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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 7, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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we will do. do eye. simon grayson is based on the twentieth anniversary of the genocide in rwanda official mourning has been overshadowed by when you lay in france was complicit in the killings. russian protesters stormed three government buildings and industrial heartland frank government in kiev and moscow trying to diss. the election a world gets under way in he
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has eight hundred and fourteen million voters head to the polls in the first of nine stages to elect a time watching the screen cap for joining us first of this monday in rwanda commemorations are being held to mark the twentieth anniversary of the genocides for three months in nineteen ninety four. some eight hundred thousand people mostly tutsis were slaughtered. i could to malaysia. rwandan president paul gandhi had just lit a flame at the memorial center in on the flame will burn for one hundred days the length of the massacre. cats georgia kelvin smith is at the stadium and going out with a commemoration ceremony will take place. georgette the grief over the genocide today is being slightly overshadowed by these renewed claims of france was complicit in the killings to the point where the french ambassador to rwanda has reportedly been barred from the proceedings altogether
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what he tells about that well it is really rather unfortunately trying to stop and get the nice comments that kick started this whole thing on anything me know what to do business of trash tv that french ambassador to the garden to see different call last night saying that he was not welcome. today's commemoration to that he even offered to lease that and the memorial semi auntie susie this morning and everything was told thanks but no thanks. this is often the phrase the front are due to meet in a dispute or standoff of its own making this fall with its announcement over the weekend that it would not be sending a delegation was due to having at the head with the justice and set to stand out to be about following him take the nice comments in the french media saying again that fronts have been complicit in the genocide he's been saying this for all of the decade it's no it's nothing new and in the commemorations ten years
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ago defense allegation was held because of sin an x in the comments what a lot of people there are saying is that i was crying when they can reach all the fixins and that the issue the healing reconciliation and political finger pointing really shouldn't be taking center stage. now from detroit somewhat relieved to get an initial decision not to send to me have a saying at least lest we be attending but to god the diocese and she made a very strong point saying if you want to come we don't eat eat and die to keep your bath time. well judge as he said despite the political spot the real focus today is of course thomas morales marking the twentieth anniversary of the genocide there talk this through if you will later be happening then the rest of the gang. i've mentioned a week ago me and several heads of state where i can say see the kiss is the memorial are the body's oxygen fifty thousand victims of the genocide of the reed bed they laid wreaths on the lit the flame of remembrance
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that has been carried around the country for three months for a twenty year olds all of whom was born in ba. all of the genocide now. connie is due panties in a rush ahead of the heads of state to the qvc that has to make their way up to the stadium i met at about ten heads of state african had to stay up to be in bad santa in the creek many to be expected to be making statements. but of course the big pool at the age of speech is good to be conducted on teaching the context of this out with friends. thanks for that joint investor to kelvin smith reporting there from that memorial to mark twenty years after the genocide in rwanda. taking the people they have begun voting in the world in his general election but will be spread out over nine stages due to the sheer size of the country itself. now the votes will wrap up for another month yet but the main hindu nationalist opposition party is tipped to get the strongest backing. if
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confirmed the result would bring in and get to the ruling congress party is to many years in power thomas waterhouse has this report. maybe these mama and actions. it is mine not the cost of comics the nineties taking crisis began in two states. the sun and teacher in the country since the northeast. in a puddle on film greats and eighteen for the first time the sum of money hope to have a good leader to form a stable government. i can find solutions to problems the countries facing it dozens of these hearings and running. that opinion polls to be speaking to a nice nice the physician pcp and friends if we can narendra modi tipped to be the next prime minister body to be exploring the entire nation on the last six months and talking about changing the future than a hike above the ticket at the top
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the pricing and crises and last name published in many different scenes. it's a tiny screen and then the moment seems calm response here on earth. it is high inflation and in any crops. it seems taking down the congress party's peanut by amanda team gets amazing things to preclude the misty. forty three year old round empty promises that ethan could think of a dissenting three guest and expand social welfare programs that help the pool. the door. i do business. or think that the wealthy and the best part is that i killed the golden in color. he is at an empty net wealth not just democracy movement to six weeks. if the results. she'll make it sixteen. in south africa is not from any announcer story as is expected to take the stand for the first time today. his murder trial has just resumed in pretoria the defense started by calling of the contest as its first witness but it should
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go on shipwreck of twenty seven year old athlete honest and he will then get his own account of just why he shot dead his model girlfriend previous encounter in the early hours of valentine's day last year it is held in the black team known as the blade runner will hold up during the state's cross examination may prove a turning point in the case. tories as he shot his girlfriend by mistake. i thought she was an intruder good to finally be a breakthrough on the missing malaysia airplane underwater sounds detected via ship searching the southern indian ocean have been heard and those are consistent with the canes from aircraft's black box is one official has called it the most promising team in the month long hunt for the next plane. thanks to ukraine were two regional government buildings and the security service office have all been seized by pro russian protesters in three different cities in the east
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of ukraine. the demonstrators say they want to cry me is that referendum on whether or not to become part of russia this event immediately triggered accusations from the pro european government in kiev that russian president letterman is orchestrating socrates disorder the grunts of constitutional government headquarters for russian demonstrates his company's money the image of the activist group were installed in the building and racing the russian flag refusing to include additional demonstrates is clean so we can. the cramps it has been seen since at least until next week to associate with police forcing their way into a government building exodus from the ukrainian flag reduce the rate of weight into russia and delta smelt the country's forthcoming presidential polls the real me. will boycott
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the elections. and among the referendum for independence. create a federation in the south and east of ukraine and have rushed in as artificial language without it. in the i care about what will happen to our country tomorrow. i'm not against separation and i didn't recognize the current government. it is not on a guy in charge again the thing is it. ukraine's interior minister promised to restore the without using abundance. did the keys ousted president viktor yanukovich the inspiring with most good to fuel its intentions. cdc nice in ukraine has seen frequent for russian release a chemical that was contemporary and in the wake of moscow has taken over crimea. the standoff between russia and ukraine as an intense appalling it's a sad day in hollywood today mickey rooney has died besides triple threat perform any movies from more
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than eighty years winning two oscars in the process. he started inside there was a very humble and went on to fame in the andy hardy movies and alongside knew the legend of judy garland. germany was still racking up film and tv credits in recent years including playing a grumpy garden smash comedy night at an easy habit to free all i said don't retire in five some good words to live by what you can thank an ancient monument house the eye
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welcome back to this special edition of talking new oakland has been kept between the twenty seconds in the twenty fifth of may over three hundred and fifty million eu citizens will be able to buy it in the european elections electing seven hundred and fifty want any peace. all members of the european parliament. one thing ish all the economic crisis has seized the lead and hdd michel the european union. in many many decisions europeans are expected to remain at home or endorse anti eu parties. let me introduce you to my guests here of course i guess i'll start with you i can feel unwelcome new rule warrior and international spokesperson for the seat of goldstein. the french equivalent of seeing benjamin
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easier apology to the left all the soap is on scene and i'm ready for the european elections in the right price or not. it is somewhere in france. also with us eventually another magistrate said miller across europe as a franco norwegian end to corruption judge you were elected to european common in two thousand and nine. another of the optical image of greens that you represented your car seat. in two thousand and twelve french presidential elections also with us for presenting at the center of the century style three d mode and pop scene. don't want to nap welcome to tolkien europe you're a member of the civil society and also an expert on europe and you will be running in the north west constituency that sound you yet one on one knee and content in the north will be a lot of companies in the preview and i think it's very important because when
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you look at the figures. in the last election in two thousand and nine. only fourteen percent of the french. due to the polls turnout was very you know when it's been declining every year is our journey to raise the risk that these here even less french people i will call them. to go out in folks. what is your message. this is very important to her. and there that a new continent has the same status and could be next on your progress and at the st east melbourne case and in that we can. we can stop it runs came at the anti treaty for instance the fear of people i care to know that the real free trade agreement between nth except the eu and us victory came at the frank stanton by the commission on monday from the member states can only be signed with the approval of the continent so my message to besiktas to
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inspect this is an amount because just a street sign his son and two other a lot we'll definitely be i think the issue the major reason the fence election when trying to make this a referendum on the cheetah on the terms of money to eat the citizens when we have to get involved in understanding that any other discussion on french politics or european politics is pointless if this he comes into force. so you know that friends have been heartened by past and decisions regarding european air with elizabeth and in two thousand and five when the french voted no. i nonetheless the gunman went on and an adopted and ratified the lisbon treaty so there's a sense that what they use in getting involved in these european issues well then there's the new disney here for four for criticism isn't a citizen participation and we need to say no to say no to a meeting organized in our tracks by the european commission. i reminded us that the european colonies the only
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democratically elected ballsy as you level. so whenever they will choose will not stop using them and all the tall stands of trees got the go cos he has a different position but how will you my shoulder. the french will take part in these elections on the fence and definitely at the far front of that and that's all i do that in defending the station and it's true that it's a very important for the un compound in the team's biggest issue and i think richard foster the role of our new teeth in the european continent. but what is important. he's also depend on on our standards environmentalist and as for instance that week we don't want to have jewelry making she came to know and no food to us and it is also very important event or two to fight. that's to be named pm we also had some games to make fun of this agreement you can manage to be strong enough to defend our position to get there in europe
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against that and it means that you like the states come up with mom grandma. monday is also set up a special institution far the mercy of conflicts with the nationals against a team that won. not that these conflicts to be touched by conduction of an eye to eye institutions by one special bond. and that we have seen in a condo we now reluctant to take stock or share common. they wanted you'd think they intended to treat the same and they have now and again something to do so you don't want to see they sit too much and i'm lovin didn't understand it's interesting that actually thanks to this possible free trade agreement he seemed to have followed that with them the rights issue to the bank without your vote does not want to move on and as we have in the in the first possible that the base of the first time. there will be candidates for presenting
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the big parties' your posse into the new greens as they see that. the symbols and scott canberra. the next is likely to cause him to seek a leader. from greasy was anti hero now we seem to be pro euro but still. my critical eye. i think the opposition is is quite clear. and there is alessandra rights in europe and we have an eco socialist positions to stand for it and when confronted with that approach finance co finance commissioner and an essential bank. so that's the way you can analyze the debate is not whether you're pro europe are not for you because you are in your hands. we were trying to clean and the right and indeed many of the european on the t and s twenty two pounds being the leader of that smile i recollect that you see me smile but now is its liking it and how it was because of the content found
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an age that the euro the european institutions committed in increased one that i think the great symbol that things can change. yes the tables turn. but now it would be the liberals' of selected aggies reports that former belgian prime minister whose current media and the chair of the liberal group in europe in common having attended its a pan european candidate would be a game tying to death definitely i think so because of the top two european companies. i think you're anti pokies and dance if i resisted year when high also programs had to do and stipulates he lamented states and the scene and his people and a movie based on conditions like these very important that i wanted to add something. it's true that didn't use them on some tangent i think that they've been hanging out at a general mistrust and two when pundits expect that you can also come from a different county. a team again it isn't working
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on. we have horse or otherwise change. we have opened on friday to see is the same team and i'm one of them thinking that if the missile sites and so it is also possible to change the country theme parks. now initially i want you to reacts to our next we pulled the screen to watch it isn't the common agricultural policy. some like it to others those who don't like it but it's my home. will europe as in she's so far and it's the biggest budget expenditure for the european union and the cap as it's known as system of subsidies provides follows with a safety net so they can produce enough for european citizens to eat and inshore europe is self sufficient in food now says the eu introduced the top and sixty two. the policy has changed several times that williams item will go and don't yet know why when two visits to friends fun is to find out what they think of the new cap. it is looking up for the small scale farmer to
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newlands fifty head to the ground felt apparently grace area with no benefit for reforms to the cap designed to re balance the system stays small family on it to be confined to the cake. next is the most will get an extra subsidy for the fast fifty two hectares of land in this spirit behind reforms that is going in the right direction but are still a long way to go with the redistributed payment for small scale farms could have been a lot bigger than it being put in place to blow him up the carpet and wall e plans to allocate fifty percent of the caps back into the scheme as fun as what nbc five cents west in twenty fifteen the beam but they could use it to sled down the phone with the campus a lifeline to many. cta and it's easy when they can be felt in his declaration of homework to do it for me the county immense amount to more than i actually earned even though the payments are getting smaller and smaller over time. they were to be stopped altogether. i don't know when coming home going with ninety five had to say
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his name. next he feels forgotten by their opponents he's promised to dodge if any benefits include reduced to the two payments the night at the beach he says he compensates decreasing subsidies by setting the front seats. subsidies are appalling. expenses are possibly going out and market prices can rise and fall dramatically year after year the more you are going to make anyone. we have no choice but to adopt don't do he said. two mn again. dixie has been specified his crops i miss doing that than a dozen of trying to be authentic find organic and she said. green measures the key to a new podcast which faded sustainable farming techniques. it should be over so many things. some call the base is beyond the demands of. european you're up to see the ideology of a stormy you know when he
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won the cup. we wouldn't be able to supply that would be no agriculture in europe here is the truth. i kept asking very intelligent caring for two years of european agriculture. i'm especially for france that was the top of the indicative of the european union deputy been taken to france to transcend the counter. he has created and then as the team's system. in a trance. dr day old fashioned got to stop distracting the signs and agriculture. if honest enough to have a good life. and then we tried to change acknowledging these negotiations to test and thirteen. but be if you didn't read the greens be bought at a much greener cap and a much more sustainable agriculture based upon the help of everybody that i can say that the action i'll send pics nice friends
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nationals mp stands to pocket. by the mp and anti disaster least i didn't want to because they gave him on the zombies. so this is a very bad deal. continuing to rise predicted a son and you not unfair to explode. these european cap past the sky look of african agriculture because they cannot compete i can get to know when you of the company also really nice to know the fullness of love then rather the citizens about the european union want when you tell them. the first of all that bad the small farmer is that you showed. i think we are at our open day in age. for those big agro agha khan says i want to keep the system as it is and let's not forget an event the one of the biggest reasons i'm taking money from tac is the queen of italy and france is that that's the sort of reality you can also show when you talk about it the cap and at the npd where we need to tune to understand
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is that small farmers activity and by defending themselves also defend ask the citizens of money for the future is that sort of snow and freezing we need to make distance is short and we need we need to make eye contact as safer for the environment and is going to the money into the cult of that policy which is fine by me. it should be used to be and act as dead tired. anti environmental eye and eye protection. that's the best sort of thing she knew it and thinking how to make sure that not only money does not go to those who are having violent but to me they actually lose because of that money were pretty inconsistent didn't think that the sake of humanity it's not just the state. i think it's not just that you know though that bad though the portfolio and bank account and some few individuals. ok we thought you'd not be sprawled on his blog is in partnership with action city europe's leading
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business school i want to welcome you and want to comment on the tokyo minimum of you in the presence of a deceased think tank european thing thank you been listening to our debates the very beginning until the end. what would you like to. once again i seem taxes is the way you took an iq dropped makes interesting q out the door and professing to be to make any content that they are and say that i was indeed surprised to hear me feel tiny new presentation that's the european league empty until any meat that you sent me the news that the otaki. in my opinion is around to having feelings and the two sides. you are busy in the yankee no new continent and the member states and the consulate to go on that evokes the commission has no decision making power and you present the windows at some of the projects to represent each in the indictment and
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six there was a gap to engage in the league after a nine the station of taxis was rejected by the states. so my view is that. why is it that you don't assume your response abt you don't playnd o you want to do something and that you vote isn't content to end and the commission proposed a new vote. i explained why we thank thee that green tea as the as yet as you know means the government of the few it's a potent if the president is different from democracy are overcome liquidity to the people in france we have yet to experience that's when the people express their political opinion there simon opinion on european policy that opinion is snatched by the concord end of that weekend too so we went to the backing of the key is the government of the few and whether they be in our presence of representatives
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in the governmental side the council. in the commission. in the parliament that the activity on the fact i don't believe in separation between the commission defending big ten inches and the council defending the national interest i read ordinarily i hate my teenage that it would be very difficult to come. i am not in the euro at the time with members of the disease is rising costs of the people ten seconds to complete. i'm tired i'm a statement in classes all the time the police constable and that is why i intend to change thank you very much to live young. the idea that because as i was standing at the beginning of the show has been tasked with bringing a very extensive coverage of the european election six of my colleagues and trust me the very best to try because the continent in a minivan and arts tour of europe should be enough below the base of the evidence available to millions and yet i believe that he should be
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taken from the atlantic ocean to the card using non teens i wish all of them very safe journey and please bring us a lot of reports friends we
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would like to be on top of the day. my biggest fears in seven pm on nbc. chopped off according to one. to find a way to sch. these police say
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the process. we will the assault by a party meeting but the leadership of the presidential ministry should recall that yesterday according to the decree of the present time. macie was appointed as the prime minister of kazakhstan the president think that he must team up for the work done at the position of the hat administration. and while he was stressed that the decision was made to get for their futures to the work of the government in this difficult period the president also announced his decision to appoint a dem back to bedok for the post of the state secretariat of the republic of


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