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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 1, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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are you. ch when we were what will . i showed up at the top of french politics hardline interior minister menu above is named the new prime minister as part of a government reshuffle in a tent from the president again his cell to this party back on track after was trounced in invisible but this weekend russian troops pull back from the border with ukraine this is your second tasting john kerry heads to brussels to meet with other nato foreign ministers for talks on the scene of military presence in eastern europe
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hundreds of thousands of americans down the website for obama can just as the deadline hits for sign up for the affordable health care. the cheadle spent the first french president francois long has lost no time in reacting to the dropping his social is god in municipal elections sunday. less than twenty four hours after that vote along named hardline interior minister manual balls as france's new prime minister speaking on tv last night the present protestant also would believe what he called finding government. a fresh start for and that the government meaning of culture places on our control as france's prime minister following the socialist party's crushing setback at the polls. to top it with a tiny clear coherent was assaulted team of nineteen and deliver them will do well a more aggressive government and daniel calls fits the bill nicely. the scene as
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did chores and the right wing within the socialist party known for his pro business side. he is in opposition to add to the tories thirty five hour workweek. as interior minister the fifty one year old's hardline stance on crime and roman migrants earned the nickname the socceroos in the left zuma took bus to welcome these people will consist of a religious thing in the countries to integrate over that. born a spaniard in barcelona in nineteen sixty two he became a naturalized french citizen twenty years later he entered politics really becoming a member the socialist party when he was only seventeen. with the presidential ambition of a zone of allsopp the party's nomination for the twenty twelve election. after coming in fifth in the first round of the party primaries. he endorsed for its well known and became his campaign spokesman. while many of the party's old guard to spice involved has proven popular with voters consistently topping opinion polls as france's favourite
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politician to his approval ratings have slipped recently added to the efforts to ban anti semitic comedian cuter name the choice of polls suggest going on is preparing to speed up economic reforms and tough spending cuts as mandated by the few weeks before christmas present. he tells plants in brussels to bring down its deficit the meaning of that new french prime minister comes a day after the social is not lost more than one hundred and fifty towns and cities to the right or the far right and yes jennifer lunch takes a look now at some political reaction to the appointments it's a moment strategy month's french presidents in times of crisis blamed the prime minister on company time in three seven six s in shock shock lol. after crushing weekend of the poll something to shake up isn't enough to save hunt items governments. you're prompted to conduct reviews and it can be political suicide. he
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stares him and allow the minority. mine are two different station isn't it meant the most insane in the minors in the country took the lead of the keys to the niche areas and some of them was seen as lacking the essential makes it an indiana thirty. don't take something in the fifty one year old manual balance because land of spatial toughness and economic liberalism will help to buy slice his commandments. not everyone is convinced about capabilities. last night he and his pediatrician the eighty s indie style of play due to his deepening the cost. and now he's a case in eighteen ten minutes to sit in a blur. dylan had to accompany it. it's really called choices i recommend the us sitcoms conditional on the streets music is appointed has not been mixed reactions. it seems more believable and stands by his convictions and i think is even more jobs fronds which we need to say he didn't like the stereotype them anyway
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and ten. i missed last sunday's it is a little aggressive to me but anyway will see the little too aggressive to some indices annapolis will the cabinet as well. she trains pass can confine says he can fill already contending with the neocon development act or what's known as the processing and approval are or the transfer of power between the two french prime ministers will take place this afternoon and parents could discuss ideas at the prime minister's office the max he knew in our club is the middle of the arena to the right we saw the mini is technically a left leaning social is how it is seen by more traditional socialist voters in france. the sas to be said that in the wake of big as saucers clicker and actions. also on how many chores to proceed with this shake up with this reshuffle and many medical advice was an obvious choice. he is the merest hope you know that menace that kindly to the house to be said that's when you i'm asked for
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the french people. i'm not necessarily the station is in fact he's a highly divisive figure within his own daughter because he said that he leans towards iraqi seen as a social democrat scandal or session at supporters appreciate and like that in fact in the bush urging of the socialist annual riley his speech was a mismatch with mixed reactions with many others from the depths of a brooding him and others cheering him to have to be said that up to two years spent as interior minister he's won a vote. many times that he's become the most popular as we said a minister i'm sorry that he is seen as an obvious choice but to remember will say that in the twenty eleven primaries again it's been six percent of the votes which shows you that that saw him he didn't enjoy much support within the policy center will this change and that what remains to be seen there will be
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settled side is that as interior minister he really brought some fresh air to breath the fresh at. in the government's because you are soo tickled to death when the rest of the minister's words to mean that in the polls on the president sought on poolside extremely united in the polls to many socialists are grateful that he will have an entry about the government's image and pataki will have to maintain the unity of the polity from the center to the left and make sure that at the various ministers treadmill or on the sideline and times of economics for instance will be behind him. this is not trouble for tea and one t shirt in the last few months he is clearly a strong minded man and he's got the talent on the cape and capabilities to do that. not that nice for the socialistic. i think that is an act of reporting there from time to match the new office which is the prime minister's office here in paris so with that transfer
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of power between the two prime ministers should be taking place at the hampton inn. some of the world news for you in usa contestant on kerry is heading to brussels today. he set to meet with other nato foreign ministers for talks on beefing up military presence in eastern europe the continent's in ukraine has just approved joint nato exercise on its territory. it comes as russian troops do seem to be taking a step back from the ukrainian border. and yet at the same time the russian prime minister dmitry medvedev paid a visit to the recently annexed region of crimea monday. medvedev said moscow would seem to inject funds into the region to give residents a positive view of the russian takeover of the ukrainian government is furious about that surprise is that it says an official trip to another country's territory without prior agreement announced to a crude and violence. his captain. pulling back troops the reaffirming its hold on
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crimea. london yesterday informed the german chancellor angela merkel by phone. he's taking a stand back from ukrainian border. a partial withdrawal of troops and there was cautiously welcomed by the us have been reports of. possible the dems as much a moderate forces from where we haven't seen that yet but if they turn out to be accurate that would be a good thing however ukrainian officials stress the movement could be cute to troop rotations. some border locations they are taking away true. in others they are coming closer. such action causes concern especially since right now we don't have a clear explanation from the russian federation about the names of these movements is minimal meanwhile the russian prime minister for the crimea where he met locals and held a surprise cabinet meeting making clear that russia has no plans to relinquish its control. he said the government would soon
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the salaries and pensions and inject funds to improve education health care. crimea its infrastructure. after joining the rush of the people of crimean to basketball mustn't lose anything. the only gain from this. this is what people expect from us to create conditions for a calm and respectable life the ukrainian government slammed the visit as a crude violation of international honda and the united states with a deadline has passed for americans to sign up for barack obama signature affordable health care plan the website for the sign that crashed in briefly on monday as engineers struggled with thousands of last minute trips. the white house whoever says it has reached that part of signing up to more than six million people who were previously uninsured the latest for us in the disappearance of flight three seventeen new information has not come out
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saying the final copy the word initially reported as albright good night or in fact not what was said authorities now claim that critical mass communication with the more standard nights probation three seven zero and change account comes in the fourth week of the search the words that came out in the cockpit transcript that was just released today that authorities say it shows nothing abnormal. ten planes and nine ships are continuing the hunt. west perth australia but so far. note to relate to that plane has been found. lisa authorities have been facing heavy criticism particularly from china. mis managing the search and holding back information. to a test for political freedom in china. villagers in we can in china's southern guangdong province have relaxed in their buildings. she's a former protest leader the villagers made headlines three years ago by throwing out communist party officials accusing them of illegal land
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grabs. however the jubilation that that has now given way to a sovereign democracy failing to take hold. it was pressed to explain this good to see who can grant deadline will blind you to do a thing for them to andrew about cleanliness rt officials who they accused of corruption. now three years on from the siege of wood and threw them in his oct lead to real change that it is great even if the polls on monday to choose a new village committee and did relax and protest leaders but they remain angry that nothing is being done to it and i'm sold off. you can eat. utilities in the mall but it will not know nobody has a good impression in our village officials were policing can solve our problems. they've deleted everything. the land problem how many years as a going out. nothing has changed as a single man
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the problems in this place one key protest leader was absent from the balance qantas maintenance of its beaches. officials from the nearby city government looked on. the phone and missile test hundreds of eighteen. the official results says thousands of test them out of the re enacted in extended form of protest the death became the head of the local communist party said he could not ensure the election was fully democratic states and the slouchy on democracy has not yet mature the cooler today's election hasn't had the effect that it should have. i think the overall process has been back seventy years and eight. in twenty twelve we all. the village of fifteen thousand was seen as a model for democratic reforms in china. the re elected leader says he's determined to get back all land sold off in a test of just how free time is that it
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is. she got here in case you were to cost and tactically he is. well conceived these fuel costs playing catch up as a syrian call it enters its fourth year the refugee crisis has generated in the region has become the greatest humanitarian challenge in a generation meanwhile in the central african republic an insult saddam's old humanitarian problems in the mccabe flights by illegally and began political violence. i enjoyed in this program by the eu commission of the international corporation humanitarian aid and crisis response and now you can now go get the welcome to the interview i reminded us that he's twenty eight eu member states along with the european commission remained the world's largest relief. don't get to talk
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about the financial aspect in a moment but i like to stop it. syria that the greatest humanitarian catastrophe the twenty first century and nine million refugees and displaced people. it's difficult for us it's difficult. robbie was. to understand to appreciate the full extent of what's going on there. and this is why the vehicle population of ireland increased it to get to be displaced to keep our viewers a sense of ninety two to this crisis. in one piece concluded. troubling is that the conditions inside the area. i'm so terrible with the biking in the economy collapsing in bed unless we manage to get more help to people inside the country. this theme because for those who will continue. total cost of two point seven median people are
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now in the neighboring countryside with recently. we could use at iraq. they had to conduct intent to cause them serious. and yes the days you remember themselves being tricked into sunday of a hospitable but the bread and salt. i have to imagine what the piece for lebanon what the piece for jonathan what the piece up for it yet. the sound especially the border regions the piece. mama suffering to people especially to children at me like christ. this is the loss but lady peace the stadium you. the school no hope for the future. nice not only between al qaeda the program but the look of this country's going to be repealed. when finding this map is that ends this madness we know there is the troops
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on the top seed after all all all you can do at the stages of fights aids relief but there is a sense of resignation around the world at the international community is taking on less and now i get the feeling that this crisis has been overshadowed by other emergencies not least the up the commodity prices in ukraine this is the problem here. we only have a week about that. while the pace and i think because so far been the standard reasons move towards that you create a new cereal from a security point of view for the region and for you. he's equally if not more important. i'm in school because santa. we are getting anxious. how would the international community the map called the won't be able to deal with this hot topics that i like syria and even asked him to to come meanwhile the committee cutting community has wanted to mean a soothing the peace
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cup with many people as possible when in europe and provide the two point five billion dollars two point seven beating euros into many tiny amazed by far the biggest contribution. but morning and then the minute we tried being the most determined to push for un security council resolution on at the seaside city of seoul. people in terrible conditions get the they deserve. assuming beings but also to protect. eight even an even bigger hole for a few teeth across the board this end we will continue to go out of date but unique identity. plus there are the ones he does not does not stop the beating as it is you said europe is is doing a lot of audio harkness i'm thinking of emerging countries also the gulf states there is a sense in europe and in all it's stepping up to the plate i was just seeing that dubai india. and to the kitchen is
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a bit more nuanced than the end it's for example have taken a very good step towards increasing their development assistance the committee that ended in a transparent manner. we have to teach more week the gulf countries sad because we need in this what the fee increase and new to me all the donors sad that they had to come out and we also need to make sure that when when we went to dinner the field. we recognize them when they do something something something cooked. these crises these emergencies cost a lot of money. i knew for a steal on because you spend in the first two months of two thousand fourteen. a third of your annual budgets. how would you cope. we are meeting in extraordinary times than not the only we had the crisis in syria that in its magnitude is overwhelming but for a first time in history we have been
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beaming week for major emergencies single penny of the syriac. so i've taken the public's help to bat and the content of ups and the kennedys and at the close but not enormous pressure on all of us i am confident that we will spend up to the task of mobilizing resources that we need the support of the european though i may feel there is enough to make the life of the day of the member states in these times of austerity in these times of budget cuts a piece necessary to bring up this commitment. of course but the kids there. euro twenty percent of the wood economy fifty percent of humankind and eight. even during this crisis we have retained a strong commitment eyed the moment a lot time appealing to peaceful island states than defend one simple thing to me batty and eight is different. these life
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saving aids requires funding you need to be made available and so we work on finding a resolution that that wheel green cannot help and call to the most desperate people. is this commission he mentioned the humanitarian crisis in the central african republic a year ago this impoverished african state descended into an epic conflict between the muslim and christian vigilante groups almost all of the country's four point six million people are in need of humanitarian crises european commission talks about ethnic cleansing on a large very large scale. these in traffic in the cubby is really a tragedy that should have not happened to the world for a long time has forgotten this country. and there is no peace. what the novel head. they use to be peace between the religious communities
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tolerance and owning line short the new year. collapse of the state and intense fighting. this is lost. we now have the announcement from you and at the atm protection operation. you'll ford puts into african republic. we'll eat eat eat eat them and keep a complete fifty strong. six thousand soldiers on the ground forget thousand african soldiers in two thousand and ten that it is this enough or is this to its old ty is able to walk with them is very crucial because it was that predicted the burden on the troops that are already today especially on the french troops in bangkok be taking up parts of the bindi the cap until they get into empty parts of the cpu whereby lift its most severe. but thinking that i know i think momentum on the lines of the word community to make sure that
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he had probably been the envy of the magnitude of nine thousand and thousands of troops so the whole country can be secured at the pixies provide the two of the most dense with today's arctic ice has but also to the christian community. because what is clear to the stage of the crisis is that the new condition government is not coping with the christ nothing when said. the last week. that's a bit difficult it is just overwhelmed by what we had to stand by them he said. the state central african republic. even in the capital but definitely outside of the capital has evaporated. and for this new authority is to be able to call they need our support we found you ahead of july so ready to compete with the comedian eucharist we had the most reliable to meet daddy and gone there and also i came from the ck keep pumping fuel the most stables to to feed it to fund and provide provide
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troops on the ground. we also need be a united nations to look in the us central african republic as a priori enough not to most i can and still the case today for us window open. this is new. we use to that while locks crises in the sell off and now we have to be venus the situation week. most people. significant emergency thing we have to learn to deal with all done at the same guy and i can tell you it's not an easy task but we must donate some of them close by at. and it tickled my nose at the tension also climate related problems we say not to be the sweet eu and african leaders are meeting in brussels that it's a big gathering in europe and africa coming together a new rep says they will stall for africa partnership of equals it's true that there is more traffic to let kelly and the humanitarian crisis it's it's a country with the huge economic potential. what do you expect from this year's
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summit eu africa summit. i do expect that there will be the launch of new year at the licensee six of the pentecost grow fast growing economy citing that because it is the notorious for its tactics and economic relations. i also expect that he will talk about the vulnerable places the topic and how we can collectively improve security is the bbq there and address climate change. many of the country so now he can be on the frontline of climate change becomes the what the court about the cat and i think you're open enough to cut natural allies in this debacle against what id is the toughest chatting to file a generation. when i go to my mind of yours that you are the eu commission not to humanitarian aid and crisis response thank you very much for talking to us. thank you for having me. thank you for watching this additional thing to go cos i kept these stay with us. more news. me
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on business. that will make the bow in northern spain constructed a guggenheim museum in seoul millions of visitors went to the city and beyond business it can house a team from twelve of trying to emulate that success beyond is this awful place if i can tell. and. it is
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one was today friends. a live debate on top of the day monday to thursday at seven pm on nbc. chopped off. to find a way. a squeeze play
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the process. when we will the eye. cheek was flooding in the cupboard and i region are being dealt with. we recall that night and danced a mere happen in the book russian region and as a result the village of carpet that was flooded. now the village residents are clearing their diets and kept leaving the damages people were warned about the danger of the french letting the inhabitants of the back a bit to local school which is located on the hill heller the flight so carried away the lives of five people over a subtle are tearing away a car i rushed home t


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