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tv   Taiwan Outlook  KCSM  March 2, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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peered years and three new longest ongoing series on the seventeen ninety in your walk with them. i knew. shea the eye. it's my ob and televisions inside to put too many to a brand new edition doubt that i while but the program presents the different faces. i let you feed that if the voices on taiwan. on the host region will depend on christian hospital. most celebrated the sixtieth anniversary in the year of two thousand
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thirty. over the last sixty years while the major achievements of the pink own christian hospital is the international medical mission that this is tomolo way. almost every year. and on today's program where do i get to have practised joseph hughes who stood superintendent of the penal christian hospital to talk about the mission to my lovely apples so many other projects that the hospital currently has will come to the program hockey the audience. i'd use my pressures continue my trip on highland hotel. here's what the place is ours to have you here on the world of today and ideas have mentioned bill one of the major achievements of the penal christian hospital east the international medical mission. they use into malawi in africa and that kate ellis globe it above the background of commission. and thank you that everyman. tracing back into notion and wind blew and
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putrid a diplomatic relations between malawi and taiwan them at that time. and because due to the election off. the sauces. so it pays the press guys to view a hospital window most. in each area in my lolly lolly the center then no country this show is on and off to the salty stuff oh one voucher and hundred miles so the saying is that they can walk into a field hospital ten essential and david dalton parties a month in these areas. knowing this is difficult to access them. so what you did it including that helps set these up at the very least mean that. so they repress us to a cause for the hospital can talk so according to him to buy an extra cream and mama got home and construct a high with a host of hospital care according to the edible bouquet of course sold after the construction. and they
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face the same situation as we are a lot of photos off my mommy and me don't like to be didn't know is to file online today because us navy is possible to send a medical team to be there to share the people get and so after the long negotiation and talk so i'll comment on free to send a medical mission team to not be ok then goes to team goal every year and when did your commission started though this is not the face of temptation. ok so we stayed longer at all. so with this. i was still a medical need is on the x men because she was all i was saying dis ease two thousand and two of up to a true thousand and eight. so what is the year i will come back oh two we watch too much to collect supplies. oh yes and the hubby is the commission every time you meet the team out to malawi. this includes this medical staff. what do
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you have other for example teachers to educators. maybe as part of the mission. his eye and women. i think this is a precaution the unit where the kenyans that the medical mission mostly based on the medical sure it's ok soul. so we sent an automatic adulterous new coating different specialties and also the nurses. veer off course to meet the nurses took that to feed them to operate dad then nursing care note this is the most unimportant os and at that time. ok so we find them ready and difficult homage to the cost us a lot of big gap between malawi and taiwan it's only is that of the deceased's tree here indeed it is sometime in malawi. oh and that he sees that we need repeat in my mommy you seldom find in the eye while still really new to me asking how a cell phone. and though you said that he started leading the mission of to malawi in
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the year two thousand to. i can only imagine. your first impression of home you know of writing in malawi this time of the yield very different. the meal fun the conditions seem to come on. the teacher experience call to shop when you first apply it gets. this is very interesting story. i remember when i get the os frightening i need to take several steps house for a court case so the last rites. on that. on the fright when the pain i find all my share and share our endings will protect you can go in and i find myself skinny its own law schools to use com i'll be so. i wonder why my eyes scared. it seems that my mind more the bpa to be the a muse but my heart is not yet been paid this means that i still fear says. or maybe they would do some practicing to me though so that's why i few years means
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i might find it. i still have some bias. boy these two nations on black people thought maybe i'd like to learn no coaxing them into the meat at the time and the old time before that we guys were right people. what a big guy bought protect people and so i was the first five picks the church is and these concepts are still this is my first culture shock them and a second when i'd walk over on the street i saw most of them man. holding hands with the other man to get to talk to touch to walk on all who i find this to be some compassion in the future that that's why they have to hide his send off to hide the taste is still up. actually and this is not the fact filled and the fact is that why they talk to other because they find that you are my good friends. i want to hold your hands so it is ready and confident and comfortable to
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me in the first time in a grand ol' malawi and then hold my hand to tell more than one hours. i've a feeling uncomfortable month finally i find pieces that kind of friend she did ask one of the chief why you need to hold the hands of the item and when you talk to each other. he told me that she told me that. joseph and this is kind of trust. the calls them when i hold your hands and icon whole anyone walks and bike idaho and utilize these sparrows. i'm used to be missed. i'd trust to be still my friend called pcs and other coach has stopped me. i think given the fact that you knowing you have very ill that mean shocking impressive when you first arrived in malawi. build what was the medical condition of the country at the time they got to be very different from the conditions seem come on and also we know let me for example what is the life
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expectancy of the average in malawi in detail at the time two thousand to. cause at that time two thousand and two. taiwan already run them ready when the high reputation on have national health use to excuse the news that come through reaches more than ninety five percent and then dissatisfaction. i mean that that's the way use more than a mighty to save uses them but this is the drama won the world youth but when i came to my mommy i find post with the friends pictures. i find the key posts there is no running that what he called the social welfare. all the citizens in the lobby and they have to furnish to seek full house. it's okay and for cheney. the accessible to help you in each piece really difficult sometimes when he can cook our hostel was so so central hostel and sometimes they need to take a long walk more than five hours six
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hours in the couldn't see oppression to walk so don't you think and it was so tall i'm sure they are healthy and so that's why the system is a selective because situation from an entire one can only find it. all of the health service we take the full brunt of this mommy when the key posts and the sick. ready to bury him and the two peas in a pan heat the heights. the school forensics and he needs. i do my best to send my gratitude my friend amanda to help south east. so they don't pay as o'brien to the top piece is quite a difference for me so i like the pre show what i learned from them. ok then given the fact that you mention something that the you know the real level of utility c section. in malawi is very very high. and the gusset have something to do with education. ill people we don't really know ways to
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protect themselves and though or deal with their you know for example the overuse of milk truck bugle sinned and done with you some of the cost is said that to the higher level of eight c section. i think that i'm weak one oppression up of the life expectancy is being used at the introduction in two of the type expectancy is around thirty nine years old always has been dead zone to me. i wasn't all made it. mr potts twenty eight. when i realize that they need to be found at the zoo said crows coach acute infectious. we call it x lol when life expectancy in the first the height difference. often i'd be a nice looking into boston and tool according to the i mean to unite a nation the probe would a ten mm is a run. fourteen on topaz cents. so the end end the news that i'm not all that and help patients and tell people to be with hiv
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ids. and secondly they have a real high. more comedy team of ten ill health. and also they have a higher more cuts you off children. so in this ad makes all want to get to me means that it can never do that in all operation me into an l a just so that's why generally they have a real life expectancy from and also to put a problem in case the press case in my email on meet the press case i can get fries for hiv aids was in nineteen fifty three will easily means that the hiv aids insects they have an aunt will be called a mate and she reached the end kenya's be geniuses concern is that the money until race day. and then re open mind on what they're doing easy going people. the donkey is this a big problem with them. ten years. holding cell they have no strategy to face back and sees it costs them money if
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you care but that's oh so that's why does he have a high incidence of hiv aids oh and you never know we like extensions. my hope rios only hope the situation has improved and elders six years to you with it. these use of the process you know going the right direction. this site review. that's because two and a deck six years i was being there working with the may international to my station to canada and bambi up getting the funding. and then scroll forty ha farm that will be called a pro will find ideas hiv aids spoke to the colonel a system and adrienne my body and soul sure these programs need is a whole country rep to get a friend to come into canada indeed according to a dictator trend you can use the east coast of ten percent only hope that we need to take the first break of our program today won't be back in just a few minutes. the in
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the it is. session. steve
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the welcome back to the second part of the scroll and feel that i wa look on the host week will will will continue our discussion with captain joseph hughes whose two superintendent at the pink own christian hospital in taiwan. and the country you will a talk about your meal meeting the international medical mission to malawi from the year two thousand to all the way to two thousand and eight. that one thing of course you need it to you know deal with is the high level off the skin friction the l in malawi. and that we also talk about day johan on doing the dishes the international medical mission established to bring bowl clinic at the ins and zoo central hospital. can you tell the school bit about the background behind the establishment of the rainbow clinic and also
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why indian name that wrinkle ok weeks. thank you raymond and include awesome and full moon people are gonna put this up the keys caution focus on. he says. affordable and was surprised. and jimmy choo wire old trucks spoke to her for no country will require developing countries and oil and us open at the cup. because i are on the whole world. morgan called trekked off to hiv returns. they were seeing himself in africa. the calls for the trots. what's very high. watch because this takes us as mean that you would a country euro returning united states it to him. but it could all come in set pieces and fear him you are not going to treat the people in developing
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countries though so look into adoption and for the united nations from mcgill racing for tennis. and the rich fool so we need to scale up the tree man. not only to those who can pay but also the goal was to come to pay so means that we all want to track me out when the truck to haul it s still up. so we stopped to pull why does serve to ease the stress reading the truman and to ensure an end by gnosis. so in two thousand and four. so in the very beginning we are still missile missile at a fascinating dead. what kind of them. he makes to be named years so we've discussed to get a week to meet the church the derby at the hospital he does. and finally we agreed and we make a consensus that gringo. when we used to use the name green in all it is costing them by boat into old testament and thus causing a bit rustic. so the breaks i think that in a while back so
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that a chinese man that game when they quote from the top so and then finally the same the peach and olive to see with antique keys into the pigeons going coming back and then. they're called monday's loss at. you see the rainbow did this. i promise you made the frosting i can. i promise you'll never be a christian to you. so use means. it is not a passing snow so we hope yet. we hope to keep some pressing to dos software of all hiv meet me once and to be. they don't think this is a crushing because hiv patients has somewhere to see the esteem of isolation and discrimination at that time well. and though when the patient hiv know its patients have you treated since the establishment of pringle clinic. when depressed and stressed mind only a few pace was kind of
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thing. because in this setting. the womb of politics no don't take the trucks this makes it. it will kill you. the same name by the turkish unknown he wouldn't be us. the goal is to the tree and because they have taken some action and to treat hiv aids patients and because it's touch and up and so we are baking cookies no soul. i still remember was when receiving his patient when he can become tedious scoops units. be kind to pick him up because it's no use. the premise that these crispy still just crispy crust. we are coming from long distance race and so i keep the trucks to heat up and down. henry used a wheelchair told today. and in sutton in the family camping dr was one. he's already
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tight. school was calm. he says. he still talks to people who do not take one dose of trucks already clear that there was a nice brisk but at the very beginning and the opposite that we find some cba case and ink pen back and become able to walk people who worked in use the post no change us. so in the first new to me already achieved ufos and one thousand cases. that's every time the imf team two thousand h r o greco. he's already being. morgan's five thousand patients who are under treatment. yes and though we understand that there are many many difficulties you have to deal with the old leaving the medical mission to malawi one of which is that there is no national identification system. you know like what we have here in taiwan. no school for an elite interests of providing medical care and
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some are so vocal here to malawi is that becomes an e note the issue of concern can you tell was a little bit about how you deal with you know it the lack of national and if you like the system. the molar. bill molly used and in no country for the one that is the death toll is involved said this in second year here in the rice i used to bend or something ok so he did at that time my modesty and that of finding on the global fund. so does it remind them for free. by his son ian they cannot receive present situation no so some people. they make collective trucks and moved to the border and a salvage rights. so this cause a big problem. he is so i'm not up to him. mash or trying to add a white piece and trucks smuggling. yes mongering. so
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how do we ensure that the patient. the trucks the cost is reasonable people have id. today i came to a teammate to get it sucks and tomorrow i go to pt mix and it is the ideal patient and at the end of the storks men and that makes the opposite tomorrow i go to a sealed unit uses the problem. so that's why happy one tried to identify the patient and also to award that case the petition if i'm on the canucks. saute the meat they don't have to hide the national id because a lot of money too to have a massage icc some and so that's why. and we say this is possible to use biometric information. the matching information until we can use the irony is you can use that finger create anything oops you think is possible. many find it and because taiwan and thirteen. information technology is quite get why
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this in. at the time and so he means that we be a possible attuned to it to you somehow vinci inflammation sold to this widely use the fingerprint can be discussed difficult to get the lead up and increase the hospital want to get ready inches above the speed limit so that's why bt but that fingerprint identification system cooling yes the box is pretty funny i still remember when times the dutch chief of those have regional police station can joseph and i won your breath caught. one record the single tier eco home. he said. while we ate in trouble. the colts have won a stage and the caution about this is his post like and i can get helping the pain inflammation of the set up my you know who paid a visit. i think saudi peace impossible. so that's why we make a somewhat education. so our fingerprints can now pre movie fort polk. so we transformed it into a cute
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old man u of a one thousand seven hundred pictures. so the nice piece of fiction to a number so you can read a series of peaks to a number of ghazni minutes. this is us why this is the kind of modification and the screaming face it if the court he was trying to overcome that fear that this isn't too much of candidates and the severity innovation engine is of no knowledge of building up your database up the pace of its goals in the sense of are you providing additional layer of protection. you know in case the union of these kits you know this you see anyway. and given the fact that you know you have the real problem that the struggle against aids and the duo also some other medical issues in malawi you to deal with including the issue of malnutrition. elvis is of course not unique to malawi to many of you know other parts of the developing world this wall and a copy to deal with the fact that you don't
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go the toothpaste off of mold nutrition. the soul still be carting the provision of medical care to the average citizen in milan. and according to my first action is either a mention of what the high and one more card to re open shooter in the news that to meet each domain the main cause for that kind look on his knees due to molly she should. ok so i'm not cut off all my season including to the messy one international the queen wants to focus on the nutritional improve on them. and it shouldn't come so we are free access on the same way to deal with that. additionally the cost of the high teens have been re copy for you to install hiv aids. so this also at. the compare it to be a high to reach all my meds cause me to a child. so is what he called it to you and teaching unions that they
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have very high transmission rates and so the news and when that baby got hiv aids and they are. when he's sick it's an awesome they are also ready for nutritional status. so that's why at that time because it'd be neat to meet and get the dishes into the painting and green cloth to clean cook them otherwise the trust cannot work on then only we know his nutrition too. ok so it's not just a one dimensional struggle is a small team known as factors stand and play games. we need to take another break on the program will comprise . i know. i
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have. it is. session. steve the welcome back to today's program field tile while the army post great war will continue our conversation without the chosen few hoops to superintendent of the pink own christian hospital and
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also the leader of the international medical mission to malawi from the years two thousand to all the way to two thousand and eight the best how cool that the budding addition providing in addition to providing medical services to the average malawi and is doing to six years. you also came up the hill with the idea of some very innovative ideas of what social economic projects to assist the local people. for example providing micro loans to them. the ole it for the time when education and also other things to heal for example your chicken farming techniques to help them with old mothers to be ill survive and go with thee to kick these you know idea for these very innovative. no project and did they really make a difference in helping these people. this thing to him in the end. i think this is called in to me he says tom my idea was being cheated
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this is inspired by one single. i mean woman really she named christina. you know call my lolly nothing so when she came to my kids from up there. trucks because of course to call back and bought. she sued way to educate all the cleaning what now is michael cook. i say why you are not going to need them. and she told me that i cannot take any foot since yesterday. and now you get the trucks. i get better i have no money to buy foot on the sea. i do. we might all my cliques to kent. we are to help with this. we are not only to it. to keep the money is no soul. we don't get any money so that patients on the patient's family clinic i'd need to be
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and should have get on each hand it to get this up for folk to get their help me to get a soul. i'm single. this is my dream i don't fault with the fishing clinics. i'm just testing the air. she didn't walk away. so i was fine. i need to pee i got comfortable and then i saw no one around me. so i said. i got my. i keep some money to people can use. so i prayed might be my soul and unfortunate. she can run in tomorrow. so i was in trouble was i saying no no the money i like it to you in yesterday's should be narrowed to a new love for full week and how you come back. most of time. i'm not going to ask for money on asphalt shawl. the cost. i can't help you know. i'm used to it. and i knew it off to
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clean my life. so she's my new knowledge. hiv aids. it's not the magical pcs know this is partially show was sold at the moment on film. so that's why we try to bring something among that group together and how could we help them and so on other people speaks of tension and the pundits and eat it. the final toledo spain the beach. he did speak on hold and i actually means that peace is possible for us to get some support to them and to maintain july otherwise the tuscany seeking to find receiving the donation. i think this is what we told tony i don't know so that's why the thing about this is possible that we can earn some money to them and to do some small pieces put them in. and why we race the chicken from first because jesus is their race radical korea and
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the most tear them up so that's why sometimes we find me when he comes by and checking the market. so that's why. if someone can note there is some chicken and leek and happy. prayer is the most upright is no set pieces cos what this is possible because of you did the chicken in makati so good so we missed out on so we said we knew possible coonan something awful cough which confronting him in the stock that. and also we stopped to educate their children because the chili to have some problem because you did studies the rate of hiv aids even the dude in each little piece of wall awful five percent but after going to do so citing his jaunt up to forty percent in zone is set to educate the young people how to award. did he says he's ready clothes on but hopefully you'll be in the white bordered on people to canada so this might be un of some sport than two weeks to get to the wide end to it on the ice beat me to be set
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up the table tennis he said of the ban on tennis together it rained and review my son close together so i did that excites me. educate them up all hope to have unsafe the legend of pcs transmission has been given the fact that you know will we go porcelain mean come on he'll poke off diplomatic relations. you know with malawi in two thousand and eight. therefore the international medical mission had to stop. but you know that the eu continue to provide assistance to the people in malawi through different channels yell for example in geo zealand norway and also you know are right you know can you tell the school a bit about you know the peace you know channels hoping to continue to provide thesis is that people me being the mom thank you and you took us for a two hour onto bowman takes the high ms was serious
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the tomb of ali and i won so that's my cue to the financial and diplomatic when nation we need to retreat back years so it s funny you should make an edt rainbow candy. more than five thousand cases a soul we don't know how to handle for today to the local maori as health workers and soul three os. and hopefully check them all how can we trust your head open to them this had no problem we just leave it to us. so with this why we find the whole meeting the ndp at no cost to take it because the school in a calm and the need to face with and this is only a part of the problems and so when i cam back to taiwan. i was frustrated and eyes seek out all the help and mindy and finally i talked to the appointment of an increase in hospital. did i mention of politics. thompson two cases men also priced house and family. so if they were touched. he said we'll
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call and she knew was he sure they're ok. the letter linda we have that people might take the law so because sixty years ago in a new christian hospital was established by some medical missionary phones nor the country and mold the most important countries will reach it. so that's why we wheeled the y tonight still relationship between taiwan and always and all dry season to get a sentence with this registration off the norwegian all can i say send you my mommy. we stopped work and so so so this is the story liao. going back ok get to my mommy. ok so it is impossible with a you seen the future. even though it there's no diplomatic ties hey you know maybe you can leave the group of medical professionals feel going back to malawi. billy miller capacity as representative of going christian hospital is impossible that it's already
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been on the way topeka so we'll already since the medical pope rational for hanging the internet on we can also be glorious and nico some internship. palm island university's national taiwan university yummy new city and coastal medical university and also the dove. and as jones' son medical university this is already being on the away we go into a two week old they don't people to include two was some international chef a swamp experience on international cooperation to have a good and the us has said that the bikini on the program got the feeling in the year two thousand thirteen the penal christian hospital celebrated his speedo sixtieth anniversary. and there's snow made me feel with no things wonderful things that appeal christian hospital has come for taiwan interests of providing yale medical services and also internationally that she would have read enough the international medical
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mission malawi. and that's not the superintendent of the penal christian hospital what is your protection no protection. what the activities that you would like to. he'll provide. with the pin going christian hospital. being the next ten fifty or sixty years. and this is that quick. at the crash yesterday the crash in paris on the scene to answer i would like to share was on my passion aspect from terrorists. in taiwan we are facing their aging. our nation. soul. this means a big challenge to all with a cvt and also not only the person you for that complements tactics. i've heard that the foam and water products and to use the crystal ball to second base. all these surveys. tool for why certain age operation and geeks at the moment. we
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had just. comparing. so we did mean each to lead to more forties take care of each operation moon. can someone tell me that. new kinds of traffic light turned on the green and full of people to walk. to address how many seconds some changes and fifteen seconds the second you can seventeen years old may is here while i moved a few nice chairs and no way no surnames we need to change a lot to do otherwise so we knew the future. we do get old and still we're suffering told and so that's why you right now. oliver was packed it in the future. you still do we face. it's critical situation in the country and which khartoum. so santa came more updates for any situation to our passion is to allow people to our citizens news is that you put in pots and also we tried to not only for the health but
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also for the social health men also for the psychological health is of course be hope yet the final days. we need a spiritual help to get her to pieces. i'll post that keep me want to read to you that taiwan has been cleaned and internationally can be find and punish it is so important is to be me and others to come and be kind to any pics meaning to we welcomed end of the ahl up on this idea an international partner or no coupon is to get to the news that mean we could see what that cooperation concept is that this is not me of the supplies so we had that vienna on the mill which is a part of the corporation whole process. we need to take the final break on the program will be back in just a few minutes. the in
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the session. steve the welcome back to
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the final part of these programs feel that i wallow on the host read will will will continue and hopefully wrap up this interesting conversation with dr joseph due course relieved the superintendent at the end own christian hospital. also the leader of the international medical mission to malawi from the years two thousand to all the way to two thousand and eight. do you for the final part of today's program one year deal with up close and personal with. the you will point hong kong and grew up in hong kong. well you can to taiwan to study. you graduated from college who medical university in nineteen eighty that you have been practicing medicine in taiwan. ever since. and over the last snow thirty plus years to you being caught one you know what were some of the field changes that you have seen on the eye with an oh so late you know where he experiences bill as a medical professional interests of providing field medical care
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to the people in combat. and sang to him and then. fred is speaking right now i'm more then hopped off my h and i live you see i'm close to the mindset as time and only use the stairs so he did to their window first. the time i can to taiwan and was forced out the years. so when i came to taiwan i find families who is special praise the cost of. i still remember the time and i came to my new mrs t mobile. my newest idea too. also for the field and the rice field of rice paddies. while this is his incredible call me because i didn't i'd be hong kong i made this than meets the flow rice field on the role and highlands displays an exciting and most are from people so friendly this has opened the gates they said i don't. i didn't post my cage and even at my stomach is incredibly to me to do so and also when i
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tried to get the medication to patients or some medical service to the patients. he always says thank you thank you thank you so it's great so you will recall the hassles of corrupt areas and so is out to me is all excited. so when when i sit when i said to myself this is possible that we can have some effects to the country and nestled between the tide to know something. to conserve window areas. in the month in this area. it's the serene with my two one and we did so they can creep in and month old in seoul after that we went to the well we should do so it's a deadpan crew week in east tn and the week the weekend today because the rest of the canucks to set the people i run to the precarious so creamy and rich continent. what i remember was time. i was in milton thaiday. when i was
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on the mountain top. i saw one the adb. we all want india from the mountains in the end of the mountain had been in the month. i could still see any passion. he says. ipcc is i don't know myself so teeny. it's disgraceful conditions that i was nothing. i was laughing this is. i was loving what i'm chasing now. so i called the stone me to its crisis surely you have a middle age crisis. i do find meaning to us then i lost the streets of seoul. there's going to get me an opportunity to open my eyes. so ice. i did start to stun gun to welcome you innocently. he says this is what my hair in my experience would like to share its
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current trading conditions to malawi. of course over the years you have also let your medical professionals to places like you know thailand and oh so me and mark melbourne cup and also has to stay. what did the snow all these international medical missions meant to you saying you just mentioned no bus bill and northern thailand you know standing on the meal mountaintop and the the other trips and calm to you prioritize. though some of the strips bill which was one cold meal first and though what with some of the purposes behind the strips. he did it. we have sand in our own pasta filipino krishna was killed when a little off. people all clinics to care that they had a half. then hops. for the south east asia news including them i am a man kind and can also use intuition. it's a refund and we have the cornice work and
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took it easy so wonderful. he did. i'm just how tough the team from hindus at the moment nice to have some mental book and it has given us this is so insensitive and we are the best by the end of it and they would not like to open them so no property though so that's why dad because it happened. we have yet it's easy to open the piggy so that's why i was and why did you choose the deed. even more than ninety cm so much better than i have missed. and does to you we understand that you often you might get to speak at various universities around taiwan. and in your speeches to the younger students. what would you say to them what was somewhat the messages that you like um bay to the younger generations think i want an especially if the younger generation was saved at the top eu law went into the things that you have to yell providing he'll become a volunteer at the end you know of providing professional services. not necessarily
11:46 am
medical services of professional services to people around the world what would you say to that. a panel of crash and the cost of the treehouse crash in one piece. do you think is a small radical who wept and testimony product in domestic automatically years. this is the most question. okay i said no no. i sit. the cost why not we i mean that trolls scale. meanwhile months from allah my six when fixed. i love when you would fix it but when the work. all this he became weak and open olive we should do this and then when they come back to taiwan. i'm sure those stairs this week effect. we'll be cooked with effect from a unicycle. i remember the ice i have to count in the email alley brawl that. she was so granny smith cotton she just called uptight and into it
11:47 am
season and that they want to string on the despair with the striving of the other a m and not what struck me it's so wet. i'm not comfortable doing so i want to go to a guest to it. the space heater i guess that's two pots one days that i can count this year will soon go the moon iron sheets. so i i want to save money i said anyone who can speak these robots that i can. icing on the calendar nor old people and a combo that i can succeed where so he takes it pretty good and so he said sure. i need extra payment i sure why because i need that kind and humble to come. ok he's ok so i keep tulips and total currency to him as the scene in a top role hundred and two donut new softball truly certainly over. ok so i keep the money to him and his happy singing songs and just walk a boat
11:48 am
can meet as a person can. a domain can. i saw him too. if one looks to him my wife saw the light from it when it gets the money to him. to call his brother told me that he calls keepin on. these scenes yesterday. you know you know you'd be thinking yes why. he said. i have experienced off hunger. so much. she was so when lisa got him ready for shipment as i can say what he called us and all. his generous nature news he still pulled off all his own unique record of two that could aid to the domain and and and also he reminds me once because i believe one day i was in hunger. someone knew she had beat me. so sure he said harrassment. sharing is not
11:49 am
to go in age to have pt on you know this is the sheer an excuse so when we come back i'm not going to get people to go meet people because i find he's so cute in all i want to share. so i have less space to say to learn not to enjoy to learn not only to enjoy them too and he's also a photo shoot. this of pieces that hides my one to share with the younger generation you have more standout this means that you are new to share with the obvious. and finally before we in the program that custody. if the younger generations of colonies would like to be on to the things that you have done you a career so far bill providing healing international assistance to people around the world what would be some of the recommendations that you would heal me to them. hope can be better prepared themselves. if the dnc opportunity comes and they
11:50 am
can the international endeavor this you have done in the past it's going to rome and paris. i teach will open on my my eye and i need to have some what he called a and. hard times she spoke yes this might mean to and from the internet i guess this is that this is only two pieces so naturally high one minute after you see trish and is able to share different meaning to a new kid ourselves not only in anchorage and also allah much to be humble. kobe able to incorporate each dish on the moon and also to be able to kind of each other we all knew one off to. corporation team. we are not to need to be induced this and tested the film one when meat was taking the country preamble to the end of the center. we don't want to cuba casino phobia tool warranty a single
11:51 am
phobia tool to going to be new to what to get a good un local people. i think this is a part time shift mean each while a younger generation of silly fun conversation with you today talking. i have personally learned alot from you. especially when you emphasize on the concept of scary. thank you very much for being a special meal guest on the program today one in which you and that can build christian hospital all the best being featured. i think you can hear him and thank you for the thank you for watching the program today i'll see you next time ah my goofy tv paint. i knew timing. and i think
11:52 am
the thing. go the to do still i. today post will cover all off. but with a budget watchdog for the proceeding of the puzzle the new is a must read into that were nominated at a busy bee one bloom the known that and the rich web connection and need a facade. busy weekend has been nyc a whole without the zoom into the one whom i love this easy to get out of a key thing that happened when that kid. and my decision was o'donnell is
11:53 am
the mike is in what the deal was a mighty kick in the new month. but i did it ever is up to seal a deal but when did study for offences so we've got him in the predicted the market as saying that the museum field field. you'll feel present it and decided that this episode eleven to come home. all in the somme that when a nominal been sent to them that much cheese that is utter crap on the bonds at a couple of god in others the voice that just isn't. she said with a little more room. and then here's a cute isn't it. there's every reason for him this is america in the middle of the muslims. it has to do enough of a human mother who did it he said as he wanted to achieve. when anna
11:54 am
dedicating all but given the stated goal is to look in my crazy going on a warning to the mosque but it's in one or stuff i need to know a thousand bucks a need to know is the longest and said that achieving a full can of tuna gordo opal school was dubbed the legion of august on many know that by just aren't that often lead to bet that as yet of this e g the back of the out of pull me out of the tub on the button yet we've done a puzzle put together show a comeback. she teaching a sudden call from an apple pulp of ashdown a baby bunny that a korean week to decide if a crucial bridge in london to begin posting of the book was a tentacle ne the creature from the gretna beneficial to know of the seam sealed to you by zany comedy. more this and a mother of the silver seven the canoe was going. last but not the sole lead in the jordy the lead in the us is according to wiki wiki. oh when the mother was the name somebody bill in the tibetan us the school to get the added that the incentive for them to but got two assists. mussina my ideal of the bottom of the pacific whose intimate the butts of a
11:55 am
button and it's up to go to the addendum images of illness that would put a foot in it. and better than that the goal is to sit with him one of his. rob stable get it over to cut it with us again with the big deal in the distant mechanic dedicated it to be with the club listings of this idiom of the fatima commit the latest on this in a mock up i was at the cinemas to get to use it. then the system emotional criminal with a fumble stash people put in a stiletto. for us was good to be assisted by fellow unelected honestly said devlin is time to teach our liking to the food to go to the task of editing tools to finding the most news and in the of the bill we do most of them cannot believe there was a wonderful mother to the beach. the most of the motion of the event was a kid to cdo we get to size him up for the befuddled as to what the will to win five hundred with wooden didn't have a gimmicky. pollution superman to move hdayim. moon y
11:56 am
for them to move you to know if you know. so pretty according to an auckland lukas ago. when one of many of you in the coup. it is notable only because of a pool. only one who died in a coma yet. the tool provides an interesting report on coma get to go because although the posting about what to do this. the mcconnell who has covered it with zeal the cages over the fugitive for loans them on the committee. and i don't have to move to own a pc tools with an empty words of one hundred nostril. as of the scale of the moment at
11:57 am
the moment i knew and honeywell. the use of local was too little or no comment tuesday on. come and he unleashed into the company to new movie. sells. is it. six
11:58 am
season. speed. sells. is it
11:59 am
six season. the air. you
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