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tv   RT News  PBS  April 4, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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i was with you . we r tx the nearly four years since twenty weeks release the video known as collateral murder. the jazz journalists and others under attack by us military. and the fallout would take all these years later. and the atlantic treaty organization reaches the sixty fifth birthday since the end of the cold water it's gone on u s military campaigns such as strokes and libya. a look at nato's power and current expansion coming. george washington university is offering a flexible teaching politics and a master's program but since the path to
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becoming lobbyists. is this a good think about. talk later tw fourth i can in washington dc i went to france to watch tv. there are the shots heard round the world back in two thousand canberra. they had been fired in eastern baghdad three years earlier. tomorrow marks four years since the video titled collateral murder was made to twenty weeks. in sanchez the killing of words journalist his driver and several companions the american troops in a us apache helicopter spots were
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insurgents. after the initial shooting in an armed group in a minivan drivers who seem to help the wounded day of fire upon his plow. much has happened in the four years its collateral murder first hit the internets. it is you know neil brings us more from life. sunday the fifth of april marks the four year anniversary of the repealing of the silly and love of murder video. i tweaked the stitches but each in two thousand and seven of eight u s air crew minus sixty been wanting a firefight in mike dodd and then there seemed to be adopted over the bodies of more than a dozen people killed in an airstrike the art tried following the release of that video essence the pro looks into muscle attention to the finder up with the leaks to the end of sons. it also brought a number of death threats unexplained and equal that measure for him after that the number of diplomatic and millet read documents also being released the following video. the idea
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to the senior a swedish court issued on a rest warrants and for the history and charges of sexual that assaults the suns vehemently denied all three allegations stating that it is simply a ruse to get him from stockholm to the us so that pp to be charged on possibly get the death sentence. not falling. not since he was based here in london the uk high court upheld an extradition warrant the sentences stockholm the day and at once here to the ecuadorian embassy on to the nineteen twenty twelve to claim political asylum. doc did not happen the uk foreign sector the william hague said that he would not be a light safe passage to fight if the country. it's not a reason he's been here since that date to nineteen twenty twelve almost two years he's been here all the streets in this building. you know real
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art scene in london one of the u s soldiers on the ground there in eastern baghdad during the two thousand seven incident ran to the scene of devastation to discover small children and one of the many dance he's made a low pass that down. army veteran equal the court hewitt described to her the trauma of that day but it made him realize that the us mission in iraq and how it affected his life the video that could win two weeks on the map. true time of war iraq and leave him in private first class of friendly manning and military detention. our retention and even the corridor he was just another day on duty the helicopters are only about a mile and half way members and this. and it confirmed. and i can't see anything. that right there is obviously a camera dangling if you have a chance and i hope that as an ak forty seven record. then around two
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thousand and seven. the two hundred sixteenth battalion was not controlling the ball took part in the city of about five blocks away four blocks away to. the to the left of it. this was a bit and wide mission and then in the situation turns deadly your actions. even to country school and began running toward it seemed to provide support. again the apache helicopter opened fire when you hit the scene at the approaching and quiet the accused and his word and the when guys. he brings with it. and in the snow the snow still on schedule i don't even describe it when he approached the van and leaving ethan wasn't expecting a decline of the little girl. four years
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old and. the judge and winter summit. you know. and the blood around her eyes may arise so ghostly why even try to crawl and re enter into a nearby building cute and pink last night so she can blink and handed her off to imagine. exciting. or so pictures are taken pictures of the incentive and and that's when he discovered a little boy. and that's me this is a little boy. i recently read it despite their injuries the children survived. i even changed forever that day i couldn't stop myself from crying i couldn't stop myself from feeling the way. i was feeling when he didn't seek mental health. he was mocked by his commanders and the expulsion from the military. i started
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treating. not to give any prescriptions. thirteen descriptions. and the aegean on. death note. prozac. i was i was a zombie. things got worse i a s to engage a miracle in my own children and. nobody around me still even took matters into his own hands. gardening and treated pretty heavily and that. and don't look too close. and ranked fifth in cairo. the morning. i was at the time tony. first i even try to take his mind after that he was dismissed from the army i was content with disabilities she return to wichita and many even
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attempted suicide for a second time. ashley. lucky for him. i'm not. this story as i said yes but he certainly isn't alone. tens of thousands of military veterans suffering the effects of ptsd long after they leave the battlefield. and also simply can't cope with the stress that i'm going to stand their own lives their fathers and brothers sons and soldiers. and now they're simply another casualty in american wars abroad. in the past two years alone the evening was a tad pissed at her and for others to suicide and his outlook on life hasn't improved with time. i know that i would never ever ever get that owns ever get over this for them all the collateral murder
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video was just another black mark on unpopular war. for he was the catalyst that made him question the entire contents of the war. american wheat. john wayne. when we were the white hat. without forgiveness to all people. as always he was trying to spread freedom and democracy they barely know. yesterday will be the ultimate determinant for the new iraq war is due to my story. ethan and for so many soldiers suffering from post war stress the future is far and fast is too much to cope with reporting from wichita kansas meghan well as our tea the more i'm joined now in the studio next week and has conducted an interview with the third quarter. after watching this interview especially on the back complex just a card for her second time on mental health issues in the military. it's very striking when he sang about how they're dealt with what are we looking at its
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after after you have this interview is and what you feel when looking at us she's in the military has also been talking about ethan situation personally i'm in panic and some of the larger numbers here. so is faulty and you know obviously he's still in a very tough place even years after being outside of iraq in being away from their environment hidden blown up a couple times he felt when packed my brain injuries and whatnot obviously as he saw that i took a suicide a couple times in town a place where you can talk about it for history to other countries but you know that the people in the most is nice and willing to receive as much as he was really daunting for you and me not being on the part of the veterans administration really was on the part of his commanders has xl is a known he had to go to his commanders and were to get permission to seek mental health service its hand along the times they told him you know your thing or are you being ridiculous comeback. we all go through the situations are things like that and a couple things i just can't
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say on the air is what they said demanding use explosives and went not so good really reach that point when he decided on how to talk to somebody actually went behind as excise back sought mental health service as paper scranton thirteen different prescription drugs and you can really trying to get back to back so for now not a pink and was ridiculing him and what not. even says anyway the kind of couture is not is not unexpected. it's actually a culture of life military wife kind of thing for one thing knowing what's going on ptsd in a kind of a wider context. we know we have two point three million veterans that are coming out of afghanistan and iraq the workers are killed at least twenty percent are suffering from ptsd. so the news of fourteen to sixteen thousand people. now of those people only half can actually sought out sometimes and i hope that they mean and sometimes it has been prescribed pills and sometimes they have and so
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you all want different people in your thing i'll mention is this the army and receiving the hopes that they need a water management in their lives. caught attempting suicide or if they survive a suicide attempt they can be discharged. i am slowly i hardly care races so he can actually wasn't given any help from the military after he had tried to commit suicide in the second time i believe it and you know it's not unusual we have twenty two veterans and an almost one per hour that commit suicide or try to commit suicide and you know the oven on top or not is not all of these men under thirty dollars numbers are going up significantly forty four percent increase in suicides in men between two thousand ninety thousand won and chalking what is on recordings of up to now is actually running for maintaining government isn't much better place is also helping veterans he's speaking on a bunch of different the place is helping wounded warriors project he's doing and feeling very well and associates money for the listening center of campus and that that will
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elections coming up in knowing you are when his website right there taking a look at a very good to hear it's good that isn't working out for him. for him than enough for many other absolutely police is helping out. i teased him a thank you very much in camp the world's biggest military law came into being exactly sixty five years ago and was originally meant to contain the ambitions of the soviet union in the cold war fizzled out. atlanta the organization has involved itself in numerous military campaigns that are seemingly far from its original stated purpose some of the four ss teacher in a report on the alliance's identity crisis. nato does end of the country set it up in nineteen forty nine as a defense mechanism against the side of the union fast forward sixty five years the north atlantic treaty organization is the military alliance of twenty eight members and counting. it's really clear violation of the agreement was made
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between the states. and then through the forest. chuck nineteen ninety. not to go even going to east germany slept for a nice day. more and buy a green combined nato members account for the lion's share of the world's military spending and ben and i think the time here's megan and i one good thing. what is the time for starters there's the war in afghanistan have seen the west end of the longest running war in its own history. the only clean results so far is that the country is in a mess. in nineteen ninety nine bombings of yugoslavia. hundreds of civilians dead and injured including children all under the auspices of a humanitarian mission headed by the united states fundamentally illegitimate i'm just an end. essentially a moral. in two thousand and three the devastating invasion of iraq spearheaded by the west and its people. i
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like britain few years of insurgency and a skyrocketing number of deaths through terror attacks. in two thousand eleven to lead the campaign to turn the no fly zone operation into full scale military support for the right. you look at me there is still far from its professed goal of providing security to its member states just as nothing and nothing to do it that all that was basically an aggressive action against another country. the alliance's stated objective of this collective defense. every country agreed that dr was talkin all the others went mountain climbers were all touched one another. when falls the helpful. that's the tale of peter in reality not a single nato member has never been attacked by another country. he was bankrolled the alliance came over seventy percent of its budget and urging robot think your team members to stump up their fair share of the united states' use of
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nato is to expand its own power and seo world and higher even than that that term is is passe the only protection against international law for nato is the fact that it's sensible thinking organization is the united states and the pentagon and because of its vast economic and political power. it shields itself criminal culpability otherwise the two major generals would be made in from the international criminal court facing charges this issue marks the anniversary of its ongoing questions about the need for its existence its initial enemy on its mission. we got it fixed it by piercing needles infection the world has changed and is increasingly moving towards multilateral as betrayal spearheaded by the west refuses to accept the new geopolitical realities of the modern day continuing to flex its muscles and to try to spread its wings further the future king at rt washington dc afghanistan has been rocked by violence this weekend one of
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the presidential elections just today two female journalists working for the associated press were shot by gunmen in police uniform and eastern afghanistan according to officials. kathy gannon is ever was a report is a reporter and she is in stable condition. on date night to host the photographer was killed instantly the journalists were traveling with election workers in a convoy that was protected by afghan soldiers and police officers according to the ap. this kind of data for the presidential election the country's security and economy appeared to crumble the cheese was the capital reports. martin again i am more in the knowledge. silly of me the country. oh no. not bad. with profits fall upon the entry point
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the financial support. while the economy. for all. reports that both the adult work. i even forced to shut. it's the sort. the insurgency they get bored. the court what's it. i was tired while. the edges. maybe when the market. i checked on a
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plane for jobs. punching a clock for little cake. maybe some help. nights. it might be time to head back to school to study while the kids in our day begins as a closer look. george washington university's new graduate degree offering any city full of bs the final word mommy in the description of this program is billed as the first of its time to do just that it's a master's degree that will be offered this fall and he got his graduate school of political management course is in the program are expected to teach students how to advocate an impact policy with in their home state here in washington for the global environment march now university says graduates of this program will be well equipped him for the variety of positions including frontline lobbyist for legislatures appoint country's strategy consultants creating and his plans for multinational corporations non profits or and yellows end like this breed of advisers to find you feed them to change laws or
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regulations foreign country or region one george washington university professor who happens to be a former trade association ceo had this to say about the new program. we suffer from tremendous clutter in politics business in our daily lifes were aiming to teach students how to cut through that clutter and to ensure that their messages are not always heard that the action is taken on those messages telling did get some reaction from people here in washington dc about this program and the idea of creating more lively as it alot. it just sounds a little ridiculous but they haven't given up soon. not interested in politics but couldn't wait to start. i don't have a very favorable reaction. some speculate that these were the program that could assist in helping people do their jobs but there is always bad the stars and are still lobbying its people. we already have twenty one to protect their money. such beginning in a master's degree in that. we just kind of sounds like ah but a lot
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of people at me then talking about not being an obvious but still it is a really important complement of the board. democracy. of course we know that washington d c and k street in particular is no stranger to this kind of advocacy it's now what healing and dollar industry. in fact according to the center for responsive politics the total amount of dollars in lobbying increase from about one point nine billion in nineteen ninety eight to roughly three point two million in twenty thirteen that means that over a fifteen year period wanting spending more than double perhaps most interesting is that while the dollar now has steadily gone not the number of registered lobbyists and actually did three things. in two thousand and seven there were almost fifteen thousand active mom vs and in twenty thirteen there were just over twelve thousand so that could explain why the university is wanting this program at this point in time perhaps seizing
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the opportunity to fill those potentially available position. and of course when you take that into consideration what the most recent supreme court decision allowing money is to donate more money to campaigns. it seems we can likely expect to see a lot more money. shaping politics in washington and irritate the arts. give us some insight into the world of dc lobbyist says melanie sloan executive director at the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington a top job right there. well isaac is the first question we ask the people on the street are ready but because it's full of disneyland. sure wanting to nap so early in the audience that night doesn't seem like we have a real dearth of lobbyist here in washington. yes so that guides us with an american university has an obvious degree of reading. george washington in killing more expensive institution i believe is in now has this as well why we're rolling out the study programs for jobs where really need to learn on the job go work on the hill
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the first decade of you may wanna compete with american idol it is not fair my money an exciting program. i and secondly we're a city that is all about lobby of thing a feeling they're spitting out some part of the important part of government study at mit are part of it but as you sad that when the bass ways to learn about lighting really need to work in the halls of congress and that way you both learned how blogging works and what people what lobbyists are looking for but also you're making the contacts that lobbying firms and looking for. which is key words that if he wasn't biggest industries that lobbyist influence. there's actually no industry that lobbyist down and plan so whatever it is you care about their lobbyists on it. now the defense industry for him once huge numbers of audience i ever corporation has bought the official lighting for example these days to try to kill tax reform. there is lobbying on the financial industry education. you know whatever you care about you care about you than a lobbyist for that. why is it obvious that. pharmaceuticals
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matches here and here is history the whole carriage with typical hospital. every health care and all of the silliness of job market this is a good way to me makes me know. i've been wanting for venturing into battle a bit lower this year or so and are not necessarily hiring business than to pass ok well to this number share according to the center for responsive politics. there has been named in the number of registered lobbyists since two thousand said nearly fifty thousand in two thousand set in just over twelve thousand in two thousand and thirty five are actually fewer lobbyists are just two people registering they're just hear people registering in fact there is ben and i moved to de register. what happened is that when given obama came and it was her best garlic talent and still lacking in people than wanting out of august in he said he was an entire people could ban lobbyist and a lot of people who can de register said they weren't gonna hurt themselves in and prospective jobs that the obama administration and they're waiting to be a consultant in washington
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basically the janata lobbying activities without ever having to register as lobbyists. nothing activities are under the radar. so it's nice right. he loved it. open secrets lobbying on records a great place to get numbers on this hurricane. very easily explained. we found that what they categorize as democratic liberal interest groups increased their spending eight hundred and forty two percent between twenty twelve and thirteen. that's compared to republican conservative interest groups that only one of eleven percent. explain this. democrats can catch out what's going on. but the money spent on lobbying the us. this kind of hard to understand that money is better spent to clean a republican held house of representatives on republican republican lobbying sell out match with those numbers actually work like it may also be that there are more folks on the republican side who are de registered are calling themselves consultants still be in a vacuum those numbers might not be quite telling. steps now. a lot of people gripe
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against lobbyists and lawyers journalists and last. i mean really on that peace loving us. what the user guide that it's important to understand that members of congress can be experts on actually everything like they're expected to begin to vote on literally you know everything or maybe a good lobbyists will come in and teach a member of congress now carries you about what we worry about more is when those lobbyists have too much of an impact in whether it's really their campaign contributions have better having more impact than it had the best interests of the american people. ok so would you send your kid to glbt a masters in lobbying. i would not work i finally have my b i could be a lobbyist at least you know i have to think i have my late birthday go work on capitol hill and get the real world again had to teach that to you for paying the speed right melanie sloan executive director of the citizens for responsibility and six washington the different things. the time and effects
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and. harry. out of harm's way. the battle either going to keep using them. they can't do it. me anymore now and knew without looking silly everyone would rather look like in her stories about dead civilians or in the third one. everyone recognizes trial the military. the military data requested wrote that look a little less obvious the thing that should be and if that naturally at a company called priority on robotic to deliver introducing the break the drought. when i heard that if the flexible wing to let michael rafter in flight
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we just toured the town and the winds and less than five minutes when the tool by a single folder. and when the three hundred beginning and it totally. i went to the flour ground. the comes equipped with a retractable can read that likeable enough to capture footage from almost any angle and lacking any kind of weather. no only a few short months after putting up the ordinance banning four point five million now i live in ontario and thirty six maverick for this special guy. the army is like. and they all just awarded a company called frog dynamic at two point five million dollar contract for light crude rose called important. he'd only eight inches long and weighs just two point one outfit. i don't think i needed. no one will notice that they do not carry out the announcement that del toro to call the park she won eighty eight by northrop
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grumman. the shape of a help not hurt. not that awesome del capability of being completely undetectable. it's just another example of how the military is not happy with their quest to make it when he was in the bin from the camera. it's only a matter of time before their drones are microscopic or hidden by invisibility cloak with all the nerds he got it about. the military and rowan many actors are all excited and at the meetings press releases about how much they're making in how the will believe it coming. then you know what i truly do believe that coming. i mean to tell because there's just too much money and how to be one of our military industrial complex. i would have kept under surveillance and conquer the world. until they eventually just draw lose the motivation into oblivion not unbelievable. it just called that. tonight's talk about that by filing and
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pray and read it. euro and the new tv. xi i did. ten seconds marks as me an american military exercises continue. it seems gunfire. i did not resume and said shh going through the holes at the union. this began as security threats from


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