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i took history gets worse every day. because cricket is called what. lights. a dorset to play. but whatever. while gordon use. yet launches
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what they called an anti operation to reach eastern ukraine of pro russian elite and tutsis government buildings there. this is any use of force in the region was tipping ukraine into simple. a crushing defeat for the main separatist party in quebec and their hopes of independence. the liberals in favor of canadian unity with the legislative elections and france's new prime minister gets set to get his first big speech in parliament. based on the continents. jenny to cheer on all spent at first the new covenant in kiev has launched an anti operation in ukraine second biggest city of turkey that the interior minister says around seventy purported pro russian separatists have been
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arrested. steve is one of three eastern cities to have government buildings taken over by the pro russian protesters some of that have gone so far as to de clare eastern ukraine independent clean hildebrand test that detects the true russian been considered sweep their flag of choice as it burned tires outside a government building in ukraine's second city kid unrest like this has been popping up in eastern ukraine which has a large population of ethnic russians. pro moscow supporters have called for secession for claiming sovereignty arcade people to the. the regional police were later quoted as saying the dispersed the protesters on monday less than three hundred km away in donetsk. a similar call for independence pro russian separatist sees the regional assembly building the regional council of duty and retains the stones the establishment of a sovereign states and
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peoples republic of the minutes. it didn't fit into those that led to rush's annexation of crimea cities in eastern ukraine have seen frequent pro russia rallied since victor yanukovich was ousted as president in february. ukraine's prime minister accused moscow of court in aiding the protests of an idea supported by washington said the events did not appear spontaneous could rather carefully orchestrated were concerned about several s with tori moves in ukraine over the weekend and we see this as a result of increased russian pressure on ukraine and there is strong evidence suggesting some of these demonstrators were paid and were not local residents. us secretary of state john kerry is due to meet diplomats from russia ukraine and the european union in the next wednesday's first four way talks into crisis erupted opinion about the events of one expects the foreign editor rob parsons probably just saw
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that there are a lot of parents and see what's happening now and it happened in crimea but this time it seems like it means taking a harder line don't think that's true in the crimea that the ukrainian seemed very nervous about skipping the russians any excuse to it and what's a weapon to fight the russian though she was already in situ but once it was helpful but also to remember or less. these can these men walking around with the uniforms of whom have any insignia. it was eventually agreed but was activity that they were russian troops of this protest for awhile was kept up with the woman's cousin who was a lot of anxiety over the reins of a creeping up over my bike by using force against the people demonstrating that this time round at the rate of the lesson of crimea. they don't want to defect behaving quite such an oversight i just wanna make you want to demonstrate the power of the state though you don't constantly coming under criticism of law within ukraine as well from people saying that be that the government is taking too long to establish its author key muscles. i love these
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people they control the fever is the sentence in the three cities in eastern ukraine have been affected with a book i got an hour it seems that the ukrainian authorities have been precisely that they're cracking down on that excuse legislation today which makes separate designs criminal criminal acts the interior minister is going to do with kaka to oversee operations that he was deputy prime minister to dine yes we're still preaches that they've already invested seventy people and this despite a warning from the russians not use force. so what is russia's game plan that he is hoping that you currently use for a second set. welcome and that's it's a good question geneva. i don't think at this stage that the group of russians are intent on innovation the invasion. we march on the annexation at least at this stage of this early stage in the game would be risky for me is not the situation that prevailed in crimea or two all tie in eastern ukraine a large part of the population probably the big a part of the population is in favor of staying with ukraine. i think what the russians are trying
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to do festival is to ensure that at the may twenty ten elections contact with presidential election. i forgot to take place always complete the piece they realize that i may go was worthless. what the price and off most of all i think is a government coming to our president being elected to play clearly does not take the picture that russia has been depicting a field position and the goblet that the new government in ukraine at the country's anti semite announcements it the more mind is elected president they won't be out to see that mine very much longer. sadly i think the person will cost more than trying to do is make sure the collection doesn't take place and then they trying to push for federal solution which is why i think we've seen in the last couple of days the creation based on its peoples are but gomez and also the same it out the first steps towards the creation of a centralized ukraine any of the movies for russia's push and pull my thanks to rob rob has achieved an attack the president of venezuela has agreed to meet with a delegation from
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the opposition today. as to forty people have died in venice when in the past two months of protests president nicholas mature all greek to the top center in your life from top diplomats across south america. pretty is intense for a meeting with the opposition fell apart after opposition leaders refused to attend. historians is back on the stand for the second day this tuesday in south africa. the blanket athletes accused of murdering his girlfriend rita steam count on valentine's day last year. today in court for stories is answering questions from his defense law as well as reading out the couple's private text messages. the stories is expected to speak about the night he shot his girlfriend and will also be cross examined by the prosecution. on monday he gave a tearful testimony that was broadcast around the world that this story it was hard but not seen on the image is activists request shy hawkins and take
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a look back at the libyans first day grandstand most historians returned to court on monday as his command economy seems to be paid in his hand to the defence case they can keep on repeat when a forensic pathologist despite that the tweens are sustained by me fifteen pounds. trying to turn into county texas and for the fence kind of off camera can still use it on scene comes parents. he was just trying to protect thank you tammy. bought lots of other zones and so that these moments and it hasn't been in months since. seas two to the united sorts of up to me oh wait a bit more lenient because people don't think all of those people up rifle the second youth and stephanie key said that the shooting of his girlfriend to death. template by nine men and panic attacks we did the same teeth and taking anti depressants and said that in fifteen hundred
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staff. his story is shocked the twenty nine year old model through a tryst with killing his name when valentine's day just in effect mistake that turned into jam. the prosecution if that's the scariest killed his girlfriend deliberately after ninety mins. if found guilty of land and the faces at least twenty five teams in prison. has been exactly one month since the malaysia air flight three seventy went missing. there was some new hulk monday in the search that jetliner that such a content in the southern indian ocean. pack a monster that her summer for the pain that may have been on the plane's black box. today ship listening for those underwater sounds a bit been unable to hear anymore the days yet for a nice summary might get to the sites that are the seabed but time is running out the batteries on the black box recorders are close to mt what is in quebec gave a
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resoundingly known to the prospect of holding a third referendum on independence from canada they handed him the name separate chance to party there one of its worst electoral defeats ever the liberal party stocks backers of canadian unity have won legislative elections the crushing defeat for party could love. gone is it into the new referendum on independence and gone to meet colleen appliance party leader in quebec and introduced eighteen months in office. rushed to decide by voters. today auntie separate its quebec liberal party leader you need to yell i will take the reins as the new premier. the ship my dear friends at the time of being divided as ended the time of reconciliation is upon us it backed the bill because it shows in the economy and jobs and priorities. eva was chosen to be open and honest. said it was that there is one of respect by strong profit and ambitious people. yet the obvious here. d kinda
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club began the campaign with the lead but opposition parties gained ground after saying the plot would launch a referendum. the provinces held two previous referendums one in nineteen eighty that was heavily defeated and another in nineteen ninety five that narrowly lost. this time around voters didn't want to take that chance nearly two thirds of quebec citizens were against holding a referendum. fishing party to the quad to its lower share the vote in more than forty years. here in france the new prime minister many laval same will get his first major policy speech in parliament president hans phone on has invested heavily in plans for the so called responsibility pack that's meant to help boost the economy. abbas is expected to seek support for the reform ahead of a confidence vote in parliament jennifer loves explains rustling up support ahead of his son's confidence that as prime minister of becoming resistance to the greens and faceless left wing manual bounced back nicely from a
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often eating meat is trying to bring a maybach. their pots that rings a bell but the government's can expect something in it and nobody who wants her mind and that we take certain commandments of the need for an anti transit in this tiny taking seriously trees on call and ask i will decide whether or not to spoil the government in this continent but when after a crushing defeat in the collections president hans why don't you be reshuffled government has staked its credibility on punts for so called responsibilty packed. a key feature of the policy office payroll tax cuts to companies in exchange for promises to hire more. with the kenyans employees doubtful businesses will agree to specific covering topics of reform could be tricky to execute health is not having to convince even days in the guineas and six list coz he proposes merits. little did we lose that easily. i don't know what the prime minister to share said this responsibility package is the product of the considered discussion with him in and traditions refocusing modifications and in a vote
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by amp's of the tunnel to the government has also promised to bring peace to be lean years in savings from the budget of three ages since i live for this the little indication as to exactly how paris plans to cut spending. during huge monstrous thirty with the school district now has his way to manage our team parliament isn't helped by devising the fourth set. now you run and six world powers have kicked off a new round of nuclear talks in vienna hoping to make enough progress to move up in here and start drafting the historic final agreement next month. samsung she has that story. pretty cool and i would need to bring history the moon the moon now is defended on the austrian capital. they signed on to transform it into tv studios from heat and then into permanent agreement before the supreme court ounces and tonight the twentieth the projections are optimistic we will finish all discussions in issues this time to pave the ground for
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starting to draft the final draft in maine. the sense of confidence was a case by another roundtable attendance a senior us official said on friday she was absolutely convinced that a deal could be reached under the interim time around for a second ep onto the teeth. the six months. in exchange the minute and relief from sanctions hurt its economy now he might possibly want iran to read she sings in the town. the skit of it sepia print on this deal may involve iran slashing the number of its centrifuges machines use to reach new key material mom getting zealand stakes has more access to sneak his sights. people will say recline on the zune makes the changes the design of the new century and to iran and it's ironic that the priest to be a sticking point in the talks with palestinian having had the wood to reacted concrete she's cute anime. one of two materials that can treat during the peak station
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the cc debt position seemed arafat's on the streets of the meaning of that ilk local residents meet a need to repay. slowly but i'm very optimistic of a huge deal alternately get up to reach a final agreement dt each other. the abc eight us president barrack obama that the chances of the successful for a new deal at fifty fifty one s ut defendant did play misty for this week's prevent tehran from acquiring the bomb. i can't basketball fan march madness has come to an end with the sec and big win for the university of connecticut. christies beach the universe. mom had the greatest and the double a side note. eighteen fifty four in the championship game the biggest darkness that i've made here he scored twenty two points to leave the house keys. this ticketmaster code. last time but you can think and do it
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and. he is. well welcome to the cheers you on a constant act. it's been twenty years since the world stood by and watched one of the worst killing sprees of modern times. the genocidal slaughter in rwanda the country thousand ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus now my guest today the on screen and was built as ambassador to rwanda in a tragic years from nineteen ninety to nineteen ninety four. he says he saw the stage set free national tragedy on the eve of the genocide. but he maintains that neither he nor other diplomats like to sell at the time could possibly have foreseen the scale of the massacre that was the calm. two decades on he still haunted by some very basic unanswered questions how did so many people turn so radical so violent and so
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extreme so fast. laid a trap cool in the death squads that proved so brutally efficient with their machetes thanks for not being with us today. former accident. on that. you want with their just before the genocide. you saw everything you say you saw all of that the iphone is being lined up so to speak the fbt treated to radio stations and preaching a sneaky inciting people to attack each other. politics falling apart in the country no reconciliation no peace twenty due to warn the world you would think you were absolutely witnessing this all outings you tell your superiors anti what was going on. thank you for being patient. indeed i rushed in nineteen oh one that was my first invested or new coach coach relatively young. i am the oldest ninety. show at the moment of the genocide. i
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was almost at the end of my tongue. in six weeks off to the mighty rifle was approached in patient approach to tackle the rpf of that of the rebels controlled the moment gone to the gemstone. the government and the political and economic and social forces the corporal week including the diplomatic community clinical trials that of its two major challenges making peace negotiating recalls creation. these would also come into our week long democratization of the country and that let me just jump in here because there was in the world is largely forgotten as in nineteen ninety three. here where a court to sign the erosion of corn. it seems a year before the genocide that the country was on the road perhaps to democracy and peace. peter was on
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the phone to the above expectations. when you speak about to local listings and questioning. i'm still struggling with the two had also shown competes on fiction. this was the only ray pool wrong done to achieve three conciliation and to build a real long thou new poll. a new round of the ulysses. and you said this before in use because you knew what the radio stations were saying on both sides of the ethnic divide of the so called new car the radio station in the eyes they were preaching hatred before the genocide. they were telling their followers their ethnicity to go out and kill people. because indeed i would see people would get to see that even the agreements. they helped while explaining to compromise on photoshop. most of every important compromise but if any delicate compromise for instance. and
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do that. our political and military power sharing was a fake screen almost in the tales can be soo cool and he's a courtroom drama advantages to the rebels to the rpf. i kept telling her that it's the rabbitohs to the tutsi rebels. i kept telling the president and his all to the divisional of twenty because of this compromise might not be deemed to be the ideal compromise but that will need at the end of twenty two months and it was agreed also in the courts to the elections and do explain it to all these displaced portions of the hosts hundreds of thousands of dead and the don'ts of styles and they will then go back to their fields. i don't want to live in these as soon as the agreements are put into place and or implement that you are talking obviously
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balinese he told the president you're talking about the former hutu president of rwanda the juvenile coveted obama yes perhaps happiness is enrolled and perfectly seasoned plane being shot down in april six to nineteen ninety four is seen as the single trigger offence for the genocide. you left one to six days later. how did that happen you're there for four years watching the built up an all this done in years gone six days after the one thing more about the radicalization and do what not and indeed in that group of tragic that these to the station and the bb the field. one of them and of cos it was a great deal there was the notion of the democratic sen to do with them in the seo there with the arms distribution all pretty. all cooked ingredients but it was also the icc nation of googling the present and nineteen eighty over and over ninety three. so there was an axe to ration of one every station and read the cohesion of
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the planned shutdown of thing i doing out of it led to the plaintiff as to how you respond to someone today who says. mr ambassador you with their four years before the genocide you left six days after it began in the country. well that is close to the overall story to call text can do with killing indulgence. the way up and killing the peace agreements there was no pop quartet anymore. chill. there was no room for the continuation of the mandate of the un troops because the dvd of course didn't exist anymore. i think it was disruptive to the lucrative group and where you ordered to leave you were attacked and i was ordered into more depth to attend part of troops belgium part of coach mick keelty should know that all too well belgium civilians and on to review. the good the tv to
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leave with the new coating the horror. appeals for killing build jumps to it was pretty difficult for the belgians to state the dui and the side that also because the belgian been promising. and and and the end of government treated for a pen and not the agreement of the conception another and in the presence of of of the un troops and applause and he is ready the british huge mistake a lot of people say that the belgians were about half of the un mission at the time when they called lamp that essentially ended you when cheney was down to two hundred troops after diligent about two dozen strip of wood. i would change the temple set you up to the inbuilt sense to carry it out of all of about three to four hundred troops back on that event will be a magnet to august two thousand to between two to five hundred and three tells the truth that it was a pretty strong
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i got involved in. the these bedrooms also said that as being a pretty strong government and for the credibility of the of of the peace agreements with two mutated you tell us the prime minister i know gets a new city center one point i don't want the death of my ambassador to be on my conscience cia did you count served my job is to make the boat because of fannie freddie and you can imagine it's a difficult discussion over the phone to phone the hook. fortunately the team dresses and thinking only. and that osama prime minister the minister of foreign affairs and the seychelles people you have to leave because you're in danger. i mean you've got to go two hours off to the downing of the play the call another run the school and all of the rebel forces came to see me and told me. best of the eu on the list. off to power the ball to continue with the on going to do due to new owners don't move
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jessica on a snare to be at our troops for infatuation. i wanted to complete the evacuation before leaving the embassy. what kind of calls i could not allow myself to these people get all the leaks belgian diplomats members of the embassy. that's why in the first time in the first hour was ivory fumes to write to quit. finally we have to we had to be used only to show the pressure off the streets too much pressure i have no choice happened in st when running at a time when ask you on this twentieth anniversary commemoration we've heard rwanda's current president paul got me give a speech in which he is now still blaming france and belgium. tune in to the lesser extent on for failing to prevent the genocide also be complicit in carrying out the genocide. you answer those charges to that the president says that i'm a little bit surprised. mm handgun. i would like to have
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some more explicit explanation pulled up to that question. i don't think i might die. i keep thinking that i'm instructed to get to hold period film beginning of the genocide film the belgian troops and the un troops the decision of the security council. belgium had a pretty cool made that up and cottages policy and diplomacy. the river competing every day every day for the democrat position for multiple keys and told him. i'm human rights respect of human rights for making inquiries. what happened on a look on the hills and in kigali in this very strongly committed to an end even in this budget cut off being called priests the brits people's lives and that the democrat position can be even send troops. un un
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troops and. but if that is some need a custom question can do with the steelers is presented by the by the idea and by the prime minister of belgium belgium the light french open up steam and securing and protecting the euro and the endangered to the people that cindy sheehan has agreed to review the road rest of the apple rate the interest of his former pastor neil hansen and would actually pick a topic when i can result in a questions when i can answer today. but now we had i appreciate you sharing your thoughts your experience as the ambassador on the eve of what is the worst genocide million modern times in rwanda. i think some people watching youtube here on costly tap into the eye. moon
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i was in. the road. it is
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ch do what what . education in science is one of the most important issues of the country this year the government located one point five to continue for the sector in particular but at the same time did remain a shortage of student places schools in disrepair internship teaching applied enough to soften the zoo by a meeting with the minister of education and science as part of the sheeple in this regard it is necessary to follow the vast lisa funds for the construction of facilities including within the framework of social responsibility of business emphasize the president. he also noted the need for a clear understanding of the principles of


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