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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 11, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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each. yours the next in the broadcast negotiations for the korea canada free trade agreements are now complete. once passed by both governments it will be canada's first fta with animals it down for the first vice ministerial level talks in balance but still it says that it's part of its stance
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that it's not on the third anniversary of the human nuclear disaster. lawmakers in korea urged the to reduce reliance on to their energies as a blessing from the tragedy. i've done it eye. you weren't watching from around the world it's tuesday marked the eleventh here and so on the bench on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening with some good news on the long stalled the bilateral free trade deal the fall in their second summit talks in less than six
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months. president packer and visiting canadian prime minister stephen harper. when freeman on an fta the presidential office correspondence his time as our top story can be as comprehensive trade pact with its twenty fifth trading content goes beyond goods and services to include investment finance and intellectual property. when is she some how get a gamble penny black stamp it on his home. quit judging from the oven cool. the high duty and to the tips of the knitted item at least an anti missile you believe that that was happening. it will create jobs and opportunities for canadians today and just as importantly for
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the generations that follow well the next ten years each side of a lift tariffs on nearly ninety percent of the act. for a korean automakers his products make up almost half of the nation's ten billion us dollars annual exports to canada. the six percent tariff barrier will be removed in two years. this means coming in companies like and the atf which currently make up twelve percent of the canadian market will be able to make further inroads in the north american country. while more than two hundred farm project including friday citing that from the dl not simply heights had set up to forty percent and korean beef and pork will be partially lifted up the next five to fifty years. to allay concerns among korean livestock farmers. what about
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the impact of trade deals with alec and that in australia so it sounds it's working on measures to assist them. that is now could be as off the fta project. after the deal is signed and approved by the paladin said his country is expected to go into effect next year stressing that bilateral security cooperation is as important as an economic issue is part of the harper expressed support for president us and trust building policies twenty oh three at the two leaders encouraged young and to completely and identifiable each minutes off of all its new crayons. she is on itn use. and speaking of ex gays korea is also making headway and another free trade pacts this one with the if not a fourth round of free trade talks between korea and vietnam kicks off on
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wednesday in coaching the city. the two sides are expected to hold discussions on various areas including products services and investment. the talks are scheduled to run through this friday. negotiations for the bilateral fta were launched in september two thousand while vietnam is korea's second largest trading partner among aussie and nations. the vice foreign ministers of korea and japan will meet for talks in seoul on wednesday on security and bilateral issues for the first time in the months are also he says no one is holding out much hope for godiva. and its towering heights between south korea
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and japan japanese vice foreign minister pak shakira arriving so late tuesday for talks with the south korean counterpart to appeal wednesday's talks will be the first vice minister level meeting between the two neighboring countries in eight months but still foreign ministry said. it's not a sign of towering heights. in one knew about the south korean government repeated several times with them and was two for progress in korea japan size in bytes the plan has yet to officially apologize for its wartime sexual enslavement of roughly two hundred thousand women in the early twentieth century. in an interview with
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japan's nineteen seventies day. chinese ambassador to japan saying you pop on the tokyo for its lack of responsibility for historical issues. speaking about life the annual trilateral summit between south korea china and japan did not take place last year. the chinese definitely in japan and said he does not see such a meeting happening in the near future. but us president barack obama will try to mediate when you visit seoul and tokyo pre summit talks in april. washington one that few allies to think history behind them considering the intensifying friction will affect their bilateral alliance ahead of president obama trip the three leaders to me at the end of this month indicate for the new clear security sonics. so i'm going
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to the possibility of a trilateral fat and that the chances of the teenagers seeking an artful and south korean president back in may has made it perfectly clear that she will not sit down to the leader who fails to acknowledge his country's historical wrong doings. on sunday again. after a scandal ridden spy agency is under fire and that again the prosecutors raided the headquarters of the national intelligence service late monday over suspicions of fabricated evidence in an espionage case the un reports. any spy agency is tearing down the barrel of another scandal prosecutors on tuesday our dingy documents seized during a seven hour meeting of the national intelligence service overnight. i as already a target of criticism for meddling in the twenty twelve presidential election is
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suspected of tampering with the documents to support its arts that city government official is a north korean spy. this is christians have gained traction in recent days after an nis in form and clean yet yet to receive money. he was promised for speaking the documents the prosecution's read came out worse after president any organ of the investigation into the case. this is the second time the prosecution as we get the spy agency says i'm talking in golf is more than a year ago. in april last year prosecutors looked into allegations that the national intelligence service is a former chief ordering a dance to drum up support online for then candidate hype and the twenty twelve election late last year at the national assembly passed
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a bill requiring an overhaul of the spy agency and getting it from participating in domestic politics. the back to back scandals are fueling the public's to spice up the nis with opposition politicians called for the resignation of finance chief engine. depending on the investigation al qaeda agents involved in this scandal could be charged with breaching the national security law for the first time ever in history. you can even use. phase two of the massive medical strike has started here in korea this comes after tens of thousands of doctors walked off the job on monday for the next week and a half or so doctors taking part in the strike will cut their work hours and when the time spent with patients. once a while as the details in the strike has just begun
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after monday's walk out the korean medical association is progressing to the next round of the strike has plaques. all those taking part in monday striker refuse to provide any medical services. starting tuesday eighth of march twenty third the price will turn it over to rule action. this means they won't read more than forty hours a week which is around ten hours feeling good news all and will treat p stands for no longer a ten fifteen minutes. a full six day strike is that it planned to begin on march twenty four and which could also include the closing of emergency rooms and intensive care center its residents and turns participate in the two week strike to the art series this will affect the considering they were up to one hundred hours a week
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although some patients were inconvenienced by monday's walk out into the crate as much chaos as initially feared. the government has reiterated it will react strongly to the illegal actions that put the health of the address. the health ministry estimates around twenty nine percent of doctors and hospitals and local antiques took part in monday's walk out of the medical association puts the figure at forty nine percent as big as that discrepancy or the stark differences in opinion on to the government's health reform plans which prompted the key in the strike came a doctors are against government plans to introduce a tele medicine system that would allow for patients in remote areas to be diagnosed and treated via webcam smartphones are using e mail saying this will impair
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the quality of medical services. mccain may is also up in arms over the government's moves to run for profit said senior reid's son dr is now married to the farms could eventually lead to privatization of the medical sector the medical association says it expects even more doctors to take part in the second round of strikes. it's a lot i dun use. the year system meltdown at the sofa she went right to power plants in japan and the effects of the crisis are still being felt to raise awareness of the lessons from the deadly disaster lawmakers in korea held an event in parliament the national assembly course punishing them deal with sin what lawmakers and the national assembly urged the government to reduce the country's reliance on the hour as its main source of electricity at a new bag
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to stay held in remembrance of the focus of the complete disaster and japan the lawmakers of vice the not to forget the lessons of the incident in japan and to consider the implications for korea. one lawmaker reported on a three day visit to mediation exposed sites around for fishing not going to blog on and didn't ask this theory here is the most of the contaminated areas and any clapped and people are still suffering the japanese government center to cushion the disaster is mostly under control. there's a big problem with her mark like that and the korean government plans to build more new clip our plants did he went on. i don't so cool the supplementary sustainable development committee lashed out at the japanese government for restarting
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the country's nuclear reactors to my lenses havilland and his japanese people especially children are still suffering three years after the crises that the administration has broken its promise of interrogation and i believe that government is out of its mind to restart the new compare car plants have a short to be disregarded by these people will go. meanwhile the company is trying to use more renewable energy resources. the national assembly has its own solar panels which can weigh roughly one hundred sixty five kilowatts of electricity per year. the panels are capable of reducing carbon dioxide levels by some eighty seven tonnes for year. last year the national assembly passed a bill requiring that ten percent of electricity in a bold new building since the whole battle more than one hundred square meters
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come from renewable energy resources. the bill also requires that more than fifty percent of the lights in the buildings have a leaky bulbs. snowden. at the canyons. the proud texan opinions surrounding the focus to my aunt's in far from settled me down and extent of the repercussions and lessons to learn for the new car industry in korea to help us do just that we're joined by doctors of curing a professor of nuclear engineering at seoul national university. thanks for joining us again closer to the uk. actors. i spent thirty years assisting new cleric accident and i get dark until reports in japan's insufficient crisis management that would be doing so on. actually you know they're not doing willie something meaningful in some useful on earth and
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mother nature. mother nature is taken care of two was arguing with room for because pinko by now but they should've done something more drastic like cup. probably they should've put these down reactors. the sarcophagus more are still in coffin he's actually like true build it. so what are some of the possible fallout from this continued for oversight and how will we be expected especially here in korea. we actually home on amulet these esther langley of catastrophic. taking place in the pushy mom might be reaching over east coast tour it was cool even the south coach. i don't think so but peace that they are actually make an impact on the awareness and acceptance and at. the concerns over nuclear policy. i think this major
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concern as far as we're concerned. nobody can make sure that these kind of instant might not be taking place in the korean peninsula so that's a crock pot. any exceptions and exceptions like life. and you just dismiss us scientists predicting a low level radiation could reach any part of south korea. and yes actually yell i don't eat to lose such a place to wander will just blow the snack going to practice because from that point a few crores on the spot because we're far from home. actually the us canada mexico or he would shake because of all this ocean current moment and oh so well was chilly wind so we're actually ready to pack it away but the step sometimes. it seemed to both
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teachers container vessel they might be carrying what they call. that's what it's like a balance to one or maybe thousand and two hundred thousand tonnes of water and they should be fielding. so the vt water from anywhere near the shield which is a possibility more than a possibility and they can be pretty overt right to tucson or so miles each time and it doesn't take too long maybe a couple days. at the most so that means we might be producing what might be susceptible to those hot spots. that's probably what we have to be really concerned about bread and ocean currents or at least a little and find a way to the corruption scandals involving didn't use their power and history last year and the government has rolled out measures to prevent
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irregularities from happening again. um do you think your enough. i just couldn't open again to something missing there because they're talking about you know basically straight mean beyond the call for site and the thick scaly i increase the dl breakwater like two km from interstate ten meters high but if it comes to safety. just hardware is to be more with manpower to wear. if you take a look at them and color on sites use about half of canada lead in the u s so that nice way to be cleaned some more manpower to suffice then just investing in the artwork so i see this amazing park. if it is done then we must be in a much much better shape than we are
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in. foreign professors are thinking so much for joining us tonight was her. chase other top stories on the global front from the expanded search for that missing malaysian airliner to the upcoming anniversary of the boston marathon bombing the go for now to poly at the new center to fall after four days of searching it looks like there's been a breakthrough in the search for it that malaysian airliner with new talents while malaysian military has reported the track the missing jet liner by radar of them along the straight. now the location is quite far from where it last made radio contact with air traffic controllers off the country's east coast. the bowling triple said in a purely banished one hour after taking off from chua lump or for beijing on saturdays since then there has been no confirmed traces of
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the aircraft which one to thirty nine people on board a military official close to the investigation told reuters that the plane had suddenly changed course taking a lower altitude and then made its way to the malacca strait. the other two passengers to board the plane with stolen passports as durham in any updates on that front. yes interpol secretary general ronald noble said tuesday that they have identified both men who use stolen austrian and italian passports to board the missing plane. noble said the two young men enter malaysia using ballad iranian passports. he said eighteen year old paul rudd nor muhammad tea and twenty nine year old caleb our psyche mohamed to resign. world likely trying to migrate to germany. interpol said it was unlikely that they were part
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of a group. malaysian police earlier said they had not ruled out the possibility of hijacking sabotage or mechanical failure. or an anti europe where diplomatic efforts to resolve the building tensions in ukraine are intensifying ukraine's government has asked accounts of your tendency to clashes that left dallas the present picture again echo . crimea set to hold a referendum on sunday decide whether to establish closer ties with moscow or joined the russian federation altogether. during causing pm monday ukrainian by mr r c gets a gift to any results from the referendum would be illegitimate. you're the only time absolutely certain that this referendum could be recognized by north korea and probably syria and that's it we are appealing to the russian federation to immediately cancel the referendum the people
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meanwhile us secretary of state john kerry has rejected an offer to hold talks on the crisis with russian president. but ever to ten carries in any negotiations would be extremely difficult in the face of moscow's military intervention in the country. across the head over to the united states is in your early years since a deadly boston marathon bombings that killed three people but has at this unseemly it's not an american city from pushing ahead that the iconic race. that's right local and federal authorities held a news briefing monday outlining enhanced security measures the one hundred eighteenth boston marathon which will take place this year on april twenty first more than thirty five hundred officers will be deployed to cover the forty two km course on security screens will also be expanded the boston athletics
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association says that more than thirty six thousand runners are set to compete next month which is nine thousand more than last year at least one million spectators are expected to attend. bet you guys. our thanks all for that report will see you back here tomorrow. well welcome to prime time sports on tv instead. south korean golfer apart can be retained or spot as the world's number one ladies coffers for the forty week in a row. bolstered by her win at the world ladies championship over the weekend but the victory park racer average points total to ten points two weeks. extending her lead over the world number two since anne patterson by zero point nine two points. now there wasn't much moved in the rankings with stacy lewis libby and colin fellow koreans usually
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on rounding out the top five meanwhile the sports ministry on tuesday awarded on the manifold medal which recognizes athlete spectacle of balls of yarn in their sport. and go beyond the sochi olympics was one of the biggest in history and the follow up the paralympics winter games is also breaking records. just days after opening a staggering two hundred and eighty seven thousand tickets were sold that's fifty seven thousand more than the previous record set at the twenty ten vancouver games the international paralympic committee website was also flooded with visitors seeing and eighty five percent increase in traffic compared to four years ago. and heading to the nba hardcourt
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the miami heat clinched a spot in the playoffs after defeating the washington wizards at home on monday night. the defending champs beat the visitors ninety nineteen ninety two and the three game skid on the back of the twenty three point performance by the brian james and twenty two by his co star dwayne wade. they need to follow the indiana pacers who clinched their postseason berth last week. and over to the majors all time home run king barry bonds has gone the center says goldstein uniform for the first time in nearly seven years the forty nine year old bonds is at with the giants not to hit homers but as the special hitting coach. he'll be passing on some of his hitting the links to the players during his one week with the tea. now let's
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go on over to korean pro volleyball interviewee crane and took on elijah insurance korean air has already earned their playoff spot while a lot alike she plays out there last season that saw michael sanchez shows that for you to read it the right to hold up his sleeve but there are clearly out next and korean air wins three cents. that's all i have for now this has been steve intent. i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports understand that there's some good news for those who've been waiting for the dry conditions to an eye for more let's connect live to argue with them at the left or center for chem lesson the evening. afternoon highs throws all the way to the low to mid teens hearing kirby on
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tuesday. however dry weather advisories as and effects are not the country and in some regions for dry weather alert has been a city in many levels have been to the low teens though be careful not to start a war spy as well really it isn't buying cars will gradually move in the beating to nationwide bring tomorrow. not that it is. it may get more than eighty millimeters of precipitation and most parts of the country will be between five to thirty millimeters and left by volunteers is forecast for snow was out they said to have an umbrella handy taking the lead at the crag and they sent in a senate under the influence of a high pressure system from the south which is why we're seeing clear skies across
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the map. tomorrow make sure to dress accordingly have that degree gap in temperatures between each day and night will continue other than that three to eight centimeters of snow fall on the absence of highland province of taking the lead at wednesday's readings sell it at the fifth day after three degrees but the high of eleven and city staff south make it to the left in the teens looking on sale at their present at the mental health teams at eleven and up to that tops out at three. that's all for now but i'll be back with mark after midnight blue thanks for god and that are broadcast on this tuesday nights and he seemed so calm and thanks for watching the season. i was. all


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