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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 25, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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website. sch the shop next to the broadcasts will they stormed to their meeting or find a breakthrough with present brock obama present park will sit down with japanese prime minister shinzo lobby for the first time since taking office bought the regulation dr is starting to take shape and legalizing the trucks will be among the first measures to liberate entrepreneurship malaysia's prime minister confirms that flight but instead he has been lost and that no one on board survived i've done it again snapped
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a fan. i don't. the rs and teary eye. you were watching from around her topics today marks twenty fifth year in seoul. i need to hang them sean went to so much for joining us. we begin this evening in the hague where the most anticipated meeting of the nuclear security summit draws near. as evocative for the first time since taking office more than a year ago will sit down across from japanese prime minister shinzo ave on the sidelines of the summit while north korea's nuclear program will top the agenda many will be watching closely for signs of a fine recent korea japan tensions the presidential office correspondent is on the ports and he said that to me at the us and japan and he is on the sidelines of the new security summit in the paint
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on keeping the washington that funded largely focused on the time the left hdd you can write notes to me yet. if the question of whether the team members of the six party nuclear talks will be able to find a way to the stock the multilateral dialogue and installed since may two thousand eight. so in washington and tokyo to manifest his commitment by the county and to fulfill its treaty if the sun and legend and anthony am i beating want an immediate return to top. time and the us. he differed on the preconditions to and the timing of the six weeks and i love it when pregnant she and obama and that indicate monday. and yet i'm cute the three way talks because they represent the first between president and prime minister she has a lot and an extreme tides over historical and territorial issues. although the most contentious issues such as japan denials of its colonial than atrocities and claimed it could be a controlled took
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a while and i'm not on the agenda is speculation as to whether the two leaders will discuss them. and so it is also paying close attention to cook your sincerity over its historical wrongdoing. in fact an aide to the japanese prime minister earlier this week contradicted the hotness of the affirmation to japan's wartime slavery apology saying he could be devised depending on the outcome of the kids revealed that in any case i'm kind of fate tuesday senate could offer a break to prolong the impasse between seoul and tokyo. she is hot add the onions and eight first a visit to germany this week president fox trot to a german daily about south korea's relations with north korea and japan. speaking to the front quarter of the main insight to the south korean president said she has always been open to dialogue with the north including a sunday but that having talks for talks they will not help with the inter korean times
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present cox said the international community should be united in urging calm yet to change its attitude about its nuclear ambitions and when it does so will be ready to assist in improving the livelihood of the north korean people on seoul tokyo relation surprised and said japan should take note of germany's postwar sincerity to mend ties with its european neighbors and work to rebuild trust with soul. back in the nation australian prime minister tony abbott will visit korea next month for some it on to present connect the presidential office of tata announced tuesday that the australian leader will arrive in seoul on a pro and for a two day visit. the two leaders will discuss ways to strengthen cooperation in various fields including political economic and cultural sectors along with the security situation on the korean peninsula. you're also in a mean taking the free trade deal agreed upon and december will be the second meeting the pm to
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two meters after the first in a spin on the sidelines of the asean summit in brunei last october. it was. korea has accused united states attorney for jeans relations with south korea and hampering the possible resumption of six party talks on its nuclear program. are you the un has more on some strong words aimed directly at the united states by pyongyang's deputy master to the us. missed me and half point the finger squarely at the united states with the filth resumption of the six party talks which are aimed at ending the north's nuclear weapons program speaking at a news conference at the united nations on monday coming and deputy un ambassador rebuild it to the u s with his country's nuclear program as a political bargaining chip as among its us is containing the pivot points against the dprk. united states should be noted. no
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the fact that. additional missions continued to be taken. by the dprk didn't bother to demonstrate the problem. all set for the fans if they did it. he stuck to us was to blame for the stalled six party talks of sight refusal to meet without preconditions the six party talks which involve china japan russia at the usp of the two koreas are aimed at disarming north korea of its nuclear weapons the talks have been stalled since late two thousand eight hundred and has been making a push in recent months to restart the talks. but the us remains insistent that north korea must first dismantle its nuclear program before cox can continue. he also said the united states' refusal to halt the annual joint military drills with south korea are undermining prospects for improved relations between the two koreas. the latest chris evans follow an accusation on
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the fourteenth and u s is setting up its human rights conspiracy against north korea. that came in response to a us human rights report back on the north for new words by allegiances. yet in use. the wheels are already in motion on present i can ace trying for de regulation starting as early as may it will no longer be legal for individuals to renovate commercial food trucks or trucks that is into two trucks because this five days after the president pledged to cut the volume of regulations like twenty percent over the next few years our hike and reports and i was president of finance plan to cut regulations on business entity. ill be legal for individuals and businesses to renovate commercial trucks into the truck starting as
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early as may. mainstream made the announcement tuesday and it follows the request by infantry tank that journey during the special televised debate last week. could trust accurately categorized as special automobiles and therefore is illegal to read any other types of trucks for the purposes of serving food on them. what normally takes forty games for the two teams to take place. the trip the ministry plans and to guide the process and store in the period to twenty games and other plans the ministry said ill ease regulations on the training of bottled ales and will allow for the renovation of bands and camping car is in the eagles for the disabled by the end of this year. the move comes after present at ten am last thursday stressed every four thinker and regulatory manager is to encourage businesses to invest actively which could ultimately lead to job creation. president bob plans to cut the bombing of registered regulations to eighteen percent of the current level by two thousand sixteen. honey came
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the news. the extra stress on the government's deregulation reform drive. we are joined by dr team in time professor of economics at sunken bryant university. thank you very much for joining us this year well as we saw from connie's report of food businesses may be quick to respond to this the de regulation drive which really got a real boost last week from prison on seven hour meeting. i do think that meeting had its intended effect and is korea over regulated. well of. i think the seven hour long televised discussion was her own slice of antiquities department because of the park and there was not. she just kept going in setting up the reception was so little time. no american is very apparent even in precisely on time. and this is a typical scene in her strong determination to implement
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very aggressive on to the research and writing the problem with the great nation is at six am in overtime the economic environment is changing. and those old regulations no longer detectable i did all that different. well any ambitious plans that the government set out is to cut the number of regulations and by twenty percent until twenty sixteen which is roughly two thousand two hundred bowls to think this is feasible. on the side of the plan and with the regulations are re talking about here. well that depends on the side of things and i went to see them in indigent in the dish of people who have received this thing and then how well can effectively the government of kisses will implement in it than you. on a mission when you've been missing. aldo yet the problem is will cost
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the problem with that it's the basis of the campus times the shooting department blind ben has been made for him to chop you know when the movie won't be listening to god wants. just to keep the card so that's not very good opting to do. so how do we make sure if that's a good regulation stage and that people don't try to take advantage of this de regulation system for prayer requests and calm. that's why in this country is on and they have. oh that impact assessment of the body which monitors them problems and issues. in a session with the new regulation and due to assess the costs and benefits of new regulation and compare the week. to those in the old ones so well. of the government is going to
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install and setup area impact assessment of decency. you will carry out the competition the successful or other house administrations in removing unnecessary regulations and with it that the current government do to make the ongoing drilling every performance successful the previous governments have not happened. only. what did find it an incentive system by which the goal was to pieces and made a canadian example erin performance in an amendment to reform would be a bit winded and those in game two women can get the job done right. be punished. so these are depicted as an incentive system. my new domain the re formed fourteen minute counts successful. this government
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is going in and has had an enduring lessons from the previous government's mistakes. i hope that you can achieve his goal to reducing the number of admissions and ten percent. oh by the end of two thousand sixteen the drywall we have the next two years to see thank you so much to camp for joining us tonight the line. i want your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. join nottingham chum limited and the of the heart of seoul. my tiny. we got three wide and ten. on the tv onto the next general election. china's economic growth has weakened in recent years but finance minister osaka is giving reassurance that the impact will be limited on the korean
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economy. i can't get past contests. korea's top economic policy for the slowing chinese economy does not appear to be on the chair concern during a press briefing on tuesday finance minister kang also upset that the slowdown in the world's second largest economy will not have a major impact on the nation's growth to mark the konami. as for who we want the economy is improving each time. and the two countries. the main stage. he pointed out that eighty per cent of korea's exports to china are half finished goods which are exported again to other nations. khan however said china's slowing growth and become a risk to the global economy as they could negatively impact financial markets he said the government would continue to look out for external shocks. regarding the free trade agreement talks with
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china icahn said he sees no major obstacles ahead especially with the leaders of the two nations having agreed to finalize tree tops by the end of this year depression had with the government's plan to ease regulations and pledged to make clear that affects of cutting down on red meat. we will make the results that you really should so that people make their own decisions on the government's plan khan also cited the importance of looking for creative ways to streamline regulations so that the government's drive to bolster corporate investment in the regulation gets up for their boots i mean. yes largest automaker turn the motor has pulled the curtain back on its new sonata model to fully re model sedan is expected three then its mid size car sales at home and abroad. you can see on the ports. and in the hopes the new sonata will help fight that has sizeable
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global market share from its competitors toyota and linda and essential media sonata has better fuel efficiency trollope twelve point one km on a liter of gasoline as you point six km more into it a scam me. it's also less expensive than other models priced between twenty one and twenty thousand dollars the korean automaker hopes improvements needed to nanotechnology and safety features one of the company's fortunes at home and abroad what you get a sense of the premium quality in every detail. he offers a thrilling driving experience not get seen in other midsize cars in the new sonata is safer and equipped with user oriented technologies as adr technologies including warning system for drivers twenty gb for the road. abs my cruise control function automatically controls eat. i mentioned a distance from the card fronts. oh well this be enough for the korean automaker to turn the table
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on its competitors. steel sinks reaction by four percent in twenty eighteen for the pdf here. a big question is that the company is actually in the fuel efficiency of this presented a model. hyundai motor and its affiliates yet motors have to shell out around four hundred million the stars last year he said a loveseat in the us for overseeing the illegal kind you read this other vehicles and a secular try to boost its market share the us to four point seven percent this year which fell to four point six percent last year down zero point three percentage points from twenty twelve. along with the head of hyundai key automotive group forecast a week it feels for any here's what we went to the largely due to the appreciation of the tree currency. kenny miller insists of two hundred twenty thousand new sonata is this year sixty three thousand her yet. anyone under sixty five thousand overseas and seal the ends
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the summer crop stories on the global front from the traffic into the missing awaited airliner to the won her fourth anniversary of the death of korean independence fighter and an eagle eye for poly new center symbolic start of the devastating news out of malaysia after more than two weeks of searching we hear that authorities have confirmed the worst the senate and in a tragic jane knows how the ceo of malaysia airlines frame the latest on missing point three seven zero. his comments came one day after malaysia's prime minister announce that the plane when the crash in the southern indian ocean. however the search for the wreckage was called up tuesday due to bad weather. hirsch and send in reports. this is a sad and pretty people all over us at least the time. this new
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youth crew that was taking for the families of those on board. cl of malaysia airlines held a news conference tuesday in kuala lumpur to say this can cause heads to the family members of the passengers and to outline steps the airline is taking for the family the airline has offered family members five thousand us dollars for each passenger aboard flight thirty seven zero additional payments as the search continues. this follows a malaysian prime minister's announcement the day before that the ill fated flight team down some air and even notes that the indian ocean with no chance as anyone survives despair and rage exploded among relatives of the chinese passengers onboard that plane and be changed after receiving the news many had feared but didn't want to believe. i want that of a journal with the information they can sense it is not true
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maintaining student getting to the needy at the family that is not leisure airline and the malaysian government and military of being coached the real executioner to kill the messenger passengers the second she would be dearly missed. i didn't delete the rescue actions least in large quantity of human resources the materials and lost valuable time for the rescue effort. the jet benetton march eight with two hundred and thirty nine people on board after a tip off from kuala lumpur and bounced to the gym. stephen and i did ten years. moving on western powers are trying to put more pressure on moscow over the crisis in ukraine by dropping russia in this year's g eight meeting on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in the hands of the leaders of the g seven all the nouns they would instead hold their own summit this year in brussels. they can do and what they call the russians illegal attend to annex crimea and promise to work together to cut their dependence on russian oil and
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gas. in response russian forum is ur sergei lavrov shrugged off the snow and the possibility of russia's expulsion from the alliance as coach. no great tragedy and finally turning to china where preparations are being made to commemorate the one hundred fourth anniversary of adaptive korean independence by her and showing good as ceremony will be held wednesday at memorial hall dedicated in every nine in the chinese city of delhi on the ceremonial be jointly hosted by the korea china friendship association and koreans living there. on those executed in a japanese prison on march twenty six in nineteen ten. after assessing killed when hit show the former resident general of korea in the chinese tea party in october nineteen oh nine. the reds overlook an international stories making headlines around the world see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time
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sports and speed in check well that korea's complaint over the controversial salty olympics olympics figure skating results come too late well it was meant to prevent similar incidents in the future not to overturn the decision but may not end up changing much at all the issue re emerge last friday when korea's olympic committee and skating union said they were having any formal complaint to the international skating union regarding union a silver medal finish the russian pedialyte the ppc and then shot back to see that any complaints unit can fall within an hour of the incident and that kim's all in action at the time was questionable. what this point it's unclear as to how the isu will handle the case and stay here in the nation south korea's ladies curling team has returned home from the world championships with
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out a medal but still considered it a success the five ladies arrived in town international airport on tuesday after their semi final loss to russia before the mall switzerland got gold for canada. well the current curlers more upbeat about the new year podium finish see they had exchanged a bronze medal for valuable experience. and moving on to golf the world's number one tiger woods may miss the one major she never misses the masters when asked whether he'll be able to make it took us to the thirty year old called percent that it's still too soon whether to head that will keep him sidelined adding that he was frustrated by its progress and with that for trimester champion is in danger of snapping his nineteen year streak of entries dating back to nineteen ninety five. and heading to the pitch the players and referee and fault in the red chord wonder in the premier league match between arsenal and chelsea over the weekend have been
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cleared. the english football association admitted that the match referee andre marin are heading. he'd been a mistake according the ball arsenal player for a handball here and get his red card was then transfer to alex oxley chamberlain ample for the suspended paul mariner will continue overseeing gains as usual now let's head to playoff action in the kb help the season champs them all this and it's supposed to be as kate nights for the two of the semi finals. mold is one game one but as kate had the momentum to start. he basically lead into halftime one day from all this may come back to the third and it comes down to the wider plot and stays late to re seal the deal giving him the way in this empty fourteen sixty nine to split the series was born. and that's all for now this has been keeping track of you back here later for more of the world of sports
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there was a cloudy day here in seoul but i hear heavy rainfall watch has been issued in some places for details. the command line striking the gown at the weather center. look at what's the latest anything that although it's not rainy here and felt great and found out that the heavy rain at this hour of heavy rainfall lots has been a sit on the mountains of tennessee word for word the moment in the rainy on through tomorrow evening our friends at the end of the region can expect about ten to fifteen millimeters and the central region including stella are forecast to get less than five millimeters. hasan is under the table without a low pressure trough from the southwest which is why we're seeing the guys and showers nationwide in the heart of one white and bright and dry weather warning has been a good thing it can't be in effect that makes it to keep yourself hydrated. i'd like to look like we're going to lead
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the way the league average temperatures tomorrow taking the lead at tomorrow's reading solid dems to twenty one victories by eighty thousand south make it to the mit team. well they've got to ride everyday. i bought today at fourteen to increase the height of seventeen while coco and i can make it to twelve and fourteen. i see that broadcasts on this tuesday the twenty something so natural and thinks watching all season. students. that
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is sort of a korean company employee of the supreme truth i want to meet the indian casino. by its profits were being put in. that was the fourth including images as the mob he argued he thought of the fifteen and difficult. they could come by and so much fun. this concluded that this is the son of the war has been cutting and cooking use the tub. my home. i would say the white thing. ch. you
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don't. they just let me go result of reasonableness that it was intended to become one he looked. each. beach. ask she going to hit you on the up to the ddt activity all you need. a heck of a boss. many adults it is better mentality. the master of its own i ever was she tosses it over with open office at seven this. due to attend. he is. she's nice. no
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will . one of ukraine's most notorious open auction list is gunned down by police or security sources say was a planned assassination something predicted by the late dr the calypso she was loaded into the ministry to remove its opponents the plan to start with me i've thought it was that i was notorious for his violence against local officials as well as not to his rhetoric and threats against norton ukrainians police say he was shot dead was resisting arrest. this site. i would use every means to rile up


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