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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 21, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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sanctions over a penny of the eu as new names on a list of restrictions against russia as the signs an agreement with ukraine. just as much as all men entrusted to lead to an ex husband hates him. on the waters of the southern indian ocean authorities search for detecting satellite debris from the hunt with malaysia airlines. and bye bye to their turkey that is a social network. the country's prime minister bowing to light up the side in his fight against
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oppression scandal plaguing his government. does the headlines here on well spent and we begin in brussels were you leaders are meeting for a second tender i'll try while ago they signed parts of an agreement for closer relations with ukraine with the same pact that sparked the country's political crisis and back in november. the signing follows city's decision on thursday added another twelve names to their sanctions list shot hopkins reports. it was former ukrainian presidency on the convictions decision to reject this agreement which sparked protests leading to his friend and eventually two matches annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula. the main street to eat is to action again on this day. daniel looked it up. the european union has decided to impose to assign to this song which will include travel section they on a number of
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people the incident to call in addition to the freezing of their arses. it was called to the uob thirty three people and will be on this list that accident today the chalet shops it is the scientists did nothing to prevent massive taking a leadership that behind me and now eu leaders and russia made a claim to laura that score was eighty eight actually. european leaders are considering the economic sanctions that could have a need to attract an eu russian trains. no naps. olson said it was important to send a very clear message that if this love that the stabilization in ukraine then there should be thought of a wide ranging measures taken. increasing numbers of russian ships and nothing on the border with east in ukraine. the russian defence ministry says he went in they eat. all the governing shiite is out watching the news moves closely ukraine is
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counting on unwavering support from brussels. other countries minister said on fox and cats can stop the rugby. the accident told him his expectations. but we expect the signature of eu member states on the political association agreement. second we expect to get the financial support from the eu. first we expect strong hold it in tonight to preschool and russia. force we expect that ukraine in the long term perspective will be the new member. and it's all that strong and successful new member. well as you heard earlier from a report of the eu whose leaders have now issued an asset freeze and travel ban on a total of thirty three people that comes on the heels of washington's announcement of further sanctions against russian officials. moscow has answered back with its own travel bans against american officials thousand cats come from reports now on going political wrangling washington and moscow are
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upping the ante. the us is freezing the assets of twenty more russian lawmakers and senior government officials in addition to the eleven people already targeted by sanctions. the latest list includes the russian president's chief of stuff the speaker of the duma businessmen on the bankruptcy a link to block listed individuals. the expanded sanctions deliver on obama is warning earlier this week to punish russia if it did not pull bought from its absorption of crimea. it was either a new executive order today that gives us the authority to impose sanctions not just on individuals but on key sectors of the russian economy. this is not our preferred outcome the sanctions would not only have a significant impact on the russian economy. but can also be disruptive to the global economy. in most schools the lower house of the russian parliament ignored such threats on thursday the fourteenth almost unanimously to approve
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the annexation of ukraine's breakaway province. isn't that the state duma voted four hundred and forty five to one to make rang me up a part of russia. we do to you i'm surprised the scrutiny of all what some pundits which day it was good to see more and more. it'll save the kind of dictatorial actual measures towards other countries to be trampled on the old place that stage is in power. the proposal form russia responded to american and european sanctions with measures of its own. moscow bound to nine american officials from entering russia including cause of representatives speaker jaunt trainer. the senate democratic leader harry reid republican senator john mccain was among a number of american officials who visited ukraine's new government in moscow meanwhile russia continues its advance on many of the upper house of parliament is just to ratify the treaty on absorbing the region. this
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has changed continue to expand their control the pencil on thursday to take over more ukrainian military bases for soldiers have been trapped for the us it was a battle over sanctions continues and russian troops continued to extend their control of the crimean peninsula on thursday they took over more ukrainian military bases were soldiers had been trapped for weeks. ukrainian flags to play david is great but not much to match. indeed ukrainian soldiers remaining tonight. okay did i mention treat and given them to be showcased during the tsunami he said jobs for the crimea to cut away to another to choose to eat it and thinking big or little cessna tolstoy negotiation is not a license everybody is my make up on that in order to protect the interests of its minute to cook it with our main
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concern is the people calling this a little of it today. in this direction says he feels like a support them the medieval feel they've been let down by kiev. of course not they should not go away. ukraine is one of the un defines it. chef jeff should get involved in not to sit there messing around. now they're talking about sanctions. the kids. some coaches have already made the decision of this man should die outside the circle the negotiations already knew that nothing has changed hands. russian and ukrainian treat an hour inside the russian front of the race day braced for russian mission and i'll sign told us that both majority of ukrainians so does this taste chinese to join the russian army and change scientists in a typically say no to the vintage. it's another world as australia's acting prime minister says efforts
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to find the missing malaysia airliner have so far turned up empty per second in a row investigators are focusing on the indian ocean south west of australia volunteer at satellite imagery picked up what could be debris from the jetlag. so far the five aircraft taking part in the search had not yet confirmed that the debris is up from flight ninety three seventy. the plane disappeared nearly two weeks ago. two hundred and thirty nine people onboard. kumar has the details. st a cute centerpiece for a second date we need to hunt for the missing men making an honest life began at stake the nineteen eighties kept it locked up just taking in the southern indian ocean about two thousand five hundred km southwest of the good ones coming to get it and i'm malaysian aids is in the family and relatives of the meat on them like it was what did we dined on something is wrong until i started my new job somewhere
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else in sight. sam. a tree and cut off from australia you see and hear. speaking at twenty three thousand square kilometers and an elite american to be tilting the area. we continue to cook pasta in a creek and nine china says its cent or six nt. back at that time that the operation. the sets for the missing aircraft continued to other regions tv on the line not just in from the open content or central asia. the report the cost would be treated as lethal conflict for the family company. my hope is that my son is still online and see not all the passengers are among the victims. including triple sec and two hundred and fifty million people on board the cpa the mosque eight. in an hour after takeoff from currumbin them pulled down to the scene. we can in fact i can be confusing to me today but the dh of course after its communication devices would
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step down. now how turks to get their last six weeks that's the question on many people's lives up to the social network was blocked and there late thursday. the move came after turkey's prime minister in japan and one threatened to wipe out the sights. oh it along with other media platforms have been highlighting corruption allegations against a one to government chilly so far has the story when leaders in turkey trying to access the social network today this is what the gadgets that a list of the rulings from the istanbul state prosecutor's office saying the site has been banned as quote a security measure hours before twitter turned dark. the prime minister warned she would eradicate it will you. we have a court order now. we will wipe out all of these individuals the international community can say this they can see that. i don't care don't and
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the one we'll see how powerful the topic of tequila to explain given the government says would refuse to comply with court orders and remove any slings from its pages. several users posted links showing alleged secret police documents proving ever want and some of his allies were guilty of corruption investigators are probing corruption allegations involving several ministers and business. it wants as it's all a conspiracy from abroad authorities have banned thousands of sites in recent years. he was commissioner for digital theirs called elitist probation ground list my list and cowardly it amounts to censorship turkish leaders also criticized or two on stressing that the latest attack on social media comes just a few days ahead of local elections. twitter says turkish users can still post messages getting around the block using a mobile
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phones. tristan conflict allen another victory for bush are other signs of four says his troops had captured a famed crusader castle in the border with lebanon after days of intense clashes with rebel fighters the government side is now applying above that i can share that info the castle dates back to the twelveth century. government forces have seized at least four towns and villages in the area. the past two weeks on the bottom. thailand's constitutional court has ruled that a general election held in february was invalid friday's decision sets the stage for a new vote and as yet another layer of complication to the dealing with the country's political crisis. the judges declared that very second election unconstitutional because the voting was not held that day and twenty eight constituencies. that was due to anti government protesters prevented candidates from registering the constitution says the election must be held on the same day
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nationwide. cannes france the country is gearing up for local elections but it's one man who was not a candidate that's grabbing headlines but sarkozy is finally speaking out over a phone tapping scandal that's been brewing for weeks. suppose he's not telling his side of the story kyle brown has more breaking the silence. former president nicholas sarkozy have to rush job that goes behind the secret recordings of him and his colleagues while in office he writes in that the gospel. sacred principles of our republic of the temple with abundance and unprecedented streak of this news in a forthright opinion piece. cause he says the contest and recordings were worthy of the german stasi of the nineteen thirty six. keane's part of the brain with the current government warning that anyone in contact with him now could be the subject of surveillance. we have not
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talking about the actions of the tape is somewhere in the weld against the opposition. he says frauds. the socialist party replied immediately. this is due to the shop to see that former presidents compare our country his country to the former east germany. he will be our intention to rebuild their party stalwarts leapt to his defense though these posts up into the socket. it's essential that necklace to propose it to yourself. on the blog and responded to the stream before the taxi to have contained a full week this has the guts to men. earlier this month a paris court finds our cause his former aide happy we saw for making the recordings and ordered the website which publish them to remove the files sark was his article appears just two days before the first round of the municipal elections. i might haul and here's what
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you can sync. it's a joy he still falls back down to the special edition from sin but this misses the country gears up to six local elections coming up in the program. the race to be the mexican their parents would take a look at who's who and how the campaign to win the keys to put the disease. and swimming to the rights for the struggling economy and sky high unemployment the ticket to the towns and cities like to send a strong message to president own stuff. but also in french connection has said the bombing in the sweetest elections said he had to be for frocks. some come to this post the title. the first round of racing is set to take place this sunday the twenty third of march and while the outcome is likely to determine the political landscape of the local level it's also seen as a crucial test for the government of president for so long the greatest interest beyond from supporters is the race to win the keys to paris city
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hall with the disease. but some are considering is in the running of how the campaign. the senate has no status that she's not big enough for the both of them with the knit down going into the tissues kumar is a leading the race the purses town whole debacle scoreless eighth and the threat of french capsules that the mailman. it is a little election to a camaro much the kids on the can't get up and stop that but their ranks session is from roma and intel has already said that she muses deputy mayor. a protege of the outgoing that aunt millie. the delegates sought to distance itself from socialist party president plus one on his front bottom approval ratings than the discontent of the tax levels. i get up by the twelveth to twenty of my visit to my face too. because i think that the national price level is already high enough that the credit to households and to be nice if i have lived in a nasty business. the delegates made league plans to build council
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housing on paris's markets of the new flush. the capitals row was scary and arab royalty russian oligarchs and assault the contents of state's position is completely stuck. he had to be re touched the soul succumbing to ridicule one pr experts said they resemble some of its anti wrinkle cream. michael knights of the tissue tumors ace credited with showing the younger more will consign to the print run twenty one one protege of ex president assad casey is a former environment minister popularly known as nk and the candidates pledged to cut local taxes while persuading suspense the bright says the cats playing a role to cities like london and york we have an outgoing administration has given up he said combine different associations and can place is a challenge from her and political parties' businessman child they get a gold chain of michael wright training next week the campaign has also run into repeat it to be on columbus a photo taken in two
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thousand and five and the tenets of the nickname the hardest allowing opponents to cost issues democracy as of a privileged enough to touch and can zap is to come across as just another parisian fell flat unable to give the price them at your tickets in a radio interview. the campaign that is also failed to find the two thousand euro entry comeback in the box gets a parental city punch political commentators arguing that the two candidates differ very little on policy. there is some hope this capsule to outdo each other with outlandish development projects. a delegate from disconnecting swimming pools on the river center. she's tamara say suggested convincing upon the nature stations into theaters. the past but says housing transport and crime levels of the top priorities earth is in the ranks of the socialist party be given the unpopularity of president paul sloane that means that municipal elections a result the number of towns and cities shifting to the rights granted to distance themselves from paris politics a number of
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socialist mets decided to stay in africa's to purely local issues was the case in the town of boston in the town of weston will be good to now. we've had this stunning cathedral for centuries and now the defense also have a tramway system thanks to the socialist meant to introduce to three years ago to overcome pain is less about getting around easier and more about investing protest votes. he was screwing up the nozzle has carefully avoided in commencing on popular school reforms that she feels all too risky to election time why is there is no socialist popular group. she is all too aware of the cairns man as saying yesterday that there is some decisive action and impatience with regard to certain problems that haven't been sore today by governments. but i say to people here. isn't it reasonable to hope for is that identity. repentance disagreed. a vote against
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the zone with the bubble for them to vote against the spartans in two thousand to a point when conditions meant they lost the city to the socialists now ump candidate tom gordon in capital cost of attendance to re conquer the sceptical that the box is written request to twenty we await a weatherman has offered support. swartz forty six she just does make whatever he says. we have one simple thing. i'm just lame and i'm as always he's accomplished. arnold's the contest is not a muslim and nuts when people should take a step. it's not the only town that could well swing back to the rights policy has been held by the socialists since two thousand and eight. it's a place where there's just no policies has been put to the test. the times pleasures to join country now faces closure issue to become the crux of campaigning here on a current map of the debt not the right ump candidate colonies. a former sports journalist tony was born and bred here and knows how important it is situated is
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to the town as one can sneak the plan for the day he's keen to stress is one of them lowell. just like me where were you in accordance with amber were used to. it's the sixty five sumthing low seventy one i'd say she's ready to do anything to say jokes something he believes the current isn't willing to do. we need to roll our sleeves up and fight for a factor. confidential to reenact it. this did not use the phrase however adopting a much quieter started campaigning. the shooter was led to the pageant director general of planning and guaranteed that it would be closing tomorrow the fact that we are able to keep this site hits. this is something i've always tried to do in life that need to go around screaming it's in the streets this film. to walk around town is pending in the balance was too good to share with still high esteem and once he got the voters
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to punish the socialists the old socialist policy languishing in the polls than the ump posse been foiled in scandals and confronting the far right are from nasa now is hoping to win big in these municipal elections and if afford a record number of candidates within our means to be seen if the money depends tough talk on europe crime and immigration which translates into but when i head north now to the town moved in on goal but the town with a fourth lesson i was hoping to win big. the man who wore uniforms difference during this tea dance at the seniors social club is celebrating the end of carnival season. tomlinson being drawn on the town's floor and trying to hold there is a traditional strong will to live. r is coming to our rights. steve do you want owners had not
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counted it's become a sweetheart he has the gap is narrowing the team we want to come to a socialist me at ease and convenience the rangers but he sang let's try something new. with the little clown. please use the word wee one has been campaigning for the previous european says he has a full week. campaigns or feel that their time has come. on the scene the zones in an email to with you so you can eat into its profits each year and she told the ballots in the first round of the twenty twelve french presidential hopes. she's throwing her support behind the war is politics resonate strongly with the credit market crisis. it's the biking the culture yet cultural events in the local potts won the county races campaign isn't like it's tough. to listen to screaming tweens that trixie closures and unemployment rates of over eighteen percent of the feeling of abandonment and a shift in loyalties
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alinsky results of conduct is from the far right's increase in the battle on many fronts. they're just don't feel resigned after being arrested on corruption charges for eight years ago he won his appeal and has thrown himself into the race chase was on the way. i'm going to be the green candidate michael burnett whatsoever. cecil was right on time he'll eat there these activists from the mainstream right wing ump party pill of the reasons having to type on the scene on their own. when i stepped upon us in atlanta big names in the national party coming down here to help us. a startling. the source of comedy front runners are trying to shore up the final few weeks. you will be equal to finish with two percentage points separates the new team when you get my b french municipal elections doesn't
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mean you have to be from fraud to take off in fact in some regions of the country english people make up a sizeable chunk of the population. many of them decided to get involved in local politics. chris gomez and puke in the north to the quintessential french teenage. the second to control points and french anymore. about ten percent of people are thinking of british and some against me and told him running the break. praise him and really anything you can find music iran has no standing to the local council. she thinks temperatures expected in typical politicians to fresh ideas. the odd one here. my mates are people that sends one to get things done. and if something needs fixing that's a good fix it. i think i went to tennessee say well this needs to be done which organization is going to do it's an umbrella and more top down and the most among friends. she's naughty anyone you think when shaking things up. many anti gang
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thousand and seven. municipal council accountable for what the benefits including everyone stand up to meetings on time. among other things the white beard i'd even say it's easier to work with jewish people then french one why do women because they moan last english people moan less than fresh ones. perhaps that's more a few persons resident in thrall to hold it against him holding the quilt was taking them into his hand and the un estimated two hundred thousand living in this country than many on people and able today to be cynical and actions the french played and listened to politics. i bought a french tv or on the radio i unfortunately had no philosophy. english people into nowadays. deal with everything english. i will praise him and is trying to change sees a peek into the debate including the clean resident. after
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that went into the ten richest it. many are keen to make them lead to tragic even saying that because they can produce presidential poll will feel disenfranchised mep schools simon collections. and i'm full fifteen years from on the date of departure the idol to vote in the english general elections yes i do think we add dish that should be the right to vote in the national elections. we are here we are mt cook lived up to. and that was one of the prospective massively on local crop walk people will stop any sneaky didn't read any of thousands but it is definitely having a part of the effect of high french in action. was it for this special edition of promising but this place would sink to the team. woo hoo. can you. a wall. i have
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it was when we won the atp it's saddening. i promise lately. it should. yours are it is. which. the opening
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ch . chee the cheese to service one one two will be launched it does extend the kazakh senate has approved the civil protection law it will significantly increase the protection level can make people during emergencies norms of independent risk assessment in the field of fire safety were excluded the law also specifies a detailed list of canada's production facilities in the local executive bodies are entitled to allocate funds for social assistance to volunteer rescuers and their families in case of their death or


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