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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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whittle the tree. welcome. so many of the daughters of something that gave them a fair chance. the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact horror something which greeted the time. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage toasted keen on returning to rome. all ever if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states today
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because not too soon. i am honored to represent detainees reagan's for the media no other american school of irish roots. there are fifty thousand undocumented irish meaning in the united states because of their status. they are on a boat returned to ireland to visit family friends and neighbors. immigration reform initiative in the us senate and u s house of representatives is a renewed opportunity to transform the start line. my great grandfather left here in time of stress. seeking to better himself and his family. so many irishmen and women from every walk of life played a role in creating the three of them. i'm certainly proud to be part of the great irish american tradition. o bond between our two countries runs deep and strong and i'm proud of the year. in recognition and celebration are times that by. the irish tommy for immigration reform and all of irish american
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hope that the laws and life with and who was living in the shadows to reach their potential into between the united states of america the british are speaking as an irishman summed up in approach to life other people he said see things and say why. but i dream things that never were. can i say why not the bad quality. it is the quality of the irish remarkable combination of both confident and imagination. that is needed more than ever today moreover it i write. be. it
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is six one. what she knew was with brian got some. i didn't win. systems and widespread breaches of the penalty points system. highly critical report from the garda inspector its funds and lack of supervision of the cancellation of penalty points and recommends new stricter procedures the strike at the airports and earning this is the first test. the high court granted an injunction restraining fifty two from taking industrial action over pensions on friday. it's a great decision for our hosts resumed his book goes into the weekend. epic is jailed for killing a fourteen year old boy and a hit and run incident and dump them
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welcome to six one the garda inspectorate as phones that there where consistent and widespread breaches of policy by those charged with ministering the penalty points system. a highly critical report into the system found that there was no meaningful evidence of consistent quality management supervision of the process by which points were counseled it said the system was full with the wasteful use of garda and all the resources the dod inspector report issued in the last hour contains case histories and recommendations for changes in the statute the bodies that have a role in the operation of the penalty points system. the inspector found that there were consistent and widespread breaches of policy by those charged with administering the penalty points system the inspectors found was no meaningful evidence of
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consistent quality management supervision of the cancellation process either. i caught the headquarters regional additional district are on the level that would have detected been rectified these problems. the report also found that the system was sprawled with wasteful use of garda and other stakeholder resources and administrative system the report also highlights a number of cases where penalty points should not have been counseled. the case of a taxi driver who inspired constellations in ten months and the case of a driver who in three cancellations tool on consecutive days because he claimed he had been late for work. the report recommends row due to some windsurfing post as to ascertain the reason for the number of aunt sarah summonses. it recommends system be introduced immediately to ensure that all penalty points for and torched on driving licences it says the department of justice should bring forward legislation to give god the deal car seat council penalty points notices on a
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discretionary basis that doesn't mean that members of the or of a very bad that an important reason for impeding the thick sticky charge such as for example a husband taking a wife to hospital was about to give birth to another emergency circumstances that will have available to the pulpit mechanisms they went on to recommends that the cancellation of parking for penalty points the centralized in egypt. to learn arabic sore the report to the inspector was published. the opposition called on the minister for justice to apologize to kind of whistleblowers who would highlight of his functions in the system. champaign question for the position of garda commissioner mark new covenant with cannibal neil martin insisted the government had brought damage limitation to new demonstrating that the pen of people its report to the beach to watch the before being brought to cover the beautiful anita said its contents. indications are that kosovo's pointed to the dysfunction and
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mismanagement and the justice minister out and shot her with questions to answer i did talk to the minister for justice a focus. i know he finds it very very difficult to adequately apologize to anybody. but in the light of this report could ask him to apologize unequivocally for his comments for misleading the court for misleading comments on undermining that was the board's concerns the petition conceded to earlier reports pointed to a level of dysfunction in the system deployed took part in this nation to accept apologies were not scold or the difference of opinion between the minister for justice and the compass the bill was in regard to. non profit in the deaths of rulers from and if i stopped in the least insofar as apologies to the tune of liberty said to the minister for justice and one interpretation of photos on here. i got to make it a different a petition calling for an open apology to independent td me was to raise the issue edition eight campaign says the report
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raised a question or because the commissioner would be highly critical of some resorts. or does that leave the garda commissioner. when the garda inspector purported i don't even think it's the first to grow worse yet the connection of voting stock options where in the sports desk asked a question. that's a pretty serious but alas the picture then you your body. they target commissioner's position as the others that don't speak up of the garda commissioner. understand that the obvious difference and it's on today. there are indeed questions and oak woodlands for the ga the commissioner of the justice minister arising from this report the opposition are going to let this go. st patrick's day break couldn't come a moment too soon for the government david governor or tv news has for us. collins joins us now for more on that so called ethics report findings indicate the kind of whistleblowers. well i mean it's a seventy two page report of this thirty seven
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long medium and short term recommendation is that what does a sense the show is that there's no evidence of quality control and no training for god be involved in the penalty points system and no clear policy guidelines. now the one consolation rates across the one hundred and ten god that this takes out a significant proportion of penalty points to port found or consulate in circumstances that were not that didn't satisfy the policy at all it's not however just a da de da de been criticized in this report it's also the other stakeholders the department of justice transport on the court service the minister said he set up a new working group as part of the auction time to deal with these problems they'll meet the working group will have its first meeting tomorrow morning the minister said two other items of news tonight that the ministers also announced that he's appointed a new confidence the recipient he's retired district court judge patrick might not. he also said that he has full confidence in the garda commissioner paul reynolds thank you. the stress of widespread disruption to air passengers who was in patrick's weekend has been
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the purchase of the high court ruled that a stoppage on friday come on the go ahead. this is just as paul gilligan granted injunctions to the dublin airport authority. the st institute from the gay gene in the four hours of industrial action the da had towed the high court that if friday's four hour strike went ahead it would cause catastrophic and irreparably damage the classes run into millions of euro. granting the injunction sought to justice for the lincoln wrote that there was a fair question to be tried in relation to the validity of stitches. alex and prayed that the union should have respected the ballot to its members who belongs to the aviation pension scheme he also said it was a fair question to be tried in relation to what the key personnel including security staff who had separate agreements could be involved in industrial action before certain procedures had been exhausted. he noted that a number of occasions this if you have not provided applying affidavits to contradict the submissions of the tv and ryanair. the arts the parties to cooperate with the expert panel to resolve the complex tensions disputes
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looting was what to expect the da and incas and ryanair no point did he believes that made sense for submitting kitchen and asked election. we've been calling on them with all this with the selection for supper weeks for two minutes with no option but to take them out of court. a substantial number of people because every accommodation even card costs of iranian aircraft are better ways to squeeze into the dispute to the da. this is to put a district was first a bit to get what they want to go this weekend. you said it would be considered including accept any possible peaceful protests on friday which have nothing to do with them. it would appear on the face of it is disappointing because each day that just goes on. people run to get intense and for everyone your own to put an end to the scale. so what are the particular on the condition that she rarely go next. i need air passages with the relief the airport operations will not be impeded on friday. however the judge acknowledged the complexity of the pensions battle and it remains to be seen how long it would take to resolve. but
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the fed expected industrial action could emerge with mighty rte news the high court. like drug i like to admit his careless driving causing the death of a fourteen year old boy two years ago was been sentenced to twenty months in jail and banned from driving for twenty years were emotional scenes at dublin circuit criminal court the judge impose less than the maximum sentence of two years. on a case coming to the circuit criminal court is death was like a tsunami that destroyed beyond repair. the fourteen year old was killed by a hit and run driver as he crossed the road it's also have a new uncovered two years ago eyewitnesses said the car appeared to come from nowhere and was traveling at speed the driver was this man knew aunt tracy. the chronicle got it to a new licence or insurance. he was arrested him on nature and still cut the iphone except the accident until they discovered they shared that it is the employee. the court heard that in the weeks afterwards he went on the rampage carrying out a number of violent robberies
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for which he is now serving eight years in jail. he pleaded guilty to careless driving causing death and two leaving the scene of an accident. in a victim impact statements john hickey said his son was hit by a hit and run driver and just left there. everything had been taken from them in a flash and it was impossible to describe the effects. his sister said she had lost her only sitting hunched best friends. his mother said no apparent that your pain. no professional advice or townsville could help to cope judge mary ellen means the drill on tracy had driven a car that killed a child could happen to be man enough to stay at the scene on hunting stuff into comedy there were emotional scenes in court as the judge explains that the maximum sentence for careless driving causing death was two years and that she had to take into account the guilty plea and remorse shown by rule and tracy. she imposed a sentence of twenty months along with the four month sentence for leaving the scene of an accident is also banned from driving for twenty years
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their sentences will be sad at the same time the eight year sentence he's currently set. the team trainer rte news that the dublin circuit criminal court. sixty eight year old man has been arrested by current the investigation good to have a warm until the weekend the body of the woman who was in her fifties has found a house on woodlawn park grove and our hats on sunday afternoon. the minister for health has said publication of the white paper on universal health insurance will not take place for a few weeks as he was to give a comprehensive response to issues raised by members of the cap'n of james riley insisted free gp care for children aged six and over what happened this year despite opposition from cheap eats. after three years in office. we soon discovered used on tiny numbers are down in certain hospitals. but some of the minister for health major reform pounds appear in trouble the publication of the white paper on universal health insurance is for their dna as dr ride he wants to do with concerns amongst
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covenant members. but the cost of the time. i decided to today. from next week because i want comprehensive response to many pieces have been raised already. by the members of the tub. and i was content to never gets this but cost containment. the author graham town of free gp care for children aged six years and under from each year could also be the day due to opposition from g p's the minister says there can be negotiation with medical organizations was not some fees for doctors. some things in contact that they have concerns that i believe are reasonable and should be changed. this year. oh absolutely i mean to build on top of the polygamy the year to july and that's our intention. in another development patience n g p's may soon be able to do quick to miss by specialty for each consultant. the minister has directed the hate to see to set up an actual website to help patients to be referred to doctors with the shorter sweetness. the new false health spokesperson busy
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tanner said the minister has failed to deliver on his promises recent deal with the shortest running a huge bonuses tree years ago in the whole area of universal health insurance or treaters on his heel plant has been no cost to others. we do know one thing that can get health insurance is an increasingly come to know basis. families are of the week since i'm in a sorority ones are all thinking that nothing is wrong or right he expresses no regrets about choosing this government portfolio cartoon by artist nickel maddie hangs on the wall of his minister in office showing in accepting the poisons thomas of health for twelve hours. rte news jewelry and cash accounts for three quarters of all gladstone from high was in the second half of last year today is to guard the national crime prevention day of action for perjury despite an overall drop of nearly nine percent in burglaries urging householders to remain vigilant. you might find it hard to believe that through the window. two if they came
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it felt so bad but last january a robber broke into father andrew neil's has intel than two days small bedroom window. monitor the alarm was set at the time but they still got in. is this. there was a scuffle over his face. and going in this hunt and a coat over his head and demanding money in this case nothing was taken except a phone that has returned. the buyer to present our juries are carried out tonight and every month. id say the main entry points are true rear window front door our rear door. id say over fourteen inhofe made in your life that thompson coolidge was taken from people's homes and the last six months of twenty thirteen of assassinating euro worth of jewelry with seven train a team in caps other items taken were smart phones and games console us. they have this advice to keep our tears at bay. shut doors and
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windows late appearance and don't store. the home user and am so easily from letterboxes camp is that you don't make your home fort knox. you can just say that these simple tips that can go a long way to to to reducing the number of workers. father neil says the experience was terrifying but he learned promise. i've revamped the security of those importance of aden from that now it seems a pity you know pre owned cars for the combs you have to look as if it does work. but the race twelve point nine percent to twelve months to the end is to guide the state people still need to remain vigilant handling the ite knees. for new multi denominational private schools are expected to open this coming september on the patronage of educate together. it's part of the process where a church authorities divest control of primary schools and follow surveys of parents both work and to the early last year i've done and other non catholic parents in the four areas affected today's news is most welcoming teams for
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the very first time she says they have a choice it's important because they are not kept the kitchen do not baptize to use an atm card contest. i suppose the decisions we've made as regards their own families and i recognize the states to some that were not asked to compromise announced the show friends. take second place air and accepts he is the parents. don't sit tight outfits for new educated at the schools would open the september kit from oregon trail. the heights and in north mayo comes to bother now. initially in temporary premises it's hoped ongoing talks between the department of education and conflict checked off our season will soon use permanent accommodation as the no cook up looks to be organized but progress in these talks is difficult and snow. i am impatient of an awesome prize landis time for me the difficulties that the coptic church has heard in the jar she was never going to express a desire to move from wanting to swim love is never wrong. we're
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making progress. and but it's not sufficient for the people who want to change the situation is different again in north mayo and other area with no parents multi denominational education provision that the patron as parents of a church divided as to what comes to the town of qana have agreed to transfer it to be educate together model. and though kylie fourteen years the department of education new irish language commissioner has been presented with his seal of office by president michael d higgins going on until succeeds the previous commissioner tango show no quinton who resigned from his post in december. this photo is a former political correspondent with milk tart she turns teaching the celebration of irish language and kosher continues as part of the two week shock in atlanta festival events are taking place around the country to promote our nation. tom and encourage new years. terence and goalie and it's time for cooking. i am
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the conversation groups of partition today again. just for old age is its own nationals. i figure not enough and more are on and nimoy on confidence a bit much. a mixed into the net and a the hat hat it is no denying that it's true it's up to heights sweeping this country since the honey me of this will be from the last american dates pop songs and make over of state or defense of the muscle is screaming child that gets you. i am don't they. no ghosts in the interest on it to the success of the pds staying here with free online tutorials there were no marks
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on call and grow up knowing and repetition in the park when peter walking on her stomach and online. nine the chapel for the last few years and we finally made . i write this in turn can learn and minds beach ocean and ten times the kids so and i want you can keep up with them meanwhile young filmmakers in calais are supporting soft clay again by screening a series of shorts and tights since the events continue on so much second team. she's in a new fourteen use only wednesday six when new school getting anything. pa's
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i've done a call singer songwriter is predicted to have a very bright future in two thousand and fourteen it's probable been on the tee on to the gold tb also preparing the body use a recording studio symbolic of faith as croissants more reports. irish country singer and songwriter and bd is attracting increasing recognition recently appeared at the research country music awards where she shared the stage with charlie levels were up above childers. but that woman is well known and worked in eagle has enjoyed a busy year to concede her release her debut album my songs to you. mtv though is her stage name where is and what comedy is her real name she explains in rural areas nicknames are often incorporated into everyday
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names. simon. cops say. you know the stuff i was the same settings whatever doubts over the list of things i'd like to know what i had a family member. concrete than him are you telling me that i absolutely that the baby swimming or less of the beast has worked with batons pharmacy for the past twenty three years and clearly loves her work of beating and beating people. but in the evenings. music plays a big part in her life. some hours plus and i always enjoy things that upset him. i'm taking of any use all its units who wants to tell a supermom. that said don't do that. i then came the years the film as a side parma teachings are gentle humor. i could ever need to sing songs and i was always there you know what stamps. i'll stop now. awesome awesome for me that you know i will succeed
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at both sad and. when i have you know. the sink. thanks again to force said oblivious of the music. she got a number of ventures on her birthday and in some villages due to record her first cd on the banks and packing for sending us to catch them but just about to kick in so that you know the present that have to do something themselves. i'm not the first cd. puts me in my soul mate with a leather covered actions on them and asked him about it. bake in a red silk so that i contact you. it's not often that i don't know. lesson ended up just once. that assault maybe not today. hard to post here a geelong. those
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advances. he wants. that's all that. adopting the stuff that made it up today just wanna be on mayo one of you not spend eleven so that i love people. no would say to me constantly thinking of us taken of me that they we knew that's how long it is a committee had her second so that is dedicated to her mother. as for my email i wanted to make this all came to an appreciation to let him know we have a peace that come from the past and still continues today. on standings minister. each. says. he sat
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in the basalt. it's not just words of the melody that he has a mind which is taking office all just a bad and taking the year. their set their sights. i don't think that's that. job one that sat next six to sell that. you know. like several types of music has also been influenced by a number of people. i did i say. as my number one in our actors dollars to ten years. eight cents and the rest of that. i tell you today to go to a lot of stuff basically. i bought sweater she's been very helpful its ambitious and
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cute. it is for there to give me know that he said there was one of them did say that some write ups. it's not on the street to see. sucks. i feel like sometimes. you know me and that just like to be insulted country music that i wouldn't enjoy a surge in popularity in the proper coffee beans and was always confident that the likes of nathan kept a day late. have you taken off the oven to one exception was my good week watch it. you know what to sweat crazy together but the atmosphere. i think it's actually get all the time he has. these are busy times for bt to study his will through every weekday and i this weekend for me it's that i can. i know how futile and cakes. i'm setting. here is that it can be seen under category a little. this season so that's awesome. in
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the mail. it's as a light in that aspect of your topical i enjoy that but i guess it didn't she. at sixteen to go on forever. that's the thing that ever such joy to be good on the facts as well as doing local peaks. she has made guest appearances at melbourne folk seems to be considerably busier since the release of the album with her new song. she is no traveling no further afield including a recent appearance of the film but cooking show weekend in wales. the last few books she's had a number of radio interviews of a national basis and have interfered show hopes up liking the bill so you too but the social media has helped to raise her profile that's why i have to be easy to give states the lucky that they don't have to think back and it is. knowing this i say
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see this guy. tb is that they think of what sites i think that helps the player makes you look into the future she'll take things that are strung a recession or the big old tv. the buffet. only wound. the to the base in the mean time. at the top started to talking to you on a landscape that of the muppets. must read zooms in and see i had to stand in elections


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