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tv   RT News  PBS  April 2, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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in woohoo the ace program has brought you by. critically from norway's mainstream crews were lies. the crew exploring one thousand miles norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. i mean. what goes in terrorism and security cooperation is cost as grand as an easter present is published with one
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shot in favor of the ukraine while planning to base which is present across eastern europe. we had to quickly find ways to back away from what has been saying it's the silly kids in the most idiotic decision and statement that could have been made. left with the good news but drawn towards making it easier for not produce enough. more than three decades of war and instability in afghanistan has fueled the production of the illegal opium economy a lifeline for thousands of afghan farmers. it also went to drug traffickers. one problem that extends far beyond its country's borders i was really cool he added with the professionals winds and the second amendment rights. critics don't don't expect to see justice done
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the show. lol. keen to notch a tnty minute ogling m name is the nextilot timing story now. nate is planning to increase its presence and a miniature red as a low of russia's western border into the exterior paint can onto reaching says the plan will be ready within two weeks this was the alliance freezing practical cooperation with russia which has not told in just the most gracious presence he's wearing a break now. i suspect the military and security cooperation with russia nato has also put the brakes on a twelve year relationship initially created to keep the world state. aye aye. europe america and russia. they are the unfortunate scores of terrorism and also shared a common goal of battling against extremists peta
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members in moscow a great year of the exchange information and hold consultations on various aspects of counterterrorism in the past. russia has even provided ships for nato's maritime counter terrorism operation. moscow and the alliance have also joined forces to remove and dismantled serious stockpile of chemical weapons by funding and providing technical assistance for the disarmament process. for six eaters media was allowed to carry essential supplies to russia to its tros in afghanistan and in twenty two while moscow branch of the alliance unprecedented access to road and rail networks as well is it there speaks to transport by two military hardware to its forces battling the taliban since two thousand by didier russia council has been jointly training counter narcotics personnel from afghanistan pakistan and
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central asian countries as of october. roughly three thousand officers have been ready to fight the drug treated emanating from afghanistan despite all this historic success. nato has temporarily banned in strategic ties with russia while choosing to align itself closer with ukraine these kinds of throwing up all the walls. in rejecting relationships that i'm not talking to you anymore that kind of gamesmanship. we had to quickly. on the nus side of an inside peek at her earlier with with a nato spokesman we have to quickly find ways to back away from what has been said. it's the silliest and most idiotic decision and statement that has been made. while moscow remains in a time now to nato is expected to step up cooperation with ukraine's armed forces. it's by the on the quilting joint exercises and promoting reforms right
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on russia's doorstep and he made the triple width and active cooperation with russia. and i'm glad to secure a seat that if you look at katie to look at the underlying reasons that if you look at their actions and the options. security is in the car containing rice is grown question is will need ob able to contain the growth of terrorism drug trafficking and the spread of biological warfare all on its own marina for nigh rte. once the retention of his co commentator sunglasses to achieve the main destabilizing force in east and europe. wanted to do will oppose the war was over and chill until he is united to adjust to the new reality in his own unified he'll move on. and the whole world which boasts i'm looking for an alternative is much better part of the work is him. this
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adds up to what is going to sit trying to reassure their hideous are the ones that you are still able to pick a time taken from all that a compound of all pissy because ocean going to leave the store today. the rats that were by leaking. as a result of this really cool to the uk to connect to the stability of the beach and into the future of those teams can stand up in a sort of bowl to the public's package from us is not from moscow. it has been quick to send forces to its eastern borders on patrols over the baltic states like india stepped on second sunday in those planes this punch to punch and romania. washington also aims to put more troops and supplies sea bass the real causes of these moves is debated and also make it today. his mission today is to justify its own existence. in other words to do everything it can to strengthen its political membership and its military
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capability. we've seen in the ukraine crisis. a number of leading a minute remaining in a tent rushing to say that this proves that the alliance needs to be tough i need to have more news on the ground pool at croft stationed in the east and europe. and so on and i think that to. it has exploited is that what the ukraine crisis in order to justify its existence. if you look at a long history of nato post cold war nato was gone out of its way not the korean adversarial relationship with russia and i think that this somehow claiming that that's been the purpose all on and this is an alliance in search of a mission i simply think it's not true. the lions purpose is very simple it's to the ten member states of the alliance watch his big toe protecting europe against soviet tanks are not about to roll into the streets of paris could never get to the traffic up. there is no meaningful direct bush that threatens no one except herself occasionally other and if you're going to
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confront the threat going forward it's not to be from russia in a probably be from china at some point i don't think nate was really involved in that front. so what is protecting you against. it has cost us taxpayers millions of hungry lions and honest on the trampoline has proven too difficult for the us can achieve to sell my diet the us led invasion of the front end into the global center of poppy cultivation even one compilation between moscow and washington on drug trafficking was at its highest filmmakers and dent in the illegal trade in wild winds. the more money that flowed into the country they will try to get to fly to europe and russia america will be receiving and it's just taken that these figures on to any service and oh the woes at the end is cultivated in afghanistan and handling production has gone by molten four two percent according to the dollar compared to two thousand and one woman one min and it has
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had signed over the course of the cause decay from addiction and a neocon betrayed that can be considered one of the recent production and an uncle international tunnel command is this is not even fat that one x but on the region topics. one owner denise almost forty trucks on board the codex that smugglers to europe and russia. he's actually at least on that list and a band of cuisine isn't that a nasty sick of falling into old geopolitical interests when it comes to global security team in rushing touchdowns go to huge huge interest in state in his absence at the end and didn't adapt to be taken into confidence and ask to be incorporated into an inn in the process the reason lack of cooperation between russia and the listed to be a huge threat to europe's. and on security and also to the whole world can stand it
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the us is also reluctant to pressure on this paper pushing them to move it on time. many are making to perching on the pocket profits of more than hope and all provinces and the sunnah of contagion cons. and as the season to secure the free course it's taking a heavy toll on the bones themselves the fear of them reported the largest opium harvest ever seen behind me tell story of just how devastating it has been for the people here. men are part of the addiction that down according to united nations more than a million butterfly addicted to opium and horror when the population of some thirty million people. this makes the point that out of the world's top exporter of the drive over the top consumers too the more than a decade of western efforts to curb production a combination of economic and political instability. the farmers are planting more poppy than ever before. more than half a million acres in twenty thirteen which according to the gulag is a thirty six
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percent increase from the previous year the predicted date the box at the event is the tough part is that nearly one hundred dollars worth of last year alone. the legal opium economy a lifeline for thousands of afghan farmers but also funded drug traffickers. one problem that extends far beyond its country's borders. three decades of war and instability in afghanistan has healed drug production in an effort to stop but simply how that works for us to spend seven billion dollars to counter narcotics since two thousand till another three billion dollars on agricultural programs. to help grow or switch to other crops. but the flight back to the idp since that nineteen of the country's thirty four provinces are now growing opium. it also reflects an increase in recent years the presidential elections a foreigner on top with a looming withdrawal of most foreign troops. afghanistan's booming drug trade is
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the nature concerned with global implications. western how might the government don't want that type of accent. here's here. but the drug trade that went to the country into a fragmented criminal narco states reporting in kabul for our teeth and is now. the six police officers have been confirmed killed by an explosion in kabul. although the final tiny may be high it was caused by a suicide bomber attacked a checkpoint outside the interior ministry building. the town of bon pain this was intended to keeping up its promise to describe but as much as possible. the mission groups and the connection is the west coast of china on the edges but just a steinway he's easy to predict the current income or under the age of twenty chess has been the sky had in a secure area. check out her took to people on the situation. she continues to stand as the polls ahead of the papal election. afghanistan has
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the holes for the third time talabani. will this boat quay to pay for the country's first ever democratic transfer of power. eph the onesie resemble a senior policeman is among those killed by explosions around cairo university. festivities held ruling from the aunties belch a breeze in the chat forums and then i'll cite how how those at times and been carried out. well i just figured the interior has a ministry he told me that is essentially and avoid expensive devices were hidden in the trees of poppies and he sounds nice to hire union busting the center of the capital cities is not sophisticated olmsted designed to terrorize they told me that this is an area that is just a few of them
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get away from these essential security directives. it's always a similar type of attack and january was like hi res main police records as he spotted the white and a series of attacks on the security forces the latest is that the fifteen people have been arrested in the pacific tv is a nice golf this morning what we can see from the interior ministry. what they think it has been slightly behind the mountains to visit their plans and designs have my security forces. it was behind a look she wasn't being signed into law that let those bombings well that didn't ease off the set is a senior advocate a general pardon the guy with his name is now the security forces told me that it wasn't a deliberate fascination and that was wrong to talk to police in general however he is the direct investigation into the box and he's a sister. but the company is in the finals. this may be at
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him and sit behind his killing whether they have a winning combination. tonight on scene within minutes he ousted isn't this the moment mostly hundred and fifty police officers killed in terror attacks across the country the beginning was the security forces cracked down on the mysteries and increasing numbers depend on him on trial now have no responsibility at the time however we have kind of winds it's hair apple dos and she sings good people has claimed that the response to claims by finite based heidi's creates a while to wait and see he says he's behind this the japanese team of people to the ones that are against security forces us to come up to steal elections and that achieved in a big thanks auntie for the ccs expected seem that the apostle sent one to see what's going on but definitely visit of the attack on the police composite being assassination aunties and cultural life in cairo about thank you very
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much indeed. it takes. neo internationally europe's time touring acts as a breakdown or to stitch on my gas to europe. painting and challenging picture of a country station dependent on the political nature. the pro someday baby and your faith has no strong enough according to new regulations to deal with criminal in the lines of the all time must go to the parade the eye well come to sch on friday mdm. i wanted the places you to go to. and. he's going to
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do a stench. police are trying. helio. i do. i chose to lie. the tale. she is. she used it to be grateful. it used to access digital art i do . the it's not intentional i can be eased come to a month to date a brainstorm on
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how to break in europe's dependence on russian energy they will keep concrete solutions. once again offered to shake your house across the atlantic pairs of skis piece of wood poles. that's easier said than done the ninety minutes each for groups of graphs sanctions sanctions cultural events who has shown me make sure that an acceptable actions will be a very serious consequence is that when it comes to the east dependence on russian gas. the numbers speak louder than words around a third of the gas used domestically uvu comes from russia. industries like coal production miss the works and other heavy manufacturing. a reliance on russian gas to power the potential solution is that you couldn't force american shale gas which washington has already opened there is no perfect free
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ideal. cheap energy sources the united states as a source of energy is one possibility. with bonds throughs of its own problems firstly the united states caused no operational facilities to make what financial debts transport secondly it would take more than two million and two trips to get the socks is funny. europe's demand. and only about four hundred of the cast iron is needed to actually exist. and then the cost of shipping supply six thousand km which would be huge. before i can happen in the europe will also have to spend years building boxed spike networks liquid natural gas terminals in storage facilities. and a couple of extra expense. what effect would have on gas prices the cost of gas delivered to say here which are would be pretty much comparable to what today's today's prices a quick and easy solutions
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to various european countries wanting to diversify away from a dependence on russian gas. the songs too good to be treated to some when he speaks and itchy experts will tell you it's completely and feasible. but it is very legitimate every country. so the hugo for diversification but one has the limits of the building. everybody labels. it's about time that the initial run. he is full in the fall in the short run lead with ten pm to two thousand kiwis need russian gas. everything relationship with russia is just too important to the street and told the dáil dakota need to risk damaging for me the european union's top tool called sun chips. what the team looks. he told us all to go there. she has non stop some guy from boston logan as you can also advise lines with sparking chance
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the guy even bother giving it to siberia. i forgot about the rest. while the nazis to buy wednesday as the standpoint that new best friend and nestled under the false went to beach people to action. this time in history an israeli court has heard evidence that some of his top officials committed war crimes in lebanon and go for it in that state ordered killings collective punishment and tonsils to be like this piece was nice when the cat. well the first time israel supreme court will be considering evidence against some of the top of the sun on the street political enemies to use it you are having charges of war crimes will take a stand. not nice but for a back seat to his rating to launch operations in it but none in two thousand and six. and in gaza in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine the important points to make
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though is that this is the first time that this is happening here in israel and that despite this it is receiving very little coverage both in his reading this and in the mainstream media. we have contacted a number of eliezer politicians as well as an honest and just about everyone has declined waste to the incident the charges are encouraged by i dunno who is he who is reviewing it to have said as a senior prosecutor in one of the courts and the international criminal court at the cake. now he says. interesting enough that they are his brain the internal inquiries to get to see these operations in lisbon on in gaza that actually give formal evidence to back shows that these need is one to two leading teams in the seventy s. the daily beast they intended to have known but gone for the safety of civilians. having said this the dti said karen who is eight so called
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journalistic skills to continue school is going to materialize in the courts nope unless he moves to move with his new meaning because the high court is also part of the occupation and war criminals are sitting in this court. for example one of the new agendas is a center named in a long silver. is this. he is a part of a war crime. he's a part of stealing blinds. maybe he will be charged more the news this petition from propaganda the decision will be that these leaders are no more this rule supreme in the studio and stage in the media will come true. in the east coast where the reporter incomes had any bad on an animal than a thousand civilians are killed in the menu and an alarming number of guys who are the many things in it at the number was killed in the celebration of two thousand and two thousand and nine when finished his race or disease seen in children as human shields. i knew
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county arabia which aims to prosecute her say this and enabling human mind scripts and you see was the richest nation in every nation from which to tackle extremism fish unable to pay is not a question of is the last acts of terror. starring loyalty to anyone except the country's rulers of having links with any organization deemed hostile to the sound estate is also now and will slow process at meetings on her statements are all punishable in this recession and incredibles and the real pappas of these goals is to come down on dissent. this all started in late january when it went in for terrorism laws passed by including a definition of terrorism. that included warnings such as diesel and the completion of the kingdom as terrorism. i was told by a series of rate increases ministerial regulation. will they go. illegal parking lot
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people who didn't. it is just too much of the duty of care and portuguese. only six hosts a chisel side there is real gems into flawless diamo. some system one set on top in the courts. she went to see the sound the hunt com needed to tennis starting to generate pitiful and they just yet i think. i do. us time. teen's of the concert and clueless and carols this winter. me. still so on that one of the louisville is nothing more i wanted to do than shuffling little bit of sparkle i live with that every bride wants to do with the excitement comes from and the upbeat dining spot in the eastern siberia. it took us about the rest
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diamonds are valued around the world may lead to mankind has a different number of facets and stones. this isn't a special place in july these are the most expensive and queenstown is that every girl dreams about. in one of russia's most women and i'm cool with the teeth. great reasons why the need the auckland team diamonds the guy needs his son to death yesterday. just a few weeks to get this day was deep underground. the prices of diamond production begins with purchasing the rough diamonds. this is what rough diamonds look like more or less analysis is made to decide what kind of shape it will be a what kind of cutting and polishing will be applied. yet the diamond company is well known for the costs of this day and the punch and design. how
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would you get to see the full price from twelve to twenty this is what we end up with this can come to design his dazzling at home on a stick up my and the assistant anything that could be completing being the mean time i can take a little something. i think it was perfect. they falsely no way left with siberia. want to next is the most hottest every night the eye afghanistan had been told that their minds will the boat came to pay for the country's democratic and tolerant. the other. the us
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vista's there is the site for a few whales seating for two hours he did is a rather extravagant youtube and age it's always like stepping onto a few cents. this is called memory and a stunning unique species in the actual too many films and tv series was the brainchild of architects across three and sentenced to live the dream to build a teenaged had incredible views of the way i was done today ninety three to find what may be indicated. i kind of session he was still working on the beach when he was ninety
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sell. to finance the building was expected the beach became and still is a tourist attraction. we may see the buildings being used as guest house is a self catering cottage is nice also colin was one of our favorite buildings. despite its grand exterior design it's just didn't want to read and comment. you can see the squid his ninety s and rainy seasons and it is a model for these coughing which comes to me what to say that his creation. psychiatry is an ace said he achieved his dream design instruction page printed into kitchen tap it is something that was it the once and for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales
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new and moving north. i did eye . the news. a tsunami warning has been a sheet throughout the pacific coast of central and south america after an eighty two to eight point two earthquake struck about sixty miles off the coast of tiling according to the warning of the coast of peru ecuador colombia and marcos to reject any grumbling are also at risk. there are no reports of deaths or major damage and immediate aftermath of the earthquake. other residents were ordered to evacuate cities along the coast in two thousand ten and eight point eight magnitude quake triggered a tsunami that caused major damage in several coastal towns in central


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