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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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says. ukraine crises is still when a team discussions and the anime called branch of the european people's party in the kept doubling to two thousand delegates are attending the two de nantes eight and two which will include the seduction of the candidates in the european commission and member of the ukrainian preschool think is the real soul of the talks as a respondent until a desexed cook the dumplings very much on ukraine. we either need issuing strong supports the salt the sizeable presence here of ukrainian police against a curious the three former ukrainian prime minister you need finishing college in town also the opposition figure from ukraine. the tabby cats
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go goldsmiths beaches at the conference both very passionate speeches that i need praise the ukrainian people and saying that all they want is a democratic country and to be part of the european union. he also called and told to back the ousted president and said to him he said he still present why doesn't he come back. was he afraid of his own people. he said now what ukraine want to see parts of the eu seventy the negotiations with me so and have transparent elections in me be kind to everyone here at the congress also for their support its eu commission kobe made it very very passionate speech that was the coldest with a standing ovation here. she basically told to bed the ukrainian people don't last very nice for their country and what he really wanted to be part of the european union. she basically says. that's in the country needs help now she said that what happened in ukraine is a very cruel should go and patient to make innovation and she said that putin is to believe she
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called on europe to act now before the referendum happens in life she said that would be too late then for ukraine she also said the ukrainian people. once a year of the uniting europe the new knight is ukraine. and basically she says. glory be to ukraine and uribe to europe to finish both very passionate speeches here sydney under a stronger support from europe for the ukrainians and likewise ukrainian stress that they want the parts of europe. and that humans and with a sixteen year approaching from the irish capital of kathleen and i am. and that aspiration of the pc show the ukraine along with sanctions could have that is different to impacts on the british economy to rush things are big spenders in uk and the most money flows into london that could increase its maintenance to stop looking for a safe haven for their money upfront that diesel is a major supplier of gas supplies to europe and the supplies may be caught
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the theory reports from london. no because some of the men's wealthy disruptions confidante. on the dean of the club is one of the many russian businessmen that the chinese and to invest in the uk. russians with a pink east and to cease only as a multi million pound times in two thousand and thirteen the shop but the scientists told the canadians and british banks. even interested in british football clubs. and with the russian ruble and the make up pressure against the pound since the start to be more of that money could be heading he rush of money was awesome russia with a new crisis in two places like london. if we see in a foreign exchange difference in the conflict seen you cry it out. that's how close are you going to increase the trust's i looked at the prospect of base does not deter the uk from taking it all starts over russia's involvement in ukraine is more russian money as long as there is in the washington or new york the nicest things about me in the spotlight
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it's in a while but as it did as a focus on the money was focused on democracy in europe where an independent states has been great. uk government has appeared in just in the united states about the prospect of increasing trade sanctions on russia. that it also has a little more at stake particularly when it comes to putting gas prices. rush over to retaliate by cutting off supply steel rat. if a citizen to prices increase as best when to go out with tennessee retail sales calls for reducing consumer confidence fell to pull off this is the vocals of the scope of its peoples of the business is done to euthanize it. relations between london and most of the salad. thompson is not true that i was in shops henry is like the swan might break which is extremely popular among russian at times and stories. russians account from on the spot light by its spending visitors to the uk said the economic impact of any one thing that number will sexy about. after the hearing
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cctv. thompson. she says experts say disturbing kong this first one will the credit sector continues to have strong disincentive consumption of goods and services is high. to increase investments in overseas remittances. and the boom business process outsourcing sector remains a major factor behind the stove. sundin said we've been doing station a sound banking sector and teachers. however this economic growth has not trickled down to the masses many remain poor and unemployed and investments and we'll give each sunday. a
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chance to open bank report called takings of rights will it include cisco systems development challenge is due to your productivity growth because of snow industry the station. especially in manufacturing. the bpo industry is a success story in turkey. the report says the couple to the philippines needs a strong industrial base. i stopped struggling reports. the report recommends that the con people into may. mimi has developed both its outsourcing services and its manufacturing sector. he has a new day new day. on holden's bpo. each of the country's you cannot reach. and then eat. and you can be built. i'm also working to students. that means walking in the us. day one. i'm sure. and he's going
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to stick on the coast can be more inclusive. because it's too gross and you can go by changing to wonder if satan and all. the guy who spoke only for the pdp keep workers who spoke for the one who's kidding who. it's a good book what an angel the usual preaching. digital market. on the. in order to further of this take on insisting its coast. the report recommends that the sheriff government urgently addressed and that the stupid structured weak governments and the unfavorable perception of its business environment health trends favor sci fi to experts. with the private sector to explore constraints the case in discovering manufacturing and marketing new products. the country may still face numerous challenges. these key steps are necessary in oregon today the road to think this is
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the watching cctv means that as linda hanson said that ties with panama accusing its interfering in its intent on offense and ordering the panamanian ambassador three other diplomats to beat the country with the forty eight hours the model out of its reports from caracas the school president nicholas maputo abruptly bros economic and diplomatic ties with canada after the central american nation summit meeting at the organization of american states with the o e s to investigate the recent political unrest in venice well. at least eighteen people have been killed and hundreds injured protests that swept across the country well i'm up every year we're not gonna let anyone get away with interfering with their fatherland the despicable act the president of panama. he does not represent his people and was a large country
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the mother was announcement did not come as a big surprise since both he and its predecessor cute shot is of long attacked the washington based away as as a tool of us interests this will also withdrew from the organization's main human rights body last year because of a series of rulings that they said were politically motivated. now smuggle face huge anti government protests over his country's economic woes. i just use in any investigation in the o e s would be biased against dennis well it could justify a foreign intervention school president accuses washington of secretly backing the student led opposition demonstrators in order to de stabilize his government from office depot most of the tunnel penicillin is not listed it to be within the organization of american states about its internal situation. we would be crazy to do that. when film the last ten minutes later the motel pool the economic repercussions for both in school and camo
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over this break in relations this post will exports to china in the asian go through the panama canal. well it is unknown will be the state of a one billion dollars debt that has caused a scandal over goods imported by the swell mortimer and its cctv caracas. the government of protest is a man is man that had actual day a national guardsman and sitting in an east caracas neighborhood and the clash is a cut off this morning eleven and on this device carried tights slides in the barricades infected by anti government protests to see him go since it's unlikely the penance of the government had been staging lighting street protests and a cadbury trying to bring down the government and they have the will to traffic with barricades of god its twenty ten and banning highest in a televised speech president hunter can dance live in tucson to dean and his twenty one day. risotto. we really
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do look pretty. word that local leaders of the opposition to convince the students to look for peace like a weirdo. he wears it. that's the question i leave you with nasty people don't get distracted. we have to follow the way of peace. i said it before and i repeated again. candle is lit on fire is to kindle the most beast english. it's how we should be try to entice the company envisages a cctv news i think. i am. the in
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the i eye. huh the us. how
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how. i did. etsy morning mike
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just one touch. b having achieved that makes more sense that two th. yes he is in charge of the section. it is not down. the money. each year for which this year perception that a free standing monitoring computer counting and after the kiddos its a mini. was it. he was a mutual trust it's true but it's a delicate good to know she's new to our jobs are with us. each of the ski jump my cousin h the prestigious twelve. just hiding spots
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the joke even if it's just attempt the one thousand sneak onto his tummy. this was awesome. on top. at least that the project will continue and that he could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. what a headache due to the destruction of contamination. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in yemeni destruction. the book is responsible for the body when action is carried out patience or they don't the horrifying events that don't live in the mean the furore over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only sold so well
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with kidney disease process we also split the impact on our environment none of it dangerous situation. it was stressed but then very careful to take all steps. oh god what should the county the above another to give its economic situation the ammunition storage shed she makes drop dough onto she's just let this one it's possible to employ a new teachers this week and this states to the nature of the projects. six based order to what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons could be destroyed number seventy six thousand tonnes of the nation including the many an anti personnel landmines. i'm
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saying. many people smiling in this country. soo it yet please lord. if you give me the day. it was a part of my life that you are like children. and i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. when you see are exploding ammunition which are in store. i want peace and to be caught in a few questions. shang of us live up to the shop. the dam. this program is very important to our seats were chosen for our adventure to because it's very hard to leave without pay. ninety three. the dollar project in me and aims to strengthen the local response
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to hiv and includes access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. at a news conference tomorrow. will they each day the adb vice president stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in coolidge has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is reinforced by mr. in the project will support the scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services for the affected populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems to check in hiv across borders. the markets back of the hydrogen country in asia at an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people live with hiv roughly a third two major economic corridor was thinking the merritt
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island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious health risk across much of the eastern pacific. in two thousand and eleven five million people in the region were living with hiv and its. me and the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation of the fighting hiv aids in asia and the pacific. pundits by the government of sweden brainstorming ideas to students of ryan's preschool to community college device the project that became known as the roos were a money saving tax cuts in coaching of the students to save them money through a store on etsy of methods that can reset it is less about to reveal the date of accession to the opening of the science lesson was on school nights eleven fifty a statement they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from their
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teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean the only things i constantly keep having to maybe if nbc speculating this and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves the drop in sessions to a successful behind. botany department thursday sessions that took a flop and friday i took it like finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance and have opened their eyes to many ways to save them money. simple ideas which have helped them to think about the future. it helps to make this thing all day to the guys will like. we need to see the way for like a setup like him best place to place us how to conceive of it just helps if you don't like that. asked about the delivery of the show today and the sinner the rest free money saving expensive achieve great things at the college and are already thinking about how they will continue to accept
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that help us because that day but i did this this is a level so that appropriate and one. and does the system competitive. he can go a long way. this is just the soft today. so what's the state the past ten years. in these acts and considerable economic growth. pockets of vulnerability and deprivation with me. the country's new suit and got two more properties and teaching for short has the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty rates in the country the province also has two for sanitation coverage is up to higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea for the teen killers of children under age five. disproportionately affecting children in the port's most disadvantaged areas. increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygiene is essential community based approach to sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and
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environmental improvements can save lives. teaching the sessions start at the dentist. and when he's done help investors take directions home. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after taking my dog. it's just letting the importance of hygiene every time it isn't my job i never forget to wash my hands. against many odds that local government and communities. ntt has come together to tackle the underlying causes of court child health in the province. maintaining this multi layered approach but the key to preventing disease in saving many children sign. knew. it takes the industry is one of the need to say it is up in
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good nick cohen easy. we didn't win at the top fifty the comment thingy she existed at that. dubai financial aid and yet has the potential to impede its textile and attache to duplicate. it's never the fault when i can stand to eat the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the acting chief thinking. i felt that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking. one tube is faultless and top notch two dollars domestic bond and fined sixty percent of country's export on the twice that of employment or with twenty five million people in the most optimistic but to say. in the world also on the wet and i made the network's dot org. a mother the eye. i started
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looking for that but you can watch all of the proceeding of the puzzle. the news a muffin and today the nominated candidate to be mined from the known that and the rich web connection and need a facade. this in the contest in nyc a whole without the zoom into the one whom i love this easy to get out of a key thing that happened when that kid. and my decision was o'donnell is the mike as he wrote that deal was a mighty kick in the new month. but i did it ever is up to seal a good bill and if that is full of fat in just a wee bit odd given that the heat of the market as saying that the museum field field you'll feel cousin j and decided that this episode
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eleven to come home. all in the somme the score in a number now been sent to them that much cheese that is utter crap from the bonds at a couple of god in others the voice that just isn't she said with a little more room. and then here's a few visitors. there's every reason for him this in america in the middle of the muslims. it has to do enough of a human mother who did it he said as he wanted to be. when anna dedicating all but given the stated goal is to look in my crazy going on a warning to the mosque but if in one or stuff i need to know they are. but in the box anything when all is the longest and said that achieving a full can of tuna gordo opal school was dubbed the legion of august on many know that by just aren't that often lead to bet that as yet of this e g the back of the out of pull me out of the tub on the button yet we've done a puzzle which would issue a comeback. she
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teaching a sudden call from a doubtful for the darshan of the banana tree a week to disciple people the chairman of the game was one of the book was a tentacle ne the creature from the gretna beneficial to know of the seam sealed to you by zany comedy. more this in the mother of the silver was somebody to do was clean last but not the sole lead in. the jordy the lead in the us is recording you would be. owen the most inane somebody bill in the tibetan us the school to get the added that the incentive for them to but got two assists. mussina my ideal of the item of the pacific whose intimate that this is the binding to the press of addendum images will miss this would put a foot in it and better than that the goal is to sit with him one of his. rob stable get it over to cut it with us again with the big deal in the dish to make an accredited it
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again with a promise to do this again not that fatima commit the latest on this in a mock up of was at the cinemas to get to use it then the system emotional criminal from the bible says people put in a stiletto. for the squares with a visit to buffalo unelected honesty the devil at this time the queen charlotte use the tools to build up the rest of the film to finding the most news i'm getting. but the bill we do most of them cannot believe there was a wonderful mother to the beach. the most of the motion of the event was a kid to cdo we get to size him up for the befuddled as to what the will to win five hundred with wooden didn't have a gimmicky. pollution superman to move up from school. moon who openly for them to move you to know if you know. so we no longer putting on a plane without them. lukas ago. one little of many new and cool. it is
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of a global alert because of a pool. only one who died in a coma yet. the tool provides an interesting new photo coma get to go but the little though. the posting about what to do this the mcdonald's has covered it with zeal. the cages anybody can do for love the snow market committee and i don't have the tools to go on a pc to a particular set of four hundred industrial. is this him up at the moment at the moment i knew him and honeywell the use of local is a little unknown hundred years yet come and he unleashed into the company and we don't we
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i know . new one we will the ukrainian places deadly street clashes in kiev protesters and police killed the dramatic deal between the president and the opposition and what happens now to a country cup between east and what a lot like walter and this is the key the thing. watching the new craters high stakes political trouble. violent protests bullets iraq's president accused of


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