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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 24, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the stores. thus our first family reunions and council's proposal to provide that stuffing or three in a concrete steps towards foreign relations despite strong protests against joseph south of the us military drills. she got after seventeen days the winter games the olympic flame goes out and purchase it and the torch is passed on to curb his resort. and deep greens interim leadership
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that the country back on course for the european integration. now that most of that victory that has been ousted from power. all these and more. monday every fourth year in korea life from seoul and we might have some land thanks so much for joining us new new. new new. the cheer
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our three unions for war separated families got underway at north korea's not been done on this monday and more we're joined in the studio by our tongues me sunday you returned after a monk and that on saturday a new cover the first round of the easter feelings kept on checking the what what they expect to be happening over there on the second day and that means that families get a chance to really catch up and talk freely at behind close doors and doing the individual meetings ask me are conducted with no media going i'm no government officials now up on my experience at the first round of the means. i noticed that the two of the individual meetings. the atmosphere was good except it seems that decades of separation. do you think of at least feel a bit
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awkward around each other at first but after the individual meetings when the cakes out of the families get a bit chatty year during the great luncheon and things start to get emotional and teary during the final few minutes at the ab routine on the second day of the unions because some families began to worry about the next day which is of course the last day at the events. the event and scripture readings about the family's only have a total of eleven hours together and on the final day the only meet for an hour in the morning before they go their separate ways and how is the new routes different from the first round. what's on the first round was composed of eighteen south korean divided family members to apply for the events at around one hundred fifty north korean anticipates now the new round was erased by north korea with eighty eight north korea defied the family members to work. i think either party and over three hundred fifty south korea to dissipate so the current meaning and its much larger in scale but also at least at
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the beginning of that have heartbreaking stories of their talent for one that the second round of the meeting in the last time he cites daughter was when she was only one year to one year old but now i just turned into sixteen one year old leaven. this family is actually the only parent child the union at the new round of the unions which is a reminder that time is running out with the atm inside the family members to see each other again and that there is any freebies needs to be held on a regular basis definitely definitely nesting it this is the first time and now more than three years at three years in four months to be exact for these kind of touching the beans on the korean complex here typing now loud and so far the slide hit shelves in the ceiling. add peanuts he considers find that that they're improving relations between the two koreas also free and the us just began bit chilly daniel military drills today. but despite north korea's continued calls
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for debt cancellation and is buried there to see the family the unions something that requires cooperation. the act and the chilling frills to take place at the same time and it's quite surprising that the north has so far only criticized washington for the exercise is good for in state run korean central news agency last prom with its report on the family the unions. it's also rare to see the isolated state make such reports on that day at the event. i want personal matter what league officials and journalists that i matted the inside. talked alot about the importance. i've read he should now one of them even jokingly suggested that apply to beatification i should marry and north korean men so the atmosphere was quite comical that tomorrow i will sign the stinky so much for the coverage on that for joining us tonight my sister and perhaps in another efforts with our relations between the two koreas south korea has offered aid to north korea to hope that the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in pics. there
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is to liberty would be souls first government level humanitarian aid to pyongyang since two thousand ten the south's unification ministry said monday that the offer includes a proposal for talks with north korea to discuss the humanitarian assistance. your state news agency reported last week that the animal disease had broken early last month and has since spread inspecting the roughly thirty two hundred animals. there are an estimated one hundred thousand korean american families in the us with ties to north korea and with the car around every unions many has been left wondering if they will ever get the chance to re unite. well i did as a second with seventy separate families outside and dividing it there was a ray of hope for eighty year old single day when the two koreas agreed to proceed with the unions for families separated since the korean war. earlier this month. more than sixty years have passed since he last saw
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his sister brother in law and cousin who was in kindergarten when he fled north korea. worshipped in the room and look on her lower arm isn't so much i can still clearly remember my cousins retains its use to follow me and home life and when i walked into kindergarten. it all. and indeed his saints hope however quickly flickered out including ten an estimated one hundred thousand korean american families heights north korea. but this time only one hundred seventy families from the tooth fairy as well out to meet their long lost relatives. many of the separated korean american families live in southern california which has the largest population of koreans outside of the divided peninsula. for them to attention a member of the national unification advisory council of los angeles says there's not much hope for every union anytime soon. the kids would go boom
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the humid and there are hundreds of thousands of separate the family is awesome and we are and does for them to take it to the most to me del semi sweet and can be canceled could the police noble i don't think people like me in the united states would have a chance to go though although korean americans are able to take a high centred to the north to meet their families using their us citizenship. not many consider it a feasible option and i know there are organizations that help treat americans visit north korea to meet their families but it cost a lot of money. we didn't get many people and people in the korean hacking community than a half at least in the north are hoping that the unions led by the slippery as the place on a regular basis and on a larger scale. kelly however has seen record and unilaterally falling on schedule. sadly the union's
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whenever it has a bone to pick with south korea and the wax. it is now almost nine years old i mean this. i really hope to see my family it was also in him. and then sit at and use of los angeles meanwhile back here in this country south korea the us have kicked off their annual joint military exercises despite vocal opposition from north korea. but this year's hills may be slightly toned down in and onto the recent progress in danger korean relations. anu system and it has this report. over five thousand us military personnel were taking part in this year's points out to u s military exercise. the result the result which runs from this monday two more six as a defensive computer simulated real. that means that in as many trolls all units around the nation and a wartime
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scenario but as we sat in our official announcement korea the us will start its cube is all unfold eagle exercise as planned on february twenty four with a c for the first time. this is exercising hussein to counter all stages from preparation to watch often no weapons of mass destruction. as part of the allies to turn strategy seven thousand five hundred us troops are taking part in a series of going a combined field training exercises thought for me. it was also start monday and run to a great team. last year says the sizes of all of ten thousand us troops and us aircraft carriers in stealth bombers that were used to point their team have been left out this time. to avoid provoking korea. leah has remained comparatively quiet about this year's exercises choosing to refrain from pregnant attacked the south as it has done in previous years. keeping the silly improving progress in the integrity of leases of mine sells korea's military has said it was not that we promote the drills and more
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will in the gaze and any other acts that and its northern neighbor. an undead i didn't do this. it is achieving present at the team's goals of creating more jobs and balancing the economy will require a more balanced economic structure to that and plants to nurture some one hundred thousand small and medium sized export trade and business is by twenty seventeen were released on monday became during a status reports to present bought by the trade ministry the small and medium business administration and the agriculture ministry present but stressed the importance of removing unnecessary regulations to boost the economy saying that they hold back creative young people from opening up businesses. he also called for securing more funds to foster more as the means last week's building collapsing comes you that killed ten people shook the nation and caught the attention of the government which is now taking steps to repent. a similar occurrence. lawmakers
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are told about those stats on this monday during a problem in treatment and transport committee hearing. i can get reports. the minister of land infrastructure and transport said his organization is doing all they can preach or that incidents such as last week's was collapsing homes you will never happen again the ministry is doing all it can to prevent such accidents from happening again. for reviewing built in safety codes and supervise the construction regulations for buildings with a lightweight steel frames the collapse left and university students dead more than a hundred per week the government said you inspect more than forty institutions in the eastern part of coal deposits which had been hit with heavy snow in the days leading up to the collapse. the minister's comments were part of the briefing by top officials from the man ministry of the national assembly on this monday. lawmakers also got a briefing from the head of
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the agency overseeing the project to relocate government ministries and agencies to the new administrative city of schedule. the second phase of the relocation was successfully completed last december this year albeit third and final phase in which more state agencies will move to sedona city. we will do our best to bring about a smooth transition. he said he expects the population increased to eighty thousand by the end of year from the current thirty thousand the man ministry also said he will push to reduce that debt held by corporations are roughly eleven billion us dollars this year and twenty two billion dollars by two thousand and seventeen to do that the time to sell off though corporation's assets of the four of last night's practice it's snowing again i didn't use the world. we
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are. eye. forced drama at the twenty second winter led the team steve archer resort city of sochi has come to call it our olympics correspondent who just returned from sochi joins us for our out but that accounts for fourteen winter games looking back it's that the accounting at six twenty fourteen the most expensive olympic teams in history but the most not up for grabs and this morning commute time in dramatic fashion. i declared the twenty second olympic dream. the game's most. this keeps the ball should tell my cousin sally was a chance
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from russia to show off its mixed culture. thanks in part to have to like to express it be true and no inking coloring as i'm concerned any three gold medals and a bronze team russia and it went redeems on top with thirteen gold medals and thirty three overall. tinkle we had a laugh or feel sweet it's nice to go fishing the top ten for the start the second winter games but at least four gold medals they fell short by one goal which many believe should have been keen on asking if he is getting latest single will get to that issue and a bit. what makes it another silver metal backing from the men's team pursuit in speed skating on saturday honestly it's no skin from a winning start with easter must first go in was five hundred meter speedskating we are also some off the metal is the newest short track speed skating for a total five medals including three thousand meter relay so from beginning to anger the sochi winter olympics had its share of controversy that's right from an olympic one circle back to slp after the opening ceremony. some on
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things facilities to which again was fill in more than enough negative stories. but nothing tops the what happened in the electorate with its most watched and qantas board. the thing is being played singles the short program kenya nasty day a florist problem and let the pack but by a small margin. industry scheme to score on the clean performance was five points and eleven question and answer the call that. we stumbled on a jump but was backed by home fans filling the experts being parents over a million fans have signed a petition asking it to build the return of ricky and even if i press enter for a live pianist had expressed disbelief about this result but the queen did not object and left eyes with grace after printing system and the sport can hardly be overruled. and on a laser light accepted or not doesn't make any changes to
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the results. i'm satisfied with the facts as over the next four and well on the ice on the info. well we're all hoping for a more up there and just in one big gains in the future and and and which have proved this to the advent candle and baking for years i was talking on the torch being passed from sochi to contend at the closing ceremony. writing in the form of aid next show with a whistle after don't think i was handed over to counter recent time it was sydney jazz vocalist nine to sign and seal e sutra seen in the valley of the two south korean song i can calculate out of sedation to utilize an angel likely team the participating come to spring program which held that experience knows what's at risk of the city also come from fifteen he journeyed together. it's not discount the spartans committee that he learned something from sochi twenty fourteen games he saw a number of young up and comers the deal which only leads the prospects for twenty eighteen and five that includes a link from
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eighteen to freestyle skiers box the years and everyone else experience olympics this year scoring now paying for a print based at the winter olympic games at home turf alright see something you so much for all your olympic coverage post over at dover in sochi and from here it's a mechanic a lake still is what's again you're coming for years. i expect all to see gains for the people of ukraine in the latest developments pressure has been called a synopsis of the country over the interim government's plans to forge closer ties to retain your painting the wall authorities have issued an arrest warrant for ousted president viktor yanukovich for the mass murder of peaceful citizens our polity has more ukraine's new interim president alexander to her
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child has down to trevor course towards european integration russian backed president viktor yanukovich was removed from power by parliamentary vote on saturday marking a new chapter in the crisis stricken nation. church in allah said and keys had until tuesday to form a new national unity government and that he'd be willing to build relations with russia in the new in their partnership ukraine is a country in transition and could have a new president by the summer the nation's parliament has assigned to bump up the presidential election by almost a year to the end of may. in other developments authorities issued an arrest warrant for ousted president get a cold and other officials on monday on charges of mass murder us citizens during protests. yet a covert his whereabouts are currently unknown. on rapidly changing political situation. russia denounce the removal of dna called h recalling its key of investor and threatened to freeze a fifteen billion us dollar
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bailout package. on sunday european allies in the united states warned russia not to send its forces in ukraine that would be a grave mistake that it's not in the interest of ukraine or russia or europe or the united states to see the country split. but as dawn broke over independence square in kiev early monday exhausted ukrainians pay their respects to the hundreds who died in violent protests for the past two weeks. yes i hope there will be changes and everything will be normal that's what we are standing here for. and that's what people died for. cody audio units. moving on to another country in a tumultuous leadership transition egypt entering government has stepped aside to make way for new elections which are gonna get the latest developments at instant hit and the rest of the world with their duty and a study by actor in the center and the end so why did he eat its interim government stepping down. i can't eat just in time prime minister hun sen bad la we
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did not give a reason for the native thingy announce his resignation in a televised address on monday but according to unofficial the step was to emphasize that the cabinet backed army chief general i felt that awful ccs run for president top military chiefs all cc who is wildly popular and has no serious rivals. it is still expected to step down as opposed to declare his candidacy for president of the election is to take place the binding april the world's most wanted mexican drug lord was arrested on saturday and the text is now want a rich country will get to try him first. us prosecutors in new york are requesting the extradition of talk in this model also known as el taco from mexico so he can seize power in the united states. but since the capture is being held as mexican president and we kept paying any of his biggest achievement to date the process is expected to be a long one. it's a
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milestone in its head hits the hardest to the prison's enrique pain union terrace it's not mature economics no reforms have taken place it's the capture of the world's number one criminal. the organization that has not had the best in all of our talents we have smuggled in billions of dollars worth of dry ice into the us the oldest survivor of the holocaust has died just a week before a documentary about how lifeless up for an oscar. alice great summer died sunday at the age of one hundred and ten years old concentration camp in germany during world war two and lost. family and friends during the last two c sydney the sixteenth from heights ya know with the nazis. he says and this piece. he
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insists. i mean. the speech you see. all this up for best short documentary at next sunday's academy. me for now and i'll see you back your tomorrow with the stories making headlines around the world. welcome to sport some student said. well a start in sochi or the sochi games or rather the end the ban as a court has now been passed to count on for the twenty eighteen winter games. but back to sochi for now here work want to talk about the korean born russian national pick their encore on junsu who cemented his place as a top performer there after warm up with a bronze in the fifteen hundred meter race he went on to earn the russians for school. in short track with the thousand
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year when as well as two more goals in the five thousand meter and or rather five hundred meter and five thousand thousand meter relay races. historically speaking he became the first to win gold medals in all four olympic short track events and moving on to golf or the pga rather be start with the wgc accenture match play championship who crap which crowned a new champion. and in the last one on one of the corn and cheese and day out last. parsons by a third to use in to win with a four foot putt on the twenty third hole. and with a trophy and the one point six million dollar prize the twenty six year old aussie some two four on the way. now we go into the lpga a sweet has emerged as the winner at the honda lpga thailand to be out the star studded field. and it was an un work states who
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pull the way dance number one and never relinquished the lead even has a top rank the ladies call for putting the needle rush up the leaderboard. i finished second after the stellar final round in her first start of the season. and ending off people president sepp blatter he doesn't like cheating or wasting time on the pitch. that's why he's seen his weekly block and that the elites should use video replays and ignores existing rules to punish offenders. even if it's after the match. meanwhile he says that at the purcell will offer players will be prohibited from using social networking services for wearing headphones that are not made by official sponsors exciting marketing tips. and at the zoo for me in sports this has been stephen set of techie baghdad midnight for the latest from the world of sports. sch the smarty day
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here in seoul and even those without respiratory problems could be feeling the effects while for more or less turned charge and will get a podium to know how i would sit out there today. one guy that's fine that's why it is still an en banc and stolen the money we would get about forty micrograms per cubic meter find that kind of reading say that todd is currently seen one hundred and sixty eight micrograms per cubic meter in the southwestern city of pune sea levels have soared to two hundred and ninety micrograms
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though it is imperative that skeleton and the elder the way that's specifically made to keep out the fine dust. as for the weather where we see clear skies across the map. and tomorrow most part of the country will start on the morning at around two minus one degrees before jumping to the low to mid teens in the afternoon so make sure it you don't have the ball is now taking a lead that tomorrow's reading style of reid's is twelve degrees boss the beast down south it's the mid teens. as for their begins and ends at their peak in the mid teens while or go outside and ten that's your bags. what think you call them for that and that is our broadcasts on this monday night i'm going and still have some land thanks for watching season
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rule. my name is maria was ready. and then our streets the kids from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years. i'm asking you to see the team on tuesday to the store. my sides. i couldn't imagine be done then i can think. it's all its npt to the music. give me some jewelry nineteen twenty the communication something i just thought that the pain and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area i just get out of my system i forced written on them and singing and entertainment two on and on. and yes he may as well. here are the navigation or teaching sen constable on cuisine
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honored language. you know he's the snow up there on it notice in this country through the sand and muscular tissue that you have it like is the right field to hold a variety of costumes. oh and can then goes to womanhood the kid duty. well some of them has the torch and some of them have the opportunity to pursue the dream. well some of them now. four dishes than i can use it. my goal bow to the young shaman are the same time he said. we just continue the hard work and be brave. and i made this face right before against it it just to show up on the war. they are rather fluid to have it. the deep other food authority behind him said i know. he won in
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longwood the eye the wind the air sheds a tear of fear well as the curtain falls and such. twenty fourteen winter games that will go down in history for its remarkable and record breaking performances. new trains entering president kick starts a campaign for the top job while hunt is underway for the country's ousted leader and members of his former ruling party. it's great to be the bulldozers


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