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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 23, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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wong will . welcome to this special edition for the french municipal elections you're on all sunk out of this but not near the local election but she'll be a national one and while the results are still coming in for things are clear the french abstain in record
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numbers. the ruling socialists appeared to be the losers the opposition conservatives. the likely winners but the real winner appears to be the far right national front with a surprise for a strong victory in the top of the novel will be going to a noble goal but also to france's largest cities body and not say to closely watch the races will also be discussing with the results as they come in with our guests the first one is calling the aussie gal who was the national secretary for the socialist party hello and welcome. also on the sets by some of that was a national secretary for the opposition conservative party dp and pimple and welcome. also with the sculptural from what i do false summits in either. and of the last guests it's an itv at the end who is the candidates for the national front in the parents welcome the zoo too. so people are watching
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for school to see if the french would stay home or head to the polls well. many of them decided to stay home be the extension we don't have the official figure yet but we know it will be a record extension. over two thirds maybe up to thirty five maybe thirty eight percent. abstention rate which is big and so the lots about them was here. in france and we'll also be of watching some of the races that are still coming in the polls close in paris and not say. quite late. it's eight pm and that we don't have final results yet but we know one thing the national front which had deemed those elections fundamental flaw in quilt in the words of the leader mopping up and confronts his smiling tonight let's take a listen to a triumphant nothing of it. on the need arises. this is the aims of the tea party the cheer of french politics
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and diplomacy that is here independent mystical force a strong political crisis and no longer just on a national level we also have the local prices. this is one of the main decorations tonight on the radio that only needed a bike coming to the top of the list and large important time is just between you want to continue on with oprah. ap poll shows that the whole messy not disappoint in his main street. the petite section with adding some thought that they can clear the six of life. so very happy. a minute then i imagine you must be happy as well. this picture in the first round in a noble and strong performances in several towns especially in the south of france probably not as strong as in paris is this a great day for the national front. one thing that stewie i am not really happy i think that french people are very happy now to have to get the strangest and us marines said to him be peace in you. it is the end of the bike already stationed
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off the french one thinks nothing of that french offered up from the wall that the dictates of the grow lights. the tradition of the lights and left. barclays which is described by money to finance the u m p s that means that the ump cross the socialists pop or sting which are the very similar and their programs. i think that too on and today that friends are. i would say would like to see some changes in the politics and that means that these are local. elections and the meeting that also that fringe meeting your fingers to take off for day to day to day party. right before before i met the other parties rock look. so a quick analysis on the national front or the war polls showing the national front would do well but it seems not everywhere of course but in certain key towns d did really well the existence of
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a foregone conclusion that in these elections national front wheel too well. netball was unclear which will be extinction we was going to be and resetting it was high this time minus the highest thirty eight percent of any minister election since the beginning of two to publicans was not the fiftieth post went up to that date in nineteen fifty nine christina gripe to increase in the abstention rate of the lofty is the one he made his collection and will be other elections the legs of anxious people stare with the polls more you'll stay away from poles in the last presidential election frauds. more in two thousand and twelve made it into thousands of twenty two soccer he was elected senate it's true that when there is not a high attrition rate the stands to pharaoh eyes will pull all the beef the national front. great to school because must confront voters must mobilize and traditional poses for both black and white so it's not you cross a twenty to twenty carries out what the that the percentage of people voted in favor of a tumble or cycle to begin takes place in
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pot. the national school there is another reason is that dissatisfaction with the traditional policies that the present approach for so long the story low in the opinion polls the moment this is feeding this is so she's bossy when the country has courted home isn't green onion and one great season bringing back economic growth to frost on the ellis island the ump the traditional right wing position has been called tweets. most of the political scandals financial scandals of taking the lead me to the socceroos eve of the leader of the puppies will also appear at the base of the defrosted people don't really have confidence in the ump two to two cm take over from the success of the next election so the third choice what the national front ok before we had to react we need to head to the identity of the city hall here in paris a closely watched race between the two women and the results are still very partial uncertain will have to wait for next sunday second wrong. tom burgess walks and has more for us tom
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yes mark on hearing that with dignity. keeping a very close eye on all the developments as the results trickle in that we thought. results from all that twenty on the small cost paris and that it's clear that in that the most populous. in a job in the region so all of the french capital. but they're the ones that not of the most cuz they'll generate the largest number of the counselors who will then it's on it's back to the next mayor will be looking extremely close. it's summer he estimates suggesting that to the cause is totally safe for the year and he has a slight lead. but of course would mean a fab but of course a great deal to change between now and then next week when the second round comes around. but to if this is true we had a saying that this could mean though that last up to thirteen years but they could be a change in the leadership here in pirates of the whole crew isn't that all of this the knowledge of city and from among the great global capitalist will be of great
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interest in all just across the field as well. other key extremely close participation rate of around fifty six point five percent here in the french cup was down very slightly. on and the number of people who took cos elections back in two thousand and eight. that set me up very close result. all that remains to be seen the beetle to polls trading no doubt in the second round and at one thing love financing markets of the green policy. we goal with this the discussion of pollution in the last couple of weeks here in paris appeared to fit pretty well today it had been the surprise of the tougher mall was pretty cool in the picture here in the french capital when you couldn't even see the eiffel top from a couple of hundred meters away. i heard this once and then thank you and that he'll probably keep watching this for a long long nights here at the tyrants of the mind that i want your reaction new party neither of those awful so could be expressed satisfaction of the results he also called for the national front voters
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to vote for your party are you happy because you had announced that this would be a major triumph for the unpaved it is. it seems a victory but not in our price point. well the first essay thing they wish and are from tonight. instead the french electorate has sent a very strong message of rejection to read incoming government to do so was gone into its failure. and policies to reverse unemployment to fight the gains in security and in this issue and in all the results of tonight's second message is that they have called for a credible political alternative the only credible political alternative to date is unique in its show in india and the results tonight. so what we call now is to confirm to continue this trend for the second round and especially with a special call to the voters of the national front to tell them that dishing out the mistake in voting for national front especially in the second round will mean helping to that. keep it down to where the electorate want
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a paid an alternative option was to change. this is a misunderstanding. i very strongly tonight eyes off of the psni shooting. and he was put away rejected been a very high scoring in all. this is a yellow card for the government now it's a no are a response to this intimate garden second round of the visit is and is also green light for the national front are then presenting themselves as a possible candidate to to the left and actor not the only one as an alternative anymore. i sing a score of the national front shows that there is today a strong frustration strong anger from the french electorate. and we have to we have truth here that we have to listen to that but once again. make no mistake it to national fund is a no contest he has no crib in to talk with edt today to govern cds. in a new minister. and in the country so i think it's a vote of projection and we should call very strongly for a year and actors to make no mistake a second round before you get to react in a
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one zero win against the cdr red cards floor of the socialist party. people are not going to bullets and people in boats generally sanctions for its part. well i think it's not very surprising. i then did releasing in sharon's national level usually get sanctioned. at the first round of local elections it's it's it's the town. a typical really. and it was he was expected to pound that down the main lesson here is that is the attention of all which is very high and add to these awesome national front show that. there is definitely an act of defiance from rome to voters that we express that was expressed to me. um are you surprised by this level of discontent. and it's not much i think it saves me the info on the french people are very worried about the cd economy because it's taking awhile to recover and
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the states and the efforts of the covenant. and so we did expect a difficult election mbeki as the national from these bees doing so well on the first round chosen only that there's um um existence to the safety section with the left that also lead the traditional rites. which hasn't been up to the challenge of a framed picture intended it. and that's worrying for all parties for the entire political class. i think tom and sam. and we we now have to come. think about a second round now more as local elections to tuesday's the consequences. it's easily when they are priests who seeks six years for them to the local team play place we've seen in the tasman financial products to count as cds it's not the first time it always ended in disaster. so we have to remind people of that. ok o i believe we have on the phone
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one of the leaders of the national front the window good use. mr dollars can you hear me so we're just mentioned the fact that this not the first time the national front performs well in their own actions then last time around than the nineteen nineties he did not end up twelve you think this time it's different and if so why. yet he has seen the light from the coach's daughter named the studio for cds but it is already a national. we then packed and you know that the result of the a few of my usual elected from its about two am disasters then she becomes that day. the view that the tv to a very touching that. we always see the tomb that was always to success program but anyway what these
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two without the wharf less than a and i gave steps in the politico is tricky because of the comments on them now with a mallet gonna be the case. then it anymore where i was i was listening to walk the human to human beings said. and instead what we have no end to the tune of pt two. i had two two two but it is they are they the two teams i don't know how to get to see it. the practical training which is headquarters of japanese tonight nation than the other that the door to door eight he demanded of them and head for the past twenty five years at the time. his head at peace. many internet to let the peace abbey them members of the costs of
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the body would end up sixty one serving but missed it so as the team ahead and do well maybe surprising put you back to me in the way i have great wisdom with which the person was all for your search for the body which said that they do take satisfaction in french. two of the day. also towards the bbq in the hunter that he would have known the midst of all this and that it intends us to question is it's the result of the transformation of the party by not being a band who tries to distance the new wave herself from her father's party you think this is one i could spot the property a code of the action. in the end but the father. when school let anybody get to go to
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the education and they succeeded that she the alamo she teaches reading about kiwis. below that. the mini mini mini bbq that structure it's my reach the wreckage people came to realize that we we would not only did we would go out to tooele problems but also we have started with what we propose a solution. don't change programs and we have people men and women enable it to do that to bring ed says the agency in operation. a real change in the cup and that's okay. thank you very much of a window of good news will go to the one place where this change actually took place. something that the pulsar did not see coming by that i mean the first round of election of the secretary general of the national front steve lee
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was in the small northern town of the novel pollsters thought he would win but in the second ohio. however he pulled it off. in the first wrong see the nea is our special envoy to the number will see. this is quite an upset. prison upsets in the national front the day believe that they have of course been reading the latest polls and didn't believe the day. wind would score very highly in the first round of the election bid in the end they they came in just a few votes above the absolute majority fifty point two percent that means that twenty or thirty votes above the fifty percent line and that it is a a a historic number. a historic result for the national front and for the candidates in the one it was the fifth time that he had run for mayor in this town. he's been campaigning here relentlessly for almost twenty years in every election. that the number was held over the last twenty years. he has a lot of recognition for that. for he
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has a very strong ground operation. man did they have the teams in place that are always there. i'm going to see it every possible opportunity. the residents of an album or inquiring about their day to day problems and stevie was campaigning in fact was focused very much on local issues not so much on the national agenda of the national front and that really seems to be and that the recipe for success for him yes to bear in mind also that is a very specific local political context it's also favorable to the national front. i mean to last year's divided the field of three candidates. they're a weekend by an ongoing corruption scandal. um in fact one of the previous mayors who also ran in this election that has the been found guilty of corruption and fraud. this is so of course it's not a strong left that was the running against the national front nonetheless nonetheless this is a historic result for the far right party stated
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that it's also interesting because this region the north of france is a traditionally left is a region that in the home front has performed well generally insolvent francis passing south east of friends that there is also may be a victory of local candidate who's been there for a long time but also for the new economic platform of money the band which is much more left is then our fathers used to be what will this entirely right the mets play the result here to number more so important the national front it was a testing ground for them to see whether their national strategy. what is beginning to work and they are gaining momentum on the back of this essentially re branding of the party that marine that and has been engineering ever since and she she became the leader of the national front. she has tried to distance the party from the traditional anti immigration platform an end to oriented towards the social and economic issues. and in times of economic hardship in high
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unemployment which is true or nationally which is also true locally eighteen percent unemployment here in those kind of context the national front thrives and i think you're quite right to point out that this is a victory not just the local candidate if the national strategy it's symbolic. as you say because the national front was able to take the town had taken ten which consistently has voted to the left for the last sixty years over half a century but as of the novel love always been electing a left wing mayor be it to the communist party or the socialist party. so this signals. not just be the fishing ground work of one man one campaign this to a signal that the party generally. it is beginning to attract new voter demographics the working class. i mean this is a town that. sons and grandsons of of minors this is a mining town and these people traditionally voted for the comments or to the non voting national front and the all too often about it
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with this they said. that did the people that we use to vote to vote for. we don't see them here anymore and they they don't address hours a day to day problems with the national front takes them into consideration unless we want to give them a chance to do in it thank you very much going on cd of their severe indictment of the leftist party or do you think this is just because of a therapy preview local situation and minerals is a very specific situation. i had an accident or her life. what's its meaning see coming from allow the town says not to pee accident that. i don't think we enjoy our national and conclusions from it. because these six a specific set of circumstances that is sure that buries the questions around due to weakness also did the far left. um he stoically of a pesky years it has exchange thing. on the international front the light of that difficult in the economy the situation
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so that's that's the feeling there. i mean the national front has also performed well tonight in several southern town like it'd be easy if for instance the deputy all the tea juice ol' sewing eastern town of fuss about where the number two of the party philadelphia the pool was running to the companion of mine if anyone has seen only a mule was the head and in the capital. issued at toppling so she was one of the two nd piece of the businesses had with forty two point five percent of the semi that we've seen from up to win the wooden use it going off to you in a way that's. the national front shield he is hoping that soon eats up your votes and maybe eat up your party eventually and that's it. this is question in what strategy to adopt that that part. i don't think so. well thursday to the results tonight is an excuse or is the socialist party and avoid disappointing
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the government. now it's true that in the thompson some of the town's rates represented because you know we have to appoint a site that definition i've not been present in intel's been so does winners for presented a gathered good scores but once again you know i disagree with his termination i don't think today the national front offers a credible program at the alternative to the ump on you were talking bout the social economic issues but on social economic issues. it's a program that is very close to the far left these are close to me snow cones. going back to national borders protecting our economy mean to leave disconnected from the bullies nation in europe on european issues on immigration. it's a tool caricature. and and that is the light. i think today it's mostly with the rejections azaleas and its insidious so this is what i would like to point out this is what was that dad is going to do is toss to impose the french people what they have to bolt and what they have not to vote today that is the result was a friend
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who i think that french people today they decide that and they checked that the most. next to the bed with him and to the web they wish to have as their programs offered on the formation of this is the first one and when you say that they we don't have small enough people want when you twenty five which is totally unlike the thing is that question all the costs and other things that people today they do not trust anymore. the traditional parties. the ump and they put the society's sitting kneeling for the national front rather than against the other parties. the thing i'm doing on a single say because i would go just to add one thing when you said that they had this is maybe it's a changing of the sanctity of the foreskin up which is still pretty long because i think in two thousand and two mrs almighty that ben was going to the second round two of the election the second thing is what we have to know that we have can only receive all
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connections since the nineteen sporting some like these in front that is and no i think we are going to have the new results and it switches over eight percent. this is what i just need to see you buy at the s man saw him on one of my throat that the last point i would like to add to what was a good dad and what you said and what was said to no good he said. i think also that the society's changing and the footy show they have two dogs they speeches. according to the alleviation of the slight ache and this is what marina and dates and it has been good for you shouldn't and the speech of the promising up and they are not pretty it's pretty i would say very much changes in the audience and the programs of us are ok be before we hit the floor to others. i just went to good too. maths a maths a level cia the second largest town in france. we were expecting
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a very close race between incumbents the conservatives' own code of good op and his socialist counter at the menu she would be national front acting as in the air the referee. it still partial results for the first ones show a major major upsets with the socialist party. lacking not only behind you and david also may be behind the national front of the prom they use and arsenal tells more about those results which would be a major major surprise and that surprise for the socialist party the playwright is a huge upset to a potential upset full. the station's dossier hearing on sale in this area of me as did very well in the first round of the woods probably expecting do as badly as they seem to be doing everything connected to the very partial result the built in so far about forty of the polling stations at almost five hundred have handed in their results a father's uncle goes up to standing at fourteen one percent to twenty in
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the elite. that's about equivalent to what your in the first round in two thousand and eight. the real big surprise and as you mentioned is seventeen to ten seconds became the third day in second place city as weak and sick are the seething staff hates that but nobody of the national front for the trip to the point of light does that mean that they suspected the nietzsche had the candidate with just a very good years of coming in from the area the sec to go with entry to nietzsche himself was standing which he won back in two thousand eight. he seemed to be in that place a bit too bad just would get to show just how about that evening he sampled the sec's top team here gnostic member of goals. so just off the air of a nationwide live knowing that they would be likely to be pretty badly. across the country to have a lot of heads resting on the outcome of that. debate in moss a save as or are disappearing now i just had a weird pm the headquarters of the pack to give me she can take a lot of long faces grain rice as you can probably imagine that the speech from the sec's
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candidates he said it was a psalm a day for frogs the fact that they were seventy national front to candidates doing so well across the country in ma save itself as a hero is calling on all the various left wing that i can do this from the first round. brenda is quite a lot of them just because the city's policy on the left wing leaving ca na say is very divided. i'm having quite a number of dissident candidates icy cold for them to get behind him for the second round but when you toss up. the total approval there's this weekend as it comes to about thirty five percent. betty's still some way behind at one pm the exit polls indicating that issue will go don't go in the first round. asic even with all but that's a reservoir of rights you may get it for short. once again then the real surprise is the year break through from the international front to their expected to do well they stiffen the game the final weeks of campaigning he was pulling between fifteen and twenty percent of the duke was in no question of him the coming
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second week that he's done better than expected at ease that succeeded him. in the psyche succeeded in pushing me so she scanned it and if that place very quickly you are the photos victim of scandals and divisions in march they all are also off the national climates. well i think to them that the party itself was always wanted to see this is a local campaign to get away from a liberal city around the of the national epic say she starred in his dissatisfaction with that the station the state government that has been a very difficult campaign beat the suns his candidate back in two thousand eight to joke was on the right to carry me he's being accused of being convicted of a number of the corruption cases and that is the second extend to discredited the station's topic but is also a production quantity decent and good toss to be loyal to the form of a chieftain of the ad the sec's sit in at the in and around the maths eight says that not any baking discredited by
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the corruption scandal is around the topic but that that the large number of the dissident to attack and this is really a help to spit the button. this is the result you end up with okay you brought in her say thank you the following that upsets the events unfolding right now i will take a short break to have a look at the top left headlines right now. thanks mark. well here's a roundup of your main at world news has been confirmation that the abode epidemic currently ravaging the west african nation of guinea has reached the capital with three suspected cases where the un children's fund says that these two cards of the eighteen people who so far contracted the virus in the country have died the organization is a fine thing on had to stop the spread of the virus. i know it today. not to be there when did we. when he didn't. and when third at the compound. it was. one
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thing done. our mission is going on. not wanting to bomb the pt but also a little while. who can i think it's going to go up in the kitchen we don't want people to knit with the dvd doesn't it. so hot. more for this sort is a pirate day of crude and scanning the rough seas of the fat indian ocean has failed to yield any concrete evidence of missing flights and teach three seventy search efforts are now entering their courage week and a nation's development of french fashion i can spot a potential objects floating near the southern car door that's beliefs have registered the plane's last known location it follows similar sightings by the chinese firm's the austrians. finding a show's miller tree commander in europe has warned that the buildup of russian forces on ukraine's eastern border becomes as ukraine's foreign
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minister says the risk of war with russia is growing on sunday a rally in kiev hurts that that's where prudence name was not just to capture crimea but it all off ukraine and to attack could occur at any moment. following its recent annexation of crimea rush it nevertheless insists its border presence is in compliance with international agreements. that's your world is rid of the benchmark thank you very much for following this the election night special for the municipal elections that year in france in lots of talk about the performance of the national front of some of the law let me just read you a sentence for months in only one of the socialist party leaders who is running for mayor in need. she is going to face a second wrong people thought she would get selected in the first romp she says the riots has grandparents. the ideas of the national front by now so she's basically saying you
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opens pandora's box. by now senor. well we should ask him not to lee i don't know where it wishes that the truth is that maybe you're copying some of those eight years on the situation and we were the conditions the kids. now we hear all the time that the right ump is going to ally with the national front on the contrary we have always refused any kind of alliance with the national front and actually excluded the very few candidates who tried to do it. we have been a change in bits of the snug in a change and then you heard me tonight and you know how much we reject the national fraud its discourse and its policies and actually i mean what we should thus not the new bling is why she hasn't played the sport if a reader and disappear into the socialist party we've always allied with the extremists especially nice to me on hold to a party without the means any scruples. so when i asked both one local level in on the national level so the right has always been
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very clear we reject all kind of extremists. though not to do is not scared of going now to get an amen stanley's talking about found dead in the recent overt policy of meaning and peace in french and the new millenia to the national finances has no acrylic using it to be sicker than a second how to say how am i and that is taking this with cheese. she stuck it out which beach even in many ways ump saying we retreat to mrs has played to a few conditions party and national comics a nibble on and that's that's and that's a huge problem. that's something new tom gets in. the now home to a good day to have to cook read the post pay for fuel oh and that's a worry. i still am and also be seen even in some of their policies in an endeavor for rapprochement. we laid down some of the um team said oh i
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need to be at the touch additionally the international fund schemes. and detail the beast an old cheap compared to the product and how great to see the role that the right on the left or just accusing each other of helping of international fronts. o who's telling the truth. i think that the boat is actually the same situation all down to balance the team and the national from the poker now is that confront these days is like the king may catch it still beats the parking deck and so i did most of these triangle a second round run offs which cost easily target calls on these voters to vote for the right to the russians can when we conceive it switches to to vote against a right to association of course. it sprayed it with my walker happened on this post to the left the stage and watched consent there's a will when o'connell for new volvo to stick it to two to two to boot. the national front because we didn't want to vote for people to
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policies be confusing but it is to go but good and exalted this was happening two thousand to frost then a conjecture hike is present because joe martin of pain the leader of the national park that aren't aims to post a second story in the first round all the reason two elections when jace acquisitions both the initial spence can make that helped out so we had to hike and the pain in the second round and at that time when so she's going to school on damages to vote for rejection hiker was elected with eighty two percent while the they start learning to be biblically jockey what will happen because many natural form voters to vote today whose candidates one albeit through next sunday may be tempted by that i suppose to protest not to vote for the traditional white pull the boat for the next to the airport remains quite unclear about which candidate when it's almost a close run off but there are three candidates wanting what actually win the support of the national front which is to become an antique map all
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fat town for liberty to ict and i think it is a major concern to both the left crustaceans and to the traditional rite the ump right. he intended to you a sense of different you're campaigning in paris that this is a difficult time for the full from historically did not fund has never done well. you see a difference in the way people perceive you or are you still seen as the devil by the most persians and many people and for this thing is that mine condition was very i would say take it or because i came from the actual process which is a truly honest movements and sauntered over to you and to the sunroom overlooking and i'm not going to the senate where member of the promise to know what i'm very good friend to the social arena and was number also a one movement one like chicken was that only in disorder. i was taken today in films that i am the candidate of the books that they were the people without means that i was stalking a b day with old
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people with me. and then i was busy with proceeds by the population and one that fit with the people on setting where the winter and this is what i was just going to be i said to right now we don't trust anymore the traditional political parties and when you say that you come from immigrant whom i seldom all the money or that from su not me i heard a lot of these and said lets them get you rich atlas and maybe things would change so i think that today the people they do not toss the traditional political pork taste and they would like to see some changes and that the new figures on that site. with that. with the new partitions. ok so clearly this prompted some of preoccupation with in photos party first of all because the socialist party didn't perform well but also to score the full funky there was some kind of justification by the prime minister samak is all about
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the results today was the coolest. no it was going on in the areas where the former essendon have to make it through to the second round. all democratic and republican voices need to come together it is good for the first was that we have a responsibility to stop them for deletion. i'm appealing to all voters to come to the polls next sunday to start the lesson that. people are those who chose to resign from his first round was so disruptive the who. when austin is anyone going to listen to the prime minister i am. well i could nonetheless days now and is no doubt about that on the race think now it will smoke seen. and it is you'll need some centrist voters some boaters on the right wing to wing several races of course. of course sounded just did this for them though is in the center and center radar can be crucial and into the air is on the left on tuesday home can be very
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important anything. we have to move away from the international own unsteady g gets daily service to national content and at this point. bill's been meaning to his son on the local races which are saying is essentially the premise that the presenter tops that we do we we don't want him on the local races because they're so popular. now i think it's because it's the reality of what the menu selection is it's about it's about delia locally shoes it's about what's happening with your cpu town with a chance to teach and lead them to do local quality of life annie and we have in common meters are apt to have done very good job and we need to remind people of that it's not about trying to sanction the present owner or oregon government because that's the wrong. it only lets you cannot say for instance if the result as it is possible that said when people make when i have done in any sense founded to be one of the mind and that the shin do that for the second round because this
7:41 pm
is about dead a local lake and in the local quality of life proceeds to make the tears but some of the dune you were hoping for a blue ways. meaning the color of your party or competence and that the uk will be able to regain a vast number of times including an important on one of two parts the elders the imo should be one in the first wrong. in belleville. there are few victories. do you think this could be really something that will help me boost the party that has struggled because of lead leadership battles because of scandals to think that this is really important imax and yes i think it is the west tonight that it is next sunday. i think it's interesting to see that a true socialist or somewhat embarrassed of their governments and and tried to distance themselves as much as possible from the soil in the masculine i truly understand the strategy by the way because tonight was a
7:42 pm
clear show of anger and rejection that the new government policies. i think he knew we should not choose between ashland localized a week we will have a very coherent national message which is sanctioning the government's failures but as local messages he say because this is a local election which the issue stitches on the schooling hours to just transportation in stitches. security which are also major concerns and eighty nine for voters in all these issues we have credible propositions criminal attorneys to cities where the socialists the mayor's in a seat in a bit. we have very very strong prospects to re gain major cities it was reviewed the cases he said some of our national leaders like to talk also could be an educator old rookie had a very good result such night and one and we should continue till the second round of mini cds using the national front will willingness tests remind our
7:43 pm
viewers depths. there are no national meters. i know there's already has a nutty as many as the french people were told was that either the us and hide in the oversized it will only take so long that results in waiting for the results of mine and ten according to a week and she never does and maybe i'm widgetbox. i hope you all to know it depends on the french when i was like just to add one thing is concerning that they become ancient office and that i am pretty surprised of the anti democratic way of imposing two people and ag and at trying to get to make the same thing what it has been gone for many years with diplomacy and i think this behavior which jewish people to baltimore for the formation of the taro. we will be interesting to see is how much of a protest vote soon the light of today's vote was compared to next week and how much people who vote next week will be upstaged might be in the second round could be less than stay calm when
7:44 pm
people want to vote for their local candidates how much can one avoid for the person they know how much more of it for them and resorted on the terminal face and stomach until you get the job again i think today was a protest but against the government it was the french people saying we've had enough of possible moment when the couple and we took will and change the type to want new policies. i was a protest vote against it additional white because they do such as plywood is never ending saga of the snake was all could be coming back on all which is upsetting the whole row i couldn't stop the chief of preparing its open next presidential election this every week without enough when will the change in direction and focus on the bike into the front because they all would he take measures take steps that the locals is not willing to take be interesting see without the same excuse to come to make some great guests and they also forthcoming european elections where the national front has a very simple condition to win them i will see ah well they will perform the next time they will be here for another special election night your own pulse
7:45 pm
until i went to thank all of you for coming good luck for those who are running. next week and will be here. for another special on horseback the road well i'm an eighties toys is a new watch and ten cents before coming up on the progress of a game on pakistan. it's a silly bring an unexpected success story. banning the new gaming industry. and i want a set of speakers for demanding as it would launch attacks if you leave home to detect. know
7:46 pm
what this sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game industry. last year a total of fifteen billion dollars was spent on video games in the us were fifty percent of the population players missed the show you today comes from a different part of the world we often associate it to the gaming industry is a look at how video games are being developed while helping to develop pakistan. the simple premise slides for its looks of it the jane is a global phenomenon was born here in part to stones who hold. its creators who looks best on sunday just two years ago are exceptionally proud. the new one. no one could only own one by one in the meantime to date. other than that but the tide has won many awards and the output of iron board game or more. um we were grateful to them on those two
7:47 pm
products on and we got them to multiple story multiple devices. i knew it was one of the biggest. so on our portfolio. it is dawn's punjab province be the next silicon valley. james g d has a flourishing here and on just programming games conceived of the seas. create an untested of may in arkansas. it is not always as playing the games through and through and is taking out the bugs salsa lot of software testing as well this is a brand new sector that employs almost twenty five thousand people men and women. the star of this is the mumbai based company to gain this month and called dream chaser. bt says. where is crumbling and yes it is these things too. six his word. it's a condition like this is no easy feat and
7:48 pm
podcast on your face with constant battle cards security threats and corruption. but there are financial and sausages. it costs associated with indian identity. very low compared to the vest so. that's an advantage when it comes to the disadvantages of not finding. each piece can. like many did your team program is more and studied in california. o box containing a whole. he chose to set up his company. along the river here on in our family the firm's own. i wanted to actually get back to the community as well. there are no weeds. it's tasty and a few i was hoping to get into. i would make no difference if i was here or if i was in the valley where i was in japan. with a ninety six to now with an estimated two point eight billion us dollars. these new program as
7:49 pm
could be changing the face i just don't wanna meet and just the edges from the thanks that he has had a baguette joins me now just a thank you so much for being with us today. what factors are behind this small but growing ninety industry in pakistan on anything. it would be this awesome unique second story in terms of what's going on than on several factors innocently driving the car bikini industry there. first of all it sounds simply things like eye on outsourcing. on that i get to market that's becoming global commodity markets are looking to emerging markets and protect talent so that helps that the system as well that helps getting things going. so the anti market is certainly one of the men won this growing locally. he'll also have found the icon and tablets in the second thing i enjoyed that mimi had made a huge difference in terms of making developing video games cheaper and easier for people to do. um we used to be a world where the abuse from console for the large machine
7:50 pm
feature added the arcades we've obviously moved on quite a way of attacking a console are still a huge part of my cat. the hole and pavlik mobile gaming market is growing substantially so that's awesome and very determined i think you there are still some things that isn't technically from sample new and evolving paradigm statistics to modify which are actually changing how people do not feel games and it's making it so that your help to develop your team isn't how you could develop basically with an eye on the mobile browser so that also makes a lot easier to cheaply in emerging markets where this happened contrition is unnecessarily high. under this really a lot of great chances in an accident that are going to a clique in law are some of the other up and coming to the uk markets that may come and surprise the. oh there's so many on the lean to see fairies at the moment the philippines for example on has again association is crying and having the creek evening conference every year lot of really interesting things is close to coming out of that market on you also have brazil which was
7:51 pm
obviously a market that people really look at in terms of one of the biggest am growing emerging markets globally on exactly the fifth largest gaming market apparently games market in the world to brazil and review the strong market turkey. there has been leading gainers on going rapidly and substantially and also chris happy and eastern european countries as well the student mahler was a small brass taxi for a long time has been a really exciting market for gaming i don't know if i would say that it's emerging anymore and it's probably emerge on the coffee thinking and psychopathic each player mark and me extremely well so there's so many markets that are now you know when not in a world where the granddaddy of gaining chip and then stood up so many incredible wonderful games over the years is the one this be scribbling on the cards it's changing dramatically. l for the us were seen on emerging markets are starting to play as well. i don't think so that it is so then i move on down to the next is a test at twenty four. i know. three
7:52 pm
hundred and sixty degrees of impeccable sound that's the promise of mercy takes a new alternate years movement is that s a difference what you think what's so special about the ultimate here's what it does not apply to the speakers on the market quickly. what makes this one special is that it's lights out was this so a lot of people who have mobile devices known as one of the biggest challenges is that rock band whose family still things on them. isn't this about this event you can do all those things and it still works perfectly fine to help. the cover for a v e the tune is actually need it when anyone in the sifted mixture of its use in our men's jackets on its inside that pdc type covering so you can drop it and continue to work so people who have found children except in the home it's a very good device onto cheese in terms of the costs of the sounds to me it's buried dead and i still see especially the larger devices to devise a larger one on and
7:53 pm
smile and they need them. but the concept of that is three hundred and sixty degree sound so the waist design you can hear the music to keep going. so what do a quick demo that's what the saints win. and having cake you can control the sound either from your divide us. we can control it from ma from your mobile or tablet or a computer as well and it is as wide as you can actually even answer phone calls with a wicket with his fingers right exactly and is off the microphone and speaker which is the great features well so you can use guy calls for example with it on the phone rings i don't drink the air through your speakers allow so on this completely wireless sound system. read well thinks that this is the name again and then selling of time for things to sing and to another edition of texans before you can in touch with us on facebook on twitter. i had stacked with fifty four and even today when images of touch by joe
7:54 pm
ninety stitch on the a professional pet by their design and test pilot the nazis takes you on an adventure in the guise of santorini. these include any the immortal in the french alps enjoy the rides and i'll see you next week. the route
7:55 pm
its part in order to go on a dozen girls who meet every week. the stretch and warm up before the jumping starts these women are part of the wrongs park or a movement in conservative on women's sports are usually practiced in dollars. the group is a novelty. we think and what of the said contest. sometimes i'm exercising. they criticize us by saying that this book to snuff. yes he does a thick paste tomato say i can't imagine that account can exercise just like going with the concomitant popular in the west park or is an urban sport that involves running jumping and climbing over obstacles with acrobatic body movements. that is no easy feat in a country which
7:56 pm
obliges women to wear loose clothing and cover their hair with the stars. unlike them and plays the instrument was used instead to use my stuff despite the constraints the girls and determined to do with lines about gender stereotypes. his ipod. many people call cool venue for men and they believe no woman can do it especially free running. the dog goes approach they can do it like boys and sometimes they do that to them at bay the dedicated train three times a week and teach you this practice to perfection here is jim is well equipped to cushion their falls the number of girls attending the park of course increases every day and there are now nearly three hundred women training in the scan it's a mad at them like that we used to chain of pa announcer loudly that given a three day in wisconsin and from others in a lesson to
7:57 pm
teach them to be key to progress. back then this course was filmed at the cinema was limited to credit provided to agree sharing some of the day swim and most evenings. the stream is filled with accounts they care that read this that and gave any thought about what i've done. with these girls their dream would be to practice their sport competitively on a national level. because the new age and history gives reason to leave. because breaking news on leads. the information every where. when situations the subjects. just me. match
7:58 pm
use. is yes. and. i live
7:59 pm
and i. she said. contact century. all spend my money first two. two explosions at
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it. the cab. you will will will will will . what we celebrate the re union as the republic officially becomes part of russia. often the heels of the team to leave ukraine. the one of russian art gets a new light purple clothes off debate. it was fresh us sanctions. i personally don't have an accountant but i will definitely open on monday presentation says he wants to give the salary but will see a bank as washington and brussels out more russians to a list of this section by visa bans and asset freezes


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