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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  March 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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knew and when will the will of eye. s we have lived up to speak. spent the night when the dough about the challenges facing the british administration has seen us in that town as head of government. thank you for coming to the show thinking that you know what happens you see the heads of government and that must be between a building that was the victim kind of gone to
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the sins of what i though issue was that she had seen that needs to immediately go in short that she is on track in practice. the first major issue with the contents are seen as common descent is the issue of corruption. i was sent to the impact of the lads extinct. i'll post soon. yelling at them and sis in law and the cut ups in the and then other nations also wants that to some extent i kind of cool cd and it didn't or what your body into custody. he also started thinking about peek at a sick initially so also is a unique it is to show off their contents i can see that i found abundant sense to do list. most of the news that this aspect of the nexus of wyndham looking that they can stop the nixon from happening
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some extent he has been good to go into a bucket of hot and sweet sauce. i don't really fit the bike and i had to listen to the deck and yard and getting caught in the fight to keep it to but because by the siegel took off to shadow go gently into action to live as you know that legitimacy of the elections because of the bargains that happen. a lot going for example is even if you know that i would have given day is coming up to it. as it was expected to make the mountain for a drink of toronto will not come on because the modern suspect that it did just that for the exits. so other than that one did not and it's taken about you know i get off the bike and body. we just wanted to four to eighteen can we get good enough to come out. loves numbers to board because by this. reduce heat and high enough to know i'm eighty seven per cent of working in the last indian captain tried to show the lovely week sometime the bottom of this is. this problem of the lucky enough to compete no one came to an existing company since its
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counterpart. and holly kennedy this is the deacon who was an owl in the one person i know western convicted of one and has been hanged. i had to run the slide at making the final i think it is a little slow on the well runs dry out and you know she's on vacation as you eat nothing that she needs to prove that the fruit of the baby. but slowing down in those invisible hook and strives now i'm not a cloud to win said given that the sun solar good baby that out something from that of the two of the supreme court to learn that the status of high court. so let the man seen on to something because the duty city within two to one kind soul. i don't see you know in the house naked and the kiss and says that the government. that's the law school. i want that to end the inning the judiciary that is you mean all you need you see in the home you know being a logical conclusion to the book and start talking to the city's second and then
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some. this is that it is still doing what the future of the bnp not even know who but the evictions which one hand he sent me the bnp is bad very bad being that it is the end of the bill will go far to busy. i once ate some dinner for more foreigners are known to be beyond what the company that cia. i feel sad that he let his son an ensemble of it the outback. i did in his approach toward the boston accident scene with only one hundred nl as i listened and didn't get to the continent is this going to be included on the state of that i got back to back them what the is seen on top in the us had that been done on monday noted in an of the cup would not go about today when i was close and close aides and listens in on the students. after you watch and the confidence that you had to be invalid these bodies now is it completely gone with the bnp. i think that the so called nowhere but his bid to support them
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and all sat there and he is infinite that little bugger to get the kids and the kind of force than what the am i to set mortar month in this heat is what the last twenty plus. but the fruit things are you know what that little doubt on tv here so that is not when you have this kind of honest exists but that it did. with an abundance of mr cites an extended an uncommon one son sleeping in the bus the cat and the driver of a button that bennett has shaken the nominees to be links between. on the job is to me at target and the bnp got this hat that she managed to be that as i did but shorty to the people of on the beach that violence is counter productive. i think of the problem with this have been nice that opponents would suspect that it can buy donuts baghdad because they get that. i have had the potential that is dependent on some sort of missed it somehow got what was happening to the bank knows that babies love this set on him he said. when the entity that is some talk of thinking and thinking is not something we tease apart
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the stuff i did it today not going to nerd as the italy for the next ends in two thousand seats also the second week in the bnp by cia funded by the leaders of the bnp. one fact about me not that i had to duck hunting backtrack. when the bnp when the boy who sent the men again stirring of the people in arkansas. what better than most of them belonging to that the sunday that he is a kind of thing only just lousy pacino was speaking at the computer up and she spoke about concrete ten kilos in other muslim countries of because they are not eager to go with the specter of catechism. and she gave one example and said that she has managed up to a stop to examine her and she's gonna get into them up so she think that it's in the book and brought it the necessity to continue with it. she had to pull off a heartbeat but in the bin. radicalism in society in bondage. i can't
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see past the supporters protests in august. the fight against everything this country because that kind of moment is one of three. this is the city on a noble cause and five. foreigners more than foreign assisted bombastic said bonnie with this as something which is completely on the tough environment in the twentieth jennie o you know is one of the reason of weeks. i did not in the big gum had to come up with the kind of camping the taking of wonder that these are some excellent or good. it makes sense. so that's what i see that you've seen it in all the time and has an open air support in its fight against terrorism the problem. that means that which i see i've read in the bnp and all. comedy is this that hollywood defying there isn't only defined by dickens on nintendo on the excellent some of the torrent that has been undergoing behind in the danforth honest i got tested it on the din of goddess on the big and bad
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exactly but after that. i'm going to find things to craft and sewing. it's a donkey don't say it's not something that she can be me deeply but today's the women you know what it will come back door of domestic politics of ball she ends up standing on the heber to be live on the bottom of each project is costing two billion dollars is something that when the funds going to come from because of what bank is not a given now. underfunding the shield the woods india when india provide the funds for a day of trying on who's going to get whatever i need to be that guy did because it's near the city but look a bit of a piece in this dome i'm gonna show up but none of these. that has been some concern regarding the finding that same evening the end having the kitchen but it does not come into the community with a deadly to find the money that is read by the time. once the wife of a connected source of high pick us up it's probably only that but now you know we probably naked innocents and i know
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the kind of funding the city we stay with the weather was just a blessing to find out that the county's school he passed that in the apostasy of the back of the same money can be dated to two other sources do not think it is the ai by election funding by picking things up a knock on top of the geek community and that they're all coming to an ethnically like to be in doubt but the obvious but the cost to me is some talk of confidence and monday denounced in and out of the money we teach season ending dubai this afternoon coolest room in the bc in all it is the new company contacted the city of whittlesea will be sending a ok to come back to that she has to deal with that the bjp and on the other day and the second point that i wanted to go with that of the indian prime minister to learn to shoot a scene of that. it was you know it's in india is not going to be able to deliver on that the stock the mint in a jiffy give goes into the election would have got into an addiction. i should see now put this in on
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a backboard and go ahead with its relationship with india which these that are being delivered. ahmedabad where this is only the utmost us put it in the back but i know i haven't seen much lisa for taking this thing and bought this on the showpiece top what effect it is meaningful present in india and legacies they show up. the man was a somewhat connected cut by the ottoman. we didn't do it back in the deadwood is somewhat back to the present from the somewhat us and embrace the handling of the state unit of the bjp in awe some. it'll come to kill putting the spectacle at that time the demons like pink the government that gospels this is not that i came into the sea within these land bound to be tween the awesome talk but they came in the future in alonso saturday the day so that these yesterday that two planes in breach of india has not been able to do debacle in the face despite one unit of negotiations intense negotiations of course the nba and up up the side of
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a plug uzbek city of extended india was supposed to be live on the storm before elections it's not the neighbor to do with that it's not the neighbor today but even after the elections but edition actions and now india is an indian elected what i would like them and some onion that was no one can read now that he is but it didn't win but you don't have that kind of non binding upon them and see this it is not yet though. it was not as though one wonders when the next government comes in on the bottom of each pick up pieces of indio with the guidance of each of the blog of its body comes to fall in india looking up what she could be as relationship of when the bjp is is it going. is it the same level of confidence. she has been the bjp up by magicians at you know. if you see she has a bit daunting when the gandhi family. he goes back fit in the eyes in the region emissions in fact so we should be given to walk with the bjp government if the bjp comes to quality
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media. i'm sure that's true biblical up with the beads at the garden and look at dr carson wanted the state the plot of the dismissal of sentences in a city of unspeakable and meat. they had him at the venue said that type of pencil. i also know is if you happen to begin taking it i had gone to pot. but they're far from the adb said when the door you don't have one listens to you knowing that it would in essence it on its neighboring countries can look as if seen in spite of fits. i think what is so nice to listen to the bike is then that life extending a classic rock soul sick this last comment actually has. i you know to listen to the global political parties win on this into the nature of those of the cars dominate that congress by doing marking the center line. unison like a different effect of the past few months when the nda was being. i discussed in the fundamental to the fund is to buy this game and made it to the to send a note to many. what
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kind of people including the eye if i'm not mistaken on the energy usage must but i did this is proselytizing among cyclists and if i'm not mistaken also it can make more than daddy. you know the background in atlanta. i think. in this segment in india and bottom of this goes beyond the potty and i can see him go back to society and in the north sea. a friend of mine and they love the innocence of the day so i bought this cd on the second one that is something which happened so suddenly and know that all government doesn't have any conflict. i like kicking them in on the twenty oh one the easiest in october th we continue on the goddess of each political party comes about what she'd seen up close at one of the farms that have come about in it and overconfidence maybe because the top part comes in all this complacency. what are the negatives that she needs to watch out well. i think probably the only negative i e i don't even see is that of the center of providing us is much more confident than before because that is idiots attitudes toward the exits and that you
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don't begin second i have executed by the disaster coming days. as i listen to some had some sun on that this is lovely weekend in the past but the punches and i don't see any kind of thrill of constant was poured on top in on bnp ironed out no celine getting in our pockets but i think it does not. i would take it as mcafee to entice as a body to fight the good of those. so let me make a prima and the bnp by speaking the nixon so what i feel like an oscar nominee has come back to pot the province them and is the issue of the audience they have read this to some extend the shelf cut up some because if you look at that then mean it's just you know some of the people medical stuff that's in having dark and you will face kisses have been brought in. i will come back with a bag of peanut out kind of background to know to go to the garden and saw the article that a significant step ccs take it relax in the ip settings these high noon on that all
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the countries that supported the accident scene although of lacey chennai india. i depend on them and all of them in cairns have only one can be suspect in all cecil in the state. when the bnp and for the next two weeks and soon i hope my ideas d on that one and then back at but nothing that is no doubt that nemesis and attended to but i didn't buy these. but the effect. by this act and not going to uncle mike and i guess the name it. i just made what some consider it the seventh victim to the law that lets us put aside because i think it is a non stock that on a sunken boat too but didn't find a single men think that these ssm photobucket the body's aching and see how they can pull this one right. i want to exclude the attendance in the future you see on the agenda when they become audience. on the critical of the fa the business stuff off the bottom of this is the cbi to the government takes the exporting country and second the silly is that a live audience with a hint no way we'd be it kind of is
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that the protective visiting the kind of insanity. instead of the citizen has only discounts and that's what i mean i don't see on the fun ensued ending of the bnp is also in them or audiobooks think and then stuck the day's is bullying what i didn't use of dogs that came off. heading into the bottom and are accepting the use of the end of the skit thing in the dubai the second of it simply it was in a mix of the nativity and i in that sense. i'm not saying that sometimes when selecting the best when tony was something that he's disappeared when the elections will be as i've said many analysts think the nixon comes some sort of minutes then comes the news not want to set this up within ten minutes and come second up. this doesn't own anything funny that some come listen to what the next lesson the next scene all this on to the listen button led comfortably week. nixon comes my way to the extent of the item back a community activity on the all seeing eyes and that the dog they
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can invest up to the incident at night and that the opposition has demanded if any and that of a watch we can watch more so she had that on tv she had learned that i need to put the tags and i in his bid for the next election. other than it is the video of me dumb eviction aware that it is often to after the infant but the cost of health. thank you very much for thinking with that the happy news this week next week we shall be back with another edition of on the beach. thus you are
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watching the fort and audio clips of me that without the means sony's i couldn't let go of it. that night feinstein said that compensation is endeavoring to an awesome weekend to sit still and hold some promise the president said they were concerned about security t ousted an attack on an option he said. yet current capitan be having a porch. i did the gunmen attacked the gg bridge and on much candy in the sentinel of time gap that is costly. nine civilians including four foreigners working. i say this went on so cute in a showdown with tough on security forces. he cannot bring about security in the capital city for whatever reasons. we were that information to their
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needs. he became too. this is due to know what it is very petite. though. he wanted to get in the state of art mica it started to make the wrong time. the campus to distance the kite those systems. we were able to hide. their stocks. they started. we'd gotten for me to break away the force. it was an operation going on. by the security forces the spokesman said. a team just wanted to be played at jack and sayid. i got this by slaughtering and time again to send a team of mind. let us be sought at the base of
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the she wheeled as addictive as the job with it but the bobcats game of the mattress to miss the details of the lot looking above all the money shot out of them even with them the bed. when that didn't give up. yup lovely doesn't it kind of devotion but the death benedict make it on the us. but the fun of saddam but the majority have yet to test it with do. did you witnessed it. what voted yes but that's not the kind of tomato. for some time ago bought a bed that cited above the tv show. this month a look at what it said ablett was what is the president who has led up to them the standard research taxi side for most targeted a police station. he's standing on the box and eat in peace loving people in a new
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foliage. if i can still catch the student and ethan and the and the room. in fact an act of quince teaching teams and on about safety on much pinky morning. i'd actually bundle of gun stance means fifties. senator cook received ancient connection on keeping fit and a monster a connecting sentenced to ten the nation to disrupt the board. that he should attack was carried out by two suicide bombers but i've been driving the tv and he did did not turn that forcing of the new stunts and take off contention. the somewhat dumped on security forces as a firefight he struggled with tea iced before the late evening to get the pdf of the remaining dates. when they said they shot dead seven cotton on and on of them live since my tastes they don't think you don't have the privilege of it the challenges of the kids
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he didn't go over there to achieve the potential of the home of. boy into a particular month or so on the actions of it to the mall to go to them. total the pretty sure. it was for that. when this district chief was among the day the brigade included in a kind of scientists that johnny t t t for un staff and offices often milk and radio and television broadcasts to the outside i mentioned that but the other team just won seventeen of text message sent to media. canadians have tended to get anyone thought to be deemed an election and have stepped up attacks and having the property with beady eyes including the captain of the season and here the seaside long but good fifteen people and the techies trained to eat in an attack on into the fifties in order to win is offering
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up a notch. the team of conduct on to teach adams as fast as preventing costume when it does somewhat intimate and feed him once as foreign forces begin to withdraw reporting troops due to end the battle for the sins of the funnest time at the field of twenty fourteen nato has plenty to keep with you don't force vector clean and insist upon paul says. thinking back to ca to find solutions forty d said he had two he's fifty five prisoners from the detention center he could milk. the move comes after a stint on the tennis ace deceased announcement to seize the disputed sixty five business is a sign on was doing. egan yesterday sentenced independence from this vest and docklands. a car tuesday said the business but he's on the basis that the land she pukes a book. it opened on the couch letting
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about how to make it about time and what was that it was about a band geek. today we got a bit of the case to stop them from the cupboard above oven with the duty we owe it to the club and got to the bundaberg and redemption with the comic and we haven't got anybody can i say we did get killed but at least look at its tip. it was a kid one thirty pm we documented the most of the top twenty most of them but a lot of local machine gun could tell it was the person wanted to dedicate most of the game the total them up into several miles and miles the difference of opinion on that one of them come out the dispute over the business is vital says he's innocent and some update you on the stupid acts. this is in homage to say has refused to sign a security team. anybody who it's true. i was in awe i mean beyond. you know that he's seen by the end of the us after its launch in action. even on. the i needed
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to accept it during home after the end if needed to your creation second of august on the next week ago the final contingent of canadian armed forces troops home late at night time this time it into canada and easy they continue to be patient in tough times. i know that all canadians join with me to say welcome home and job well done. einstein was kind of nice not to spend the money i used to. morning as she stepped on the canadian soil you have brought to applaud longest active military engagement in canadian history. since two thousand but canada has deployed twenty times and still just see this ending and even in that country. the proximity to the fact listen to him so as i work with me. the people of afghanistan are better off
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today because of canada's investments. these are your accomplishments your glory and sadly also. your sacrifice. more than two thousand members of the canadian armed forces who did this month. anna hundred and fifty eight of her finest men and women. katie ultimate price. since the end of the back of the patients and clients. the institute the chanel store. once i get snacks and ice again and assisted in the training and dieting and development of the aforementioned security force is dead by teasing and sustaining the capacity of the eighty s after two bites safety and security teams like it. come to the end of this week's episode of conduct on the part i am not needed or not taking the lead in the back makes me crave more news and views from
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the undersigned goodbye to the house. yes you did. and the sound. if it's based on the eighteenth of june. this weekend h been s tughtful. the japanese styleshe'll neee under pressure which was amazingeeng to me. but one of them maintain the standards used to activate all the ordinance does one address access to them. he reads this and these ones. interesting points the patriots within the body and it's more of an effect than just running over with
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oil and different plants direct links to different for the running for our insistetht d not state functions and so it's good for. most will total two minutes and problems. even some mental muscle growth is very relaxing and stress people think it's just that but it actually. they are a time stamp is doing now. it's considered canon of four novels like martial arts word there's a series of movements. progression movements that in a way similar to perth for everyone at the time they get into my mind. in the style of different areas workers and the extra work but with acupuncture to trade books in shoes that points the most effective for that person
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shiites who is much more time than that. all your points in her eye on you and your entire time. for the shiites who went on to my parents' forum takes place over. we were hour period and really just works over your entire body also kept its unique in that like most heated massage performed over clothing. but they don't win stadium. you can get into the dreary season acupuncture acupuncture points so it's very comprehensive and policy approach. one for you to life rich is the study. so it's both. it all happens. but it's not really hits its medicinal the eye. and new
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wong will . welcome to this special edition for the french municipal elections you're on all sunk out of this but not near the local election but she'll be a national one and while the results are still coming in for things are clear the french abstain in record


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