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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  April 8, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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we will will will will will fan. says. the company's be selfish or in this week's episode. odds are shortening the dugout to talk about what pushed me. i would've overnight patients the divide india of the ordeal
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the nation. it is the council created by poppy songs included agency the isi him to dr stormsmain focus on any success he does get a call from jamie mott was author of on the capital for the song by country. this tunnel due by tuesday on the milky rice beans imaging and into the creation of pakistani intelligence agencies for some time now each of the duties of the bike. again stuck in the seeking descendants of the peace sign. i mean i mix means by decency i insight into him on the scene. he does add value in human rights commission and to think of this kind support it didn't hurt after working at
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deakin to coax him the ok to fight its four employees of tickets. if you want right among the dead baby chewing them about it. many bought fifty thousand people there that might freeze me out to get out. the problem is that betty be held in stating what the situation in the gnomes of the bike. you want them to become. my sources tell me ninety five percent dip again for miles. this means people can get. yet what i did two or more to him what i can definitely rights and peace. it was getting text to it yet. it gives us the good people who are going to be picking up stake with them noel was speaking against a good idea to do to prevent one from acted film. it even has the distinct art and mixed it seems difficult for
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these things. they've been given tax. chop the chicken teaching is used for managing change and what better underneath the sheets. they can actually go above and he's going to be picked up getting screwed it up this tiny establishment. the open seat. at least twenty six at stumps themed action and to top that anybody does not instill little gem sri. i was also the need for encouraging abduction and extortion to snuff out the feeding was made in the uk. the dude almost reaching the nastiest he did i get started in high security detail of it including the student highlights that the gifted
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outfits. oakleigh community to join tuesday. the one tool that ned beatty. there are some but that does good work and he bit me on the duckie the problem but fox hunting right in front of me digging them out. i teach i do with it needed beautiful. he says it is not being up for the ad and he put out at arsenal threats. watch the ghost like to see state of german coach me. the yorkie has been the focus turned to him for over a six tickets now but it sure was occupied and i do a puppet to cheat as did the white dots contingents off its back on the cheek to maintain a strong whiskey. i have. i need its own two feet for intentional creation of
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the things that you're teaching. who or what. one form or from somebody put on the camino bad. even then it's not that this meeting mimi says he is the idea that the kids bike park sunday. in the end of the many don't. to me that this question in that you would like that. please keep people out of breath. but i don't get tied up in rights and fundamental human rights body. and if he ever said to be over the sand and get a free hand. chase continued to be two weeks which solutions for from the new medicine and he's in i teach me
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officially declared for neoprint bottom boat until denies ancient indus was even in countries in the softies dish and the agent that has been certified as being all why would you buy this. this achievement makes the salty stationed in the fall the mayor to the gym to be certified as we go free. off to the region off the americans in nineteen ninety four. the most impressive that region in two thousand and the utopian vision into awesome too. you cheer chen of the eastern countries. i've been to care for you will do. he needs disease has been intoxicated the eighty percent of the world. health
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organizations sued by the southeast asian region which includes india. but excludes god has done in august on two feet off the steelers. see the new case the report it. the two assists. this meant eighteen percent of the quilts population live in total three regions. people can stand to lose to the dedication of the disease minnie mouse. the successful completion of a daughter jenny is heated to a huge ordeal. it also marks the end of the biggest headache and achievements. was it. the two point three billion strong
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team. it was in tears at one hundred and fifty thousand supervisors. the night to teach every triumph the indian health minister expressed gratitude to its detriment to do except go to the international. melinda gates foundation and other stakeholders including the parents of children with its strong technical and operational supposed to describe it to bat first in this region. also present at the certification set a meet with representatives from dublin ritual and senior officers of the ministry of health and found it worth it i really true. for the summer. there really is excellence is the job he has no real busy. we are even
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embark on it. in nineteen oh seven to nineteen ninety five with his usual stupid although truth be told to go in the car via. the it was india is mocking the us since it's an obstacle to put your case and i'm not in the deal that brought against the disease. it is seen as confirmation of one of india's biggest have success is achieved through a massive and sustained eighty nine station program. in two thousand and twelve. we'll have the station moved to india from the list oh two and a bit countries the sun's energy to be on discs. this preface to countries in this divide is
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this a convict in fiji the transmission of infectious disease has not been stopped. despite india's success. experts fear the resurgence of boat you in other parts of the load i forgot. reading you'll be listening to her by running for the rights. schoolgirl all but ninety nine cents i'm on a delirium of all additional peak in the morning or dominion buy shorts and yes hope you are in your eye on him. or you are. it was. one piece of food you was recorded in india in two thousand and seven down from seven hundred
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and forty baht in two thousand and nine. a team from the eastern state of west wing gone into cars and eleven. when an eighteen month old. it was fun to have contracted the disease the forty three countries you just did an image hassan and nigeria. i still eat it all greeks in the pornographic a fourteen city of toulouse as closest to the senate in two thousand the team. vaccinations but this is done are still being hit by the bodyguard. this is to use it includes one of india's biggest topic of success stories accomplishing something it's called impossible thanks to aggressive. so stayed back to the free
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program. he just was somebody should. must be internal migration and to top it did to health system. made many experts believe it would be the last country to have the ticket to disease. if it ever did. the country's certified as gluten free web based it on. democratic people's republic of korea india indonesia motifs that are sure their eyelids and timo to this day. a quick break but no stadium that this coming up off to
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the break. in dallas yesterday. i've been somewhat exhausting war against it on top. one was better not this country is believed that a robot reasons didn't go for his book. watching a six off the ship moving on up. what a surprise one and all it is india's decision to abstain from working at the united nations human rights commission against the dunn cup and believes that the doctor sits forms of resignation is too intrusive and maybe the sovereignty of the country. and as long as a shock to the book of criticism and protests by southern allies fifteen pm eye. in every decision multi destination no foreign policy india abstain from voting on the response of the convention on human rights commission and she got
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why do you get supported it in two thousand and eight and two cars in fiji. it is his intention was to watch the full court in for an independent investigation into a rigid human rights by nations in the nation. antics to investigate a mechanism with an open ended mandate to one in ten national processes is not the concept of up to it. in all new and up being an inclusive approach that undermines national sovereignty and institutions is counterproductive. hands we had in this instance abstain on that as an ocean i know. there is additional cost to get sixty votes in favor of trade the teams and two abstentions. in his abstention comes off to kenya based it out on the resolution saying it would create peace begins
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with the defeat got to be stunned. number two had gone to the strong diplomatic offensive with the indian leadership including nato meetings with the national security advisor to come between them. focus on good it is to teach the young guns by proposing a sceptical on the altar he did that often deemed to be most defenses hoping to be molded to keep from today's edition. but to be sixteen bullets to predict side. we know it. what significance does have the deep end. much more needs to be done by the industrial up. and then i love quotes truth and the andaman sea time to investigate allegations of human rights violations. no comprehensive independent and credible national mechanism. and it just is. those palms in the teens. mia's move has
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angered the summit aunties in india. the two seem to support move by the government is viciously on the eve of the directions i said yes to the issue of war in favor of the position in bed we wandered the visitor center will be more like the gates. so is the report said. i mean as you get to go to youtube and thirteen commandments and attribution package for the denise and be happy to teach him off to steve thomas you did. he has taken the baby to judge and strong position and has been supporting for the persecutions against the young go so far. such was how creative differences and cream cones in the relationship between the two nations. time and again when once in a box with unofficial from the southern
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airlines eye. den went off what was bad to not just a baby and all of the trade off of one of the deductible we call the whole body in india as entertainment doctor who back. i know that there was a moment ago or skiing. as a lesson in parenting. i made that we did that day. jim carrey. i was vegging actions she gave me on friday my stinky feet. he is the chain enough upcoming movie about how by cbs entertainment at the table may invest in front of the match. none of that someone took it with two postings below the mason city i was listening to things
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she didn't get this out by the need to find them listed yet. it is. it is. i am while. as you. i love love might be missing. but duty it has that due to it. i like this. without it. on one page is here. of the town citing the need to add on to
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study the god of love. this is such a commotion and gone and reality and two. i mean it's weekends. his friend about how life on them i like he'd been in touch with you i wrote to. the did they. i have. the fourteen of the forthcoming finch was present at the tree to launch the movie has been detected by acclaimed event that come with cooking and stars of the sun five cope with being an actor socket eighteen in the u joints it has continuous my faults costume dealings. siegel all folks just don't deal with india vijay singh on cover of i don't want some entertainment rights to make this film is not just puts him at adding
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just a question and i'm acting a dozen. we should not be concluding that it isn't that what he puts it in because this is the plumage is actually for the entire family it happens to have children that adding what's unique is that we the film has been made and a i think as you see more talk of finland. as you begin marketing its awesome ova episode you will be if this offends the entire family being. maintenance it was abolished for screen wants action in the face of all stickers in them. sigh i don't i'm not sure what they now want to read a piece in the little fatigued yesterday the big eating it was. i don't eye. at.
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masonic line to vote. back down the tremendous the hide a bed with me. i was in the government's new health plan for two weeks. i'm not an item i moved to manhattan you know shannon. i was happy. he is a mess for me to tie the game to him. i bought my history teacher and his demeanor. and i was going the eye. gone to the end of this additional music saw fisher women back next week
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with more new is mia was an analysis of the sub continent meanwhile cooking driving into us at the end of the hissing out in the kindle call. this is not about to sign off on off of the entire production team off to the face the program is brought you by. her group from norway's mainstream crews were lies the group exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson. as ah was taking full story four straight one new weekly hour
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to go to the big names are given credit for what. i feel a sense of possibility. what happens many perspectives as possible in order to get something to do with him increasing because it's sexy it's a really upset by the fact is that vaccines can cause brain information. she drew on friends to fill the hearts of living learning to be created without the confines of limitations hope we have to transform our world. avoiding creative local angle so people in the world they lived i defeated him and if possible you can really connect. see you next. all stray from los angeles. fuel production from cctv about. starting of twelve saturdays at eleven pm and makes the world view
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east africa has always been about you the region's craig kelly was likely to reach the cradle of humanity. john bolton is like this one the men in my crate and central india. rearrange trilogy the flora and fauna that the few hundred years the new and rejuvenation occurred again in east africa this time through technology some say an internet revolution is underway in africa. it's cold is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. you know he places it. but the stuff because i found them. it's indian ocean port city of mombasa is linked to the various submarine
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internet cables that connect africa europe and asia. move but based development bank of southern africa specializes in financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector. the cables and does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet means to me that the us we are both experienced in addition to the next six. one hopes that they are the works the table is the sequel money to the uk the east coast of africa. and the envisaged the clinton took able to achieve it says that exists for that occasional of ict products the bed as it is all off he said on tuesday cables and the auntie and sensor lights mason didn't read everything that's in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya where it tries to establish
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the government is moving whole sectors of national administration online the cost is called snowball opal investment in the new government but that was going on in prescott. we are well thought of that little box in front of a mile. we the middle of the word of what you would not comment on the one with the suffering will be clean. scott looks older than this. we have done a must buy bubble tea which links to this form of a calm peace. it's just the beginning. kenyans students get a whole generation of standing in line filling in forms and mailing in checks. kenya is aiming to kill them one above what we're doing now. he said. they sold it to just use within the gulf. and the muscle use that equips them with goods. who wants the kitchen's mauresmo from
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when we went for the course teaches you to access the test will come away get to sport was in the comp. see who's the continent's whitening internet access to increase efficiency. so does call us which was tossed forces studying pocahontas girl bands to business how do we promised the crisis using it. using s vintage phones we have the thing in this op ed in this program more money transfers are next to the will of its well established in east africa especially in kenya. it's been such is the wedding. up to date global real time this crisis should be shown and then today so that they understand the dynamics of daily basis. development experts say it's well worth african countries investing in broadband infrastructure as a top priority the ferment of roads railways and due to
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the streets. that's because information communications technology ict will ultimately power and enable the other investments. in one of those bullets into the two rail systems the buildings due to be put to sea ict infrastructure so that the team. he he he. anything that interesting. she has other sectors. it was in twenty oh six and has been on crutches. with such investment. a simple individual. it's thirty five the man who has donated more you can get significant number of fixes. a week or so easy of use to promote this and can induce me the guides you to use it. at the same time the duo when you open it is. chu woo woo woo whoo
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i took history gets worse every day. because cricket is called what. lights. a dorset to play. but whatever. while gordon use


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