entered weekend of the sochi olympics really cranked up and this monday with six medal events taking place for more on the games we now connect line to be done using the sun on the line from sochi so she so what's the atmosphere over there like me. the new guy allenby five is a lot and that's it i'm calling you at countdown with keith. we even have an account if you think he is still locked in and enjoy other than that of downtown asheville a blind eye at the moment god that he is the mother stopped along the way and the people were taken to the athlete because here's an event that there are black bikini at restaurants and bars everywhere and if this one because russia has been protesting at the curling it
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i've completed overnight. a lot of people i'd like to keep picturing for their team as well. add the shrimp and are happy that the convict or under former queen to attract eat here have garnered the top where the country now as for the lifting of the gains are ongoing with a lot of people are still bleeding with a laugh it up to the most popular and nothing can take it the event of the key which is related to his heating and cooling it known that i had pictured the border pradesh walk up and think you will be on heating. our group and the mind boggling what it will top thirty hit will be key. and you have commented that she doesn't feel about that caught the eye condition that the expert in how it after that the church praying that god may she have the backing of them count clinging to the black belt the people as well. now with the impact of last week at
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the netball club and a lot of the lead up to the accounting and cap. not that that the activists would not think you know she had no trouble finding the perfect condition for her to bring out that we're trying to become the king of life with the again and will be delivering more stories out of the key and lock the day of healing is doing and what happened last night. it will lead us and we look forward to that thinking so much for that update easton ellis our son jason reporting to us live from sochi russia. and there know the medals to celebrate freaking career yet but team russia is in a jovial mood thanks to a former korean speed skater we have more on valentine week and killings is in this do you know what some of the top and dance from sochi. so let's start off with the latest right to delete it is the korean won men's curling team which actually led team usa eleven to two early this afternoon that the victorian team has a little rough road ahead after defeating last week usa teresa semifinals to corinne
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lemon half to beat undefeated canada and other countries will have to lose their remaining matches and a match between korea and canada will start at midnight today. i mean what's the netherlands is celebrating tonight the fifth of every new medals at one event on sunday that attacks me and a record breaking race was in the women's fifteen hundred students. it was all about the war in the twenty four e o of the orient much coming out on top. clocking in at the monthly record of what it is three point five one seconds. the court so friend ron fact that altitude from fourth place in the first time a country has taken the top four places at any offence and an olympic winter games since nineteen seventy two. but a former korean athletes who is now the right to star in russia read i believe that i cannot picture on or i can see it's okie one goal back in two thousand six for korea but now it's getting a lot of attention
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for his status now as a russian name. ray and winning medals for russia that extreme barak time changes that snack nationality to seventy thousand eleven after constant injuries and i'm bitter falling out with for years. kenyan officials to now as the russian hackett's being hailed as a national hero. and after some analysts that the silky. now on saturdays and his works in uniform he won an olympic gold in the men's one thousand meters this year. he also won a bronze in the men's five hundred year floods hack attack last week now after his weakest link was not to say that the police he made the right choice and switching allegiance to this he says he has no regrets about it right here in korea so very disappointing news to learn of this decision to change that nationality but again he has a reason for it. ray and that twenty year old is now the number one have rations
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for ten feet and added this is probably still odd for some strange to see it i'm now wearing a matching uniforms and now working at a russian flag on something that we just have to get use to mount and indeed well let's talk about the middle ray kinsella does this because this recent slew of medals from the netherlands make them at the top the list i knew it not quite though at the canal and that's how do you have the most number of olympic medals at seventeen eighteen and sixteen of those medals actually came from one event but his speech he didn't actually look at the medal standings and during remain on top with seven. i think if i can and are waiting for it and that the land of the planning board and the rest i was running high. korea is at seventeen with three olympic medals won the bronze oneself
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or for that. i try to tell us about some of the upcoming events that spans the team career should be looking for well coming up in just about an average sixteen and oxley and banks at which is today eleven thirty korea time at the final two races at the showcase will feature two korean teams i've seen everything the team and a team that wins twenty fifth now the combined time after all four weeks is what determines the final standings. so team korea fiancee can share on for at least four man race here. now let's take a look at the ranch the schedule for today. the it's the two at fort is second only for those updates and will see you back here tomorrow. i see you. i write now what the other sports news the pga tour's northern trust open keep a
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close over the weekend and it was american bubba watson who hung on to winger stephen kaye joins us in this sports center with the details below that. hey guys this right watson had a brilliant final rounds coming up to win after starting four shots behind the leader. the victory the nz when the streak that started back in two thousand and twelve. he was in under par going to ground floor there the whole foreign parties on the front nine i hold the lead and held on and by winning the northern trust open he said the two year forty one four inch rounds that followed his twenty twelve masters victory nobody to the hardcourt the east al gore and the west in this year's all star game for their first win in four years and as expected it was a high scoring affair in the nba east overcame an eighteen point deficit in the second half to win one sixty three to one fifty five
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now several records were broken here. the one hundred and sixty three points scored by these is the most fourteenth. while the combined score of three hundred and eight. he has the highest ever points total at the all star game meanwhile cliff lee's kyrie irving was named the ndp with his thirty one points and fourteen assists. and andy also took all the fun has announced that the will conduct a dope and tests on all players participating in the upcoming brazil world cup the chief medical officer jim read the full rack said that the teams and players would undergo surprise testing any time between march first and the world cup kick off in june. still conduct blood and urine test to look for any banned substances in a player spot and that does for me here to sportscenter this has been saving checked out the bag at midnight for the latest olympics updates anymore so i'll see you then. fan. to
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the asians east coast guard a brief break from the snow over the weekend but the snow is back. that's right and for more let's turn things over try kimball down at the weather center. notice how are we looking at. while heavy snowfall advisories have been a shift for kyla no province and the bounce is that a few islands. tomorrow the mountains of taking it could get up to ten to thirty
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centimeters of snow and the island and kelvin from the province is five to twenty centimeters. this round of snow is forecast to continue their thursday said those entities the street and secure up to prevent further damage as it currently doesn't read and i seeing snow showers due to westerly winds. assets they hold for ten million us dollars worth of damage has been aborted due to last week's blast. its now and maybe i worry that more gadgets may be done after midnight now. that month but that is what if anything above three times in all the love of fine dust of children and the elder these to take action. looking on to tomorrow's readings solid tops out at seven degrees meanwhile a twenty per cent and six. building on sale at every since. it will be a cloudy day on taking the moms will do and non combatants at one and minus ninety three suspected the less i have read this hour but after you again after midnight and
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after broadcast on this monday nights and eat again sold them from when things were watching will cease however it will multiply it's like. holds up enough good things sports this to somebody who isn't. thus you
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can watch any seaworld you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in
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peace. i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace today to search makes the network. i am. you may choose to st kitts was in the region. cos breaking news on wednesday. so much whether either or situation stocks. good news you we
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will . your chantilly did appear set to meet his face close up grabbed the shortness of breath or burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure the symptoms are indicative of the soon to happen heart attack. prison officials say they'll not help russian police cars and ceo sure that within the county oy


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