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tv   The Debate  PBS  April 1, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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will will will will will walking back toward commission just joining us said these are the stories were falling for you on false and dad friends has a new prime minister. my new headphones taking the reins from up the dome of it will be in a ceremony that comes with forty eight hours after the ruling socialists suffered a historic drought in local elections. nato's suspends all practical civilian and military cooperation with russia. and also this edition will run
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through the heats of a us spy help break the deadlock in the middle east peace talks more on that coming up. all all all. server and fasting are pledged to move on reforms on the lips of france's new prime minister fifty one gold mine in bad mood from the interior ministry. taking the reins from home optimal ousted after historic drought. on sundays. gpu. if you know that i was very proud to be your interior minister and we've worked well together his chief i am proud and honored to be your successor to do because it's a case of carrying on and getting on
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the fantastic work you've already done. the gnome following is a tv show the song. the fifty one year old. it's the most popular member of false well vodafone said cabinet. he's labeled as someone who is up more to the right inside the party now comes the guessing game regarding into cabinet the announcement expected in the next twenty four hours possibly as early as wednesday morning already there is infighting among the socialist coalition partners the greens party leader saying she will steer clear of any of the us government vets who says he still considers too far to the right. others though may be tempted. reports in shortly. here are on the boston temple here that report is ready now on how the greens view the arrival of my new entrants to the prime minister's post the freshly appointed prime
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minister is not being welcomed with open arms across the french left green party minister pressed and going from reacted to the new album his appointment by saying he's convinced his heart he will not refuse to participate in the coalition the factor high state ministers the tdp oh six he will be a part of the new lineup to do it with all the critters you didn't even get the parties' national secretary with the metal posts the reasons for our decision is due to important changes that can one to seek a death toll continues to increase bond that this isn't a corset belt by the president is in the powder to keep the ship on a pigeon or not liking it even with the new balance of terror and spicy bounce has caused divisions. these two right wing anti authoritarian it sit for several mike's ocean is bringing particular uproar. he ran against ireland in two thousand and twelve to represent the socialist party in presidential elections. many lost i crossed over to support the president's during these kind receptionist elected he controversially promotion getting rid of the country's thirty five hour working week
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for sure. the wiki thing memorized driving has been in the ninety two was against a pretty fun halloween explaining the keys to one the twenty second of which mocks nine hangers on and out of his first decisions in office which will set the tone for part two the aisles five year term when russian troops still last on ukraine's border nato has formally suspended all civilian and military cooperation with moscow. as well as intensify cooperation with ukraine. strong condemnation from me can. he said mimi market. she's a mini stereo meeting. the line sixty six west has taken a very tiny and amounted to be trolling european four days by force. it is a serious concern to those of us who are committed to your up over three and a piece. and
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a serious chance. to which we must respond. and they have responded. they can announce that it suspend its own practical to the meantime abt corporation the process. last month and to recant a compliance leading to the school. yet on his horses to attend can cooperate in the ukraine to meet him and that the compartment and helped rainy streets. senator russ to sneak a build up and keeping the importance of mounting that the cheesecake kevin thomson and intimate close its president that nicotine can still attack he was bleeding chips. it is certainly not the final step the necessary as the two concentration on the ukrainian border is very high. but today i have no reason to doubt it is worth it. in august on to the mall was dismayed with the pace drunken louts. this is not what we've seen who haven't seen the evidence of the test of cool spring comes in you
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too cold for that. he is russian people think eastern ukraine might try to extend its influence to the former communist countries might not be an anti canadian. cost me take a stake in fortis from ntini send a snake. since that emi is considering all options in concert and fifty pence. ukraine just one of the topics on the menu is italy's new prime minister visited london. my children see a thirty nine years of age. italy's youngest ever prime minister giving the grand tour of number ten downing street. me i'm gone he had good discussions we shared many objectives for the future. therefore to working with you in the us the future. i did notice that they want to see me getting younger. david e. thank you need to thank everybody and thank you for a no indication that. bouncy number ten and
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snapped a three part about it so thank you so much for or forty completion of the box she. his friends he did go on to pour some cold water on this post david cameron's holds the eu treaty change now with washington's eventual release of the news release by break the deadlock in middle east peace talks various sources confirm serious talk of an early parole for jonathan pollard the civilian intelligence analyst for the evening was serving a life sentence. in nineteen eighty seven conviction for the declassified documents on the soviet union to israel reported earlier correspondence washington folk rock. there's nothing official snowfall roll with him and his administration officials who told me about this anonymously because that is still waiting for second stage on carrots in the brussels where he is now to go back to israel for another round of talks it appears that things are coming to a head to the idea here is her trixie knowledge
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deal. in order to keep these peace talks getting in the first place it's a deal to keep the deal from being disgusted to keep its head discussed as seven in terms of the last deal that is the possible release of jonathan pollack ahead of his earliest possible release was which is that in november twenty fifteen that in exchange. while the palestinians would not be new people at state recognition of the united nations for eggs all levels said that within that deal not a settlement freeze as such in the west bank but the timeouts. it says one official quoted by us media as having the parts of this wider ranging deal and said that the loss of shuttle diplomacy getting on right now. all of this just to keep these peace talks from completely stopping in the first place. john kerry expected wednesday in the middle east the newsrooms the world over the debate rages every april for some journalists enjoy a
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sprinkling of april fool's jokes. others not. let's take a look at the song. as reported by our partners to french television station costs and the myriad supper and tells the tale. an international calls made to fools day you just never know on a pool fence two thousand and ten offense journalist makes an urgent announcement the quake that sheep to be a fixed axis with serious consequences for the kind acts as you should only be the summit is now coming september or october. schools and districts in the north prong set when thinking about pushing back and taken to the start of the school. this goodale. he is their year in nineteen ninety one and number of popular french generous denounced the team timing between the pilots that the sign would be tended to social housing to all faults and unreadable and found these two scenes leave you wondering. it is in this position has been taken
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lightly. the historical monuments administration and the social housing department was called a campaign to renovate old buildings. hopes that the present is straight face delivery the illustrations. who even when he gets in these times this guy demanded to even take on econs will tell wilson out of bounds. these convincing seems so the top tn lifted away by helicopter leaving the viewer with a drastically altered picture of the paris skyline. to all fall sick. in the hard truth is that nothing is sacred from the holiday noted for its current status. guitar is still there which means he can now begin the postman pat today the eye. call. to those who thought shutting down two winner and crying conspiracy
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marks the beginning of the end for turkey's prime minister more than a decade well think again. richard tarrant they're the ones is the llamas rooted ak party winning big in sunday's local elections. improving on its two thousand and nine score he stumbles race not even close. the capital ankara still contentious for many years the eyes of possible on his run for president than oneself. promising stability but also vowing revenge against rival supporters of moderate us based character to lagoon the odds. this case uia we will not surrender to pennsylvania and their offshoots and tacky from tomorrow and then maybe some history. there are some who have already commenced. i have a story from legal complaints against some of them. i've warned that they might faint. we will answer
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them that they will pay for this they will pay the price prime minister so far is answered a widening corruption scandal. he deems applauds the wholesale purge of police and judiciary internet censorship laws would only do now. it has to win in a simple kind of democracy. this turkey was going forth with destiny for a nation that straddles europe the middle east and the black sea. today in the halls and get to bake room on wednesday with us to talk about it from ankara welcome back alley the day of clinical research area to set the foundation thank you for being with us. what a welcome from lawns and he's just back from turkey armory so rob editorial page writer for the wall street journal europe thank you for joining us. and here in the studio ten dollars on president of the kurdish institute here in paris will conduct the show ends of the castle senior political analyst and the author of turkey from one
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revolution to another welcome sir the false projected date for use in joining the conversation on facebook and twitter are stacked and two for debates. what started the latest in the latest in this is the earlier there were cm tear gas water cannons to disperse protesters in ankara demonstrators loyal to the opposition has been demanding a recount there to get a picture of the situation the castle was first going to correspond in jasper mortimer just her what's the situation on how the vote tally seen. while the texans all across the country. today's two candidates have been shot skills. police arrested fifteen people kidding. who
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defeated him. that's a lot of the two opposition parties it spins off six schools his voting stations and in the text of the hospital to close. hmm many people do dismay of our deeds. you didn't read. they are getting their hopes on the opposition so your watch. he lost. it's an inner city winners in a medium heat. then today since. it was the name in a shoot on tuesday. i made it
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clear that we didn't see any of us today. he sends it into the bees came along and tried to dispose of it. brody and most of the candidates. you do this. the main thing is that it's a doozy. appeals to the next. he is winning the votes. recorded. see this so that it was the status as far as the recount goes will there be another one we go eight cents. if they feel is acceptance. they instead. it dates. jasper more than one one final word on this or that you mention at the outset the recrimination the bad blood to that spot in the wake of the selection but
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what is clear jasper is that the ak party did to bolster its gains from two thousand and nine. this is largely due to the two thousand and one in these elections the elections. news of the issues. aussie. mr basu the issue these addictions referendum sth. it is made oh well i did it. corruption and adjacent this. you know the amounts of money involved in allegations were sunni
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deny the fact that due to the store with a strong desire to minister to experience house. to me in he has this cool spot to watch. it's three hundred thousand dollars. a home. his friends. a million dollars shoe boxes. these are facts managed to display units are staying with him. and they tend to be shaking their heads. cool for five minutes of the country and jules kroll to jeff for more room to put that question to our panel thanks for joining us from up on korea. a lot of comments already coming in
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and a very polarized electorate in turkey more on writing it stealing votes makes you a winner than the ak party certainly want the most democratic states vote rigging is considered illegal. chatted alot. your thoughts on up the acrimony that we've witnessed around these new book as jasper says put more of the oldest local elections but an f in a second effect turned out to be a national referendum when he is turning into a referendum. i mean during the collection and interpretation the lesson was on top of all local issues with her on top of all services would have hoped looking for something isn't working out tokens of love to be legal. schumacher political issues. and because of this but to extending from the dizzy top right that that that little tiny kitten cheque was great times at this price the cost of the craft robo. some seventy
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feet in the physical reach a climax up to work with and it ended up doing what evident that these local collection and normally the clubhouse the meeting because it also tied into a referendum. so was keen to tie into a referendum that no one focused on the issues that pertain to local news station alright another common coming through the steamy shall say no one ever got the fifty percent of the votes he aspired for nonetheless he did alot better then in two thousand none of my race or argue or any stumble up tell us a little bit. how will the buildup to the election compared to the results. well thank you for having me just to the end of my first name this are out but that's ok why was i went to a number of rallies the time and i was really impressed by the number of people that the opposition could turn out
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and is stumbling on corrupt so really the question what is that isn't why did the line when but why the opposition views. i'm a kid and the energy that they had managed to develop on the ground. and then given all that at the other items that you mentioned the graft investigation the split within the islamic movement in turkey that screen bigger than this sunday at the akp the protests that surrogacy are. and it means to me it boils down to the fact that you have an opposition that on a good point to the grass and say that our hands are clean where is the time the prime minister's hands are dirty their slogan. i was you know dress the papacy fat that was the most commonly heard slogan on the streets but i clearly was not enough to pursue a map majority of turkish voters especially in the anatolian heartland to vote against the man who you know for good or ill heads to the third decade of economic growth at a fast clip eight
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percent nine percent it slowed down a little bit but turkey still grew at about four point five percent last year which is a a a growth rate that is the envy of many not establish the economies in the last and so can you answer the question of a corresponding just warmer for their leader is why he didn't seem to faze voters more of an. and then. more than usual the fact that there was this this graph pro. well it's easy and even there there this the core set of akp supporters and supporters of mr lott who. anywho have to say a emotional investment demand that they refuse to believe. anything ill about them. you have a very strong counter narrative before. bye bye and said the lions camp in the heat made the issue of the foreign conspirators and the and the a as the forces
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in the west that were trying to undermine the turkish state and that sort of rhetoric plays well to it to a certain turkish boat or an ssn type of turkish voters nearly forty six percent of votes for the atp resoundingly and in sunday's local elections. when you get your reaction on the cause of it due to some keys to the beach. the results that we received a four for these local elections. to think if the prime minister of clear mandates going for. whether a given because text of the corruption extinction. i think this is the number of its own marina school. twenty five point six percent are you doubting. sorry you doubting it. no no and they had bean. you know problems here and there. in all conferences there is a consequence the station which seem to be gentle. generally
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the victory it cannot be entered into. you know who rejected it it's there. so add on. he's in a strong leader to cut its magic he speaks very well. and he established aid a relationship with the house committee the anatolian. will today's anna and as it were a few around. jonah says. in the last ten years the polka beat a team coming techie was multiplied by three the policy rates. when don from twenty eight to eighteen cents. so these figures do not concern the western nineties the mall tonight is the soft peaks the keys in the west and western turkey this is the majority of the operation. and days ahead the polls in pa stations had
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thrown away. that's the ease that the anatolian watch is the will to fall out on the first reason for what you call akp was the successes in the economic and social policies. some some time and there are the two thousand seven figure eight two percent of the akp will to his gate this reason. as the reason of course that the whole campaign in all it does to you ten dollars on the whole campaign is busted and we heard at the outset they're the ones talking about rooting out the enemy from its lair of the vehicle and it's the supporters of pennsylvania based said claire. in the end was the power of the supporters of fun to go and overplayed or was it just a case where no one was able to energize his books i kinda did in kosovo groom in his two month was the unit that they are in that is strong color positions inside the judiciary and place mats
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that people who went with the bottle. indeed able to afford to allow for whom a nuisance lot of time is the quality improvement and that the standard evan hendricks is that in many important and they did not all people to have an up and says they have the solutions they could eat it. our little prawns universities in prison the decor dish i last saw people know not detected every gun a month as fisted other governments will also cut out the trusty cronyism and then does it the kids and hubby can pop my part to the government's that the lord on corruption the models all christian people laugh. mostly due to its own cousin of insulin most people don't believe in all positions. promises. and the second type is not that is all connected to many people that count the total trust in something as mundane as the ultimate if they want they don't want to go school
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go home republican people's party and the other option is of far right. this moment saw. get the penalty that it is ok. gone was able to provide more cities is improvement in today tonight so they will trumpet and agreeing with used ones you're saying the reason why everyone wants a simple one his opposition chp is not good enough to get elected something that sort of them are attached on. so while ago we were talking about it but that brings us to the next step. what's next for the prime minister. this man has been in power for more than a decade. got me to lie that is it now. self evident truth that the visit i for one is the next president of turkey. won't that be right now he has in second position today he got kind of a comparable position if he decides to run for
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the presidency. it and i do expect it is hard and ideas but that he's going to run for the presidency. but we also should include a trace of caution here. we should up the pollution and it was taken to the coast of india and will come along once he has to remain at the house checking it out the direction of the country. so if he believes an issue with the things that he can't do this one the precise took office. but he will run for the print and presidential office. but if he isn't running for the presidential office means that he will be his cousins the national turkey will be limited than i do think that the woman a second thought we'd give a link that had the issue we cannot make his decision for under eighteen u s s g a c i a reform of the constitution to make the presidency more powerful before the august election. well i don't i
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don't see. i don't see any socks and any slight change to the constitution before the presidential elections and so um but you know we don't know what will happen on to the presidential election we might we might refuse to change the constitution. the present election because his knuckles forward to increasing the power off the prison and to all of this month the demand for new power station has been going on and checking for ever and that has been a close watch them and promise of our plenty he's coming to power and it's still there due to declining to check it i still get the cousins to fulfill his promise because it is essential that the new constitution has it that might support a presidential form and color of the presidential poll is up with a huge hole in the kurdish issue in such a long because the issue in and find some more. she's also requires. it has caused roche when we come back together a quick break you're watching
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the false and kept it the fifty one percent. a program about the women making headlines in international duties. when two women human rights activists all victims of discrimination. i raised in new delhi. the washington team is. every week the fifty one percent highlights the women will want to change well not taken any kind the fifty one percent on most but got no husband got dark on. the eye the offer
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welcome back what would you just joining us. before losing the falls again today to sample the stories that law received the phone at the top of the hour. france is a new prime minister menu of us taking the reins from trauma to the change follows is a true socialist failure at the polls in sunday's local elections. the suspense all practical civilian and military cooperation with russia. bolstering its ties with ukraine. washington's of
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the offspring of that israeli spy break the deadlock middle east peace talks between movies. jonathan pollard discussed the respective state heads back to the region on wednesday. eye on. the welcome back or commission just joining us this is the false tend to put the bait. after sunday's local elections in turkey and the reward. by the ruling ak party will we saw this tuesday that are in the capital on corrupt of the result still being contested and water cannons fired and opposition supporters. um we are talking about it with from ankara gallipoli clinical research at the center of think tank thank you for being back with us as well as a sort of mari editorial page writer from the wall street journal europe just back from istanbul. here's to you kind
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of azam president of the kurdish institute in paris and at the castle seeking political analyst and the author of turkey for one revolution to another up in the run up to the elections appeared along criss crossing the entire country. what can the kurdish stronghold of job that care for the atp has its supporters. my dreams i see my kids is how to keep the yen and one strings united back into the death kendall was on what's very interesting was the atp was present throughout the country including up in kurdish speaking parents he goes to utp is the only clues to the parking ticket which is present love to come to the other pumpkins. locally i couldn't. because people targeted in the semis side of tokyo and the pot i parked it and sometimes on a twenty amp
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the gp because of uneven quality improved some because the condition was not divided between. what then is pro kurdish peace and democracy prompted them to call someone to booksellers. we booked another four it appeared out of pretty shoes. they they had to criticize opted to bat in this anticipate tpa of cars also promote it. some kurdish cultural rights and audi out. even if one is awesome views of the kurdish language is not the tv and remote bonded into the cold meat meat nz trust took them to bond and a zombie on that since of course there's the current peace talks there but this is the reason we are exactly exactly so this is a process that i stop that then it was the first step in the long history of the turkish republic. apart from his uncles aunts crown in nineteen sixty eight ten because of cooking to create
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it stated that due to his mood as toronto's financial whatever happened to him. so it's insidious process. so when when kurds see what's going on over and ankara nice tumble in the sea. the graft row of the ban on twitter of all all of the political keats that's going on the inside. although we over there in the west of turkey when they see that going on today still save themselves they're the ones our best bet for a lasting deal time the cause is not and cannot teach new clothes and titled debut. i'm going to cement his place on the topic as people come to grief. does it it was the first time seeing the courage to us and they don't they didn't believe it to the provinces. not with the gospel or did they have been going on today to condition that is is this process. many important and that is also a good time
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though we stayed on the croissant sandwiches. for this for the poker discussion is of any important that the shiites a solid improvement of permission to be contained candy i think of the sun is also a good spot to afford the cost of the kurdish coast jazz scene gone was that it successfully and get in this photo is what impacted because it is not the okra dish was about to cut it so that the kurdish cause that i did the most this month but as a sort of a marty does this again approaches the question that you are dressed in a piece you can from the wall street journal is there an alternative to going along. not that i can see and of course he refused future you out. youth to whom i wrote about him that in the peace today. these are typically western eyes using encore i am in istanbul and izmir who are educated they look to europe at the y
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retain turkey's ties to europe and the one to retain i did this a cute tradition that ataturk established on but unfortunately they can't find a boys weekend the current. opposition parties that exist which are wheat their leadership and tv crusty there and agenda. into the extent that they have assisted in the park and back to no socialism and and the a and another of ideologies that don't really play well in contemporary turkey in the meanwhile you have miss adeline. it is imposing what political scientists call non competitive or semi competitive democracy on turkey was this means it means that you know if you were to check a box that says is ticking democracy he would still check the box as the trappings of elections it has formal opposition parties but it the institutions that due to. the protect democracy and ensure that it's in fact
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competitive and liberal have been hollowed out and the state is the apparatus of one party may need the akp and you don't have an independent judiciary are hauling out. it is the independent press the police are our apparatus of the ruling party and that it lets the opposition can put forward a serious alternative going forward that has a contemporary growth oriented jobs oriented agenda that will appeal to the average voter and that is inclusive of the more pious voters in turkey than this process will go forward and miss everyone has the instincts of the hugo chavez are a few real on with it with a hint of ayatollah khomeini and then that's a pretty dangerous and powerful combination. and in and he has the potential to stay in power for for a very long time it was me want to move
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you are quoting a taxi driver's the old turkish politicians of these at least appear to want to get something back. gallipoli what's your reaction to what the soldiers said about a hollowed out democracy of the nation the jails the most journalists of his new band the new curbs on internet freedom the attempts to ban twitter and you too. is turkey less and less of a democracy. one thing i wish his son isaac and very simple question. i mean look up when he came to power on the proper mall more democracy and common prosperity and that's how you cut them at the end goals and two. he got the ball to all people who were far more tomorrow. the former democratic ticket. local mall trust mr key. he was last season but the school all week and more people to get small vase. so unless we do expect a dramatic change from
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the social visit the park who previously won one more to my upright for more on improper progress and democratic right as he feeds the free don't think that present and active she is so social. these people. i feel like this analysis the recent canal and all to keep it all started going steady and somehow the people who previously will conform more to come to an eskimo and impractical it's going to four days of intense time acting like and that there isn't any. it seems like it today. a business card. i do see is just like new. i used to summon a stumbling blocks. on the way to democracy in turkey. instead he did it for sure did and he got his mouth the check is there to protect his performance is always the new deck is not the best one. kentucky has never had the good and we
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differ from its site speaking when you see that the whole media is under control but i think it's a day or stay on we also know without a fight and even personal to me that in turkey is highly critical of the current government does that is close to a cottage across tasmania only seen them get to work with newspaper and does take a look at their minds here rather than going into the content. so i do see ideas to visit someday warring developments. my overall time and all eternity will be dependant on what kind of charity balls to get one soon and i don't think so that the people who will perform up but the inner tubing to keep in mind that the euro. the turkey the people who voted for the party and you know to make a key region and one democrat he has cheese and wine and all the papers to go collect and content and style so a new political insight
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and analysis and a wide and shallow. i the jazz on cd and you agree with that. no no i don't agree because on. and those who hold to its four i keep the vaunted to meet the current developments were more freedom or democracy the products i need to collect nuts. as of two thousand and eleven. at ten eleven a m to one pounds and she's the devil can teach it came school road conditions he became a soda pop. judy chief beachy for the deciding about everything. and kiki me he didn't need to do this because he had the party majority and who he could've carried on as it was in between two thousand two and two thousand and eleven the change. he became a fit person. ma. my view is that he wants to become the second part of the nation. the first was on
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to direct the nineteen twenties but at that time the society was simple and they they wanted to be a bit of a father at that time but today took the cia missile sites he had his emancipated has made progress thanks to the lungs of twenty cities also. and the society will never accept adult or study in idle talk to the person deciding about everything about the urban projects in istanbul and foreign policy and the crying everything this is not feasible. and as an add on. unfortunately we just heard saw rob stayed there for the time being there's no alternative to marriage or not i'm coming to that now at dawn. i responsible for what he's been doing the polls. she hey he's the victim of a universal rule in politics. a strong color. a strong government without the strong opposition. it becomes a sort of rainy days it's a
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universal is one of the feminine and so he thinks that she is the one who knows everything better than others and the real problem all the techie. deviantart democracy is the fact that the trust of old dual role these has always been we can now add on has destroyed whatever it remained from its eight under the law as written in french. stopping in german. and that democracy is as if to add to the upside it because you have a very strong today very strong government's own because of it it's sunny and you have nobody on the central finance i mean nothing nothing serious or on for a more reasonable to spend and dad for this. ottens is the real problem in turkey and the little ones who protest in the streets do not have unfortunately a serious credible political expression alright the law on twitter
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does for action the violation of freedom of expression and democratic principles occurred becauses its own shadow. so rob what's the takeaway you have coming back up from thirty two you have the sense that there is this entrenched paranoia within the hive halls of power. or was this all just political strategy to win these elections. no i think it is more the former. in the evening the antique look this is still a democracy this is the place for people who go to mass rallies and announce that the sitting prime minister as a as a corrupt the fan and so forth but it is kidding she hear and see here and it's an environment is getting colder there are these constant weeks of tapes and and and and they said there's the stooges within the ruling group. and then there's this bit from the stress on the part of the de young and
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the secular and the educated against the government and let me mention one more fact because. we've been saying that the one and has delivered growth but we haven't said whether he can continue to develop into the country and push forward economically. i'm not sure that's the case because the reforms that have brought turkey this part the middle ranking economy are good and they've been good and then andrew bennett said he has mr goss government to thank for that. but to get to the next level as the akp has promised that wants to become a top ten economies at twenty twenty three the centenary of the a of the founding of the republic. it needs additional liberal reforms in intellectual property. in bankruptcy laws to make them more like the front open doors should be able to make mistakes and not have to pay for the rest of their lives and those are reforms that mr carter one has thus far been willing to deliver on intellectual property protections are very weak in turkey. and bankruptcy run
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was tough to not true entrepreneur rio. and it ended and a top ten economies generally isn't the type of country where the engine of this and said i couldn't use twitter and my hotel room and that's not the that doesn't suggest the country they can go to that next level. damage done by your reaction. due to the issue these include specific issue i explained to me to listen to and we can reduce the size and crumble. and true to her it is a combine and the government. the dance the main ingredients of rituals and twenty two will be. there seemed to have lost that connection there it's not censorship on our part this mission is to get that back. with the anchor into the polis quick to add as we can i visited an over reaction since the poll on sunday. european commission spokesperson pointed to which
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he called worrying developments over the past three months. turkey now urgently needs to re engage fully in reforms in line with european standards but as one senior official involved with enlargement issues told the reuters news agency. we don't want to open a new crop with turkey especially in the current geopolitical context with the ukraine crisis. i'll eat as i see you turkey a valuable partner in a nato. this post it's it's it's an important partner and to inform people about their strategically for europe also and obviously the crying action case that causes some problems kentucky the south. because the dress shop stops expanding in the surroundings to ikea because it's there were some situations but the same time in the hunt. this kid is sick or the crimean situation
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the tensions with russia i said hospice to show loose once again be in the strategic importance of techie so the heat if anybody important partner in the tornado. and andy eat with the idea fuel has in the future a strategic strategic vision and action movie grumpy become all sweating cold up there for you. let's go back not too got into my apologies for the technical issues we had with a link with aunt debbie till i were talking about the turkey inevitably perhaps be drawn closer to europe but if we pick up on the point that was made of out of the problems right now with the rule of law the purge of the judiciary of that has happened with the reforms thereafter this graft scandal it doesn't look like turkeys going in that direction well i think the comments the cost
7:49 pm
of december seventeen was a bit ponderous presumes the continent it was very poisonous. unfortunately i do agree that the rule. well that was the first titled difficulties and struggles because we had scones before it becomes more addictive than a white christian belief among the people but the government cycles taken to this conclusion hosted the draft wrote that there is a very unique group called the good in a small one. we tend to do is to weaken the police and they're basically all it is too busy to take him taking this that old. we did contest and the balls and in the background while i can go on the. so that was a bit of trouble to score the go and vote for the whole country bar on for today. they don't mistake was that it hasn't taken actions against the demons moment. up until the moment. also this that or
7:50 pm
he's been on the style is well on his shoes as well up to us today is the bonus of taking actions against his biggest moment with them and focus on please and because of these contacts and i do believe that the local mall and has been having has fallen victim to. to his power struggle. but i also do may i also do expect a constituent who was the iconic province which is what needs to stop the government and which is most needed fact is that the people involved in the government. the couple to make sure that the rule of law is a good rule of law is intact and will look him up to the church but instead because taking that lie behind a mask. from this perspective i do expect some steps up to the max and to be taken to address these questions revolved local and one of his life be it tomorrow. to sum it up this
7:51 pm
week the european union. but it doesn't sound like it when we are attached at the beginning of the program the prime minister saying he's going to chase his enemies in their lair it doesn't sound like. reforming justice and so to wait there's more checks and balances is high on his agenda right now one in. i was meant as a plea and was always one when anna was taken i was a distinction between and designs course i was good example for this issue. pride is at the time before the start of the hysterical scrapbook negotiation with the current site. only months before that he was looking at all. he is at getting the needle to take a moment on he was the token amount they often do and the dp like a pro coach and kids bop along the way. we started off with the technique is the stopping
7:52 pm
and taking his morning the next level because it is processed. i didn't expect my keynote. while one hundred and eight it was lost in the moment. austin likes it but i do to make it up on the other hand he will do his best he knew and to not to friends to listen to rope you know they're not too immediate liking to it because all other comparable to the lions that he is in the lines that the cost of the business to the party at pump. mike and me putting aside the opposition parties turkey also have a vibrant something. in anything any further. going back will also create another backlash from the states. one reaction whose fault is it there's no credible opposition they are useless in all the create a hoax kendall was on. do you see going forward terry the things settling down
7:53 pm
movable returning turkey drawn closer to europe unfortunately it can all be here until tuesday to the point that i'm optimistic on the most common from the buddhism teaches that is invaded by them civilians since nineteen fifty. i think if your guests. this continued in addition we picked that up and asked if she has the dates. let's say into cars and nobody would predict that would be a hippie no cost to the new bundle of ten teeth into it that's up to go home to one of the nineties nineties then the buzz is unconnected to trust a pencil and ended up in ultimate akin to come in the end of the case. you could be something that could be shot out that his own baby in the penalty because the kurdish peacetime them across the country was tabled i'm cool. i get almost all the calm. just wanted to go to town halls of the sun and
7:54 pm
the prolonged and about twenty women elected as mayor of tenacious it is which is very important far. the tale of two women edition saw bill position is that their patented and about ten knots expected to take time and i think you do you do you do to young people of the most fitting in this case offers some of our condo is good. this song also they have nothing to fall for him to exist in the potty can keep a spot to mark the national action prompted slowed in content or movement it would take time at the time fifteen years. we have none of them come to court the time being if it is not centered on buses. the channel on you rely on dawn's blog review to improve this additional fee the most democrats did. i think we need also some christians coming from the european union which is an important player on the rss or atom aren't coming back from istanbul very briefly. do you share. ken
7:55 pm
dolls short term pessimism and long term optimism. i didn't and he is extremely low rise and what turkey's the allies can do in the meanwhile as turkish civil society begins to get its bearings and possibly organize new parties and leaders can emerge in the meanwhile. you know that the united states european union as turkey's allies. and before tickets can go further down the road of authoritarianism me to put the right kinds of pressure on the circle on and his and his atp i'm it. among the things they can do is is when the wind twitter gets banned the united states the white house needs to respond strongly than it did when the new internet law was passed. the united states as the department in response to him he said. we refer to the osce is. reaction to this
7:56 pm
issue. i bet it is the gist of what they said. not enough the wording as to be stronger as well as what you're saying it's an issue again to pick up on a thank you so of them are in for joining us from lawns and i want to thank ed emmett till i've been with us on crime here in the studio and the bizarre and audi has on cd you thank you for joining us here in from their reactions on facebook and twitter in the house. i was did. do you want from me when his website. you can use easier access to information at last. for a unique experience. for foreign capital call
7:57 pm
the international news website. the i knew. i lose them. from there. i do
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almost eight years. it is every new thing. that time
8:00 pm
sth. you will when we will eye. i won t miss the eight quarter report for learning more about how the intelligence agency smith led the us government in the about their torture and interrogation techniques plan to leave details just had and this growth between nato and russia nato has suspended its cooperation with russia his relations regarding the future. read more on that coming out. anz indies team local residents headed to the polls a primary candidate from the city scandal plagued me or keep his job more on


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