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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 30, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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be just two years. she did in these beautiful white and gold. the cats was a weekday because breaking news complex. so much. a dorset to play. the stock. the news you i know. voting is underway
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and friends as a local election. residents along socialist party that's for a comeback as the far right hopes for another historic results. we had to save for an update. turkey's prime minister faces a test at the ballot box voters decide this sunday if his ruling ak party will hold on to power despite claims of corruption and censorship. and demanding answers relatives of passengers on the isolation jetliner meet with officials they want an apology from malaysia. over its handling of the search efforts. as the top story snow falls and had things for joining us first it's voting day here in france and socialists are hoping for a strong turnout after they took a beating in last week's first round on the anti immigration far right national front is hoping to consolidate its historic gains. one thing ish
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or parents will have a new female manner. socialist candidate and a velcro pieces the ump is that medical school or a sink for the top spot at city hall frosting taxonomic nt airports malice the country heads to the polls. local elections once braces itself for a second round of the collections across the country mania the team today to be funded by government shakeup. that is nationwide investigation and that despite hostile released two thousand and twelve an action plan. unemployment continues to rise the economy continues to stagnate. and as the far right national front that aims to build them a surprisingly strong finish in the last round of polls the anti immigration county native dances across the country. police in any significant gains in the day to finance a municipal council is. it is found in the eighteen percent of fancy teas will take on to
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the polls which account for forty percent advantage of all that is me tonight the reason for this being a teacher to send to francis says he's the man has made eating the seeds. mike carey who don't mind from the prime minister and japan won the majority of its monks of remaining says he's disappointed the crystals of thinking this would come from the company naps during times dante is feeling a cgt liability for school fees and to keep the haunt of the republican stations and trying not to seek its own more than his beloved spring or fall strange hats and brown haze covering items force in france's second city of mosques a comment tell us what's at stake that they're up for the two main contenders. now if you'll be a big tv and he consented to further the question is how well they do and perhaps for the socially thieves how badly taken ability to delete that the empties a candidate
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a show called ago the heat and i very strongly in the lead in the first round to be heading to consolidate its control all from god's sake. in the second round of party controls thirty eight seconds he could potentially increase ninety seven when he did a great deal of control the france's second city after the nineteen sixties to the station is copied to taking control of speaking they didn't cost me the coffee coming in third in the first to around that they tended to patrick and she's really hoping for a higher turnout. eighteen yet to announce the nonsense that fifty three percent in the first round of ten percent less than the national average he is hoping to change that to a certain extent that it cease approaches to the post that's pretty much eats only country to avoid of wipeout at the county control through the cds at stake just had to be heading to bed to prevent losing many events and of course the first round of the southern national front come in a surprise. second there what can they hope for
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now. it's huge surprise in the first rounds with undergrad days at the pool is coming in a second beating the station is seen into third place. that is very little charleston to the far right national front won again contribute thirty one elections whether they could do very well in the specific sectors and to be a clearly about the seventh day to be around for impoverished no for an area of the ummah say that the heat of the two hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants in it for the national front were to take the lead in the middle election in the state to build the huge symbolic of the treatment of the car i said cos you'd be pretty much been reduced to the ctu picture if they were to win that. anyway in france. now it doesn't have any particular contrary has to be said to own their own and that whenever if it were winter to win in the seventh the sector would give them into sydney to take a decisive role in the city council with a high will give
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them up with the beheading for twenty seats at two hundred and one in total the city council. and if that was to get that bad to increase it from the car into one single seat of the car to go. i would give them a decisive role in the future of months. i'm not reporting now from an upstate think you very much. frosting and trenton us secretary of state john terry will hold talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in paris later today to discuss the ongoing ukrainian prices. the meeting follows moscow's pledge not to invade oatmeal and ukraine following its seizure of crimea. the takeover has led to the worst east west tensions since the cold war era an era. but essendon shanty reports two sides are working towards a diplomatic solution to the standoff hopefully he comes around you read the air the us and the tree of state has abruptly changed course every human cruelty toll announced minute meeting with his russian counterpart
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speaking of rolls and a step towards resolving its unafraid the ukraine washington has only deepened his disdain to de escalate tensions. the united states has been pressing russia to pull back its streets to the crimean bases. the most he requested and international honors is going to ukraine. totally crammed into teaching tool to kiev the us president and his opposite number and got to be put in. and any discounts on the famed race to resolve the ongoing crisis the question of the ten thousand trips. positioned around ukraine. cropped up once again. what we need right now to us all. and to escort the situation would be to russia russia to move back those troops and to begin negotiations directly with the ukrainian government as well international community is becoming windy cold for new constitution in ukraine to create a democratic federal state novel is now seeking to reassure the international community
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loss can cause a key senate rest in between dimensions have you mean you know it will upset you and no interest in cross the ukrainian border is because it's cool. one of the reasons behind this trend russia is only did he mean to share with the us and european union having people stay with sanctions that could happen one two economy search efforts for the missing malaysia jetliner has ensured their fourth week and some experts now suggest the hunt for the plane could take years as aircraft is not a passion one of the most remote areas on the planet chinese relatives of passengers on flight recently arrived in long for this sunday. as mark thompson explains been looking for the truth and demanding an apology. off to three weeks of posting questions families of those on board missing malaysia airlines flights and each three
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seventeen. still searching for on says. many relatives they will authorities have provided insufficient information. on sunday doesn't spring from beijing to quantum pope to address investigations into us. with whom or where he had given sunday morning original reason awesome and we want to know about it. so we're going to additional minute. yes and she didn't so he hires there's anything we can do to depend on how to get there until the religious right then. and you don't want some of the families were meeting in beijing the malaysian government in the crosshairs. you have come to the conclusion that although far religious right this is a very irresponsible teacher to have the action it just proves how the responsible they are the two hundred and thirty nine people won't look on the plane disappeared from radar screens on monty sounds like a lead investigators to beat the heck off the end of cool side of the south china sea
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now to take off. its last decision is called supreme leader the indian ocean off the western coast of australia. multinational such policy is closing in on an eleven hundred square kilometer area with several objects have been spoilt it australian and chinese ship recovered somewhat themselves the survey. it's a taut between unable to confirm if they belonged to missing boeing seventy seven jets adding to the urgency for floor seats of roughly a week before the plane's flight record a track folks is expected to stop and the music. how i celebrated and some seven thousand cities across the world. last saturday in march at eight thirty pm local time. earth hour is held as an environmental awareness campaign that she's famous buildings switch off their lights for a full sixty minutes. also in tesco and support on this year's activists festivities. i know
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he counts down in the line from thailand is plunged into darkness. he continued he said fallon. the sixty minutes to nine men to win this campaign has counted here in sydney in two thousand and seven. now celebrated in one hundred and fifty eight countries announce something of march at eight fifty pm local time the team in the far eastern hemisphere with the fence to go down. it was like something possibly nice encounter told to contact chicane at this time not downtown welcome monuments the karachi in pakistan environmental activists these candles and lanterns to light up the darkness. i want but it's what you'll see that one. john's do today on its promise. in the car that uses john says that the voice of a city. send it to events in the indian capital new delhi and like sweet tea and a command line railway station
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hong kong's famous sky nine victoria havent went from looking like a sick two days geez i guess in some five star hotels. when asked if any town names. the kremlin in and the red square in most and also switched off. as did the across place in the greek capital. my home tears are watching cops again. a and and. the tutsis welcomes report is false i can incite some stories that max and all
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around the world. in this edition of my co worker is being worked sometimes to death in the gulf states cast on. in particular comes in to stem criticism enough reports on teams that comes from that poll who's the forms had been killed and look in the super rich emirate possible way to my new work is making major projects have been kept up such is the construction of stadiums to be woke up to twenty twenty two. the way through the sites we found cases of withheld wages and possible people being treated like slaves. the hospital's response to criticism of its treatment of my coworkers too late to the people that you are about to meet the opposing team can call sometimes seem all four are stocked and sebastian we get i cut mine do and port de care center of july. hundreds of the body wet cuz need to seek their fortunes in the countries of the cars. in the titles expected senate just await the return of
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those who are coming back how much grief as much an instant a week. all things on the cars i e see just what the other notables be lived email us feel honest we have seen four of them. tia over five hundred the parties returned from the golf day in order to increase the already i'll come back from it with a loss of money we just received to audi put him in the car. not to lift and kept on with his younger brother who died when jack in the photo. gracia once so far as they enter onto. not anymore. well hello there used to cars and awful country that's my opinion. i will never go back. i would have understood what it was at last my brother and i want to tell all when did all the brothers and sisters please don't ever go there
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and then leave. this report is an attempt to understand how so many healthy young peak body when chris have lost their lives in that time we traveled to the nineteen minus two weeks good name remote region in the depths of the himalaya mountains they live just a wee to me in a secret river. when the bowlers he would be to meet and in accordance with the dutch edition the moon it is. the father of the deceased is having his head shaved to show his screen lol. effect on student honored to have come on his mount in tenth. and. i know i
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didn't get around the neck of the twenty minute warm up the son of a on the beach in london. it was to repay my creditors member of my family in kathmandu made a suggestion. he says. there is work and guitar. kissinger told her son rajiv at the moment so i arrange for some money for his trouble by selling a few things in the same person came and told me that i didn't use injure a person be it a cash card to my mind around it. ha it was just twenty and so he watched the sunday dinner of getting a new guitar. when suddenly one day without trace in his saturday was a tuesday. he followed us up in conflict with this employee a brief history town as possible it which i had hoped to achieve this document squeaky my feet into beams with tragic consequences. a few days late and he died in a car crash despite the intense demand from is when h t pretending to cut chart above and below
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the roger excellent and i'm in an accident and his father has decided that she must katie out of my soul will return to work he has to know why. key. woohoo was a deliberate decision by the problems there. things always work well for him giving into the bubbling to the house to go back to the teaching that these people at baltimore. don't imagine anyone to produce countries often when we need the money sent by their image and fonts. on the island at least one person from each house has undergone a lot of time and effort. it's a bit easier to give but they kept it because they have to send money to the east during the loss of financial difficulty. the idea that this is an essential queen of holly's two to nineteen we've seen too many young people that i know you you wanna know more you to understand how the guy was in
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an actual death of an accidental murder. we wanna know the truth. it is fun but to the pontiac ortiz can no longer ignore the problem hundreds of dying each day on an extraordinary to the omaha for them aside to have suffered heart attacks your father's arteries are not in it ha. on employment contracts signed by beneath honeywell has stated that the company when opera like financial compensation in a band of pontiac a rift with god challenges to his neck i get the rest is a convenient am the god who we are going to new york is used. with or get what you only get him is indeed what would be a diet of causes autism or trial the visions and your decision they had to pee on it. soul what does all that god is good on em. in the garden
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mind you at last. only two cars and people into products for the cause idk. these men on a bullet from the same teenage anti military anti of qatar. plus i'm into ian's favorite giving leave to spend time with their wives and children. but now we have to attend to plan and is signed to put lights on even haunted. augustine like to read. let's take a picture despite their reluctance to have little choice. intent on leaving around two hundred euros a month. ten times the avid fan of me anytime we decided to chime in with them to investigate the living conditions of thousands of blacks as joint time. i was. four of the tree like me going tickets i was a
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treat. now the village people respect me. it did to earn enough money to help build a small house for myself. it will marry. indeed it comes to light. just to be any chance of any shortage and in its reporting on the plight of a truism that are being erased it and change. since winning the prestigious and lucrative contract to host the beat poets cup the dollar is desperate to avoid bad publicity. new stadiums hundreds of hotels and on to comment to the country is buzzing with construction. none of this infrastructure could it mean without forty but as we now make up a steep descent of hectares population of betty take pics of my majority. ahh still meal and the phone open note his accommodation has been chosen by his employee l one of the red pieces not condescending the move by
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the pair were due. then a look at his house mates waiting to talk to us about the living conditions. twenty but has shed a tiny two bedroom apartment which is to teach him the same by insects will lead into the local and they do it. you didn't get the ceiling is about to collapse would have to take on it so i need to get the job. listen to the rescue it makes me vomit on a busy girl though. in summary the words. this is the number one cause of death amongst the workers to come back still stiff from work when sometimes in the morning to wake up and handed them a comment here with the pull of the social betterment with a close distance. sometimes i feel like i'm a slave. i never imagined. thank you for the iowa caucuses an incredible modern country by consuming the tree. at dinner these men. after licking temperatures exceeding fifty
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pt sessions. fatigue dehydration and hypochondriac combined with strenuous physical early to make an exclusive cocktail. these mod and the sleeves intel conditions that many would describe as inhumane. one stop site is heavily guarded to talk to the black cats we have to wait for the precise moment when the ot nation it's very hard. every part of our party tricks. then we have to carry heavy things from morning to night. after working for twelve at which you often ask us to work too well with one of the isle of man. so on to intense international criticism mounting pressure from the file. autonomy life as it has a relations nightmare on it and thought that he intended to house and eighteen a press conference was convened at the site with a mean feat in the wake after being banned. on the bus i
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needed to tidy towns to address the issue of collective living conditions we created a foundation to provide appropriate conditions for those who are building our stadiums from now on. there'll be a standard contract for workers it's a big initiative of the thai government which is very involved. all the companies that work on the walkers stadium and other stadiums will have to follow the new rule. the measures think he looks fat in the ganges height she makes living conditions and limiting the number of bands come through. the step in the right direction but they haven't the whitey implemented. at the us needed to adjust the font on eleven hits and pillion has complete authority over the phone ringing tones. at the start of a contract employee us secretly fourteen was his last box in place of prominence they can prevent them leaving the country or switching chore. exactly the position facing employees of the international hotel at the same tell you how. me trying to get explain to them
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they need to teach nights. we did the fontana around at night to him and who fall for men manage as the need for help. we choose to disclose their identities. i was suppose to be a security guard when i go there i was told i would be a dishwasher i have still not being the pan. even if i want to return to leichhardt because the company has been possible they keep telling me that i can eat but he refused to give me my costco back little one has to do this i feel like i'm in jail if we complain the mentor yells at us. some of my friends have even been in the name of whatever that is. appalling what conditions. eight the men's milk less than three games matching grant all the essentials of march in dc. they could die if not sooner and profiting from the plight of these. mind you the truth and agencies have much light. many do not
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hesitate to make it all it promises to convince him to send to act as an island large commissions. the body police are trying to get these next next. this mining lease and arrested a man accused of making the fullest contact form and looking at the top should be a tad into hot. he's in tempe to buy the office back in charge of fraud. i was going to have a license to send workers approached it. what is it that much. it was just an intermediary. he would get lost from my spinach. i just want to help in moving. do you realize that because a few people have died. yes i'm sorry sometimes it happens that this is not one main job with the help of nepal the embassy until you try to stop the fraudulent companies to come so that work permits and licenses which is history
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he rarely succeeds. how often have you succeeded. i can't say precisely to maybe three or four times it might just be there for four months i told the sporting black cats the main group into the pocket are endless hunter kept youth and sport in the morning. he's jumping the queue. down down down down. today only two point five meeting the parties was in the middle east. thousands more are breaching to depart the government does not have the means to stop this human migration and perhaps it doesn't happen we are right now. truly like and what is the response of the fourth quarter of the country's total income. the report said consultancy mom is here in this tv causes of things you
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think you extremely testing reports. i am. i was thinking that this can't all get away with these kind of thing just because people there a super to make a theater who is tracking well and the gaps in the car was easy to live edition of the atari and luggage into the skyscrapers will receive the rooms would be a moderate losses of living. it's striking. so it's not getting away with it yes the awesome criticism at the national purposes. it's in the media the main terminal five of the football association to live is a mistake chosen. we don't see how this organization the world cup could be taken away from. lots of investments in the world. as you know. so what do the cuts are your sources saying that the fence. i know it will only get well the governor the top post tonight the city
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of the amount of heat. if you do indeed love to death. he quoted by the garden and the most international peace and calm. i had to recognize though and the people who died it didn't annoy me or does he give a tip on a crusade the well known than two and a handsome prince until they announced a series of all his meaning. it did in implementing a system of wages fall of the employees fall through bank accounts this is them. checking the way is to see if the employer does indeed contain each and every employee that each and everyone to use getting his due. in the middle and an improvement on the health conditions uniqueness of the mountain that employees are ruled by all this annoyance but the issue remained. she was too old and on top should be a come from god which is the right look at the trial that kind of funny but i'm giving all parts of the company facing a police and really this is very embarrassing to
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the people who run cuts to the royal family than to be the very rich people. i'm. i imagine you'll conditions the making is still much to him. unorthodox it's not dangerous. we did that there is indeed it's done all you have no issues and to view the victims of foul weather and we had to take the wind to fly off the official film to accompany and i was somewhat consoled for it. we took of a small camera. in fact a digital camera. today when you have it. the new wedding pictures and we had to protect the police were going with us. be careful not to be spotted by the police and many many policeman. you don't see them all with don't recognize them. this lady's hand. drama school reports of home he eats well and has had to be. it's also the coury so we were very cautious most of them thank you for much of the few extra insight into the bbq would like to
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see this report can assure you will become by falsely can help calm office a call sometime and that his team thank you for what she knew its report to stay with us in office. this week's top stories you are now seen two national president of death sentences were handed out this weekend aged ten thousand five hundred written by me mondays and a must if they are trading in the country's modern history youtube the books but the psychic want to justify invasion of the oriental risking it. i didn't want him to a full scale magical effect. one effect of roscoe was besieged ukraine's parliament would see daddy is trying to. authorities are taking to infect up to one of


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