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details on our backsides as she made the com. my name is x thomas gibbons can. fan the us. she gave me one more time apart to embrace the setting up an event marking the end to the dramatic side the resolution backing given that he can't quite get it. like elijah wood of climate. new delhi. some of
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all right. considered by a global realignment in the wake of the street all the lights and white. i do by chatting with thirty minutes of new and well told story of this special commemoration event marking fifty years of diplomatic ties between china and france was held in paris on thursday visiting chinese president hu jin ping spoke of the event. summarizing the successes of the pos fifty years and outlining china's policy on the future development of bilateral ties the chinese president told the buzz countries working together to realize the national greens residencies in qinghai might give the importance of relations between china and prawns in the last half
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century. speaking at the commemoration events presidency said he appreciated the historic moment in nineteen sixty four when frost became the first western power established diplomatic ties with a people's republic of china the need to do this open goal from utrecht the nation the communication between china and prawns and also between china and the west and well it seems that in china froze relationship has become a special one. now the world's largest countries the relationship is always developing ahead of time is the nation's other major western countries. during his speech. the chinese president demonstrated its knowledge and passion for french easter or you can bet i was fascinated in french history philosophy ought to lift it up especially the front of the motion. it made me really think about the political evolution of human society the president said china and prawns have reached a point where the must embrace destiny. he called on the two countries to seize the day
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and face the future. by the drug trade is booming trade between the two nations hit fifty billion us dollars in twenty thirty am as compared to just one hundred million us dollars in nineteen sixty four the launch here for diplomatic ties. it is. our team. we joke and an open debate of perspective. every mind for the development of the chinese the french economy would benefit the global economy. we shall promote trade and investment and trade opportunities in a free and to protection as the markets. the chinese president also spoke of china's aspirations for the future. stressing that peaceful growth remains the key underlying philosophy the woman to teach all looking them up. the chinese dream is about peace a peaceful global environment is the premise of realizing the tiny stream. according to his feet. realizing that on the stream with a great entities rather than threats
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he's rather than turmoil to the wild. it'll help the world make progress in glamorous aspects. napoleon bonaparte one said that china is the sleeping lion. no one china wakes up the world will shake in fact the line of china to welcome what the world sees now is a peaceful meal called civilized zion the uh the uh the uh. oh lord also spoke with the haunting strategic cooperation and a new hero in the short odds. the two presidents also attended a concert to mark the event earlier on thursday present ceiling meets at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he also met french prime minister joan walk i wrote french national assembly speaker called buffalo and senate president tom pm now. bronze is the second stop on season things european tour. he will next head to germany and belgium. in a cctv. also on
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thursday president shooting pain visited the headquarters of unesco the united nations educational scientific and cultural ties nations in paris he became the first chinese president to pay such a visit and deliver them to start speech at the headquarters which a child takes up that story lazy desk i'll play toast to the first ever chinese president to the sixty s at the gas the uh uh uh. his speech at the headquarters in paris. doesn't she seem appealing spoken lines and helping put into town or city and the world and that no civilization and culture as the bow for now. you pop pop was untrue. by and watch the fun. in a single flower with a snort make a spring one hundred mile was in full blossom trees planted a
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garden. there were only one kind of file was in the world people will find it boring no matter how beautiful it is the chinese civilization a novice in life is in the world are all fruits of human progress. as an ancient civilization with more than five thousand years of history. china has forty five world heritage sites ranking second in the world. in addition china has the reach intangible cultural heritage with several of them inscribed on unesco's list of the masterpieces of tro and intangible heritage of humanity. the conceit that the rich civilization in china cannot last. without communication with offers civilization. harmony. to which in one unit. having gone through a five thousand years of this is achieved the chinese civilization has always kept its own regional groups. a unique identity of the chinese nation the content of our most profound cultural pursuits and provides us with the band
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and now it's meant for existence until the moment the chinese civilization felt for so little time has come to its present form the cost and exchanges and unusual ending with other civilizations. don't know what they are seasonally the suspect of being put into finding common ground and keeping peace in a world that all civilizations should employ more for the benefit of future generations. and presidency take the opportunity to plan what exactly the tiny stream enters. from what i mean every tuesday. only the chinese people striving to feel the tiny stream of the quit rejuvenation of the chinese nation. the tiny stream is about the prosperity of the country rejuvenation of the nation and happiness of the people it reflects both the ideal of chinese people today. and on time on the condition to
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seek common progress. later she met the un contour agency's director general even apple come back and paid tribute to unesco's contribution to the promotion of cultural exchanges without cctv. with everyone from historic event with the president in the coming of the chinese president to give a speech of the unesco headquarters in paris and the speech was welcomed by diplomats from different countries and international organizations. this was a bit of money. it's a speech about humans looking for peace and respect in causal diversity he spoke one beautiful sentenced to one flower cannot represent the spring is just as what he said. if there is only one flower on earth will be told i think he knew the words used in the noon meal. she is doing is gone. the african continent was the identity of the nineties when he
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described the case for unesco he appreciates his roots and softened about six pm sixteen in august and add to people's resistance to accepting orders for some coffee and get to feed his friends. teaching. celtic star age offers visit president cheney is due to a site visit to germany at the invitation of the german president he'll come help and counsel up on the medical did an interview ahead of the visit china's ambassador to germany said the topics of the meetings between the ages would cover a lot of issues such as political and diplomatic guidelines on the development direction. oh by the school tries in the coming years and plans for future high level strategic tell. fall in the nissan president gul congestion in the cold staunchly in vice president xi team came to visit germany this is their brand and in
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terms of the business agenda in addition to the unofficial meetings test in the caucus also drenched with private banquet for presidency and it's white. it is a demonstration of close personal ties between the two leaders. i believe this visit especially the meetings between the two leaders would generate a consensus on the development of china gemini relations and determine the direction that this is a bit about moments major investment returns. it was windy. the position i miss those guys. the alarm. i
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know. i do. the show he means business. i was. to. engine assembly spec ukraine and its
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ongoing conflict with russia or the crimea. china abstained from the virus has the one hundred and ninety three national assembly voted to approve an old binding resolution resolution affirms that ukraine's territorial integrity. cctv is the cop a report from un headquarters in new york. those in favor of the prison tuesday slashed six the slush know that in mind. these signified the push ups in the international community has signaled its support of ukraine. its condemnation of russia. according to his vehicle to get in favor of one hundred. again it's eleven abstentions fifty eight. you crave the stucco was this was the latest effort to place a late rush of falling crane is splits with ukraine over the last months. mr witnessed the most
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flagrant relations off international goal since the inception of the night the masons. russia thus a local resolution to quit confrontational and celtic are adopted. since crime is referendum but had already taken place. reason well and everyone to respect that voluntary choice it is as fresh as fresh as they could not refuse the spring means to support their right to self determination. in fulfilling their longstanding aspirations. us ambassador to the un ngo said the vote was about standing up to be like this nation's founding principles. the resolution before us. isabelle one issue and one issue only. surely it will make clear our ongoing support. for the fundamental idea. the borders are not near suggestions it at the national assembly. there is no power on the second meaning russia could not
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strike down those things resolution as it had done in a previous security council votes a simple majority was needed with the pups. binding resolution does vote one to lead to any action but symbolically it does once again show russia's isolation well studied each. this was acting as a republic historical record of all member states think of russia's actions. cctv the united nations in new we're going to the fuel for the situation but moscow and you crying now we're joined by our correspondence between fury who is in moscow and the country for a good kid welcome to you but for good to have you with us. natalie let's cut the festival the un resolutions which we were just hearing about offense ukraine's territorial integrity. in response from russia. while russian foreign
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ministry has said that this is just of the cake said the situation. other acting crazy ned is counterproductive in times of all the upcoming two agreements on how to ensure that any adaptations in ukraine. ofcom but also as saying that the crimea decided itself in a referendum to be controversial. sorry i'm nice like this in saying that while fifty eight countries i was saying and evan were against the sec is a wash as this take the baby isn't a concert wasn't in the next unanimously advocate for the sun setting and achieving that this isn't something that everybody in the wild is behind the westin. i had a little comeback in light of his vehicle into korea and the kids can get the roster with russian troops massing on the border. how's the ukrainian government said
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the reacting to that movement tensions have been massing on things blogger for quite a few days now but wait why is the ukrainian government is that this number as they say has been rising very fast at the official yesterday said that about eighty eight thousand russian troops are right now on ukraine's border in the one eyed peas northeastern border which is just a couple of time to kill on meters away from cf ally the united states and the west estimates that that number right now is anywhere between twenty five and thirty five thousand troops and number that again just a few days ago. i'm sad that it was about twenty thousand the number that all said they also say that it's enough to come down to an invasion. in ukraine they were not just talking about soldiers at a state that's not right in the border that tax is actually fired and an omelette and as you can understand all things has
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caused great concern here in asia not ukraine are both among the people and the government admits to say that they will fight back. it won't affect ukraine's territory at the same time even local media said. coming up with difference and that is a lot of ground invasion would look like ah but it is and nobody knows what russian president body of puddings next move will be back seat no there there was a mood that we didn't know about and that's the international money tree from having a mouse the standby credit for kiev a one off somewhere between ten to fifteen billion us dollars that's less than what the plan had been expecting. but to what extent only financial aid helped to ease the tension in the country. welcome to the point of view that such deadly money that's not somehow will help in relation to get that this is a country that's all the brink of bankruptcy and its anti needs of the financial aid is also
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in agreement that was signed in. well he will help complete the agreement with ukraine and the european union which will honor on either end of the guns but you may think is that the question if we take a look in the experience the imf experience in other countries like greece in the years ellen will see that its presence there ad i did not use any tensions to the contrary triggered protests and riots the government had to step down because exchange for that money i requested a lot of the state pension and salary cuts and german finance minister bill consulate but did say that grace could be used as a model for the settlers a centralization of ukraine so the question is how much can you may know is that ukraine willing to give to the international monetary fund back up for the count money and whether it is that in three forms. instead of easing and they will drive to inflame the already existing
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tensions here. thanks for the probably still wear it now. he owned the start of this another interesting a sideline to will the economic toll roads going on with to be president of russia but the india put inside the country will set up front payment system to one of these ads must be caught up to the company's core business services from several banks in the country why is that time and can you tell us more traveling. yes as you mentioned that these are not caught and bowled the services of former russian banker with cf because it is up on the us section this site and that was not able to ease the pain of such an impact as he mentioned. these are tough couple of balls of feet from the facts out because our shareholders for the us action is now at this so this is what lead to reinstate it because the us government make me it was not a fight from self satisfaction but
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this just reeks highlights how we're going to buy soft on the so called payments of essays such as atlantic region said that as tina to protect russian interest to protect russian banks and customers up from the effects of these kinds of sanctions russia will be setting up its own. it was a seminal sunset at the base but the gist of the finals the business companies companies that make a lot of money in russia and yet we have been talking about the economic effect as you mentioned and of course this is damaging protection eta to russia's economy that has kept allow it to a potentially that could be ducking into a recession but in many international companies also rely on russia as a major mocking the french dairy company that owned it that a case of market support seen at the us soft drinks company that is the second biggest hits of international companies also very dependent on russia as a major markets
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thank you very much. nestle said natalie theory is the most current wheels speaking of course it is a cause for worry. he is a good balance. puzzled by us president barack obama to win to be called to steal bulk collection of dice the national security agency will be divided to call with it a few hours from now the move is being seen as a cleaner concession to european concerns bought at cctv jack often reports from brussels. it's unlikely to stop the eu from pursuing its own new diaper. miss work the buses would be heard not just your eyes the us sought closer ties with europe via ukraine this week president barack obama announced he would seek an end to the whole collection of dolls out by america's national security agency the nsa smoking program has been a fold in the sino eu and us
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relations and european politicians site and about ten will not stop the ball taking it summed up a network the european parliament is even calling for a down to below rocks year union is looking to win the ten starts for our company's history here between the naacp the overall severely our attempts at speaking in relation to citizens to soccer to be up that idea never seen before. european internet firms say with less costly us networks and the uganda crowd could also make good business sense what do you realize that there's a gap in the market if we can create a european power. then the companies when they were set up and they want but that they taunt the clout they don't cost a ton of us companies which were sorted us out with a contented european companies anasta keeping the solicitation this is more economic opportunity. but in the eu progress on anything
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from the new data network to civil legislation takes time to build such circumstances and where twenty eight schools read and agree on something to get there you would think back ten years so about the idea has been pointed out above. bomb defusing the videos isn't straight into the equation it's also unknown to me that the new eu based on the network would better protect european. although most of the recent focus has been on the us activities. it is now known that many eu countries including germany france and sweden. poolside carried out mass of violence progress. jackpot for the cctv brussels. one guy
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since the asian wants white image priest of the disappeared and search operations in the southern indian ocean has shifted to a new era cap placed on new credible way we would like to put you on some credible information to sen has received from an ikea study which will see the surgery and refocused to die. yes the search for a new song of the missing malaysia airlines flight and three seven zero has been shifted to an animal. following advice from the estonian transport safety bureau. and in special a crash investigation team in malaysia the thought of updating cos dh has been
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which is examined information and extended their lead two hundred kilometers north east of the existing stitch it. now the maestro to lead us to read every night the bikies surgery is approximately three hundred and nineteen thousand square kilometers the area and about eighteen hundred and fifty kilometers west of perth. geospatial intelligence organizations agl. the three tuscan seth likes to capture images of the new year. authorities say the new information is based on a tour of the cross movement between the south china sea and the strait of malacca before radar contact was lost the analysis indicates the plane was traveling pasta that was previously estimated. and that might have resulted in increased fuel usage and reduce the possible distance to travel south to the indian ocean. more analysis we find
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the flight path of the airline on. media struggle for peace i attend a crop to sink ships on being redeployed to the new set of stone and metal comes on the back of the new radar information that shows the missing flights would have applauded the shorter distance by building few were quick out. miller tree crop from south korea japan the us the feel of the best idea arrived in the new sandstone wall on the way to keep a possible wedding day break from the missing plane the strike and officials ic chips are relocating to the new area including five from china china's white and zero one is the only ship that is why it happened use a stone and study a warship with a white bear old son might not. meanwhile specialist equipment from the us use to the kite to bike boxes has not lived in perth and that includes a device that can look at the black boxes signal and an underwater vehicle to retrieve a fallacious as twenty six countries are now
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in bold in the search. this was the multinationals such as malaysia airlines fly to my three seven zero remains missing opera was forty weeks mr has taught many theories about what could've happened and the cctv style of the law reports it has also started a discussion about what needs to change to prevent a similar incident. september eleven two thousand and one two planes crashed straight into your city's world trade center. two towers crumbled thousands die. it shocked the world. it exposed security breaches. airports all over the world since heidi and security. danny even bottled water and installing new technology there's no doubt nine eleven changed the way we travel for ever. we know very little about the fate of the mesa
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airlines flight three seven zero at this point. many already believe to be sure to have an impact on the global aviation industry. well don't force me to airport terminal though it appears business as usual. that's because many of the potential changes will have to depend on how much we'd heard about how flight three seven zero seemingly vanished into thin air according to robin and overcome. there was space engineer didn't like it that it's white. once we know what look at what the different options while that is that you mentioned it sounds gross not to spill it all. use the technology being the publicity call a cab fitness up the scent of the one minute. in the industry will likely have to consider several other factors before upgrading to technology. not least of which is money. with tickets costing who said let me know
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what. over the group's development of obama complained that even the most open permission to visit the link to this report. in almost as good of a specific state prison systems. we know for sure now is that two passengers traveled and stolen passports. they were able to get through immigration undetected. that experts say could spur immediate changes in security procedures. even in the post nine eleven world. for the duo cctv column for. i should. in. the chew. the us
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the whitewash or sanctions imposed tensions are high are we watching the start of a new cold war and one of the consequences follow on whitewater washington and this is the heat. the war to be a state of the soviet union were bitter enemies with the care of the cold war accusations distrust fearf


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