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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 24, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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and a squeeze play the process. we will the eye the slap the face for the ruling social is in the first round of friends its municipal elections. barb right party the national front a record number of votes in the vocal folds the crises in ukraine set to dominate today's meet your son and he is as nato's top military commander once the site the old russian troop buildup on the border trade. and ships and planes from several nations are
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coming along one of the southern indian ocean mounting evidence of floating debris could bring a breakthrough in the search for that missing the latest passenger planes and so far no death rate of two thousand what you've asked a cap that was a historic night for the far right national front here in france that anti immigrant party took a record number of votes in sunday's local elections even winning the mayoral race in the former socialist bastion out rights. hardly a team takes a look now at the rise of the far right in practice so when the mainstream stronghold of the number one the uh uh uh tonight we went to clinton predicted he would steal the woman returned as mayor. to me one hundred quilting in the corner of my evening sky. it can lead to the wilderness you and i mean that bennett is what she was a significant change in direction in the french political landscape. this is
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the end of the constant carrying. i leaned into him last summer nights. you and me and sent us to change the date the seventh. it's an event which will take reach across the entire comment. to prepare for the alternative that if you check them that she did around the harbor including security he said increasing the demand to halt the pollution the money and i get to look beyond its six hundred and thirty six with the cute it hurts. this expresses alarm and called on the lake that will tend to cling to ensure that the point is to know was defeated in the second drawing board to make some tea. the group was going on in the areas where the fullest and make it through to the second round all democratic republican voices need to come together it is good for gospel so that we have a responsibility to stop. who really should however one with honesty no success in the price trend
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has been tempted to disillusionment with fort greene king county's rate than you and i was still celebrating the goal is one of the biggest next month to complete meltdown and so it is daunting to me do it all from national chains and seven towns in the canteen and don't stop to mediate defeat behind them record lieutenant of just over sixty percent appears to be the source of this artist purity is causing many of the discipline to go to disney. the challenge now is the party to convince this beast of a terrence the polls next week for the second kind of risk and even agree to it repeats. i just heard there was a rough night for the socialistic those that result didn't come as a complete surprise socialist francois vote on it currently has the lowest recorded ratings of any french president in history. voters in france are angry over many things including his failure to tackle france's high unemployment that many people not even turning out to vote
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at all. every rose has more on just where the socialists playground. i will savor the last nationwide for two tests for fun spot on the results of the connections between disappointing for the presentation is on team prompting his prime minister to the knowledge that is to police that consent of both houses finance is by switching camps. i'm not editing tool. new buildings into music but are trying to broker the elections took place in a typical economic and social context for french people. posted on to the building would be the front is going through a period when necessary. but demanding reforms. so does in some voters expressed their worries and died at the ballot box or by abstaining altogether. well too. qantas recently introduced one hundred nationally the market reforms in a bid to resign from his
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struggling economy. but unemployment still stands at ten percent and coal shed heat from the stump up in a president since the nineteen fifties. one of the dominion post and click here. we seem to protest it displays against the law and in favor of the right one. we've also seen if that does the splits in front so between working class voters and the leaves it was like having two elections and one who was who don't know. victorious in the gnostic elections sixty s again. the runoff that on sunday could see the station is his several key cities including com today's suntec cnn has cooled. ma say the national front page the socialist candidate patrick mini sheet into that place. there was a solid silence at least for the socialists hearing parents. their candidates annie doll done now looks set to become the city's next mayor. paris has been run by the socialists for the past twelve years was widely
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appreciated it felt like it's not all rosy. i may look like she'll be considered the debutant peter island at the secondary say that that candidate. but her initials and can actually scored much better than expected it has remained true to their bruises to show them to flee hundred calories the it was the least recent review of the people in the e u leaders into perspective for me in the middle of a model. i want to be turned over to see words keep building a strong returns home he shared the same values the values of our republic on the progress. i'm a crash with this you're it means to you for the kids on mondays the press today and of course that means simple buddies on all the front pages whose gritty of that historic success to the far right hand of the time of life for the station's that it is the front page of the bay the left wing paper glue to seal the deal could
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you take a genius a bit alarmist is knit flat here in france about this verse the message being to watch out friends want to be black the french. the pentecost the national front row far right party could be taking over. what about the rightwing press quoted a finger up is done looking at what is the coastal fabian for the president also are known to some extent this is the thumbs down to two years and they concede it is of the things the bow is the rejection of his two years in power. now um of that message throughout the press is he is being punished. one in the main paper is scenic which is thought to be more neutral that also had an interesting take with a good thing was that again from nature because the outdoor show the office thanks to nate punish the recommended sanctions that i left and inside the paper today was a funny piece of local telephony for the stations but if he didn't eat any kids that eat an egg. now that i coming out party and someone close to full swaddled on
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sunday vietnam in focus the fuss was also coming through said um sep to defend the things that i can make it to the masses being with thinking and not really conveys the meat i can see in the french press across the board saying this isn't really disastrous for the sexes aussie who lay over the next week be able to turn this around and not make it so much of its toxic cesspool far right national front submarine attack. thank you so much that new crush of course that second round of elections coming up next we can't really take you a kit the press is nothing so much well let's go to ukraine and now where russian troops had just seize control of the new ukrainian military base in eastern crimea. troops storm the pace early this morning using armored car is started in eighth and paratroopers last week of course russia makes the crimea following a referendum and moscow has been making moves to ensure total military control over the peninsula. nato's top military commander has even gone so far as to warn of a
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quote. some like the old russian troop buildup on the border of ukraine the mother dresses in crimea has that many people worried in poland in the current conflict between ukraine and russia warsaw has clearly taking kiev side. polls are worried that what it could become a threat to an end to his ma from our team on the ground. every sunday post gather outside the russian embassy in warsaw to express their support for the ukrainian people the tiny understand them. that's why our hands. please feel to write effective. this new entry something similar. he said. the crisis in ukraine resonates very daunting opponent. media readily compare russia's annexation of crimea with the answers to his takeover of austria in nineteen thirty eight germany and russia a typo that the following year. i think is that the war of
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course because i'm safety belt as a child. it's time to do this in the way. russian aggression need not be military could be damaging to an end. i don't think there is any real danger of an invasion. russia to attend court. apply pressure and indeed to destabilize poland politically or economically well with the ball nevertheless the british government has been making much may be the buttons makes them interesting. it's similar to those tomato from albany to draw lessons from this crisis i think the alliance's summit in september will be one of the most important in its history meanwhile war stories though being at the heart of the ukraine to deal with the taunts of eu membership and not just that the solidarity. it wants to keep russia. it's a safe distance. this is in ukraine does look set to dominate a nuclear summit of g seven nations that signed today in haiti. us president barack obama is already there and in
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other lands. top the agenda of finding some way to punish russia for adults in crimea including possibly excluding moscow from the g eight club of wealthy nations. here's our washington correspondent to look rather brooke obama arrives in europe and with a very different set of priorities for the united states. ukraine now very much top of the agenda for president barack obama and the g seven meeting new gone to the g eight meeting with russia. not all told it for now national security adviser susan rice is on this trip and she has spoken about the priorities for the united states she said this that speaking to reporters before the trip international community will be broadly rethinking its relationship with russia and the united states he says will be aiming to show strong alliances with its partners in europe and asia and the middle east also the sanctions of course will be discussed
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the strongest section so far have been enthused by the united states and this is a country that wants to talk seriously with its allies the likes of united kingdom prawns and gemini countries that are seen as more reluctant to putting in a new place. stricter sanctions these are countries that the united states wants to convince that this is a trip that will be launching about ukraine not only during the bus stop but also in brussels when presenter aka baba will be meeting the head of may taylor and thus paul rasmussen and then the us president will move onto other subjects presumably ukraine will never disappear completely but he will move onto its only a meeting with the pope and then on to saudi arabia as well. it's our washington correspondent of crap. next the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane is now in its third week but it's still coming up empty. a striking authorities despite the use of the most advanced search aircraft in
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the world am i able to find possible debris spotted earlier today but the chinese canton tx has the greatest we loaded up with a possible sighting in the third term malaysia airlines flying and e street band and the tiny state television is reporting that one of its search plane has cited several suspicious objects floating in the southern indian ocean the crew reported seem to mind john jaques and some smaller white debris scattered over several square kilometers. the announcement comes after a string of satellite images over the weekend raised hopes that some headway with the made in hysterics for the airliner the willful said he'd owned the french government has decided to increase its satellite monitoring of this in and tried to obtain more precise images the applications still on call me picky but it is most important thing is to confer with certainty that it is debris from an airplane and perhaps the malaysia airlines flight is an ally to us. but
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australia's deputy prime minister cautioned the french satellite data. he's in a completely different location to the images already released by australia and china. the french saw it being used against a piece of new material because of that in a completely different location that has about eight hundred and fifty kilometers north of the current stitching area so we need to check that out as well. and that the smoking area that had been identified is the most likely a place with the aircraft. maya then painted the city. ten planes is carrying a fifty eight thousand five hundred square kilometer area of the ocean hoping to buy any possible to breed picked up earlier by radar echoes in satellite imagery several ships are also waiting in the series with china standing in ice breakers no dragging to link hands. light and eighth streets and indeed it appeared on march eight line route from kuala lumpur to
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the scene with two hundred and thirty nine people onboard. it's what you can see kevin sheedy cuddle and terence stamp away. cindy jeremy says it wouldn't fit into a studio against jungle in the seventy admit to within three points of the place to deal with a three goal win over relegation threatened such that a hectic with a double bill at the vaunted george second place monica attacks the deed of release but something wasn't it's a very good point for us said was it alternates. not to come away empty handed so nothing that with a bit more. no if we could've done something a bit but said he supported top players to know how they can situate themselves were killed and two are such a bout of monaco to the teachings of the stuff the chicken. it allows us to say he'll decide how we can
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use it against other teams corn crops that strong so after five but more of consistency and are caring for me even though we found this balance wheel when the rankings. we took a donor who gave me the book and the dopey going to keep that they know what a very strong in its accounts under a lot of pressure so the cop with an epic match will play well during the whole match. it was a good tactical match. he also added in a spectacular match. e coupon for it. what is good i didn't buy no classic headed up to its billing with barcelona beat ten man real madrid for three sons the oven for about two spectacularly as it sought to raise a little messy becomes the top score in the pictures history with patrick synonyms of a double shot of it now but just in yes to know what it takes. when you
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feel. and it was a very exciting game restarts it's very well in the opening minutes and then the cat went against us. and we were able to react well when it was reported victory. this retains its going to be tough but why. putting this picture is going to give us strength to go through what they were the target. as i've said before if we want them really quickly. it is now still not more tags. now we will just continue flights input costs via coming up next. we have to quit not want. you are you in on the left. processor wilfred tsonga face a tough test against former australian open finalist marcos bikes out six of the fifth round of the miami masters. it was the cypriot it. that's it. get a sense that song to the world number eleven next the second set tiebreak and belt out some hope for when. six and six
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in it. patricia constituencies that touches on a grid of extremism that he beat south africa skipping this and get to know so well one of the six murray is on course to defend his title it expands the midst of an advanced in straight sets the beach enjoy the warm about what you'd better be given back. the book is devoted to civil code first triple crown but that means it's up to cheat the front says he scored a court i stopped it well and world number eleven on the back but nearly all the french government ranks twenty two to twelve point two due to the un to its customers on its eclectic with a second set point and it actually took the set tiebreak. agape is supposed to be in that sense of the australian open runner up went on to win seven six six four. next up a venus williams the first round bye and second row will
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to believe no one except the colts division three set points to seal. he's rich will grow. but if things become a sports car mechanic i kidnapped in straight sets to win its bid to win a game so it went through. which is right christoph waltz like the longest walk of a race that no one seven a classic it's barbaric action lara in a sprint finish that makes rice its winter twenty four servant was tipped in light of this protest which was a fun tastic the deepest spot to the teacher to tell you what a good chance and garlic in a minute for a stopper but soon was having none of its stocks of the three point seven two orbits of tokyo klein soviet onions and topped twelve seconds with my kids to get it. he was gone they tested out mark cavendish and catch tomorrow we shall instead of a large bunch sprint. twenty six year old norwegian crystal. it's the first major wrecks off the top six. not to pick up trucks in the midst of the season in style on sunday
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the fifteen k and i stopped to discuss the topic by athletes. that assessment not so ready to run away but the real work starts with the truth movement superiority dalton to strive to exceed penalty. let that sink in with the likes of seven seconds to go straight it ends the season tickets went to the girls up to sixteen gold medals with student debt. been to do is cut up my ride and secure the second lap he woke up and rolled onto it to korea despite the best education in the last race. this is that unlike the russian missed four shots but still it's a victory that swell one point roberts had not stopped despite difficult conditions it'll slip after ivan went into the rice into a ditch in front of noise to work but get to school to go through all sorts of stuff that was in the form that i got only able to finish quilting supplies and kirk's twenty shots. he was getting a second victory in as many days of nonstop tied to coach
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the dire state of the truths contained in four. enough of it to stay ahead it could be done in the standings. but some advocates paralympic athlete lost to history it has been extended until mid may ap stories to die issue tickets go for breakfast income tax saying he missed it afforded true to the courts if the soreness at the trial will run until may to sixteen with only eighteen of a possible one hundred and seven with the city and then welcomed tuesday's and wednesday's. some of the studies don't mind dying coming up on station and codeine based self the six weeks. his radical actions he says he's even submit ideas for new national flag and a ukrainian daredevil innocent death defying stunts obviously inspired by their
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dutch counterparts heat in and take it away with healthy cells. wednesday is the concept that is hidden in evidence and to annex since french rate is too close to her best mom and sometimes the more times than diamonds including base during the fest and the thief and two and actions. faced with these kids have been sharing peaks coding events and i teach on till the end the night containing the banking sector social media platforms actually ten meetings to plan and to this end user license tax expense base is going to be healthy it's not the bid and that the government doesn't buy it again states to seek a compromise the secret ann rincipappy toay straight to the assistant area ministry had to bend and corrections. i was told b s polling the southeast could cost as much of the testes eighteen chinese fifteen influenced. having been pressured into making it such a way and pasting pre fall nine. now the saints at the time each tuesday from
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seven speaking task and baked in a bid to combat circumstance and vision takes clean green fleet is based in an e on has been edging and reaches across the city to saffron taste. the cost of heights. once the move. easy one as wilson gets it right away that to change then national bank. i mean it's a junkie in nasa plans to hold a referendum redesigning the flag has become a hot topic online with cannons ipcc thinking that a sign stating the flag onto the ends and sides and ends and trying to pay tax someone dying to get rid of the british union jack at beaches on my current pc and mac. i still talk to the commonwealth people shed had a government's wish to do away with its reference to the scene instead he'll cost and focus on the false gods and represent the southern cross constellation
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the silver that has no say the change in identity on tate said. the puppy am a jew a deep is the easiest qaeda bombs and the ones on the claims. many fail it will be testing the new guy. he said with a black background this trip for my country's national rugby team. he'll banks. i have of the screen so outlandish appraisals that lesson behind a new zealand shacks to handle thinks it's awesome kind that should be replaced by the prime minister's face. another wacky against inmates been crippled by number of babies is a stink rates and taxes from the village of him a new strategy. keith jackson abc affiliate in these evenings try. i mean is media pointed at any general in a candy apple announced and has nice to know the one a that japanese but he sits in
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the dlf offense press conference after taking off is when milo in japan and has inspired pontius and to give twenty four euros and ninety achievements will then face the nation and has some fourteen thousand nights some ns again and i spent the next it appears he is awesome most days propaganda ploy to nineteen matches annexation of korea the move. the panda band scratching his back on the building. shopping under way and trying to escape from the supermarket sells american nazis to monte keep it into the sunlight the tsunami aid. the detail of his black onto a transparency and then held it out very interactive with the real wealth behind. you can take out the connection on the bombay mix these kind of pace the move. the dish to bet that i know kobe has phd to go straight you have to
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bash each attend any real well to medication into a paste. taking place and said receive the streets of calcutta in the new york city or san franciscan and the great weight creep as klein is an appendage. you have seen all had to be at the jungles jt website and make sure you are using it to go cry in class that the move looking at oh nine weeks to taxing on us fast sweeping change becoming a balancing act to weigh up the captaincy is ukrainian and careful mustang want it in some of his haste rating standards cool completely without any protective coating for a pretty impressive stuff the three sheep which i can in this best of compilation pda together by teaching them he added. the air. mm
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the new i lose you ll. from there. and. i can. in. the i
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am. do the cheeky. it's
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saddening. carrie ann romney lately of course all right yours are. with all seven games. what a witch. cz we
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will . the research to cheat countries are prepared to discuss nuclear safety issues in the hague the third global summit on nuclear security will open next week the us president. german chancellor british prime minister president of catholics and france turkey russia and many other countries expected to arrive in the heat to produce beating the summit is planned that the full time as a viable hold bilateral negotiations with the provision of us in the head of the netherlands the upcoming nuclear security summit will be held for the third time in the past four years the right to host this globalum


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