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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 4, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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will the next and brought tears to elementary textbooks in japan rewrite history to claim three is coco island bridge crosses old to watch formal disapproval the discovery of north korea drones and south korean territory across the defence ministry to choose your defense and starts a heated debate in parliament the move to sustain the rapid growth of korea's cultural content to the ideals i was taking measures to support the multibillion dollar industry. does it begin
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the ad. you were watching from around the world. friday it will for your info and to hit and run when they do so much for joining us. we begin with confirmation of a widely expected move by japan that grows more cold water on the struggling korea japan relationship improved and you risk textbooks that claim korea's coco islands and its new diplomatic blue paper shows no movement on the wartime sexual slavery issue of foreign affairs correspondent of how he reports and how these measures may have re some of the gains from last month's summit talks in tokyo and washington. eight out of twelve texted that will be used in japanese elementary school's starting next spring will falsely state that for
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mystical island is part of the pack. and the eight expats approved by the japanese education ministry friday. six acre bn is illegally occupying local known as tacky she met a japanese auntie kerry max beck mark the island as japanese territory though it is physically closer to parity and the body of water that divides the korean peninsula and japan have lobbied the current bilateral relations. in protest of the text and sweets make much stronger claims over to bill bennett for seoul's foreign ministry summoned the japanese ambassador to south korea and warned of further straight tight. we don't win reuters austrian government warned that the japanese government continues to make unjustified claims on. this is only for the distance until it reached ninety one by now. on the same day japan released its annual diplomatic paper which carries the can stand on the victims of its wartime
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sexual enslavement of women and at tokyo's that all the crime compensation issues between japan and south korea were settled under a nineteen sixty five bilateral treaty that normalize diplomatic ties between the two countries. it claims that even though the so called comfort women are compensated by government linked asian women's fund and received apologies from previous prime ministers could be at ptsd then that additional measures that attack. it's as japan beliefs the issue should not be turned into a diplomatic feud and that's putting every effort to resolving the issue around two hundred thousand women mostly creamy and were forced to start the japanese military during the second world war and many are still waiting for a heartfelt apology from japan the killer expected to hold working level talks on the so called comfort women issue that's not intended that such a meeting taking place at this time of your slave. in india
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the extra sticker japan's increasingly right wing attitude and justify the country's past misdeeds against koreans. it's sunday already soured seoul tokyo relates to the brink after pulling a mistake. senior research fellow at the aspen institute for policy studies think you very much for joining us is today. well it seemed that sold so cute eyes took a step in the right direction last month when chris and i can punish on the second for the first time with kristin brought obama to summit but how damaging that you think the latest move is by tokyo the latest move by pope is detrimental to the improvement of a five run partnership between the two countries. i wouldn't say that won't move would push the entire screen to screen for long. because one of the dull moment on hope for improvement of the bilateral partnership has already
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created after the first summit meeting teaching them how to manage the premise of the essential puppet. and they'll japan's move scorer largely anticipated part of the sarkozy government. this action by the pastor he brings into question prime minister of the sincerity in countries all the ongoing historical dispute with that korea. of course on his true intentions when you think is after. well here the sincerity or credibility would invite to apology for japan's quinoa past. um well you wouldn't help. but at the same time. the maturity of opinion of the desert communities. it is basically all too much opinions people to decide on how to apologize for how to tone for the past year as pres abroad obama is set to swing by korea and japan later this month. how
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will he get to keep the seoul tokyo tensions. very carefully and i don't think of it. it is the intention of going home on the musician too didn't do anything to be poised to cause the cause of serious and papa. history tells of a dispute between japan and south korea. there are two reasons for that one is half the time. you can tell mum was in decisions and has the full thing has to deal with north korea. some publications. i wish to speak with back pain is ready to take on another nuclear test in a manner that is beyond america's imagination. and with regard to japan are passing me were sitting on the trans pacific partnership izzo is going to call for obama was a musician because of the decision is to defend well aware of what is called the chip and pin him. we
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don't depend on board cpp is empty. and then next next monday the chief problem is that south korea united states and japan are set to sit down for up to pots and discussing ways to rein in north korea is the growing threats you think that three sides will be able to forage security cooperation despite the ongoing tussle. i like to be in the positive side although the entire christian is all too though how old you would be fine secretive corporation. three nations but it is said in response the previous question. there is a very courageous to katie our eyes and instead all these munitions used to do with it. while the spirit of nationalists in japan recently lifted a ban on its arms exports. what you think it will be the next act in the rv administrator sianz nationalist agenda. therefore the only musician and those
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anderson would be easy. kenya from japan's right to collective self defense. to be endorsed by other countries. i think it very much talked about for coming in today and for your insight to my twisted thinking the law. for your duty to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest intervene in the whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited a new of the heart of seoul. right i need to be done. the light and ten. on and on tv next to him. the recent row and filtration spotted or the south korean military remains on high alert. i can use this defence correspondent condition has more of the latest findings regarding the north from technology and how south korea plans to better protect
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the country. so when defence minister tea ancient knowledge friday that the military less the capability to detect small size aircraft. the men area vehicles that were recently found a south korean soil. the drones confirmed to be made in the built by north korea which are capable of explosives. but tim said that if north korea were to develop the technology the regime might be able to hold them with explosives or chemical weapons. the defense minister added that north korea has hundreds of new babies in its arsenal and that they are very difficult to detect because they're so small. as such. the south korean military plans to purchase low altitude radar systems though the military equipment to prevent the imputation of trees there but that's all. the ministry please follow the drums the what the north of seoul city apart too late last month. malfunction that crashed as it was headed back to north korea. he added that the aircraft have flown at one point over the presidential office for twenty seconds at a japanese mini kong camera attached to
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it at the roundup hundred and ninety pictures in a separate development the ministry says they successfully tested a pop of the km was the vessel or more twenty third. that is capable of hitting any and all strategic targets in north korea including the nuclear and military facilities. this missile can hold up to one tonne of explosives at a suspected to be included soccer has combat arrangements. starting next year. south korean military has missiles but the rate of three hundred km back and hold off on the toe grabs the explosives in his arsenal so the successful test represents an upgrade the minister says the focus now turns to developing a ballistic missile with a rate of eight hundred km was devoted to five hundred children toward it. this will allow the south korean military to have any part in the north from anywhere in the country. to london. i don't do this. and i were president aka his quest to foster korea's contents and history which he called the key to future economic
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growth. the package of measures has been on bail from creeping into an investment fund which i met the supporting conference related startups to want to smoke chloe is content in the sea which is made up of a diverse set of seven areas such as illness means the team to incarnate. i don't have to deal with the past few days feeding tube as a bear last year the industry has boosted annual average growth. and a half percent. defending due to note that read the digital media for clustering of the students reported to president park friday a total of forty eight majors to miss the content industry. my job to investigate. he has read ripple effect on the rest of the economy t government proming servicendustry thplan toupportith a varie ofeasu. you from financial support toan doing away with unfair
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practices aimed to achieve annual revenue in excess of one contact and dirty and you astonished and i'm no expert body look of some ten billion dollars in two thousand fitting team. one of the meeting is today estimates the government bond of about forty seven million dollars. himothersed to invest in small content production companies with an annual reading of less than one million dollars. about ninety percent of all content in the company in korea fall into this catagory. korea and china will also be sent to a fine of about one hundred and ninety million dollars with a co production of velvet bag boots and cheese. in many come from them coming and taking pictures and government expects the deal will make him calm him down that i didn't read chinese i get asked if tristan she can mediate conflicts of dozens of weekly leaders in korea including the nation's hunter
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and his ministers the measures were drawn up to a club race to the gym and eating government bodies such as the departure of teaching science and education ministry. mmm well combined easy to create a dam wall like to start gambling businesses and industries intent to support more than four hundred new businesses by two thousand seventeen. on the news. sales of imported cars in korea hit a record high last month on aggressive promotional campaigns and an introduction of some new models the korea automobile importers and distributors association said friday that more than fifteen thousand new foreign made cars rolled off launched in march. that said more than thirty percent from the same period a year earlier. german luxury car brand bmw sold the most cars followed by mercedes benz and audi. a us appeals court has
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thrown out a nine hundred twenty million dollars verdict against crean chemical maker colon industries. the fourth us circuit court of appeals in richmond virginia reversed a two thousand when a decision that found colin responsible for stealing trade secrets for making can't mark which is used to make a protective gear. the richmond words echoing was wrongfully barred from presenting crucial evidence during the trial. he ordered a new trial with a new truck. deciphering the press where we look at some of the hot issues of the week that it captured the attention of the domestic media from the early arrival of blooming spring to smart pants that fights parkinson's disease. are you eon has intensely on. happy friday everyone when i was wrapping up the first week of april but also the first week with many of us here in korea enjoyed some early signs of
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spring. now the story from two hundred people have a headline that reads quickly blooming azaleas in telling lost and the flowers are not the guilty ones but the people that are quickly got the photos below you see for safety as the deadliest and tearing while since all of which according to the particle of blooms are needed if your bike up to thirteen days but you also see that swallows and cabbage butterfly for spotted much earlier as well and oracle says this is all possibly due to something called the urban heat island effect here in this whole it. this is a tall buildings of the word and traps heat causing higher temperatures. it's nice to put the winter cold behind us but the environmental impact we humans are having on communities is something which cannot forget. next moving on to the top news item in this week's papers the discovery of the press the north korean thriller that was found to have taken dozens of photos of scold including south korea's
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presidential office and these are photos from the front pages of the daily conventional and the one on the left is of the presidential office taken by the north korean throne and the threat of ricky if the president on this. on the right is a still shot taken from the pool. now philip and the koreans have easily gone the scene glimpse of the present along with this global threat should be worried about a drone flying over it now got to thinking that it had reported by two non been earlier in the news cast. south korea's defense ministry said that i was not capable of loading process but some say they're still a cause for concern. formal article on over to the next daily from home i can book which covers the same story and not the headline read a break here that needs north korean drama when he stood there if i google for a chance to compare it with ornaments from the photos taken by their very own google earth image as a military official says north
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korea can see whether the exact one in its match up to find out from temple the exact location of the president on this into my bed. in that case to consider suicide bomber plane to pinpoint and strike a specific card debt then drove itself is not so threatening but the purpose for which to compete use it. moving on now we made it clear with nicotine patches that help you quit smoking but was passed to fight parkinson's disease. i hear from top on it all reads this my past that diagnosis and treatment of parkinson's and teeth to come out and if he's the past developed by a team of local researchers from school university in the heat and muscle movements including comfort related to parkinson's and real time and decide whether to declare sanity. he said. now if it decides i those cool automatically be
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injected of august th according to the article the paper on the latest technology has been published in the prestigious scientific journal that nature nanotechnology. we're now seeing rabble to the all too quickly. venturing into the medical field. i'll leave that for this week's lake at the stories from the korean papers. the stories making headlines on the global front from russia i get again typing pressure on ukraine to the ongoing hunt for missing malaysian airline are people like rep only continue for so called let's start with russia's gas hike on ukraine just how much of an increase are we talking about. eighty percent hike. the latest increase is the second in just three days in a represents a huge burden for the ukrainian economy which is on the brink of bankruptcy
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firstly the price of four hundred and sixty dollars is absolutely the most edible secondly the russian federation completely understands this. thirdly there are no reasons for russia to increase the gas price ukraine from two hundred and sixty dollars to four hundred and sixty dollars except one reason ukraine curly me it's about half of its total guess he is from russian supplies and fears are growing that moscow might cut gas deliveries completely and esther into afghanistan where presidential elections are set to kick off on saturdays the vote marks the first democratic transfer of power from one present to another in afghanistan's history election also comes at a critical time as most foreign troops are preparing to apply the country. after thirteen years of struggling to quell violent insurgency. but in the significant participation of our people in this election will be the biggest guarantee of the continuation of the islamic republic of
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afghanistan. strong participation will be the greatest response to those who believe violence and destruction will act as a deterrent against our people security forces are on high alert in the capital kabul on the eve of the election the taliban overthrown in two thousand one has warned of attacks and voting centers the interior ministry was hit with a series of suicide bombings on wednesday which killed six policemen and moving on to the latest of elements in the hunt for the missing inhalation airliner. the creator of space research institute announced friday that a small slit purpose of letting the audience to neocon debris from the plane in the southern indian ocean officials say the images were taken on march twenty six about four to eighty km east of the area for thai salad hot spot a one hundred twenty two floating on ticks off the coast of australia the korean airspace instance idiots using three of its high tech silence the whole
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plane wreckage of the boeing triple seven is working in other countries on the data meanwhile international search teams have begun using sophisticated underwater equipment to find a black box from the malaysian airline are up to fourteen planes and nine ships were deployed in friday's first mission flight nh three seven zero benetton march a long trip to beijing while mom for sharing two hundred thirty nine passengers. ross overlook an international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here next week. the two prime time sports and even chat with one of the most recognizable and sought after pieces of sports hardware on the planet the people world cup trophy has landed in folder for the first of three stops a nation as part of its will to
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work was greeted by south korea's manager of the notable and top football officials in an elaborate ceremony in the capital. now fans will be able to get the trophy at time square mall on saturday and that's host world cup stadium on sunday. rowe cup trophy to work will then head to china and japan then take one last couple burning us before returning to brazil ahead of the court. and heading to sunny california. brown one of the kraft nabisco championship at china's shenzhen then take the early lead at six under par and the other deals at five under par he researches michelle wie and south korea was in park city who can achieve the career grand slam which when she meets her fellow nationals six of whom are in the top ten at the mall the world number one pie can be is currently tied for forty six. and moving on two time world champion figure skater japan's make the congo what on earth in a recurrent
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ceremony bubbling and i shone the city going on the twenty six year old said that she was happy with her career and will now focus on the next phase of our life as a skating coach and the mother melons and off today with friday scott k beale met some people the giants posted these come from the youth in the course on the blog and replace it the bad press for its second reading vote it up to new homes hold off a double hit someone not they know next to me more than that of the triple for two scores. then comes home himself. it's for nothing johnny is now chris cox creek excuse me peeps and some banners guessing for six solid innings of work and what they want to win forty two for the road. and the scores from across the lead with a speech frantically from one thirty to four key and defeating to something for nothing and ncp the mets in five to walk. and
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that's all for now this has been student and i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports. there was a chilly day here in the capital with daytime highs dropping about ten degrees compared to earlier this week but our team down thousand medical staff hasn't stopped people from enjoyed it and how to deal with the spring flower festival and from work to connect like to invite you to know them she loved cd has died at the onset of the saudi are really make it till and the euro and the retail outlet that it's pretty cool to trim the fat degrees out here and the way it does make you feel a couple of degrees colder than that felt good enough for a late night chat please be said to test one in each the big front of the risk they said that they take it as their families and friends and by the road
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really make you forget about the cold snap. love the spring festival will continue to keep the thirteenth here. i don't sew or better known as an engine note though if he had made plans for the weekend of racing at lincoln center coming out. there is called to live and act as tactic for aids or a telly shows are planned for visitors to intel and its highly recommended that you use transportation as the roads will be closed as for tomorrow's weather is the impact of the southern and eastern coastal regions may get to see about by moment is that this exists and that we get something eat with the life of a lion's mouth. yet another to lead a lap and hezbollah does not see that he's not had that one day thinking i might add that it is raining now and can't seem to get to the low teens while it may be seen as either pretend that the men take the heat at twelve degrees while talking to and the content of adding eight and zero. i really hope that you make them time to
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the ceiling enjoy the gorgeous scenery. for me here. until it does bring back the land act see that at the tv on. absolutely beautiful. i cast on this friday night and teaching full time job and thanks for watching every week and will cease. the and visiting turkish food tom. the sheets
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for communion at one go. but what you would be nice or what. did i have to stick to it he pushed so hard. i don't want to please put you in the twenty something deeper sanctions and two. when he intends to move. she was fifteen. it isn't the name of the book. some human thought what isn't ch. here in
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the city the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this. if you just like i don't have a clue as to make it these. for that. he has done in time the quarter percent. if i'm
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forced to collect intended to stomach was going to the events that continue to fall. so be it tomorrow after bowling ball. this is just a justice of the decade it's a late day sell the unit. today i managed it the pizza stone was one of the cia identity to. . with
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new meaning with the program is prone to fly. norway's mainstream crews worked was the group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal. he provides local encounters and access to wilkinson. breaking news the south east of brussels used tear gas water cannons against protesters that is a global wave of actag


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