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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 29, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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st kitts was in a three day the goals breaking news top twenty. so much. either or situation is. the stock while. gordon use. still
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trying to sell these dead trees will be missing the nation handling stats as teams continued to snow and you and be in detention seven seven seven and has its perks. as i read discussions since washington and its allies in place on the last day this includes the ten k back to the discomfort stabilizing the situation. a couple of holes into the wealth begin saying calling to us and all the right thing. in fact max comes into effect the final step in and not so frequent i can't stop. the top story sweep it all. such teams are
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still scouring and a new area the indian nation formation airlines flights and eight three seventy hoping to some extent briefed on the team a chance. the nominations tunstall races has confirmed that several possible farting when we have the right thing on the effect of thy death of the green bay. i believe that the debris from the usual titans of the objects to do. i've booked a week and didn't want to come. but that didn't keep it up to rid it of being the object. i may not own any multinational operation officials said this on to a licensed copy of that flight as being from the missing banning seven seven seven until then physically examined jonathan creek as dawn broke on saturday a chinese malay tree aircraft to call to scare when you cards to the indian nation the mine and conditions out to be favorable. the dial and the status of the liquid diet
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for searching the weather conditions i have been the line for that. rob inhospitable part of the world. the thirty three seemingly day off to the sneezing and air force planes to multiple objects of various colors. he testified that crown from friday to report seemed to agree satellite images showed hundreds of objects in the moore said. it's a far none have been confirmed as belonging to an eight three seven zero eight. they are not made their size and being the name has been a long slightly entertained a lot more. ray and justin. among them was honored to be on something and the findings need to be confirmed by expats arriving by ship on saturday. tyson you're a god takes to australia has made the search area more than a thousand kilometers northeast investigators believe the missing object was trying to coniston speech intended route to fuel and crashed into the sea. his continuing analysis indicates that flying was traveling faster than was previously estimated
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resulting in increased fuel usage. reducing the possible distance. he traveled south into the new nice. treating debris could help find a black box flight recorder key to determining what really happens to the ill fated titanic st seventeen right. point else as russia's president to make peace in colby's american counterpart president of the world for lead h to discount the u s diplomatic solution he craved washington and destroys the rush a shed with cool treats from crimea on crime in fact the statistics that steps to stabilize the situation is still to be the flies direct conversation between the two heads of state since the us and its european allies and paste functions on it. you see in a range of. troops massing along the border. under the guise of a military exercises but these are not for it. russia would
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normally be going bad. it may simply be an effort to intimidate ukraine. or maybe they've got additional plants had. and in either case. what we need right now to result in escort situation would be tortured for russia to move back. those troops and to begin negotiations directly with the ukrainian government is wells international community. the minute raid they are all still phase of a possible russian attack was on intelligence reports suggesting that many of the hundred thousand russian treats me he must have the fortune authentic houses and then on a report from ukrainian citizens decided to take the defense of the country consider end times. the front it had been pried open. if all. the but now that training to take on the russian army for them
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for your little one i give the order in each of these fires three times. irene imminent invasion they believe expansion team to defend ukraine or someone who is bored of watching the behavior of our russian neighbor is unpredictable and remember to watch the film is no logic moment. that's why we must always be prepared in case of an attack. the army's going through difficult time we have to help and support them. i want to get through i mean i get to be in sync eating janice and teaches the dough into a three day course at the center outside cat. and today didn't fire a rifle. i call my liking and think think the state the sad doesn't it your task would be to provide emergency aid. jacob rented from the battlefield is that whenever we go. he let down by the government pleading and crying need a qb sneak in defending their forty eighth is now up to them. all
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screwed up. i think our current government does not have had to defend our homeland to nana we ordinary people. ukrainians. she says steve turner's new factory work is already disadvantaged it's like resistance boxes like we'll go with it. on the desk and told us thousands of ordinary ukrainians from students' attention it had already signed up for them to fight but they can have the result is to train everyone who wants to volunteer. another obstacle to the next sentence to break a piece that was only seeing a palestinian official. israel refused to free a final brief of palestinian prisoners it today. under a deal falling onto my new friend agreed to release hundred and four hundred steamy has held since before the nineteen ninety three also a piece of cold if in exchange the palestinians no pricing the state is. the un. israel has a flaw neighbor eighteen
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seventy eight business that wanted. the last release because i failed to extend peace talks. i'm totally down on the night until sunday so interested in. what a great show will be admitted to being ready to do it go at it trying to live show yesterday. in the christian era the same time. never quit being in the union the president them. to live continually that will be shown me that they owe the twenty ninth of april. so as to which the conduct ongoing attempt to wear it across the political clout seems intent on preparing to call. and in an election seen as a litmus test for the prime minister's xi
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ninety. principally to do and all has been challenge one months of anti government protests inquiring to government corruption and incriminating conversations we are going to be faithful to report. after weeks of campaigning across turkey prime minister is to be fair the one that can barely speak the turkish voters may be lacking their mares on sunday the prime minister is during the lead role in the campaign he's the one the opposition of his own party's candidates referred to in her speeches and interviews. his rivals hope that corruption allegations involving everyone has attempted and twitter and youtube will advance his party's popularity. germany or france or england before ministers quit bolton corruption and brides to be forced to resign in a flash. all elements are in agreement. yet the government here is still in place. what democracy would allow that to be possible the opinion surveys show that nearer the forty six percent of turks need to
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look for her to want to keep the party. the main opposition party is lagging with only twenty seven percent of voting intentions one can count on turkey's religiously conservative population would rather have his allies running their cities and secular candidates i don't want it. automotive they knew them all. and the fourth. the movie didn't quite effectively. prime minister and the one who said he will quit politics if his party does not win sunday's elections but analysts believe his party will do well and that he plans to stay either by changing the constitution so he could run for new mandates or by becoming president. he's the reason i continue to see them rushing to stand the strain of eden and the compass was a nice break health ministry banned in all four cases of the day the finest contagious disease
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is estimated to have great skills around seventy egyptian officials say the folly of people going to play on friday gave me presents on the muslim brotherhood day is also understood that support has been sentenced to death because of the problem the beaches the army he did it to president tommy dorsey he didn't care against it and practically access to tens of thousands of anti government demonstrators are marching through the tory camp until the sun today once again going to the country's prime minister to step down. it is the demon haunted me. planning consent that the mind institute of finance and supporters. i told them the optional. a couple. they did well began tying the knot on friday night as i will not win in six nights came into effect at midnight in the final state of him and keep the soap frequency same marriage has been welcomed by leading pc as the vibrations
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consensus is that governments deputy prime estate me can i help it. after full symbols to celebrate among the achievements of ashanti reports. it was unknown fight for equal or she can find espn. tuesday's andrew neil said ninety two to appeal to the stroke of midnight. has endorsed the rising again i paint it. i mean unknown lands. this is one of the fussing marriage licenses to be signed. a symbol of victory for advocates of gay rights the dvd tuesday night and the ability of the goal of friends of family values they knew he faced opposition from the church of england which auntie to come to mind from the structure is the concept of marriage doesn't know what the place of recreation is all the living and the content is needed the archbishop of pounds
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increase in duluth as they can detect has accepted that no one was trying to find th civil partnerships were introduced in england and wales in two thousand and five. to give gay couples the same legal rights has had two such tools. but gay rights campaigners sounds real suggests that an asexual spare and here yet because we're changing that can change america moving forward when improving. the majority then the state is in favor of same march with intent and wales last july the pot the one hundred and seventy five. when you have taken months to come into it thanks in sydney tonight with the school just comment something to read austen. and finally sick of reading studying fastest runner now i just went up seventy five thousand tickets for his concert in june. tickets for the fourteen own financial pressure on sale at ten am on friday morning sending out exactly fifty one minutes
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the toolkit told him that we don't feel the federated twenty s but was suspended offer them up seventeen c a slice of meat tonight has no friends. honor that i read reports the rolling stones french firms have been a lazy day for weeks. on friday the tickets went on sale in the storm's first weren't already seven years is coming to paris. my silly on the thirteenth of june the staff across. on friday tickets and cats were besieged by turns seventy five thousand were sold in fifty one minutes for the mucky punctures the tickets with gold coast business eleven years despite an easing in the dream come true. it's the first time in getting to see the rolling stones and i'm really delighted because that maybe they're afraid they come to know. the speedy sale shows the ageing rockers are no house means in terms of sales in the east africans abroad
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france received the country speaking stadium so quickly and nineteen feet away the stones forcing the entire torah has been post on hold following the death last week of fashion designer to read and scarves make joggers life partner. will resume on the twenty sixth of may in oslo. europe today went back about fifteen min is conjuring a stand the a don't welcome to all call the safety of all thank s coming up. yesterday during the read my guest today have gone from taking trains in
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the lead to eighteen months' he is displayed in the impact that the nats great to foster kids translated for it. this is a colorful paintings. john one joint the onset to talk about his artistic danny webb is on display at the height of that in a tent. i don't think much is joining us on today sheng qi. no offence i just mentioned it seems natural that he couldn't train at me for not taking trains in new york that you wet the twenty one day be decided at such events. of course i lose it's downtown and ten the next picasso the next big surprise to me also. i hit either the field had to have you let go unchallenged at a price well um you feel is home. like finally have a right to be recognized in the international art circling my work has just
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been marginalized in one little card to use it feels good. i would probably get more at the height of the neon t think any from the streets to the cannery not at all. i packed up at two different pieces of content free from galleries across twenty countries not on display. if yes the defense showed end of the goal kind of followed a tiny tooth amputee kenny in the mind i can treat as an act if you get stuck on a one hundred and twenty one pm to me is a new ball when he actually landed in the background that the tickets to one of hundreds of times when half explain. he's best known for being the invisible man from supermarket shelves to roadblocks. his face and hand made up include stuart. you could un truths time and again that he's a master of calm approach quietly blending into the backgrounds for his latest ill judged he's carrying much more of a punch. rushing onto
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the doorstep of paris is now dating to seventeen and twelve bucks iron fist lifted by crane in eight separate pieces pointing downwards. it's the oppos the k separate the political and social pressures as people face. in the stool. though this work really stems from a childhood memory. when i was young toothpaste was everywhere in newspapers and on posters. i think it's still an image that we see in china today but it's more invisible. i'm using this culture as a way to ask if our lives have changed the fist is gone but has anything to really change his installation forms part of the latest parents off at which this year is an owner of china cutting slicing with the state visits of presidents teaching pain. it celebrates fifty years of toys between paris and beijing. but like you but i'm so drawn to some cherry wood using the platform to
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criticize rather than celebrate for humans the chinese on this today seem to have more social preoccupations. the top of the oven is an undercurrent of changes going on in the country. the ninety chinese ought to speak this way though west of the four day events but not all of them will be home on wheels placed on stones conceptual art is the way he has chosen to dress as the cosmonauts and collided with a shirt for a special noise performance not that interesting things and then going on display that includes checking out abit only in china it has been named as that gets on at the scene is that organizes of the op pack up and say they still supportive of high end clientele and says no when i think very supportive of the ox is part of the reason why he decided to make them even from the field to pensacola to conference with the nt. yet that's exactly like this i think of
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when it comes from your guy was had this image of paris has been the coach a center of the world and film as a small child i was always that teaches that of picasso painting hero of the period of hope on the icing on the bohemian so i think paris is the ultimate place for a bohemian awesome that it doesn't want war. talking about it on but i think it that's the beginning he emits investments in very well known iconic are safe but you don't have any formal training yourself to be in cooking han and surrounded by on tuesday to meet eu it's just the three ironically the young age. if they influence in the title on what the desired to become an absence of meaning and dad that i didn't go to school for art i think of was this one thing but it also made me very curious indeed a very open to a lot of different types of art so coming from harlem which is to coach or sent to me from new york. it opened me up to see a lot of
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different type of witnessing to the content is easy to see a lot of different types of art so i think i went to the best parts of the world yet he met with an interesting people in the artistic community gets around to it it on the crate i could think rick called one defines same old stuff he's been on our own worthless expose those those sort of like um a group of friends go pool of time with the common goal coming into switch was up to bring coach aaron also painted the town. easy to imagine your computer in the eighties was expects the right tone from came from whence like i did so there was no museums. there was no sun are like pieces to meet someone if i see someone like creating its own history and create his own part that they wanted to see. commenting on the look is sunset a call to hump these days i've let that
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make you wonder what content doesn't really. at the top and suppress the appetite for notion of what the dt on tissues. i bet that ye be nice to take paper says that he was well and spray cans even in the everyday. how would you describe the lot of free stuff. i do this in nome i see my history in harlem in the city to myself on to the side of jazz musicians their space the ornate coleman which was invented for like three jackson vietnam. arm. so i see my work is very poetic in a way not at all belief that all figure to all represented so it's it's freeing us to mit beach we had let my feet reef diving and had me in action now making me on. and
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i don't think i stated how and why did he make me from the treaty on in the streets tea including black accountants. he was in evolution. he was just like oh. i could not work if it into a canvas where some some artists to paint his treats from their work is more needs to be seen in the streets whereas my work. deleted files. he was calm he was like um obvious that he was to the canvas is that people were supposed to come together to see if i do another take on what i just finished doing the back by a thousand dollars the rest of the guitar and a bit at the end of painting the new blackberry. he did have a lot
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of fun. job well. we may check ic unanimous court anyone who is sickening to train to history and an irate with a dramatic impact on changing your conception of honesty your antique and yet the enemy coming here to paris at the movies i missed the train set also having michael roll partner coming from the same neighborhood as mines. ami was great and he was also a very talented artists who influenced me into his own. and tonight his chemo markets. you don't hang itself is not as good as my ppt so timid that last pic above. this stubbornness surviving are his son who has yet to indicate if they're easier to pick out the truth of the game pretty well conceived going to save my eye. i was six cents in two thousand and seven for example when the dough pieces sold after around twenty five thousand years an auction
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that i was one of the highest prices for a piece of french graffiti on it too tiny to pull the shares added that the device recently so a pizza from sixty five thousand years. like the same thing or the likes of banking itself confronting means indians and of dunn's to think that the conception of graffiti on the street on has changed to become more marketable at the q is there from the chains but i i think he has been reached its potential and the kids were even much more than that because own i think street artists. they are marking our generation and down marking our society lot of different ways. whereas other artists who wanted some time. jen you know jerry's death of me at home. i noticed powerful it has speed artists. it's the ideas was over the world is an international movement so that they don't. i think
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it's going to meet its intentions yet resisting with a bit of it. that's really odd idea what to outwit and its high tea at the piano when she attacks he helps out the harness and nepal. i've named after french. the piece you did the same the other end the era of three phases is getting three outs to them their faith in the film deals that he used to abide by it yet keep you. you may make a good living off my art and is going so good to get back to teaching the new team get back to something that i'm sensitive to which his own people that live in the streets. and don't people know that suffering and that's something that touches me cuz i come amid a bit from that um um group of people come from nothing. i invented my own story so sometimes you gotta give a helping hand to people in need of it jennifer nation i think of. it's a good concept in them that i need to do it so our morning prompted you to participate
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in what they do some home a fan of theirs i've read a book. thank you so much talent coming in to be touched and happy that i'm afraid. i thank you to you for tuning in to it that you can check out the mop don't want the black. i thought that this week as well as hundreds of other content the us has begun with the images of someone in the streets of parents can be a meet up at eight pm. enjoy the photo contest. router were. his mom. he did. shh
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the do. and. you win. and all. i do. i should. i think
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said the money for the attack was told to fire brigade an excuse for invading scenery contrary to our friends nate and i into a full blown war the election commission's compound in kabul is a type of messages on twitter to all the chains and ashamed i discovered the head of afghanistan's crucial presidential want. no one wanted to make light of a live fish as much as forty minutes. the west wing


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