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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 13, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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broadcast korea's foreign ministry slams tokyo for backtracking on the acknowledgment of this excellent slate think of korean women the gators are still sifting through the deadly yet still mysterious building explosion in a new york city neighborhood. he's taking on a massive doctor strike planned for the end of this month but hope remains for doctors and the government to come to an agreement before then. i've done it begins now
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it was yours and korea and woe to those of you were watching from around the world its first eight marks thirteen here in seoul and you can hang them from him thanks so much for joining us. there were no surprises in the final rate setting session for outgoing think of korea gov kean kim soo whose four year term ends at the end of this month the central bank has left its key interest rate unchanged at two and a half percent for his tenth straight month in march following its monthly monetary policy meeting on thursday that the uk said the economy at home and abroad are continuing to recover at a moderate pace but did note to rest coming from emerging markets nation's inflation rate band below the central bank's target band for the twenty first straight month in fifth period standing at one percent. the final decision on next month's key interest
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rate will likely fall and bank of korea gov nominee easy and shoulders are one ga has more on some of the challenges facing the veteran central bank official was slated for our confirmation hearing next week. wrapping up his final monetary policy meeting on thursday bank of korea gov jean jesus and was successful during his four year term in getting the central bank back to the people. yet again that is as under some difficult circumstances. people really say that the past four years represent diverse and the biggest financial crisis in a hundred years the global financial market change very rapidly to it while there has been criticized over a lack of communication with the market during his term. analysts predict governor dean's monetary policies as above average in and was now likely to be taking over the bird in its e g ii veteran central bank official who has been
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tapped as the next governor experts say the main challenge is for you will be how to cope with external risks setting from the us federal reserve's stimulates the varied and how the quarry made with the government to revitalize the domestic economy. the app that the new top central banker will feel a heavy responsibility as the circumstances at home and abroad are currently at odds and using them from all the new governor should not focus on short term goals won the seat on the go to strive to use the local economy it should also be avoided in the center base to show leadership as a pillar of want to fall season for communicating with them went to school. before taking office in april not in e e will have to go through a parliamentary confirmation hearing next wednesday the national assembly however does not have the power if you go to flee analysts say the first hearing in the back of korea's sixty year history is expected to go smoothly
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given that the central bank veteran has gone through similar procedures before the ball holding senior positions in the central bank i don't use. folks at korea and japan would mend their strained ties were crushed on wednesday the much anticipated high level talks fail to make much progress as japan's chief cabinet secretary continued to deny the country's wartime atrocities to seoul on this thursday expressed deep regret over to remarks or foreign affairs correspondent comes home he reports the thirty s ministry of foreign affairs lettuce japan on thursday for its latest offensive remarks about the victims of japan's wartime sexual enslavement of women. isn't that in another room and the surviving victims of sexual mistreatment by denying its military's direct involvement in which it had previously acknowledged call a statement on. a call on all state meant
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as a landmark apology issued by japan in nineteen ninety three to two hundred thousand or so and then mostly korean who are forced into sexual slavery during the second world war. tokyo has be backtracking on that apology the month by calling into question the belief icky of testimony given by korean and then as the blaze in a sense that the state. japanese chief cabinet secretary gus cpsc that said wednesday at a press briefing that there was no evidence that japan forced the recruitment of women the comments came on the same day fatigue neighbors recording their first high level talks in eight months which ended without results. speculation leading up to the talks but that depended proposal from ap south korea on the sidelines of the new clear security senate and the pain later this month more than a year into office now. president mckinley has yet to sit down with japanese prime ministers and a latte president fox has said she
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would not meet with a leader who fails to acknowledge his country's historical wrong doings. one of the south korean government believes it is important in teaching comes from the two leaders can be productive outcomes rather than point calls for talks say though. seoul's foreign ministry says that japan must first agency expects to settle the history it is in order to hold productive talks in south korea. he even eats. korea has agreed to hold a second around the red cross trucks to japan next week in shenyang china. nhk japan's broadcaster reports that both countries will be sending government representatives to the two day meeting that starts next wednesday they're expected to follow up on progress made in the first round of talks earlier this month when north korea agreed to cooperate in repatriate the remains of japanese nationals speculation surrounds whether the red cross meetings will lead to formal bilateral
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talks between the two governments. greinke editor reach of free trade agreement earlier this week ending nine years of tough negotiations will be canada's first trade pact with the nation nation and the twelfth overall for korea for more on what the bilateral pacts means for corinne trade and its impact and sensitive items such as cars and beef in a nation we bring in dr comes in half professor of law at the university. thank you very much for joining us. i think you can. so professor wallace the significance of this trade pact with canada and what's your overall assessment. fda is processed into its one to comment on the other antiques parents i'm becoming parents we have to use to describe. on the can on the highway
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between those two countries by facilitating trade and investments. so by concluding korea have an fta. i think we can deepen economic times each out there however each fta has some positive and anti science. on the south korea care of it today the dream there is sky industry. korea have agreed to gradually eliminate tariffs on most routes. and right now six point one percent added we'll be imposed on current and the car industry made exports cheaper price to care about when to give the nation will tell you. not only current weather was so helpful tool good parts or components the temple and that whites and will be leaving the seat or so. electronic courts including the pga or washing
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machine that had one dose itunes or so we'll be in the week. for those of the beneficiaries of a meal of officers some of the losers and most vulnerable areas agriculture industry forty percent tariff will be imposed on canadian beef. right now and those have if we'll be leaving me to gradually weaken fifteen years. anti pork products will be the winning team with in thirteen years. it's alright ideally nation. also check out if i can again be of real competes with about other countries the products that us beef and austria with you. to some but it's a bad history deal was a bit rushed because korea wants to join the transport pacific partnership the us led trade pact. what are your thoughts on that was this brush. ppp is transposed the pots
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naturally meant is that the going larger than today right about twelve member until the contracting states offered to speaking in negotiation. and in order to join the cpp prior oak over from the contracting states on a client. korea all with the express intention to join ppp. and in order to do that korea up and getting support from the current fifty states and by concluding create fta academy support korea's position to join ppp mm curry has also aggressively pushing for other if he's a swell of those pending mind being china and japan all not much progress is being made so far. how do you and speculate be and how do you think the negotiations will pan out. well actually we have with the fta negotiations on mon bill was three asian countries korea japan fta korea and china fta
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and tyrant or anti bush is in korea china japan and as for korea japan fta. it's virtually stopped due to the idea so we went on court issues. liberal trade illegal edition. and as for our korean tired of tea a couple to mile nine. negotiation long workout. however you know we have a mini shoes in negotiation. so out of both countries delegation try to bridge the gap. in many issues but i did take some time. all right professor time thanks so much for joining us tonight is my pledge the new. your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited and ut head of the heart of seoul
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right i need to be done well i had to be on and on tv next in line. there is rising well trained doctors and the government will be able to talk through their differences and inferred an upcoming dr strike planned for the last week of the month. pessimists on reports and some sticking points to bind the two sides medical doctors and the garments are preparing for a meeting after prime minster it's home to one of the post hoc spine march twenty as to seek a compromise. the korean medical association of doctors. upset over god's plan to implement on medicine and stuff for profits up sceneries is planning a sixty spike marks twenty fourth unless an agreement is reached. doctors claim that the night sky and could undermine health the government on the other hand says the new thomas assistant is necessary to offer benefits to elderly
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disabled and patients in remote areas. only people with chronic diseases the doctors are also calling for a reform of the current health plan say he earns them and recently in the consultation fees at the same time. probably because of the high costs for services not covered by the state run health system many koreans rely on private insurance ask the health plan does not have a full range of expenses. medical fees in korea are relatively cheaper than those of most developed countries. for example artery bypass surgery in korea last month six and what it costs in the us. hostels having the keys of offsetting their losses by advising patients to undergo coffee check of services like the mri. an oecd survey shows. the pace of rising medical spending is the second highest in korea among member countries aiden
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needs. crisp and more than three and a half hours a day staring into their smartphones. that's according to market research firm a t s a d which passed one thousand koreans about their daily use of smart phones pcs and televisions on average korean spent three hours and thirty four minutes a day using their smartphones three hours watching tv and forty eight minutes on the computer crash not surprisingly people in their twenties use smartphones the most clocking in at an average of five hours and fifteen minutes a day while people in their fifties spent the least amount of time and a little over two hours per day. it could be just a matter of time before we see electric vehicle charging stations at retail outlets in the nation for kanji on cells as a trio of private companies plans to install them by the end of this year drivers will soon be able to be charged an electric vehicles at marked
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the largest me tell out waiting for me at the nineties emergence of seats each party in fiji that stores around the country by the end of this year. annie mac officials said that an electric car can run from forty nine kilometers roughly forty minute ride on a one hour charge. wish me useful for people driving short distances. after shopping for groceries and came straight home to nova stations like tuned out what post of korea's largest steelmaker and bmw for me yet which is releasing its new by three elected vehicle next month the three companies plan to build forty additionally the charging stations at large by next year. this is the first such attempt by private companies to facilitate the use of electric vehicles in korea the country's existing nineteen hundred the charging stations are built with government support. mike's new ep charging stations will be able to accommodate all kinds of electric vehicles all users will have to do is
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purchase a membership card users will be able to find a charging station locations us smartphone app provided by posts go on a navigation system and a new ninety three the news to lodge the news stations comes ahead of the international action vehicle expo scheduled to start saturday at the international convention center on kitchen island weighing three thousand people expected to attend the bands including herself and forty related industries including three on motors and bmw teensy on a day means. we have this other top stories on the pool all fronts from a massive explosion that tore through a few buildings in new york to the closing of china's national people's congress the guilford for poly at the new center so paulette star with the deadly
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blast in east harlem what's the latest on that. will the death toll from wednesday's new york city building explosion has risen to seven with over sixty others reported injured emergency crews have been searching through the rubble all night to rescue any missing survivors. the sad cause has not been determined yet but authorities suspected gas leak is to blame our close ally has the details new york city's mayor has called it that tragedy of the worst kind. two buildings in the city's east harlem neighborhood completely collapsed wednesday morning local time fixable and debris covered the neighborhoods in your brain structures were badly damaged panel of witnesses say he was a massive explosion. residents close to the incidents have been evacuated. while some of the window tonight and that more than double what i had class. and i've mopped harmison. newark city mayor bill did not see old rushed to the scene to take stock of
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the situation and spoke at an emergency press conference there was a major explosion that destroyed two buildings bush was based on a gas leak the impacts. affected buildings. around the two that were destroyed. very heavy impact on the surrounding buildings. a heavy fire has ensued as well a resident in an adjacent building reported smelling gas just fifteen minutes prior to the blast. other people in the neighborhood have also told reporters they had smelled the gas michael gerson the day before the new year fire department has classified the incident as the highest threat level possible. i've read two hundred fifty foreign men were on site after it occurred and there doesn't still searching for the missing feared trapped under the debris. erin did last year praised the city's fire department for its quick response especially as there
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was no indication in time to save people. the white house says president barack obama was briefed on the incident and has sent his condolences to the victims' families the last ibm years. and looking at the gay on that missing malaysian plain colony breakthrough and the surge. authorities say there's still no sign a malaysian airlines flight three seven zero which spanish saturday while carrying two hundred thirty nine people. hopes are raised earlier yesterday as chinese satellite images showed possible signs of debris from the missing boeing triple seven in the east china sea civil aviation officials from vietnam and malaysia said thursday he simply has inspected designated area that said nothing has been found so far. adding to the mis read the wall street journal reported a u s investigators suspect the plane flew up to four hours after lost contact with air traffic controllers. this based on data that was
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automatically transmitted from the extensions to its manufacturer. that would mean a jetliner could potentially reach as far as the indian ocean where even the arabian sea. meanwhile tories had not ruled out the possibility of mechanical failure. i live there or sabotage or terrorism. an over china the country's top legislature is wrapped up its annual session can give the city to us. the nearly three thousand delegates of the national people's congress ended their ten day session this thursday chinese premier league could xiang said this year's event was successful in defining major missions and setting specific goals which including fighting corruption setting a target for economic growth and tackling chronic pollution. speaking of the economy what if the chinese leadership have to say about the government's growth forecast this year police said china would be able to ensure a reasonable economic growth rate of seven and a half percent for two thousand fourteen while also acknowledging the severe challenges facing the economy namely downward pressure. he
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also outlined measures and pc leo for tackling pollution they included shutting down fifty thousand coal furnace is reducing emissions from coal brain power plants and removing old high emission cars from roads. and foreigners and that in the middle east israel has carried out massive air strike in the gaza strip. yes israel's military says it launched twenty nine era strikes against targets in cancer. the single biggest attack since two thousand twelve. israeli police said palestinian militants on wednesday fire about six iraq it said cities in the southern part of the country following a series of cross border clashes this past week israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he had warned of a forceful response. no casualties have been reported on either side the islamic movement has claimed responsibility for firing on israeli civilians saying it was in retaliation for it. israel killing three of its members at the earlier back in the studio. i think
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paul forty wrap of the stories making headlines around the world will see you back here tomorrow night the two prime time sports this is steven chat. now the world number one ladies call for potty and he is looking to do what she couldn't last season. she has her sights set on completing her career grand slam by winning the women's british open in july. at the media event for the first major of twenty fourteen the kraft nabisco championship top also said she's going to defend her title at mission hills in california early next month and getting a little bit ahead of ourselves that she can also manage to clean the antioch championship in september. she'll also achieved the super grand slam well it's all possible as caucus got off to a super start the season by winning the world ladies championship last weekend as well as
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fishing and the top five in her two previous starts. and will be on the thunders roar of supercharged engines the smell of burnt rubber and of course the best racers in the world formula one racing is finally here the twenty fourteen season is upon us with the opening race the australian prawn curry opening in melbourne on friday. four time world champ sebastian battle along with fernando alonso mark webber and other world class drivers will soon oh four qualifying on saturday before the main race on sunday. now for charities we took all the nl messi has re brand the record books yet again. as for slaughterhouse did manchester city from the ornaments nancy's opening goal in the sixty seventh minute with him on top of the list of players that the most champions league goals with a single team with six and seven surpassing the dry wall on the list. meanwhile course i ended up beating men sitting in the next two to one key to keeping been before one win in the debates
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and advanced to the quarterfinals. now let's get to quail section in the k b l e s k nights hosted the goalie and forty on since color for game one. now their toe to toe to start again but as k wilson opened the second taking the forty eight thirty one lead into the hat. now anthony ricketts in and play doh presses and forty owns comeback in the third. but as his combo of him signed up and carry means to walk sit down and a cake to leave and leave them might see the game one way and eighty four to seventy three. now its probe on the ball into the leak russian catch post its on some hot day in august i know sounds on his locker and first place but in six plays russian attacks against the first set. now some some cars that fourteen cents in a row before the home team gets one back to force the deciding set. they are russian catch dominates for the final win of the season at home three cents to two
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and that's all i care for now this has been ceded to see you back here later for more from the world of sports flowers have begun to bloom in the southern regions which means spring is in far off for more let's connect live tracking them down standing by at the weather center put down. the evening that is every year at this time we look for it to the blooming of the cherry blossoms and this year it'll come to three days a leader that useful due to the cold snap we had earlier this month. england will begin in twenty oh nine marks twenty seven cents to the southern regions by early april and three followed by april eleven by care calendar that the peak times will only last for about a week. but tomorrow's morning lows will drop about five degrees compared to today tipping two minus one lead in good news that daytime highs will attend to the mid teens over the weekend. another round of spring shower is awake as next week taking the lead at
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the current in this and see it till a low pressure trough part of the southern regions are still a nice rain shower is at this hour. and let stand five one meters will fall through early tomorrow morning. kylie is when watts has a set on for you and or the little island so that residents there should take extra care. looking ahead at friday's readings sell them both and reached ninety three slot punch in the sixty eight holding on to either be changed said is that top the day at four degrees but the high tea at night while total tops out at or about something out but i'll be back with my updates have to maintain. finch was young and after broadcasts on this thursday nights and youtube means so i'm shy when things were watching will see you soon. to the books. having a
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circumstances. crowe will last a living person. but i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all the kids do that. he said. well winter is called the vista home. it's not use the d c and d in quite another direction and in easton. the same vintage this mole is the key. mr the sea. nature makes eating the way around. nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this
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along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink to stay moved by love it's a man whose longing for something. his lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i mean. sch. yours. toowong new
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one will. and the guy charles lamont coastlines was seizing it was snowing troops and ukraine kind of warning of consequences when on the russian tongues everyone is talking about. i like to see what direction to smile and eyes. but this war machine that's been years since the nineteen forties and to the moon ever since reporters on the ground dismissed claims of russian intervention cranny at one am on standby to get sick and dark sand moment ring for the rights to confront as not mature at cbc within its


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