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the us. h st kitts was in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. he adores to play. stocks. while good news. twenty five years
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in jail for genocide for her rwandan army captain has got to be bought at a sentence in a french court room for his role in the mass killings that left eight hundred thousand dead almost twenty years ago. it's max's first ever genocide conviction the dips in state media reporting on men opened fire at police station outside ireland to grow. i'm a neighborhood meeting five soldiers dead. the attack comes two days after gunmen attacked a military but also in cairo killing one soldier the sad anniversary for the serious conflicts three years ago the war began as a series of peaceful protests now one hundred thirty six thousand people have been killed according to the london based syrian observatory for human rights and millions have been displaced both inside and
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outside the country. it says executive director liz visited the refugee camp and let the dogs at the valley for the heart of things unsaid. the children. number of childbirth that shoots up for durability. more than doubled over the last few years so the wounds of this war are growing faster than our capacity to deal with the logo was really our best i hope that the world. reese and six. and that they are all the diplomats will agree to find compromises. and to try to put into this terrible terrible. we are in series and now coming up a special report on the syrian civil war three years on route. mm
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mm. one wall. anu. rule. i knew one looks is. we start singing a whole bunch chemical weapons move in round one. it sucked. it's the old city. if this movie seated in a bit the law the witness stand and act
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pack. it's sth. the army launched its offensive. well before sunrise. born on this twenty first twenty thirteen and governmental forces tried to take over rebel held positions in the quarter area outside damascus. just hours after the first shots were fired. footage of victims of chemical weapons were splashed across social media and tv screens around the world. in all eleven sites were believed to have been hit its fifty eight was the ultimate test of gps the photo is all they use planes to attack that the un force people to take shelter and sentenced to a calf. he is on prevention week when they use chemical weapons carbo diet opportunity to spend the gas and mining
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claims again. the fuel it is a no no no for four. i suspect was really hard because i thought that the team is right now in damascus the team of investigators. it is in damascus sexy looking at evidence and three other places for me was the son into a decisive event in the fight and call tough courses is a suburb of damascus it's very close. how could that possibly have happened when they are in in the town when in the country and they're actually missed a good thing. i was surprised to know i know that my shoes tied to do anything necessary in order to stay in power gitmo. logically speaking no it up to the syrian government awarded have had in me was one or get gas to be with us to use chemical weapons use in arcade while inspectors were on the ground it is so yes it does not make sense of talks. i have an immediate consultations had caught the vice foreign minister yu did not really kids love to tell. i pressed
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him for the investigators to have access to it and then the sector to speak to me didn't proceed to damascus to negotiate with the government access to a code to dvd on the gop from the very beginning was expanded and we get experts to go ahead to investigate. it's a even go to this area and if he was not part of the agreement was signed between the second of three general is the most in yet because circumstances are after two days of negotiations that they would give us access to what is interested in investing in a sexist so we had our in the meantime plan for the texas so the minute we got the green i was to find politically. and that so that's the first time either he's ever going to have a new investigation of possible chemical weapons use. within four days it was very very fast. so everything was very fresh. between three hundred and fourteen hundred syrians are believed to have died in the chemical attacks
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the syrian regime and the rebels were cleaning each other for western powers there was little doubt which i love socks forces were responsible for the attacks washington was forced to take action. back in the summer of twenty twelve for an obama had made the use of chemical weapons or red wine. that would dissuade them from using them. then in the fall of twenty twelve. he began moving them around. in the united states shifted its redline and said well it's not use or movement of chemical weapons test. he is and then. when he began using them. us chief its red line again. in the spring of twenty that twenty thirteen to systematic use. but then by august of twenty thirteen the number of incidents in the scale of the incidents clearly was systematic and in that triggered the red line after those attacks the prez invited me and senator graham to the oval office the city and three
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objectives wants to upgrade the capabilities of the chilean army downgrade the capabilities by your side in doing was to change the momentum. on the battlefield. so that by your side no longer had the advantage unfortunately the president never mentioned that again. visit me was when he needed a medium shot and great humanitarian the committee needed to show serious blood on tv. ambling the syrian government were these massacres that have been here since they needed the text. the united states government and what other western governments got members of the opposition out of the country. and i and brought them outside to test them. we knew that chemical weapons were being used in syria. so took a few days to get some of the samples from the holdup out. and there the samples were matched with
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the that the other evidence and that was as firm as evidence as the united states could come up with at that time. opinion in damascus in paris and washington was still haunted by the iraq debacle. ten years after the iraq war with the us want to launch another military intervention with no formal proof. at the time the u n inspectors have yet to confirm the use of chemical weapons in iraq is that those hanging in the room obviously nobody wants to the same thing again and natural understandable suspicion given that the circumstances on the surface seem somewhat similar to squeeze in the pacific events were told is the current regional suspicion that is what i told mrs cain suspicion. yet that's what i told dr songs that's what i've told everyone at the time restore peace. the iraqi sin are in store has a uniqueness to represent the so called united nations and the so called international community that need to do so don't fall into the trap of
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being used shamelessly by syria's aggressors and pestle it's long been going i like the iraq war in syria the opposition and the government agreed on one thing chemical weapons were used on august twenty first and scores of series died in the attack. un inspectors confirmed that weeks later but did not see who had carried out the attack the inspectors limited mandate for them from identifying who was responsible. it starts with simple takes you back to the chemical weapons attack that took place in the tokyo subway. it was serendipitous use their ninety seven. i was of a killer for months there it's very pure form it evaporates very quickly. this is sara and that was used in the hotel attack was a lot more sophisticated meaning it's mixed destabilize us so it stays on the ground and no longer needing it affects more people. web intelligence agency had very little doubt they had a variety of
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indicators first including a south poles and the nature of the bodies that were found there. the calculator i think the trajectory of the of the weapons and where they would coma from which within the government side not the rebel side. and they concluded just as a matter of logic that made that these were weapons that were in the hands of the government and that the rebels had nothing of that scale. when you have a lot of information to send the internet so you actually can do. things that did say twenty years ago you could not do simply because he didn't have access to information so it's no longer the domain of a sophisticated scientists put that way. i think they are people who it would be able to do it and i wouldn't say that's exclusive to the domain of the government dictating a while. i think the regime wanted to challenge your motives. due to some of you want. they would do whatever they want to know what the us
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and send it to never cross the syrian military or political leaders markets will to use chemical weapons against our own people cooper. open book open. it's crazy. this does not make sense when it comes to toe you ask me again about where you stand. that's with the difficult crystal comes can yet be proved in court for years. no you cannot the tiny western capitals and of the pressure. the us deployed its military on the coast of syria. france announced it would take part in targeted strikes you know when the new leaving the mess that bush cheney. it's a scandal remain on onset. ross is ready to find space to make the final decision using gas is going against innocent people as a business i think you're ready to strike and targets and i know that other countries in
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the region were ready to strike to say that it was taken very seriously by the military command in all the necessary measures were taken we would have retaliated with all the means at our disposal. just as western leaders were taking media by storm. sherman site focused on his communication nearly ten days after the attacks foreign journalists who had been kept out of the country were suddenly inflated in large numbers. the syrian president and his ministers granted an interview after interview to the foreign media the serious pr offensive succeed. or did the fear of the new iraq prevail. either way on the twenty ninth the british government voted against the military intervention dealing a serious blow to obama's plans on top suddenly you had a situation where ten years after the united states and france who ruptured over iraq summary france was our closest ally of france with the one we were. most in any
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agreement on when it came to syria. the idea freedom fries and was out and down britain was the one we have felt abandoned by rather than france. adams said. of course anything can go to british rule and had an effect but united states doesn't follow that great anymore. british style of the united states barack obama himself i think is ambivalent about being involved in yet another middle east war. he takes a walk on them. south lawn of the white house's chief of staff denis mcdonough one night. you circle round around forty minutes talking it through. and as we comes up with the idea that i'm going to the congress and ask them to vote on this. will congress and in the country can sanction these things what are the sunshine there's something about the progression. because anything that doesn't fit into the framework of the un security council it is enough to progress to accept self defense. so delish. four days later barack obama met with
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vladimir putin serious staunchest ally. despite the smiles the atmosphere at the scene petersburg g twenty summit was tense. the syrian war in the asylum granted to former nsa contractor edward snowdon were just some of the sensitive issues. but against all aunts a resolution to the crisis began to emerge. record cold the obama side on the sidelines of the g twenty meeting in a sit down a couple chairs and siren while their leaders are staring over watching them. in this conversation to raise the idea again of cooperation on securing serious to weapons. obama is a shorty skeptical or doesn't know what is a serious thing or not. they tell john kerry about it. kerry. it goes out and makes a statement a few days later his a press conference will look in syria due to avoid an attack she turned over every single bit of this chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. her head up
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call. suddenly seems like this the real possibility the people that pay attention to was his next athens greece is the best not going to happen. he was buried. making what he thought was a debating point he didn't actually think this is serious. daddy gets back on is playing annie is a phone call from sergei lavrov pieces i saw what she said we're gonna make that bozo publicly were actually do this for real. the carriers like what we don't wanna play games here. this is only a work if you're actually serious about it. novices were serious about a kitty of the like kerry gave a statement superdome was a dutiful through a scheme to get to go to sch. it was definitely something that had been content for the full protection. russia has played in our secretary of state bank of ireland. i think he was terribly mishandled nineteen was enormous blow to our prestige and influence in the world and i think we see repercussions of that including what vladimir putin's doing. in crimea in
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eastern ukraine as we speak the united states for america is on the wane. it was as high as according to the syrian opposition israel officially at war with damascus for the past eighteen years and it was also pushing for the us to accept the offer said the israelis would think of it and make sure the chemical weapons in we went to combat weapons on but wanted to ask the u s port the two games of the chemical weapons attack due to israeli president shimon grants said the syrians must give the chemical weapons. i may have to keep the story is great that week. cornwall i'm not in kenya for us to chemical weapons was at one single goal being said what did the rest of the subjects deterring the israelis in case they were thinking of using nuclear weapons against this sort of a team is in our new cat in a coffin. the us
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gave the russians the green light for the first time the country at war with good with its chemical weapons france however wanted stricter framing of the process. the russian us dismissed defence requests decided to negotiate face to face. in october the first time a toy bins were dismantled and destroyed damascus was given in june thirty is going to get rid of its arsenal. the regime was soon behind schedule. most of the syrian government has today in the destruction of its chemical weapons in the report russell yesterday tony floyd said. all the chemical weapons had been taken out of syria. as if every devout. it should have been one hundred percent cricket is not true that the rate she's going to double its chemical weapons in syria. the cuts. there's no way to now. if the syrian regime disclose all of their weapons and actually most western governments don't
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think that they've disclose all of the region's that they will keep some as a deterrent against the rebels areas and reports of chemical weapons being used recently in which wouldn't surprise me but i think he was very slowly remove those chemicals weapons which he is starting slowly doing because he knows that there will be no attack on him as long as the chemical weapons were being moved so. it's it's one of the great tragedies the unwelcome consequences is that by the cooperated with the charlotte side to remove the weapons in effect the national community the united states and france are now in effect to call in bed with the eye with a side dish or lawson is very well to his usefulness to the united states europe and russia. and everyone else rapidly drops off after he delivers his chemical weapons after that he is just to
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the most powerful warlord in syria. and therefore he plays for time as usual. i think it's a shame use the fact that they are removing chemical weapons as a reason not to try to help the people who are fighting and dying as we speak. a new front has now opened in syria. rebels are still fighting government forces. they are not still fighting to heidi's groups that are gaining ground the opposition says the charlotte side is claimed the islamist current strengthening these two parties groups to die for western attention to remain in power the acid regime going back to the hum a massacre of nineteen eighty two had always tried to paint all positioned to. the regime has on the foreign inspired jihadist uprising against the state. and he even made it to illegitimate. and it helped to fill this prophecy he released a number of
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solid to stand out as the years and were imprisoned and noble i deviated to use the we did not release that she had visits from syrian prisons in the moment that's just wrong it's not credible information in longhorn actually the one and of course are authorities have released a syrian citizen is the focus of media. you should look upon you and maybe there were few is someone who is invoked by dividends is not the syrian authorities released him on the streets of the cornerstones of course is known to have a bath. on the sergeant autism on eighteen eighties takes an anonymous that's the key to business focus is on. he did he was in prison. it is greater than even the shower as the shyness and social assistance from the very beginning. will it be a bit ugly. and since that will in august he tried to create them. it's the duty of the key. they're now twenty
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six thousand islamist radicals singer. there are seven thousand foreign fighters some of them from france. in these people are the most extreme and it interesting that in the areas they control. i share a site doesn't attack was the one fair. we are seeing a source of religious families regarding terrorists on our borders the bottom and up is on talking about the presence of eighty thousand foreign terrorists in april eighty three countries along for the sports movies that are sponsored by saudi trained by the americans and the french given logistical help you by the turkish authorities center is open to it if it's good to me to a remark by agreeing to get a read of its chemical weapons. the syrian regime wanted to show its good faith. brayden know that it agreed to enter into political negotiations engineering at the geneva to conference. syrian officials sat down for the very first
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time at the same table as representatives of the opposition representatives that have so far been called terrorists by the syrian government. but the risk of fighting terrorism has wanted to agreeing with the political opposition is another. these are two parallel lines that do not cross hatched a scheme to open up one side cannot defeat the other militarily to have three sons are negotiated solution. but the problem is the ousted regime sees a transitional governing body in syria based on the reelection of president has led to a third term as president. yes that is until he was in high gear you holdleionsyou're a demrat conntn and everyone respects you despite the circumstaes rebound. orouod everyone will be on your case was when criticizing you for not holding either one of the tortilla
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since it or not we'll get kids in its own does not want president chavez. this is crazy. for millions billions of dollars in the final sixteen in the country soon no longer have a good mom and a beat up. uniformity in the lives of the region's go how will people cannot see and hear their music has its owneat. there is no good option. now in syria the worst option is doing nothing. that's the worst option model. more change the situation on the battlefield with half measures. the guy to shoot down those helicopters were dropping the barrel punch that got him an anti armor or weapons that will stop their tanks and artillery otherwise you'll just see a continued stalemate and slaughter. is the custom of not just the straight that i am completely secret. when i look in the opening. it is
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time it's just that he sees him and chemical weapons are awful. they the week tremendous havoc and suffering on the people and effects. but more people it can kill a convention with them anymore. and by the chemical weapons leaving you must not forget that back in two thousand and eleven. when the world was still talking about a syrian revolution not a war. western leaders believe the sun would be toppled in a matter of months or even weeks. three years later. the syrian president is still in power and looks stronger than ever faced with the divided opposition. and in international community's incapable of finding a way out of the crisis. i was hearing governments. threats of red wine. seems like a distant memory. hole in one eye. mm mm. do you ch ch
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the east to date on the eighteenth minute least the economic and cultural events from the region speaking to them. middle east matters on false but got close but kept on top the moral. who'll lose them
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win. i know. i do. i am. i can. all in. i can. eye. does
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it is. the we didn't want me to sea world you were ever you go to sleep in it she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. though my name
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is pete over by a ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. i i i i eye. to people are shot down in ukraine's eastern city of part of allegedly by radicals from the neo group that helped spirit how the bloody coup in kiev. ukrainian ring the alarm over the years safety of st attacks grow against the community are to meet some of those who have chosen to flee the country in fear for their lines. while islamic extremism is on the rise across syria as a shattered nation goes into its fourth year of experience try more


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