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of anti drug anti terrorism security corporation is tossed aside as native trees as its partnership with russia in favor of ukraine opening to the statesmanship presence across eastern europe. we quickly find ways to back away from what has been said it's the silly kids in the most idiotic decision and statement that could be made. eastwood st to be good news for drug no words make it easier for the copics produced in afghanistan to make it onto the global black market. more than three decades of war and
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instability in afghanistan has killed the truck production of this illegal opium economy a lifeline for thousands of afghan farmers it also funded drug traffickers. one problem that extends far beyond the country's borders the coalition to the red color either but he has a series of explosions broke the egyptian capital to see the police but that would be several security office . lol to get the most difficult it would be two different day richard is pleasant or increase its presence at the mid tier evidence among russia's western border the group's european commode ritchie says the plan will be ready within two weeks. now
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this follows the lives of freezing practical cooperation with russia which could have bought more than just diplomatic relations as puppies reporter reports. i suspect the military and security cooperation with russia nato has also put the brakes on a twelve year relationship initially created to keep the world to see. i know. europe america and russia. they are the unfortunate stars of terrorism and also share the common cold. battling against extremists peta members in moscow a great year of the exchange information and hold consultations on various aspects of counterterrorism in the past. russia has he been provided chips for nato's maritime counter terrorism operation. moscow and the alliance have also joined forces to move and dismantled serious stockpile of chemical weapons by
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funding and providing technical assistance for the disarmament process. for six eaters media was allowed to carry the essential supplies to russia to its troops in afghanistan and in twenty while moscow branch of the lines unprecedented access to road and rail networks as well is it here speaks to transport by two military hardware to its forces battling the taliban since two thousand by the leader of russia council has been jointly training counter narcotics personnel from afghanistan pakistan and central asian countries as of october. roughly three thousand officers have been ready to fight the drug to treat emanating from afghanistan despite all this historic success. nato has temporarily banned in strategic ties with russia was choosing to align itself closer with ukraine. these kinds of throwing up all
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the walls. you reject the relationships that i'm not talking to you anymore that kind of gamesmanship. on the inner side of the inside he predicts earlier with within nato spokesman. we quickly find ways to back away from what has been said it's the silly hats and the most idiotic decision and statement that. while moscow remains in a time out to nato is expected to step up cooperation with ukraine's armed forces. it's the on the running to the two sizes promoting reforms. right on russia's doorstep. the main panel with an active cooperation with russia. and i'm as much of the qc that if you look at it you can look at the underlying reasons that if you look at their actions and reactions security has been about containing rice is grown in
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question is will needle people to contain the growth of terrorism drug trafficking and the spread of biological warfare all on its own marina when i am part. richard has been quick to send forces to its eastern borders their patrols of the baltic states have already been stepped up surveillance planes dispatched to put into romania. what you can also use the station more troops and its black sea bass security analyst and former uk intelligence offers a chill show you her age believes that the ukraine crisis is being used as a pretext to justify bigotry spending on island states when it comes to medical practice in the country is of course are always looking for reasons to justify their existence and indeed expansion. indeed as we've seen in the last couple of weeks. in the last of the new kingdom. the current situation and he cried situation generally is being use to justify it the teacher spending that
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intelligence spending. i didn't need to be used for nearly two years. that's a different scots to forty been announced by to pick up mince their words helps disguise the rise in whatever guise that terrorism would reduce the use and whether it is a russian expansion. convenient time. bachelor singer comes along the us house of representatives has approved a package ukraine is what us sanctions against russia washington will now get difficult what with the development as well as pumping more money into enclosed democracy promoting and years. it's a part of living doll. the full spectrum of lives of these goals include woeful ukraine these are not democracy promoting n g o c these are quitting time feels weird i know what to see any use to do. only through private agencies that are backed up by the us government so this is not anything good for ukraine ukraine. this
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constant its interference in domestic affairs. when in washington the release of congress who has been concerned about that. this is not democracy this is the proper role or politics in geopolitics. it's cost us taxpayers believe was the poem begins with afghanistan's drug problem is proving too difficult for the us mitre to seoul to earn up to the us led invasion of the test of time into the global said several poppy cultivation the corporation to moscow washington hopes to launch a massive drug traffic in and around afghanistan of preventing narcotics from reaching europe. that's the change up to eighty percent of the world's opium is cultivated in afghanistan and its europe russia and america that it could be trafficking. just take a look at these figures are in production is growing bubble than forty times since two thousand and one more than a knitted afghans of god of the course of the post decade from addiction. the endings
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of the trade can be considered with the risk of production and a lack of international don't know could that this business grew even further. one exploded the region's holders. buying on the main source for trucks or four. it's that smugglers to europe and russia. he's actually at least on that list and i and of course he was in the last two tickets i need to hold the key. she'll put it in the interests of when it comes to global security team in rushing touchdowns go to huge huge interest in state in his absence at the end and didn't adapt to be taken into confidence and apt to be incorporated into an inn in the process. the reason lack of cooperation between russia and the twisted into the cage next to him upset. and on security and also to the overall social stability heroes is reluctant to pressure pull this if a
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person into walls that i'm about to give it to the cashier told me put the profits with more hope of four provinces and after this the mental cultivation crux of his basic outlook report is taking heavy toll on the afghans themselves. i hear afghanistan reported the largest opium harvest ever seen behind me tells the story of just how devastating it has been for the people here. men are part of the addiction that down according to united nations more than a million afghans are addicted to opium and horror when the population of some thirty million people which makes it stand out as the world's top exporter of the drug. top consumers too the more than a decade of western efforts to curb production a combination of economics and political instability has meant the farmers are planting more poppy than ever before. more than half a million acres in twenty thirteen which according to the gulag is a thirty six percent increase from the previous year. to beat the boks at the event is
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the tough part is that nearly one million dollars worth of the crop last year our own from the opium economy a lifeline for thousands of afghan farmers but also funded drug traffickers. one problem that extends far beyond the country's borders three decades of war and instability in the hospital to drop production efforts to stop but simply how that works. the us has spent seven billion dollars to counter narcotics since two thousand till another three billion dollars on a cultural programs. there was supposed to help grow or switch to other crops. xd i get the sense that nineteen of the country's thirty four provinces are now growing opium but also reflect an increase in recent years the presidential elections of the foreigner on top of the main withdrawal of most foreign troops. afghanistan's booming drug trade is the major concern for global implications. western allied governments don't do what the cattle production. if you're here. but the drug
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trade that went to the country into a fragmented criminal narco state reporting in kabul for our tea and is now. exhibit one the precarious security situation there an activist of six police officers have been confirmed killed by an explosion celtic was called pasta sauce over at a checkpoint outside the interior ministry building. the gospel to the beauty of its progress to disrupt the forthcoming as much possible. the group says the election is the worst insult a cherub and i agreed to stay away. well we have to start election set for april there would be covered extensively in the robot can to the doctor's reports on the future of the country. i hold the line. talabani. will the vote came a month in other democratic and tolerant
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eph. the chalet to be a bit more stupid gross. vista on europe's like a dream expose break out what it would cost to ship american gas to europe to keep challenging picture of the country kitchen to find affordable energy. also this report is evidence of some of its top officials committed war crimes are the goals of the political blogs. critics still expect to see justice done. it's real. saudi arabia or go for a physical struggle according to the regulations are a criminal that the owners of the bowl the stores of all of the parade the eye. rain wind and solar think we'll buy
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another devastating forest exacerbating to manage control lane. large customer a c in nineteen twenty in the country is the federal government is that this is a moment when the incumbent lions united states and that was the has to re light the candles by. don't just throw it away. this leaves the moment of existence. yep that's her parents not wasted last years of abuse. i believe but it's irresponsible. brazil. gray think of mexico. mental health. jokes like america incorporated of it also belongs to the washington metro in the process of
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appointing to the bananas dates. they tend to complete my fault. a. the egyptian capital cream reports to the bulldogs defeated basement is a member is killed by explosions around cairo university logical truth as these. according to the interior ministry they went on and on from an incredibly expensive devices and hidden in the trees of bhakti to the sounds that my current university in the center of the capital this is an area that is just a year and is away from these essential security detail it's always a similar type of attack and january was like hi res main police headquarters as part of the white and a series of attacks on the security forces. this is that at least eighteen people have been arrested in the city tv is a nice golf this morning to wait to see from the interior
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ministry was thinking that she had suddenly become incompetent expected to carry ons and design highlights the cute houses that had a nice office that is a senior at predicting a general pardon the guy with his name is now the security forces told me that it wasn't deliberate fascination and that it was probably talking to the sentinel corners he is the toorak investigation into the mtc district the company is in the finals. this may be at him and sit behind his killing. i have a winning combination. when did. not enough to admit it you know that isn't described above middle c seven hundred and fifty police officers killed in terror attacks across the country the beginning was the security forces cracked down on instruments for example increasing numbers of band aid on it on trial. now i know it was fun to get significant time however we have had their waste into the apple blossom see things
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get people to think that they responded to claims by finite place. this creates a block away to sea he says he's behind this. it definitely seems because the wind that under its security forces us to come up to steal elections and that achieved in a bid to excellent effect that the ccc but it seemed that the apostle st will have to see what's going on but definitely this is it time to time. on the police composite been a fascination. big brother is watching it with the blessing of us lol america's top twenty hits the nsa has collected tussle they serve so that was put out the ward off insists that's a pretty over the constitution. threats about stuff career examine some of that intruded into the penal code with the pictures taken bridges of south korea mid seventies the presidential headquarters more details. the torpedo call. the craze ousted president speaking at a news conference in southern russia said he regrets when their spit away from ukraine but
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what sub label the police to authorities. the replaced him so what is the coolest everyone. ukraine's current rulers who are responsible for what's happened in crimea it's because of their radical views on the russian language and tear trees and russian speaking populations in their attempt to dictate how those areas should live but the people leaving that to rise up in protest over the protests led to the referendum. only the nationalists with their radical approach cost this country to split up we got. a little more because of the ousted president to be on the website article called the character of the toaster said may's presidential election should be considered legitimate. is this is too much pressure from all the radical thinking. but to be more easy free and that i did the radicals old stroller next to the ideals which are likely to warrant some parts of society. the theory that every time the situation in
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the country to city lies its minorities always come under fire and historically know that they're often the first time it is double the cost it should be legal this one with an anti semitic students and the fact that it's meant as a representative government raises serious concerns within the jewish community there can be pieced top diplomats met today to break the stalled over how to braid europe's dependence on russian energy. there were few concrete solutions that washington again offered to ship usps across the atlantic his aussie to join reports that's easier said than done it's a message from europe's top brass sanctions sanctions cultural event that is shown to make sure that an acceptable actions will be a very serious consequence. but when it comes to the east dependence on russian gas the numbers speak louder than words. around a third of the gas used domestically in
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the u comes from russia industries like coal production nets who works in all the heavy manufacturing a reliance on russian gas to power. the potential solution is that you could import american shale gas which washington has already know that. there is no perfect free ideal. cheap energy sources. the united states as a source of energy is one possibility with bumps stories of its own problems firstly the united states house of know what operational facilities to liquefied natural gas transport. secondly it would take more than two million tonne two trips to get the socks is funny to europe's to mom's and only about four hundred of the cast iron is needed to actually exist. and then the cost of shipping supply six thousand km which would be huge. but before i can happen in europe will also have to spend years building costs cap spike networks
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liquid natural gas terminals and storage facilities. and then to hold the extra expense. what effect would have on gas prices. the cost of gas delivered to say here which are republicans would be pretty much comparable to what tastes to raise prices a quick and easy solutions to various european countries wanting to diversify away from a dependence on russian gas. the songs too good to be treated to some when he speaks and eighty experts will tell you it's completely feasible. but it is very good to commit to it every time also the hugo for diversification. but one has to be realistic and help them deal with. everybody. ladies there is about time that the initial from his fall. in the fall in the short run lead with ten pm to two thousand thirty we need russian gas. yet it's relationship with much it's just too important to
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the street and told the dáil tacoma need to risk damaging only the european union's top tool called sun shoes. he rolled the toothless the problem of aunty helen as both still to be arrested and is the last wilderness they can also post my packed with sparkling gems. dion and poverty bay east siberia. it took us about the rest. they should be credible to decide what to say here is easton was a new best friend in the form of the loop of the false ready to be chiseled to perfection. first i was history of israeli court has heard evidence that some of its officials committed war crimes in love the colors in it as it reported killings connected which would have attacks on civilians. of course there is falling the case well the first time. israel's supreme court will be considering evidence against some of the reason i honestly
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elliptical and ministry said you are having charges of war crimes and torture to gain steam. not nice but for the back seat to his rating to launch operations in it but none in two thousand and six. and in gaza in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine the important points to make though is that this is the first time that this is happening here in israel and that despite this it is receiving very little coverage both in his reading this and in the mainstream media. we have contacted a number of healing as a politician says what is an honest i'm just not everyone has a mind of christ to the incident the charges on team coached by him i wanted to know who is who is reviewing it to have sent as a senior prosecutor in one of the courts and the international criminal court at the cake. now he says. interesting enough that they are is great the internal inquiry and that looked into these operations in lisbon on in gaza that
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actually get formal evidence to back shows that these need is one sixteen in tension with seventy four at the very least they intended to have no regard for the safety of civilians. having said this did not accept care. he is eight in oakland generous deals during the school is going to materialize in the courts. he moved to move with his new meaning because the high court is also part of the altercation and war criminals are sitting in this court. for example one of the new job is his ascension into one's soul to his disciple. he is a part of a war crime. he's a part of stealing blinds. maybe he will be charged more the news this petition from crude propaganda the decision will be that these leaders are not warranted. santa is real. so freely in the studio and stage in the media look the picton. of course they're
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reporting from candidates belmore the thousands of indians who killed him even more to the overwhelming number of entries but never the students. seven of us was killed in the gaza operation of two thousand and eight to two thousand and nine where its alleged israeli soldiers used palestinian children as human shields. iron ore and saudi arabia which aims to prosecute heresy is soo busy worrying human rights groups a new series of regulations the worst attack of extremism officially label a fusible any question of is that as acts of terror. swearing loyalty to anyone except the country's rulers will having links with any organization deemed hostile to the saudi state is open now of local protest meetings over the statements of intelligible. the secession and cool said that the real purpose of these goals is to correct over the side. this all started in late january when women first terrorism laws passed by including a
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definition of terrorism included were in such an exalted reputation of the kingdom as terrorism. i was told by his reason for increasing ministerial regulation. will the big apple. if you want. in the pulpit and human rights activist judges must be due to parent them working it's not easy to asked to chisel side there is more jams and to form a stall that sells used to that of a state of the tickets which went to see the sofa of growth needed to tend a student of jewelry fit for ladies finger. i know. i was when i die the us to its standards of the concert and the coolest girls in this
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land. me with the wedding bells to sew on the cleanup of me that was nothing more i wanted to do that stuff on the book of sparkle and oppressed. every bride wants to knit with the excitement comes from. and the diamonds found in the eastern siberia it took us about the rest diamonds are valued around the world may lead you to mankind. has a different number of facets and stones this isn't a special place in the light of these are the most expensive and queenstown is that every girl dreams about. in one of russia's most women to include the sixties great resemblance be me. the npt diamonds. we dined in society yes again. just a few weeks to get this day was deep underground the prices of diamond production begins with purchasing the rough diamonds. this is what rough diamonds look like more or
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less analysis is made to decide what kind of shape it will be a what kind of cutting and polishing will be applied. yet the diamond company is well known for the costs of this day with the punch and design. i was eager to see the full princess from twelve to twenty. what we end up with this after the children come to design his dazzling back for more modest is the plan he says can t stand for the fifty two leading being the mean time i can take a little something. i think it was perfect. they've probably no way to end up with iberia part two. and on thursday to bring continues to siberia expedition but i couldn't help but it's a mate and tells him to the controversy that surrounds the industry
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will the government is too little to deserve all the meat of coastal goods makers changing tactics of the microscope. some of the children. the uh. the i get in touch. i put it all but i think that the most prominent independent and well known russian space in the west on. weeks. the gist of it and was quiet the stark responded that was hiking in the team ending was different than that. ah so to say that killed my organization uses paper. it implies force commander and the one in my country to know what that school's first manuscript read the op a lot of people asking. they opened for us to the question of my soul so many young people and what do you use paper and also the money of course
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wanted to use in the cold to hot spots in their actions aah. indeed they say that the wii. it doesn't matter would you out. in your chest as he doesn't update will still just seemed to know but is it that because they felt that it's my place to wear it still the right place to let up. to do that offered as a journalist and a bit curious in the eighties soul. among my and get in and out to be curious onto to be curious to ask patients about. to try to understand what's going on don't the end of the love anybody to manipulate your mind's eye. we are open country you open people during its new nation. so you see chances and that i don't let anybody to pull this off
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your destiny for you new new new whoring with . welcome to the jury to reach you. some of his alleged right to be with us. coming up. mason was russia against making an historic mistake. he said mike. and we could easily reach up and she wanted one it will not go to the party decades ago


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