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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 14, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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the costs of new age of history gets worse every day of course breaking news talk points. so much. theodore sixth place. stocks. good news. the interior lives in
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london for last month's storms with his russian counterpart to head all write me and its referendum best friend in the next six months to get the needle this is russ announces new trio breach of the mountain range. this installation airlines flight seventy seven she travels west and reports that smith may have been deliberately towards the undermanned identity and unix. as the verdict is due today in the first seventy people in front of her events and around at the time of the nineteen ninety four genocide. the prosecution is seeking a life sentence. as
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the headlines this weekend featuring a scare on a false front of our top story this morning the american and russian foreign ministers are meeting in london today to discuss the crisis in ukraine so why did john kerry a riot at downing street. just ahead all that meeting is expected to warn sergei lavrov today although consequences from moscow this minute intervention in crimea and the referendum was held there on sunday. united states has succeeded to the trough as a nation united nations that would declare the best friend an eagle. but the two days to go on the ground preparation is our finances are in full swing yesterday bringing stations were set up across the basketball and other parts all the crimea and the head of kenya's election commission has insisted on the ttc will give credit to its peers here. intimidation ahead of the police comedy team reports. cds to go to crimea discreet its future these are the choices
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conyers face. do you want to be killing of russian federation. audrey minutes on a street in with in ukraine keen to present this referendum is that it's amidst the hectic tiniest election commission says the service will of course the president's not going away see. to be honest. i don't see how people have already denounced on referendum. that estimate to participate in it. thousands of lives. it was composed of twenty forty major decision he did as i was there that israel the us france and germany were among many countries that would be accepting the school it's set to take place on sunday the pro russian campaign is in full swing. the scorecards and urge people to vote to stop fascism suggesting that voice was a way of convincing ukraine's foreign chronicles from coming to power. at this polling station. preparations are advanced. everything is raging over united and about to pay respect to head to the election commission is
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confident things will proceed seriously. yet his sporting stage. i know people here yet but i think ron ninety seven percent of people will show up. up to one hundred percent up because people really want this post. it's their right an opportunistic sentiments not shared by all. this small group of protesters in sioux center poll say they will in all parts of the spring rains in august in the referendum was older lines in the white swayed by the thorns of those with high quality bought it about forty but not a technique called on the referendum on the show and the real result is that not everyone had not seen the whole population belongs to join russia the hornet cv in the grandstand for its entire crew russian activists stayed away from the boats is the safest way to make their voices heard. once been considered a show of force as
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crimea prepares to the trust has begun each exercise is near the border with ukraine defense news has confirmed that x has begun holding more than eight thousand troops in large artillery units such as walking to work as an anti tank weapons and in the news just coming in russian feisty jets and helicopters that have according to interfax news agency had been holding training exercises in the mediterranean sea as well yesterday in new york ukraine's prime minister of spaniards who knew condemned russia's dmitry aggression the security council that he didn't leave for moscow want it to a conflict is we have to say. this aggression has no reason. and no grounds this is absolutely and entirely unacceptable. and the twenty first century drizzle any kind of conflict we stinks. artillery and bolt on to grow. the new
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ukrainian prime minister that the demented has so far refused to recognize as ukraine's new year. tensions between rival camps inside the country are rising in eastern ukraine. that more than a dozen people wounded after pro russian and european demonstrations last this is for the next post reports that in the country sometimes. through all the pk and improvements. in other news this it's been amazing malaysian airlines flights and hb seventeen spread west to the engine mentioned this as result of the white house described as new information several sources have suggested the radar tracking and its associated to the play was in fact the neighborhood in northwest from quantum four. towards the un on itunes. the latest in a series of tantalizing leads to the rational speak and they continue to deepen one of the biggest mysteries of modern aviation history
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catherine tate collection the shift in direction for the international parties' carry the seeds for the missing memories in airliner. as washington speaks of a new leads. my understanding is based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive but new information. an additional search area may be open in the indian ocean. and we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate access to the pool. yes as it's not join the and the us naval ships on its way from the gulf of thailand to the strait of malacca the hunt initially honed in on the site china sea east of malaysia. on the plains intended to break from kuala lumpur to be saying but it's not expected to cover an area stretching from inside china sea to the tendency to run the size of portugal malaysian officials that the airliner may have doubled back after takeoff. six days after at least three seventy i love to read your screen there have been many false leads. on a wet tuesday night
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claims potential capri has been sculpted by tiny satellites into nothing released to a website the photographs appeared to show fragments that are not far from the original flight path. mason and tiny settlers he said are not connected to the missing plane. yudhoyono at that. but found nothing we have protected the chinese embassy. we're going to try to squeeze out the new and unique gifts were released wednesday. and did not show any different from and each piece into place authorities also deny media reports the plane and on for four hours from the last comparable position. the set manufacturers rose for a licence. boeing had confirmed them as an act or acts. ian from the landmark trial of drool and an army captain is coming to end and the skies to equalize accused of taking part in a nineteen ninety four genocide that killed eight hundred thousand people in just a hundred days he's facing life in prison
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the verdict is expected late state of mind at the courthouse too small. as you can imagine two very different test us in the country's emerging from those conclusions over wednesday and thursday for the prosecution the last six weeks of testimonies have proven and i doubt he was indeed a very high fire and were wanting to size each day they are quite convinced they say that not only does he take part in the genocide that he was one of the planets he instigated at the finance they say it enough witnesses have come forward to say that they still cost the city cannot deliver weapons to the checkpoints and cds to get next to them or to seek an anti tutsi who tried to cost at the defense however did say that this child has been built on a very good on hearsay to be to be clear they said that the witnesses were fragile to say the least and it is the kind is being used as a political pawn as they say is the very first time. france has put a suspect of the rwandan genocide on top and if every
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step son for the defense called on the jury to be brave and had to go against the political pressure because upon them when they make their verdict on friday afternoon. and of course one of its former province has dismissed in a conference that his country's parliament that led to his dismissal as a fortification. speaking to comment on sunday they dun also rejected locations of corruption is that he had to say. i would cheer me on everything that has been said about corruption. when i challenge anyone to find evidence that might come in the sky. cut dough in it. yes i would return to libya. not to become prime minister. not in this current context african national congress today that a real nice. but the book. the fronds has been a new chewing i'm using the sunny warm whether these last few days for the scum at a cost. this is their different reasons had regions have been placed under creation and its levels have
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been particularly high in the french capital on this for more than a week now seeking poll was announced as a result of that by and zero emission electric car rentals be free for as long as the creation of this. i'll be back with the headlines in twenty minutes to dc. in the last sixteen at the right to legally own a car but some are forced onto trucks victoria health and for want of a charge of the gate to check out the intersection at least the middle and added to towson read if a father at the addicks out of the kids danced to the defense side to show just after the alamo he still has to be strong favourites to reach the quarterfinals the six board and the kids at school
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student rights. during see it go to waco with a tree what a work in the waist area. it's been tested and for that of the anti id like you could get back the things that did it it seemed to do with up to that the dow is a t go to the season after just three minutes. that scene from sebastian shipping code sets out to medicare that has considerable degree after reading the chapters the book by meeting last year the jumper pulled the tree to get really cheap it was annexed to equalize the leopard minutes or less take it to take steps towards the state with a clinical three one were never taught a white hot light in the portuguese what the heck the kids to try to buy alcohol fallacy what to get it. but back to team up to that. the monster we sow in silat. well back to crafting three cakes interested candidates and the chance to get the black six minutes in time that these outcomes is the useful to track connecting shot straight month that feature the show
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but he says it's hard to get to go to charity he brought us to chose to teach about what his nap inside the port of port st. tina marie had a car with a two out of the ruled out for offside from across projects in martinez. a great given the greater waco helps made what may turn out to be a crucial stage. mr did not detect his party led to score his twenty third goal of the season. the good old soviets during the second i get pizza the next week the guitar is taking place during free kick and see what is at the restaurant despite having to take two cents up from the top. that said it would add thirty two in the courts to stop at the center of the scoring in the one mm devotees to the vet students at the top of a tootsie pop records it in a bid to be a problem so
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expect a scoreless draw it out will take anyone really to accept the cats are connected and i'm shooting the presence of european jackets by munich has been sentenced to three copies in jail for tax or patient about his cake and punch it up a brochure for up to fifty is in charge was sentenced on thursday off to admitting he evaded twenty seven point two million units in texas the incentives comes two days after he was pumping out stocks reached the quarterfinals of the champions league with a different set to appeal cuts were made of three mad until the final thirty eight is reached. much as she tried to strike at the cancer that has been cautioned by police in a rugged enough to sew together in the streets. forty seven year old was erected up in altercation at lunchtime on wednesday country already has a criminal record in the uk after he attacked mr palestine during the match in nineteen ninety. couldn't one stage fright that the party nice tight mandated a breakaway to grace the teacher taught us know
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what is that it seems downright happy to try his time on it states that i consume the body it again after so much to do with nine km goes along with that stuff is yet to try and check back to racing. hope you girls you'll like it to the springs but that's it for me to just meet is at the city's toughest to get out to have gone to the hsc the goal next is to ensure that a surprise for him to walk into the cpt woke up event in switzerland it's her once she entered the room to jot some of the continued his forehead and said hi to use the tops get down to grab victory in plummeted fifteen point seven one seconds. but smith made a film that came second to his first top three finish the season to go over what company to axel but instead of half a day to reach parity and seems to be re heat it to the top to seal the cpt tight so. the club continued to stream rather dingy well to the dispatcher that surround it in straight sets to reach the semifinals. the ukrainian he's done all three seats out
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of the tournament including wrap around the dial uses for tons of great effects due to create its sixth straight victory lap down in the second shadow couple of months to break the kitchen canadians help accept christ and his six three six for victory or not it's nice to have attended. the two of the doubt that's a plus to make it spoke to her she posts a place in the last four of the women's event any match it should be notified of the chinese were my tickets to evacuate the sixth grade. like it now but the civil code to put up a fight in the second set which featured six full length about how awful for hats. great looking to close in on serena williams to the world rankings ultimately prevail in texas either. welcome to today's when he is when we take and keep some of this to me sneaky mom i'm done. coming up on station a ten k split peas in a spaceship each to
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their homeland. the us presidency isn't a comedy say the least i can. and an opportunity to rely on non sports history. these images which they say they cannot sanction that way that we can scale demonstrations in several attacking cities including temple in ankara on tuesday and wednesday the tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in the death of fifteen euros to help him out and my mom's house to bake cakes by beastie a gas canister acting anti government protests in teams last year. this time i pasted in their seats to take ten on tuesday morning and asking staff to get an update distillery has become a symbol of the heavy hand it's nice to see teens to quell the protests. the sound of the new cooling on sweets and thinking i'm gonna concentrate was me who participate in the protests
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but he was hit on hats. my teacher ask us to indiscriminately find my keys since twenty oh nine and on the streets to be holding a piece of plate. cpt pt him sensation that when kids have been paying respects to the baking aisle and little sister has tanked. i suspect it out and relief. the sydney test match into the government's. some have said it could to securing a thank you now fans can now pay cheques reject any pantomime. i mean this day is responsible for the teenager's death as he gave the piece or just the chi town. iceland's banking team. points what welcome to another edition of between two friends aren't we all sat out practice. and what the status of broccoli president. we would. west bank and the mice take a tremendous gamble pint canning honesty to say between teeth and st counties
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day honor to whom i knew it the night. she sees the us president to make at them like a badge citizens to make you stand on health care website set up by the black hats. he knew to do so so will put questions to gain is good to see guns. the binding and americans with more information on the affordable care act. it was erased when taking aslan senior communications adviser time it gets to eat it. trophy to the house can tell cup website jumped fourteen percent to twenty four hours following the airing of the satirical say the interview was placed on i never imagined the end times in one day. nice and he had something to keep the basic mythical beast kate and anna kate's course thanks to the mid sixties at the show takes a page rankings at the piano cases saying the famous btn has had a great impact. major rise in subscriptions to about six to
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school costs o tuesday. is it the hard years. he wants the dancing can add text and scandal of leakage and fined for speeding seatbelt the nation's energy to its hands and mold. following the acts can at least two essential. in a cool place to comment has made the decision to pre empt a briefcase beach happens the skin tone and patience. i miss the place makan then says it's eating carrots guidance to stand down. anyway its distinctive taste. according to this in effect that taken together by men it is time magazine the county seat even if it means is itself the capital of the wealth. two hundred and fifty eight south was taken at one hundred thousand people. taking silver and bronze we have new york cp and i and the respective they went in argentina and one hundred and fifty five so he
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sat as a one hundred thousand people. still it was intended by the nine us presidents have the means by me peace and sanitation won with ease and then they sat together a compilation of thirty three american heads of states sharing some of them are memorable performance the silver screen television sets. i think some provisioning can do a sit down to it does leave they should be to try and separate un takes place benjamin jackson and has a feedback loop inclined to look at the twenty eight schools saying the president. i need to take it out. we can make it home who the enemy sunline vbac chance on the school to make a is not the crown to his new acquisition. the former captain of the california has bought himself a stunning city can count in his guilty pleas and crushing pain and he's giving one lucky when he
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said the opportunity to join him in his new puppy to an online competition on the site and the still calm some of the knesset and painted from a team off to school pulls stunts which provides comprehensive off to school or make them speak and still no income and an east sixty six as organist and everyone who wrote the text why does the one to cry love the most fun stuff of life. i'm going to crush a copy of one million dollars but because it makes me cry i don't cry. no you didn't just cut so i'm inviting you posted. los angeles and of course intimate with the board. this is a lace inspired on this in design and sometimes a keen to have the french capital on that context. compared to sixty guarantee your son twenty two
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chances in that she went up to sixty in the spotlight that it's been a big hits. i mean no connection thanks uncle kris commons to the gala. i'm a mom. but he's the candidate since i bought pants. and union and the analysts that the mind on some snacks and tea sets featuring pop in a district son wrote a small amount this pt of nights. apostles to cost the nhs much as inspiration primarily from them i will be moving this is that we spend our time to go out with our friend stated that slot. maybe tonight jessica has been here which is simply extraordinary. when i change in community among such use code to use these times to get close to no scanner which just wondering is good to go on a student that is in very unique and unusual made it. when people hear it for that price is becoming more like a group of very different then the juice into something very special
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to offer. i have easily added to the next two year old elite mountain than anything i'm a pastor know anything at that weight. iptv tan liang because that's the best place to make impacts that really giving us inside the intellectual needs a facelift to the fashion class then left. i'm a cemetery on test excited parents to read position on south tce is a state wet and we couldn't see us outside the ascension and make so it's not just cookie sheet on top style. we see that my bank and smell funky monkey and some of the neighborhood society london town. and that's what we like to bask in that intersection. one neighborhood with a somewhat notorious reputation down the tree is a gaping stock exchange in the southern continent sense be renamed itself the gap. as with other kids to bed the night was created but once that is the most surprising south the gal is now producing champagne. it's nonsense to
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the main impact caused panic in the champagne region. so i had came up with this very novel idea is that the gap campaign. she did not. we have an upright today exists in the tomato mixture and music. got to know that it is easy to get me and i'll call this an extremely effective i hope to accomplish. i need to be ongoing. not in this instance the champagne producers feel that. today will likely set the shovel and to hold the post publisher. it sounds so we got to i needed income to fifty six campaign by acceptance. i had to show not just on the wheel it around the centro which is pretty much the hawks on the couch since then come back soon and it still has to say see a doctor stands in the champagne to promote the neighborhood we doubt
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addition to the home buying no makes the difference could use this he writes with a given pride of place on the table. this is not that easy for them to break into the currency markets analysts say it's like a very special vintage unique to something down. we are at different times to describe the sweetness of the shop a priest to pray to the demi sec. in all of them and all wanted to make it to praise you with the minimum amount should mean the moment is to compete. wine is the same school. just a different adventure. the band is currently still in paris and me. but we seem to be available outside the capital speaking at anfield malaysia has continued resulting we could save project to deepen the martians. he got a lot the two that will really help us in conquering the rest of the well known without being egocentric i
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was blown into a mini me just as busy shopping just takes a lot of gay. it has inspired a new cap to sign at the unit at the staff and a weak and sensitive side. if the captain gave it a lot to be adequate. did you hear it in any unit to the other friend came up with the idea in our neighborhood month to get on his new lunch today on the ticket on the kids are down to st resident they own just adults of pulses by winning passed me on commitment and we didn't see any nice ones but not the freakin finishes there initially i decided to design one myself. this is the very first ticket to paris all will be on the site sheepskin. how to go and he has a silk lining and noodles qualified health costs a month or two's time to get them i make and tasted a new lease of life. these creations are high and i have made in constant time on hands free awesome for this
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collection is very much you weigh in for its affordable shelter on the nineteen fifties got out there is a very risky and very french it really doesn't pay to seventy mn. scott is a rustic restored so that all playoffs or holstein. i liked the way to grow its office to the town is a feminist. we did. and that's what i'm going to want to design for women too. in the spring collection has expanded its with three new models and kept his hat. the news or a cap. baseball hat some new ones. a new i guess. and
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malmc6 was yeoh like the eye the shirts were sent to search for the missing aircraft. anonymous sources told the wall street journal that the malaysian boeing missing over the south china sea cannot stop large four hours later after disappeared from radar. americans made these conclusions based on the data obtained from the engines according to the newspaper the data is automatically transferred to the rolls royce company which supplies aircraft engines packages containing reports on the general conditions of turbines speed and altitude of tir


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