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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 19, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the stories they're making headlines at this gallery are blessed to stay away from the first round of inter korean family of reviewing its a title of eighty two family members and it's doubtful be heading to north korea's man could have restored the thirsty morning to meet their loved ones for the first time in six decades six ecr korea stickers eating quinoa keen and that begins her expensive olympic gold in the short program later tonight. demonstrators filled the streets of kiev again one day after that deadly stay at the anti government protests in that
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picture cancer community voice is great concerts and calls for immediate talks with the opposition the stories and more in the next stop on time meters welcome to primetime year sets wednesday factory nineteen here in korea a line from small and watch and cheer him and then you can think of for twenty years southern north korea was uber unions for the peninsula's war torn families on thursday the first time in more than three years and on wednesday at the landmark event dozens of elderly south koreans gathered near the inter korean border to ready themselves for a meeting he had been waiting for for decades. hardly any reports from some show eighty three
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year old and she knew who he is right and thursday for the first time in sixty three years assuming the wednesday into a few years ago. i don't mean that tomorrow for the first time since the korean war corporate can feel. spoons of my life. this will be the first and the last time for me and my brother will sixty three years has passed already considering how long i have to live. this will be my only chance. i guess. he is twenty eight to an earlier south koreans who gather in a resort near the east for its guests who joined wednesday one day before a celtic cross heavily fortified border only fifty on its way into north korea. it will be the first reading in more than three years to the team selected by him. south korean red cross and initially a really nice for a three south koreans. but what happened the last few health problems this has only highlighted
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the fact that timing is right that it contains less to buy the least. and the chief instructor and red cross is fully aware. on to the fbi and state originally eighty three separated family members were supposed to come but one has caused issues of the total number now stands at eighty two but twenty six of them are over the age of ninety. it has been three years and four months since our last encounter with arid north of delegates and this will provide us the opportunity to meet face to face and share our opinions on a humanitarian disaster. earlier today to the union for two stage wins to help detectives conducted by the medical staff that will be traveling with anti north korea and received a brief lecture on the teens and don't let their relatives in north korea. at about eight am thursday morning in the eighty two south koreans in their families will border the stand before the cross border ties it all fits in
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with some which is about an hour and a half drive from here. and then crossed into north korea at ten pm korean time. every means to get that during the afternoon will be bittersweet as the chances of any of the device he remembers meeting and arm are slanted. it's not nice. when going on itn news spoke to fresh on the heels of a skating united nations report about the human rights situation in north korea at the south korean parliament re committee in charge of foreign affairs met wednesday to discuss pending bills are for the matter. but as are two new reports lawmakers of the rival parties had different ideas about how they should proceed lawmakers from the rulings had a party and the main opposition democratic party short clear differences over pending north korea's human rights bills. i was a sport affairs education committee. this painting parties for meter
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take the mindset pass it should come sooner rather than later. the north korean human rights and those stupid as soon as possible that the un has already urged north korea to stop by the people's rights and for time and stop the repatriation of north korean refugees. these are the ones at the forefront on the two parties had each submitted by bill since two thousand and five calling for measures that would improve the lives of the north korean people. the standard party's proposals have nearly called for documenting human rights situation in north korea supporting human rights activities and helping groups and eight north korean defectors. the deep peace proposals have focused more on supporting cooperation between the south and north of providing humanitarian aid well democratic party lawmaker tomtom they're welcome to discussions on the bills he said the timing was inappropriate. both parties to go ahead and talk about the pending bills of legislating that may affect north korea's attitude toward south korea. especially at a
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time when we are going up there with the family reunions and releases with north korea are improving political analysts say the opposition party's stance reflects concerns that a hardline approach to the north korean human rights situation could anger can get a worsening relations although the parliamentary committee of lawmakers did not agree on legislating the bills just yet. he did agree to proceed with fine tuning them. the us and japan adopted legislation on the north korean human rights situation in two thousand and four and two thousand and six respectively. snow again. i did onions. the islamist militant group responsible for sunday's bus bombing in northeastern egypt that killed four people including three koreans has warned all tourists to leave the sinai peninsula by thursday or risk being subject to further attacks. meanwhile the first crepe ff team korean survivors returned home wednesday evening came and
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then reports the juicy goodness as it is doing all it can to protect forests in the wake of a threat. but are totally disarmed smoking group. for all tours leave the country but thursday or be subject to further tax forgiveness is not sure the authenticity of the threat. also on twitter account affiliated with the group but said it has taken extra precautions the system prime minister some of the bodies said on state television that the group on side b i'm off this is becoming a threat to foreign ports in the country the sun is who claims to be responsible for the suicide attack on sunday that killed four people including three koreans an egyptian victorian government has issued a travel warning for to sinai peninsula and is working to find out whether they are still in the korean ports in the region the korean foreign ministry says it is doing ot can tell covered the motive for the attack. when you're working with the egyptian government and the international community to learn the reasons behind the attack. three government
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officials. that's the scene after the attack are truly working to help the koreans who survived intact and sure to get home safely. the first group of fifteen survivors arrived in korea on wednesday what other half are scheduled to return home on thursday. as for the three korean nationals to die their families are truly new chip will return to korea with their bodies so. in a bin. aiden is. but the housing market here in the nation sputtering along the land ministry has some ideas about how to get back on track. ministry officials laid out their plans and a status report to the president earlier today a kenyan pastor the chips during a policy briefing at the presidential office and holiday home wednesday the ministry of land that time aided by any call for revitalizing the housing market by using restrictions the cakes including a number of measures regarding the re construction of houses of
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the ministry said there is a need to scale back on some the policies and police back in two thousand steaks that were put into place to park housing speculation that the policy the policy that requires homeowners to pay back some of monday's gains are rising house prices after renovations. in each household to buying just one house in some areas of us all that hard in the area would also no longer apply industry also wants he said eligibility for government backed mortgage loans to improve more homebuyers first time buyers echo the only eligible for those that interest rates in the one percent means over to change those have not owned a house for five years would be eligible as well the ministry teams to meet rental housing available to ninety thousand hostels six year age of five hundred thousand hostels for the year twenty seventeen set of measures is being introduced in part to counter soaring housing rental prices have risen since two thousand needs. the goal is to eat
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the imbalance between supply and demand in terms of rental system we need to curb the act that requires one large amounts of deposits that has overseen the needs of faltering housing market has been a major issue for economic policy meters as more than half the greenhouse was axed its iron grill s states. because of that many fear that erode housing market can have a negative impact of any cheese consumption which makes up a majority of the neatest gross domestic product and see on the ends. the road. things are not looking good in ukraine at least twenty five people were killed and hundreds more injured during clashes between anti government protesters and riot police in kiev ukraine on tuesday. this by far the worst violence seen the capital system mass protests erupted three months ago the leaders on both sides of the spirit to remain far
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apart are pulling the reports clashes between y police and protesters in the capital of ukraine have resulted in the deaths of at least twenty five people which order forty one others suffering injuries according to the health ministry. it's the worst outbreak of violence since demonstrations erupted again president victor gannett co fishbowl weeks ago. on tuesday ukrainian police charged thousands of protesters at the capital's independence square. using a rubber bullets smoke and stun grenades. earlier the authorities had said protesters in early deadline to leave the area or peace quote top nature the demonstrators responded by throwing petrol bombs fireworks and stones at police. opposition leader vitali klitschko told with an intro to be the central square. your son twenty five thousand protesters to defend the camp saying they were there to stay. tuesday's events erupted after demonstrators attempted to march on parliament demanding
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constitutional reform unfortunately there seems to be no progress being made regarding the matter. if proposed a constitutional amendment which hasn't even been submitted. but still held emergency talks with pressing an echo which is officer early wednesday however he returned to central kiev square without any agreement on ending the violence. followingt said t that the protesters were to blame for the deadly violence and called on opposition leaders to distance themselves from radical forces. the international community has called on those signs to show restraint with the us saying he was appalled by the violence. forty audio mix. an mtv korea's only global broadcasting network will be available across the usda leading broadcast service provider directv starting thursday. this is added and a potential audience and eleven million while viewers will gain a bigger window into korean
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culture. again uses beauty and has more i t t which currently reaches more than one hundred and twelve million households across the globe will still be available to a new audience in the worst in the united states. starting thursday the korean broadcaster will become the first and only agent i'll add it to the interest programming line up of us based broadcast satellite service provider directv. i didn't eat he will be available on directv channel two thousand ninety five across the us team more than half of the titles twenty million subscribers all other asian titles are included and directly these international packages which requires an extra subscription fee. i then tv is quite the english package as i reached the mainstream us audience. i did and he will be providing programs that target the growing asian americans what gets you further permits korea and korean culture and that
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you're last. they did come up to date news and documentaries to drown the content for teammates. to commemorate the launch of the service on every state president talking they will be delivering and on the air congratulatory message. which is expected to express her cope with that idea and tv becomes a bridge between korea and the united states their friendship and trust directv is one of the world's leading providers of digital television entertainment services and how the customer base of twenty million in the new class in more than seventeen million and latin america to its two hundred and ninety five titles. yet even us the it was just five days remaining until the curtain comes down on the sochi winter with pics more and more attention is being drawn
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to that next week the teams which will take place in the korean resort town of help. light to learn more about the next tent city in paris this special place at olympic park to get a preview our olympics correspondence going to sound pompous report from sketchy. the spirit of chili paste is alive and well in sochi. that just a few minutes after entering olympic park. you can also get a sense of what the twenty ten winter games will be like. one day mom and used an eleven minute and happenings as it was landing in mind who went with my cat with nine. more here the upturn chance location on the korean peninsula experiencing korean medicine to watching culture performances every day visitors can get better idea
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of the city and nation the content linked or that the camps. the venue is especially popular among russians were curious about the city don't take the reins in four years. i need. with that. now i am excited. in the league. and it's not too girly. think about hometown athletes with our ear after their teams at swansea greenhouse and their sights on part time. insert their families. wear your hair very very bad. like that. by that. after one thousand visitor mark on saturday celtic house is rising as a must see spot among the bands viewing is intent on over fifteen thousand visitors
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stop by at the thompson house again he made one out of five people in island park track by taking surprisingly interested after viewing the exhibition. more than five hundred russians have already requested that the plot to volunteer at the two thousand eight hundred candidates. i'm a single meal. this in a break to ponder one thousand eight hundred to come ten house for twenty eighteen week to sears on the end. born a free flight to and from the gayness. if taylor wants to volunteer at the tweaking gates. total time. i can use so t. well this last eighteen korea has two gold medals one silver and one bronze in sochi. the latest poll coming from yesterday's exciting three thousand meter relay for the ladies ride tonight it'll be a different kind of event one that involves of course of medicine but greece and artistry as well from pre teen i know we'll get to the center fell into night
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they should perform sin in the short program. for more on this and other stories we have connie week joining us tonight. so let's start with the netherlands. yet such athletes are making quite a lot of headlines at this year's olympics you're absolutely right that vector art dominate this year absence especially in speed skating and take their spirit twenty seven metal copper tin speaking at the olympics. and that's been taking that into the path. their latest win and speedskating and that ten thousand meter race from tuesday and this race is the longest beach in advance twenty five laps to be exact but indiana during person i helped derail and took gold in a new olympic record of twelve minutes forty four point four five seconds. his teammates ben kramer and bought the young also did well taking home the silver and bronze respectively. and let's not forget about the korean athletes are any olympic champion friend thank you for your absolutely right
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through his own. so when we can see here are the gold medalists from the twenty ten olympics and a record setter from bad to actually finish for three days here at the twenty five girl can not defend his olympic title in as the loss of esteem and an antique or scan of the race but don't want to give him credit for finishing fourth at sushi. now let's get off the ice rink for then go to the slopes this year so she lent it to me had a new sport introduce the scheme halfpipe event county is the american beat the lions to come the first gold medal and disinfected with as an added two points on its first run now half price. ps you can see here is a sport that includes performing tricks while going down that night as you can imagine is that the status of fort sill athletes are required to wear the helmets. and tonight is to make that many people especially koreans are booked in for tea with the features in the short program. well i think you know winning is
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like taking off and wing it twice is like blending the plane and manning is of course much harder a feat to accomplish and you can actually have some younger competitors out there i mean kenyan eyes only twenty three twenty four years old and this container for from russia. just fifteen. you're absolutely right when they start program which is starting in less than two hours from now to me and i'll be performing seventeen and thirty contenders and twenty three year old campbell hall to defend her olympic title this year and silky. he knows he says this is her last film and cakes. so all my advisor senate heard to win back to back titles. he said. daniel barry is agnew a new young stars from the rash on her name is you yet witnessed the idea that a young thirteen year old this was to be seen and as tough competition this year and crt wine at a gold medal last week with her team offense so a lot of expectations are ready for a fifteen year old delia when the sky and of course nana lived in cali
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last year and you as her black rifle is japan's and i love simon gray and mouse that i've seen that it will actually cut thirty it lasts and that they contend there is any team in nineteen seventy. we are thinking and i should practicing with the scalia official have to see something like when this guy have a look next olympics that is livid about the current medal standings on one journey still remains on top at like eight gold medals and the second phrase actually has been changing each day at nineteen ninety having norway and the second spot with seven gold medals in the netherlands. that and that the us with the score at all. i remained in the top five and three at the end how would you call it an a total of four olympic medals wanting to catch some gains
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after disney's past the answer to the back tomorrow with more will thank you so much for coming in and keeping us up to date it so one man army job in getting the bang up job to do so much that the elites. now let's shift our attention to other sports outside of the winter games starting with football to commit a player's every toy in the south korean men's national team for that and more on their upcoming friendly. we have steven shed joining us and the sports center. hello there. the ice manager for millwall and built his roster for korea is a match against greece and two big names are back in grant park chu young and how do the long overlooked by coach known for his lack of playing time overseas. twenty eight year old pot is getting his final chance to play. yes
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twenty three goals in sixteen sixty one international matches. so if he's in top form he can be a huge asset meanwhile top a national team that was also chosen on the twenty four man roster to compete with a left back spot now thirty three years old he last played for korea in the world cup qualifier about twenty seven months ago. and speaking of the world cup the thought has given a reprieve to the brazilian city of current shiva allowing you to remain as one of the twelve host cities the currency the stadium was one of the six men use that missed the initial december thirty first the deadline and faced the axe might be the secretary general jerome fault said they would in fact coast four matches as planned bill you would have to maintain the frenetic pace to be completed by the middle of may. now want to golf the wgc accenture match play championship is about to open and without tiger or phil playing a certain irishman
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has been named the favorite with close to one betting odds. rory mcilroy ranked seventh in the world has been pegged to lift the trophy and the winner share of one point five million box at the matchplay for nate and brackets are set for the sixty four top golfers will battle it out one on one until only one remains as a champion. and that does for me here to sportscenter this has been seeded czech house you back here at midnight with more from the world of sports the eye. i used the name. i can. i couldn't
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use it. i do. use. it's the eye. three james finally got a break from the snow today they understand that snow is on its way to mt and then with the family reunions will take place tomorrow and for cheetos let's go over to eric campbell young at the weather center. forgot to fill us in the evening guys while it doesn't look like the weather is going to fully cooperate. from tomorrow through friday mountain that is forecast to get to seven centimeters of snow the snowfall will mostly be concentrated from tomorrow afternoon through friday early morning. but the good news is that faraday shaping up to be yes anyone taking a leg at the current conditions where at the end of a high pressure system from nine am which is why we're seeing cloudy skies across the map
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for those of you good and now today is abortion which is one of the twenty four indicators marking the beginning of spring. this is appropriate because the east coast present as snow free day today. as for tomorrow an added sense of wonder province to province will get one to five centimeters of snow. the rest of the nation will enjoy the mild winter weather conditions in the late sixth day of a mars readings solid peak at sixty three sq mi ma and g went for a time hit eighty and ten degrees respectively. building on sale at every since. as an incentive to make it to eight degrees while port phillip outside atmosphere. well that's all for now but i'll be back to what updates after midnight. all bets are broadcast on this wednesday night and what insurance tell him and daniel chan thank you for watching. we'll see you soon. to the bookseller
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oscar contenders ukrainian opposition to the interests of saving to prevent the debt refinancing. so be it considers the launching such as the days he had bought twenty five people have been killed in march. most of the victims died from gunshot ones while firearms explosives and lots of cocktails are among the wind also no weaponry used by the chemistry. in other news this hour and could not listen to meet with francois caught on to talk him into a


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