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tv   RT News  PBS  February 23, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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the show breaks the record for mammals at winter olympics it's now unbeatable at the games after the men's cross country teams swept the entire believe their finals and the highlights in just a minute here to nashville. saturday was torched and transport and deadly battles in kiev for me to the worst political crisis ukrainian see what the opposition taking control parliament in ruins the president calls a cloak also. singer friends all over that bring chaos and cookies it appears that putin is
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stifling ukraine. anti russian rhetoric takes center stage in western coverage of events in ukraine. despite the fact it's the eu and the u s politicians who were most frequent visitors to kiev during the protests. and our team best against the reasons behind the number of suicides among senior bankers to find out what could've pushed them to the action. the goal. it's three pm i get what you get attached with me every day count. well there's absolutely no wind to stop russia at this point in such a winter olympics the home team have excelled and have now won the leaderboard breaking some historic records along the way. and i
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were down to the snow in our sucky studio for the very latest the big day for the brass and seeing d the host nation that not only now unbeatable on the overall table with thirty two medals overall. it's also the only country to win that many medals inventor of the pics history fans can breathe a sigh of relief enjoy the magic moment knowing their team will be on top of the closing ceremony tonight andrew farmer has more now on how this triumph came about. wanted to include it in eastern russia. these games and one c3 in the cross country skiing them and speak to the moment and it stops my gold medal. i've extended the philippines and russia have twelve gold medals at these games that means they are and try to pull out the top of that to my post title on the very fun with daddy. what's more it's the best performance of winter knit picks were brushed it seems that since
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the fourth of the soviet union the previous best and that the gold medal to feel how much that was back in nineteen ninety four but they don't want that to more lake city to more impressed if they could get in there that the self made in the four month old site. santa had to cope and making the russian white dad that with just a couple more runs to guide my amaths the end it by the performance of russia these gangs week after him and that that is for it to get a title like to thank me but with the worst performance at the russian team that went in and takes them any kind of like beef poultry three don't let them some fake money squadron pull out of the can still get it that seems to be questioned many people rushed off my list is possible though since sunday to come. russia has performed a notable for its pulpit that the disposal personnel the cruelty tight jeans that don't run youth is that it cease to athletes and eight and the repeated reports of fact these games have been staggering that the record breaking feats dots to phoenix. the extended
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two looks really late in the least expensive the least complex. one of them are a small splinter and takes the knees. again stunning backdrops gripping stories of heartbreak and chilly and it still attend the placings rush's bread machine taking seconds the line to the nation's home. and if placing it days later with a quarter final exit. russian biggest date is the will it easy with a veteran in the oaks to helping them to the festive eighteen killed i will feel weak buckled under a bad back and media hype. keep on calling the shield is on the corner of this god is often showing take a country and plans to new and in the comics the ups and bangs can pick and fonts. inside each new machines. an american who destroyed the inspectors night boarding gold for the highs lows and the rain
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slicked to glory. in short run. during the night. these new adopted country. these shoes so are the amazing hollywood like stories such as the cheese to keep means teaching will reply. and should be remanded on off to uni because i finally get his act iv the black sea the father. aunty. salty the winter games have been full of unexpected victory and surprises and disappointments and you get past that tell us what were the most memorable for you the dart his facebook page to post your ideas and the men were found and tough luck moments are all a part of olympic history as well you can also share your opinion on twitter with the past had mine so few moments. the vessel be read out during our special coverage of the closing ceremony. later tonight so here we are the final day of the olympics and we're keeping you up to date with
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the games right up till the closing ceremony stayed with our tea from sixty the judge when to fourteen thomas and antonin. now i can make. the sochi twenty fourteen. all the arts. and ukraine now which has seen the most turbulent week in its modern history. right now to looking at the latest pictures coming out of the green capital kiev where parliament has just can't presidential power to newly elected speaker and acts as the whereabouts of the creative cottage who never stood down or may not know all this chaos that may refer to as the cool fall days of violent clashes that left dozens of people get hurt easily to cast he has been on the epicenter for albion rest. all will break loose and coupons used a circle awards was seemingly
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reached all of a sudden greatest capital was plunged into the worst when it suits him so far. homeless hundred dead. the central streets of one of europe's finest he's looking like a war zone and start shooting for group tours including our group what we have now is that you have to read eco had elements that we have the ready come all the meat in small banner which is somehow spirits than that. revenge by especially studies teacher using snipers and so on. which is no one told me that by the head in the hope of the sun knew that by the way it's the ira. we saw everything went out of control just two days late it was still didn't seem to resonate because concessions yet but will forgive any elected official the government and return to parliamentary republic the four greek war of the protest did not buy it he's the president does not
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buy any. go on an armed siege i swear. woolworths added the words nothing that the storm. will the police were gone. the ruling party has completely lost control over the capital. that's the magistrates building which is to be people be the most protected governmental building in the hope vi of the biggest fights in the first pages of the protests happened yet now if you can see we are taking on an expression it is no longer controlled by the police of the government the protesters have opened by this building as well this means that the sea of which will never get back out as pets. the reader has retreated to the east of ukraine was our duty if i didn't even offer me something that parliament the season recognizes me and my overwhelming majority announced that an election soon. it is with older technologies the most part to spend the least try it. this is my strong doing it. i will do everything to prevent my country from splitting up some lunch and went from bad to worse. he's in our normal
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human flesh wonderful present or future relation to incidents where. yet the budget rental seemed to be the voice that changed everything. you're here and there is the best in this country has formal dresses are in high spirits and give the east and south of the country seem to be different. so governments and constitutional power. wake up in the country. mix your shirts keen on seeing people people in ukraine. what if the map to get an idea of just how much of the crane post a change of leadership in the capital south east of other countries made up of ten regions and is home to half of the country's population and the hands of those regions to gather it's a heart cath this weekend to express their disapproval of the course of events to be in the capital kiev. on tuesday to local authorities are in charge of all political decisions on the ground in these regions. we have to
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protect them and we think that the central authorities are powerless and that the decisions cannot be considered constitutional the dry earth taking over the capital is not the only thing people in the east of the country are angry about there's also a widespread feeling of betrayal falling present the other cottages concessions and he's fleeing the capital. i'm so disgusted by the actions of the president. i never thought he'd been in the jv ukrainian people. michael but he told them it's the end. a clear example of the division in ukraine as two people in different parts the country see as the heroes of the past days and if the picture a story that you're looking at where rioters killed in clashes are being honored meanwhile eastern parts of ukraine are remembering those who stood to protect law and order the city. officers were given a hero's welcome by crowds of cheering well wishers. they had been sent as reinforcements to help quell the violence in
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the capital kiev. now the protest itself the capital met little support in southeastern parts of the country with people they are fearing a rise of radical movements of twenty policemen were reportedly killed him when he went against everything down to arms was just fields and towns. all the experts have been quite liking the roles the eu and us have played in ukraine some respite from most western media has been the russian president and has been there all along blame russia for all the bad things happening in ukraine has become the main scene with mainstream coverage. and that's despite the fact that the president's distance himself from the situation from the onset. i did this to jordan explains the bleeding team the western mainstream media player. as if held at the tasting of friends all over the coming chaos routine. deadly anti government classes in kiev have turned into yet another reason to obsess over two
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hours dan ross coverage of ukraine fit the larger picture of the american media having cold war attitudes about russia. he doesn't represent anything except the foundation for an authoritarian state. this is wrong. they have watched him for decades who to blame for everything the american media from the threat of terrorism the world of global warming enough for you cry. me i'm determined to criticize one man as if possessed the united states is looking to propaganda as the population as much as possible in making russia and specifically putin into the enemy. nevermind the fact that putin is essentially on the outside looking in especially considering the fact that they had a tremendous financial investment on the line in ukraine actual facts of left the building contacts in depth analysis of brushed aside it appears that putin is stifling ukraine not recorder was approved. why do they have to choose. and it's
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kind of economic needs in europe. that was rejected by the works. instead its headlines like these better taking center stage than the superficial attention grabbing and eight driven media coverage is familiar especially when it involves events so far from the left and so close to russia. most americans who are in the media don't know anything about the ukraine they don't know much of anything about former countries that were part of the soviet union. i don't think the american press including me. has he inaccurately reported that vlad and therefore highly questionable as the battle of words into one starring in a transaction receipt in the western media. it was sucha good on t v or less political can strains in ukraine the country's economy is more fragile than ever russia is suspending its bailout payments until a new government is formed and the international monetary fund has also said it's unclear who would talk to about providing financial aid
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their concerns are understandable some of the protests the years have a disturbing record and their fears such people can end up in our. as long as i knew it i will fight against you scold me. russians don't get it. the sinhalese and there were six counties of the year off bob writes nationalist party in western ukraine which played a key part in taking forward he got his long been an member of the ultra nationalist movements and despite being a ukrainian citizen during detention awards went to the caucasus the fight against russian forces alongside a he's openly boasted he personally hit several tanks and armored vehicles. russian media believes he was responsible for the slaughter of a group of marines. he also notorious for his criminal activity and is believed to have been behind the sensation can on these visits harder and spend several years in prison for kidnapping. despite this record it was a skunk ran for parliament. just a couple of years ago and once leader of
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the protest or that it'll work the ukrainian capital well chloe to the new updates on the turbulent situation in ukraine throughout the day here in its international and aaron lying on your website your comment via our twitter feed warne's the your way to sell including pressure from the top. the actual life taken the fight in five minutes. this is a deeply dysfunctional system the financial world is shaken by series of suicide over recent weeks actually looks at why some are struggling to deal with a high stakes competition plots as i can not increase as america's presence in africa with hundreds of millions spent on military bases on the continent. the reports on
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what's behind the move the eye the loser will be visiting depression eye sixty one to have a different view of life. are you sick. want to do with it the u s the bulldogs. chivas goal line. she was. you can use that to be grateful. to access keys off. i do. i am
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and. the eye the eye. which meant international know where the african continent increasingly the sights of the u s hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped into its military presence in the air. classy can see here on this map american military bases are already spread across the continents were the main outpost in the north of somalia. johnson thousands of soldiers are being poured into africa know what the pentagon citing its fight against rising extremist groups assert his policy
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reports or maybe some other ghana behind a military boots hundreds of millions of american gardens of feeling into africa. as the painted gone up since spending on the continent is plenty of small materials yet. nigeria a case in point. the west african nation is america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil accounting for eleven to st for us oil imports. then the man hasn't convinced me to do that. they have the basis of what's been going down the circle and the need to put to death. and that's a nice rafsanjani is the real reason for us to expansion in africa. not to bring democracy. not to hope that local populations. but to protect american interests and justify the reasons for being here the wa government's in this area which is to know that i'm not so note that come to
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the teeth as chrissy and off course no dependants. da. it is a shaker to meet up with surprises in the twenty s now provided to know that it's knitting up so hard to come for imported see. resist to city county and city at africa is built into a few nice pieces and a growing constellation of small american colonel kurtz the ammonia north of somalia has been america's main facility on the continent from the new decade. it houses about four files and medically and civilian personnel. but at the end of last year it was forced to stop line drawings in the area off the string of crashes and growing anger locals. the news. us forces are getting stretched very thin. they're being tasked with conditions will be on their numerical and logistics capability right now. they knew. all foreign interventions. is that the new conflicts expand through and all the next thing you notice the leader
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of troops and money does sustain these missions us take the kids ate junk and he says is happening in africa is so exciting overall. and we are really deeply engaged in and then the president the has instructed us that to really try that light our fire under our efforts. and throughout the continent what's not so exciting is the growth of as an anti with groups across the continent. thousands of american soldiers on gearing up for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise african manatees to deal with that great. it's not increasing those who live here yet and lonely. the americans is still to come on terrorism in afghanistan or anywhere else and to see more often here in west africa is likely that the presence of leaving bring the terrorists trip to senegal for that reason does coke elation saying well the school and meets be a
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good friend united states media types of investment rushed into my security forces the quantity of senegalese people. we risk losing an awful lot as well a number of african leaders have expressed concern about the potential menace to my station of the continent fearful that america's expanding presence will bode badly for africa and the people. was he an auntie we spoke to journalists the words freeman who has written extensively on african affairs and he believes that an influx of us troops to the continent is potentially destabilizing the situation on the ground started as an american sentiments. we spend over a billion dollars suppose lead in counterterrorism security in the south aisle. west africa north africa. and we've seen the molly was awful the year ago we've seen a risible prahran. we commited the caffeine criminal stupidity of overflowing. president of the feed to how it is to carry helping look at
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the central african republic is being destroyed. it doesn't all of it almost doesn't exist anymore. what can i carry. look at south sudan. look at while you still fighting terrorism in northern mali with french troops to war this money tight that is being spent. it might better be spent the building wounds building any new power plants until rewarded development projects and actually up with a population of the eu refused to do that we have a military only policy right now. africa can feed itself and could provide food for the rest of the world. if we develop key west and how he has actually been a genocidal policy. that is to allow people to die from salmon for more than from disease rather than developing these countries the stories from around the world in turkey found the protesters have clashed with police in the center of a stable several people have been arrested demonstrators
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were rally against legislation which is meant to tie in government controlled the country that many feared the move. one can find freedom of speech. similar rallies were also held in ankara earlier this year. six police officers and four protesters have been injured during a rally that turned violent in the french city of lille and some twenty five thousand people vanity or anger over the construction of a nearby airport demonstrators set fire to construction vehicles and three stones at police who responded with tear gas and water cannon. thus the sign to shaking the financial world finds senior banking executives have killed themselves all within one week. of course contests for silly investigates now what may lie behind thier dance time to grab headlines. ba which happened within a week the of the big investment banks they worked for the senior positions they held a nature of the deaths
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were all pretty once again graced questions. about this the large movement to free the global economy to its knees. two thousand a financial crisis. michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls themself a recovering banker knew his world well it still extraordinarily competitive and so bogus. profit above all on consumer transaction living room. like st pressure turns coal into diamonds in extreme pressure can both excel in human achievement in some cases bring people to pressure and calling the shots the form of buying and we caught them i am and have no interest in the people it affects. i'm the calls in the center meeting said responsible to investors and stockholders you make a moral decisions without thinking about the impacts of the house on the people of job losses people these indictments on in staples pressure to rake
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in profits the pressure to put in more hours than your peers. after this the recent death of big firms that tried to ease tension by telling the junior staff to take more time off for at least to try not to work on weekends. it is connected to a happy weekend off but also makes a ton of money and ultimately needed money to keep you around. so the strike me as a real solutions. your assignment i expect to hear de mystifying bankers interviewed dozens of finance workers on the condition of anonymity. the degree to which bankers are trapped i've been reading a really important finding of it. we keep on rejecting this idea went with us. most of the universe. they have everything we want but if you look at the actual life taken the fight in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional and ought to be abusive system. so this is mealtime who work in banking the army. to own up to one
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month's olympics. sir city our team monday. the record on the green revelations of how big pharmaceutical companies boost your profits dc was here and internationally the room. her recently swiss voters nearly passed a referendum to put a strict quota back on immigration. so too is a role to the small country and some estimate that almost a quarter of the population is made up of immigrants from eu countries. that is a lot of people as most are worried that increased foreigners will also mean increased crime rate prices were the state and erode traditional local culture as modern immigration almost always does. this is populations democratic choice for strict immigration isn't actually being blasted by the eu were asked what threats to cancel bilateral agreements. how do you have a
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different version of democracy between the eu have switzerland. how dare you i don't think this event will have much effect on the eu bureaucratic machine. nothing could make them change their hyper liberal minds. i think this was anti immigration referendum will have a huge effect on local populations in countries like germany and uk which are seen horrible effects of open borders and growing anti eu sentiment as i speak. i don't like to make predictions. i think a lot of disenfranchised people cross the eu are going to become quite jealous of this was smoke and demand the same type of changes at home. . . .m almost every culture has a traditional bread and that's no different for the native americans one here today marks the cafe at the national museum of the american indian to find out. it is very simple it's
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about for the whole thing there is flour salt sugar as well. mix lightly. that whole deal. what does that starbucks to get about a breakthrough. so we don't get it over mix. so once i got it comes together. though it's not like a normal red dye which thankfully had a whole flock together. it's the kind of gotten a lot of stuff that they will but a lot on our porch. well a small piece laugh if you're just gonna come out flat and a devil dog and cat three and a cut like this what that is what you've got fried. it doesn't fall off but we know about. just keep the lights. let's just
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get to about three degree water. to photograph crt. i think it is now. i doubt it was the second. if we're right on to play in the great thing is that once you can use the image of her really works well the funniest of all of us. it is the official state thread of south dakota since two thousand won he can find fry bread over the mirror the two courtyards in mexico a brave the second stop of the cast and of course oppose the pub else i'll go. the basically saying that the very brief. join me again next time for another edition of this nation has a bright sunny bank are. it's friday. earlier. in. the ah
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a story on sale since i got from sanford and son but useless. nothing looked right down the court saying foreign investments. french presidential slot on the males missions to show the world of francaise open for business. facing up to history the national assembly address is the forced migration of hundreds of children from the french aren't real. european side streets the people of all six additional ads are part is dedicated entirely to the legendary film franchise outlets. with unemployment at a sixteen year high and roads close to zero in the french president will spot on the street you would charm offensive trying to persuade ei


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