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tv   The Debate  PBS  March 14, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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on the head and makes the network's top four. you would you you will eye. khan welcome back. also it gets tedious displayed eleventh hour that was in russia's president firmly insist next sunday's crimea independence referendum. he is perfectly legal. here's just a warning of sanctions against moscow and in recognizing the next sunday's vote would be tantamount to talk back door succeed. and the search that mystical malaysian airlines jet widens further authorities holding in a trailer behind the eye. it
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all moscow's not linked in russia's president telling the un secretary general the next sunday's referendum on crimea respects both international law and the united nations charter but to put on the telephones of banking bonuses for minister sergei lavrov came out of the london meeting with his us counterpart john kerry saying crimea means more to rush off when the falklands due to britain for his part carry warnings in the referendum goes for if there will be sanctions the united states it's a do over there as here there. we believe that this country and constitution of ukraine
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the law is in violation of the globe we believe that is until the job. the debate over the internet. due to the results of his brethren no one should correspond to proper reporting carried leaving one's in empty handed yup pretty much done nothing of what she wanted out of this very very long meeting a number that was six hours according to secretary of state john kerry. captain open to diplomatic speak a little bit when he comes out of that meeting on the first thing he says that these were very direct candid and frank discussions. that means that the two they had agreed on an absolutely nothing. that is all the diplomatic speak sounds floor and don't carry the same he came head to london in good faith with constructive ideas but said from what he wanted from this meeting. he got all think that there was maybe a very very optimistic possibility that this referendum full cry me a wooden take place at soul. it will now of course take place and said the response he got from st in the broth was that russia was not willing to discuss anything until the results of
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that referendum is and now we have the warning that about sanctions. he was asked about this a little bit later on offer that meeting. asked whether monday will be that exact date was the sanctions will be put in place by the united states. one also shoulder talking about sanctions the us but then i don't ever use on to call it just a response to the meeting that the united states will have a very very close look at the howell russia interprets the results of that referendum were looking at me and he tells here. but it might slightly ever so slightly at change the us response to throw crowther eleventh hour diplomacy going nowhere fast despite the threat of sanctions over in crimea there were some protests in several towns against sunday's referendum to sever ties with ukraine. they're a minority member of the story the powering through witnesses say these russian military trucks and cannons
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made their way to the eastern crimean ten of courage on friday. it's the primaries and treats the peninsula from russia. the images look forward to yet more evidence against moscow's claims that its troops are not involved in effective occupation of the region. as the clock ticks down to sunday's referendum which the local probe russian parliament says will herald its break with key and divisions are deepening. intimidation is on the increase. passengers arriving by train in to some syrup on them have their passports checked by a man calling themselves the home guards can unionize. i don't like the fact that the chick might be because i'm a citizen of the tariff on itv in ukraine uses a total mess right. adding to the confusion lawmakers the criteria have already adopted russian as the official language. street signs in the regional capital are being altered in a hurry but opposition is growing the bling our city and content i say that boycott the referendum had been
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holding protests among the roots of the fourteen international community to stop these developments and to give incentive to continue to open because today you feel safe when the troops are moving around. and it's so cold that the sultan's units and their dreams whatever they want meantime he and the might and protest movement is now being mobilized as the new national guard the ukraine. the new government there says up to fourteen has them and have put themselves forward to be trained as defenders of the country and its borders as the mystery deepens the search widens for that missing malaysian airlines jet that disappeared last saturday. local authorities come under fire for their handling of the search authorities who say they're more and more pondering the possibility of a hijacking. suffering in the full glare of the media to the station loved ones of some of the chinese nationals on board and each tree
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sipping tea at the gathering in beijing for briefings from malaysia airlines one week gone they are desperate for information. i cannot forget that even if it is bad news we need to have it as early as possible. we are here we are suffering every day everyday feels like the year to all. management at the airlines say they are helpless until the missing plane is. this is in its asian energy. it is. it's quiet here. but the latest leak in the spotlight sees you and satellite data suggests the aircraft to bomb for up to five hours after losing contact. on friday termination of carseats refused to elaborate. me i'm not looking very closely the only team yet. to get my
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land law information on second life. yes the ahl working. to me that well. we can all be healed the information right now because it's the over under investigation. it was confirmed the search has widened once more into the indian ocean and east to india sent to china sea. but after seven days the input of one hundred ships and aircraft from thirteen countries. there's still no sign of one plane or its two hundred and thirty nine passengers and crew conflicting reports over an attack against a military barracks in the northern nigerian city of mine to gori one spokesperson claiming soldiers off islamists who were trying to free members of the radical sect bow koran and other military source though telling the french news agency afp that dozens of prisoners had indeed been freed by the gunman transport is of a probable delay in next week's start of an eu peacekeeping mission in the central african republic
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paris saying some states so far failed to deliver the promised numbers of troops one thousand east eu peacekeepers have been pledged this sets a buffer of the two thousand french forces and six thousand african peacekeepers already installed concrete. last year paris is the notre dame cathedral celebrated a hundred fiftieth anniversary with new church bells well now comes another make over there with me cause the moto proud knew who lived like bolts that show the famed stained glass in their best light chiffon silk explains here is his no trade down in all its gory. the sisters are seeing the eight hundred and fifty year old cathedral in and unites. you can still soft colored and eighteen gmt in the many features that were previously in shock too it is not there when enhanced the bolts are well
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again the nation. the same time not too much because we can easily see the rose windows which are one of the most beautiful objects in the cathedral. there are no trading wine years are ugly visible gold to take away from the ninety one. i would like people to have the impression that it's not too late in coming to stay in costs. like when the cathedral was built. i want people to feel that there are hardly any on to socialize. but i assure you that if i turn the lights off now you will see a thing the lighting designer known to tourists in mind that faithful church goers the new system on its priests to theatrical time to announce the move is going to continue depending on the ceremony the cathedral news different like saying someone is touch screen
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computer to retrieve programs a number of flights and scenes. only one. another advantage is an eighteen percent drop in energy consumption. the licence system couldn't be more high tech but the designer says his aim was not seeking to compete on a modern feel. but to bring visitors the weekend touring and experience the cathedral of the way its builders in ten days. our ideal world this week this friday instead. a special edition of the false content today the eye call it was three years ago. outrage in the city of the wrong over the deaths in detention of a teenage boy. the painting anti authoritarian graffiti the beginning of the syrian uprising the first killings would soon follow. and the spiral of violence. well eventually engulfing the entire nation. more than a hundred thousand kills
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nearly half the population displaced and no end in sight today. instead a stalemate many parts and in many parts adventure seeking jayhawks spilling the power vacuum. no key moment of the past three years has brought closure even the use of chemical weapons. that's where we're going to start with a special report potholes and gets old when my ut where we watching it with toronto linus who is the man responsible for the series comments belong to and the director of the center for middle east studies at the mercy of oklahoma. a welcome back to the show welcome to the nickname could say a spokesperson for the syrian national council here in paris think you can do this and that his arsenal of the foreign desk of flagship radio station costs on to co author of in french use of transit is that our secrets from the vaults the few reactions by the way welcome you've already been weighing in our hands tied to its tool
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for today. but this trip into that report its august of last years on refuted all evidence of chemical weapons triggered worldwide condemnation even among box rossi's russian iranian backers chemical weapons the so called red line previously laid out. us president barack obama eye the anu. lulu. guru. one lives is. we start saying a whole bunch chemical weapons move them around for you. it
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stuck. it's the old city. if this movie. seated in a bit the law the week. stand up and act. pack. sth sth your team launched to fix it well before sunrise. one of his twenty first twenty thirteen and governmental forces tried to take over rebel held positions in the quarter area outside damascus. just hours after the first shots were
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fired. footage of victims of chemical weapons were splashed across social media and tv screens around the world. in all eleven sites were believed to have been hit its fifty eight was the bomb can attest to its core mission. the photo is all they use planes to attack that the un force people to take shelter in center city south korea's on today's election me we may use chemical weapons cuddled on the line opportunity to spend the gas can find the planes again the fuel it is a no no no for four. one suspect was really hard because i thought that the team is right now in damascus the team of investigators. that is in damascus actually looking at evidence in three of the places for me was the son into a decisive event in the fight and cut up was is a suburb of damascus is very close. how could that possibly have happened when they are in in the town when in the country and their extremist a good thing. i was st
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my shoes tied to do anything necessary. in order to stay in power. equal. logically speaking. no it up to the syrian government awarded have had in me was one or get gas to be with us to use chemical weapons is an option while inspectors were on the ground. it is so yes it does not make sense of homes i have an immediate consultations had called the vice foreign minister he did not really kids love to tell. i pressed him for the investigators to have access to it and then the sector to speak to me didn't proceed to damascus to negotiate with the government access to a code to dvd on the gop from the very beginning was expanded we get experts to go ahead to investigate. they even go to this area and if he was not part of the agreement was signed between the second of three general is a walking yet because circumstances are after two days of
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negotiations that they would give us access to what is interested in investing in a sexist so we had our in the meantime plan for that access to the minute we got the green i was to find politically. and that so that's the first time either he's ever going to have a new investigation of possible chemical weapons use. within four days. it was very very fast. it happened so everything was very fresh between three hundred and fourteen hundred experience are believed to have died in the chemical attacks the syrian regime and the rebels were cleaning it out there. for western powers there was little doubt which i love socks forces were responsible for the attacks washington was forced to take action. back in the summer of twenty twelve for our obama had made the use of chemical weapons or red wine. that would dissuade them from using them then in the fall of twenty twelve. he began moving them around. and in the united states shifted its red light
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and said well it's not use or movement of chemical weapons just use. and then. when he began using them to us change its red line again. in the spring of twenty the twenty thirteen to systematic use. but then by august of twenty thirteen the number of incidents in the scale of the incidents clearly was systematic and and that triggered the red line. after those attacks the president invited me and senator graham to the oval office the city of three objectives wants to upgrade the capabilities of three chilean army downgrade the capabilities to buy shares dived in to read lies to change the momentum. on the battlefield. so that by your side no longer had the advantage. unfortunately the president never mentioned that again. it was when he needed a media shock and
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great humanitarian the committee needed to show serious blood on tv. ambling the syrian government authorities massacres that have been here since they needed. the text the united states governments and other western governments got members of the opposition out of the country. and i and brought them outside to test them. we knew that chemical weapons were being used in syria. so took a few days to get some of the samples from the hole cut out. and there the samples were matched with the other evidence and that was as firm as evidence is the united states could come up with at that time. opinion in damascus in paris and washington was still haunted by the iraq debacle ten years after the iraq war with the us want to launch another military intervention with no formal proof. at that time the un inspectors had yet to confirm the use of chemical weapons. iraq is that those hanging in the room obviously nobody
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wants to the same thing again and natural understandable suspicion. given that the circumstances on the surface seem somewhat similar to squeeze you the secret is that we're told is the current regional suspicions that is what i told mrs cain suspicion. yet that's what i told dr songs that's what i've told everyone at the time the store cookies. the iraqis in our in store has a uniqueness to represent the so called united nations and the so called international community that need to do so don't fall into the trap of being used shamelessly by syria's aggressor. it's been a slow been going i like the iraq war in syria the opposition and the government agreed on one thing chemical weapons were used on august twenty first and scores of series died in the attack. un inspectors confirmed that weeks later but did not see who had carried out the attack. the inspectors limited mandate for them from
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identifying who was responsible. it starts with simple takes you back to the chemical weapons attack that took place in the tokyo subway. it was serendipitous use their ninety seven. i was of a killer for months there it's very pure form it evaporates very quickly. his sister that was used in the hotel attack was a lot more sophisticated meaning it's mixed destabilize us so it stays on the ground and no longer needing it affects more people. web intelligence agency had very little doubt they had a variety of indicators first including a south poles and the nature of the bodies that were found there. the calculator i think the trajectory of the of the weapons and where they would come from which within the government side not the rebel side. and they concluded just as a matter of logic that time they that these were weapons or in the hands of the government and that the rebels had nothing of that scale. when
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you have a lot of information soon the internet so you actually can do. things that let's say twenty years ago you could not do simply because he didn't have access to information so it's no longer the domain of a sophisticated scientists put it that way. i think they are people who it would be able to do it and i wouldn't say that its exclusive in the domain of the government dictating a while. i think the regime wanted to challenge going on to him due to time if you want they would do whatever they want to know what the sentence handed to it never crossed syrian military or political leaders' minds will use chemical weapons against our own people cooper. book book. it's crazy. this does not make sense when it comes to toe you ask me again about we use to it that's for that difficult. chris becomes can actually prove in court who uses no you cannot. at that time in western capitals sped up the pressure he the us
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deployed its military on the coast of syria. france announced it would take heart that i get it strikes me and old women who mean the mess that bush and eight the current statistics are not remain on onset. ross is ready to punish those who made the final decision using gas is going against innocent people as a business i think you are ready to strike and targets and i know that other countries in the region were ready to strike to say that it was taken very seriously by the military command in all the necessary measures were taken we would have retaliated with all the means at our disposal. just as western leaders were taking media by storm. sharon was not focused on his communication. nearly ten days after the attacks foreign journalists who had been kept out of the country were suddenly inflated in large numbers of the syrian president and his ministers
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granted an interview after interview to the foreign media the serious pr offensive succeed. or did the fear of the new iraq prevail. either way on august twenty nine the british government voted against the military intervention dealing a serious blow to obama's plans. i'm not suddenly you have a situation where ten years after the united states and france who ruptured over iraq sadly for us was our closest ally of france was the one we were. most in any agreement on when it came to syria the idea freedom fries and was out and down britain was the one we have felt abandoned by rather than france. it had an effect. of course unthinkable british rule and had fake blood united states doesn't follow that great anymore. british fallow the united states brock obama himself i think is ambivalent about being involved in yet another middle east war. he takes a walk on them. south lawn of
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the white house for the cheapest afghanistan on a one night. you circle round around forty minutes talking it through and that three comes up with the idea that i'm going to the congress and ask them to vote on this will congress in any country can sanction these things what are the sunshine there's something about the progression but it was because anything that doesn't fit into the framework of the un security council it is enough to progress. except self defense. so delish. four days later barack obama met with vladimir putin serious staunchest ally. despite the smiles the atmosphere at the scene petersburg g twenty summit was tense. the syrian war in the asylum granted to former nsa contractor edward snowden which is some of the sensitive issues. but against all aunts a resolution to the crisis began to emerge. record cold the obama side. on the sidelines of the g twenty
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meeting. they sit down a couple chairs inside the room while their leaders are staring over watching them in this conversation to raise the idea again of cooperation on securing serious camera weapons. obama is a shorty skeptical or doesn't know whether this is serious thing or not. they tell john kerry about it kerry. it goes out and makes a statement a few days later his a press conference will look in syria due to avoid an attack to turn over every single bit of this chemical weapons to the international community to the next week her head up call. suddenly seems like this the real possibility. the people that pay attention to was his next athens greece's but that's not going to happen. he was buried. making what he thought was a debating point he didn't actually think this is serious. danny gets back on a plane to get a phone call from sergei lavrov pieces i saw what she said we're gonna make that bozo publicly word actually do this for rio. the tears like what we don't wanna play games here. this is only their work if you're actually serious about it. novices were serious about a kitty of
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the like kerry gave a statement superdome was a dutiful through a scheme to get to go to sch. it was definitely something that had been content for the full protection. she has played in our secretary of state bank of ireland. i think he was terribly mishandle ninetee was an enormous blow to our restige and ine in epercussions of thatnk we see including what vladimir putin's doing. in crimea in eastern ukraine as we speak the united states america is on the wane. it was a time according to the syrian opposition israel officially at war with damascus for the past eighteen years and it was also pushing for the us to accept the offer said a paper that the israelis would think of it and make sure the chemical eapons in reward. the us for it the two games of
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the chemical weapons attack due to israeli president shimon grants said the syrians must give the chemical weapons. i may have to be destroyed to dry between. rule. and i'm keen for us to chemical weapons was at one single school students and working to instill in the hospital at deterring the israelis in case they were thinking of using nuclear weapons against this sort of a tease in our new kit called a coffin the us gave the russians the green light for the first time the country at war would get rid of its chemical weapons. france however wanted stricter framing of the process. the russian us dismissed defence requests and decided to negotiate face to face. in october the first chemical weapons were dismantled and destroyed damascus was given at two thirty is going to get rid of its arsenal that the regime was soon behind schedule
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most of the syrian government is today in the destruction of its chemical weapons in the report sold yesterday to tony floyd said. all the chemical weapons had been taken out of syria. as if every devout. it should have been one hundred percent cricket is not true that the rate she's going to double its chemical weapons in syria. the cuts. there's no way to now. if the syrian regime disclose all of their weapons and actually most western governments don't think that these disclose all of the region's that they will keep some as a deterrent against the rebels theory is that reports of chemical weapons being used recently which wouldn't surprise me but i think he was very slowly. remove those chemicals weapons which he is starting to slowly doing because he knows that there will be no attack on him as long as the chemical weapons were being moved so. it's
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it's one of the great tragedies. the unwelcome consequences this is that by the cool operating with the charlotte side to move the weapons in effect the national community the united states and france are now in fact to call in bed with it with a side dish or lawson is very well to his usefulness to the united states europe and russia. and everyone else rapidly drops off after he delivers his chemical weapons. after that he is just to the most powerful warlord in syria and therefore he plays for time as usual. i think it's a shame use the fact that they are removing chemical weapons as a reason not to try to help the people who are fighting and dying as we speak. a new front has now opened in syria. rebels are still fighting government forces. they're not still fighting to heidi's groups that are gaining ground
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the opposition says the charlotte side is claimed the islamist current strengthening the hottest groups to die for western intention to remain in power the acid regime going back to the hum a massacre of nineteen eighty two had always tried to paint all positioned to. the regime has on the foreign inspired jihadist uprising against the state. in the immediate as illegitimate and to help to fill this prophecy. he released a number of solid to stand out as figures who were imprisoned and noble i deviated to use the we did not least she had visits from syrian presence in the moment that's just wrong it's not credible information in all when actually the one going of course syria authorities have released a syrian citizen is the focus of media you should look upon you and maybe there were few is someone who spends all but given that does not mean syrian authorities released
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him on the streets of the cornerstones of course is known to have a bath. on the shock and awe reason why he did it in at the stake center on the new ships docking do business from it he was in prison. it is predicted that the shower as the china times talks about the hesitancy on the very beginning. will he get that ugly scenes that were in office he tried to create them. it's the duty of the key. there are now twenty six thousand islamist radicals singer. there are seven thousand foreign fighters some of them from france in these people are the most extreme. and it interesting that in the areas they control. wash your site doesn't attack was the one fair. we are seeing a source of religious families regarding terrorists on our borders the bottom left is on talking about the presence of eighty thousand foreign
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terrorists in april eighty three countries at one point the sports movies that are sponsored by the saudi trained by the americans and the french. given logistical help you by the turkish authorities center is open to it at the heights that are literally a remark by agreeing to get a read of its chemical weapons the syrian regime wanted to show its good faith. brayden know that it agreed to enter into political negotiations engineering at the geneva to conference. syrian officials sat down for the very first time at the same table as representatives of the opposition representatives that have so far been called terrorists by the syrian government. but with fighting terrorism has wanted to go green with the political opposition is another. these are two parallel lines that do not cross hatched a scheme to open up one side cannot defeat the other militarily you have three sons are negotiated solution. but the problem is the asad
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regime sees a transitional governing body and syria based on the reelection of president house led to a third term as president will be over if it does indeed show it was a guy there you hold elections if you're a democrat he does and everyone respects you despite the circumstances rebound the more he don't hold elections and everyone will be on your case was not criticizing you for not holding elections. it's either one of the tortilla this is the order or no. it is in its tone is one president this is crazy. for millions billions of dollars in the final sixteen in the country soon no longer have an optimal up and a beefed up. the uniformity in the lives of the region's growth. how will people cannot see and hear the music has its own heat. there is no good option. now in syria the worst option is doing nothing. that's the worst option model. more change
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the situation on the battlefield with half measures. the guy to shoot down those helicopters were dropping the barrel bombs you've got an anti armor or weapons that will stop their tanks and artillery otherwise you'll just see a continued stalemate in slaughter. is the custom of the notice was raised in triumph completely different. when i look in the opening of a good assignments was to just sit and use the pseudonym chemical weapons are awful they the week tremendous havoc and suffering on the people and effects. but more people have been killed i couldn't stomach and many more. the mighty chemical weapons leaving you must not forget that. back in two thousand and eleven the world was still talking about syrian revolution not a war. western leaders believe the sun would be toppled in a matter of months or even weeks. three years later the syrian president is still in power and looks
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stronger than ever in the east with the divided opposition and international community's incapable of finding a way out of the crisis. i was steering governments. threats of red wine. seems like a distant memory. all in one. i know mm mm. do i. chance this
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week were part of our third anniversary coverage. of the syrian civil war you're watching a special edition of the false and jets could it be weird to talk about what we've just seen. with josh landis of the series common law and he is the head of the middle east studies department the university of oklahoma here in the studio name can say of the opposition syrian national council book america's will to work the skills she know. just a few weeks ago was in geneva covering those talks for a fraction for untreated station calls and tail. let's begin with books you name of it. thus all so much to talk about and in that report maybe we should start with the way the conversation has been drained. since last august when you heard. the un is angela came the same time he was a mistake perhaps to focus too much on these chemical weapons chemical weapons that we cannot prove conclusively were ordered by
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saddam style. yes i think that an unknown since the unknown because you use what you want it's okay honey in the first time one between me and when did the u s route nine so the message along. or that the red line. okay and now with the core that the train i'm going to earnings its use. this program but they are akin to know the dude from me that's why we're focusing on the chemical weapons we know that the scheme people we know that is using bars of tnt. we note things to the elected leftist reports of the torturing them in the prison. this represents that as cute at least eleven thousand people and the suggestion damascus really how the photos. so this is for one it is in chains. why is it that is the song the report by having those chemical weapons he bought himself time and into he's basically ensure that you can to be there for a long while yet some even
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saying that he now has the upper hand at the wall no no for once the first one who knew that i could use the hose and has said one it's sad. this around. this has been a priest. osha me the tickets he goes on his hand and you have that ended the month immigrant. then he has a one against whom. does it again for us. i thought it curious that didn't really enter into the box of cake the real question he said morning and coming said this year on his boat and were shocked as one against the stream people the display has succeeded in maintaining itself in power and will continue to do so yet so typical of international cookies nuts since been withdrawn doing let me get your reaction joshua landis for seoul the u s aspect of what we saw we heard. john mccain there the republican senators say that the russians played the secretary of state. like
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the like of violin and that with what's going on both in syria and in crimea. the us is quote on the wane. i don't think that's true it's the us succeeded. it's got sixty percent of chemical weapons to syria had been destroyed now of course. obama has not changed the balance of power in syria. three rebels and serving people are beginning our continued to be killed. i never ending war goes on. so in that sense. obama has not entered into a theater in the civil war although he did destroy chemical weapons and over the stalled in the air there is a promise. and this is obama cause it's not the end the civil war. she is and he succeeded. i staying out of the series the morning getting out of the middle east which is its stated
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policy they are warts in the middle east is what he said when he came in eight years ago or six years ago and when he's done so far so in that sense he's succeeded and i think most americans agree with them because they don't want to get involved whether it's in syria. or in the crimea. some eighty percent of americans according to polls. twenty nine states to challenge russia militarily in crimea even if you are wanting in on this year. and you read john mccain that this is short term thinking in that the worst thing that you could do right now is do nothing. laos last series has no doubt about it is it good for america. probably it's good for. well that's the problem. what's good for america it's not good for syria. this emotional ball was the atmosphere like in those geneva talks to me honestly this was before the russians to the winning
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to crimea but to what was the atmosphere like that. it was the strangest most of the coast for the first time the regime and gilchrist to admit to get the don't look good to me as on directv spoke school and probably me but left the impression of peacetime. and we see it from the beginning that the regime is nothing on the hungry you want to kill time. he said though we want to go the reason we want to move to create a mood to cook them up william entire human trying to head the end all was in these very hungry and so you have to scan a final and this was that the contrast because you know field office and they want to get something to grasp some see on the pollen. april to upload some pushes a view of the regime he said. we can't talk very long time to read too stupid to do the wash as we say in french. and if i did want to move to make that and in the negotiation on the decision. in the uk on the button to it. the show would be evicted in july and
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the finer skills now than in a situation of conflict the tube covered in great detail is iraq neighboring iraq. the same thing where has the power vacuum and extremists are filling up this is a big part in the league in syria because of course the show maybe they'll use any stats on the concrete everything. some east end is kim from iraq from the jump from the sydney region to region in iraq some people come from the euro up from the every way into the diesel. from july on france info of foam to use yet. so now it's it's a big man is and some of the people are inside cd out maybe to deal with each other even though the people or to put the division had it going to come into putting them into the set. no maybe it's good to do to keep it that this edition was back out because we don't want to be like your acknowledgment to be called the beast russell is for a full position it's a very very difficult moment now into its thousands of fourteen and add to that if you will of the saudis last
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week telling their nationals to come home why the saudis are doing that at this particular because of the value that's because in fact there's plenty of fluids deities from sony apple notable good to be efficient and one day we come back to it with viola sold maybe probably didn't make a balloon being on the axle this edition of is the lack of sidewalks that is the bulk of the fitted into the mold off the cso area but they say where's my interest. and maybe that is the unfortunate to put a photo please an officer is to keep the shop in power. just like this the saudis must've known that there's the possibility of a boomerang effect after all. there's saudis have been going like osama bin laden to afghanistan way back to me in the nineteen eighties. yes well you know everybody miscalculated on syria the entire international community believe the onset of fall quickly. that's why
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the turks don't do this quickly and tried to organize the most. the opposition in turkey said they would be positioned to be the winners in syria wants the government fell. saudi arabia also got the charm is only as an american or body to a true red lines began to speak and this is real rhetoric of freedom and so forth. once once outside did not follow everybody began to reach out and now they're concerned about counterterrorism and were seen as saudi arabia saudi arabia said it's not a legitimate . i mean the muslim brotherhood a organization. it didn't sound is a small window to come home is over a thousand of them fighting in syria saying don't go to jail they don't come home and eat so it's hard to believe. today saudi where you will really take the side of the reds timor and that has destroyed them around. on the part of the rebels because the saudis last the whole series travels they are the ones on
7:45 pm
the rebels as well. well the other gulf countries and without their money their arms and support. the rebel or will collapse. sending a remote or heard it said so often that even in riyadh doesn't condone that there are plenty of rich people in the arabian peninsula who will continue to bankroll is described as as as terrorists already. we're already seeing the saudi government and the united states beginning to try to close the door on these people as hundreds of al qaeda cells horse and carriage. turkey has begun to stop. many of the more radical fundamentalists from moving across turkish soil for the first three innings this conflict. they allowed al qaeda people to move three even though they knew they were. and so all the governments are beginning to shift their opinion and their strategy because they're worried about
7:46 pm
the blowback and counterterrorism did not they don't have that states that a syrian opposition continued with it whatever you can fly josh landis up i remember three years ago you came on our show a few times at the outset a new warrant against military intervention of being gung for arming rebellion of course this was before it was a full blown civil war. if you had to serve three jobs would you think should have been the position back then what would you say be well you know that's a good question obviously i don't believe the united states. do this job we fail in iraq iraq is in full civil war now between sunni and shiites this year's trillion to trillion over ten dollars afghanistan expected to fall back into fragmentation once u s troops leave. i don't know when we got to rewrite it perhaps there are times a
7:47 pm
charm. but the international community is not prepared to do his serie a win in afghanistan any team in someplace like like yugoslavia which is a full on military occupation to take guns away from all malaysians and two. do a serious job of state building. and if you're not that i have that kind of military intervention. i think that just throwing in more qantas would not solve this problem. and that's that's the year. the only thing america was willing to do was get more weapons and that was on the condition that the syrian regime's unifying. he was pro american it was not in a fine and it's turned out to be non eu very anti american and israeli and american lawmakers and that's that's the real problem. name is there. when you look back now to march two thousand with news that blow was one syrian
7:48 pm
we spoke through describe this great moment of enthusiasm the team believes it could be demonstrations inside syria. at that point this opposition which is josh cohen is rightly describes as not being unified what could've been done differently. everything in them different is ok because we said that's maybe that's in the snow on trees as mr speaking i don't know is that mr can moo on the part of a syrian opposition and i'm going to the position its first i want to see that it's it's going to cut couldn't risk mr guitar. can we show them just couldn't get out to be upended the regime and in the question here that the friends. so put friends of the opposition. i'm not as good trends as rita who studies for the regime. so if you come to heel position. is that in the mystical into position. the school have the guts and the international committee we would have. this year and
7:49 pm
people still listen to people and its composition. and he did it so that may be the view with you all to know the regime too cute so many people. and of the way the lines or tone. and now are discovering that's everything has been indicted you believe that. i didn't win even if you know because we know that reduces vehicle kitchen. it's the eyes the eyes a super scary and we had no choice then continued with two outs often. tom. our own reporter altman r ut filed a report he was in damascus. a few months back and to his seat told us that struck him was the number of people in damascus. whom cheney really agreed with the sodden who said in a quote. we're really fighting terrorists and he also was surprised to see that not all sudanese were against hamas and its resting from the beginning to question about susan weeks. even if
7:50 pm
you do it. it's the competition you can have hundreds. that is what is important to say that. of course if your book damascus your nuts but don't see anything in it against the suns. i mean does this mean awesome. yes you can see only the people who agree with him in a post you can put it aside as he has for the soon to be. and that is it me or the spud end of the regime inside syria. and i welcome the pope addition to the question has not guilty. part of the book edition has been stuck on it the question is to know what you are going outside to pee so many people in prisons in this heat is every words this is the only question that will focus on. he said and this is sort of related company to you christian should know. our reporter said that people were telling him in damascus you're wrong when you compare it to iraq where the sectarian killing interesting scene in from syria. it's those who believe in a secular state against those who believe in and
7:51 pm
islamists. lol i think equally washington and syria to iraq if it was a wall lolx the non say it's a big mess in the lebanese scene while the cover states to love going on throughout the industry. here in ca on the state's school pta the broken under the distinctive look. but that. you know i seem to some of the people around. and to focus on the auction although presentedhe minority not just n how we christians are shiite and then in the city is home to cheney infected our friend that of the steps of the stand nice to get these because it is displayed in which he will play the you want to drink till we skied the adb want to need the see god's wonders. so when facilities deities gunning to set up for us both to adjust salt and then dip it in the rough on the senate committee that he stood there the committee did it make a mosaic is very easy but is
7:52 pm
stronger than the four giant panda one duties will let you go back to calling the tea and when you don't know what to feature in an old when we come back he'll be in the two into quincy so you got to wilson and two nd sis why this conflict will last many many many years because we are now here we soon will when not in the revolution know when this eagle and soul eyes and said if we would bring morgan and morgan. it would act to prevent fifteen years and after suddenly the westwood brookes said and it's tough because maybe russia on the breakout was that the two nations over and the snp vote would be excluded exhausted open season when the system uses a review of the exhaustive yet and maybe it would be something but maybe five yummy because if we don't know. josh landis on that point on how much of the day was an allusion to it in the reports on how much of a ticking time bomb. was this nineteen eighty two massacre took place in the city of qom where thousands of men and boys were massacre. while
7:53 pm
and on airlines to think how different syria is from a trip to asia on the other countries because of the sectarian problem and it is a sectarian this is narrow and dominated regime. there are many people are lined with it. many sunnis and and most minorities. but there isn't he. disaffection amongst the sunday masses who are tired of being ruled by the minority communities and the sights and be supported by the elements. show that they were prepared to use a lot of force. and that the syrian people though we were waiting for this moment of the arab spring and they embraced it wholeheartedly when it came along and has turned into a very bloody struggle because the odds as to what was coming. and then prepared for their part by trading in the military all
7:54 pm
the time children when his nose like marxism twenty twenty international finance the officer corps is stocked with outlets and other minorities so they knew this day was coming. they prepared for it ends turned out extremely bloody named kristen. time to flip as means to sue the school that we we have to know that inside the regime. oh oh so tolerant and open to the people who are against us and you have to know that you have no ethical people who are asking though the asad regime but where are we going now because the dickinson know that the us edition kits now ruled one of spirit and that's what they are worried about tomorrow. and you have to know that the fiction side this is due this generation and what they can just feel both the acre compound go back to the report of the fifty five thousand photos. we have found on this for those that you have the lights that had been tortured into units of may this year in review. so i think we have to read to understand how we know the situation is really
7:55 pm
critical in force for the ousted regime. not only for the opens. his eleven on situation where no one take decades. i think jamie could make the ticket. i mean just ten years. for this reason than the than a human and i think you can compare with minimum you can even if you're not going to be mimicking what say we are afraid to a new era in which the article review wars. i mean in the us edition has only tea. districts and eager to switch on off. entire neighborhoods still you out i mean because you're you and i still don't do that but i can get rid of me. his four hundred thousand dead people so what are we waiting. what are we afraid of furyk it's only the west. concessional i know this neighboring jordan has a soft spot in your heart your correspondent there these neighboring countries how long can they keep enough it was harboring all the refugees and it's the umpires to call them specially given them and
7:56 pm
enjoy. because the of the roughly one million repeats the full launch the depth of maybe five six millions of people are so useless the eulogy. but at the same time you know i see the infamous outcome could do was to standardize these two countries. the stipend and given that the new government because i see there is a kind of up to some consensus that given any mistake on his feet and the duties of a kind of ugly between cell in the french america and iran that we the government and to stabilize because if the buttons. there is an expression of an on the two news is that chc!vez did in dissenting jawbone because till done. the bureau of. of all the we is overseas rana and the king of the nineties for a friend and worried about business studies with the daisy is tropical. in fact when you talk to john and paul fisher said. will true effect of the old though what's going on in ci may be that the jackets we come back so they are very very cautious and all surrounding gas consumption or more thank
7:57 pm
you very much or think that name could say or touch the line does for joining us from oklahoma thank you for being this and that the third anniversary the street artist banksy. releasing the half time with syria video appeal this provided by the war's start features album music by british band elbow. on march fifteen two thousand fourteen the wall in waco to the anniversary of the tacoma to experience. recorders the forced exodus of the muslims and on the seat commons descended and nine the state to stop functioning. from the comment that the center sean connery the transitional government is striving to be stocked institutions in a town still undefined. it details the form of apples are trying to contact a place for
7:58 pm
themselves. i will just let it get onto the dock and the debt under seventeen captain who are trying to be killed. the lines on her uniform. recorders. went down and close the gap dot com mom and i look lovely. is
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this. it is. wind chc!vez what will. csl. contacts. all spend my money. first two
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two explosions at it you knew you will will will will will eye. the us. what is there will be crops is quite media chooses to secede from ukraine russia says that people find you should be allowed to decide their own future. more on the diplomatic stand off just a bit. a new batch of revelations from that with snow and top secret documents reveal the nsa has faith facebook servers to infiltrate computers and extract files from their hard drives. responses from facebook and the nsa coming up. the chicago police department is no longer allowed to keep police mnd


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