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tv   The Debate  PBS  February 27, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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all spend my money home first two. two explosions at its peak. our eye the georgians false and jokes coming up. as ukraine's national assembly rooms in the interim cabinet. pro russian armed gunmen continued to control crime year's regional parliaments the last five days after his ouster ex president of ghana which pops up and rush over to schedule a friday news conference. thought i was a speech before a joint session of parliament even the queen on to record this as his uk counterpart david cameron says he can get his way when it comes to an antique buttons eu membership status
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it all. its engine keeps building over ukraine in crimea as capital gunmen in control of parliament was wasted. the russian flag cross the border russian fighter jets in the sky in ukraine's ousted president hopping up the tree of the cove which was given a friday press conference in the southern russian city of raw stuff and gone. meanwhile in the capital of double screening process for ukraine's new cabinet inside parliament in downtown st the prime minister and the new direction the line taking a taxi to the ukrainian government is european integration. sad to see if his linens and things to be trouble free iranian people across the road was up and coming clean with the eu
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on political and economic integration office act although i'm confident that all students in newark. a former speaker and foreign minister least supports from the west. he was busted in with a clear majority to meet the coalition government's most cited new covenants by ministers in kiev on the state. berlin but smaller is progress inside the comments. there were protests outside. this crowd would like to see the country starts with a clean slate and politicians nor associated with the former regime see cabinet members in particular of protests is concerned. and if the ministry during trade on has already held the pace and failed to stem the flow of rampant corruption meanwhile new interior minister on some of the cold concrete signs can alter resting former presidents pt on a cleavage when he was spotted in crimea has called the foreign presence remains he's still the country's
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leader. although yanukovich remains in hiding he sings as his forces in the south and east of ukraine point except to quentin lawlessness of the new interim government is in love. and again and again a covert use in russia and has scheduled a friday news conference to speak the white house morning moscow meanwhile to avoid called provocative actions when it comes to ukraine this after wednesday's announcement of surprise military maneuvers near ukraine's border. most new flex his muscles. one hundred and fifty thousand troops the time didn't eat eat and ninety aircraft in the team navy ships and taking cars and tools in the center and west of russia. that eminem for the delay meant the units have received a possible weapons on so blind as a town in units of money out of the marshaling area. i am ready to accomplish the mission on the mom in the russian maneuvers the scenes the masses to ukraine's key leaders in kiev and
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the country supporting them the kremlin in response as their intended to daddy find treatment in this and nothing to do with the turmoil in neighboring ukraine the group would agree with cold on trips from the wisdom in which the district attachments in which the units have been deployed there. it would be good russia accuses the new ukraine leadership of failing to control how blind activist in the russian speaking cost of the country including the crimean peninsula western nations attending the kremlin. you know when to see a us exit to say john kerry wants russia to manage operations in ukraine would be a great use them as people of ukraine. ukraine looks west of the eu the european parliament improving visa free travel for citizens of neighboring moldova the former soviet republic it is pursuing the same association agreement brussels that ukraine's ousted president turned down it is. the british prime
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minister insists the uk can obtain the changes it wants to its eu membership status david cameron speaking in the company of the visiting german chancellor merkel skeptical when she addressed a rare joint session of the uk parliament. prime minister david cameron opened and a man who ran on to an address to the houses of parliament. he was in pain she would promise and no eu reform displays his trusted conservative party to stay in the union. michael wilson won playing ball. so i have had some expect a nice piece of paper delays for every parliamentary form of the european architects of which was sentenced by all kinds of minutes of kick to the british witches. i'm afraid. they are in for disappointment. the child's nelson made a clay and she will conquer my need to keep britain in eighteen and
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disappointing his mysterious can't take back benches cameron has promised and in all i want referendum on european union membership by the end of twenty seventeen before then he's pledged to renegotiate britain's membership plans to bring palace back from brussels to westminster to do that he must rely on medical. knowing no other european need a nike golf a person special talents on thursday cameron to nineties he wants more form in gemini post reports. we will see change in him. we believe that change is possible. and a bite of the one sitting. so the changes that britain will secede to build confidence in on the mission. all this organization also formed a verbal duel will house all macro is waiting to find his cool. the change in me you made the sign went up to see's all guys. he got back on the boat the captain of the cost of korea accused of
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abandoning ship it to the one to be crushed two years ago off the coast of italy that back there as a part of the inquiry into the accident that killed thirty two from chose to skip tino facing multiple charges include charges including manslaughter. over the united states. arizona's governor vetoing a bill that would allow businesses to refuse serving gays and lesbians for religious reasons. this notion week is in full swing next to the usual big names of the industry touting their latest creations sum up starts then include one or more in born designer who's turning heads. i can stop the election. a good thing i like the idea of being different of companies he didn't think i was talking
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about a line from going on in sydney when everybody's coming weeks. and i don't like to hear. in remixing it did not exist anywhere recycled designer and shapes up as we have great times great stickiness commitment to sustainable development of the social economic and environmental level. it was magnificent with the rest of his time and tend to eat and other toxins i mean it now the sauna mexico mexican states of mind is going to see his making enough action to remove all the locks us into going on the connections between the two. it's good to the human dimension. that speaks to you again in fb africa's martin the bulk of the sentences of creativity
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of intelligence. meantime. i know that's a good time with the proposal and ashley multinationals are joining forces. and next but at the proceeds into action. her eye. chiquita nice to stay with us the false and yet today does next the eye. off they say history doesn't repeat itself. even before the fall of the tree and a covert last saturday the preceding days bloodbath in the streets of kiev. and mostly mooted comparisons of the two thousand four orange revolution. now comes the prospect of another repeat. russia's war with georgia with arms russa phones taking over crimea is parliament calling for independence from ukraine in moscow announcing surprise military maneuvers across the border. now also reportedly harboring the ousted yanukovich the kremlin senate or in just outside a moscow. how far
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though we'll this escalation go. it is a common right to feel and think russians are threatened by the new team taking shape in camp. wardle washington in europe's do if moscow ups the ante. or if the scramble to fill the power vacuum in ukraine turns to chaos today in the falls and gets them to be working in a nation. it's torn between east and west ham with us from the kenyan capital of sindh for roll call of cars and cats douglas herbert who is following a tense standoff there. also joining us. he's a former national security advisor to home. colin ambassador to nato. huge thank you for being with us. also with us your mind and activists on and are much like you for joining us. these george's ex vice minister for european affairs. when we can go ahead say is that now with the french political science institutes gospel will conduct the show said and done for moscow to make this a lot of the moscow based
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council on foreign and defense policy thank you for joining us again. the postman pat today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are packed and two for today. let's go straight to the crimean the province there in the capital and douglas herbert of what is the latest at this point. ok one thing us why if you're not an ethnic russian or you're not a russian speaker. it's a pretty intimidating mood tonight you know one of the walking too much around the streets at least in the center of central pole essentially right now rusted phones the russian speakers up and dominate today are in control of the center of the city in control in the sense that you do not see any ukrainian from the street i've not seen any top cars on the streets which we saw thousands of them yesterday during those of skirmishes and from the parliament they've been practically invisible from the center of the city. we've had in their places to wrap it to a large
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contingent of russian speakers to writing from various parts of this province of crimea notably from the town of set but still pull the port town with the russian fleet is based they've been coming by bus is they've been coming in a bid coming with flags and they've all been converging descending on the us central square in front of the crimean parliament of parliament which added to my interviewers has been occupied by armed men that we don't know exactly the right to dictate but we stayed there several dozen of them perhaps fifty or more either set the alarm they are said to be well trained they've been there since the very early pre dawn hours of today they're still there and now they have russians that fellow russians if they are in fact she has a lot people think that it is russian speakers inside the parliament building surrounding this problem and chanting russia russia. we carried out also be recouped their coop those camps today that is obviously a reference to the of the riot police the ukrainian riot police which was dissolved by the new powers in kiev out
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earlier this week. very tense atmosphere as walking around the center city after an hour ago false why and to the streets are basically deserted be on the immediate parliament building. that the stores are closed. and he had been a lot of people drinking getting very rowdy it's a very hard core right now of a pro russian groups gathered in the center it's not a very friendly atmosphere. it is to be around to me or even that report to the few journalists actually being harassed including a journalist from a british television. so it's it's getting a little nasty in the later it gets the next year it gets so very tense here tonight in temporal things are not over done up by a longshot. there was an announcement made earlier statement made earlier that perhaps there would be the interim president ukraine who would come down to where you are to try to soothe tensions. i love how far do you think you get considering what you've just told me about the atmosphere there
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not too far he might have as good a chance here as a victory on the cob that every train to kiev at this point dip the tip of the matter is there was talk earlier there are a few rumors flying around that he was thinking of coming here perhaps showing its face trying to settle things to talk things out because as we know the new authorities in kiev are very intent on keeping this country via territorial integrity intact. keeping a unified not seem to split up keeping it together. ebit i believe that beat the feeling being that it's just a little too tensed moment the security situation is to touch and go right now i'd probably get a hold up a little bit for a keyword is he comes in all the key is to come on mr to chin up. that said i did there is also the talk of the parliament here are obviously of holding a referendum that the president of parliament here. talking setting it to a possible date in the twenty fifth in the iran threat to basically on the status the future status of crimea i sense that the government yet no one wants to submit to
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their party the russians here do not wanna send it to the authority of those powers etf that they consider you surfers. they wanna take matters into their own hands and decide what should i be a beacon have greater autonomy or should it go. the full monte so to speak dance and we joined russia it's been part of ukraine since nineteen fifty four. these are all to be the key questions as of now eight http has been mentioned for a referendum on the twenty fifth which happens to coincide with the same day that presidential elections are set to be held for ukrainian president. their marriage. who can calm the situation doctrine on the crimean cap. hutchison of the sleeve but i do think that she has had a cat is working on. utility sink very difficult. however he must shar people score sure the marines to ensure those people that there's no threat to them. is there is none. there is no threat to them. dimitri so soft you
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great. my constantly and i don't think the midst of it you know me in so called interim president of ukraine moreover his only rival to try new anticipation the home phone. i loove the indian oven. b b johnson which astrophysics occasion in full on and on my instinct no love for science would be unfair to mention it to the respected for its own to come back to the announcement was timed in kyiv on the menu will reach and the postage within. ministers of foreign affairs of eu member states acting as intermediaries. in the least. to form a new interim government which will represent the opinions or cranny and other regions all
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all self eastern ukraine yes i agree that the new acting ukrainian government loves to tease the contrary in total the actual apparel including russia. he wants to keep ukraine called an interview with the blue the car imports. i don't think there are many wilkinson was too lemony you know. ukraine and so on and so forth. since the ukraine international union to form a couple months now and why. in a conference in scotland with my doubt. what's with all the regions center service of ukraine to make it really representing the country to which the stage his own fortune was split into agreeing with you on our facebook page is only known why is it that when ukrainians take over government institutions and kevin other places. you call them freedom fighters the one that happens in crimea. they become pro russian gunman for me to go around organizing your thoughts on that
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there's a huge difference to the violence was used against people weigh in kyiv and air the sun off of a fool for now there's no violence used in creamy yet. and they will be no schism creamy and these tulips were protesting the streets and gains the menu of torah to self off of concrete so it is a huge difference. first and what we heard just a couple of minutes to go on and i y c i i see that as russia's official position so pressure which to stop cleaning creamy a car thief the twenty first february and agreement he's so weak the visitors in reverse so that's what i understand and i know why we see that russia has in the influence and has the possibility to two to calm down these profits that are going on leading indian in ukraine in the story in crimea. but there will want what we see now is that some russian. parliamentarians
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politicians going there and that instead of calming down there they are forming these this process them and the promising support in case off up in hoh disobedience for a bit to the inhabitants of these products to add into this makes tuesday's announcement of wednesday's announcement of those the surprise russian military maneuvers right across the border from ukraine prompting the us defence secretary of the nato meeting this thursday to urge against any steps that could equal misinterpreted. only to miscalculation during a delicate time just after some tough talk of moscow would you. we've called on trips and the wisdom in which the district. incidentally the units have been deployed there. it would be good. huge when you compare to the situation. after the fall of the berlin wall would you say it's more follow filed today with what's going on
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cancun. institutions. being in ukraine in the nineties at that time celtic were tried. this is ukraine to build up a new mom recorded at stake. it was all about it was difficult. today in my own. grace has become much more time and time. the first game of the integrity commission on culture and time has gone on to. they are full of super funds recorded is it you will fall into and who phoned which will protect all of the situation room ukraine. last week. this is a no contest to some extent since the situation. and come in contact with him cooking an interesting time. when the kids and i teach it to tok to him from his room. on
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the podium. i'm transformed into it. the kids the game. i don't. we don't like analyzing the situation coming back to me it's a more stable situation we're in ukraine. goodman step by step any reaction to what one of our viewers as saying i think the european support the opposition in ukraine has increased the risk of a new cold war. human discuss the new principal to the ukrainian opposition during our day. cause why rome or london didn't say or think it was done in good faith. opposed to twenty the game. new real opponent to its creation in ukraine country music. just head up into the concrete. but just governance corruption. when nothing is going on. until
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four. q what was cool and i let on the first loss in the protection and the secret is now open. the three component is it weird to realize it. come back into who knew the moment. i mean capital of the best ever you've been telling us since the outset. that said it's a bit simplistic to reduce it into the russian speakers who are pro yanukovich and ukrainian speakers who are anti yanukovich it's much more subtle than that in this corruption issues a big one you're spot on that francois stopping simplistic but you know it's interesting at yesterday's rally on the other side you know they were two sides haven't said pro russia on one side and pro ukraine on the other side very reduction s and we actually i saw some signs you know russian speakers holding signs. it said on
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got to the gas to heat it will mean yes i am rushing in and all i want to leave in the ukraine. now this and it's a small minority of russian speakers here who feel very much. dairying very much in solidarity with the ukrainians they were standing on the side with the crimean touch ours were also on an ethnic minority here in this republic. what is wrong to say that all russians just because they happen if the ethnic russian necessarily wanna be part of russia again. that's an odd people that we've been speaking to two days here on the streets in the center of kiev around parliament but let's remember that they're not necessarily representative of all the russians in crimea. this is the real this is a province that the real ethnic mosaic. you tend to have the more militant hard core supporters who are the types of people are showing up and and in some cases been lost in two on the peace demonstrations in front of parliament and which is why the two tend to be more on the same page when it comes to you ask them whether they want the crimea love will say
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that they don't want war they want to live in peace they'll say in the next rep but then again we also wanna be in russia we want to be part of russia is a real sense here among many of the people not all but many are that they feel like when nikita khrushchev. believe it tag me as a gift to ukraine back when it was part of the soviet socialist republics. i bet that was the real historical injustice to make the like like a star gold rights day the old crimea is part of russia should be part of russia we spoke to one man today you said listen we think in russian we speak to each other in russian. we want to have our rights we don't wanna be second class citizens and that's their wares here. the fear that these new authorities in kiev cannot have their best interests at heart and somehow there could be marginalized and sideline and we've seen this time and again in the former soviet republic which have sizeable brushing minardi sometimes the guardians who are left behind after independence and feel like they are now casting trip. what will become of them are second
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class citizens is a real sense sometimes that victimization even a siege mentality and they want to fight for their rights activist everyone thank you cousin noah able to let you go on to check in with us though if there's more on that's tense standoff outside of the crimean of parliament over ink as politicians warning again against the breakup of ukraine encouraging ethnic russians to rethink their stacks residents of crime there and so blasted cold tonight yosemite we can schemes in times of political adventures that we do not sell out but to be shed in the country to be told on to me there are no radicals and much less that he has been a tense standoff coming away. marin no plans to interfere with the life and customs and into the fourth. very briefly before before we go to break that dimitri since last year a reaction. we'll call him only slightly disagree with my georgian counterpart who said that knowledge is of
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the trash can. the station down and crannies to school i don't think so. the issue the only thing that cool calm. this edition dawned on him crying in his first responsibility on the part of the story is false abuse and single particle the ukrainian government. the new banana for this in historic responsibility is only part of. the new european union united states him last because the message that only intensify anticipation is that the new people will reopen will be excluded. they will remain low margin was that they will continue to be allowed to use the russian language as an official language in crime here in the interest of the india of the russian speaking regions of ukraine in seoul and soulful normal. no sense
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we're going to have to prove that the russian speakers and shiny. i think that the real explosion. visitation will come because the people there i understand that no one be they say so. i saw moscow's new saying is is a calming influence in this situation are going to take a quick break and get the reaction of our panel stay with us are watching the postman pat today the world. down to earth. this laid her down to it in front of my face like this in mind that even i as a second patient was think this is the best kind. one day never reach the concealed a foreign account before it's all stand at seven hundred if not thousands of kilometers to get. one of the things they produce what the late
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keith gets too dark to light don't despair. was going to come the trustee for the opportunity to work. most often seen since the applicant on the clc morning meal because you don't fancy or beyond. don't cotton to the tsunamis. it was a baby. sam thinks. ward the show. it is. by this what did he missed
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the contest was a vision of cats a dog. just because they are still in the paintings jewelry was music to listen to what. everything else think it's that many people looking in pretty good tonight which is a different team. everytime he walks beyond business. you had a tail six the government wants to see mr fault for domestic cleaning products to support and helps your business to make him from stable and whether or not it actually pays off. beyond business. i kept on fostering can go home our eye. then before using the false to get to be sampled the stories of glory cba with the phone with each of the art here on the polls and cast as ukraine's parliament approves a new interim cabinet throw the russian armed gunmen in crimea as a capital continued to control the regional parliaments this as a victor janet called which the ex president pops up in russia for his gift of a friday news
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conference. still waters. a speech before a joint session of parliament and skied with the queen for on going basis for uk counterpart david cameron says he will get his way when it comes to an end to britain's eu membership status. and the latest attacks by islamist sect vocal are on fire on the minds of foreign leaders in nigeria's capital to mark hundred anniversary of the country's unification among them. france's president as well the eye call. welcome back a welcome if you're just joining us this is the false and get a date so we're looking at to ukraine on age. torn between east and west truth in government. policing the russian flag at the regional parliament in the capital of crimea with us to talk about it. from
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the atf gulliver credit falls and gets correspondent is joining us. crowe also to be here with us in the studio working bee to me she was the national security advisor to helmut kohl and ambassador to nato thank you for being a snake as well to the room i dun activists on the marsh the former georgian minister for european affairs. thorny can go around saying who's with the institute of advanced national defence studies here in paris thank you for being honest and from moscow to me to suck off the council on foreign and defense policy. before we go to goa for him to have. i'm just wanna get it the authority to your reaction. upbeat was appointed by the body but to me to see islam therefore the break which was that in fact russia is a calming influence for crimea on i will only agree with. far too full from susan's post
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comments and most people are a russian speakers sitting and russian speaking population of that creamy entire weekend. for russia to do something this is through nights at the same time pressure could mean more constructive mop moments for this year's months before the scene of violence and pogroms and unwrapped it. all the time we know that russian television gresham. a petition swear. and it's not helping ukrainian population to two that we imagine themselves as citizens of ukraine but helping them to an end including more confrontations and then banned corporation and its accreditation with the rest of fall from print silk the rest it's the responsibility is now and russia can play a role in the heats of the placemats to plan things can be done to complete constructive role his will is not athletes doing these last two weeks and during the years. that said before to meet before
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the look on your computer which we've heard some strong statements of the white house of this thursday. urging moderation on the part of moscow we are in the us defence secretary is well making statements heal his broken. i prefer to listen to him. this week. americans on the phone. i don't drink and some weren't so the american representative. some weeks ago and here. if you're in a news conference. i think. you need one. when you are russians have always had difficulties to accept me into independence of ukraine this is reality. some weeks ago a russian friend said to me well. don't get crispy and thirty four times champion fort morgan and his boy. it is it's in russian championship. my aunt so was difficult to seoul korea. he
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also moved to spain you see who is leaving iraq the russians. they will do extremely well. once. for europeans. yellowstone. you can see more wounded. voices the wolves ukraine. use the same time he understood second it was always helpful anyway by the american school for an eight week session of ukraine. will post no clue. this is full of mushrooms. it's a mutation of confrontation. it's come down grammar. and it's toll the same time with a walk we know. the we know that it was the one western leader who has vitamin put this here is the german chancellor in he's had two phone conversations at least one pair opened up over the past week. what would you like to hear her hse tell him. como
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the most important is to make due to the gardac- in prison don't fret construction crews will second the overall aim is to remain content or in the integrity of you. and its independence. ukraine. this was what to do battle governance. it's a hostile to democracy. develop a country. the two korean is to make out his own mind. this week but the european union is ready to continue to assist in ukraine on its way this is for me the most important mission of the ones i made a mistake you mentioned one of the ones made those mistakes no not a little fiction has made it clear. of those in the western world. one in
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support of the board formerly respectable loss last week. sprinkle on this i think. the words of an american from like one. it's good to me jesus loves you most you can. noone is the ancient financing last week and then went on to win it it peaked roofs and greens of all of ukraine. the two approaches to war i bought extra cost is much more realistic in it the piece. i don't know it's blue i know to help ukrainians are in the form of governance. form dough. a and b i wanted not to bring into this conversation in a moment gulliver cried first though a new wrinkle gulliver if it's that it's coming russian media reporting it to the ousted president viktor yanukovich is a guest
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of a kremlin simon turner moscow yanukovich who has sent a statement to news agencies they're insisting he's still the president added. now it is becoming clear that the people in south eastern ukraine in crimea do not accept the power vacuum and complete lawlessness in the country one head of ministries are appointed by the mob of mob rule in kiev. what is true stats and cabinet members have been getting two screenings. one insight on the other outside team in town and mountains camping its independence plan to do tonight and council tip to them like painting it and announce the date is in as many skits for the interim governments. this latest documents will have to call uncle peter decision. these will be the decisions traditional ukrainian economy
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decisions that we can trust and that is a credit to the decisions that we want to like the ukrainian written in the world. the interim president and so that's mount snow to reach it because government on the grounds it would be partly made up of the study's principal the kids coming in protest he denounced the accident scene you into a pristine pit mine in a stand. routine form of foreign and finance minister at the xcel center night explaining this to be really interesting. but it is true. i've read the list of candidates for the next day my kids. each one of them is a small mark on their reputation. but feels like to know the customer i should have the child to do that on a house of parliament is expected to make a final decision on the main topic
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into a national unity government a stance day. that decision has been needed deliver cried at the end of the day right now who's got the final say on who is in the cabinet is that the parliament of the street i vote that day. today the day. indeed it's the new covenant. one thing that the measures. indeed the new dentist. and that the energy minister. i mean. the santa to bring him to be delivered to the idea to take it they said that it will bring
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the nominations with the bottom. if they don't recognize that what you mean we know it's been that he and the pizza. he did the eagles i think that this is the kind who trust in you think. lol too. the eighteenth of may exaggerated secondly there's the press. with the administration's own protest. it will look at it are you disappointed but some of the names. yes i must have the same week end people are quite disappointed. but what makes me happy but the people the protests is that most of the disappointment comes from the back of the people who were just get skills and skill set on a competent enough to fill the job introduces this was one of the main item. that was mentioned. the move during the last day swing and james came up and things like this this is us and i'm happy even with people who actually were on the my time to come
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out of the protest is out of the series. in these activists who ended up being appointed as ministers. below are often unhappy about them just because thinking whoa. d then we have the skills that gifts of the film that particular job. probably not send them. you'll start to the image. i agree with this instance the room and choose to print. nothing prefers whole school knew and still no huge increase in interest and realize this. come back it's a cool morning he called me. and perhaps to walk the walk and speaking of creation. to make it to sing the word somewhere forgot to crime unit detained on the mend. it contained only to realize its support. it's going to start in august this is why people get the people that accept this and says even that of the brain quite happy enough
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with them. still can't accept it. to me she says look at the end of the day. we'll moscow accepted as well. i don't think so. while it's the agreement was entered into for us. secondly we saw these two regions of ukraine were excluded from the proceeds of our informational you grow old when you go. so what do you think will insist on changing visitation and enforce our local pool sometime come back to last long in june. cooley said before it blows up soon getting up to speed. i don't think it's a decision in its fortunes. thus the situation in ukraine and is a whole collection that will have to understand this. lincoln has declared this nation is in ukraine is much much more
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important for them somewhere and for russian political elite in general the american owned. come by and the picky this is first or second the only thing they called the freedom of choice this evening he was managed in intermediate among the worst was an extremely huge blow the remains of trusts that existed between moscow and italy. in the international perception of full argument is that the new coalition government with chocolate this time either as the foreign minister because it was intimidation. does that too. it was a political pressure against him including stints at all the parents older than mine so that position. on tuesday several hours so that is the one science. and when that was the new declaration
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of almighty god wanted me to go. the leader of the principle the right sector. tomorrow they will seize the day. the national demonstration that was no longer protected by the forces by the food is drawn from here. there was no reaction from the west at some sites. so for her. in both korea and the reason it was small maybe a somewhat us to political pressure not to regime change. regime change call. so now the russian position is not my last point is. the design that was the small understand coal seam is that it's the day interesting to go. toda the iw the easternegions o ukraine. gould's them into the new government in kenya where today they are not represented. i think this instability in ukraine will unfortunately grow. that's a point made by dimitri there this matters a lot more to russia. and it does to
7:45 pm
western europe or the us uses this is true that we should ask why why why we have the situation. it's that soon because mr putin unknown russian government from the very beginning. re states from there the inning and saying that there is snow there's so little a zero sum game with greed that we do cranium stump of the two koreas were talking about the west the west was quite safe to be honest. toward the west of the trinity is not the ones that change regime is this the coast of santa cruz ingredients and they're still saying that's ok. raising states mean that you know it's it's it's all russian prose is lost in all plus the ten fifteen years maybe. it seemed to keep shelter to tell the international community that it is raising stakes and the fee few words. if you are weak you are beaten was just a fluke with his famous phrase to use the name now i'm off to the treasury the local restaurant so when you were to have these the same kind of support to
7:46 pm
international relations. you are losing so we have to react because your postage off your own with the ricks and that's why i agree it's very important for mr putin to show that he's the man we he's in charge of the situation and the least i know the situation and that the rain in eastern ukraine and creamier. this is the result off. these people are also fully what russian tv and last year's and last month a twenty s on russian tv and you are bashing bashing the ukrainians western ukraine using the data below the national is they will come and they will slaughter you. of course these people are afraid they are not afraid of to fulfill the duty of being fed we'd all be so. this is the result gulliver crack up and do great. that said he will be decrying the internet and
7:47 pm
goodman agency. many of its own pool. david did a great deal of difficulty convincing them that it's good to get another on integrating just admit to actually get motors in leading this new government. i think that the interim president and its undertook to help. i couldn't let him play and it will be greatly missed the idea. and it's good to be induced to confront their mutual people down there. like i said to me we became famous. cincinnati is one of the kids all know that we did sports minister panel said. today will stick
7:48 pm
to beat that. my grandson it's amazing to think what we need to do is know to try and join in the micro mini been able to go down and enjoy and to try to reconstruct the belief that they are having a sister to the army unit that was causing division one team no question that it did not intended to be suspecting that the predicted the incident. blinding. open since the attendees ukrainian nationalists lydia the city lights quite extreme that kind of propaganda that some of the arrested by anti teacher has to seem to be pretty about the kind of thing they need to complain about that will correct information in the local things down. but oliver is true that there are of nationalists in the government so that there are people who are from ukrainian nationalists and in the far right. it is after the two zero defeat to the gritty details that nothing the us and uk include it. got the wrong kind of position when they just deny it outright state. in the cupboard at the time that among the people leading the government. the nastiest
7:49 pm
but the icing is that tonight we went ahead and get angry at any suggestion that said this will put the puppy with the government should be described as five rides at school and i think. and i with our iconic piece of wood in europe and to think that this symbol. the internet it's a good thing the reason is that they're being painted as the syndicate of denying that there's been any kind of far right gentlemen i could hold the rights to the concert the new cut so it's a good day. in this country. the club should be saying is. alright today. if there are maybe some sixteen eighteen. in the medium and then to the tiny minority in the end of the people who had
7:50 pm
begun to live with him this includes ten eleven cents to nine. and as was teaching the german german for nesters using the time of the u s secretary of state. frank walter steinmeier saying that he welcomes the establishment of the interim government john kerry show was missing everyone needs now to step back and avoid any kind of provocation over ukraine. he also said that he'd spoken to his russian counterpart sergei lavrov and had to drop off and reaffirm that those military exercise on ukraine's border were previously scheduled visit is that the way you can read the situation you can get in holland always remember if you want to communicate. and one of all time. the key is colic know it's extremely
7:51 pm
important when you came across ukraine is in front front room. richardson has been recorded on him new defensive position. some extent. o lord. mccain has been torn cost of billions into two groups the country according to success. really cute. most old will form one to take up to the soviet union. beginning the boat and the more clicks. and though something new. practice is for cold. the unwanted three kickoffs for them. i really don't know if it's true. i asked americans to show you one. which has become independent and before the soviet union and one. and into today. the russians have not really except in between
7:52 pm
i think it's it's it's up to boom times. we don't need kids to use the lies the aggressive dropped to one four. the same townn so far wed looked interesting enough to make it to them. no adventure it has been a linchpin to two options. is this a year and no one has the intention to human. we'd like to integrate units a day and in the swing of normal impulse was to use words as well it's more like a millisecond and anything else. we have one common for on twitter i think the current trend in prices a serious event. that means a proper response from the eu and us agencies lost in crimea were to break away their menu say that inside of russia that would not be such a great scenario since he said a word to the outset
7:53 pm
of precedents it up elsewhere in russia. others might wanna follow. well i treated him as a stop in from russia is more interested in are the sum of ukraine. and they're really saying that russia will officially welcome. these tools to create a new language. salt the season and the plaza. is that often role as independent states. peninsula in moldova and a couple other small moments and we don't want to send such a message to the concerts will also stay with which we would like to be in a oven. it stays here. a union based on
7:54 pm
ideological and economic terms. on leaving to join my media in kyrgyzstan. national schools knows and likes the pool already in the base unit. this is all we are in russia we are so loving. sen wants. unfortunately i don't exclude its tactic of the russian politicians will land with this scenario as an option. you know as an instrument to press the west today the russian concerns hey internet phones including a diesel. these include a conclusion will hold it the center of russian speaking population of ukraine on the western slope of ukraine into the government and discussing the question of association with the eu. i think that when it is time for russia and ukraine in humans is a doll and discussed in the trial a tool for law of the question of ukraine association. in an objective
7:55 pm
that's what i propose that months ago. as the nuances of native was contacted this week and resides in rome sometimes you agree. we agree on. on the fact that this sentiment as it was not the diplomatic success of oppression and i'm very happy to pinch hit that limits their coming back to crane yes i think the indie trio so the pressure will play in these planes are dangerously just on the border of red wine. and this is very dangerous because he can at all to meet and ukraine different sides sort of leak and ukraine have deals with both trust in you. of course it can and who should ask ukrainians festival. i did. i don't understand why it is european union should negotiate with ukraine to go to with russia ukraine is a sovereign country. aapt pressure recognizes independence of ukraine queen has to negotiate to gather having online tools to ration pack it in negotiating a little and that the european union ever been to leave it there unfortunately we're out
7:56 pm
of time that i wanted the walk in division one a thank you as well on and are mashed up for me to guard dogs a lot of things to be just as well for joining us from moscow and co author cracking here thank you for being with us here. spent a day the cause. and. and. note
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
to self report. we don't just mean the actual release of some political prisoners the reopening of the house of cinema since the election of president of the army has begun to mount. its goal was to present a more acceptable face of iran. with ratio called wine is still present in the optimistic on my knees he's the wrong ingredients being off work just fine tonight. reporters. plus when
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john and paul's been kept the car. sells. steve. you
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evening will do little. woo hoo . the fine arts he warned you may find a new report revealed that britain's intelligence agency intercepted and stormed back an image is from millions of users. a little help of course from the nsa the latest on that ad. and another member of the cuban find proof is released from us custody. the five men were convicted back in two thousand won on spying charges. that won't mean the hill that spew out to look at the history the cuban five coming up. and i


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