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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  February 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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you you you will the tree welcome. so many of the daughters of somebody and gave them a fair chance the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents came irish heritage shows the deep bond between our coupon. all ever. if president reagan in kennedy's descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states today
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because not too silly. i am honored to represent the kennedys radiance of the fourteen million other americans were fired from their fifty palace on undocumented irish meaning in the united states because of their status. they are on a boat returned to ireland to visit family friends and neighbors. immigration reform initiative in the us senate and u s house of representatives is a renewed opportunity to transform the start line. my great grandfather left here in time of stress. seeking to better himself his family. so many irishmen and women from every walk of life played a role in creating the treatment of may i'm certainly proud to be part of the great irish american tradition. o bond between our two countries runs deep and strong and i'm proud to be here. in recognition and celebration part time slip by. yes tommy for immigration reform and
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all of irish american hope that the laws and life with and who was living in the shadows to reach their potential into between the united states of america the british on speaking as an irishman summed up in approach to life other people he said see things and say why. but i dream things that never were. can i say why not the bad quality. it is the quality of the irish remarkable combination of both confident and imagination. that is needed more than ever today moreover for i do. does
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using. it's six one watching the new loose with chevron bp along. ray kennedy this is all the jobs front the highest level of employment for nearly five years. the heroes of this recovery week. we are beginning to see on the economy are undoubtedly the enterprise them worked the government announces its new plant a number of the patchwork grew by sixty one passes last year. polls show patients are areas of low pay job school with that comes across to the comics ticked off. it is very weak we have paulson's the cars defense for two hundred and forty thousand euro some great books as people with the bonus i've read jokes but
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fact is that students go to bed. it is a medicine student loan assistance under the counter payments. and i'm not expecting that there is nothing there. i eye. welcome to six one after years of decline and spend stagnation the number of people with jobs has gone up. nations to get from the cso show employment growth is now running as an annual rate of just over three percent the numbers in work have climbed above one point nine million a level not seen since the end of two thousand and nine the government launched its latest job creation strategy the opposition warned it's not enough to get all sectors on their feet the jobs news
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from the central statistics office was going to employment grew by three point three percent last year the number of people with jobs went up by sixty one thousand tonne now stands at one point nine million the highest level since the end of two thousand and nine. there's been five consecutive quarters of job growth. all these geographic regions and ten of the fourteen sectors of the economy soul employment gains. most of the gains fifty four thousand for in full time employment agriculture seems to be providing a lot of the extra dollars but other sectors are doing well too. we've seen that art increases in employment in the accommodation food and service activities sector on the professional scientific and activity sector unemployment fell for the seventh consecutive quarter the number of unemployed persons fell by forty one thousand during last year and now stands at two hundred and fifty three thousand or an estimated twelve percent. that may be in line with the rest of the euro area but it's still way too high. the government
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which is causing its own payroll is trying to help job creation in the private sector with its action plan for jobs. today government leaders in the worst in twenty fourteen updates putting more resources behind the iga in a bid to get even more inward investment from multinationals. also doing more to a startup companies and entrepreneurs can we recognize that these annuity we can do better. i didn't use recognized by many as being the best environment for many international sisters our ambition is to make it all to the best environment for startups opposition parties weren't impressed. so krishna stopping because employers which to drive economic wave that is the topic of the venue through underneath the arches of the political expect in the tiki focus on long term indigenous jobs that decision making should not be traded services at on small medium enterprises in knots for this goldman is very much a lacking but they did welcome the increase in employment. sure we're on our teen years. the government's
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plan focuses on growing the domestic economy by supporting small and medium size businesses are portable called them has been looking for companies story. city analysts seems like just the type of company the government wants to help based in dublin and limerick employs twenty three staff in its quarter testing them for entries. but many companies is considering expanding its operations over the coming years but is very aware of the risks of doing so. we just recently taken over another. no damage done and it says send them there leave them a sign that it's all gone past that he is so opposite of what would make him think twice and placed on her biceps are still quite tired of the sewer. trading partners were to compare the two bins will be huge while foreign direct investment is very important to any economy. it's real heartbeat is small and medium size businesses. so has this
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action upon brought them in the car the mob might be interesting as i didn't have time to publicize this morning dead and more into small medium industries. and they have to face an incubator for the number of updates on some incentives to be very afraid though i might be passed off as either don't know that they are. one support which has been around for awhile is the credit guarantee scheme. it means that the state takes on some of the risk associated with lending. john and mary impulse think it's a good idea but the uptick tuesday it has been poor. just doesn't make sense to us more money is then that the device industry the action khan set some ambitious targets for twenty fourteen evidence of whether it has succeeded or not will be on coming under the microscope. cold cold and martinis. for more our economics correspondent sean whelan is with me in studio so that it stops the fingers of them positive that could be centered in terms of what was reached today voluptuous out for you in terms of saying there is no stop
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the momentum of change going on and the employment front i think that the number of sectors that are affected by this isn't just concentration of one or two areas of the fourteen sectors of the economy of the cia so make sure you've seen job growth coming in ten of them sector sorts of dirty white tea spread across the economy is also with geographically white tea spread. all eight of the regions of the concrete are measured by the cso sole job growth over the last hear about is important because it stopped us and dublin or corporate goal a phenomenon many more it is spreading out across the rest of the country as well which is good news for everybody that went across the country so those two things are very very important. i'm also seeing more and more job growth coming in the type of head shops or long term sustainable domestically based groups that domestic demand is good to him or to grow wheat export industries over the past year and that's the area that tends to produce more cult of the economy as well nonetheless too many people buy tv are still a work in a
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lot of these people are tradespeople the farm and they were working in the building industry. what initiatives that the government looking into terraces kick starting the strategic sector economy there was a special cabinet meeting on it this morning at that stage you want to try and increase the amount of construction works going on that that most directed against the government could to also be assessed and a bit more money on infrastructure it is building a sum that you both schools hospitals that sort of thing. that way the government pays us to a significant role in the economy and spending money to wreck itself. also bear in mind deck construction jobs are likely to come by because of things like the rising value of office space to korean built on what to do some surfing rental place. it makes sense for people to invest private companies to invest in building more office space for a very very close to the point now that it would be some slight started activity also with housing that because of the mice into bound to have mice in their appeal to this he calls money for housing. you come to
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cease also stops community would be the one to the construction get to peek at him. of course some will come. the head of the rehab group buys returns has told the accounts committee that the law for a new summary of two hundred and forty thousand euro comes from funding. committee chairman john mcguinness cold and we have to release details of other senior staff pay within days the agency has now provided the committee with information the rehab group turns over one hundred and eighty three million euro or year. with a heat remained in euro provided by the state the funds come from the agency. so let's party falls under the chargeable audrey's compensation scheme today's accounts committee hearing. we have group chief executive and turns and says that its management team are pages least twenty percent below the market average. it is and she said her salary of two hundred and fourteen thousand euro year is not paid to funding. it is a
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tool and more. the then president of the unites states of america. you are in more attentive patient care senior ministers here. time to write six. i work at night the company. but the text yes my sanity. i feel lately like i did two nights to get a ticket. we have refused to reveal other senior management salaries at today's hearing. but following a request to the papacy from independent deputy shane ross executive provided the committee chairman with the details after over six hours of hearings today. indeed each of these hits his rehab of being evasive. i think because it is two million you are one of the money goes into rehab the students are more forthcoming. even before today. here's an agency said rehab is delivering on the fifty million euro or year
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the executive paste into rehab companies. the agency expects to report and the pay of senior managers and all section thirty nine agencies by the end of march the boy fold the excess the console in the streets in many instances is likely to fall in the range of benefits available so it's good to go until you lose votes. boy they were expecting the typical publications the rehab group received almost six million euro from the state since nineteen ninety seven to help the promoters of private charter from the breeze. but the scheme will cease in two years' time. according to the department of justice and equality. the decision was further info. my concern that the scheme did not represent its usefulness and did not intend to but effective fundraising costs but the turkeys benefiting from the scheme. the committee was told today that we had to cancel it has thirty five million euro on deposits in banks. firm of hours
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thirteen years. air passengers faced disruption next month that's just too scared to notions of industrial action entertaining guests the dublin airport authority and shannon airport authority workers will hold a four hour stoppage of dublin cork and shannon airport on friday the fourteenth of march they would take the action between five and ninety and just ahead of the defeats and her cheeks weekend as follows the breakdown of talks aimed is resolving a long running dispute over cuts in pension benefits cut the company's whatever joined now by ingrid minute to say ingrid and long running dispute to check anyway it's helping to solve panic the past or are we looking in at this link to a chapel chaos that comes his efforts. well i think that circled the chances of chaos cause of increased today basically what's happened is that and it had already posted to industrial action over this long running route it was a meeting yesterday with the da for the meeting with the ending is today both companies who dats further injections of top up cash to try and mitigate
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the damage was caused by the anthropologist to address the deficit in the current scheme. i think that they've now decided that their patience has run ads and they're going to an extent notice of dispute. so i think that at one behind the scenes efforts are continuing in a bid to find a way to try and deal with this because it is not a traditional ira dispute in destinations dispute. it's hard to get all the participants out into the room so they may have to find a different framework but those efforts are continuing as of now they have succeeded and the timing of any potential action is significant if not it is indeed because of the week that dispute or four hours doesn't sound like much but for average between five am and nine a m that's when the center for the day gets started. it has an idea at that stage on that day has knock on effect. remember this is one of the busiest times of the year kitchen sink optics day weekend supplementing you've got an offer on things happening so not a great time and a very talented companies are absolutely furious that this notice has been tapped on my fingers thinking. corporal
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ships that coming on the screen given five year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to laundering more than a quarter of a million pounds sterling from the northern bank raid in belfast. almost three million pounds seized by guard dee has been forfeited to the state. most of which will be returned to normal bike back in the criminal courts and being almost a decade of denial. ted cunningham finally admitting he owned more than two hundred and seventy tight thousand pounds for the northern bank raid the two thousand and four raid at the northern bank ag center in belfast was the biggest robbery ever in this country. twenty six and a half million pounds starting was taken. the ira he was named. two months after the raid guard the seas two point three million pounds in northern bank notes from ted cunningham told a foreign in county cork detectives seized hundreds of thousands more at several other locations. ted cunningham denying that
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the money came from the northern bank raid protesting his innocence for almost ten years school for cheap id try a successful appeal until the early stages of his retire they argued this month on two he changed his plea. today mr cunningham returned to the circuit criminal court and court for sentencing judge sean o'donnell fall in import the fight year suspended jail sentence on mr cunningham noting that he had already served more than three years in jail on his original conviction. garda inspector carl newman said mr cunningham intermingled money from the northern bank raid with semi legitimate business dealings. exposing his family and business associates to criminal prosecution team. mr cunningham when did it take you ten years to go to i don't get it on these charges ted cunningham left the court without commenting to the point where he's one of half a dozen people convicted as part of the garden investigation into
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the lumbering of cash from the northern bank raid. it's a bit of a six piece into a former sinn fein time comes for tommy hanlon from passing west and county cork who was jailed for membership of the ira. ted cunningham was also to the time from walking in the financial services area for fights years costume cheeky or tv news call the merger investigation is underway in dublin after landing his four seasons face and stabbed in the city last night. but the are questioning a man in his thirty fifth at the incident which happened following the route to derelict building on north wall quay gawd the forensic specialists day summons to see that the company's latest murder on the corner of costly ford's role. dublin's north wall quay facing the river defeat. a group of funny people responding here the derelict old formerly known as follows them across the row broke out around the port to another lost
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knowledge. a forty three year old polish was stabbed to death. second minus twenty eight was also stabbed and seriously injured. he's been treated today in the mater hospital. a short time later a security man appealed to the oldest him on his clothes were covered in blood the color the will call. he was arrested friday believe the suspect is a thirty six year old mom from poland left the scene here and walked around two hundred meters to the old to just down the road he was arrested there is the big question this torpedo station. or else or tv news total. the studies has accepted liability for the deaths of an air corps cadets who was killed in a plane crash in county polling place years ago. twenty two year old david jones from wexford the line when the mill of the aircraft in which she was being trained to crush their corner mona the rescue teams making their way to the wreckage of a leftist pc nine pain in common are over four years ago. the crash claimed the lives that david givens
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seen here on the royce and unstructured captain derek furnace. today goal weight circuit civil court for the state was consenting to judgment and accepting for my busy in the case for wrongful death. taken by the jenkins family. during this morning's hearing the statement was read to the court on behalf of the minister for defence i haven't shot a second edge evans was in no way responsible for the events leading to the crash in october two thousand and nine he said he wished to be sure the fabby into twenty two year old but he was not for a maltese to blame for the crash but he expressed his sincere sympathies to the mother and aunts. maximum damages of twenty five thousand three hundred and ninety five euro were true along with payment of special damages for funeral expenses. afterwards mr and mrs gibbons said they were peas with the ankle the happy state that the minister has. on the call of things casey davis times we're happy that the sandwich is so bright that david was pressured
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the air corps and the defence force's most of all. we feel for davidson late. that his life. his dreams and future were taken from him at such an air th. the family of today. gibbons had been standing concerns about the minute the inquiry into the crash. the goal to raise these at a meeting with minister shattered in the coming weeks rte news gold. any survivors speaker who is due to go on trial for assault. the last two supreme court. it's too hot this case heard by and by linking the jury. the man from the smoke and kamara is too nice with assaulting another man into kensington face father of locke's beat the team beating the supreme court and saturday next day they still blocking from the smoke is charged with assaulting another man in common by two thousand and eight. he came to strut should be heard by a jury in irish but that meant aperture is still blocking ideas that come our class should be made into a jewelry district from
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which it would be possible to pummel the fighting was doing in his judgment mr justice frank cox admits to locke's constitutional right to conduct official business party in irish was not to use there were other considerations such as the number of people even in those areas was irish wouldn't be good enough to hear a case but that isn't aperture. denise to respect the rights of others to use english as an official language of the requirements that juries be truly representative he said it is still blocking was given the rights the sauce a significant number of people would have to be excluded from the jury panel. this would be a breach of the constitution for us the fight to the court's judges vote against mr monkey in a dissenting judgment mr justice a p in high demand declared mr joaquin blocking titans to the jury he saw us he said the state's actions in relation to the irish language at the uniformity of minimalist and grunting. he said he didn't believe it was any other country in the west
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in which it says it would not be a titans to conduct its business before courts and not sell out its first official language and to be on to start directing by the courts in the sun bleached. mr justice high demand also said the fox the potential to eight members in this country do not have to show they can understand english or irish the prize package that dismissive attention was on or tv news the supreme court latest figures from the cso show house prices fell into a new leaf for the first time since last march. elsewhere today though permits tsb launched a new mall the and the homeowners in negative equity those who want to move house the most leverage has poisoned them when no point seven percent in january prices were still fighting over them in the same on the year ago. year on year the average price nationally the softest over six percent down slightly from the annual growth rate of six point four percent seen in december of last year. the main factor in bringing down the national
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average was a foreman goals two of them has an apartment leases join them on residential property prices in the couple were one point three percent lower. both are still just over thirteen percent higher than this time last year. under permanent tsb was focused on the impact from the dramatic fall in prices since the peak of the markets it's lost all its tentacles homeowners is that standard home loan is worth more than the body of their property. negative equity mortgages differ from those available from all the mentors but they will allow homeowners to retain have no interest rocker rates with a nine percent margin should we choose to move overseas some of the trip reporting. it's a complex problem that had been halted is of course me making sure that customers can afford the repayments but we are very excited about five weeks think we've got something that can help. the customers on the mall to get meeting without penalizing. i'm just soo much. the bikes as potentially proceeds of its cost was motivated to new products. it's not a panacea
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it says. of course help those people was sent to trump a negative equity. brophy for seniors. six when used for the season slow to take care of it. i knew. cz. the early
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early. early. hugh. i was
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the eye. i had a chat. at the i had a chat. i do. i do mm. i was. i was. he knew
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you. i am. i should. i see
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it's good. the eight hour stoppage of your life. i am awed and children. props to the cracking three am thursday the twenty seventh off to bed


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