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your destiny for you new new new whoring with . welcome to the jury to reach you. some of his alleged right to be with us. coming up. mason was russia against making an historic mistake. he said mike. and we could easily reach up and she wanted one it will not go to the party decades ago. there's a
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gentle and as paul ross most states it be in a star mistake full russia to intervene. both are in ukraine others warning came as a two day nato summit wrapped up in brussels moscow says the alliance is reviving cold war rhetoric that suspending its cooperation with moscow would help but stop nato foreign ministers are looking at ways to boost security following russia's annexation of crimea rasmussen struck a defiant time when it came to brush up he told them a ten ministers that moscow had only one goal to restore its the end influence in the pullman soviet union. and he would russia not to escalate the situation if russia were i had to intervene forever in ukraine. i wouldn't hesitate it's an easy takes recordings and historic mistake. it would be amazed
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at the nation. we use a shortstop t t then invitations. rasmussen didn't set out what consequences of russian invasion would have he made it clear moscow had known the snow and the alliance. they suggested that george and which go to war with russia in two thousand and eight minus five to maintain membership the list of staff. i was support for georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity. within its internationally recognized borders the remains of an equivocal. what could be. he knew college and we continue to support georgia zero atlanta aspirations that she is she. nation membership to georgia and ukraine is the red line for the kremlin which is already up since it that makes its decision to freeze all cooperation. with this easy addition a decision by the nato council of foreign ministers to suspend
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practical military and civil cooperation with russia creates a sense of deja vu that the language of the statements rather resembles the verbal jousting of the cold war era the pq will keep looking. goldman when the eight hundred inmates had multiple agree with the secretary general that the us and germany have already ruled out georgian membership. more or less resigned to a corresponding asa in brussels. we asked her what sets new ministers have agreed on to ease the concerns of member states with borders close to russia it's already had a nice head hands and in protest in fact annexation of crimea has canceled all practical that is to say military cooperation with russia bucks and the foreign ministers agreed that that they want for the moment and still uphold diplomatic ties with russia. nevertheless an exact role in the baltic states has been stepped up and nate
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assets that it wants to know rethink its strategy in the area and possibly even sends troops to the grounds and that is to be discussed but when you have to say that at the moment it's still sort of them kind of a diplomat take political threat rather than proper military action that's been put into place. toss in there and brussels for us to afghanistan now with the six police officers have been killed in a suicide attack outside the interior ministry in kabul. the ministry spokesman says a suicide bomber disguised as a soldier blue himself up outside the main gate of the compound the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack it comes on the last day of campaigning before afghans to make the new president this weekend. the militant group has down to disrupt the poll three bombs that exploded outside cairo university least two people are confirmed dead several others wounded. the first two blasts went off in quick succession followed by a third couple of
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hours later which was caught on camera. the bombings appeared to target police officers deployed outside the university to prevent street dance. it's the latest in a string of attacks since the military ousted for what islam is present among the most industrious. our email to our e he was actually did win the football with golf outing tell us what happened and what the soul the whole made. they go to the top. we're giving it to you. and there but it will have a small bowl so that nothing could go home without getting worse. high ranking officers there. what the heck of it. an investigation unit thank you so. i put it on
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the right people. between the different entities. like we did a lot of of us. he was going to tell us how this is adding to the instability ahead of elections in may. they're really into it. what is a nation that mean that i don't fault i might become like one of them will know who. low in the middle of the capital seoul. for the provision which was hit in the car and sing to me mention the update the united states is struggling to keep peace talks between israel and the palestinians on track to both sides made bought the us is calling on a hopeful whoops else and present moment abbas to fight israel by taking a step towards greater human recognition by signing treaties with un agencies in the name of a palestinian state. he says it was in response to israel's failure to carry out a promise to release
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palestinian prisoners is one of the conditions for resuming the lips. to just how much of a setback for these developments was printed abuse correspondent in the us capital maxwell climax. what are the palestinians trying to achieve at the un right now what's happened is that abbas he signed letters demanding access into conventions and treaties not organizations those conventions are for example the vienna convention on diplomatic relation or the convention on the rights of the child's soul the practical values that the first one and for the foremost one is that the palestinians are engaging themselves in a hurry or whatever is written in his convention intrigue is that it doesn't really have any practical effect on the relations between the palestinians and israel but of course it is highly symbolic value because the palestinians here are acting sort of as the state that they didn't go as far as they could for example they could've asked to join
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the international criminal court and that's what his role was afraid of because they couldn't attend to the palestinians that is to try. israeli officials to be tried for war crimes in front of the international criminal court they haven't done that so far so basically what abbas is doing saying this is more pressure but we still leave the door open for negotiations. max the united states has invested a lot to get some kind of deal in the mid east especially secretary of state john kerry what can the obama administration do right now to reach a breakthrough as the peace process come to an end. what the americans are trying to do right now is to extend the deadline for the negotiations because the deadline is for now at least the twenty ninth of april and the palestinians will only extend that that the israelis ruiz the third batch of bread for the best of prisoners they've already released the three batches of prisoners so far but the israelis as it is right now don't want to do that
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and so the americans are looking for some kind of way to pressure israel into doing it nevertheless and the biggest bargaining chip the habit the moment is probably jonathan pollard an american who spied for israel almost thirty years ago and ever since he's been in an american prison on that no one to release and so the americans are thinking about releasing and that logic behind is the americans would explode israel releases that that's a prisoner is the deadline gets extended of course that's no guarantee for any peace process between being successful but it would award. immediate failure there's still some options out there right now max whole month. thanks so much walking does this years now and a fried egg pilots' strike is going to coastal towns that tens of millions of yours according to the german cameo is also testing the patience of the general with thousands of domestic and international flights affected. some analysts say passengers will think twice about cooking with wisconsin
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the future. i don't apply to cancel. from the airport has turned the news and current point of the meantime jordan hundreds of thousands of passengers have time to make alternative travel plans many of state lawrence mind went on to airlines. she has fortunately i'm not affected by the striking design where i would be amused. this happens too often my aunt who might not say when the pundits and more but i don't think they're paid back is it a bit of the top ten coolest thirty to eight hundred flight cancellations i see that differently don't overlook thompson's decision to scrap a deal allowing them to take early retirement. on sixty percent contained. gordy i'll excuse the option of being able to retire early. not every child
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is physically capable of working in this top until the age of sixty five and they must have the opportunity of stopping work with a reasonable pension package. also i didn't. thompson says it cannot afford to pay such patients especially in light of tough international competition. strike one p cheaper. it could cost the airline as much as fifty million euros. a lot of patience from passengers market shrugged off the strike and most of the shares ended the day up one point three percent the resulting budget cost also did well. his goal from among its report on it to my spot. depressed and even old time high today after the company announced a better than expected profit outlook. mainly there for the eight scale than a minute just because you need is set to generate the pilot of that profit and of course dh and his position then email or in emerging markets man not of that growth should come from at the same time productive
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cos this many non benefiting from a general trend that more mom puts our aborted on the internet and those kids of course meets delivery as well. in general the trading day. what drama friends lately seeing some small gains caught the benchmark index backs. kerry slogans as you hide that would take a closer look because analysts not last long ago i was talking about a ten thousand month amid axis and pointing in that direction the euro sto fifty also going up the dow jones sixteen thousand five hundred pt find that these power up and the slightly the road and down the little one you whistle a thirty seven sixty two paintings by friend john has told god god and he had one eye has turned up in italy is on today was stolen from their owner in britain dion police recovered these paintings from a former mechanic in sicily. the man who bought those works of art which are worth millions for less than twenty five euros a village and an auction in
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nineteen seventy five the paintings on the kitchen wall for years before they were recognized the report takes a closer look at the remarkable. italian police revealed the stolen orty four years after they were shed fromn they honda bamford on a table or small dog is today worth about thirty million euros. but it was recognized as a modern masterpiece when as police suspect it was abandoned by the thieves on a train. the good tv you get john to paintings were apparently on a train heading from terrorists you to read the railway staff found them and apparently having no idea their value. they were placed in the last property the losing end. so just go and cut up for auctionnd bought by a man who was an art lover. the bill when i do
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remember that. short decades ago can any other picture of ipl but not the pond in the man's kitchen and tell his son stumbled on their true identity. it was tough but i feel. and some started to study architecture. one day he was leafing through a book of art when he noticed a picture by gog and that was painted in a very similar style to the one his father had hanging in his kitchen that's me that this is the pick of the race. i think it's either. it's unclear what will happen to the paintings as the original owners are now dead and police have been on able to identify an obvious there that's them to tell his dad dad then told from the way the paintings that we back him in that era with joe on the del beat you up to this short break. later in the shell jewelry looks at easing noise ordinance of that world cup soccer fans can get as noisy as they want after ten pm. for more on that when we come back. and
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once again the soca without it be a write in this kind of price fixing. if you believe that on beer in germany so that hopefully we're able to get the price down on the year before the world cup the big wedge will see if it's a real difference is that noise is up. back to the minute. went to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions. you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don't eat study in germany. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. i eye i
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wore it blinds us to the reports and analysis players coaches. no one knew the bacteria to journal another earthquake struck by an american officials say the magnitude five point eight quake could have on one's that it was said about sixty kilometers south of the city of the beach had a bit the bullet thirty kilometers. the reports of damage or injuries. thomas follows tuesday's massive quake in chile which triggered a tsunami at least six people died dozens were injured and tens of thousands of displaced. it was a long night. especially for people who live right on the coast when the earth moves they fled their homes for higher ground often with nothing but the clothes they wear. we are
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really cold because we slept up there and just how you see is the only crime was what you see we didn't even bring fruit. in the fishing harbor of the coastal city take a two meter tsunami waves wrecked boats and equipment a disaster for people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. my son wants to get to the kitties and now look at it. at the center of eight point two magnitude quake was about one hundred km northwest of each day earthquakes are fairly common in the region. so people knew that they should get out of buildings and away from the coast. it was the strongest earthquake in one hundred forty years but scientologists warned it was not the pink one. they say will hit sooner or later world's top leaders in europe and africa. our guests in brussels for today's summit aimed at increasing political economic
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cooperation between the two concepts. un secretary general ban ki moon and several heads of government are in attendance including german chancellor of the medical. she stressed the importance of african appearance in gemini is going to engage much more with country state. the issues facing the summit are as diverse as the continent's themselves. economic relationships immigration and security. european leaders and their counterparts from africa have much to discuss but on day one here in brussels the focus was on war torn central african republic france already has about two thousand soldiers in the country trying to restore security. another one thousand soldiers from other eu countries are expected to arrive by the end of may germany will provide financial and logistical support. the extent that the cia all genuine assist with the strategic transport as well as traditional tibetan and eight which is on fire the importance of the country on the same goes for somalia and other countries. my aunt on
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the chances are. economic issues are also on the agenda africa's economies are growing rapidly and europeans want some of the action. but they're facing stiff competition from countries such as china and us african leaders are aware of their new bargaining powers. i do this. to intensify economic improvements. our city to do so. what we teach me to tease stuart is good. african leaders may still need outside assistance to one thing is clear here in brussels they want to be spoken with not spoken to john and anti trust authorities to find a number of leading role reese to fixing the price of beer including the island of the group and cause panic of the federal cartel office impose penalties of about
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three and thirty million euros this is one of the biggest fines ever handed down by the store this is so comfy new delhi the business in gemini the competition is hot in the cartel office is always getting together to raise prices for fourth to tie the allegation is that prices were fixed on the bottle during draft year in two thousand six and two dozen eight. the agreement was a one euro increase on last year and five to seven euros on a two liter of draft beer. pc mobile clinic today to find a reason the company's he bought the funds account for possible to be a parade in gemini. small uproot the funding it hot and crowded to compete with that the canadiens. this independent group from east in gemini welcomed the ruling does that sucks is that the additional money they took and would only be used against us and to distort competition in the market. so the fact that something is finally being done and can only be good season and is
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off putting them in the cartel office as the price fixing costs consume as well hundred and eighteen units in one year alone. the company's falling to say that to appeal the ruling. now calls itself the world's largest marketplace for great idea it's the minister has opened in geneva with budding entrepreneur is from around the world looking for is a sports oval one thousand potential strokes of genius up for offer until sunday his look of what might make it onto the market some time possibly say from electric scooter to hand luggage and less than thirty seconds could this adventure is big idea of taking our national jet setters to cloud nine the international exhibition of inventions of geneva showcases the wild and wonderful gadgets from around the world. the five day event is an ode to the countless visits human creativity. from the doors that open in all directions to tangle free magnetic phone chargers. my
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name. more transparent sun umbrellas that filter ultraviolet light. it meant to me it's easy to kill some of these expansions that behind every creation is a brilliant idea. it may not revolutionize the world. i'm just trying to defend the little things. almost half of all intentions here will find buyers like this one an adapter that links home appliances and allows people to operate them from their cell phone. we sampled you're going to be off once you leave your flock. what you believe that she opens the one km hour with the house where there has to be turned off the map cutting the electricity bill with a touch of a finger. now that's genius. cool stuff there the biggest show today to buy a way ways was opens here in the german capital on thursday mainly new installations don't display exactly three years s the chinese artist the rest
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is all mine. of course is the subject of the pieces of the high profile visit and one b bid for the exhibition chinese authorities have confiscated his gospel. i weigh ways new show is called evidence. its centerpiece is a full scale reconstruction of the jail cell. when he was killed monday by chinese authorities. it is also a pda reenactment of this experience as a prisoner. i showed his beak. it covers three thousand swim meet is that the monster group is now in the name and its political with lots of ironic commentary on problems in china. one exhibit to six thousand wooden stool was crammed together. simple it isn't the kind used by migrant labor is another says a scalable in the novel of the tire and abundance of his ownership is hotly contested between china and japan. you find a message to the eco
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suit. and of cause it's very political. because he's speaking about what's going on in china is taking about what happened to him personally. it's also speaking about. one of the relations between china and events. there's also a film about the artist. it showcases the straight month him up but also his efforts to fight for freedom of expression. chinese authorities keep a close eye on our way way he shows up and in china. it comes to you that's great. all this steel output to a steel mill on. it is forested. i definitely miss him so glad funny jokes about politics it takes a jab that the chinese love of western luxury goods by showing antique vases refinished the kinds of comments about an expensive gym and cons old is he enough evidence to
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sustain its judgment to help us develop depiction of the options chinese land. and it's just a bit two months now until the kickoff of soap is the biggest events that is because the world cup this year in brazil. lots of fancy going to be watching the matches in soccer mad journey but it could be some hardware to the time difference many of those games could be there here they did not which means that normally you'd have to follow the mohler and be quiet. take that would be any fun. so do the job of government is doing something so that the party is spoilt the noise levels at kindergarten and reached one hundred decibels. he wrote about seventy. and a press conference with the environment minister measures about fifty decibels the day but that's nothing compared to football and it was the last weekend hitting years putting one hundred sixty decibels and even more german losses that stupid now. especially if teams are
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street late at night but now the government stepping in the scots we decided to temporarily suspend the regulations on noise pollution. because normally it's against the knowledge to make noise and sign up to ten pm. that means it would be possible to have will hold hearings outdoors even if the normal police units and knocked it into the sky from the sky dive and get it the fans in europe ten pm is when many of the game starts the government's decision no means fans can watch those games and cheer and scream and celebrate without worrying that the police will spoil the fun. it's an important event for the entire nation. one has to intervene the dumb annual typically don't really have an interest in it and i have to say and think it's safe to meet the wishes of the time has come from the chancellor is given a consideration and
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support to finance a good thing. the celebrations could remain subdued in germany fails to score any goals but that's a possibility nobody wants to think of. and so does blow governing body the fed has imposed a transfer ban on spanish on basilan of breaking rules on under age players the club is now barred from signing any new players for the next two transfer windows. authorities say it's because the team did on several under eighteen players from outside spain it's a huge blow for one of the world's biggest clubs which was looking to replace some key players the sock so in time for right now thanks much for joining us see you again soon. i have. and when
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he is. i know. he said. at six pm. come out. that offer watching it again. they are dead. mike. read here . to me
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from france twenty four. a live debate on top of the day when the concert at seven pm on nbc. the church. in particular. to find a way to shut up shop and a squeeze play. the process. seaworld you were ever you go. he asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. my name is pete over by play. each. detroit the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network
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you need new guru the tree the daughters of somebody in th end of the chair. and i live. i think you see something of what is so great about it. i must say that in united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. infact i was greeted by. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the front with twenty two us presidents to my irish heritage shows that the bond between our two run home. however if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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