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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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that . i should the sea. as the new political season gets underway with the opening session of the country's top political and above all thousands of russians marched in support for military action in ukraine as the us and its allies can down the axe as aggression south african olympic drama ost of the story is set to go on trial last year's election
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mother of the cyclone fence we've got steve. scratch golf was telling it to providence kids and the state and one injures dozens with several concrete. welcome to cctv new slide from aging and adult china's top political advisors have begun to a new session to chinese people's political consultative conference exercises democrat takes to position my msn chosen based on guidelines on diversity and nomination the cpp cc ends to have a wide representation from all walks of life as it influences policy directions has our report to hunting finds out. there were many who think t o can i say sian can do pets that in carrying out its unique mission in china's political arena is the annual political season
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in china. the nieces all political demise as a gathering for the big conference. it's a chance to make their voices the battle the government should take intensive concrete measures to control the small team trainer so i called the government could improve the security systems to better protect people's lives more than two thousand and the cpp cc is the channel and consultation in and supervision of the party and the conference work. she is here. she was keen to build more and better platform to expand the fullness of democracy. increased frequency of flirtation and can't see the pcc committee and as to speak with only a few free to speak the truth chairman exemptions to ask that nearly one hundred percent all the over five
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thousand proposals put forth by the members last year has been processed. many members complained that while they have received feedback. there has been little progress in actual implementation. i mean serve three terms. he's been acknowledged as one of the most decent invoices doing the new century and often even criticized for it he wants members to focus on major issues and is time for the cpp ccs supervisory power it is. pardew has to be secondary inspection commission and the government has to pee coastguard you reach for it to the nelson region with the cpp see she likes a specific mechanism to post a picture of it. but a recommendation brought back some for this reason that is say the advisory board has become a club with a breach of a famous of the whole qualities of some of obama's
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proposals. but outsiders cost of their real contribution that role. so many of calling for reform. in buddhism the gentleman says the cpp cc membership meets professional standards. you will need to rethink the composition of the political advisory body the cushion or take to see the pcc membership simply as an all in a deal causation should be called the agency of government think tanks and its hamilton police people's concerns. my kicking the general and sightseeing me. many feel of the most important thing is better to exercise the cpp ccs unique function. chairman injunction that police say the advisory body requires institutional guarantees to standardize work which means the cpp cc should have the courage to say. and according to real life. i mean. cctv. now we
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tend to grain prices in you crying thousands of russians of time that can last till march to support president of the team in printing was given the green light by the country's parliament to use military force in ukraine i began by reports. some ten thousand people marched in downtown moscow on sunday in support of letting it for his actions in ukraine. many said they shared their government's position that russia needs to protect its citizens ukrainian will do deductible is suing him as he continued to support the people who are trying to protect cream yet and so fast before i share this with the leave and go with it rice who was an ace up its support earlier in the day dozens of people were detained at another rally not sanctioned by the authorities to come out to the russian defence ministry to protest against western troops in ukraine. he violates the secretary general on this whole process and accused russia of threatening peace and security newark and called on russia to de escalate tensions. what christ is doing now in
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ukraine violates the principles of the united nations charter. he threatens peace and security in your own. russia must stop its military activities and heaps of stress. despite repeated western calls for russia to withdraw its troops from training at the end of cooking has shown no sign of backing down. in response to russia's actions canada has recalled its ambassador from moscow. several countries including the united states france canada and great britain have announced suspension of separate trade talks with the g eight summit in brussels thirteenth june model falcon power is an independent military analyst the problem is the gift that some countries will not take part. problem may be that there will be no g eight. any more that the g seven is going to emerge because of the western leaders will begin to bed means without prussia and russia will be excluded that isolate that
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which of course is bad for russia. and that could be bad for the west. it also. but that's wheeler is right now bowling. this is just the beginning of this terrible storm. cold that you pray. the celina has already spoken on the phone to several world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel on sunday. he said that the threat of violence from ultra nationalist force him to intervene and insisted that his actions were adequate i'm your guy but cctv must go. with ukraine mobilizing its recess under the threat of russian miller tree and bounds stand offs are taking place a number of places across crimea from boston reports. this isn't normal but it isn't pcs are we here at the head of the last minute re based ukrainian that embrace me the crimean capital since that awful behind the all ukrainian soldiers all around
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the baseball convenience of these russian soldiers had been intensified by kiev and by western governments as russian soldiers and this is not the only situation like this around crimea. there are other situations when ukrainian of the two bases have been surrounded by russians. the money to give up their weapons and surrender and around the bases well group's waving russian flags have been ongoing with all the locals to support kiev on both sides being angry. the banks the authorities in kiev we don't need those authorities are illegitimate. the seized power in russia to open a bit of water. i might share about a russian man u t r and d man who was clearly invited from another country will never bring peace to our land. kiev has called this quite plainly an invasion by russia. russia does not agree to president putin says that russian troops have every right to come and try and protect the rights of ethnic russians
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here. many of the population can speak english and not for someone to separate from ukraine. so a complex situation. but the international fuel rod of its wheels down to situations like this on the grounds that he has made us call a grave violation of international goal and which russian me just say is within their rights. which can potentially push this country and this country towards a real spectacle. ukraine has dismissed a navy commander done as fair as off key whose only on his second day on the job and launched a treason case against him the country's security councils of the bars all states of mind it's his head coaches and thus must call a port in crimea and two pro russian and creamy and all far it is on sunday said that a softie declined to offer resistance and lay down his weapons. another tomorrow as sick in the duke was placed in charge of the navy
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the autonomous republic of crimea host of russia's black sea fleet. it has become a major fight is in a crisis since the president thinks they don't come which was ousted by ukrainian parliament on funds rate to twenty seconds. more on the situation in ukraine let's cross live to our crisp on the roadie of luxembourg in kiev in a row the festival which is sold as images income boxes reports of how as the reacted to the development in eastern and southern ukraine. roxanne here has been strongly critical. we visited several embassies outside of which there were protesters including the us embassy the russian embassy the british embassy and the protesters basically sharing the same message saying they don't want blood still the dough one four and they don't want to see russian troops here now. i said of god. convey that there is a stark contrast between what is happening in crimea which is south west of
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the southern peninsula that sticks out of ukraine what's happening here in the north in kiev. there isn't really an indication here are a fear among many people that tomorrow russian tanks are going to roll into the capital but there is a sort of awareness of what is happening a concern because many people are seeing it on their images on tv here and signals are forcing many people consider it a threat to ukrainian sovereignty ukrainian national territorial integrity. at least one person at those protests who is a russian born hold russian passports it is ukrainian and voted for the connecticut which is a party of regions which has strong support in the east and southern ukraine said he too but doesn't want to see a divide in ukraine so pretty us all with a message here against the russians votes of potential russian movements here in kiev. a row you win and that's us at the trio's think john kerry is due to rising kiev on tuesday i was done he said. agenda that included plans to meet with
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and it was a statement issued by the state department are quite early this morning late on sunday night in washington indicating that he would meet with the cranes and new leaders as well with business leaders and i we also know that this matter at this hour is of one of his assistant secretary of state's victorian humans but is on her way to vienna to meet with representatives from the osc see who's also been told the osce plans to travel from vienna by odessa ukraine but here to kiev and there's discussions and perhaps that's twenty eight nation group can in fact leave a a a a a neutral us delegation that would be acceptable but to russia sending them to crimea to. if you will keep the peace. there are modern other events. russia says it is russian speaking and nationals in korea in crimea are in danger of attack and it's been. that is that its presence there has been requested to legitimately by the leadership in the crimea
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we also know that the idea of british foreign secretary william hague is hitching a ride on sunday. again the government here trying all this lead to deal with the crisis in korea but also a give this illusion that it's business as usual are trying to promote the business industry so like a john kerry william hague his counterparts. we'll deal with that we will meet with the business leaders here expecting about three hours and you'll also be in attendance but the greatest ukraine chamber of commerce meeting here in kiev in which the prime minister of study it and you will also speak trying to promote business because this is almost a two front battle for ukraine's new government. the crisis in the crimea but also giving this a troubled economy back on track. thank you to stop responding to relieve us and i can t have. meanwhile russia's foreign ministry has issued a statement saying that foreign minister said a long rough spoken with his chinese counterpart on monday on the ukrainian crisis the statement says debbie is
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quite telling sign did on the situation in crimea and it was stating those compounds on this issue. anya watching cctv news stay with us. it is. sells. says
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the young. tony to south africa now aware of skill the story this goes on trial monday in pretoria accused of murdering his girlfriend to read this team town. this tortoise was granted bail year ago. prosecutors say they would seek a life sentence if at the store is is convicted. the harshest punishment available in south africa since the country abolish the death penalty. it can fix it said historians will be sent to prison for at least twenty five years before he gets out. that's the council for row. more on this story isn't that
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the trial that said cross live to knock responding to the light hundred son in the pretoria. o'donnell it's an agency of gold on the trial well proceedings would do it again on the way in about ten am local time it has been some significant delays it's just off the anatomical pm local time and things still haven't been on the way the msm is some confusion over the arrival of an afrikaans language interpreter in the courts but we hope we understand that things will get on the way just a few minutes about how awesome that in the local towing on outside courts. i am indeed around the world millions of people waiting for mr the story is to begin his first day in court for the straw which is down to three weeks time we've seen a massive media presence outside on the international brokaw system or around the wealth of out of sydney and structures the pro costing the lawn even covering every detail of weeks already of them i'm crushing
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the entrance to the courts as james dean count the mother all found the deceased mom will read this encounter i think all surely off the mat called the story of sorts to the stories his brother also arrive. three the same entrance. what happened a short one off events is that all stupid stories then shows a slightly different day just around the corner. among the steam out of that. at one minus two dog that's the camera's attention. there will be plenty of old jeans you know of course for most of the story is to be watched by millions of people around the well because of course much of the straw in the mice to today's proceeding of the proceedings. i will be pro cost mines around the world of today or licensing cold seas travel has the chance to cool. i'm a grad school can and that ground rules being laid out especially for court cases east hall a price on the chair with a light to see mr the stories and tasteful will plead guilty on all guilty. and finally heads of argument from the prosecution
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so we can find out exactly what's in the weeks ahead will actually be contested in court. the guy lives in three weeks in a cold supply rate for the sky so what to eat as is this guy's going to change on ding that period of time o many aspects to the sky some f so much speculation the meteor in the. i'm over the course of the last hero site. just a recap you will remain on humans are likely to be in this case the prosecution say that they believe that this story has acted willfully i intentionally him on the whole family. in the firing shots in motoring they sang reducing kept the defense are going to auntie once he was cool design for the middle of it it is related to cincinnati basically the argument that mr the stories mistakenly believed at that time he was acting unlawfully acting reasonably against what he said. he believed that on walls in intrigue and now
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there was anyone on a witness in the room. i'm not exhausted the stories himself to a key aspect of the space could be if he takes the stand to testify in various legal precedents in south africa on to lead many to believe that it is likely that the wheel in the course is that the next three weeks of sight i'd take to the stand and testified he'll match it's been going to be down very much seen the forensics on to try to paint a picture in the absence all on with the seaside treat awful things like phone records. we understand that investigations of any just got back from the nineteen states with a claim of reportedly two of our main critiques one of mistrust of the story says funds they could be key to find out what exactly was all my sons intensified recorded message freckles and a kind of thing and then of course but reject reason plus factors which might be able to tell me exactly where particularly that close but it was full and one other aspect of the strikes that could end up being relevant as well. how
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much of that crawling scene was contaminated. you might remember from the bail application that some of the proceedings the era got much criticism all some of the police activity immediately off to the crawling. thank you very much a respondent to go ahead the scene in pretoria turning to the korean peninsula now so far the present being an elf show confirmation from the dprk on its latest in a silent report is by south korean media the snow report on it from the country's media. i don't condone valley announces such launches itself. ms casey is good news is fast reported by south korean or japanese media. last year five cm in size one launch of a three day period in a deep yet the media only reports it launches on the last day they were described as a normal military exercise aimed at countering possible new career was launched by south korea and the last monday's launch comes just a day's off the dprk and south korea have to fast the family
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reunions in furry yes. south korea's defense ministry has slammed the dprk is in the south firing back into and it's taste of realizing actions for more on a little too dark respondents using down in snow. ospreys defence ministry strongly urges the dprk to stop all provocative actions. they say this is a clear violation of un security council's resolutions at the dprk is banned from using ballistic my cell technology. now they say they see this as a top rated intent on at ibd carrot cake so that it coincides with us and our conduct exercises that started a week ago today at the defense can be saved each erica's taking a two faced approach on one hand they're trying to get out of peaceful hands of the other hand they're continuing to do such provocative actions doubt south korean and the u s forces are sites that are holding their annual exercises colby at the q is all that pathology collect
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the moment and that is if it is she says they've had beefed up on the surveillance on the cherokee as miller tree movements and also a defense as the spokesperson said today that if provoked us in south korea will be ready at two of ready to strike. in thailand. hundreds of un siegelman protesters havein my eyes decide to make up job on coke and began settling in and impede the pot to continue the protests. destiny guess it up essendon says i chose to shut down government offices would continue by disaster they see it in pos weekly from a sniping grenades tykes on protest signs that after four children that last weekend caretaker prime minister the election a lot at school if the elections but it has halved in the fabric was disrupted by protests this and remain incomplete. seven just rakes with taking revenge on sunday. across the line under the edging is
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underway and province's desolate disruptions during general election on fabregas seconds. the results seem as unfair as of the past the election commission and it had taken government argue about constituency is in the south was no candidate tony chan reports. one polling station in the coastal province for a loan of two hundred km east of bangkok. the election officials have been swapped the policeman. and then not leaving anything to chunks it may be a roll them around the sleepy place that the anti government protests is that being busy and they managed to shut down the general election a month ago. this little tender that use to be a member of the democrat policy which dominates it in re own. now he's running for platonic the posse of government. but he says they're the same political divisions hit by visitors to divide things up the word uncle uncle b and c government activities here i am parallel been dosing off
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the cloak of the protesting here have a very similar to hike. the disruption that the election was a major embarrassment hint that the pto see anti government protest is planned ahead. on election day the election commission officials resigned though max leaving the polls comments. the woman police said. contingency plans are in place. their rails local district office told the local civil servants and extra police reinforcements to be mobilized to that. this seems to be a grade is on tonight show them finely these elections to. police are on standby as the polls open. they had no reports of protests is menacing. as in bangkok. the movement that is to nuke off the streets those coaches who wanted to we were able to constant balance unimpeded. but even those who could that when optimistic it would count this election is unlikely to get a result the sometime. if it all. i don't believe that
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the solid play and this year my right the company. i'm here to exercise my rights in order to keep the country people. uncle. along the coast to the hobby looks like a country torn apart by political divisions. this children's fashion assess and holidaymakers relax on the beach. that these elections and that was that the resulting the crisis in the sense of instability in bangkok is reverberating throughout the country. tony cheng rail on the coast the beast and time. eleven people have been killed by doe man who does think that colic in a busy shopping i read in the center of the pockets on the count of islam upon get ike is likely to shut up any prospect of meaningful peace negotiations which a ton of time. police say go man fight the acts of random tom gets off to the initial explosion police said at least affected people have been wounded. the judge was among those killed so far
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no group has claimed responsibility but that ike is likely to show that the central time about leadership which to cut a month long ceasefire the weekend is no fully in control of its operations twenty two in china now a passenger buses crashed in the northwest in the areas of the country killing ten passengers. the bus that crashed on national highway two one three done so province based passengers the lied on the sport to others the light on the way to the hospital. dozens of people are injected four of them in critical condition the bus was carrying sixty one passengers when it flipped over a bowl of thumb up on migrant workers from the non province an investigation is on the way that's it for this news updates and tenderly and ageing on from the eye
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the coach lunch. a small legion of outstanding natural beauty. he teased which intends to steal to make me th it's kind of weekend became wealthy. i just don't exist in the context of these areas. the area. slow steady don't get me going each day the air. many of weeks the streets. the street in which ideally gracie. oh the chance to remedy that the many courts close in
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the screen. the country the eye. sells. says. do
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wounding will. i know the two might yet. his insight to visit and i think that since india of tissue made this dynamic economy the single best holiday destinations. i host of the weekend and the flexibility of


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